What to wear to jury duty? Check these Great TIps & Outfits!

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The first jury trial in America was held in the Mayflower colonies in 1630 when John Billington was found guilty of murdering fellow colonist John Newcomen. Eleven years later, lawyer-clergyman Nathaniel Ward drew up the Body of Liberties guaranteeing if someone was accused of doing wrong, they could choose to have a trial where their peers decided their fate.

By 1647, it became necessary to pass a law requiring free men to serve on juries. In 1870, Eliza Stewart Boyd became the first female to serve on a jury. Since that time, men and women have been summoned to jury duty.

If you have just opened your mail and discovered that you get the privilege of serving on a jury, then you may wonder what to wear to jury duty.

Never fear. We are here to help you learn the answer so that the judge does not find you in contempt of court for your poor fashion choices. 

Let’s get started!

What to wear to jury duty

If you have received a notice that you have been selected for jury duty, you may wonder what you should wear. Understanding the first meeting will determine who will serve on the jury, and it is imperative to look your best.

You will want to continue looking your best if selected to serve because you represent your community. In this chapter, we will answer some general questions and offer advice on what to wear to jury duty.

The first jury duty in the United States was held at Plymouth Colony in 1630. During that murder trial, men probably wore suits made in earth tones like greens, browns, and russets. 

The first woman to serve on a jury was Julia E. Ehrentreu, who served on a New York jury as its foreman in 1937. While there is no record of what Mrs. Ehrentreu wore to the divorce trial, she probably wore a long dress in an earth tone and a cloche hat. 

There have been a lot of changes since the first jury trials in America, but the one constant is that you will want to look professional when called for jury duty.

Let’s dig deeper into what men and women should wear for jury duty.

Is there a dress code for jury duty?

It depends on where the trial is being held if there is a formal dress code. For example, in Texas, judges can determine if there is a dress code for their courtrooms. Meanwhile, hats, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and beach attire are forbidden in California. Regardless of a formal dress code, you will want to dress up as a sign of respect for the court and the country’s laws.

Being called to serve on a federal jury is considered more formal than a state court trial. While you don’t need to wear a suit and tie or a professional dress, it is highly encouraged. You will not be dismissed from a jury, however, if you wear business casual clothing.

As I already stated, different states have varying laws. For example:

  • Alabama – Jurors are instructed to wear business or business casual attire.
  • Alaska – Each county can set its laws, but business professional and business casual are the norms.
  • Arizona – Arizona law says that uniforms, shorts, and tank tops are not permitted in their courtrooms.
  • Arkansas – Shorts, halter tops, t-shirts, and muscle shirts are prohibited. While there are no specific laws, business casual and business professional are encouraged.
  • Colorado – Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, and hats are prohibited in Colorado courtrooms.
  • Connecticut – Business casual attire is encouraged, while tank or halter tops, shorts, t-shirts, blue jeans, or sweatpants are not allowed.
Businesswoman smiling street
  • Delaware – Jeans, shorts, and T-shirts are not considered appropriate in Delaware courtrooms.
  • Florida – Business casual attire is highly encouraged, and jurors are asked to bring a light sweater or jacket.
  • Georgia – Jurors are encouraged to dress completely, but they should avoid tank tops, halters, and flip-flops.
  • Hawaii – Tank tops, shorts, ball caps, sunglasses, and slippers are not permitted to be worn by jurors.
  • Idaho – County officials can set their dress codes, ranging from business casual to business attire.
  • Illinois – According to the Illinois State Bar Association, jurors should dress as they would for an office job.
  • Indiana – Each court is allowed to set its own rules, but people should dress from business casual to business attire.
  • Iowa – Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts should not be worn to jury duty in Iowa.
  • Kansas – Visible body piercings are allowed in Kansas courtrooms, and pants must be worn at or above the natural waistline. Additionally, people cannot wear shorts, halter tops, any shirt showing a bare midriff, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or shorts.
  • Kentucky – Jurors in Kentucky are instructed to wear comfortable clothing appropriate to the dignity of the courtroom.
  • Louisiana – Jurors should wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the seriousness of the proceedings.
  • Maine – According to the official jurors’ handbook, hats, shorts, uniforms (law enforcement or otherwise), tee-shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, bare midriff clothing, and clothing with slogans or other messages are inappropriate.
  • Maryland – Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, gym clothes, tank tops, or half shirts are not permitted in Maryland courtrooms.

These 25 examples indicate that you need to wear at least business casual clothes when reporting for jury duty.

Do you have to dress up for jury duty?

Yes, you must dress up for jury duty. People have died over the years to ensure that everyone who wants one can have a trial with their peers determining the outcome. You should respect the privilege given you to determine justice where someone thinks they have been wronged.

As you can see from the examples I have listed, it is against court standards to not dress in at least business casual attire when serving on a jury. You may also want to consider business professional attire.

Woman looks camera coffee

Men should wear khakis, dress trousers or chinos. A button-down shirt with a collar is the safest bet, and you should also wear dress shoes. You may consider wearing a blazer or suit coat because courtrooms can be chilly.

Women should wear a skirt or dress slacks. They will probably want to wear blazers, especially since many courtrooms are notoriously cold. They can either wear dressy sandals or high heels. 

If choosing a skirt, choose one that comes down at least to your knees, but you should avoid formal dresses. Since space in the jury box is often limited, consider carrying a small purse or a clutch.

Many states recommend that jurors wear subdued colors. Just like the first jurors, earth-tones are a fantastic choice. You may also want to wear neutral colors, like blues, grays, or beiges.

Make sure that your grooming is excellent. You will also want to avoid wearing any strong perfumes or colognes.

Can you wear jeans to jury duty?

No, you should not wear jeans for jury duty. Men, consider chinos or khaki pants if you are looking for a casual pant style. Women who are looking for pants may want to consider dress trousers. While jeans are inappropriate in a courtroom, they are against the law in some states.

While we will dig deeper into the subject in the next chapter, there are many types of pants that men can call when they get summoned to jury duty. Corduroy pants are an excellent option when paired with a blazer. 

Especially in cooler weather, wool trousers are another fantastic choice. High-quality twill chinos are perfect if you want a more durable option. Linen trousers are another excellent choice that you can dress up when you must go to court for jury duty in many ways. 

Cropped trousers can be an ideal choice when worn with a blazer, sweater, or tie. High-waisted trousers can be another great choice if they allow you to sit comfortably.

Women also have many choices in pants to wear to jury duty. While I will cover this in more detail in the next chapter, dress trousers are an ideal choice that you can easily wear in a professional court setting. Wide-legged pants are also a fabulous choice. As long as you wear dress shoes, cropped pants can also be a terrific choice.

Can you wear sneakers to jury duty?

Yes, you can wear sneakers for jury duty, but you should not wear your athletic shoes. For example, men and women may want to wear designer or fashion sneakers. Keep those with a lot of bling on them safely tucked away in the closet, but other choices may be perfect. You may also want to consider wearing leather sneakers or upscale slip-on sneakers.

Instead of sneakers, men have many other choices that are appropriate for jury duty. For instance, monk and Chukka boots are fabulous choices. Derbies and penny loafers may also be fantastic choices depending on your outfit.

Deatil man feet shoes stairs

Women also have many fabulous choices besides sneakers to wear for jury duty. In most courtrooms, you can wear dressy slides. Sandals can have kitten heels or high heels, but make sure you choose a dressy pair that you can walk in easily. Mary Janes, mules, and ballet flats have flat soles, making it easier to walk since you may have to park quite a distance from the courthouse.

Regardless of the shoe that you decide to wear, ensure that it goes well with your outfit and is not too colorful. Serving as a juror is a solemn occasion, so it is usually best to stick to darker-colored shoes. You will want to make sure that your shoes are spotless. 

Additionally, you should take steps to keep them odor-free, like rotting out the shoes that you wear if the trial lasts for more than one day. I will have more to say about possible shoe and outfit combinations in a little bit.

What are the consequences of not dressing appropriately?

In some cases, if you are not dressed appropriately, you can be fined for contempt of court. Generally, these fines are more than $100 daily and less than $1,500 daily. While that is a rare occurrence, you will likely be sent home by the judge and called again on a different day.

Once you have been named to a jury, then the consequences become much more severe. You may be dismissed from the jury and an alternate named to replace you. Many trials have to go to a higher court when this occurs, which costs taxpayers money. Therefore, you do not want to be the reason that a mistrial is declared.

Remember that a jury is made up of people from your community. Depending on the town’s size, this can cause rumors to start flying. Then, if you need to look for a different job or want to join an elite club, people may remember that you did not dress appropriately for jury duty and pass you by.

In theory, if you do not dress appropriately for jury duty and the judge finds you in contempt of court and cannot pay the fine, they can have you locked up. No one wants to spend time in the pen and have that on their record when it is so easy to cress correctly for jury duty.

In the next chapter, we will look at specific ideas for women to wear when summoned to jury duty. Men, your turn comes right after the ladies, so you will both want to keep reading.

What should women wear to jury duty

While many people dread jury duty, you should consider it an honor. Your decision helps make your community a better place by getting restitution for those you and your fellow citizens believe have done wrong.

Although it disrupts your routine, it can also positively impact your mental health because you have helped others. When you go to jury duty, keeping some tips in mind can help you stay comfortable. I have also added some outfit suggestions.

Tips and advice on what women should wear to jury duty

Since you may lose pay by doing your civic duty, consider clothes already in your wardrobe first. While you should look fashionable, you do not necessarily have to wear new clothes if you have taken good care of the ones you own. 

Of course, you will not want to wear dirty or torn ones. The key is to wear clothes in good condition that you would wear to an office job. Following some tips can help.

Keep it simple

There is no need to wear an elaborate outfit to court. While you should be respectful of the solemnity of the situation, a simple outfit is perfect. For instance, women may want to wear an A-line skirt with a button-up blouse or a pullover knit top with dress trousers. 

Woman glasses standing holds bag

There is no need to elaborate on your outfits because you are receiving a little pay for using your brain to weigh the evidence and not for the way you dress.

Plan your outfit in advance

The days you have to appear for jury duty will seem hectic because you are out of your routine. Yet, you still must accomplish some tasks outside of court. Therefore, planning your outfit can help. 

It also gives you time to spot any snafus with your outfits, such as a stain or a shirt that no longer fits you correctly. Then, you have time to fix the problem or choose another garment. You will also feel more confident going into the courtroom when you have overcome fewer obstacles before you arrive.

Stay professional

While the laws in each area differ a little, you must dress and act professionally. The rules governing jurors in federal court require professional attire, but most county judges only require business casual attire. Pay attention to what is not allowed in the courtroom. 

Therefore, you have many different choices in what you can wear. As a solemn proceeding, it is still best to wear dark-colored clothing. Use caution that your perfumes or colognes are not too strong. Additionally, make sure that you are on your best behavior. Answer questions succinctly and politely.

Dress comfortably

You may sit in a jury box for many hours, so you want to be comfortable. Therefore, select the ones you can sit comfortably when choosing an outfit. You should not wear one that you constantly have to pull down or up. 

When you wear clothes you must continually think about; you may miss the critical statement that changes your whole way of thinking. So wear comfortable clothes so that you can concentrate on exhibits and statements made. Choose footwear that allows you to walk comfortably as the judge may dismiss you from the courtroom several times.

Dress conservatively

A courtroom is a place where solemn events occur. Therefore, you should dress conservatively. Women, your skirts should come down to at least your knees, but they should not be floor length. Wear tops covering your shoulders. Do not wear any outfit that allows your midriff to show.

Detail woman torso blazer
Source: Kier In Sight on Unsplash

While I will have more to say in the next point, wearing layers enables you to adjust your clothes to the temperatures in the courtroom, so you are neither hot nor cold. Stick with conservative colors and avoid wearing bright colors as they will draw attention away from the proceedings.

Bring extra layers

Many courthouses were built long before modern heating and air conditioning systems. Even though HVAC systems have been added, many are highly ineffective at keeping all building areas cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Therefore, you should dress in layers. 

You may find yourself sitting right under an air conditioning vent and freezing, or you may find yourself sitting in the coldest spot on a cold day. Think about layers you can put on or take off without standing up because you may not be able to leave the juror’s box.

Think through several options

While you may think you are just going through the process of selecting the jury, you may actually find yourself being selected. If that is the case, you may not have time to go home and change. Since many trials last several days, it is wise to plan by selecting several possible outfits. 

This ensures that your clothes are clean and pressed so that you do not have to worry about them as you are scurrying to take care of your other obligations. It also ensures that if your jury gets sequestered, you have all your clothes ready to put into a suitcase.

Stick to conservative colors

While I mentioned the need to wear conservative colors earlier, let me expand on it. Out of respect for the judge, you should not wear black when called for jury duty. You will also want to avoid wearing bright colors as they are too casual for the court setting. Neutral colors are a fantastic choice. 

Woman posing white blouse hand pocket

Blues, browns, grays, and creams are good choices. If you want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, consider carrying a colorful handbag or wearing colorful shoes, as they will not be as noticeable while taking care of your duties.

Know what is not allowed in the courtroom

Each county publishes a list of items you should not wear as a juror. That list is found in a juror’s handbook in most states. Some items on the list may surprise you. For example, no one in the courtroom is allowed to wear a uniform in Maine. 

In many states, including Colorado and Georgia, wearing flip-flops is against the law. Find this list for the court where you are summoned to serve so you can follow its details. The handbook also often includes other details, such as bringing an identification that you may need to know.

Women’s jury duty outfit ideas

Business casual clothes are perfect when you are called for jury duty. The great news is that you can easily find outfits in most stores if you do not already have them in your wardrobe. The significant difference is that you will want to wear clothes that are a little more subdued in color if bright clothing is allowed in your workplace.

Furthermore, if you buy a new outfit, you can wear it to many other places after you get done with jury duty. Therefore, do not be afraid to splurge on a new outfit or part of one to reward yourself for doing your civic duty.

High-waisted pants + blazer + heels

High-waisted pants in a neutral color are a great option when you get called for jury duty, and they are perfect when you pair them with a neutral-colored blazer. You can mix and match any neutral colors to put this outfit together easily. One of my favorites is to wear a brown pair of pants with a khaki blazer. 

Then, wear a short-sleeved button-up blouse under your blazer. This allows you to adjust your outfit easily based on the courtroom’s temperatures but stay conservatively dressed. Closed-toed heels are an excellent choice for footwear.

Sheath Dress + Loafers

A sheath dress with a conservative neckline ending about your knees can be a great option to wear to jury duty. Choose one in a conservative color, like dark blue. While doing your civic duty, you will want to avoid options with low necklines that are too long or too short. 

Then, wear it with your loafers. When I am wearing dark blue, I love to pair it with white. These slip-on shoes are ultra-comfortable. You will want to bring a sweater, in case the courtroom is cool. Pull it back away from your face if you have long hair.

Pencil skirt + ruffled top + kitten heels

A pencil skirt is an excellent option for jury duty as long as you can sit down in it comfortably. Choose one that comes at least to your knees so that you do not have to worry about it riding up during long hours of deliberation. Then, pair it with a top that has ruffles down the front. 

You can choose ruffles that run horizontally or vertically based on your body’s silhouette. You can also add a belt if you want. Kitten heels are an ideal choice in footwear. You can choose between closed-toed sandals and enclosed shoes, like your pumps.

Peter Pan-collared shirt + slacks + pumps

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg loved wearing shirts with Peter Pan collars. So it seems highly appropriate to wear this flat collar with rounded ends when serving on a jury. This shirt is available in many colors, so choose a neutral or a dark-colored one. 

Stay ultra-comfortable as the hours of testimony drag on by wearing a pair of slacks with an elastic waistband. Your closed-toed pumps will look terrific with this outfit. I love wearing a deep brown Peter Pan top with a pair of light brown slacks and my brown pumps.

Shift dress + closed-toe shoes

A shift dress is a fabulous choice to wear to jury duty if you choose one that ends about your knees. Shorter options would be considered too casual for your responsibilities as a juror. Since most shift dresses are short sleeve, you will want to wear them with a cardigan. 

Choose a lightweight one that coordinates with your outfit. You should stick to the cold side of the color wheel for both choices. Then, wear shoes and carry a handbag that is of a third color. For example, if you choose a dark red dress, wear it with a dark yellow cardigan and carry a dark blue clutch.

Bodysuit + A-line skirt

The right bodysuit can be a great choice to wear for jury duty. Avoid those with cutouts or cold-shouldered options. That leaves you plenty of V-neck and box-neck options. Then, pair it with an A-line skirt that ends about your knees. 

While you should avoid creating a monochromatic black outfit, you can wear a black bodysuit and pair it with another neutral-colored skirt. I love wearing black and dark brown together. 

You can choose an A-line skirt with a belt if it makes your body silhouette look better. Avoid A-lines that are too full in the skirt as the body suit fits tightly, and you want to keep your look balanced. Pumps would be a classical footwear option for this outfit.

Midi dress + sweater + ballet flats

A dark-colored midi dress is a fantastic option. Consider one with short sleeves that stays close to your body. You can choose an option that gathers at your waist a little or wear a belt with it if you do not want one that hangs straight down. 

Then, wear a coordinating sweater. One that has the same color in it as the dress helps to pull the outfit together. Remember that it may be cool in the courtroom, even in the summer. Ballet flats are a terrific option for your feet, allowing you to walk easily. A necklace following the dress’ neckline and a pair of stud earrings will look great.

Gored skirt + boxy top

The extra fullness created by the pleats in a gored skirt makes it a great option to wear in the courtroom. Since these skirts are a little fuller, they also offer extra confidence that you will stay covered. Pair the skirt with a dark-colored boxy top. 

The best options are ones that pull on over the head because there are no front buttons to come undone accidentally. If the outfit starts to look too casual, wear it with your pointy-heel stilettos. You may also want to wear a fashionable watch and a bracelet.

Chinos + hi-low top

Chinos can be a fantastic option to wear to court. You may have enough space in your pockets to carry your essentials without messing with a handbag. These plain front pants look fantastic when paired with a high-low top. One in a conservative color with sleeves is the best option. 

If your middle is a little bigger than you desire, choose one with a ruffle around its bottom. You can pair this outfit with your favorite dress sandals. Consider wearing a gold or silver short chain necklace and stud earrings.

Palazzo Pants + blazer

The wide legs on palazzo pants make them look almost like you are wearing a skirt. While you will want to avoid those in bold colors or patterns, solid-colored palazzo pants paired with a blazer can be a great choice.

Portrait woman black white wide pants

They usually look best when worn with high heels, and you will want to consider options with pointy heels to make these pants look even more formal. Consider wearing a silky short-sleeved top under the blazer. While you will want to wear subdued colors, your chunky necklace can be a great option to wear with this outfit.

In the next chapter, we will examine what men should wear when called for jury duty. Wearing fashionable and comfortable clothes can help you stay on task of listening to the evidence presented to you. Therefore, you should keep reading.

What should men wear to jury duty

You go to the mailbox and find the dreaded letter telling you that you have been summoned for jury duty. After informing your employer that you will be gone for a few days, you start worrying about what you will wear. You have never served on a jury before, so you have no clue about what clothes are considered appropriate.

There is a certain amount of pride that you will be allowed to serve in this capacity, as many have died over the years to ensure that people are guaranteed the right to a jury trial by their peers. Yet, there is trepidation that you might insult the judge by wearing the wrong clothes.

Tips and advice on what men should wear to jury duty

While I cannot help you get out of jury duty, I can relieve your fears about what to wear. Then, you will feel more confident as you enter the courtroom in a comfortable outfit that is highly appropriate. Then, you can concentrate on the instructions given to the jurors during the jury selection process. 

While you have been summoned to jury duty, you may or may not have to serve on a jury. You cannot skip jury duty by going against the information in this chapter, so buckle down and learn it so that you do not embarrass yourself.

Let’s start with some tips to help you choose the right clothes for jury duty.

Choose comfortable clothing

One of the essential things about dressing for jury duty is to wear something comfortable. It is not unusual to sit for several hours before you find out if you will be one they ask questions of during their final selection. Then, you may sit more hours while the lawyers haggle over who will be on the jury. 

If selected, you may have several hours to sit in the jury box while listening to the testimony. Therefore, you want to make sure that you can sit comfortably in the outfit that you have chosen.

Wear business casual clothes

A courtroom is a solemn place, and you must dress your part by wearing clothes representing the fact that you are there to conduct business. While I will have more to say in a little bit, if you are on a federal jury, you must wear a suit and tie as these proceedings are more formal.

Business casual is probably acceptable if you are serving in a lower court. In most states, it is up to the judge to decide. You can usually find the information in the juror’s handbook.

Think in layers

If you have ever gone out to eat or to a meeting and ended up right under the air vent, then you know it can be way too cold in the summer and way too hot in the winter. Besides, since many courtrooms are ancient, the heating and air conditioning system may not be the best. 

Man walking street bicycle

Therefore, you will want to dress in layers. Ideally, you will be able to adjust your layers by taking off and putting on layers without standing up because that will probably not be allowed in the jury box.

Choose comfortable footwear

Especially on the day the jury is chosen, and for high publicity trials, you must wear comfortable shoes because parking may be at a premium, forcing you to walk a long way. You should also wear comfortable footwear when you sit for several hours. 

Note that in many courtrooms, the judge will not allow flip-flops and other casual styles of sandals. The best choice is to wear closed-toe shoes. I will have more to say in a minute but think about the shoes you would wear to a business meeting.

Select minimal accessories

You should not wear many or any accessories to court. You may want to wear a fashion watch but be sure that if it is a smartwatch, you put it on silent. You will want to leave your necklaces at home. If you usually carry a bag, consider if that is necessary. 

If so, it may need to be a clear one. If the weather is cold, consider wearing a hat that you can tuck into a pocket on your outfit. You will also want to leave your fashion rings at home, although your wedding ring is always appropriate.

Ensure clothes are in good repair

It is helpful to pick out several outfits ahead of time as you may not have time to do it during jury duty. Then, scrutinize those clothing items for signs of stains, missing buttons, frayed collars, bleach spots, and other issues. 

If you spot any, choose a different option or fix the problem. While business casual clothes are appropriate for most court settings, you will not want to show up in ripped clothing. Additionally, you will not want to wear distressed clothing to court, even if it is fashionable.

Wear freshly laundered clothing

Your clothes should not look like you have slept in them. Therefore, if you crowd them together in the back of your closet, take them out and wash or dry clean them before reporting for jury duty. Clean out a space in your closet for several outfits before reporting for jury duty. 

Keeping all your possibilities together can help you stay organized if the trial lasts several days. If possible, try to leave two finger widths between each hanger, as this will help stop new wrinkles from forming. Of course, if your clothes need it, you should iron your outfits before you wear them.

Wear conservative colors

While business casual is allowed in most courts, you will want to stick to conservative colors instead of the typical bright colors in casual clothing. You should also avoid dressing all in black. While I will cover specific outfit ideas in just a moment, dark gray, blue, and deep reds are great choices. 

You can also wear earth tones. Sticking with these colors, which can easily be mixed and matched, shows that you recognize the seriousness of your duties. It also is a sign that you respect the office of the judge, rather you like the person or not.

Wear regular-length clothes

You should wear pants that end at your natural waistline. You do not want to wear clothes that are too baggy. Sweaters and coats that are excessively long are also not appropriate. Your blazers and suit coats should end about your wrist. 

Wear regular-size neckties if you opt to wear one. In most cases, bolo and bow ties are not appropriate. The easy way to think about it is you would not wear it to a meeting with your conservative-leaning boss, and it is inappropriate for the courtroom.

Ensure you do not wear banned items

Most courts have a list of items that are banned from being worn in court. The most popular items on the list are flip-flops and hats. You can find the list in the juror’s handbook for your state. 

In some states, it is against the law to wear jeans and t-shirts, and in almost all states, it is against the law to wear shirts with messages printed on them. You can be found in contempt of court for wearing these items, which can come with a fine of up to $1,500.

Man walking stairs

While some people lose a little bit of income when they serve on a jury, paying a hefty fine can make the time extremely costly.

Men’s jury duty outfit ideas

If you are called to jury duty in federal court, you must wear a very conservative suit and tie with a button-down shirt and matching suit pants. While there are slight variations in local courts, the most accepted dress code is business casual. 

Therefore, if your boss would find it appropriate to wear in a small to mid-sized business, you are probably safe wearing it to court. Ditch the jeans, but many other choices are very appropriate. Consider wearing these ideas when heading to jury duty.

Button-down shirt + sweater + chinos

Wearing a button-down shirt under a sweater with a tie is a great way to start an outfit for jury duty. Select a dark-colored sweater and wear it with a white shirt. Let the shirt sleeves peek out from under the sweater’s sleeves a little if you want. Choose a tie that coordinates with the sweater’s color. 

Then, wear a sweater and shirt with chinos. Choose a darker-colored option while avoiding any that come close to being white. Dark brown is an ideal choice. I would tuck the shirt in for court, but you can also tuck in only in the back if you want.

Striped suit + turtleneck

A business suit with a tiny vertical stripe is an excellent choice for jury duty. You want one in a dark color where the stripe is just a little lighter than the suit’s color. This is an excellent idea if you carry a few extra pounds. Then, put on a dark-colored turtleneck under the suit coat. 

Portrait man crossed arms

You can wear this look with your Chukka boots or your penny loafers. Ensure that your socks match the suit’s colors. A luxury watch would be a great fashion accessory, or you could wear a simple chain necklace.

Blazer + crew-neck shirt + dress trousers

A deconstructed blazer with ¾-length sleeves is a fantastic option to wear to jury duty. Options with single or double vents are a great choice. You may want to choose a dark gray or other dark option. Then, slip on a crew-neck shirt underneath. Make sure that the shirt’s color contrasts with the blazer’s color. 

Choose one with a bit of shine to the fabric. Complete the look by wearing your dress trousers and low-profile dress shoes. You can style this look by wearing the shirt’s bottom over your pants and pushing up the sleeves on the blazer a little.

Suit + grandad-collared shirt + flat-front trousers

A grandad-collared shirt is a shirt without a collar, and it will look super under your suit. Try choosing a dark gray suit and slipping a light pink grandad shirt under it or wearing a navy-blue suit and a dusty-purple grandad-collared shirt. 

Complete the look by wearing matching flat-front trousers. You could also wear a shade or two darker trousers than the suit coat. Leather lace-up shoes would add a little retro flair to this outfit. Consider wearing this look with no-show socks.

Straight leg dress pants + button-down shirt

You may choose to skip the blazer or suit coat altogether if you are naturally hot-blooded. Choose a button-down shirt with a buttoned collar. Long-sleeved options are usually best because they add a little more formality to the shirt. Then, wear it with straight-leg dress pants. 

While you can wear a white or near-white shirt, stick with a dark-colored tie and pants. Avoid ties with logos or designs on them, although you can choose one with some texture or color-shade variations. Almost any dress shoe style will work if the pants break with the shoes properly.

Polo shirt + khaki pants + leather belt

A dark-colored polo shirt paired with dark-colored khakis is a terrific option that should be ultra-comfortable. Choose khaki pants in a dark shade to show the judge and lawyers that you are taking your job as a jurist seriously.

Man looking camera navy polo

You will want to choose a pair of khakis that you can wear with a thin leather belt with a plain silver or gold belt buckle. This is not the time to wear big belt buckles, especially if they border on making political statements like rodeo or NASCAR buckles. Dress boots that allow you to stand and walk comfortably are an excellent choice for your feet.

Blazer + tee + slacks

A blazer worn over a round-neck t-shirt can be a fantastic look if you are being summoned to a court where t-shirts are not banned. A dark gray one with a subtle plaid can be a great choice when worn over a nice off-white tee. Then, pair it with a white t-shirt with a round neck. 

Opt for choices that appear slightly more formal than your big-box-store tees and leave them untucked. This is a fantastic choice to wear with navy-blue dress slacks and white dress shoes. You can add a luxury watch to your outfit. Tuck a pocket scarf matching the color of your t-shirt.

Leather jacket + button-down shirt + dress trousers

A leather jacket is an excellent option for jury duty. Prepare for the courtroom to get hot enough that you will want to take the coat off by wearing a button-down shirt underneath it. You can skip the tie if you wish to, in which case you can leave the top button on the shirt undone, which may be more comfortable during deliberations. 

This is a fantastic option to wear with a white button-down shirt. Then, wear a pair of blue dress trousers. Ones that stay close to your body and are straight cut are usually best.

3-piece suit + dress shirt

A three-piece suit with a classical button-down dress shirt and a tie is a traditional look that is hard to beat for jury duty. It is best not to wear a black one but stick to dark colors. Then, add a pop of color by wearing a tie that peaks out underneath your vest. 

I particularly like this look when done with a blue three-piece suit, a red tie, and a white shirt. You will want to wear your penny loafers or another dress shoe. One of the reasons that I like this look for jury duty is that it is easy to adjust the layers depending on the temperature.

Quarter-zip sweater + chinos

A solid-colored quarter-zip sweater is a fantastic option when worn over skinny-cut chinos. If you are afraid that you might get too warm, wear a dress shirt underneath so you can take off the sweater if needed. Skinny-cut chinos are a great choice to wear with a sweater. 

Man sitting outdoors hand head sweater

When summoned for jury duty, the key to wearing this outfit is to wear it with more formal dress shoes, so pull out your black lace-up ones. Then, wear it with a black leather belt. Tuck in the dress shirt if you decide to wear one, but pull the sweater down over your pants casually.

While going to jury duty may never be fun, you can rest assured that you will not be fined for contempt of court wearing these fashionable outfits. In the next part, I will share some concluding thoughts with you. Therefore, I encourage you to keep reading.


Especially during the American Revolutionary War, people died so that a jury of their peers could judge those accused of wrongdoing. You are now about ready to join a long list of others who have shown up for jury duty. The great news is that when you do, you may be the best-dressed jurist when you follow these tips and outfit ideas.

If you have any questions, we would be glad to answer them. After all, we take great pleasure in answering your questions so that no one has to call the fashion cops on you.

If you know someone who will soon be answering the call to be a possible jurist, please share this information with them.

While sitting in the courtroom waiting to see if you get called as a jurist, consider reading some of our other posts. This period of your life will soon be over, and you will want to apply the information in those posts to the rest of your life.

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