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Inspirational and timeless.

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Sensual, exotic, Mediterranean style.

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Minimalistic elegance.

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Elegance and simplicity.

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Any color, shape, or form, find the perfect skirt for you.

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Iconic, classic, denim.

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Excellence and refinement.

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Chic, startling, vibrant.

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Preppy and classic American style.

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  • 25+ amazing shoe storage ideas to save space in 2022 [diy]

    25+ Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas to save space in 2022 [DIY]

    The shoes we wear are often the first things people notice about us, so we want them to look good. A great pair of shoes can finish off an outfit and give us a much-needed boost of confidence. But shoes that have lost their original luster can be a sorry sight to behold. 

    This is a tragedy when we are talking about a pair of shoes that we loved so much we spent more than we should have, but it’s a tragedy that can be avoided.

    This post was written to help you avoid the anguish we all feel when we grab a favorite pair of shoes or boots, only to discover that time and neglect have robbed them of their glory. 

  • All 90s fashion ideas + types + trends to follow in 2022

    All 90s Fashion Ideas + Types + Trends to follow in 2022

    Imagine for a moment that someone has invited you to a 1990s party. Before you go into a dither thinking you will have to turn the invite down because you do not have anything to wear, read this helpful guide.

    You will find lots of crucial information about what men and women wore in the 1990s, along with practical outfit ideas. There are also essential tips about picking the right individual items.

    Go ahead and RSVP that you are looking forward to the party because after reading this guide, you will discover that the 1990s is an easy look to create.

  • How to wash shoes: easily clean your shoes [diy]

    How to Wash Shoes: Easily Clean Your Shoes [DIY]

    Your outfit can be made complete by the perfect pair of shoes, but dirty shoes can ruin the entire outfit. In the following chapters, we’re going to talk about the importance of washing your shoes, how to wash your shoes and how you can store them properly. 

    We’re also going to cover the different materials that your shoes may be made of and how that can affect the process of washing them. After you read through this article, you’ll be ready to tackle some of your messiest pairs of shoes.

  • Roaring 20s fashion for men and women + outfit ideas

    Roaring 20s Fashion for Men and Women + Outfit Ideas

    Are you ready to do some time traveling back to the 1920s? For now, you may have to be content to travel by attending a 1920s party or special event. Someday, we may have the ability to travel back through time. You will want to start preparing for your trip now so that you can be one of the first onboard.

    I will share with you what men’s fashions were hot in this post. While you may think that all women’s fashions revolved around the flapper dress, that is not the case. Therefore, I will show you what other styles women wore during the 1920s.

  • 35+ iconic and famous american fashion designers & brands

    35+ Iconic and Famous American Fashion Designers & Brands

    Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you let nothing stand in your way? That is the case with many famous American fashion designers who felt so driven to produce clothes, shoes, and accessories that they did not let anything stand in their way.

    Come along as we look at designers who scraped together $300 to build a multi-billion-dollar company and learn about their failures along the way. Feel the fear that was so great that one designer pushed his garment rack down the streets in New York City’s Garment District so that his clothes would not get wrinkled. Celebrate the success of designers who started with two sewing machines and built one of the most successful workwear companies in the world.

  • Birthday outfits inspiration & birthday dresses for women

    Birthday Outfits Inspiration & Birthday Dresses for Women

    Celebrating a birthday is a fun and exciting event. It deserves a special outfit or dress that makes you feel like you’re a star. If you’re not used to dressing up for an occasion, it might seem like a daunting task that you need to find something in the next few weeks.

    Rest assured, we are going to provide you with plenty of tips that will make it easy to purchase the perfect birthday outfit or dress. In this article, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of birthday attire, some examples of what you can wear, and how you go about choosing the right outfit.

  • Men’s and women’s 70s fashion: types, tips & outfit ideas

    Men’s and Women’s 70s Fashion: Types, Tips & Outfit Ideas

    Have you been invited to a 1970s party, but you have no idea what to wear? This post is a great place to begin as it covers men’s and women’s fashion in the 1970s.

    Learn about which sex wore the shortest shorts, how wide were bell-bottom pants, and what shows influenced the 70s fashion.

    If you are planning on hosting a 1970s party, then you can also get great ideas on what hippies, punkers, and business people wore so that you can recommend outfits to your friends.

  • Smart casual dress code for women and men [2022]

    Smart Casual Dress Code for Women and Men [2022]

    With different dress codes available for work, personal life, and special occasions, it’s vital that you know how they differ. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about what smart casual dress is, how to dress smartly for a job interview, your workday, and a special occasion. 

    What’s more, we’ll even take a look at some examples of smart outfits for both men and women so you can quickly choose your outfit or purchase new smart casual dress items. Some people find this type of dress code confusing in comparison to things like business casual and business formal. The information we’re about to provide you with will hopefully clear up any confusion.

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