What To Wear To A Quinceanera Party: Quince Clothing Guide

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If you are about to turn 15 in some cultures, it is time for your quinceanera. This important birthday celebration marks your movement from childhood to adulthood. You will want to wear a special quince dress, and you will find many options in this post.

Other people, like your quinceanera party and your mother and an older female, will play memorable roles during the festivities.

You will also want to invite many people. Once they receive the invitation, they may wonder what to wear to a quinceanera. I have great advice for them too.

Without further hesitation, let’s learn what everyone should wear to a quinceanera. 

Quinceanera fundamentals

If you have just gotten the mail and discovered that you have been invited to a quinceanera, you may wonder what it is and what you should wear. In this chapter, we will define a quinceanera and start discussing what to wear.

After all, since these are important moments, you will not want to wear the wrong clothes. This chapter serves as an overview, so continue reading more details in the coming chapter.

In many homes, a girl’s quinceanera is looked forward to almost from the day she is born, and everyone in her family ends up counting the days to this important celebration. It is possible that most girls of Mexican descent have had a quinceanera since sometime during the fifth century B.C. 

Through about 1864, a quinceanera was an important religious event. Still, when Maximilian I was emperor of Mexico, he added a waltz to the event and made it more of a big party. He is also responsible for changing the dress code for young girls celebrating their quinceanera to ball gowns.

Since these parties are so important, you will undoubtedly want to be well dressed. I am glad to assist you so that you understand the right clothes to wear to a quinceanera.

What is a quinceanera?

A quinceanera is a rite of passage when a girl turns 15. They stop being a child and become a young woman. While those of Mexican heritage are the primary group to celebrate this passage, some people in Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and other countries also hold these celebrations.

Throughout history, a man would often claim a woman on her quinceanera by giving her family a dowry. Then, you would soon marry him and bear his children. Thankfully, as women now have more rights, that is seldom the case. Yet, quinceanera remains a significant event.

Often the festivities begin with a traditional mass. During this mass, the girl is accompanied by her friends or relatives, very similar to a wedding party. The party often includes 14 boys and 14 girls. During the mass, the girl gives thanks for reaching her 15th birthday. 

The girls of the quinceanera party are called damas, and they traditionally wear matching ball gowns. Meanwhile, the boys are called chambelanes, and they wear dark suits. Together, the boys and girls make up the Corte de honor and will perform one to four special waltz performances during the event.

The quinceanera often includes a presentation of a special gift. In some families, this may be a special rosary or a Bible. In other cases, it may be a gift that would be especially meaningful to the young lady. 

The gift is usually presented by a person who is very important to the girl who is turning 15, such as her mother or grandmother. This person should be well dressed because of the role that they are playing in the quinceanera.

At the same time, the young lady will give something away that symbolizes leaving her youth behind. Often, she will give a doll or other toy to a younger sister or relative.

Another essential part of the ceremony is the presentation of roses. This part usually starts with the mother giving the honoree a rosebud as a symbol of infancy. Then, an older female, often the grandmother, will present the girl with a half-open rose to symbolize the understanding of right and wrong. An older female will give a fully opened rose to convey the importance of a girl’s soul.

As I mentioned earlier, waltzes are often essential to a quinceanera. The dancing part of the party usually starts with a special father-daughter dance.

What is a quince dress?

A quince dress is a formal ball gown worn by a girl celebrating her 15th birthday. The gown is a full-length dress and often has a hoop skirt. It is likely the second most expensive dress a woman will wear in her life behind her wedding dress.

Woman seated pink gown dress

Quince dresses can be made from a variety of fabrics. One popular choice is tulle, which manufacturers make silk, nylon, or rayon. Another great option is lace, and it is trendy for overlays. Organza is another excellent choice as it is lightweight and has a shine. Satin is often used because of its durability.

While you can find some variations, three styles of quince ball gowns are especially classical. The first is the pickup style, where part of the outer layer is fastened to the under layer. The second is the ruffled peplum style, where ruffles are added over a smooth skirt. 

A third choice is the charra style, where peplum is used for the underskirt and is covered with tightly packed ruffles. This is my favorite style because the underskirt can be worn by itself as a party dress.

It is customary for the quince dress to have a train. The train can graze the floor at the back of the dress or extend a bit further.

When picking out your quinceanera dress, consider your body silhouette. If you are tall, ensure you pick a dress with some embellishments that will draw attention to your waist. Petite girls will want to consider options with a drop waist. 

Girls who are a little broader than they desire look great in options with a bolero jacket as it helps elongate their looks. A corset-style dress is ideal for curvy girls. Quince dresses with a halter neckline are an excellent choice for girls with a fuller bust.

What should I wear to my daughter’s quinceanera?

The girl’s mother celebrating her quinceanera should wear the event’s second-most formal dress. Since there will be many photos, a great choice is one complimenting the color the birthday girl has chosen to wear. While formal gowns are an excellent choice, mothers may also select any formal-style dress coming to at least her knees.

The time of the event is crucial when picking out the mother’s dress. A pastel dress is an excellent option for a quinceanera occurring during the day, but mothers will want to stick to darker colors for an evening event.

One look I especially love is to go with a triad of colors. For example, if the birthday girl chooses a violet dress, then the mother chooses a dress in an orange shade, and the grandmother chooses a dress in a green shade.

But if the young lady chooses a red dress, then the mother wears yellow, and the grandmother wears blue. While these colors go together seamlessly, each person has their own identity in photos from the big event.

Mothers can choose a floor-length gown, or they can choose a formal jumpsuit or an embellished cocktail dress. Regardless of what the mother wears, she should be able to move comfortably. 

There will be many steps as she tends to last-minute details and dances the night away. Therefore, kitten heels or dressy sandals are an outstanding choice unless the mother is used to walking in high heels.

What color dress does a girl wear for her quinceanera?

The choice of color to wear is up to the girl turning 15. It should fit her personality, so her favorite color is often a great choice. You will want to keep the seasons in mind. Wearing warmer shades is best in summer and cooler in winter.

While I will go into a lot more detail in the fifth chapter, almost everyone has a color that speaks to them. For example, if you are quieter and subdued, blue may be a terrific choice, but if you are bolder and louder, red may be ideal. Girls who choose pink dresses are often companionate, while those choosing green are often self-reliant.

There is no expectation that the girl will stick with a primary color. For example, if she loves blue, a baby blue can be an excellent choice for a spring quinceanera, while a navy blue one may be ideal for winter. 

Likewise, a pink option may be the perfect choice for a spring quinceanera, a flaming red one for summer, and a Christmas red for a winter quinceanera.

Split complementary colors and neutrals are great options to accessorize the outfit for the big day. Since the birthday girl will need to wear a terra, consider shoes with crystals to help pull the outfit together. 

You can choose to wear crystal jewelry or go with a split complimentary color. If you are unsure what these colors are, look at the color wheel. Find the color directly opposite the main color and move up or down one space to find the split complimentary color. 

For example, when choosing a red dress, the split complimentary colors would be blue-green and yellow-green, or if wearing a purple dress, the split complimentary colors would be yellow-green and yellow-orange.

What colors not to wear to a quinceanera?

Most quinceaneras have a theme color, and you will want to avoid wearing that color. In addition, you should avoid wearing the color that the birthday girl has chosen to wear. While a quinceanera is usually a very formal occasion, there is no need to avoid bright colors as it is also a birthday celebration.

Do some checking ahead of time to determine if the birthday girl’s family has chosen a theme color. Most families do. Then, avoid wearing this color. This color is reserved for decorations, and you will certainly not want to blend in with the table décor.

You should also avoid wearing the same color as the birthday girl. It is the same principle as not wearing white to a wedding. You will not want to upstage the young lady by looking better than she looks on her special day.

Even if you eliminate two colors, you still have many to choose from when selecting your clothes, as humans can see roughly 10 million different colors. Consider wearing darker colors if the event is an evening affair, especially if it has religious components. 

Still, if it is a daytime affair, any color except the two colors you want to avoid that looks great on you will be a delightful choice.

Men, you do not need to go overboard and wear a tuxedo. You can wear business formal or smart casual clothes to a quinceanera. Be sure to wear shoes that you can dance in comfortably.

What should kids wear to a quinceanera?

Boys and girls will want to look nice for a quinceanera. Boys will want to wear at least a suit vest and a tie while girls will want to wear a party dress. Like adults, avoid wearing the same color as the birthday girl and the theme color. Depending on the weather, either long-or- short-sleeved options are great.

The exception to this suggestion is if the child is part of the quinceanera party. In that case, chambelanes must wear a suit with a tie. In most cases, they will need to wear a long-sleeved shirt. 

The tie may be a bow or regular necktie, depending on the quinceanera and her family’s choice. The suitcoat and trousers should match exactly. As seen with many wedding parties, in many cases, all boys will be expected to wear the same outfit.

Damas are expected to wear matching outfits. In the past, these dresses have been long formals, which is still the expectation at many quinceaneras. Today, some wear shorter party dresses, often with a full tulle skirt. If your child is asked to be a dama or a cambelane, you should check with the family for further instructions.

If your child is not a part of the birthday girl’s party, then nice party clothes are highly appropriate. A suit or a floor-length gown is an excellent choice for evening events, but a blazer or a knee-length party dress is a perfect choice for events occurring earlier in the day.

I hope you now have a better idea of what a quinceanera is and its symbolic importance. In the next chapter, I will cover some general guidelines for guests, which should help you start thinking in the right direction. Therefore, I encourage you to keep reading.

Quinceanera guest attire rules

In the last chapter, I hope you started to understand the importance of the quinceanera in Mexican and Latin cultures. If you have been invited to one, you should consider it an honor because many people only invite people that they consider like family to this special occasion that will last about six hours. Therefore, you must dress appropriately. Keeping some generalized tips in mind can help.

Please keep in mind that all I can do is give you suggestions and information about what happens at a quinceanera, but each family may personalize the event to suit them. 

For example, the waltzes are sometimes replaced by a different type of music, or the religious aspects of the event may be ignored altogether. Nonetheless, you can use this as a general guide.

If you have specific questions, ask the mother or another family member. Most will be more than willing to answer them.

Wear formal clothes

A quinceanera is a very formal event that marks a monumental moment in a young girl’s life. Therefore, you will want to wear formal clothes. While most men will want to wear a suit and tie, there is no need for a tuxedo. 

While you will see many women wearing formal gowns, you can also choose to wear an embellished cocktail dress. The dress should come down to at least your knees.

Woman smiling dancing white dress

If you absolutely disdain wearing dresses, consider a formal jumpsuit or pants that look like a long skirt. You should choose your best jewelry to complete your upscale look regardless of your outfit.

Avoid the theme color

Just like many events, a quinceanera usually has a theme color. You will want to avoid wearing the theme color. One of the reasons to avoid this is out of respect for the girl celebrating her birthday and her family, as it often has a very special symbolic meaning for them. 

Additionally, you want to look your best in photos from the big event. When you wear the same color, you often blend in with the table decorations and other décor. Since there are about 10 million colors that the human eye perceives, you have many different choices. It is perfectly acceptable to wear something in the same color family.

Don’t wear the same color as the “la Quinceanera”

The “la Quinceanera” is the girl turning 15 and moving from childhood to adulthood. She will select a special ball gown for the event, and you do not want to outshine her on her special day. 

Therefore, you should avoid wearing the same color, just like you would never wear white to a wedding. Likewise, it is best to avoid wearing the same colors as the mother and other older relatives playing significant roles in the quinceanera. 

If this information is not provided on the invitation, you will need to ask around. Once you find out, share that information and this post with others who may be attending.

Consider the venue

If you cannot get information on how formal the event will be from the family, consider the venue where the event will be held. The more formal the venue, the more formal you will want to dress. 

Woman side posing looking camera pink dress

Since many venues have websites, you can take inspiration from previous events held there. While I will have more to say about it in a little bit, you can also determine if the event is likely to be held inside or if components of it will be held outside. 

If you can, note the distance and surface between the parking and where the activities will occur because this can help you determine the type of shoes you need to wear.

Think about the weather

If the quinceanera is held in the spring or summer, you will want to wear warm colors, while if it is held in the fall or winter, you will want to wear cool colors. Therefore, during the spring and summer, think about wearing shades of red, yellow, and oranges.

Whereas in the winter, think of wearing shades of blue, green, blue, and violet. While a quinceanera is a formal occasion, you will want to wear bright colors. Therefore, a stunning yellow ball gown is ideal for a June quinceanera, while a navy blue one is an excellent choice for a December quinceanera.

Wear your updo hairstyle

A quinceanera is a perfect time to wear your hair in an updo. Many choices are available, depending on the length of your hair. Remember that drying and styling your hair often removes moisture, so consider using a leave-in conditioner. 

Since most birthday girls will wear a tiara, you should avoid wearing one as a sign of respect. You can still wear beautiful clips and other hair ornaments. 

Men, you should also ensure that your hair is clean and neatly trimmed. When fixing your hair, remember to put on a little perfume or cologne, but remember that a little goes a long way, and do not overdo it.

Carry a suitable handbag

Women, you will want to carry a suitable handbag if you carry one at all. Since most quinceaneras involve a night of dancing fun, you will want to take one that allows you to dance without tying up one of your hands. 

While it used to be the style to choose a handbag that almost hid with your outfit, that is no longer the case as statement bags are hot. Therefore, choose a small purse that you can wear with your outfit that is embellished with beads, shells, or some other way. 

The best handbags for formal gowns are small as you will want to carry only the minimum. Those fastening to your wrist or worn crossbody will leave your hands empty while keeping your stuff secure.

Pick the right shoes

No, you cannot wear your flip-flops or sneakers under your formal dress. Someone will eventually spot them, and you will be horribly embarrassed. Instead, choose a more formal style of footwear. 

Ladies, remember that many quinceaneras involve multiple venues and last about six hours, so be sure to wear shoes that can walk in comfortably. You should also consider the weather if part of the event will be held outdoors. 

Shoes with spiky heels may sink into the ground, making it hard to move. Guys, you will want to wear your leather oxfords or penny loafers.

Wear clothes that you can move in

Many quinceaneras start with a religious ceremony during which you may be expected to kneel. Additionally, most involve sitting down for a meal or snack and involve dancing fun. Therefore, it is essential that whatever outfit you choose allows you to move comfortably. 

Wearing clothes that are too tight stops you from having fun. Men, you should wear a belt to help your trousers stay in place. Women avoid dresses that you may rip while getting up and down because that would be really embarrassing. When selecting a dress, ensure its structure does not stop you from kneeling.

Avoid dressing like the quinceanera party

La Quinceanera is often accompanied by about 10 boys or men and 10 girls or women. They will have on formal attire, which means that the males will usually be dressed in a tuxedo or suit while the females will be dressed in matching formal party clothes. 

Just like you would avoid wearing the same outfit as bridesmaids and groomsmen at a wedding, you will want to avoid wearing the same clothes as these individuals. 

They have particular tasks assigned to them throughout the event, and you do not want anyone looking down on you for not doing your part. These individuals have been carefully chosen, and you do not want to disrespect them or yourself by wearing the same clothes.

I hope you have enjoyed learning general concepts about what to wear to a quinceanera. Keep it formal and have fun with different colors. In the next chapter, we will look at clothing choices for women going to a quinceanera, followed by what men should wear. Therefore, ensure that you keep reading.

What to wear to a quinceanera as a female guest

Ladies, you will want to embrace your feminine side when attending a quinceanera. These formal events call for your best clothes, jewelry and shoes. It is nearly impossible to overdress for a quinceanera, so be sure you look your best.

While formal and ball gowns are appropriate, you can also wear formal jumpsuits or pants with a skirt overlay. Keep reading this chapter to get some ideas of what you should wear to a quinceanera.

As I have cautioned before, I can only cover general guidelines, so keep in mind that some families may choose to do things differently. You will want to be careful that you do not look better than the birthday girl and her mother, but you will want to come in a close third. 

Many families start saving up for their daughter’s quinceanera as soon as she is born, as this is an essential passage from childhood to adulthood, and everyone wants this passage to be memorable.

You have several choices in what you can wear to a quinceanera, so let’s take a more detailed look.

Cocktail dress

A cocktail dress can be an excellent choice for a quinceanera, but leave your little black dress hanging in your closet. If you make this choice, then choose a cocktail dress that comes down at least to your knees. Quinceaneras are formal events requiring clothes that come down below your knee. 

Opting for one with lots of embellishments is the best choice. Your dress can be any color if it keeps you covered. Remember that part of a quinceanera is often a religious ceremony, so you do not want to disrespect the honoree by wearing a too revealing dress.

Ball gown

A ball gown is an excellent choice for a quinceanera, but make sure you can sit and kneel comfortably in it. The dress can be any color, but you should avoid wearing the theme color and the same color as the birthday girl. 

Woman golden dress sleeping

Think about the season when selecting your ball gown. Long-sleeved options are perfect for winter, while one-shoulder and cold-shoulder options are perfect for summertime quinceaneras. 

In the winter, consider sticking with ones in darker colors, while ones in warmer colors are ideal for summer quinceaneras. Select one that will emphasize your best features. Especially if you are petite, ensure that the dress does not swallow you.

Mermaid formal

A mermaid formal is an excellent choice for a quinceanera. Many women find these dresses ideal as the dress naturally moves with you. If you have curves in all the right places, one in a solid color is a great choice. Alternatively, the mermaid dress is a great option if you are short because it helps to elongate your appearance, especially when worn with high heels. 

While I will have more to say about it in a little bit, if you choose one with a halter-style top, ensure that the straps help the top stay in place. You do not want to reveal more than you intend to show.

Trumpet-skirt formal

A trumpet-skirt formal is an excellent choice if you have a great upper body. The style of the trumpet skirt will help balance out your look and help you look stunning. A trumpet skirt is also ideal for women with a slenderer frame because the extra width at the bottom will help you look a little wider. 

While women with an hourglass figure look fabulous in almost all formals, a trumpet skirt can be a fantastic choice because it is usually easy to move in. Women with a pear-shaped body look outstanding in a trumpet skirt, especially if it has a tighter fitting bodice and starts flaring out from the waist.

Sheath formal

A sheath formal can be a great choice because its form-fitting design makes it easy to kneel and dance in. This is especially true if you choose an option with a slit. Options with a front or back slit are easier to move in, while those with a side slit are great for showing off your legs. 

It is also a great style to change the look easily. If you are afraid the venue will be a little cool for you, consider wearing it with a shawl. If you have a great waist, think about emphasizing it by adding a belt. 

If you need to make your lower half look longer, one right under your waist is a great choice. Alternatively, wear a belt at your waist if your lower body is your strong suit.

A-line formal

An A-line formal makes you look wider, so it can be an excellent choice for skinny ladies. If you have great legs, choose one with a slide slit. Ensure the dress has a narrow fit through the upper bodice. 

Dresses that flair out from the bust will help camouflage a wider waist, but if your waist is one of your strong suits, look for options that flair out from the hips. The simple design of these dresses makes them fun to accessorize. So you can have a lot of fun adding them without detracting from the dress’ design.

Halter-neck formal

If you have a great upper body, then a halter-neck formal can be a fantastic choice, especially if you love how your shoulders look. You can find options that end close to your neck and other options that come down a little way. I would avoid any too revealing option because of the event’s formality. 

As I already stated, any color except that worn by the birthday girl can be an outstanding choice. A dress with a halter neck and an asymmetrical hemline often looks fabulous because it helps to keep your body balanced.

Empire-waist formal

Another fantastic option can be an empire-waist formal. Consider the type of sleeve that will look best on you and the weather as you can find halter, cold-shoulder, and one-shoulder options. 

If your stomach is not your most flattering body area, consider options with fewer pleats and gathers under the waistline. These dresses are often ideal for women who want less volume in their dresses. 

They often flow very well, making them a gorgeous dress for dancing. I especially like the look of this dress when manufacturers make it out of chiffon because it usually drapes nicely.


When choosing a jumpsuit for a quinceanera, look for one made from a silky fabric. The jumpsuit should end right at the top of the heel because you do not want to be tripping over it while you are dancing. 

Some options have a drawstring waist, which is excellent if you want to look curvier. A belt can also help keep you from appearing too much like a rectangle. 

Choosing one with a slender belt is perfect if you are proud of your stomach, or choose a wider one if you carry a little extra weight there. This is a great option if you want to create a monochromatic outfit and black is always an elegant choice.

Palazzo pants + silk top

Loose-fitting palazzo pants and a silk top can be a terrific choice. Especially for summer quinceaneras, consider those made from light-flowy fabrics as they will breathe better. Sticking a solid color is best because they look more formal. 

A silky tank top is a great choice to wear with your palazzo pants. You can either create a monochromatic outfit or go with one in a complimentary split color. 

The secret to pulling off this look is to wear your hair in an updo and wear your fanciest jewelry. You can wear almost any type of footwear with this outfit, including dressy wedges, which are ideal if you plan on dancing the night away.

I hope you have enjoyed considering these outfit choices to wear to a quinceanera. In the next chapter, we will look at what men should wear.

What to wear to a quinceanera as a male guest

In the last chapter, we looked at what women should wear to a quinceanera. Men, it is your turn now. For quinceaneras held earlier in the day, blazers, sports coats, and khakis are acceptable.

Yet, for evening quinceaneras, you should wear a suit. That does not mean you are without choices, as you will soon see. Many types of suits are excellent choices for quinceaneras, so learning about the different options is a great idea.

You may want to take a serious look in the mirror before choosing your outfit because some outfits will look better on you than other choices. Your shape often changes as you age, so it is essential to recognize your current body silhouette and choose an outfit that looks great for this formal occasion.

When choosing an outfit, there is no expectation that you stick to dark colors. It is a happy occasion, and you can wear lighter colors, especially during summer. When choosing a summer outfit, consider its weight because the lighter the outfit, the more likely you will stay cooler.

Slim-fit suit + dress shirt + tie

These suits cut out excess fabric in the chest, so they have a slimming effect, making you look terrific at a quinceanera. The pants with these suits also have a slimming effect because of their narrow leg opening. 

These suits typically have cropped pants, so they are shorter than many suits. You can wear any color slim-fit suit with any dress shirt that looks great together. For example, consider wearing a black suit, a light pink dress shirt, and a bright red regular-width tie. You will also want to wear your dress shoes.

Classic-fit suit + dress shirt + tie

A classic-fit suit is cut fuller throughout than a slim-fit suit. So if you are a larger man, it can be an excellent choice for a quinceanera. These suits also are a little longer in the rear, helping to ensure you stay covered when kneeling.

Man smiling sunglasses suit

The shoulders on the suitcoat often have a little more give to them, making them a comfortable choice when dancing the night away. The trousers are also cut fuller and a little longer. Staying with the classic theme, you may want to wear a black classic-fit suit with a white dress shirt and a black regular-width tie.

Modern-fit suit + dress shirt + tie

If you do not have an athletic build but are not heavy either, then a modern-fit suit can be an ideal choice to wear to a quinceanera. These suits fit in the middle between classic and slim-fit, except that the suitcoat is a little shorter than a slim-fit coat. 

The coat has a squared-off shoulder that gives the coat a more modern air. Additionally, the lapel on these suitcoats is very slim. 

These suits come with flat-front trousers, giving the suit a more formal appearance. Consider wearing a gray modern-fit suit with a white dress suit and a blue-and-white awning striped tie.

Notch-lapel suit + dress shirt + tie

This suit style has 1980s classics written all over it, including the notch where the lapel meets the collar of the dress suit. Consider wearing a matching black suit coat, trousers, a fire-engine red shirt, and a black tie. 

Since a quinceanera is a formal event, you will want to wear a plain black belt with a simple silver buckle. You can accessorize your outfit with a silver-band luxury watch. A pair of brown oxfords will be perfect for your feet. Make sure they fit well so you will enjoy the evening of dancing fun.

Shawl-lapel suit + dress shirt + tie

The shawl lapel is what is found on tuxedos, and it will help elongate your look. This is the perfect suitcoat to wear with flat-front trousers. As I have already discussed, this pants style helps you look thinner. Choose a plain black or brown belt to wear at your natural waist. 

Opt for a black suit and wear it with your black patent leather shoes and a white dress suit. I love the look of this outfit with a black bowtie, as it has a classical flair to the outfit. Keep it from looking like you wanted to wear a tuxedo but were afraid to by wearing a colorful pocket square. Consider one that incorporates quinceanera’s theme color.

Khakis + collared polo

While suits are almost mandatory for a quinceanera occurring after 6 p.m., there is a little more flexibility for one held earlier in the day. Therefore, your khakis are an ideal choice. You can wear them with a collared polo but be sure that it does not have a logo. 

Since a quinceanera is a formal affair, stick to one in a dark color. You can skip the tie in this case as they don’t work with polo shirts. You will also want to ensure that your polo shirt is a solid color, as striped options are too casual.

Single-breasted suit + dress shirt + tie

A single-breasted suit is a great option to wear to a quinceanera. I especially like the look of this suit when it has one to three military-style buttons down its front. This suit’s buttons and cut give it a very slimming effect. 

My favorite color in single-breasted suits is navy blue. Then, you can wear it with a black belt and a pair of pleated matching trousers. Consider pairing it with a dress shirt with a slight yellowish tint as it will help the buttons’ color really pop. Then, wear it with a red necktie to add a pop of color.

Double-breasted suit + t-shirt

The double-breasted suit has two rows of buttons down its front. While six is typical, you will find options with only four buttons and others with up to eight. Regardless of what you are doing, you should always leave the bottom button unbuttoned and always button the top one. 

This style of suit is considered fashion forward, so consider wearing a dark-colored t-shirt instead of a dress shirt. Opt for a shirt with a V-neck. If you choose the dark-colored t-shirt option, go with a medium-or-light-colored suit. You will definitely want to avoid bright colors with this look, or your outfit will become too casual.

Sports coat + crew-neck shirt

If the quinceanera is a daytime event, then you can wear a sports coat and pair it with a crew-neck shirt. Stick with linen or more formal fabric in the sports coat. Be sure to pick the length of coat fitting you best and choose one without vents in the back to give it a more formal appearance. 

Stick with one that is a solid color and has full-length sleeves. Wear a sports coat with a crew-neck shirt to give your outfit an artistic vibe. You should still wear dress trousers and tuck the shirt into the trousers. You will also need to wear a solid-colored tie.

Blazer + dress shirt + sweater + tie

A blazer can be a great choice if the quinceanera occurs during the day. Add a dress shirt in a complimentary split color to the blazer and wear a tie that is the other split-complimentary color. 

Finally, cover the shirt and tie with a pullover sweater that matches your shirt’s color. Select a sweater that will let your tie just peek out at the top. Try to keep 60% of your outfit one color, 30% a secondary color, and 10% the third color. Therefore, you will want to wear dress trousers the same color as the blazer.

If the quinceanera starts after 6 p.m., you need to wear a suit, but there are many beautiful options. For quinceaneras occurring earlier in the day, you can choose to wear a blazer, sports coat, or suit. In the next chapter, we will look at what the birthday girl should wear on her big day.

What should a girl wear to her quinceanera

Between 1300 and 1550, 15 was a critical age for a young woman because it marked the end of her childhood and the beginning of her ability to be a young mother. In about 1775, the Duchess of Alba invited 15 young ladies to visit her palace and try on formal clothes for the first time. The two historical events eventually led to the development of beautiful quinceanera dresses.

Today, most girls wear a ball gown for their 15th birthday when celebrating with a quinceanera. The dress is seen as the first adult dress that the birthday girl wears as she metamorphoses from a child to an adult. 

Most birthday girls start out wearing a flat pair of shoes, but a high-heeled pair is presented to her after the mass. She removes kiddish jewelry and replaces it with elaborate upscale jewelry, including a tiara.

If you are the young lady or her mother helping her pick out her quince dress, you will find many styles of birthday dresses. Consider these choices.

Tulle quinceanera dresses

Tulle is a favorite fabric for quinceanera dresses. One of the reasons that this mesh fabric is trendy is that it is very soft. Manufacturers can make the tulle from cotton or nylon, but often fine silk is chosen for quinceanera dresses. 

Woman red dress white room

The goal for most young ladies wearing a quinceanera dress is to look like a princess in a fairytale. And this material certainly makes those dreams come true. Often dresses made of tulle are cold-shouldered. 

While you can find these options in many colors, pastels are the most popular. As I mentioned earlier, a girl should choose a color that radiates with her when choosing her quince dress.

Glitter tulle quinceanera dresses

Glitter tulle quinceanera dresses are a fabulous specialty choice. The glitter incorporated into the tulle makes it sparkle when light hits it. When used by itself, it may seem too over the top. Therefore, designers often add layers of glitter tulle to the full skirts found on quinceanera dresses. 

This adds a layer of depth and dimension to the dress that is often missing when plain tulle is used alone. These dresses usually have a more basic top, often made from silk. They can be cold-shouldered, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, or have a halter-style top.

Sequin tulle quinceanera dresses

Another attractive option is sequin tulle quinceanera dresses. The sequins on these beautiful dresses are added to create stunning patterns. If you need to look taller, think about a dress with slanting sequin lines that meet in the middle. 

You can also find dresses where sequins have been added to create a faux asymmetrical hemione, and these dresses often draw the viewer’s attention downward to girls who do not have the strongest upper body. Dresses with the same sequins on the tulle skirt and a satin-like top often look great because it gives the dress a more complete look.

Embroidered tulle quinceanera dresses

Embroidered tulle quinceanera dresses are another option that girls will want to consider. These dresses often have added nature-themed patterns, which may be perfect for the girl who loves nature or the tomboy who is required to wear a fancy dress. 

The embroidery is often used on only part of the skirt giving it stunning lines and helping break up the fullness of the skirt. If you are going to wear a charro-style quinceanera dress, where the full skirt comes off, leaving you with a party dress, consider how the embroidery looks on the party dress without the full skirt.

Lace quinceanera dresses

You can find quinceanera dresses with different types of lace added to them. For example, Chantilly lace has a beautiful floral design. Often made of silk, the designs on these dresses are typically surrounded by an untwisted strand, making them stand out more. You can also find lace dresses with Venice lace. 

These dresses are created with many short stitches creating a raised design. Another option is embroidered lace dresses. The lace on these dresses can be added by designers using a hexagonal pattern. Other times, strands of the fabric are removed to create the pattern.

Organza quinceanera dresses

Especially for summer quinceaneras, dresses made of organza are a great choice because this fabric is breathable. It is also extremely lightweight, so the birthday girl can dance the night away without feeling weighted down. When compared to tulle, it is a much sturdier fabric. 

If you want a quince dress with lots of beading details added, consider this fabric as it holds up very well to the extra weight. Organza is also excellent for young ladies who want a flounced dress. 

Another attractive option in an organza quinceanera dress is one with pickups added. On these dresses, the outer layer is cut into strips and doubled back on itself to form little loops.

Chiffon quinceanera dresses

There are many advantages to chiffon quinceanera dresses, including the fact that they are often cheaper. The chiffon can either be sheer or semi-sheer. These dresses have a slightly rough texture, which can add dimension to a dress, especially solid ones where it is added all over. 

Note that these dresses do not have a sheen, so they do not sparkle in the light. This can make them an excellent choice for birthday girls who do not like to be the center of attention. Dresses made from this fabric do not crease, so girls do not have to be as concerned about how they sit.

Satin quinceanera dresses

Satin is a beautiful choice for birthday girl dresses. These incredibly durable dresses are an excellent choice for families who want to pass down dresses to younger children or birthday girls who want to wear their quinceanera dress as their prom dress. Generally, you can find two styles of satin dresses for a quinceanera. 

The fabric in those made from dutchess satin allows the dress to be more structured. Therefore, designers often create fitted bodices on the dresses before attaching a skirt made from a different material. The second is crepe satin, which has a very soft feel.

Brocade quinceanera dresses

Especially for girls who tend always to be cold or who are celebrating quinceaneras during colder months, a brocade dress can be a fantastic choice. This fabric has a natural seen to it, and it holds its structure very well. It is easy to find these dresses with different colors of embroidery added to them. 

Girls looking for an unusual quince dress may want to consider options with brocade ruffles. These ruffles often are near the top and bottom of the dress, making it look even rounder, which can be an excellent option for those who are tall and want to appear a little shorter.

Mikado silk quinceanera dresses

If you love the look of a quince dress with a skirt overlay, then mikado silk quinceanera dresses may be a perfect choice. This fabric holds dye exceptionally well, so it is easy to find options with flowers or other printed designs on them. Since this fabric is more structured, it also looks excellent in two-piece dresses. 

One option that I love is the quinceanera dresses with a half overlay skirt cut at a curve. They naturally point the viewer’s attention upwards towards the girl’s face, which can be especially great for shorter girls who often get lost in the fullness of these dresses. The natural sheen of these fabrics makes them an attractive choice for a birthday dress.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about these different options. In the next chapter, I will share some quinceanera guest attire do’s & don’ts you will want to keep in mind. Carry on reading to find out more.

Quinceanera guest attire do’s & don’ts

We have covered a lot of information so far, and it can sometimes be challenging to keep up with all the details of what to wear to a quinceanera. So let’s back out and take a high-level look at some quinceanera guest attire do’s and don’ts.

Keeping these points in mind will help ensure you do not pull any major snafus when attending these momentous events. Following them also ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the event.

Do wear a fancy dress

While you will look out of place at a quinceanera in a tuxedo, you still need to wear formal clothes. Men, if the quinceanera occurs after 6 p.m., you must wear a suit. You can choose one of any color and select a regular necktie or a bowtie option. 

Women, you will want to wear your formals in most cases. You can also wear a fancy jumpsuit or a cocktail dress that comes below your knees. 

Woman pink dress forest
Source: Tengyart on Unsplash

You are expected to dress nicely as being invited to a quinceanera indicates that the birthday girl and her family consider you part of their family. So you do not want to disappoint on this momentous occasion.

Do wear comfortable shoes

Most quinceaneras last about six hours, and you definitely do not want to be left crying because your feet hurt during this joyous occasion. Many quinceaneras start with a religious ceremony during which you may be expected to kneel. So choose shoes with enough flexibility to quickly get on and off the floor. 

Most quinceaneras also include dancing fun, so choose a pair that you can move in easily. At the same time, do not try to get by with your sneakers or another type of informal shoes as they will not look great with your formal clothes.

Do accessorize

You will want to wear accessories with your outfit. Men, you may only need to wear a luxury watch to an evening quinceanera. But for ones occurring earlier in the day, you may want to wear a simple necklace if it goes with your outfit. 

Ladies, you should wear accessories that go with your outfit too. This is especially true if you wear a cocktail dress or a jumpsuit as it can help them look more formal. Even if you are wearing a long dress, select accessories that help balance out your look. 

For example, if your dress is wide or has a train, opt for bigger earrings, bracelets, and rings. But if your dress sticks close to your body, your jewelry should too.

Do style your hair

Females need to fix their hair in an updo style. You can use beautiful clips and other hair accessories to hold it in place. Remember that quinceaneras are long events. So do not fix your hair in a style that will not stay for several hours.

Woman posing green dress updo

After all, you do not want to spend all your time in the bathroom restyling your hair. Men, you should make sure that your hair is clean and combed. For both sexes, you do not want to look like you just got out of bed and rushed to the event. So avoid looking like bedheads and messy buns.

Do choose clothes based on the venue

Some quinceaneras are very religious events. Mainly, in that case, you mustn’t choose clothes that are too revealing. While you may think you look great in a jumpsuit that opens down to your naval or a pair of droopy pants, most people at the event will not agree. 

Therefore, respect the family giving the quinceanera enough to keep your body adequately covered. Additionally, if the quinceanera is being held outside, ensure that you take proper precautions to protect yourself from the sun. Six hours is enough to burn many people if they do not wear sunscreen, which can lead to skin cancer.

Do wear colorful clothing

Even though many quinceaneras are very formal events, there is no expectation that you stick with drab colors. In fact, the opposite is true. This is a birthday celebration, so have fun wearing your favorite colors as long as it is not the theme color or the color chosen by the birthday girl. 

Men, even if you opt for a black suit, choose a colored dress shirt or a colorful necktie. Stick a colorful pocket square in your suitcoat pocket. Women, you can wear all kinds of bright colors. Of course, you may want to consider the season and wear seasonal-appropriate colors.

Don’t wear the same color as the quinceanera party

As I have already mentioned, the birthday girl has chosen about 20 people to be in her party. Avoid wearing the same color as they do. Men, if you only own one suit and it happens to be the same color as those worn by the quinceanera party, then wear a different color tie and dress shirt. 

The girls in the quinceanera party will have on party dresses, which can be long or short. Avoid wearing the same dress. After all, you do not want someone to think you are sour because the birthday girl did not ask you to be part of her party.

Do avoid outfits worn by the mother and important females

The mother and another important female, often the grandmother, have particular roles to play during the celebration. Do not wear the same colors that they wear. On top of being common courtesy, you do not want to be mistaken for them if something goes wrong because you may be expected to fix it. 

Avoiding dressing like them makes it easy for anyone helping with the event to tell you apart so that you can enjoy the fun. At most quinceaneras, the father plays a minor role. His work is already done as he may have had to work extra to help pay for the event, so it is not as crucial for you.

Do wear suitable outerwear

If the quinceanera occurs in winter, you will want to wear a coat. A shawl or a faux fur wrap is a perfect choice. While some women try to wear long layers under their ball gowns, that may make you too warm when you are inside, so stick with a coat. 

Woman posing fur wrap

Men, you will also want to wear a coat. Topcoats, peacoats, and trench coats can all be great choices. Regardless of the season, you will also want to check the weather forecast to see if rain is predicted. If it is, wear your raincoat or bring an umbrella.

Don’t forget your makeup

Women, you will need to do your makeup. You should choose your makeup style based on the dress you plan to wear to the quinceanera. Make sure that if you are tan, get a facial or have a wax job, you schedule them at least three days before the event. 

Invest in good makeup tools and learn to use them properly to create your desired look. Practicing ahead of time can help if you are going with a new look. Ensure that your face is spotless before you start applying makeup.

Keeping these tips in mind will have you looking fabulous at the quinceanera. In the next chapter, I will share some concluding ideas with you.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about what to wear to a quinceanera. If you have friends fixing to have one soon, please share this post with them.

If you are the birthday girl’s mother, you may want to share this post with everyone coming to the birthday party as it may cut down on the number of questions you need to answer. You can even tack on a message about what colors to avoid.

I have tried to be plain in everything I have said. But that is not always the case, so if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

While waiting for the big day to arrive, check out our other fashion posts.

2 thoughts on “What To Wear To A Quinceanera Party: Quince Clothing Guide”

  1. I was hoping to better understand what the 3 types of dress I should wear for my quince because I don’t know what U need to wear for the ceremony, the reception, and the dance. And my mom didn’t have a quince or a sweet 16 so she doesn’t know what I wear and I don’t know if my dresses for the ceremony and the reception can be the same color as my ball gown and I have googled it and nothing has helped me.

    1. Hey there! It’s totally understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed when planning your Quinceañera, especially if it’s new territory for your family. Generally, there are three main parts to consider: the ceremony, the reception, and the dance.

      Ceremony: This is often the most formal part, so a more traditional gown is usually worn. Think of something elegant but not too flashy.

      Reception: You could opt for a different dress here, perhaps something that’s easier to move in but still formal. Some girls choose to wear the same dress as the ceremony, and that’s totally fine too!

      Dance: This is where you can really let loose and go for a more fun, perhaps even extravagant, dress. Ball gowns are popular choices for this part.

      As for the color, it’s really up to you and the theme you’ve chosen for your Quinceañera. It’s not uncommon for all dresses to be in the same color scheme, but you can definitely mix it up if you’d like.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions if you have any. 😊

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