How to wear a bucket hat

How to wear a bucket hat

While the bucket hat started as a humble creation designed for the practical purpose of keeping anglers’ heads dry, it has become a fashion statement. The idea of wearing a bucket hat is one that you will want to embrace, but if you are unsure exactly how to do that and not look like Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island, then this post is for you.

I will teach you a little more about their history, including how militaries worldwide have worn them, before discussing the different types and how to decide which ones you want in your wardrobe and how to wear bucket hats.

Finally, I will suggest many ways to wear bucket hats. They are stylish hats that men and women can wear with many casual outfits. Come along as we learn more about bucket hats.

Let’s get started!

Chapter 1: The bucket hat

If you have ever watched “Gilligan’s Island,” you have probably seen Gilligan wearing a bucket hat. These hats, introduced in the early 1900s, have been worn by many people ranging from fishermen to movie stars. These hats are extremely functional, so they have been issued to soldiers worldwide.

In this chapter, we will define bucket hats and take a quick peek at their history. Then, we will start examining the question if you and your friends should wear bucket hats.

What is a bucket hat?

The bucket hat is a functional piece of headwear with a downward-sloping brim. It is usually made from durable material. Some options have eyelets in their main body to help with ventilation. These hats are often machine washable, and some are reversible. This hat that started as a very functional hat remains a popular choice.

Source: Emrecan Arik on Unsplash

While I will have a little more to say about it shortly, bucket hats commercial anglers who often fished in Ireland in crappy weather invented the first bucket hats. These wool hats were very functional because the underside of the wool was naturally water-repellent.

You can find these durable hats made from many different fabrics. Manufacturers still make stylish options out of wool. Today, you are more likely to see them made from canvas or another heavy cotton fabric.

While some people resist wearing hats because their head gets too hot, that is not a problem with bucket hats. Most options have eyelets in their main body. Therefore, the air can circulate inside of them. This is a super benefit if you want to wear a hat on a hot day.

This hat is a popular choice worldwide. For example, they are a prevalent choice in South Africa, where it is called the “ispoti,” which is often worn by hip-hoppers performing in local parks.

These street musicians throw their ispotis in the air, twirl them and use them to perform other tricks. Each area has a regional pattern, so it is easy to tell where a performer is from by looking at their bucket hat.

They are also a popular accessory in Denmark, where they are known as the bully hat or “bøllehat.” Each Sunday, a group of men gathers in a nearby park and head to dance halls wearing bully hats to steal women’s hats.

Bucket hats are also popular in Tanzania, where young people, particularly between the ages of 19 and 24, wear them. They often pull them down to hide their identity. These youth often choose bucket hats as they yearn for a simpler time, like those described by their parents.

History & origins of the bucket hat

The bucket hat first appeared around 1900 in Ireland. This wool hat was very functional as it was waterproofed and kept the head of commercial fishermen dry. Just like today, the hat could easily be folded and tucked away in a pocket. It had a wide brim, which helped protect faces from the sun and rain.

When the Israeli army was fighting in World War II, they adapted the design to meet the need for protection in the desert. They made two significant changes to the hat’s design. First, they changed the hat’s fabric from wool to cotton. Likewise, they added ventilation to the top of the hat to keep soldiers cooler.

Soon, troops from Australia were wearing their own modification of the bucket hat, which they called the giggle hat. Unlike those worn by Australian soldiers, these hats had a short main part and a very short brim, giving them a comical appearance.

Officials with the United States Army saw the hat, and they further modified its design to create the Daisy Mae hat. These hats that troops wore were first issued in 1937, had a wide brim, and were initially made of denim. By the time the war was over, the U.S. military had switched to using herringbone twill fabric.

Bonnie hats were another modification to the bucket hat. These hats were very useful during the Vietnam War as they were better suited to the jungle environment. The United States Special Forces were the first to wear them, and commanders could choose between leopard spot and tiger stripe hats for their troops.

It was also easy for troops to attach an insect net to the front of their bucket hats to help protect them against malaria-carrying mosquitos.

The transition from military uniform to fashion statement occurred in the 1960s as part of the Mod movement. This British movement set the stage for the hats worn by television and big screen characters, including Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island and Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series.

Hip hoppers started embracing the hats in the late 1970s. The first to wear one while performing was Big Bank Hank of Sugar Hill Gang, who wore one during a 1979 “Rapper’s Delight” performance on the TV show “Soap Factory.” Soon, other hip-hop artists started wearing them, including Run-DMC, who wore them in 1984, and LL Cool J in 1985.

Are bucket hats in style?

While bucket hats have never totally disappeared from the fashion scene since their introduction in the 1960s, they have become prevalent since 2020. Many, especially those returning to 1990s and Y2k fashion, widely embraced this trend. One must only look at the top fashion houses producing bucket hats to realize that these hats are not going away.

Source: Etty Fidele on Unsplash

For example, Gucci has produced numerous bucket hats. The stitches on these hats are seamless. If you look at the inside of the hat, you will see the Gucci label, which appears embroidery-like.

Prada has also produced bucket hats. Their line of bucket hats is particularly popular, made from recycled plastics collected from the world’s beaches and textile mills. These hats are a great way to help save their environment while looking fashionable.

Loewe has also made fashionable bucket hats. Many of their choices are canvas with leather trimmings. Available for men and women, many of their hats are burnt orange.

Of course, when major companies are making bucket hats, smaller companies are making them. Therefore, you can find a variety of stylish bucket hats on the market at all price points.

While I will have more to say on the subject later, these hats are also available in various designs. Therefore, they are perfect for wearing with many looks in your wardrobe, from black suits to beachwear. There are many ways to style bucket hats, so you can easily choose options that fit your face and personality.

Do bucket hats look good on everyone?

Yes, bucket hats look great on everyone, depending on the hat and the way that it is styled. These hats are usually worn with casual outfits, but they have been spotted at fashion shows with black suits. They are still a favorite of hip-hop artists and others in the alternative music scene.

The trick is to pick the right bucket hat and wear it in a way that is consistent with your body’s shape. If you carry a few extra pounds, select a bucket hat with a wide brim, or it will make your head look disproportionately small. You will want to wear the hat pulled down slightly in the front or cocked to one side.

If you are short, choose a bucket hat with a lot of contrast to it, as it will help you look taller. Instead of pulling the brim down towards your face, pull it up gently in the front. Consider wearing the hat a little tilted to one side or the other. This will help create the perception that you are taller. Bucket hats with medium or low crowns work best for you.

If you are slim, especially if you are taller than average, choose a bucket hat that has a short crown and a wide brim. One with an interesting contrast just above the brim is an ideal choice. This helps create an imaginary line for the viewer at the top of your head, making you appear a little wider.

While I will go into more detail in a little bit, you will also want to consider the shape of your face when choosing and wearing a bucket hat, so be sure to keep reading to learn more details.

When to wear a bucket hat?

While bucket hats have been spotted being worn with black suits, most people are going to want to wear them with their casual outfits. While they are an ideal way to keep the sun out of your eyes during the summer, they are also a perfect choice to wear with layers in the winter.


As I have already mentioned, bucket hats are ideal for wearing when you want to give a Y2K vibe to your outfit. Consider wearing a double-denim outfit with a white tee and giving your outfit a pop of color by wearing a bucket hat. Think about wearing your metallic summer sandals with this outfit.

A bucket hat is also the perfect addition to a hip-hop outfit. Choose your baggy pants and a loose-fitting tee. If the weather is cooler, select a leather jacket to wear with your outfit. Then, top your head with a bucket hat. One that pulls down low is an ideal choice. Your work boots are a fantastic footwear choice.

You can also easily create a kidcore aesthetic with a bucket hat by picking one in a bright color. Your denim short overalls worn over a bright primary-color t-shirt with a bucket hat are an ideal choice. You will want to wear your canvas sneakers with this outfit.

These ideas are designed to help you start thinking in the right direction, but I will have more specifics to add in a little while.

The bucket hat may have had humble beginnings, but you can wear it in many fashionable ways. Therefore, you will want to learn more about this trend that is not going away. In the next chapter, we will dive deeper into the different types of bucket hats, so please keep reading.

Chapter 2: Types of bucket hats

One of the reasons that bucket hats are extremely popular with men and women is that there are so many types. Therefore, it is easy to wear them in many outfits, but I will have more to say about that in a little bit. In this chapter, I will focus on showing you many styles of bucket hats.

My friend called me the other day. She was headed to a picnic and wanted to know what type of bucket hat she should wear. After discussing the many possibilities, she chose a floral one for her springtime picnic.

Not a second went by after we finished our chat, and there was a knock at the door. Another dear friend wanted to know if she could borrow my black bucket hat for the weekend as she was going to a music festival.

Then, I decided I was going out to dinner with some friends, and I chose to wear another bucket hat. While there are many types of hats, I think bucket hats are some of the most versatile. Let’s learn more.

Classic bucket hat

The classic bucket hat has a wide brim, making it ideal for wearing to any outdoor activity because of the sun protection it provides. It also has a soft crown, so it feels great when you put it on.

The combination also allows you to easily pull it down to hide your face more or to one side. These hats are available in many colors, but neutrals, especially khaki, are popular because they go with so many outfits.

Often, these hats have a very narrow piece of ribbon or another decoration clear around the hat where the brim and crown meet.

Sportswear bucket hat

Manufacturers prewash the fabric before making sportswear bucket hats to give them a laid-back vibe. These hats are often made of lightweight cotton twill, so they will not slow you down, regardless of your chosen activity.


These hats usually have a wider brim than found on a classical bucket hat, so they offer better protection against the sun. Some come with ties so you can securely fasten them to your head. Therefore, it will not fall off regardless of the position you put your body in while participating in your favorite sports.

Packable bucket hat

One of the reasons that many people love bucket hats is that they are so packable. Therefore, whatever life throws your way, you are ready because you can pull your bucket hat out of your pocket or bag.

These hats often come with various printed designs, so dirt is less likely to be noticed. If life unexpectedly takes you outdoors, their wide brim helps protect you from the sun’s scorching rays while helping you stay cooler.

Rolling up a bucket hat is extremely simple because most will fold flat. Then, you can fold and roll them to fit in an incredibly tiny space.

Canvas bucket hat

A canvas bucket hat is a durable option that can have different textures. If the main texture in your outfit is rougher, match it with a rough-textured canvas bucket hat, but if it is smoother, wear one with a finer texture.

You can find canvas bucket hats in many different colors. Consider the color of your outfit and choose one in a color that will not clash with it. One in a split complementary color to your outfit’s primary color can be a great option.

You could also choose a neutral option, especially if you want to limit the number of bucket hats in your collection, as they will go with anything.

Cotton bucket hat

Like cotton dress shirts, cotton bucket hats can be made of different thicknesses. Choose a thicker one in the winter to help keep your head warm and a thinner one in the summer to stay cooler. These hats can be of various colors.

One way to choose the perfect shade of cotton bucket hat to wear is to think about the season. Pastel options are excellent for the spring, while warm colors are ideal for summer.

Once fall arrives, you can go with browns, deep reds, and oranges. Winter is the perfect time to put holiday cheer into your wardrobe by wearing a Christmas red or green one.

Reversible bucket hat

A reversible bucket hat is an ideal option. You can opt for choices that are solid on both sides or options printed on one side. When choosing a reversible bucket hat, consider that the underside of the brim is likely to show, and pick one where the two sides look great together.

For example, you might consider one that has a split complementary color on the reverse side. These hats are outstanding options when heading to a two-day musical festival because you can simply flip the hat to the other side on the second day to create a different look.

Wool bucket hat

As I shared earlier, anglers wore the first bucket hats, and they were made from wool. You can still find terrific wool bucket hats, but today, most are made from felted wool. These options usually hold their shape a little better than those made from cotton.

Therefore, they usually look a little more stylish. Consider these options with business casual and semi-formal dress codes, as they are the ideal hat to give your outfit a polished appearance. Many wool bucket hats have a stiffer brim, so it is easier to tweak them to your liking.

Floral bucket hat

Add a whimsical touch to your outfit with a floral bucket hat. You can find options with large flowers on them and other options with smaller flowers. If you are a larger person, consider choices with smaller flowers that seem to break into a million pieces when the viewer gets closer so that you do not look even bigger.


I change out my floral bucket hats throughout the year, depending on what flowers are blooming at the time. For example, I love to wear my wildflower hat in the springtime and my sunflower hat in the summer. I also have one that looks like it has mums on it that I wear in the fall.

Wide-brimmed bucket hat

If you burn instead of tan, a wide-brimmed bucket hat is a great choice when going outside. These hats are also a great option when driving and the sun is getting in your eyes. They are an excellent option for anyone who suffers from getting hot quickly as the wide brim helps to provide shade to keep you cooler.

Wide-brimmed bucket hats are also ideal if you like to pull your hat down to conceal your identity because there is more hat to pull down. They can also be a great option if you want to turn up the brim on your bucket hat.

Short-brimmed bucket hat

A short-brimmed bucket hat is ideal for people who do not want a lot of brim covering their faces. These brims are great for turning up in the front as they help draw attention to your facial features. These hats come in a variety of solid colors and patterns.

You may want to consider those like the military used if you love to be outdoors, as they will help camouflage you. Options lined in leather are ideal for a night of clubbing fun with your leather skirt or pants. You may also want to add them to your wardrobe in different colors so that you can use them to add a pop of color to many outfits.

Faux-fur bucket hat

A faux-fur bucket hat is an excellent option for colder months. Unlike summer options with ventilation built into them, these hats help trap heat from our heads so that you will stay warmer.

You can find these hats made from many faux furs, including mink, chinchilla, sable, lynx, beaver, ermine, marten, and leopard, so that you can have fun putting different looks together.

You can also find terrific options with different length piles, so you can choose the one that is right for you. The longer the pile, the shaggier the cap will look. In many cases, bucket hats with longer piles are also warmer.

Fleece bucket hat

Fleece bucket hats are another terrific wintertime option. Sherpa, microfleece, and plush fleece are incredibly soft, so hats made from these materials feel great against your head. Especially if you plan on carrying your bucket hat often in the winter so that you can put it on if the weather turns bitter, consider options that will not pill.

If you are not sure about wearing a fleece hat, consider a bonded fleece one. These hats that are often reversible have a different fabric bonded to one side. Then, you can choose the side that will look fabulous with your outfit.

Bucket rain hat

A bucket rain hat is an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you are the type of person that a bit of rain does not slow down. The brim on these hats will help stop the rest of your clothes from becoming soggy.

Opting for one with a wide brim allows you to pull it down to provide even more protection for your face. These hats can also be a fantastic choice to wear to water parks and other water activities, such as kayaking and canoeing, as they will dry quickly. You can even find options that will float.

Patchwork flannel bucket hat

There are many colorful patchwork flannel bucket hats available. These hats offer all the advantages of flannel that I have already discussed, plus more. If you are taller, consider options with a colorful band around the crown, as it will make you appear a little shorter.

Alternatively, if you are slender, opting for one with a bigger pattern can help you appear a little wider. You may also want to opt for colors matching those in your current wardrobe or go with different colors throughout the year. These hats are available in various printed designs, so it is easy to choose one that allows you to display your interests.

Checked bucket hat

When choosing a checked bucket hat, think about the different types of checks. Give your outfit a Scottish flair by choosing a tartan pattern, or embrace the stark contrast between black and white with a glen plaid bucket hat. A houndstooth bucket hat has a more formal appearance.

You may also want to consider a checkered-board pattern, and you can find them in various colors. A small print gingham pattern will make you look a little wider. Embrace an old-fashion flair by wearing a buffalo check bucket hat. One of my favorites is a white windowpane bucket hat because it is a great way to lighten up the colors of an outfit.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the different types of bucket hats. In the next chapter, I will share details about how to wear a bucket hat based on your face’s shape, so be sure to keep reading.

Chapter 3: How to wear a bucket hat based on your face shape

While everyone can wear bucket hats, not every hat is suitable for every person. Like many items of clothing, some types look better on particular individuals than others. When it comes to bucket hats, the ones that look best on you will depend on your face’s shape for the most part.

Furthermore, once you decide on what bucket hat you want to wear, you need to style it based on the shape of your face. Keeping both factors in mind can be tricky, but the advice in this chapter can help you.

I was having coffee the other day with two of my best friends. It just so happens that we all were wearing bucket hats. Mind you, that was unique because no one had sent out a memo saying, wear your bucket hat when we meet for coffee.

As I sat there listening to the conversation, I got to thinking about the shape of our faces. Mary has a very round face. In fact, you could use it as a template to draw a circle. Therefore, she chose a bucket hat that elongated her face.

Alternatively, Marty has a square face and looks terrific in his short-brim bucket hat. I had chosen my black leather-trimmed bucket hat and felt terrific wearing it.

Bucket hats often make terrific presents that your friends will love to wear. When choosing a bucket hat to give as a gift, you should consider their face’s shape before making your final selection.

Round face shape

If your friend has a round face, the width and length of your face are about equal. They have soft facial features, such as a rounded jawline, which is approximately the same width as your jawline.

The cheeks are probably the widest part of your face. People with round face shapes tend to look younger than their age and may also appear more heavyset.

When choosing a bucket hat, opt for one with a high crown as it will help to elongate your face. Hats with short brims will look better. Select options where the brim can be turned up. Wearing the hat off to one side can also help.

Since your face tends to make you look heavier than the scale says, opt for choices with vertical stripes as they will help balance your look. You will want to avoid any options with large patterns because they will make you look even heavier.

Square face shape

People with square face shapes have very few curves on their faces. Their jaw, cheeks, and forehead are equally broad, and the jawline is very angular. These individuals usually appear studious even when they are having fun.


When selecting bucket hats for them, choose options making the face look softer and rounder. Bucket hats with wide brims help to soften the lines. Alternatively, those with floppy brims can also be an ideal choice because it adds some curvy lines near the face.

Another terrific option is hats with a contrasting line around the bottom of the crown because it can also add some curve to your friend’s appearance. While this line can be a contrasting color on the hat, it can also be a ribbon that comes with the hat or that you add before giving the bucket hat to your friend.

Diamond face shape

If you have a friend with a diamond face shape, then they are a unique creation because it is the rarest face shape. They have a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin. They are likely to have high cheekbones that look very dramatic, and these bones are the widest part of their face.

Pushing a bucket hat towards the back of their head can be a terrific option as it helps to offset their pointed chin. Wearing it pushed back a little helps make their forehead appear bigger.

A bucket hat with a rounded brim about medium width is the best option because it helps balance out their wide cheekbones. While they can be harder to find, one that has a pinched crown gives them the option of wearing the hat a little more forward while still balancing out their unique chin.

Heart face shape

If your friend has a broad forehead, they probably have a heart-shaped face. Their cheekbones are also wide, but they have a slender jawline. Their face looks round, except that their forehead is too tall for it to be a complete circle, so it is more of an oblong shape.

Since the forehead is the widest part of the heart-shaped face, choosing one that can be pulled down over part of the forehead can be a great option as it helps to eliminate some of the height.

Another fantastic choice is one that has a flatter crown, and wearing one with a larger crown will only make the forehead look even bigger. Bucket hats with a short brim are an excellent choice because they do not draw attention upward, so your friend can dress to focus on the strongest part of her body.

Oval face shape

If your friend has an oval face shape, their face is longer than wide. They may have a prominent forehead and chin. Often, their facial features are very soft.

Like the friend with a heart-shaped face, bucket hats that can be pulled down over part of the forehead are a great option because they help to make the head appear more balanced.

Options with a medium-wide brim are fantastic because they help make facial features stand out more. Options with some flop or curve to the brim can draw the viewer’s attention upwards.

Choose short to medium crown choices because those with large crowns may make the head look even longer. Alternatively, options that can be pushed back on the head, especially to one side, can add definition to this friend’s facial features.

You will want to avoid buying a bucket hat with an extremely short brim for your friend because it will not help draw attention to their facial features.

Rectangular face shape

A rectangular face is a long face with square edges. Like the oval face, these faces are longer than they are wide. This friend likely has a prominent high forehead.

Many of the same bucket hats that look great on oval faces also look superb on rectangular faces. The difference is that bucket hats with rounded crowns can help balance their look.

You will want to avoid buying options with extremely tall crowns because it will make their face look even longer. Choices with round crowns or brims can help soften the squareness of their face.

People with rectangular faces look great in all brim widths, but they should avoid turning the brim upward as it will make their face look even longer.

I hope you have enjoyed learning which bucket hats look terrific on different face shapes. In the next chapter, we will discuss how to wear bucket hats with different hairstyles. Keep reading to find out more.

Chapter 4: How to wear a bucket hat based on your hair

You may wonder if you can wear a bucket hat because of how you wear your hair. For example, you may question whether you can wear a bucket hat with short or long hair.

What’s more, you may query if you can wear a bucket hat if you frequently wear ponytails, braids, or buns. The answer is a resounding yes, but consider these tips before putting on a bucket hat.

While I have already discussed the fact that you should pick out a bucket hat that does not clash with your outfit, some colors of hats look better with particular hair colors than other choices.

If your hair is white or extremely light blonde, you will probably look better in black and other dark-colored hats because it creates more contrast. Depending on your outfit, red can also be a terrific choice.

Alternatively, green and other bold can be a fantastic choice if your hair is red. Of course, black is always a safe option. Gray-colored hats look amazing on people with dark-colored hair.

Curly hair

If you have curly hair, it is easy to style a bucket hat. Start by putting the hat on your head. Follow the tips in the last chapter when choosing a bucket hat and place it on your head according to your face’s shape.

Then, use your fingers to move all your curly hair up into the hat’s crown. Putting all your hair into your hat is an excellent option in cooler weather, especially if it is snowing or raining. You can also opt to leave some of your curly locks hanging down if the weather is more pleasant.

Short hair

Before styling short hair with a bucket hat, it is essential to choose the right hat. One that stays closer to your head without a floppy brim is a great choice because larger hats can overpower your hair. Then, put the hat on your head.

Again, use the tips in the last chapter to position the hat on your head based on your face’s shape. Push all your hair up into the hat’s crown. Then, use your fingers to pull a few pieces down until you love the look. If your hair is thin and short, you may need to use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Long hair

One of the tricks to wearing a bucket hat if you have long hair is to buy one that is big enough for your head. Do not try to scrunch all your hair under a hat that is too small. As with other hair types, put the hat on your head based on your face’s shape.


You can choose to wear a high ponytail if you want to hold most of your underneath the hat’s crown, or you can opt to wear your hair down and wear it flowing from underneath the bucket hat. If you have bangs, pull them down from underneath the hat’s sides if you have bangs.


Flat braids, like French and Dutch options, look perfect when worn with a bucket hat. When braiding your hair, it is best to start high on the sides of your head and concentrate on keeping the braids as flat as possible.

Alternatively, start braiding your hair just below the hat’s crown and let it hang down your back. Especially if you have thick hair, make sure to pick a bucket hat that is big enough for your hair. Choosing a hat that contrasts with your hair’s color will help to showcase your braid and the hat.

Ponytails and buns

Instead of wearing your hair in a ponytail, consider wearing two pigtails. Create them on either side of your head and let them hang out from underneath your hat. This helps to eliminate the bulk that can be hard to cover with any hat.

If you are going to wear a ponytail in the back, consider leaving some of the hair on the sides and the front out of the ponytail and styling it around the ponytail once you put on the hat.

Alternatively, gather your hair together in a bun at the nape of your neck. Then, choose a bucket hat that will sit on top of your head, creating a little distance between the bun and your hat.

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, a bucket hat is an ideal head covering for you. There are so many ways that you can style your hair when you wear a hat. In the next chapter, we will look at some tips to help you choose the proper bucket hats.

Therefore, make sure that you keep reading this post as you will not want to miss these helpful tips. There is space at the end of this post for your tips, so once you start experimenting, come back and share what is working for you.

Chapter 5: Tips & advice on how to wear a bucket hat

You have already thought about many concepts related to bucket hats, but I have even more details to share. I have decided to create a tip list with this information because they are not necessarily connected ideas.

Yet, they are all things you will want to remember when buying and wearing bucket hats. Following these tips will allow you to pick out bucket hats to wear that you look great in and feel super wearing.

One thing that we have not addressed yet is how to wash a hat. Before you throw your bucket hat in the washer, look for a care label on it. This will tell you if you can safely wash and dry the hat in your washing machine.

Most bucket hats made from canvas or cotton can be washed, but those made from knit materials may require special care. If you wash them, you may end up with a hard ball of felt no longer resembling a hat.

Opt for a monochromatic look

It is easy to create a monochromatic look to match your outfit when you choose to wear a bucket hat. For example, if your outfit incorporates many blacks, wear a black bucket hat, but pick out a red bucket hat if it is red.

Do not try to match the shades in your outfit totally because you can never come close enough, and then your outfit will clash. Instead, stay in the same color family. For example, if your top is burnt red and your pants are candy apple red, select a mahogany-colored hat.

Wear a split complementary color

If you are not going to wear a monochromatic outfit, select a split complementary color to the primary color in your outfit when choosing your bucket hat. For example, if you are wearing red, pick out a blue-green or yellow-green hat. But if you are wearing blue, the split-complementary colors are orange-yellow and red-orange.

You can easily find the split complementary colors by looking at the color wheel. Select the primary color in your outfit and draw a line straight across the color wheel. Then, move one space up and one space down, which will be the split complementary colors.

Consider the season

Manufacturers make bucket hats from different materials, and some are better suited for warm weather, while others are perfect for cold days. For example, you are sure to stay toasty warm when you opt for a faux fur bucket hat on a cold day, while one made from cotton with eyelets in it to let air in is ideal for a hot day.


Especially when considering canvas and wool hats, the thicker the material, the warmer you will stay when wearing it. Generally, those made from artificial materials will be warmer than those made from natural fabrics.

Pick a hat based on the occasion

Bucket hats have different vibes, so you will want to match a hat’s vibe to where you are heading for the day. Generally, solid-colored options are ideal for business casual workplaces and may work for casual dinners, while printed options are perfect for wearing to ballgames and picnics.

While I will have more to say in just a moment, consider printed options showcasing your interests. One thing that you should never do is wear a bucket hat with your formal clothes. And they are too casual to wear, even with your semi-formal outfits.

Think about your hair color

As I said in the last chapter, consider your hair color when choosing the color of your bucket hat. You will need to pick out a hat that will contrast with your hair color. Otherwise, it will clash. At the same time, you do not want the hat to blend into your hair.

While I talked about natural hair colors in the last chapter, this also includes those who dye their hair a unique shade. If you decide to dye your hair purple, consider wearing an orange-green or yellow-orange hat. But if you dye your hair pink, think about wearing a pastel blue or green hat.

Showcase your interests

You can find printed bucket hats with many different patterns, which are an ideal way to tell others about your interests. For example, if you love soccer, consider wearing a green and white one. But if you are supporting the USA, select a red, white, and blue one.

Alternatively, if you love nature and gardening, one with wildflowers printed on it may be perfect for you. One of the advantages of doing this is that it makes it easy to start a conversation and make new friends wherever you roam.

Shape the crown to fit your mood

While I have already discussed how to shape the brim of your bucket hat to fit your face shape, another option is to shape the brim to suit your mood. For example, if you have one of those days when you want to be left alone, pull the brim down as far as possible to disguise your identity.

On the other hand, if you want to start a conversation with everyone you meet, perch the bucket hat further back on your head and turn up the brim. Those closest to you may even learn to recognize your moods depending on how you style your hat without ever engaging with you.

Select the right size of bucket hat

You can find many sizes of bucket hats, so make sure that you choose one that will stay on your head. I once wore a bucket hat that did not fit me to a picnic. The wind started blowing unexpectedly, blowing the hat off my head.

My friends instantly started chasing it to no avail. It finally blew into the nearby creek, which was too deep to retrieve my hat. While I lost the hat, I really wish I had a video of us chasing it.

On the other hand, ensure that you buy a hat that is big enough to wear your hair in ponytails or braids if that is your typical way.

Match the textures in your outfit

When choosing a bucket hat, it is best to match your outfit’s textures. That is to say, if you have rough textures in your outfit, such as a cable-knit sweater, or are wearing wool pants, choose a bucket hat with a rougher texture.


A wool one or a knit one with a long pile may be great choices. The opposite is also true. Wear a hat that looks softer if your outfit has soft textures, such as a cotton sundress. A great option may be a cotton one that fits close to your head.

Consider reversible bucket hats

Especially if you are starting to add bucket hats to your wardrobe, reversible ones can be a great choice because you can create two different looks with them. When choosing reversible bucket hats, look at both sides of the brim because it will show when you wear the hat.

You will also want to consider how both sides of the hat will feel against your head. Generally, hats with a smoother texture will feel better when you wear them, but that is not always true.

When choosing and wearing bucket hats, I hope you will keep these tips in mind. As you will learn in the next chapter, they are ideal for wearing many outfits. Carry on reading to learn more.

Chapter 6: Bucket hat outfit ideas

You now know a lot about bucket hats in their many different forms. You know how to style them based on your face shape and hairstyle, along with how to choose one that is the right color. As I have promised a couple of times in this post, let’s now turn our attention to what to wear with bucket hats.

There are many ways to wear bucket hats with your casual clothes. In this chapter, we will look at a few of them. Remember that you do not want to wear bucket hats with semi-formal or formal clothing as they are a casual hat style. They are perfect for wearing to casual dinners, picnics, tours, and many other events.

Bucket hat + midi-dress

A soft midi-dress pairs nicely with your bucket hat. Choose a flowy pastel one for a spring picnic and pair it with your bucket hat. If the dress has lots of colors in it, opt for a solid-colored hat, but if the dress is a solid color, this is an ideal option to wear with a printed bucket hat.

Once the weather starts to cool, a darker-colored dress is a perfect choice, and switch out your strappy sandals for your combat boots to give this outfit a grunge vibe.

Bucket hat + trench coat + rain boots

Stay dry regardless of what you wear by pairing your bucket hat, your trench coat, and rain boots. You can go many ways with this look. If you are heading to work, consider creating a monochromatic outfit by wearing your brown rainboots with a tan trench coat and a golden-brown bucket hat.

You can even wear a skirt and turtleneck in different shades of brown. Alternatively, this can also be a great playful option when you wear your yellow rainboots, lemon trench coat, and dandelion-colored bucket hat.

Bucket hat + blazer + leather pants

A gray wool blazer and your black leather pants are already an outstanding combination. Then, add a leather-trimmed bucket hat, and you will be ready to take on the world, rather it is the work on your office desk or the local cocktail bar.

The only accessories you may need are a luxury watch and sunglasses, depending on where you are going. Let the weather determine what shirt you wear under the blazer. If it is cold, a turtleneck or mock turtleneck is perfect but if the weather is warmer, opt for a pretty silk blouse.

Bucket hat + biker shorts + crop top

When it is almost too hot to move, your biker shorts and a crop top are an outstanding option to wear with a bucket hat. You will stay cooler because the hat’s brim will keep the sun’s rays from reaching you. You can have fun with the color of the crop top.

For example, consider pairing black biker shorts with a bright pink crop top and your white bucket hat. Your sneakers are the ideal footwear to wear with this outfit. Alternatively, you can opt to wear your black biker shorts with your white crop top and choose a brightly colored bucket hat.

Bucket hat + sweater + jeans

When autumn and winter arrive, a sweater and jeans are a great way to stay warm. Cover your head with a bucket hat, and you will stay even warmer. This is a fun look to play with because you can take it in so many ways.


For example, you can wear a chunky sweater with a textured bucket hat and your jeans or wear a solid-colored sweater with a patterned bucket hat or vice versa. You could also select a faux-fur bucket hat to keep you even warmer.

Opting for your sneakers is an excellent move in most cases, and you should wear your skinny jeans. Alternatively, consider wearing your winter boots with your bootcut jeans if snow is on the ground.

Bucket hat + sweater dress + belt

When you are headed out to a casual dinner, your bucket hat and sweater dress are an ideal choice. Add a pop of color to a gray or other dark-colored sweater dress by adding a brightly colored hat.

Then, select the same color for your bucket hat to help bring the outfit together. You can choose between strappy sandals or your kitten-heel pumps. Ones in a similar color to your hat are a great choice but do not try to match it precisely as you will never come close enough, and your outfit will clash.

Depending on the neckline of the sweater dress, you can add a statement necklace if you want that goes with the color of the sweater dress and the bucket hat. Stick with earrings that stay close to your ears, like studs.

Bucket hat + turtleneck + leggings

A bucket hat looks great with a turtleneck and leggings. You can go with your sneakers for a casual flair or kick it up a notch by wearing your leather boots. If it is cold enough that you need a coat when you are outside, opt for a fur-trimmed parka and wear a matching faux-fur bucket hat.

It is incredibly easy to put together a monochromatic outfit when you choose to wear a turtleneck and your leggings. For example, consider wearing a deep charcoal gray turtleneck with your black leggings and black boots. Then, add a jet-black bucket hat.

Bucket hat + sweatshirt + jeans

On lazy days, your oversized sweatshirt and jeans are an ideal outfit, especially when you top it with a bucket hat, where you can pull down the brim to hide most of your face. Stick with jeans that stay close to your body as they have a more casual flair.

When choosing your sweatshirt, opt for one that is slightly oversized, as it will be more comfortable. Going up about two sizes from your standard size should be perfect. If you must wear shoes, your leather sandals or sneakers are great choices.

Bucket hat + swimsuit/bikini

Do not go to the beach or pool without your bucket hat, as it will look adorable with your swimsuit or bikini. You will love how the brim keeps the sun’s rays from burning you. A wide-brimmed bucket hat is the best choice as it will give you more protection.

A terrific option when you need a coverup is to wear a large bandana as a top and a matching bucket hat on your head. Matching the texture of the bandana and bucket hat is a great option. Alternatively, wrap a sarong around your waist and wear a matching bucket hat with a silkier texture.

Bucket hat + skirt + graphic t-shirt + kitten heels

When headed out to dinner, a cute skirt and a graphic t-shirt is a great idea. You can give this outfit a kidcore aesthetic by choosing a t-shirt with your favorite cartoon character, like Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty, and pairing it with a black pencil skirt.

Consider opting for a primary-color bucket hat. Alternatively, this look is the perfect way to welcome in spring when you wear a pastel A-line skirt and a matching blouse. Then, choose a bucket hat with wildflowers printed on it.

Bucket hat + team shirt + sweatpants + sneakers

Show everyone you support your favorite team by wearing a team shirt, sweatpants, and a bucket hat. You can find bucket hats with team logos printed on them, so ensure you have at least one option for each sport’s season.

Your sweatpants will give you plenty of room to squirm if the game is close, and you can stand up easily in them. Think about bucket hats with strings under the chin because you do not want to get excited and accidentally knock off your hat.

Bucket hat + oversized top + sports bra + shorts

When the weather cannot decide what it will do, an oversized top and shorts are an ideal option to wear to the gym or on the run. Of course, you will also want to wear your running shoes or sneakers.

Wearing a sports bra under your sweatshirt allows you to take off the sweatshirt if you get too hot and gives you added support. A waterproof bucket hat is an excellent option if it looks like it could rain before you get back home.

Bucket hat + crew-neck shirt + flannel shirt + cargo pants

It is easy to give your outfit an old-school flair when you wear a plaid bucket hat. Create a layered top by wearing a t-shirt with a flannel shirt over it. Leave the flannel shirt open down the front.

Then, wear your cargo pants. For example, you could wear a white crew-neck shirt and a burnt red flannel shirt. Then, you can wear your white or black cargo pants. Choose a plaid bucket hat that incorporates red and white.

I hope you have enjoyed thinking about these ways to wear bucket hats. In the next section, I will share some concluding thoughts, so be sure to keep reading.


I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about bucket hats and are ready to add some new options to your wardrobe. They are an ideal choice to wear with all your casual clothes, regardless of your hairstyle.

I would love to hear about your favorite bucket hat and what makes it your go-to hat, so be sure to tell me in the comments.

If you have a friend who would look great in a bucket hat, share this post with them. You may even want to buy them a bucket hat and give it to them together with this post as a present. They are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Now that you have learned about bucket hats, check out our other posts. They are each filled with helpful fashion advice you will want to know.

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