51 + Types of jackets & Outfit Ideas: Find Your Jacket Style

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Do you typically throw a jacket on before you leave the house and not really give much thought to why you picked what you did? Or maybe you’re very fashion-focused and pay great attention to what you’re wearing at all times. Regardless of which one of these scenarios applies to you, you’re going to love this article about different types of jackets.

Jackets are a big part of leaving the house. They keep up protected from the elements, but they also add an additional layer of style to whatever our outfit looks like on that given day. There are so many different types of jackets to choose from; we’ll break down some of this information for you. This way, you can use this knowledge to invest in more practical outerwear and take your outfit to the next level.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to jackets

A jacket is a great way to keep warm on a chilly day, but this wardrobe item is so much more than just protection against the elements. Jackets can also help you make a bold fashion statement. They can even be the focal point of your outfit.

This article is dedicated to the jacket, including how you wear a jacket, the different types of jackets, common materials in the construction of a jacket, and so much more. 

It’s nice to have a couple of basic jackets handy when the weather requires one. But by the end of this article, you’re going to realize how important jackets really are when it comes to style.

What are jackets?

Jackets are any form of outerwear that protects you from things like rain, snow, and cold. Made from a more durable and heavier material than regular clothing, jackets are designed to withstand multiple wears without having to be washed each time.

Jackets can be long, short, heavy, thin, modest, or dramatic. The jacket you choose on any given day should be appropriate for the current season where you live. But it’s also important that you’re taking into consideration the outfit that you’re wearing. 

You don’t want to put on a long jacket that will cover a shorter outfit. You also don’t want to layer something that’s too tight over a big, bulky sweater.

It’s practical to have a number of jacket options for each season in your closet. Heavier materials are meant to keep you warm and dry, while thinner varieties are usually for keeping the wind and rain out. 

There are also jackets that are strictly designed with fashion in mind and don’t really provide too much in the way of outdoor protection.

What are the elements of a jacket?

There are a few different elements to your typical jacket. How elaborate a jacket is will really be determined by the purpose of that clothing item. For example, winter jackets have many more elements than a thin windbreaker that you would wear in the spring months.


The thickness of a jacket will be determined by the materials that it is made out of. A thick jacket is designed to keep your body heat contained inside it so that you don’t get cold. 

Woman posing fleece jacket

Interior materials can include things like wool or down. Thinner jackets usually rely on the outer layer material to protect your body. Nylon is frequently used, and it is also waterproof.


Jackets can stop at the waist, but there are ones that will reach almost all the way down to the ground. There is a practical length that ends just below the waist but doesn’t go past the hips. 

This style keeps you protected and warm. Jackets that are any shorter or longer generally are designed that way for more of a fashion statement.


Choosing a jacket doesn’t have to just be about the weather outside. You can also choose what you want to wear based on the fashion statement that you’re trying to make. Leather jackets give off a certain edge and attitude. 

A soft wool jacket is cozy. There are denim jackets that work well with casual outfits and nylon or polyester blend jackets that can be used for athletic purposes.

Common materials used for jackets

We’ve touched briefly on some of the different materials that are used in the construction of jackets, but now it’s time to do an in-depth breakdown of the most commonly used jacket materials. You probably have a jacket in your closet right now that uses at least one of these materials.


Jackets that are designed for fall and winter are often made of fleece or utilize fleece as part of the lining. Fleece provides a great deal of comfort while also keeping your body warm during the cold and dry seasons. Fleece comes in a bunch of different colors.


The synthetic polyester material is very useful for the construction of a jacket thanks to its ability to protect against rain and water. It also wears very well so you can own the same jacket for a number of years.


Down is used for the filler inside of a jacket. It’s very lightweight, but it provides a great deal of warmth. It’s often used for bedding/comforters for the same reasons.


Blonde woman holds violet jacket

Wool is a very high-end material that looks nice for things like dress coats and even blazers. However, wool won’t hold up very well if it’s exposed to moisture. Always wear another layer on top of your wool jacket if it’s precipitating outside, or opt for another type of jacket that day.

What’s the difference between jackets and coats?

A lot of people use the terms jackets and coats interchangeably, but they’re actually considered to be two different types of coats. Jackets are generally much shorter in length, while coats can be longer. The one that you prefer is probably based on what your jacket/coat needs are and what you think looks good on your body type.

A coat is a garment that is worn over the top of your clothing. It’s designed to protect you from very cold temperatures. They most frequently come in hip-length or longer and have loose sleeves that allow you to wear something heavy underneath. Some of the more popular styles of coats that are commonly worn today include peacoats, down-filled winter coats, trench coats, and parkas.

A jacket is also a form of outerwear that protects the body but usually ends more around the point of the waist or hips. Jackets often have a more fitted design and provide less warmth than a coat will. They’re often more for decoration than they are for function. Some of the more popular styles of jackets include bomber jackets, denim jackets, leather jackets, suit jackets, and blazers.

How should a jacket fit?

The type of jacket that you’re trying to fit onto your body will really be determined by the style and function that you’re trying to achieve. For example, a jacket that is being worn as part of your work attire should be fitted. 

It should look as though it has been made for your body specifically. Skip anything that looks too large or too small. You want to be comfortable in your jacket while still looking neat.

There are a few ways that you can test a jacket to see if it fits. Once you have put it on, raise your arms out to the side. Slowly move your arms forward while keeping them straight out in front of you. 

Does the jacket feel too tight in the arms, shoulders, chest, or back? If so, you may need to go up a size. If you notice that there is a lot of extra fabric that bunches up when you test the fit of your jacket, it might be time to try a smaller size.

Also, take a look at the shape of your jacket. There should be some sort of definition in its shape that indicates where the jacket should sit on your hips or waist. See if there are gathers in these areas, and make sure they are hitting the appropriate marks on your body.

Which jackets are in style?

Styles change quite a bit as the years go by. What was popular ten years ago likely isn’t the same right now. Because of this, you may find that you periodically need to replace your jackets to keep up with the changes in fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the current jacket trends.

Denim Jackets

The denim jacket has been around for decades, but it’s still a very popular style. If you have invested in a denim jacket at some point, this is a piece that you’ll have in your closet for a lifetime. 

Denim jackets usually have the same style regardless of what year it is. They stop right at the waist, have button sleeves and a denim collar. They come in a variety of shades, such as light blue, dark blue, and even black.


A jacket that has a trench design will be very long, sometimes all the way down to the ankles. This style was originally popular among businessmen who wanted a professional coat that would fit over their suits. It has now become a more mainstream item that is popular for both men and women from a casual and business perspective.

Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is relatively casual and mimics the style of jacket that was created for pilots originally. The wrists usually include elastic for a more fitted sleeve. The jacket comes down to the waist and sometimes has elastic at that location as well. 

This is a collarless design that will usually just have some strip of fabric to finish the edge around the neck. Bomber jackets come in all shades, including hunter green, black, gray, and brown.


The leather jacket is another variety that will never go out of style. You can purchase this jacket in real leather, but there are more affordable faux-leather options as well. This is a durable outwear item that looks better and better as the years go by. 

Man black outfit posing outdoors

You can find them in all different lengths and styles. They even come in different shades of brown as well as black.

How many jackets should you own?

This almost seems like a trick question because can you really own too many jackets? If you live somewhere that experiences many different types of weather over the course of the year. It makes sense to have a number of jacket options available to you. 

This means that you can choose a jacket based on what the weather is doing outside, but you can also consider what you’re wearing that day.

In general, it’s a good idea to have at least one jacket for very cold and wet weather (winter), one jacket for wind and rain (a windbreaker), something that will work with your dress clothes, and something casual that you can throw on if you want an extra layer but don’t want anything too formal.

As you build up your collection of jackets, feel free to buy items that are a little more unique and bolder. You may not wear these jackets on a daily basis, but it can be fun to grab something colorful or playful if you’re trying to look fun or flirty on a certain day.

What’s the difference between women’s and men’s jackets?

Men’s and women’s jackets will vary quite a bit when it comes to style and fit. Men’s jackets tend to be a little looser and hang lower than women’s jackets. 

Women tend to wear jackets that hug the hips or are designed to provide a little more comfort/room in this area. Men also tend to have longer arms, so that’s something to take into consideration with the fit of a man’s jacket.

It’s not often that you’ll be able to wear a jacket for the opposite gender. Some styles might work, like the denim jacket. But generally speaking, you want to buy something that is going to look like it was meant for you. 

Three people posing blue clothes

This will ensure you look nice but also allow you to look your best. Men also tend to choose darker and more neutral colors. Women are more apt to wear something in a bold hue that makes a dramatic style statement.

Now that we’ve covered all of the basic information that you should know about jackets, we’re going to move on and speak more about specific types of jackets, how to style jackets, and some specific outfit ideas. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite jacket is and why!

Types of jackets

After covering the basics of jackets, it’s now time to look at some of the specific types that are popularly worn today or have been worn in the past. Fashion is always evolving. So you may see some classic styles always in place, though their color or details will change.

There may also be some varieties of jackets that come and go but never seem to leave the fashion world entirely.

While taking a look at this list, see how many different types of jackets you have in your own coat closet. Which of them are classic styles? Which are current fads that you picked up on a whim?

Field jacket

A field jacket is a military-inspired jacket that usually has a minimum of four pockets located on the very front of the jacket. There are usually a few on the inside of the jacket as well. The purpose of this jacket has a lot to do with functionality. 

You should be able to equip yourself with what you need while being comfortable, mobile, and protected from the outside elements. Field jackets leave enough room on the inside for multiple layers to be worn underneath. You can remove your jacket or layers of clothing as needed.

Field jackets usually come in very neutral colors, such as tan, brown, black, or gray. You may even see some with a camouflage pattern as they are meant for the outdoors. Field jackets can come in a very thin style. But there are varieties that have warm layers on the interior as well.

Bomber jacket

A bomber jacket is also known as a flight jacket and was originally designed for use by pilots. It has now become a very fashionable and popular outwear option, largely made attractive by Tom Cruise in the original Top Gun. 

Woman sunglasses green bomber outdoors

Bomber jacket varieties usually try to retain some of that original style, so they come in a shade of Army green or tan. You may still see some patches add on for a very casual look, or a bomber jacket can be kept simple and versatile. 

The overall fit of this jacket tends to be a bit on the loose side, but it zips in the front and can be worn with multiple layers underneath.

Denim jacket

A denim jacket is a classic outwear option that can be worn on a chilly day, but it’s also a fashion staple. It looks great with everything from a pair of jeans in a similar shade to khakis or dress pants. It seems that the denim jacket never goes out of style. So you can invest in one of them and make use of it for your lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Most denim jackets have a fitted style that buttons in the front and buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves. You can wear it open or leave everything undone for a more casual look. This type of jacket comes in shades of dark blue, light blue, black, gray, and even bright hues that you can match with the rest of your outfit.

Trucker jacket

Trucker jackets are intended to be worn with a loose fit, and they’re usually made from a durable material. Though it can be worn throughout most seasons, you’ll probably make use of your trucker jacket in the fall, winter, and maybe spring. 

It layers well with things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters, and the trucker jacket will land around the area of the waist. Buttons are usually the preferred closure system for the trucker jacket, but zippers may also be used. 

For a more decorative option, look for a trucker jacket that has cuffed sleeves or a folded collar that is made from a nice material like corduroy or suede. Heavy varieties may fold open to reveal a Sherpa or fleece material on the inside for warmth and comfort.

Leather jacket

The leather jacket is another classic piece that can last for decades if you’re properly taking care of it. If you want it to last for a long time, pick something that has a mid-length to it. Just below the waistline but well above the knees makes this jacket practical for just about any outfit. 

Keep in mind that leather jackets don’t hold up all that well if you’re exposing them to precipitation frequently. Keep your raincoat handy on those days when the weather is looking bad. You can also use different leather-protecting products to keep your jacket looking nice.

Moto jacket

The moto jacket is similar to a traditional leather jacket, but it features a little more detail and flare. You may find moto jackets that have tassels, fringe, studs, or graphics on them. They’re designed to be worn while riding on a motorcycle, but you can usually find more affordable varieties that are more about style. 

This is a great way to combine functionality with fashion. Made from real leather, faux leather, or sometimes suede, you’ll usually find this type of outerwear in dark colors like black or brown.

Biker jacket

The Biker jacket style is a high-end outwear item that is generally made up of high-quality leather. Its purpose is to withstand long rides on a motorcycle. So you won’t experience any tears or damage to your jacket when you’re back home. 

This jacket is usually pretty short, so it doesn’t get in the way of a safe trip, and a zipper is the method of closure. Sometimes the zipper will be on the side of the jacket. 

The biker jacket is different from the moto jacket in that it is actually designed for people who are riding a motorcycle (though you can still wear it without owning a bike), while the moto jacket is more of an affordable knockoff.

Fleece jacket

A fleece jacket is a very practical and affordable item to have on hand for the fall and winter months. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t really let any amount of wind through, but it’s also comfortable and warm. 

Fleece jackets usually go just past the hips and zip up the front, with a high collar being featured at the neckline. Fleece jackets are made by most outerwear brands right now, and they come in all different colors. You can find them in styles for women, men, and children.

Harrington jacket

The Harrington jacket is a cropped outwear option that has a raglan sleeve with different slanted pockets on its exterior. It’s usually made with men’s style in mind, including a zipper with double buttons and a funnel neckline. 

It was made popular back in the 1950s by the famous actor James Dean in the movie Rebel without a Cause. The Harrington Jacket has a little bit of a preppy style to it, with just enough edge to keep it looking casual and fun. 

This look is all about attitude, so you need to be able to pull this jacket off as part of your outfit. Pair it with jeans or even khakis and a button-down shirt.

Shirt jacket

A shirt jacket is designed to look like you’re wearing an oversized, button-down shirt, but there’s typically more lining on the inside of it to keep you warm. It’s a casual look, so shirt jackets usually come in prints like plaid, or you can find them in solid colors or even denim.

Man shirt jacket dark street
Source: Marcel Strauss on Unsplash

The goal of this jacket is to provide warmth without being too bulky. You probably wouldn’t wear this item in the middle of a frigid winter, but it’s perfect for an early fall day when the air is just slightly chilly, and you don’t want to put anything too heavy on.

Shearling jacket

A shearling jacket is also known as a sheepskin jacket. A real version is made out of sheepskin with some of the fur still attached to it. The fur is on the inside of the jacket as a warm lining. Of course, there are manufactured varieties of this style of jacket that are much more animal friendly. 

The outside may be made out of fake leather material, with some sort of fake fur or Sherpa material on the inside. The shearling jacket provides a similar degree of warmth as something like a field jacket or suede jacket.

Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket is incredibly warm and is a necessity if you live up North and have to survive through very cold winters. Made with layers of down or down alternative, these puffer jackets feature pockets of stuffing that keep you warm.

Woman behind puffer jacket
Source: Nsiries on Unsplash

You feel like you’re almost wearing a blanket when you head outside. This tends to be a pretty large and puffy jacket, so it’s something you’ll wear more for travel, outdoor activities in the winter, etc. You might not wear a puffer jacket for work wear or a dressy outfit.

Mac jacket

A mac jacket is a type of raincoat, but it doesn’t have that cliché raincoat style. Therefore, you can wear it even when it’s not raining. It’s perfect for fall and spring weather, providing minimal warmth but plenty of protection against the wind and a potential sprinkle here and there. 

This jacket was created in the early 1800s by Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. Macintosh came upon a method of creating a material that was waterproof and flexible. It continued to evolve over the years, and the mac jacket is still popular in England and other areas of the world.


The blazer or sport coat is a standalone jacket that is usually worn open, but it may have a couple of buttons in the front for partial closure. Blazers are worn by both men and women for more formal events like work or going out for drinks with friends. Blazers are quite a bit less formal than a suit coat, but it gives off the same attitude and style.

There are many different types of blazers that you can pair up with your outfit. From something simple like a navy-blue blazer paired with a pair of khakis to a plaid blazer with a simple pair of navy-blue pants, you can create an entire look around this smart casual to business formal item.

Coach jacket

A coach jacket is something that you’ll traditionally see on the sidelines of a football or soccer game. This piece of sportswear is very lightweight and similar to a windbreaker. 

It minimizes the amount of chill that you experience going through your jacket, and it will keep you dry if it starts to rain outside. You might see a stylish coach jacket on the streets but look no further than a sports game for this jacket variety.

Varsity jacket

Varsity jackets and letterman jackets are generally the same item. They were originally handed out to varsity sports players in high school and college. However, they’re now manufactured for your everyday teen or young adult. 

Large, wide, and billowing sleeves are made out of soft material and are usually a different color than the rest of the jacket. A simple collar and strips of fabric around the sleeves are common. 

A large letter or logo will usually be attached to the front breast of a varsity jacket. This stood for the school’s name, but fashion items can include any letter that they want.

Varsity jackets used to be worn by the males of the school only, unless the jacket was lent out to someone’s girlfriend to be shown off. Now, both men and women wear varsity or letterman jackets. They look fun with a pair of jeans or even khakis, paired with a t-shirt and a pair of athletic sneakers.

Quilted jacket

A quilted jacket almost has a similar style to a puffer jacket, but it is usually a little more on the dressy side. With a thin interior layer, the quilted jacket is designed to keep you warm without having to wear something that is big and bulky. 

Quilted jackets usually have a folded-over collar, and they come in a few different colors. It’s a great option for fall when you don’t yet want to wear a big, heavy jacket, but you still need a good deal of protection from the outside elements.

Suede jacket

Suede jackets are very soft on the outside, and they usually have some degree of lining on the inside that will keep you warm. However, suede is a lot like leather. In fact, it can be a lot more temperamental than that. Definitely make sure that you’re keeping your suede jacket out of the rain or snow. 

You can purchase a spray product that can be reapplied to your suede jacket periodically, and that will provide you with a little bit of protection when the weather turns bad unexpectedly.

Double-breasted jacket

A double-breasted jacket is any type of outerwear that has wide, overlapping front flaps. These flaps will have two symmetrical columns of buttons that serve as the method of closing the jacket. It’s a very formal outerwear option.

Suit jacket

A suit jacket can provide an extra layer for when you’re going outside, but this piece of clothing is generally worn as part of a suit or work attire. When you’re in a professional environment, a suit jacket really elevates the look of a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. 

You can wear it with a tie or without. Suit jackets come in neutral shades like navy blue, black, and gray, and you usually want to match your jacket with the color of your slacks. If not, at least keep them complementary to one another. 

Suit jackets can be made of wool, linen, or cotton. You can keep the look simple with a solid color or add a little flare with pinstripes.


The modern anorak jacket is lightweight and features a hood for protection against the elements. It provides a good deal of warmth with the added feature of being waterproof. 

This coat is generally free of thick insulation or lining material, though it’s made with cotton and synthetic anorak fibers.

The anorak jacket originally came from the Eskimos, who wanted a protective jacket that would cover the head. They created anoraks using animal hide with a thick coat of oil on the surface as a natural water repellent. 

It wasn’t until the 1930s that anoraks became more popular in the modern world. The version that we wear today looks quite a bit different than what Eskimos donned, but the concept is similar.

Technical jacket

A technical jacket is designed to provide you with a high level of outdoor protection while still looking attractive. Usually manufactured using technical materials such as Gore-Tex and other waterproof fabrics. The technical jacket can be worn in commercial settings and for everyday wear as well. 

Man running street

The outside will usually consist of a smoother material that is similar to a windbreaker but maybe a bit softer. The inside can include a lining of fleece or something warm. There may or may not be materials inside the lining that will add more warmth. 

There are many varieties of the technical jacket, so you’ll have to take a look around to see what kind of different features you can come up with.

Packable jacket

Packable jackets are perfect for traveling. They’re intended to provide plenty of protection from the outside elements with the added feature of being able to fold up into a compact bundle so you can stash it away in your luggage, purse, or backpack. 

This type of jacket is ideal if you know that you’re going to need a jacket somewhere along your trip, but it’s not going to be a daily necessity. The packable jacket comes in a multitude of colors, zips up in the front, and can include all kinds of different features like pockets, a zippered front, a hood or no hood, and so much more.


The windbreaker is an ideal jacket that should be in everybody’s coat closet. It will keep you completely dry and protected on a windy and rainy day. Windbreakers are made out of a very durable nylon material that doesn’t have any insulation, but wind can’t pass through it. 

Therefore, your body will be able to retain its natural heat no matter how much wind is blowing your way. The windbreaker was invented in the early 1900s as part of a military uniform. 

It was made popular in fashion as part of the John Rissman and Son fashion company of Chicago. Their gabardine jackets were essentially windbreakers. Many years later, it has become a staple item that we need in just about every corner of the world.


Some people believe that the parka is the best winter jacket out there. It provides the wearer with both warmth and protection against the cold while still looking fashionable and stylish. 

Usually made of a waterproof and windproof material on the outside with layers of warm lining on the inside, the parka can vary in length and overall style. A lot of parka designs will also have a hood with some sort of lining on the interior, perhaps faux fur or fleece.

The parka jacket was originally referred to as the anorak, and it was made from sealskin. It was worn in the area of the Arctic circle and may have been made out of reindeer skin in northern Russia. 

As fashion came into play and we started wearing parkas for everyday use, the outer material became synthetic for more protection against wind and precipitation.

Trench coat

The trench coat is a jacket that is made out of waterproof and heavy-duty fabric. It was originally created for use by the British Army officers that served prior to the First World War. It then later became popular among businessmen and then women who wanted a professional jacket that would be functional and fashion forward. 

The material that they’re made out of has varied over the years. There has been leather trench coats and gabardines. The shoulders have been bigger in decades like the 80s, while the 90s and 2000s brought a simpler approach. Trench coats aren’t as popular right now, but they haven’t disappeared completely.


The peacoat is a jacket that was originally made out of navy-blue wool, worn by sailors of European and American navies. It eventually became a jacket that was worn by everyone, including children. It features a shorter length with very broad lapels. 

Man black coat street

One front panel of the jacket will fold over to the other side before buttoning in place with a few large buttons. They now come in different styles and colors, but you’ll usually find them made of a synthetic material that resembles coarse wool.


The overcoat is a very long jacket that should be worn as outerwear. It’s usually very long, reaching around the point of the knee. Also known as outercoats, this jacket is usually made from a material such as gabardine or covert with fur accents.


Raincoats tend to be more about function than style, but you’ll still see some fun rain jackets out there. Made from a very heavy, waterproof material that will prevent moisture from touching your clothing underneath, a raincoat is usually designed to be a little oversized. 

It has wide sleeves that extend down past your wrists, and a hood is usually included so you can cover up your head when it starts to downpour. If you have children, there are all kinds of really cute raincoats that you can purchase with bold colors and fun prints on them.

Blouson jacket

The blouson jacket is tight at the waist before blousing out and hanging down over the waistband. It originated as part of a military uniform in the middle of the 20th century, and this is a style that’s still worn today. We wear the blouson jacket today for casual dress or sportswear.

Oversized jacket

The oversized jacket provides a comfortable and very warm option for a chilly day. It can be made from a number of materials, usually layering different features into one design. An oversized jacket is perfect if you’re someone that likes to layer their clothing. 

You can still fit a hoodie or a large sweater underneath this outerwear option. An oversized denim jacket takes on a boyfriend look, while an oversized knit trench coat for women is really cute as a cozy winter jacket option. You can choose any color that you think matches with your wardrobe.

This list was likely a combination of jackets that you already know exist, with some other varieties worked in. Some are likely more relevant to your age and style. 

In the next chapter, we’re going to be talking about some of the different outfits that you can wear that utilize a jacket as part of the ensemble. 

This will give you some great ideas for how you can wear some of the different jackets you have in your closet right now, based on the season.

How to style jackets

After covering a lot of information about the different types of jackets that are out there, you might be overwhelmed with trying to figure out the best way to style your jackets. It’s easy to open up your closet and grab the first thing you see that is relevant to the weather outside. But you can also take the time to put some thought into your jacket, so you look your best each day.

This chapter is dedicated to how you can wear different jackets. From casual outfits to work attire, we’re about to cover outfit ideas for both men and women. Hopefully, we are using items that are in your closet right now. Don’t be afraid to invest in some new items that you can use to broaden your wardrobe and look more stylish when you’re out and about.

Outfit ideas for men

Men’s jackets tend to be rather neutral, but you may be able to branch out and find something in a bold plaid or bright color. Because your selection is limited as a man, we recommend using a jacket as a complementary piece for the rest of your outfit. You don’t want your outerwear to stick out. Instead, choose something that really completes your look.

Denim jacket + t-shirt + jeans

We’ve talked about the denim jacket in previous chapters and how versatile of an item it can be. The style looks similar for both men and women, but you may choose to wear yours a bit differently than a female would. 

Man denim jacket black pants
Source: Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

For this look, your denim jacket is going to be somewhat of a focal point of your outfit. You’ll start with a basic pair of jeans that is a slightly different shade than the color of your jacket. 

Some men are brave enough to go with a very matching denim on denim look, but you’ll look best if you choose a darker pair of blue denim jeans with lighter denim on top. As for your shirt, opt for a crisp, clean t-shirt in a basic white or black.

Blazer + chinos + shirt

To dress your outfit up a little bit using a jacket, start with a pair of classic chinos in a shade of khaki or navy blue. Your shirt can be a polo or a button-down dress shirt. On the top of the outfit, put on a blazer that either matches your chinos or is a contrasting shade. 

If you’re wearing light pants, choose a dark, navy blue blazer on top. If you’re opting for dark pants, you may want to think about a light-colored blazer or something with a light-colored plaid. Keep your shirt a solid, neutral color.

Bomber jacket + charcoal jeans

Charcoal jeans are making a pretty big comeback lately. They tend to look casual for the most part, but you may be able to dress them up a bit with a bomber jacket or even a blazer. For this look, grab a really nice pair of charcoal jeans that don’t have any kind of distress on them. 

They should fit your body nicely. For a dressy look, try a white button-down shirt tucked into your jeans. The bomber jacket can be a nice shade of hunter green or blue. Match your shoes to your belt, and your look is complete.

Ripped jeans + t-shirt + Leather Jacket

For a fun and sexy look, put on a pair of distressed jeans that you absolutely love. They should be comfortable as this is more of a laid-back look. Opt for a basic white or black t-shirt and top the entire look off with a leather jacket that reaches your waistline. 

You want the focal point of this look to be your jacket. You can make the entire outfit look a little more structured with a pair of leather boots in the same shade as your jacket. You can also throw on a pair of athletic sneakers if you’re really going for comfort.

Khakis + Henley + Puffer Jacket

For a fun fall or winter look, a comfortable pair of khakis will pair nicely with a casual long-sleeved Henley shirt. Since the khakis are pretty neutral, you can work something bold in for your shirt either by way of stripes or a pattern. 

This outfit can include a bit more color to make it fun, so choose your pop of color with either your shirt or your jacket. You can get puffer jackets in all shades, so try out something like an orange or red jacket. Wear brown leather boots or a pair of sneakers as your footwear of choice.

Black Jeans + Hooded Sweatshirt + Leather Jacket

This look has an artistic/rocker vibe to it. A dark pair of denim jeans in black or dark charcoal will look ultra-comfortable with a hooded sweatshirt on top. To further the casual vibe, stick with a classic gray sweatshirt. 

On top of your hoodie, layer on a leather jacket that you wear open. You can choose between sneakers or a pair of boots that match your jacket color.

Jeans + Varsity Jacket + Beanie

Man wearing varsity jacket glasses
Source: Noura Id on Unsplash

You can stay cozy and comfortable while wearing this chill and laid-back outfit that combines classic blue jeans with a relaxed fit along with a varsity jacket in a bold color. As a complementary accessory, a beanie with a great pair of shades will make you look hip as can be while still being protected from mother nature.

Black Skinny Pants + Black Sweater + Trench Coat

Skinny pants aren’t just for women. Men can wear tapered, fitted pants as well. For a monochromatic look, pair black skinny pants with a black sweater. Over the top, wear a black trench coat that goes down to about knee-length. 

Keep the whole look black, with black shoes, a black belt, and black-shaded sunglasses. There isn’t a lot of variation with this look, but that’s really the goal. It looks very sophisticated and professional. Though, you don’t have to just keep this look for the office. It’s great for going out with friends or out to dinner.

Khakis + Button-down shirt + Sweater Vest + Blazer

This sporty/casual look pairs simple khakis together with some other dressier items. A basic white button-down shirt will get topped off with a solid-colored sweater vest. We recommend something like a navy-blue vest because you’re going to be topping the whole look off with a dark-colored blazer. If you’re looking to be a bit more expressive, feel free to put on a plaid blazer that matches the whole look.

Cargo Pants + Crew Neck Sweater + Parka

Your best pair of casual cargo pants that are well worn can be combined with a neat crew neck sweater. For color combinations, maybe opt for a green-tinted pair of pants along with a black sweater. Over the top, wear a puffy parka with a fur-lined hood. 

There are plenty of footwear options that you can wear with this look. From sneakers to boots and everything in between, consider where you’re going when you decide on shoes.

Jeans + Plaid Shirt + Field Jacket

This is somewhat of a dressed-up cowboy look. You combine a pair of classic blue jeans with a tucked-in plaid, button-down shirt. Over the top, wear a field jacket type of covering. You should wear it open or partially open to reveal some of the plaid shirt underneath.

Outfit ideas for women

Women often have more jacket selections in their closet than men do. They care a great deal about keeping themselves warm but also protecting their clothes underneath from any inclement weather. 

With so many different colors and styles of jackets available, women have an easier time than men building up their collection. In this section, we’re going to be looking at different jacket outfit ideas for women.

Denim jacket + leggings

Leggings are such a comfortable clothing item, and many women grab a pair when they’re looking for something casual to throw on if they have to run errands, chauffeur their kids around to activities or even meet a friend out for lunch. 

Put on a pair of high waist leggings for this look. We would stick with black for a basic pairing. On top, choose a slightly loose-fitting V-neck t-shirt in a basic shade of black or white. You could opt for a pop of color if you want. 

Over the top of your outfit, put on a denim jean jacket. You can choose between a regular fit that is pretty classic. You could also choose a boyfriend-style denim jacket if you want to be more stylish.

Dress + leather jacket

For a fancy look that still requires something to cover up with to accommodate the weather, a pretty and simplistic dress pairs well with a structured leather jacket. You wouldn’t think these two items go together, but there’s a nice balance between a floral dress and something edgier like black leather.

This look doesn’t have to pair together soft and feminine with structure. You can wear your favorite basic black dress with a leather jacket. A denim skirt, a pair of sneakers, and a basic t-shirt is also another great outfit that works well with a leather jacket as your outerwear of choice. 

Don’t forget that leather works well if it’s going to be dry outside. Switch it out for a raincoat if you’re going to be faced with inclement weather.

Crop top + blazer

If you want to pair something flirty and casual with something more formal, this is the perfect outfit for you. Your favorite crop top will balance out with a sharp blazer. Consider a light-colored shirt in a pastel shade. Your blazer should be something darker that really offsets the whole look. 

When it comes to options for pants, this look would go well with a high-waist pair of jeans, dress slacks, or even leggings. The shoes you complete the look with will be determined by the pants that you chose, but some nice options would be ballet flats or simple sneakers to go more towards the casual side of fashion.

Jeans + oversized jacket

Every woman likely has a pair of jeans that are her absolute favorite. Grab the pair that fits you best and is well worn in. The shirt that you choose can vary. You can keep things casual with a baggy graphic tee. You could choose something a little neater like a blouse or button-down shirt. 

Over the top of your shirt, you’re going to wear an oversized jacket that is really the main focal point of this outfit. Feel free to stick with a neutral-colored jacket if that’s what you have. You could also opt for a pop of color if you have something bolder to work with. If it’s really chilly outside, you can opt for a beanie in a matching shade as your coat.

Leggings + Sweater + Trench Coat

The trench coat still makes an appearance from time to time, and there’s a great version of it that is available for women right now. It’s a trench style that goes down to around the knees, but it’s made of a very fuzzy knit. It’s similar to a Sherpa material. With a simple collar and baggy sleeves, it’s the perfect combination between casual and a little bit dressy.

Woman long brown coat dog

There are other trench coats that you can pair up with your outfit as well. Trench coats come in more business-like versions that are made from a thinner material and fit the body a little more than a casual jacket. 

Many are made with a water-resistant material that will hold up to different weather conditions like rain or light snowfall. There’s even a big, puffy stadium jacket that, in essence, is a trench coat because it goes down your legs to provide an excellent amount of warmth.

Athletic Capri Pants + T-shirt + Fleece Jacket

On your way to the gym or when you have to run out quickly to pick something up from the store, you may need a jacket that will fall in line with the athleisure or athletic wear that you’re donning. 

For this look, your best pair of athletic Capri pants can be combined with a comfortable t-shirt that has either long sleeves or short sleeves. For added warmth, opt for a fleece jacket that covers your hips and can zip up nice and high to the neck area. 

Fleece provides a great deal of warmth, though it’s not always the best when there’s a lot of precipitation to deal with. It does keep out wind for the most part, unless we’re talking about a very serious storm that’s producing winds in excess of 20 or 30 miles per hour.

If it’s really chilly outside, you can change up this outfit a little bit to accommodate the weather patterns. The athletic Capri pants can be swapped out for a full-length variety. 

There are workout leggings that have a soft fleece lining to them if you’re someone who often gets cold in fall and winter. You could wear a hooded sweatshirt with this look, as most fleece jackets have some extra space to them that allows for clothing underneath.

Slacks + Button-Down Shirt + Blazer

Heading to work on a chilly day requires a little bit of layering. You can get a sleek look by starting out with a pair of basic black or navy-blue slacks. They should be tapered and fit your body well. You can also opt for a skinny pair of slacks if your work allows it. 

A crisp button-down shirt can be tucked into your slacks. You have a couple of options in this regard when it comes to color. Consider wearing a brightly colored dress shirt if you’re going to be sticking with a basic blazer. You can flip-flop those options and wear a simple dress shirt topped with a brightly colored blazer or something with a plaid print.

For a fun take on this look, try on a pair of crop dress pants if the weather permits. Something with a chunky cuff at the bottom will look really cute with a simple pair of ballet flats or even a pair of heels. You can still wear a dress shirt and a blazer with this look. More color can be added to your outfit by choosing a unique bag or brightly colored belt that matches your shoes.

Boyfriend Jeans + Sweatshirt + Parka

There’s nothing better than dressing in oversized, cozy clothing in the middle of winter or on a very cold wintry day. Boyfriend jeans are still very popular, and they have an oversized look to them that is perfect for winter. 

Just make sure that they don’t hang too low onto the ground. If it’s wet outside, you’ll end up soaking a lot of that moisture into the material of your pants. 

Pair your boyfriend denim with a comfortable sweatshirt that either goes over the head or can be zipped and unzipped. On top of everything, a parka will add a great deal of warmth to your body while still looking very stylish and flattering.

Mom Jeans + T-Shirt + Cropped Puffer Jacket

If you’re not sure about mom jeans, this look might convince you otherwise. This popular look from many decades ago is very comfortable. It’s a full-figure pair of pants that has a high waist and slightly loose legs. To keep with the casual vibe of this outfit, pair your mom jeans with a graphic t-shirt or something else that has a loose fit to it. 

Your jacket of choice for this look is a cropped puffer jacket. The cropped style will stop just at the waistline and not cover your hips. The jacket should be a bit loose, giving off a boxy style that is quite popular right now. 

Finish the look off with a comfortable pair of athletic sneakers. A lot of young adults and teens are wearing this look with very chunky shoes that have a thick sole.

Black Pants + White T-shirt + Denim Jacket

The edgy and tough look isn’t just for men. Women can replicate this look as well by wearing a great pair of black pants. Along with your black pants (which can be made of denim or be more of a slacks style), pick one of your favorite white t-shirts. 

Woman posing nature denim jacket

Every woman has a collection of basic white tees that can be worn with everything from a cardigan sweater to a blazer. For this look, we recommend wearing a simple white tee with a crew neck or something with a slight V-neck. 

Over the top of your look, slide on a denim jacket. It should be waist-length and a classic blue color. Of course, you can experiment with different shades of denim if you’re feeling adventurous. Try a dark blue or black or opt for a jean jacket that has some kind of embellishments on it for some added style.

Are any of these outfits one that you have worn at some point? You’re probably able to come up with a similar combination of clothing items to achieve looks like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite look was that we provided, and tell us why that is.


Thank you for reading our article on different types of jackets. Hopefully, you understand the basics of the jacket and have some new insight into what different varieties are available. You probably have a few of your own right now, but maybe you’d like to add a few timeless jackets or coats to your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a good denim jacket or a wool dress coat.

Let us know in the comments below what your jacket collection looks like and whether or not you’re someone that pays close attention to jacket styles. Don’t forget to share this article with some of your friends and family. Check out our other posts if you want to learn more about some entertaining and interesting fashion-focused topics.

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