How to Wear a Beret Hat: 29 Fashion Tips & Outfit Ideas

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Welcome to a collection of information on the beret hat. This accessory is something you’ve probably seen before but never had the courage to wear. After you read this post in its entirety, you’ll be able to try one out yourself. 

The following chapters will cover the beret’s history, how to wear a beret, some tips for wearing a beret, and different outfits that look good with this head accessory. By the time you’re done reading, you’re going to be an expert on the beret. 

Let’s get started, as we have a lot of information to share with you.

The beret hat

Wearing a hat is a great way to elevate an outfit that you’re wearing. This accessory can provide you with warmth, style, and so much more. One type of hat that has been popular for many decades is the beret hat.

Berets come in a number of types, and you can find them in more traditional styles or something more modern. Different materials can be used, from cotton to wool and everything in between. 

Chapter one of this article is going to focus on the basics of the beret so you can learn more about this timeless accessory and whether or not you might enjoy adding one to your wardrobe.

If you have a fun and unique personality, you may always be searching for the perfect accessory that will make your outfit stand out from everyone else’s. 

The beret is an accessory that has long been popular, but you surely don’t see it on everyone when you leave the house and the weather happens to be chilly outside. 

We have all seen a beret, but it takes an adventurous and fashion-forward person to purchase one for their own use.

What’s a beret?

A beret is a rounded, soft cap that has a flat crown on it. It is most commonly made out of cotton, cashmere, or wool, and it can be used as an accessory for both men and women. Many cultures include berets in their everyday attire, such as French and Spain. The ultimate goal of the beret is to provide warmth on the head, but it’s also about adding a distinguishable style.

Woman kigging gesture balloon

A lot of people refer to the beret as a hat that’s perfect for people who don’t typically enjoy wearing hats. It simply sits on top of your head without having to be pulled tightly over your skull. 

You don’t really have to worry about choosing the right size of beret, and you can still have your hair done nicely and remove the beret as needed. It doesn’t create that crazy hat-hair that a lot of people despise when wearing something like a baseball cap or a beanie.

What face shape can wear a beret?

Some people avoid wearing a beret because they’re concerned that they’re not going to be able to pull it off properly. Fortunately, the beret really looks good on just about any face shape/head shape. It complements a lot of different outfits as well.

Berets can be worn by any face shape, including rounded faces, long faces, and everything in between. Their overall shape and design are intended to be worn about an inch or half an inch behind your ears for the best fit. 

Some people like to play around with the angle of the beret they’re wearing. It’s common for it to be tilted towards one side of the head or the other. Since berets come in a number of styles, colors, and shapes, you can play around with different options based on your appearance.

History & origins of the beret hat

The beret hat was originally introduced into fashion around the year 1827 by Basque peasants. During World War I, they started to become popular among French soldiers. Even after the war, berets were worn throughout European countries. 

However, fashion in the U.S. didn’t utilize berets until the middle of the 1900s. It was all about fashion in the U.S., thanks to stars embracing berets, such as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Basque-style berets were frequently worn by the Aragonese and Navarrian shepherds that originated from the valleys of the Pyrenees. It wasn’t until the 19th century that berets were constructed commercially. 

At this point in time, working-class men and women were wearing berets in France and Spain. The first beret factory was Beatex-Laulhere, which has been making hats since 1810. In the 1920s and 1930s, dozens of factories were created to produce millions of berets for the masses.

Military forces often wore berets as a way to create a psychological advantage against opposing forces. The Scottish highland troops wore berets in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

They were very simple at this time, with not a lot of size or fabric used. It wasn’t until much later in the 20th century that the size of the beret became much larger and had a floppier shape.

When to wear a beret

The beret is a hat you would typically wear for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. While you might wear other hats throughout all four seasons, the thicker design and material used for berets will usually make them too heavy for extremely hot weather. Pairing great with heavy sweaters or turtlenecks, berets are a great complement to an ultra-cozy outfit.

Man red beret hat hand face
Source: Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

A beret can take a basic outfit and turn it into something really artistic and fashionable. You could be wearing a simple head-to-toe black outfit and elevate it completely with a bold colored beret. 

Even a beret that matches the color of your outfit will make you stand out. Berets pair well with simple flats or boots, complementing the fact that they are perfect for cooler weather in the summer and fall.

You can also consider how you’re wearing your beret. It can be positioned in many different ways on your head. Tilting it to one side or the other is fun, but you can also have it tipped back on the rear side of your head. You won’t see a lot of the beret, but it will be visible enough that people will take notice of your hat choice.

Your hair can be pulled back loosely with pieces hanging from underneath your beret. You can also choose to wear your hair completely down with your beret sitting atop your head. Berets look nice when you wear other simple accessories. You don’t want to layer on too many items at once, such as large, dangling earrings and chunky necklaces.

What are the best places to wear a beret?

Now that you know a bit more about the history of the beret and its basic design, it’s time to discuss the best places where you can wear a beret. It’s not a hat you’re going to wear to and from the gym, but you can use his headpiece as a way to add some expression and style to an otherwise boring outfit. Let’s talk about some of the places you can wear your beret.

On a Date

Planning your outfit for a date night can take some time. Many people go through multiple clothing items, trying to put together something that looks nice but also expresses their unique personality. 

Woman posing arc triomphe
Source: Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

If you’re trying to show that you appreciate fashion and the arts, you can add a beret to an outfit of jeans and a turtleneck, leggings and a sweater, and much more.

To the Theatre

Stay warm in a chilly theatre by wearing a beret with your sophisticated outfit. It’s a hat that you can leave on while you’re indoors as long as it’s not getting in the way of someone that is trying to see around you.

To an Art Show

Embrace your inner artist and wear a beret to an art show that you’re attending. It will look lovely when you’re dressed all in black and are wearing a matching black beret.

To Work

Your co-workers will want to know where you got your beret from when you walk into work wearing this fun new accessory. Pick a simple hue like black or gray to start your collection and match it with a lot of your current clothing.

Out to Dinner

A beret will be a nice addition to your outfit when you’re meeting friends, family, or co-workers at dinner. In a dark and cozy restaurant corner, you’ll look like you fit right into the location’s ambiance. There’s something very sophisticated about a man or woman wearing a beret when they’re out and about.


Don’t leave your beret at home if you’re going to be heading out on an overseas vacation. You’ll see berets all over the streets of France and Spain, so try to fit in with the locals by bringing your own version. They pair with just about any clothing, including anything you’re comfortably wearing as you sightsee.

We have a lot more information to share regarding the beret, how it can be worn, what to consider when purchasing one, and different outfits you can pair a beret with. By the time you’re done reading this article and all of its chapters, you’re going to be a beret expert. You’ll be buying different styles everywhere that you go.

How to wear a beret step by step

The unique style of the beret makes it fun to wear with a number of outfits, but you might be curious about exactly how to wear this accessory. This article is focused on the different things you should take into consideration when you’re placing a beret on top of your head.

From its placement to the angle that it’s tipped at, we’re about to cover it all. Your hairstyle, clothing choices, and so much more will affect your choice of beret and how you wear it.

It can be challenging to try something new out as part of your wardrobe. The beret isn’t something you commonly see people wear when you’re out and about. So you probably have questions about how it’s worn and how you can properly work it into your wardrobe. 

Let’s address these questions together so you can make the beret part of your regular rotation of items that you wear with your outfits to work or out with friends. It’s really a versatile accessory that you can wear in a lot of places.

The traditional tilt

The goal of wearing a beret is to make it look like it’s naturally on top of your head. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to mimic French style in a way that is funny or unrealistic. 

When it comes to the angle of a beret on your head, you’re probably aware that the hat needs to be tilted to some degree. This is actually how it was intended to be worn. First, place your beret on your head so that it’s symmetrical. 

This gives you an idea of what the beret will look like centered. It should be positioned slightly up your forehead and a couple of inches behind your ears. Then, tuck the brim under so that it will be held in place properly. Depending on the style of hat that you have, you may need to pull the fabric up a little bit so that it creates some volume.

Pull one side of your beret down a bit so there is a tilt that goes down towards your eyebrow. We recommend tilting your beret towards the side of your face that is your preferred side. 

Woman beret hat looking down

You know that side that you always choose if you’re going to have your photo taken. Play with the angle a little bit to see if you can find something that is comfortable and looks nice. The more you angle your hat, the more dramatic your look will be.

At the back

A beret can also be worn more towards the back of your head. In this case, you’ll find that the hat doesn’t necessarily stand out much to someone that is standing right in front of you. Rather, you’ll notice it more from the side or when someone is standing behind you. 

Nonetheless, wearing your beret towards the back can have a very subtle but unique style to it. It will look nice if you’re wearing your hair down or have your hair tied loosely in a low ponytail or bun.

Take some time to properly position your beret if you’re wearing it towards the back of your head. You don’t want it to be positioned so far back that it constantly slides off, but you don’t want to be pulling it further and further forward, either. 

For this look, a beret hat has a bit of give to it may allow you to stretch it where it’s needed to get the style just right. There’s nothing wrong with using some reinforcements to keep your beret in place. Women may want to use bobby pins to secure their hat to their hair.

On top of your head

Tilting your beret might not be something that you like, whether it be because it’s too dramatic or it just doesn’t feel comfortable. If this happens, opt for placing your beret right on the top of your head. The brim should sit approximately one inch above your eyebrows. 

You can raise it up higher if you have a big forehead that you’re trying to cover or you don’t want your hair to be completely taken over in the front. Spend some time trying different positions to see what you like the best.

The brim of your hat should be tucked under your beret, but you can also leave it looser so it has a puffier shape that resembles a balloon. Stiffer fabrics work well for this type of styling. 

When your beret is right atop your head, pull up at the top/center of the hat to see what different levels of volume look like. Smooth down different spots to play around with your look.

With short hair

There’s something very sophisticated and dramatic about wearing a beret with short hair. However, your hair length may affect how you’re able to wear your beret. You don’t want your hair to get stuck under a portion of your hat in a way that looks awkward or uncomfortable.

Woman smiling short hair
Source: Nick Night on Unsplash

The shorter your hair is, the less of an angle you may be able to play with on the side of your head. However, you may be able to keep your beret pretty angled if you tilt it more towards the back before tipping it to the side.

Short hair and a beret go hand in hand if you have bangs. This look is really pretty when you have a little bit of hair framing your forehead underneath your beret. Place your beret right on top of your head in the center. From there, tilt your beret slightly in different directions to see what feels comfortable but also what will look best.

With long hair

Long hair provides you with a lot of options in regard to wearing a beret. Because you don’t have to worry about your hair getting bent up at the ends and caught under the edges of your beret, you can play around with some pretty distinct angles. 

Start by wearing your hair down and place a simple, flat beret on top of your head. You’ll probably want to stick with a more subtle beret style. Adding too much volume to your head by way of your head accessory might look awkward when you have a lot of hair. Try moving your beret to different angles, seeing what you can achieve with your look.

Long hair and a beret can sometimes look too uniform. You can break up this look by wearing a beret that has some kind of embellishments or details on it. A large broach or flower can adorn a more decorative beret and cover your hair a bit. 

Try pulling your hair into a low ponytail or clipping it back a bit before putting on your beret. There is a multitude of ways that you can wear a hat like this when you have hair that extends past your shoulders.

With bangs

Wearing a beret with bangs usually works out quite well. A high forehead tends to look slightly awkward with a beret if you don’t have it angled nicely. Your bangs should be longer in length, and it helps if they have a soft fringe to them at the bottom. 

Try side sweeping your bangs to the side of the head that is opposite your beret’s tilt. You can also try tipping your beret back a little bit to show off some more of your bangs. 

You want to avoid wearing your beret too low on the forehead. Covering up too much of your bangs up front would result in just little, tight pieces of hair poking out from the band of your beret.

A beret looks really sleek if you have long bangs that will actually be pushed past your eyebrows. You may be able to achieve this look by letting your bangs grow out a bit, but you can also add some artificial length to your bangs by allowing your beret to push down on your hairline a bit. 

Pull out some other hair pieces around your face, creating a very framing look. This works better with shorter hair, but you may be able to bring some of your longer pieces of hair around your face as well. Try adding a little bit of curl to these pieces if you have the tools to do so.

With curly hair

While it might be one of the more challenging looks you go for while wearing a beret, you can successfully wear this type of headgear with curly hair. If you do it right, it’s a beautiful look. 

The goal is to make sure that your hair and beret are both styled correctly. Your curly hair should be loose and flowing around the sides of your face. You want to avoid pushing your hair back behind your ears. 

This would give off too tight of a look. If you have large curls, they can impede your ability to get a beret to stay on your head easily. You may need to think about the style of beret that you want to wear. Something with a looser fit may be optimal. Tight curls tend to stay in place a little better, so you shouldn’t be too limited with what you opt for in this regard.

You should avoid styling your curly hair in any way that pulls it back or up. This would likely create too much volume and shape that would cause your beret to fit strangely. Not to mention, the whole look might be uncomfortable and awkward.

With a High Forehead

Having a high forehead can make it challenging to wear a beret, let alone any hat. If you’ve been cursed with this feature, you don’t have to count yourself out from wearing a beret. 

You just need to make sure that you choose the right beret and that you have it positioned on your head perfectly. You can actually hide a good amount of your forehead by wearing a beret (or any headgear, for that matter). 

Try wearing your beret covering about half of your forehead. Tilt it to one side, covering up the top of your forehead. You may actually love this look and want to wear it more often.

With a casual outfit

A beret can be used to completely elevate a simple and casual look to something that has much more personality and style. Use a beret with something simple like jeans and a long-sleeve sweater. You don’t have to be wearing an elaborate or dressy outfit.

Woman sit posing white outfit
Source: Ben Iwara on Unsplash

In fact, allowing your beret to stand out a bit might be the best option. Just be careful about the beret that you purchase. Don’t buy anything that is too fancy or made from too sophisticated of a material. You want the look to complement what you’re wearing. 

Dressier clothing can be paired with higher quality materials on your head. Ultimately berets match with just about anything, it just comes down to the style of beret that you intend to use.

The information that we provided about wearing a beret should help you ensure that you’re wearing yours the right way, in a manner that will complement your appearance and the rest of your wardrobe. If you still have questions or are curious about the kinds of outfits that berets go with, read on to find out more. 

We’re going to be talking about what to wear with a beret and the different outfit ideas that we’d love to share with you so you can stand out from the crowd.

What to wear with a beret

Welcome to chapter three, where we will talk about the different articles of clothing that you can wear when you’re looking to use a beret as an accessory. We’ll cover information for both men and women, with specific outfit ideas that you may want to try once you’ve chosen a beret to add to your own wardrobe.

A lot of people are scared to wear a beret because they think they’re going to look silly. In fact, this is a very simple accessory that pairs well with a lot of different looks. We encourage you to choose a beret based on your personal style preferences. From there, we’ll help you come up with some different looks that will really complement your beret.

Outfit ideas for men

The beret is essentially a unisex hat that can be worn by both men and women with ease. In this section, we’re going to be looking at outfit ideas for men specifically. Some of these looks are more professional, while others are on the casual spectrum. You should have no problem finding something that is appropriate for where you’re headed.

Tee + jeans + beret hat

If you’re just going to be going out for a quick lunch with friends or plan on stopping by your favorite bar for a drink, you’re probably dressing casually. You can still wear a beret to elevate your look. 

Pair a great pair of jeans with a simple V-neck or crew neck t-shirt. Your beret should be made of a softer, more casual material like wool or something canvas-like. Stay away from anything too formal looking with this look.

Button-down shirt + sweater + beret hat

Elevate your look with a crisp button-down shirt, topped off with a sweater. When you’re going to be wearing a beret with this look, we recommend a V-neck sweater or a cardigan. 

This is the perfect mixture of casual and dressy, and your beret will make a big difference in your entire look. Try to match your sweater to your beret, so you have a coordinated look overall.

Leather jacket + scarf + beret hat

A beret can often create a soft look to your outfit, but you can also choose to wear something that will give your look a little more edge. Pair your favorite pair of denim jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket. 

Coordinate your beret and a scarf to match one another. Keep your shoes simple, possibly sticking with a simple pair of dress shoes or boots in the same color as your hat and scarf.

Suit + Beret

This look is very clean-cut and simple, but the beret adds a certain degree of style that helps you stand out a bit. Wear a matching suit consisting of dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a suit coat. 

You can also wear a vest that matches your suit if you’d like. Wear a beret on your head that is a complementary color to your suit, but you can opt for a pop of color to give off a slightly more dramatic vibe.

All Black Look

For a monochromatic style idea, pair an all-black outfit with a black beret. You can choose something formal like black dress pants and a black button-down shirt, or you can wear black jeans and a black t-shirt. It’s a very artistic appearance. We would skip accessories for the most part with this look. Its simplicity speaks for itself.

Slacks + Turtleneck + Beret

Man blue outfit hat camera hand
Source: Prince Akachi on Unsplash

Your favorite pair of slacks should be clean and pressed with a crease in them so they look as neat as possible. In chilly weather, opt for a thick and chunky turtleneck in a shade of brown, black, or navy blue. Match your beret to the color of your shirt. Accessories should be kept minimal with this look. A nice watch or longer chain will suffice.

Khakis + Dress Shirt + Leather Jacket + Beret

Start this look out with a simple and basic pair of khaki pants that fit your body type well. Tuck a dress shirt into your khakis. Opt for something light but with a little bit of color, for example, light blue or light green. 

On top, a brown or black leather jacket will match with the same color shoes and belt. Your beret should match the color of your shoes or belt. If you really want to elevate your look, throw on a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Jeans + Hooded Sweatshirt + Boots + Beret

Keep your beret outfit casual with a distressed pair of jeans, a basic t-shirt, and a zipped hooded sweatshirt on top. Making the outfit look a little more formal, boots should be your footwear choice. Opt for a casual beret that you can tip slightly towards the side or the back of your head.

Dress Pants + Polo + Plaid Suit Coat

The bottom half of this outfit should be relatively neutral, so start with a basic pair of slacks in the shade of navy blue or gray. On top, select a polo shirt that will have a little bit of color in it that you’ll find in the plaid suit coat that you’re going to wear over it. A great shoe choice would be a smart loafer. Your beret will look nice if it matches the color of your pants or the hue of your jacket.

Skinny Jeans + Fitted Long-Sleeve Shirt

Ultra-chic and casual are the concepts of this outfit, thanks to a pair of skinny jeans combined with a fitted, long-sleeve shirt. It’s up to you how dressy of a shirt you want to wear. A basic long-sleeve t-shirt is perfectly acceptable, or opt for a thermal shirt or something similar. This outfit allows your beret to stand out as your main accessory.

Outfit ideas for women

Females have a lot of wardrobe options available to them when they want to work a beret into their outfit. They also have jewelry and makeup at their disposal to transform an outfit into something so much more. 

You can combine different clothing items to see what works with the beret that you’re trying to wear. From dressy attire to something very laid back and casual, let’s take a look at some outfit ideas for women that incorporate the beret.

Blouse + sweater + red lipstick + beret hat

The perfect look for work or going out, a pretty blouse can be topped with a cardigan sweater or V-neck sweater. If the weather is a little warmer outside, wear a sleeveless blouse with a light sweater over it that you can remove if you get warm. 

You can choose something heavier with a chunkier sweater if it’s fall or winter. Your beret will make a bold statement with a bold, red lip as your main makeup option. For your shoes, a simple pair of flats or a basic pair of black heels will suffice.

Skirt + heels + beret hat

While skirts come in many lengths and styles, opt for a simple, black pencil skirt. On top, pick something that is slender and fitted. A ruffled blouse or button-down shirt are great options. 

To elongate the look further, put on a pair of black heels or heels that will match the color of your shirt. Your beret will look nice with hair that is worn long down and has loose waves in it.

Leather jacket + tee + beret hat

Woman open arms leather jacket
Source: Tyler Richardson on Unsplash

Achieve an edgy look with a pair of skinny jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a short leather jacket that has a fitted appearance. Your beret hat will complement this look if you tip it slightly to the side. Your shoe selection can be athletic sneakers, boots, sandals, etc. Just don’t choose anything too formal.

Basic Black Dress + Flats + Beret

Grab the basic black dress that’s in your closet for special occasions and put on a simple pair of ballet flats. If the weather outside is cool and you need a bit more coverage, pull on a pair of thick, black tights. A soft beret hat also in black will blend into the outfit while still bringing everything together in a cohesive style.

Skinny Jeans + White Blouse + Red Beret + Red Lip

Your perfect pair of skinny jeans with distressing will get a dressed-up look with a ruffled white blouse. To add a pop of color, incorporate a red beret and a bold red lip. If you really want to bring everything together, put on a pair of red flats or heels. It’s a simple look that’s still very bold and expressive.

Wool Sweater + Wool Scarf + Wool Beret

A soft and comfortable look for winter, pair a simple wool sweater with a matching scarf and beret made from the same materials. You can keep your look coordinated by choosing the same color for all three of these items. Play around with different prints and colors if you feel adventurous. This look goes well with jeans, a skirt, or slacks.

Button-Down Blouse + Leather Skirt + Heels + Beret

This look is optimal for anything from work to a night out with your girlfriends. A short leather skirt can be combined with a simple button-down blouse and heels. Add in a beret in a bold color that will make your look pop. 

Match your lip to your beret if you’d like but keep the rest of your makeup simple. Accessories should also be simple. Opt for a basic pair of earrings, your favorite necklace, and maybe a nice watch.

Black Leggings + Oversized Sweater + Long Jacket + Beret

A thick pair of leggings looks sleek with an oversized sweater topped by a long jacket. High-heeled boots and a matching beret is the perfect cozy winter outfit for work or your social life. 

You can add in a long pair of dangling earrings or some bangle bracelets if you’re in need of some additional accessories. 

Make sure that you choose a good quality pair of leggings for this outfit. They should be thick and not be see-through at all. A pair of black jeggings is also an option.

Crop Pants + Turtleneck + Flats + Beret

Crop pants are such a versatile bottom option that looks great with a pair of ballet flats. You can wear crops with just about any shirt, but for this look, we’re going to be focusing on the turtleneck. 

Skip the oversized look when you’re wearing slender pants, and choose something that is fitted. Your beret should be made of a similar fabric to your turtleneck, and go for a pop of color. If you have longer hair, play around with a loose bun or a side ponytail with loose curls.

Boat Neck Sweater + Leather Beret

For a very European look, a boat neck sweater can be paired with a very sophisticated leather beret. For pants, choose jeans if you’re going somewhere casual. Dress pants or a skirt can be used for work. 

Boat neck sweaters look nice when you’re wearing a nice pair of simple earrings and a necklace. You don’t have to do anything overly elaborate with your makeup, and hair should be kept simple. A straight bob cut complements this look.

Now that we’ve covered many different options for wearing a beret look at the different articles of clothing that you have in your closet right now. Since a beret is so flexible, you probably have plenty of outfits that will pair nicely with the investment of the beret. Let us know what beret you decided to purchase, and we’d love to hear what your favorite outfit is.


Have you learned something new about the beret? Hopefully, we’ve interested you in this unique item that actually goes nicely with a lot of different articles of clothing and styles. Don’t be afraid to pick one up yourself to see what kind of unique look you can come up with using a beret hat. 

Let us know in the comments below how you like to wear your beret. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family so they, too, can share in your wealth of knowledge.

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