What to wear to a baby shower? 20+ Outfit Ideas & Tips

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Have you recently been invited to a baby shower? Are you being honored as the mother-to-be at a baby shower? This type of event is such a joyous occurrence, and it’s important that you’re dressed appropriately. 

Of course, there are different details that should be taken into consideration when choosing your outfit, such as potential weather, location, theme, and more. In the following chapters, we’re going to take a look at all of these details, as well as some of the rules of dressing for a baby shower.

Our goal is to provide you with plenty of information that will help you if you’re curious about what to wear to a baby shower. By the time you’re done reading this information, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate outfit that makes you look great. If you’re being honored, you’ll stand out as the amazing and beautiful woman that you are during this time in your life.

What to wear to a baby shower

A joyous event celebrating a mother-to-be, being invited to a baby shower is an honor. The special day is filled with good food, great company, and even fun games. It’s an event generally attended by women, and the general style that people use is typically very soft, comfortable, and pretty.

In this chapter, we’ll discuss what you can wear to a baby shower. The time of year will play a big role in what kind of outfit you choose, and you may even choose your clothing based on whether the mother-to-be is having a baby boy or baby girl.

A baby shower is a laid-back and casual event that doesn’t require you to be very formal, but you should get dressed up for it to some extent. Always make sure you’re wearing something appropriate as there will be other family members there that range in age. You also want to be comfortable so you can enjoy yourself. Now, let’s get started with what to wear to a baby shower.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party that is thrown to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. The focal point of the party is the pregnant mother, and men don’t usually attend. 

Though, the father-to-be might make a quick appearance at the end to thank everybody for coming and for the gifts they’ve brought. Otherwise, the attendants will typically be women.

Baby showers can be held at many different locations, and they’re generally planned by either the pregnant woman’s mother or mother-in-law. It’s also acceptable for the shower to be hosted by a sister or best friend. 

The event will often take place in the middle of the afternoon on the weekend. Food will be served, guests will mingle and chat with one another, gifts will be opened, and there are sometimes different baby-themed games that people will play.

Baby showers have a very laid-back feel to them. People attend to celebrate a new life coming into the world very shortly. Women usually receive a baby shower when they’re only a month or so away from their due date. 

You’ll typically receive your invitation about four to six weeks before the event, so you’ll have plenty of time to choose your outfit and get ready.

Do you have to dress up for a baby shower?

A baby shower isn’t an incredibly formal event that you need to dress up for in a full-length gown, but you will want to dress nice in honor of the mother and her baby. 

We’ll take a look at some outfit examples to get you started with having to plan your clothing choices for an upcoming baby shower. Still, it’s important that you know the overall expectations for a shower you’ve been invited to.

You will want to choose a simple baby shower outfit that doesn’t overshadow the pregnant mother. She’s the main focus of the day, and your outfit shouldn’t be something that draws attention in a showy or negative way. 

It’s very acceptable to choose things like simple dresses, slacks and a blouse, skirts and tops, etc. Keep your shoes simple so you can mingle around with other guests. Accessories should simply complement your outfit and not be too flashy. Keep your makeup simple and neutral.

Don’t end up choosing an outfit that is too dressy. It will look out of place, and you’ll be pretty uncomfortable for the duration of the event. Stick to simple clothing that you already have, or do some shopping to find a casual but pretty outfit that will be perfect for an event of this type.

What to wear for a baby shower as a guest?

As the guest of an upcoming baby shower, you will want to dress according to the weather, the location of the event, the season, the theme of the event, and there are some other specifics to take into account. 

As the guest, your goal is to simply blend in with the rest of the guests so everyone can congratulate and celebrate the mom-to-be that’s being honored.

Think about what time of year the baby shower will be held in. If this is a summer shower, you can stick to simple items like a sundress, knee-length skirt with a matching blouse, or crop dress pants with a sleeveless top. 

Your shoes can be simple as well, such as ballet flats, strappy sandals, or a low pair of heels. You want to avoid looking overly formal like you would dress for work. The look at a baby shower should be much less formal and more about comfort.

Also, consider where a baby shower event is being held. It’s very common for a shower to be held at a restaurant that has banquet capabilities. You may even be attending a baby shower at somebody’s house or in their backyard. 

The outfit you choose should reflect where you’re going to be. If you’re going to be outside, make sure you dress in layers so you can adjust according to the weather and temperature. 

An indoor event provides you with more flexibility and options since you’re not worrying too much about your dress blowing around or getting cold.

What should I wear to my baby shower?

If you happen to be the mother of the baby that everyone is celebrating, then congratulations! You’re the main focal point of the event. There’s no pressure to look very formal or made up. 

Simply show off that belly and make sure that you’re comfortable. It’s common for pregnant mothers to wear long, flowing dresses to their shower. If it’s a cooler time of year, think about adding a light sweater over the top of your dress.

If you’re more comfortable in maternity pants and a blouse, you should feel free to dress that way as well. After all, you’re likely approaching the point of being pregnant for about nine months. It can be difficult to find clothing that fits and that makes you feel good about yourself so close to giving birth.

Some women choose to dress in blue or pink at their shower, depending on what gender they’re giving birth to. This is a cute way to style yourself, and you should feel free to follow this theme. 

It’s likely the location of your baby shower is going to be decorated in that color anyway, so you’ll fit in with all of the décor. Your photos will be something very special and fun to look back on.

What should men wear to a baby shower?

It’s not all that common for men to be invited to a baby shower, but it’s still a possibility that you might be invited. If you’re the father of the baby, you’ll likely be asked to make an appearance at some point during the event. You don’t want to show up wearing dirty jeans and an old t-shirt, so make sure that you dress up even if it’s for a short visit with everyone.

Men should dress casually for a baby shower, whether your spouse is being celebrated or you’re a guest. A simple pair of khakis or slacks paired with a button-down shirt or polo is perfect. It’s dressy enough for a special occasion, but it’s still pretty casual. You’ll be plenty comfortable for the time that you’re attending.

Man sitting stairs laptop

You can absolutely avoid wearing something very formal like a shirt and tie. Baby showers are almost never something that people get really dressed up for, and you’ll end up looking pretty out of place if that’s the angle that you take with your outfit. 

You probably have plenty of business-casual clothing in your closet already, and you can choose from these items when you need to attend a baby shower.

What to wear in a virtual baby shower?

Virtual baby showers became very popular during the pandemic. In order to keep mom and baby safe from people who might be sick or contagious, women started to appear in group chats.

Everyone would gather together to chat, receive an update on how the pregnancy is going, and maybe even watch the mom-to-be open some of her gifts. While it’s not an ideal way to gather and celebrate a baby that’s on the way, it’s a safe option.

If you’re going to be attending a virtual baby shower, not a lot of people will be looking at you. You’re probably only appearing in a small chat window on people’s computer screens, so you’ll only be visible from the chest upwards. Just make sure you’re wearing something nice on top, and you’ll be dressed appropriately for this laid-back event.

If you’re the mother-to-be that’s being celebrated, you should dress up a bit. You’ll be the focal point on everyone’s screens, and you want to look nice regardless of whether or not people are gathering together in person or not. 

Dress similarly to how you would have dressed if you were all meeting together at the same location. People will appreciate seeing you all dolled up with your beautiful pregnant belly visible.

What to wear to a baby shower, depending on the occasion?

Think about where you will be going for a baby shower, whether you’re a guest, the host, or the honoree. This will largely dictate what direction you want to go in for an upcoming baby shower. 

Events that take place outdoors will require you to put a bit of thought into what the weather could potentially be. Think about the temperature; it usually is outside during that time of year. 

You should also plan for inclement weather like rain or wind. There may be a spot for the shower that will remain covered to protect everyone. But you’ll still want to be sure you’re comfortable.

If a baby shower is taking place at someone’s home, keep your clothing choice comfortable and very casual. You should look appropriate, but a very elaborate dress might not work for this scenario. 

It’s very different from attending a shower at a restaurant or banquet hall, where you’ll want to be a bit more dressed up. The specific location where the event is going to be held will guide you in a certain direction when it comes to what you want to wear. 

Try to have a few different options so you can change your outfit depending on what’s going on with the weather or if the venue is changed last minute.

Some baby shower hosts will set an overall theme for the shower, which might affect what you choose to wear for the special day. Baby girls are often celebrated with floral or pretty pink themes. 

Boy showers may have a more casual and laid-back vibe or may focus on a sports theme or something similar. Try to choose an outfit that addresses this theme as much as possible while still looking nice and appropriate.

Can you wear black to a baby shower?

It’s not unheard of to wear black to a baby shower. But generally speaking, the colors that people wear tend to be more on the lighter pastel side of the spectrum. It’s a very special day that’s intended to celebrate the blessing of a new baby. Baby colors tend to be very light, and this is how you should be dressing for a baby shower.

It’s alright to incorporate some black into what you’re wearing for a baby shower. We would simply recommend not dressing in black from head to toe. If you’d like to start your outfit off with a simple pair of black slacks or a black skirt, that would be perfectly acceptable. 

Just make sure you work some lighter hues into your outfit as well. Your blouse can be a pop of blue or pink, or choose something that has a fun pattern to it. Essentially, bring something different into the mix to offset the black that you are wearing.

Baby showers are a light and fun event. Try to choose an outfit that will keep with this theme. If the event is taking place in the winter, when color choices tend to be a bit darker, make sure you have a good balance going on with your outfit. 

There are plenty of darker shades that you can choose that don’t require you to wear black. Grays and navy blue are both alternative choices that are neutral. However, they look much more appropriate for a baby shower. You can usually substitute these options into an outfit without really changing the overall look.

Can you wear jeans to a baby shower?

It’s not typical to wear denim jeans to a baby shower unless there has been some sort of dress code outlined that would allow you to choose this type of clothing option. Jeans are usually too casual for something like a shower. 

So keep them in the closet where they belong. You’ll want to choose something dressier and pretty, and your favorite pair of blue jeans just don’t make the cut this time around.

Denim tends to be very casual, and it’s not something people wear to any special event, especially a baby shower. However, if you’re attending one of the virtual baby showers that we talked about earlier, people aren’t going to see what kind of pants you’re wearing anyway. Feel free to put on a nice pair of jeans that you’ll be comfortable in for the duration of the virtual shower.

If you’re going to be attending a baby shower in person, try to pick something nicer. There are so many lovely dresses out there that have sleeves of varying lengths, high waists to fit all body types, and different lengths based on whether you want to show off your legs or cover them up when it’s cold out. 

Look in your closet to see what you currently own that could work. You can also shop around online for some great ideas and options. Head to the stores in your area to see what you can try on as well. 

You’ll probably end up coming home with a few options that you can wear to a baby shower, but they will work for all kinds of other events and outings that you’ll be going on.

If you do decide to choose jeans for whatever reason, make sure you’re wearing a very nice pair that fits your body type well, they provide plenty of coverage, and they should be free of holes or distressing. 

Jeans can actually be quite dressy if you choose the right pair. We recommend choosing a darker shade of denim if you’re trying to dress up a pair of jeans. Dark blue or black denim looks very nice with a dressy blouse or top. 

Woman standing wall green top

Even white jeans look appropriate if you’re pairing them with something contrasting on top. Use your best judgment when it comes to whether or not you should be wearing jeans to a baby shower that is coming up.

If you’ve recently received an invitation to a baby shower, don’t stress out about what you’re going to wear. You have a lot of options available to you. Spend some time thinking about where you’ll be going for an event, what time of year it’s taking place, who will be attending, and the theme. 

You should also contemplate what to wear based on the gender of the baby (if it’s been announced to everyone). You have a lot of options for your baby shower outfit choice. Don’t limit yourself when you’re trying to make a final decision.

Keep reading some of our upcoming chapters if you feel you need more assistance with choosing an outfit for a baby shower. We’re going to be taking a look at specific outfit ideas and what to wear based on the season. 

And we’ll share specific tips that you can use when shopping in a store or in your own closet. We look forward to hearing more about what you ended up choosing and how it looked on the day of the event.

What to wear to a baby shower based on the season

When you’re attending a special event like a baby shower, the season that the event is being held will largely determine the outfit that you’re going to wear. Season refers to a specific time of year, but seasons also have varying weather patterns, temperatures, etc. Something that might be appropriate during the summer months would never work for a winter event.

In this chapter, we’ll be talking about what you should wear to a baby shower based on the season. We’ll cover each of the four seasons so you can see how fashion varies throughout the course of a year. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a much better idea of what you should be choosing for your big baby shower event. Whether you’re the guest or the star of the show, you’ll be comfortable, look stylish, and have an appropriate outfit.

What to wear to a baby shower in the summer?

Many people feel like summer fashion is much more versatile and fun than what happens in the winter. Rather than having to cover up for warmth and to protect yourself in inclement weather, summer provides you the opportunity to wear sheer, simple, and light dresses with ballet flats, sandals, and much more. 

You don’t have to wear such heavy fabric, and you’re able to really play around with the different articles of clothing that you already have in your closet. There are always new summer fashion trends coming out, and you can stay privy to those as well.

If you’re the guest at a baby shower in the summer, I recommend sticking to a simple dress that goes about the knee or longer (if the weather isn’t going to be too hot). A floral pattern is highly appropriate for summer, and you can choose something very colorful compared to the dark and muted colors of the winter. 

You can store all kinds of different summer shoe options in your closet, which provides you with different ways to accessorize and match your dress.

If you would like to look a bit more casual at a summer baby shower, a simple cotton skirt that hangs down to the point just above the knee will look really cute with a basic V-neck t-shirt or sleeveless blouse. You can dress the look up with a fancier pair of sandals, but a clean and simple pair of athletic shoes is just fine as well.

What to wear to a baby shower in the spring?

During the springtime, fashion is starting to get more colorful and fun after a long and boring winter. This is the time of year when new life is very prevalent, making it the perfect time for a baby shower. 

Match your outfit to the newly blooming flowers or layer some fun looks like a simple sundress with a denim jacket over the top. It’s likely that you’re going to need some extra layers for your baby shower look in the spring. 

Evenings still get pretty chilly in most locations. Though, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear something during the day and have a sweater or jacket available if you’re colder than you thought you would be.

Choose bright and fun colors for springtime. Think about shades of pinks, greens, purples, and blues. Floral prints or fun patterns work really well for blouses, t-shirts, skirts, and dresses. 

Keep your shoes and accessories simple for an event like this. Most baby showers tend to be very casual for the most part. So you just want to make sure that you’re comfortable and dressed appropriately.

An example of a great spring outfit would be a short-sleeve maxi dress that has t-shirt sleeves and a crew neck. You can find all kinds of colors and prints, allowing you to easily pair your dress with the other items you have at home (shoes, cardigan, etc.). 

If a dress isn’t your thing, a simple pair of charcoal gray crop dress pants can be paired with a sleeveless blouse and a ¾-length cardigan sweater. Ballet flats are the perfect shoe choice for this look.

What to wear to a baby shower in the winter?

The winter months bring a whole new challenge to dressing for a baby shower. Not only do you want to look great for the shower, but you want to ensure that you are warm and comfortable. It’s a little harder to dress up in the winter because of the cold temperatures, but you can still look fashionable if you get a little creative.

If you’re sure that you want to wear a dress or skirt to a winter baby shower, make sure it’s a length that won’t be dragging along the wet ground. You also want to make sure that your legs are going to be warm, so opt for a pair of stockings that match your look. A nice pair of boots or classic dress shoes are ideal footwear choices.

Most women will resort to slacks during the winter. They’re much warmer, and you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or messy if the weather outside is bad. You can choose a well-fitting and simple pair of black pants, pairing them with a button-down dress shirt, blouse, or sweater. Dress the look up with a chunky belt or some fun accessories.

What to wear to a baby shower in the fall?

In the fall months, your baby shower outfit will be similar to what you would be wearing in the winter, but you probably don’t have to wear clothes that are quite so heavy. You can also leave some of your layers at home for the time being.

Woman alking street long coat

Stick with casual and simple clothing items that are professional but cute. You don’t want to look like you’re heading for a job interview. So make sure that you’re not gravitating too far toward dark colors and heavy fabrics.

One of the most appropriate outfits that you can wear to a baby shower in the fall would be a pair of tailored dress pants in a classic hue like black, gray, or navy. On top, try a blouse with a bold print or color, topped with a cardigan sweater. 

You have some layers to keep you comfortable, depending on the temperature outside and the temperature inside of the baby shower venue. You’re still working some fun color into the mix with your blouse. If you have the option, wear a bold shoe that matches your top.

If you’re the mother-to-be and your shower is in the fall months, a great look would be a flowing maternity dress that has an empire waist that flows down towards your waistline. Floral prints are acceptable for pregnant women year-round. 

There’s just something pretty and simple about pregnancy that allows for this softer look. Flat, knee-high boots in a light brown shade will complete the look.

Now that we’ve touched on the different baby shower outfits that you can choose from based on the season of the event, we encourage you to keep reading to find out more. 

We’ll be talking about some specific outfit ideas and pairings, as well as some helpful tips and tricks for choosing the right baby shower outfit. 

Stick around to learn all you can about dressing for a baby shower so you can be the best dressed at the event. This is such a joyous and fun occasion; it makes sense to perfect your outfit.

Baby shower outfit ideas

Now that we’ve covered many of the basics of baby shower fashion etiquette, now comes the fun part of trying to choose some baby shower outfits that you can wear to an upcoming event.

We’ve talked about the different factors to consider when it comes to baby shower fashion, such as the time of year when the shower will be held and the event location. These are two big details that will often direct your outfit choice. 

Once you’ve considered how this affects what you’re wearing, you can look at the outfit ideas that we’re going to suggest below. Some may work for you, while others don’t. Don’t be afraid to come up with ideas of your own based on what you have in your closet already and things that you know you can pick up at the store or online.

Polka dots midi dress

Midi dresses are so pretty, fun, and flirty. They’re usually made from a very basic, stretchy material that makes them the perfect casual outfit option for a baby shower. They come in all different prints and styles but contemplate wearing one that features polka dots. 

This is a timeless print that can really be worn throughout the year, regardless of the season or your own personal style. Keep your shoes simple and comfortable, and you don’t have to go overboard with accessories either.

Floral jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a lot of fun, and they’ve made quite the comeback recently. This one-piece design is perfect year-round; you’ll just need to pay close attention to the print of color of the outfit and the material that it is made out of. 

Jumpsuits for cooler weather should be made from a bit thicker of a material, while a summer or spring version can be very thin and flowing. Stick with basic colors for colder temperatures, and grab those floral and fun prints for summer. 

This might be more of an acceptable outfit idea for the guests of a baby shower, as pregnant women may not be able to find a jumpsuit that fits their body during the later months of pregnancy.

Blazer + slip dress

A slip dress is usually made from a very sheer and silky material that hangs on the body, accentuating your curves. On its own, this look might not be all that appropriate for a baby shower, but you can add something like a blazer to make it look acceptable. 

A low pair of heels and a matching handbag will complete the look with some very simple accessories. Slip dresses usually come in lighter colors, so make sure you’re not choosing anything too contrasting for your blazer option.

Skirt + sweater

In general, you’ll want to keep your baby shower outfit more laid back and casual. These are very rarely formal affairs that require elaborate outfits. Pair a basic, long skirt with a modest sweater during chillier months. 

You probably already have a few basic black skirts to choose from. You can add a pop of color with a fun sweater or choose a blouse with a fun pattern along with a cardigan sweater over the top. 

Layers are always beneficial if you’re not sure what the weather will be like or if you’re concerned you’ll be chilly at the event. You can ditch the cardigan whenever you want.

Blouse + nice jeans

Jeans aren’t necessarily out of the question at a baby shower. As long as you have a nice pair, you can usually wear them with something that dresses up the look, such as a blouse. We recommend sticking with a simple pair of skinny jeans in a darker hue. 

Pair them with a short or long sleeve blouse in a bright, eye-catching color. You can top the look with a sweater, blazer, or jacket. Ballet flats make the look more casual, or you can choose heels to dress your jeans up a bit.

Turtleneck + midi skirt + flats

Grab your favorite midi skirt and pair it with a turtleneck. You can try for a very simple look that matches the skirt with the turtleneck or choose something bolder, like a patterned midi skirt with a basic black turtleneck. Flats complete this look, and you should keep the rest of your accessories simple.

Flowing Floral Dress + Sandals

In the warmer months, grab one of those gorgeous floral dresses you see everywhere in stores and online. They usually have a higher waistline, making them perfect as both the guest and even the mother-to-be.

Choose a dress with pretty pastel flowers, and pair this look with a strappy pair of sandals, either flats or with a slight heel. Keep your shoes and handbag in the brown-tone range.

Crop Dress Pants + Sleeveless Blouse + Ballet Flats

I love the look of a simple pair of crop dress pants with a sleeveless blouse. Your pants should be straight cut, stopping just above the ankle. Some of these pants will cuff at the bottom, which is a really cute detail. 

Your blouse can tuck into your pants to give a very polished look, or choose something that flows out a little bit more. Your shoe of choice should be a pair of ballet flats, but heels also pair well with crops.

Long Maxi-Dress + Flats

Woman long floral dress

Midi-dresses work well when the weather is going to be warmer outside, but maxi-dresses tend to be more appropriate for the fall and winter months. Keep colors darker if you are indeed shopping for these seasons, and keep your shoes flat and simple. There are countless maxi-dress prints and styles out there, so grab a few to try on.

Denim Skirt + Blouse + Cardigan

A longer denim skirt will provide a good mix between casual style and something a bit fancier. You’ll want to dress this article of clothing up a bit, so pair it with a pretty blouse in a pastel hue. If you need an additional layer, opt for a thin cardigan that ties the whole look together.

Now that we’ve given you some examples of different outfits that you can wear to a baby shower, you can start to plan your own outfit. It’s fun to pair different items to see what you can come up with. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with items that are currently in your closet. You can grab a new skirt or blouse to freshen up things that you already own. You can also purchase something completely new for the special occasion. 

If you’re the star of the show, you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing something which makes you feel comfortable and confident. There are a lot of great maternity clothing brands that provide you with dressier options for a baby shower. 

But there are a lot of popular styles right now that work for both pregnant and non-pregnant women. These would be dresses with high waists, flowing blouses paired with maternity pants, etc.

Baby shower outfits tips & advice

The basics of what to wear to a baby shower have been covered in previous chapters, but now it’s time to go over some helpful baby shower outfit tips and advice. You may have a few ideas in mind regarding what you’re going to wear to an upcoming shower, but some of the information we’re about to share with you may provide you with some important insight that will really help you decide on your outfit.

If you’ve never gone to a baby shower before, you might be wondering what to wear that will be comfortable, appropriate, and fit in with the rest of the guests. It’s perfectly normal to stress about what you’re going to wear, but it’s not necessary. 

Our tips are designed to make choosing an outfit as simple as possible. Certain guidelines exist for outings in general, but certain ones apply to baby showers in particular. Let’s get started with baby shower wardrobe advice.

Check the invite for a particular dress code (if any)

When you first receive an invitation to a baby shower, pay close attention to any details that are included. You’ll likely be told where the baby shower is going to be held and when. 

These two pieces of information are important when it comes to choosing your outfit, but we’ll talk about those later. What you want to scan the invitation for is some sort of dress code information. 

There may be a theme based on the gender of the baby or something cute like a certain fashion decade. If there isn’t anything explained, you’ll likely be dressing in whatever you choose to wear to the event.

Wear clothes in which you are comfortable

During the course of a baby shower, you’ll probably be doing some mingling, participating in fun activities, eating, and watching the mother-to-be open her gifts. The clothes that you choose to wear that day should be comfortable. 

You’ll be moving around and will want to have a full range of motion without having to worry about inappropriate wardrobe malfunctions. Just make sure that you’re not dressed in your Sunday sweatpants. You’ll need to dress up a bit for a baby shower.

Consider where the event will take place to select your outfit

The location of the baby shower is one the best ways to determine what the unspoken dress code is. If you’re headed to a fancy banquet hall, your baby shower outfit should be polished and somewhat formal. 

A bar or simple restaurant allows for more casual options. Casual is likely acceptable as well if you’re going to be attending a baby shower that is located at somebody’s house or at a local park.

Consider the Season

When is the baby shower going to be held in regard to season? Spring baby showers provide you with very different options from what you’ll find at a winter baby shower. Warmer weather months offer up a lot of options, from simple floral dresses to cotton skirts and blouses.

In the winter, you’ll need to ensure that you’re warm and safe from the elements. Longer skirts, dress pants, long-sleeved blouses, sweaters, and blazers are all winter-appropriate clothing that you might consider for a baby shower event.

Woman winter street coat

Your shoes will also be determined by the season, the temperature outside, and whether or not there is precipitation to worry about.

Keep Your Outfit Appropriate

Your closet probably holds some skirts and dresses that have been worn to parties and clubs. While they’re probably very cute, they’re not really the most appropriate option for a baby shower. You want to wear something that is conservative and simple. Don’t show too much skin, and never try to upstage the mother-to-be. This is her special day.

Never Underestimate the Dress

Dresses are such a practical item to have in your wardrobe. We recommend having a number of them in your closet for the different seasons. If you receive a last minute invitation to a baby shower or you forgot that the day was quickly approaching, you’ll be able to grab a dress and look nicely put together without having to make sure that all of your different clothing items match. From maxi dresses to sun dresses, there is so many different styles you can make use of.

Think About Skipping the Jeans

Jeans can be worn to a more casual baby shower, but see if you can choose something fancier first. If you’re trying to pick something that’s casual and cute, think about a pair of white pants or khakis. They fit very similarly to jeans but look a whole lot better.

Ask Other People What They’re Going to Wear

If you are really stressed out about what you should be wearing to an upcoming baby shower, try reaching out to other people that you know will be attending. Ask them what they’re planning to wear and see what the consensus is. You can choose your outfit based on other people’s choices.

Consider the Age of the Other Guests

A baby shower that’s just for the girlfriends of the mother-to-be will probably be a bit flirtier and more casual than if it’s a family affair where family members of all ages and friends will be joining together. If it’s all-inclusive, keep your outfit simple and appropriate, so your best friend’s grandmother doesn’t give you sideways glances.

Are There Colors to Avoid?

There aren’t really any specific colors that you should avoid for a baby shower. Most people don’t opt for an all-black look as this is typically reserved for funerals. However, white, red, and all other hues are perfectly acceptable.

Now that we’ve addressed the concerns that you probably have about what to wear to a baby shower, you’ve been invited to take a look in your closet and see if there’s something that you already own which will be appropriate. If not, give yourself plenty of time to find something new that you like and that fits.


Thank you for reading our information on baby shower fashion and what is or isn’t acceptable for this type of event. We hope that you now know the appropriate clothing options that you have available for an upcoming baby shower. 

Let us know what you chose as your baby shower outfit, and don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions about what kind of clothing you should wear to this type of event. 

Feel free to share this post with your family and friends, especially if you have a baby shower coming up. Read some of our other posts for helpful fashion trend information and tips. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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