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Tommy Hilfiger

Preppy and classic American style.

Armani men faverie

Armani Exchange

Elegance and simplicity.

Hackett men faverie


Heritage and iconic British design.

New Arrivals

Men shoes faverie


A great pair of shoes to complete any outfit.

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Suits & Blazers

Suit up, blazer up, style up.

Summer is finally here!

Get ready with our fresh Summer Essentials! It’s time to renew your wardrove and we’ve got you covered

Summer faverie men

Most Wanted

Levis men faverie


Iconic, classic, denim.

Calvin klein men faverie

Calvin Klein

Minimalist, comfortable, casual chic.

Ralph lauren men faverie

Ralph Lauren

Sophisticated, aspirational, timeless.

Men coats jackets faverie

Jackets & Coats

Cardigans, leather jackets, peacoats, shearlings, and more. 

Men shirts faverie


Any style, color, or material, find the perfect shirt for you.

Editor’s Favorites

Dress with style men faverie

Feel Confident, Dress with Style

Looking for something casual? Take a look at our polos, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and more.

Adidas men faverie


Performance and innovation.

Reebok men faverie


Modern and trendy.

K way men faverie


Practical and functional Parisian design.

Activewear Favorites

Men polos t shirts faverie

Polos & T-Shirts

T-shirts, polos, v-neck… An item for any occasion.

Men jeans pants faverie

Jeans & Pants

Classic, chino, denim, trousers, and more.

Fall is Coming Up!

Welcome the lovely Autumn with the perfect wardrobe.
Enjoy up to 75% off on more than 5,000 items.

Fall men faverie

Winter Choices

Karl lagerfeld men faverie

Karl Lagerfeld

Parisian-inspired styles with rock-chic ease.

Orient men faverie


Craftsmanship, precision, and beauty.

Piquadro men faverie


Functional, reliable, and original.

Men accessories faverie


Belts, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, ties, wallets, and more.

Men watches faverie


The best addition to any outfit.

Accessories Favorites

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    39 Casual Dinner Outfits – Tips for the best Casual Date

    Think of the last five restaurants you sat down and ate in. If you are like most people, there are several casual restaurants on that list. It does not matter if you are going with friends, meeting someone new, or taking your spouse out to eat; it is vital to look sharp.

    This post will define what you should wear when headed to a casual restaurant. Then, we will provide you with over 20 outfit ideas for men and women. After learning about these ideas, you can easily create fabulous outfits.

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    How to get Oil Stains out of Clothes: Tips, Tricks and Tools

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    Since every oil has a different composition, you’ll need different products and techniques to eliminate stains. Luckily, when you get started as soon as possible, you’ll remove the oil stain and go back to wearing your favorite shirt again.

  • 60+ different types of dresses: a to z of dress styles 2022

    60+ Different Types of Dresses: A to Z of Dress Styles 2022

    A dress is a classic clothing option that provides you with a lot of beauty and versatility. With the large number of types of dresses that are available in fashion right now, there’s something for each and every event, personality, and body type.

    When you’re choosing a dress, there is a lot to consider. In the coming chapters, we will take a look at different types of dresses, the history of dresses, what you should think about when trying to pick the perfect dress and different outfit combinations that use dresses as their main focal point.

  • How to style curtain bangs – definitive guide & 2022 trends

    How to Style Curtain Bangs – Definitive Guide & 2022 Trends

    Many people are surprised to learn that the same woman who introduced French women to the bikini also was the first to wear curtain bangs. While French women found the trend revolting and part of a youthful revolution that they wanted no part of, soon curtain bangs made their way to America, where they quickly became a favorite way to style bangs.

    Even though that was about 75 years ago, many women still adore their curtain bangs. Come along as we explore these bangs, what it takes to maintain them, and help you decide if they are an ideal choice for you. While they are an excellent choice for many women, including many stars, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of curtain bangs.

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    47+ Sweater Outfits & Sweater Combinations – Outfit Ideas

    Sweater outfits are some of my favorite apparel. While I am not a huge fan of bitter cold, I love sweater weather when it is so comfortable to spend time outside. You can easily extend that time by wearing a sweater.

    Another thing that I love is giving presents. You can think about this post as my surprise present to you. After a brief discussion of what a sweater is, we will start unpacking the present by looking at many different sweater outfits. You will find four main parts to this present with lots of helpful information about them, so be sure you read to the very end.

  • 50’s fashion for women & men – style guide, icons & outfits

    50’s Fashion for Women & Men – Style Guide, Icons & Outfits

    Such an inspiring period of fashion, the 1950s brought exciting trends like tailored dresses with full skirts, large overcoats with fur trim, polka dot prints, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, padded suit coats, double-breasted suits, and much more. We still see many nods to 50s fashion today.

    In this article, we’re going to take a close look at fashion in the 1950s. We’ll talk about the history of fashion during this decade, what women were wearing, what men wore, outfit ideas as well as different 50s fashion icons. When you’re done reading, you’ll feel like you’re an expert.

  • How to get sweat stains out of shirts | step-by-step guide

    How to get sweat stains out of shirts | Step-by-step Guide

    Have you ever put on one of your favorite shirts only to realize that there are sweat stains on the underarms? This is embarrassing if you didn’t take note of the situation before you left the house. Still, it’s also irritating when some of your favorite articles of clothing are potentially ruined by something as normal as sweating.

    If you read the following chapters, you’ll notice that we have a number of ways that you can learn how to get sweat stains out of shirts. We’ll also talk about why this occurs and what you can do to prevent it. Say goodbye to those annoying sweat stains for good!

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    All Types of Sneakers: Styles & Best Famous Brands [2022]

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    I will also tell you how to make a fashion statement with sneakers. You will find ideas of what to pair with sneakers when you want to hang out and what to pair with them when formalwear is required.

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