What to wear to court? 20+ Outfit Ideas and 35+ Fashion Tips

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Upcoming court date? If you’re curious about what to wear to court, this article is something that you should read through from start to finish. It includes information about what is acceptable and professional for women and men, and the different do’s and don’ts to take into consideration.

Our what to wear to court article helps speed up the process of finding an outfit that will help you put your best foot forward. You’ll avoid looking messy, inappropriate, or flashy with our simple tips.

What to wear to court

When you have a court date quickly approaching, there are probably many things on your mind. There are meetings with your attorney that you may be attending. Getting all of your paperwork in order is a necessity.

Before the day arrives, make sure you have also given some thought to what you are going to wear to court. This is a very formal and professional scenario, and the way that you look could make a big difference in your legal outcome.

Court attire usually focuses on very business-like options. If you have a job that requires you to dress up each day, you probably already have things in your wardrobe that will suffice. 

However, pairing the right articles of clothing together may seem stressful to you. This is especially true if you’re going to court for some sort of sensitive matter that could greatly affect your life.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the things you can wear to court. We’ll also talk about the things that you should avoid wearing so you don’t give off the wrong impression. 

By the time you’re done reading, you should have a good idea of the types of clothing that are acceptable for this type of scenario.

Why should you be careful with what to wear to court?

When you wake up on the day of court and your mind is already racing about the things that are about to happen, you might not be giving a lot of thought to your outfit. However, a judge/jury will pick up on how you look. 

Woman fixing tie

If you stumble into court looking like you just rolled out of bed, you probably shouldn’t expect any kind of favorable outcome on your side. If you look professional and like you put time into your appearance, this gives a good impression.

You definitely want to avoid casual clothing when you’re going to court. Even minor appearances warrant the use of professional clothing. Stay away from jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sneakers. 

You should dress how you would for a job interview. Business formal is good guidance to follow. Avoid very bright colors and prints. Stick to more neutral, muted colors that don’t draw a ton of attention. Your clothing shouldn’t feature any kind of graphics or derogatory language.

What colors to wear to court?

The colors that you choose for your outfit are very important. You want to be taken seriously, but you also don’t want to stand out as being too flashy or flamboyant. With a closet full of different colored clothing to choose from, you’re probably wondering what would be acceptable.

The colors that are most acceptable for court include shades of navy blue and gray. You can also wear black, white and creams. Stay away from colors like bright pinks, reds, yellow or purple. Of course, a little pop of color is fine if it’s minimal. You just don’t want to be wearing a bright hue head to toe.

Crazy patterns and prints are also to be avoided. They draw just as much attention as bright colors, if not more. Whether you’re a man or woman, choose more conservative colors that will allow you to blend in with the rest of the people in court.

How to choose a suitable outfit?

If you’re standing in your closet wondering what to wear for your court appearance, go towards the section of your closet that has clothing that would be appropriate for work, a job interview, or a professional gathering. 

Men may want to gravitate towards a suit or shirt and tie. This is perfectly fine. Just be sure to choose something that is crisp, clean, and appropriate. Women can wear a pantsuit, skirt, or professional dress.

Your entire outfit should look coordinated and put together. Women should ensure that their accessories match the look they have chosen and complement the entire look. From stockings to handbag, keep the entire look professional and subtle. 

Men should remember to wear a belt and shoes that match. Pick out a tie that is appropriate and simple. Iron your clothing the night before, so you are ready to get dressed as soon as you get up on the day of court.

What should you wear to a family court?

The family court covers a lot of different legal matters. You may be simply going into court to touch base with the judge regarding a foster child you’re caring for. While this is a slightly more laid-back situation, you still want to be taken seriously and look professional. 

Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, or anything overly causal. If you have to bring your children with you to court, make sure they are dressed well also.

If you’re going to appear in family court because you are discussing a custody agreement with your ex, you probably want to appear like the most responsible parent. This is when your outfit really matters. 

Choose clothing that will show you take care of yourself and you can take care of your children. Look clean, professional, and well put together.

What should you wear to a criminal court?

Criminal court is incredibly important, and you should give a great deal of thought to what you’re going to be wearing. If your future is in question, you need to convince that judge or jury that you’re not a bad person. 

Have your outfit purchased and prepared ahead of time so it is clean, pressed, and set out for your day in court. You don’t want to be fumbling through your closet trying to find the clothing items that you need for that day.

Men should always wear a suit and tie to their court appearances. They will be taken seriously when dressed professionally, rather than someone who comes in dressed in sweats or a tracksuit. 

Man woman waiting seated

You may need to make multiple appearances over the course of many months. This is perfectly normal, but you’ll want to ensure you’re dressed nicely for each one. 

It’s a good idea to have a few different outfits on hand, so you’re not showing up in the same outfit every time. It’s not likely that anyone would notice or remember, but it’s a good idea to be careful anyway.

Women should wear a skirt or dress that is appropriate in length. Don’t go any shorter than the knee. Full-length is perfectly fine. Make sure your outfit matches and fits your body type perfectly. Also, prepare your outfit ahead of time, so it is neat and coordinated. 

If you’re choosing shoes for your criminal court outfit, stay away from very high heels. This tends to look too sexy for court. Opt for a flat or something with a minor, squared heel. Keep your hair and accessories simple as well.

What should you wear to a traffic court?

Traffic court is generally more casual than criminal court or family court. In many cases, these proceedings take place at a smaller town hall. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come dressed properly. 

You’ll be speaking with someone at the court, even if it’s simply to talk about having a speeding ticket bumped down to a parking ticket or two. Give off the appearance as though you care about the appearance that you’re making and that you’re sorry for the trouble that you’ve caused.

If you don’t want to wear a full suit to traffic court, that’s perfectly acceptable. Men can opt for a nice pair of slacks, a shirt, and a tie. You can usually get away with dress pants and a button-down dress shirt. 

Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. Don’t wear jeans, t-shirts, or athletic clothing to court under any circumstances.

Women can wear a number of items to traffic court as well. For instance, a basic dress or a skirt and blouse are common wardrobe choices that give off a very serious vibe. 

This is another situation where you should stay away from sneakers and opt for a low heel when it comes to footwear. Skip the denim, t-shirts, crop tops, and revealing necklines. You want a more conservative approach to fashion in this situation.

We’ve covered many of the different types of courts that you may need to appear at and the different clothing items that would be acceptable for each of them. Now it is time to take a look at your wardrobe and determine what you have that would be appropriate. 

If you don’t have anything that you feel is acceptable and you have time before your court date, head to the stores to see what kind of outfit you can put together. You should look professional but also feel good about yourself.

What should women wear to court

If you’re a female and have to show up for a court appearance in the near future, this article is for you. We’re about to cover all of the different clothing options that you have available that will be professional and appropriate so that you look your best and put your best foot forward.

Business formal attire is the way to go if you’re unsure what you want to wear to your court appearance. Smart business suits, slacks, blouses, and professional skirts are all acceptable. You can mix and match some different options based on the time of the year and what you will feel comfortable in.

Don’t forget to think about the shoes that you’re going to wear with your outfit. Many women put a lot of time and planning into their clothing, but you can make or break an outfit with your footwear choice. Choose something that is simple and subtle. Keep the color of your shoe basic and match it to the rest of your outfit. A basic pair of heels or flats will suffice.

Be modest

You don’t want to show a lot of skin when you have a court appearance to go to. This is a modest setting that requires a very high level of professionalism. You don’t want to show up to court looking like you’re heading out to the club with your girlfriends afterward. 

Make sure you don’t have a low neckline that shows off too much of your neck and chest. The length of your skirt or dress shouldn’t be much above the knee. While embracing your body is perfectly fine, this is not the time to show off your best assets.

Go professional and conservative

Dress as though you’re headed to an important day at work or a job interview. Like you would want to make a good impression on a new potential boss or co-worker, you want to make that same impression on the judge, jury, or attorneys. Keep your look as conservative as possible, so your integrity is not in question at any point.

Wear fitted yet comfortable clothes

Your clothing should fit your body without being too tight or revealing. Stay away from big and baggy clothing that looks messy or unprofessional. You also want to be comfortable, so you’re not fussing with your outfit the whole time. You should be able to walk into court and address what’s important about that day without feeling self-conscious or having to constantly adjust your shirt, skirt, dress, etc.

Minimize your jewelry and accessories

Keep your accessories and jewelry to a minimum. You don’t have to skip them entirely, but you also don’t want them to look too flashy or cause a distraction. Keep the big hoop earrings at home for another day. Don’t pile on your bracelets or layer on rings. Your handbag should be simple and your shoes the same.

Wear neutral colors

Woman street looking papers

Pay very close attention to the colors that you’re wearing to court. You may have picked a very appropriate style of clothing to wear, but it can look unprofessional if it’s too bright or bold of a color. Keep colors neutral at all times. This means basic black, navy blue, or shades of gray. A little bit of color can be added to bring an entire outfit together, but don’t overdo it.

Dress smartly

Dressing smartly gives off the vibe that you’re intelligent, responsible, and prepared. It’s similar to what you would wear for a professional environment. For a woman, smart clothing would include simple slacks tailored to fit the body well. 

On top, a blouse or button-down shirt is appropriate. If you need an additional layer because of the weather, opt for a blazer or cardigan sweater. Your shoes should be modest heel that isn’t anything too flashy.

Stay Away from Bold Prints and Patterns

We’ve talked about choosing clothing that is basic in color, but the same applies if you’re looking at something that has a bold print or pattern. A little bit of color is fine, as is a simple print. However, you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself in a negative manner. 

If you do want to wear something that has a bit more detail, choose a simple floral pattern or something with a small design. Stay away from large geometric shapes, very bright colors, and bold prints like polka dots or stripes.

Consider the Season

Your outfit should be appropriate based on the season. If it’s cold outside, make sure you’re wearing enough layers that you are comfortable but also look appropriate. Smart court clothing includes blazers, sweaters, dress pants, and professional-looking boots. 

In the summer, you should avoid wearing clothing that shows too much skin in an attempt to stay cool. You can opt for a sleeveless blouse or knee-length skirt that is made of a thin fabric that is very breathable.

Consult Your Attorney for Advice

If you’ve never had to go to court before and you’re concerned that you’re not going to wear the right thing, consult with your attorney to see if they have any advice for you. They can usually tell you how they dress for court, and you can mimic that style for your own success.

Switch Things Up

If you’re going to be making multiple court appearances over the course of many months, make sure you have a few different outfits to wear. You should be switching your clothing up to avoid repetition.

We’ve covered many helpful tips and advice that should help you get started with choosing an outfit for your day in court. You likely have a number of articles of clothing in your wardrobe right now that can be mixed and matched together with success. 

However, you may want to start shopping if your court date is quickly approaching and you don’t feel that you have anything that will work for a professional setting like this. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead, so you’re worrying about more important matters regarding court and not your outfit the morning of the big day.

What should men wear to court

There are many reasons why a man may need to make a court appearance. Being involved in a vehicular accident, being charged with a DUI, or working out the details of child custody are just some of the causes of a court date.

To put your best foot forward and have a successful experience, it’s important that you’re wearing the right clothing to court.

This chapter is dedicated to what men should wear to court. Our goal is to provide you with a series of tips that will help you get started with choosing the perfect outfit. 

You probably have a number of clothing items in your closet right now that will suffice. But you may need a little assistance with choosing what should be paired together. Let’s get started so you can prepare properly for your impending court date.

Look as neat and professional as possible

Going to court is an important event, regardless of why you’re there. You need to make a good impression, whether it be on your own behalf or for someone else that you’re there to support. The goal of your outfit is to look as neat and professional as possible.

Man smiling suit bench street

You’ll want your clothing to be clean, ironed, and free of damage or wear and tear. Don’t choose clothing that looks crumpled or like it has been sitting on the bottom of your closet floor for the past six months. This isn’t the impression that you want to make on the judge, jury, attorneys, etc.

Remove earrings, cover tattoos, and wear minimal jewelry

While you may love rocking your jewelry and tattoos when you’re at home or going out, a court isn’t the place to show these things off. Minor accessories for women are acceptable, but men should remove their earrings, keep jewelry minimal and cover up any visible tattoos that they have. 

Most tattoos can be covered with clothing, but you may even want to consider purchasing a makeup kit that can be used to cover tattoos that you may have on more visible areas like your face or neck.

Wear well-fitting clothing

Baggy pants, sweatshirts, and tracksuits may be ultra-comfortable when you’re at home or around town, but you’ll still want to choose more well-fitting clothing when you’re going to court. 

It looks far more professional to choose an outfit that looks like it fits your body type perfectly. Make sure your pants fit at the waist, and ensure that you have them pulled up to your waistline and held there with a belt. Don’t let your pants hang low. 

Wear a dress shirt that is your actual size. Don’t go up or down a size. A suit coat or blazer should fall past your wrists but not down past your hands. When pulling the coat around the front of your body, you don’t want too much excess fabric or for the look to be too tight.

Opt for comfortable but dress shoes

Sneakers may be comfortable, but they’re not acceptable for court. Leave your athletic footwear at home and wear dress shoes to properly complete your outfit. If you don’t have an updated pair of shoes, purchase something new that you feel comfortable in while still looking nice.

Go Shopping If Need Be

If it’s been a while since you’ve gone shopping for professional clothing, you’ll need to head to the store to find some new items. You don’t want to wear clothing to the court that looks old or outdated. 

Choose items that are fresh, fashionable, but still conservative. Make sure you have a few outfit options so you aren’t limited to what you can wear on the day of your court appearance.

Consider the Time of Year of Your Court Date

Your clothing choices should look appropriate for the time of year that you’ll be going to court. You can have a really nice outfit on that consists of dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a sweater, but that may look out of place on a 90-degree day in the middle of summer. 

In this case, choose a nice, breathable shirt and tie with a simple pair of slacks that will keep you cool. Accessories like your socks can even be chosen according to the seasons. Summer months call for thinner material, while the winter is all about staying warm.

Plan Ahead

The worst thing you can do is try to pick out your outfit the morning of your court date. Make sure that you’ve taken a look at your wardrobe ahead of time to see if you have something to wear.

Woman clothes mirror bedroom

If you don’t, head to the stores with plenty of time to spare. Make sure you purchase a few different items in case you decide to change your mind on the day of your appearance.

Set Your Clothes Out the Night Before

The night before your court appearance, pull your outfit out and make sure it is clean, ironed, and ready to be worn. There’s nothing worse than putting an article of clothing on the morning you need to go somewhere and realize that there is a big stain that you need to contend with. 

Most people have minimal time in the morning, and getting out the iron and ironing board to press a dress shirt takes up a lot of time. You don’t want to be late to court.

Choose Professional Work Attire

If you have a corporate job, then you have plenty of clothing in your wardrobe that will work for the court. Slacks, button-down shirts, ties, blazers, suits, dress shoes, etc., are all items that you can mix and match to look your best.

Color Choices

Keep your color selections as basic as possible. Dress clothes in shades of gray, navy blue, and black are the safest options. Stay away from bold color palettes for court.

You should be adequately prepared to choose an appropriate and professional outfit for court after reading this article. 

Men don’t have as many options as women when it comes to wardrobe variety, but you still need to ensure that you look as neat as possible. When in doubt, stick to the clothing that makes you feel confident while looking like you’re prepared and professional.

Do’s & don’ts

You’re probably very familiar with what is appropriate for a job interview or a day at work, but your outfit also sends a message in other scenarios. For example, going to court for a custody agreement, criminal activity, or something else is a time when your outfit matters. When you dress for success, this can make an impression on people that could potentially impact your legal outcome.

In this chapter, we will discuss some of the helpful do’s and don’ts of what to wear to court. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice for this situation, but we’re here to help you with fashion advice. You should dress in something that allows you to feel comfortable, but something neat and professional is also optimal.

Do dress conservatively

The clothing that you choose for court should be very conservative. You want to cover up your body and avoid showing too much skin. This isn’t an event that would encourage any kind of flashy or risky outfits. 

Women should avoid wearing anything that is cut too high on the legs, as well as low-cut shirts. Men should consider articles of clothing like suits, dress shirts, ties, etc. Dressing for court is similar to dressing for things like a wedding or a funeral.

Don’t overdress

While it’s important to dress conservatively, professionally, and appropriately, you want to avoid overdressing. Overdressing would include very elaborate dresses or suits that are just far too formal for something legal-related. 

For example, a tuxedo suit would be a bit much and should be avoided. Women wouldn’t wear a gown or full-length dress with a full skirt. Keep your outfit simple when you’re dressing for court.

Do know your court’s dress code

Your municipality may have a specific dress code for court proceedings. You can find out what that dress code is by calling the town or city hall where you will be appearing. You can always reach out to your attorney if you need more information on what you expect at your court date, including what you should wear to comply with a specific dress code.

Don’t show your tattoos

There’s nothing wrong with having tattoos and flaunting them when you’re out with friends or just enjoying a casual day at the beach, but court is a very different story. You should avoid showing your tattoos, if at all possible, in order to look as professional as possible. 

You should be able to cover up by choosing long sleeves, pants, etc. Besides, other tattoos on your face, neck, or hands can often be covered up using special makeup that actually works quite well to conceal things like this.

Don’t wear jeans or sneakers

Certain casual clothing items like jeans or sneakers should remain at home. They’re comfortable and fun, but court isn’t the place for them. You should opt for slacks, dress pants, khakis, skirts, dresses, and more. Dress shoes should always accompany your outfit as well. Avoid sneakers, flip-flops, and sandals.

Do keep jewelry to a minimum

Accessorizing with simple earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets is fine. However, you should avoid wearing anything that is too big or flashy. You don’t want to be a distraction with your outfit, and your accessories can quickly become an issue if you’re not careful.

Do have your nails polished

When women polish their nails, they tend to look much more professional, neat and well put together. Polish your nails for court but stick to natural or neutral shades that will complement your outfit overall. Don’t use incredibly long artificial nails that cause a distraction, and stay away from very bright colors or alternating colors on different nails.

Don’t wear tight or revealing clothes

Women often think that wearing tight clothing is going to draw positive attention their way. In the court of law, this couldn’t be further than the truth. Tight clothing or revealing clothing is going to do just the opposite. It will make you look like you haven’t taken the situation seriously enough, and that’s not a good position to be in.

Don’t overdo your makeup

Smiling woman holds glasses

Women should choose natural makeup for court that is simple and simply accentuates their natural beauty. Don’t pile on the eye shadow, skip a bright red or pink lip and stay away from too much blush or bronzer. The bold makeup look can be saved for the club or for going out with your friends.

Don’t wear anything too bright or bold

Keep the colors of your clothing just as simple and neutral as you would your makeup, accessories, etc. Dresses, skirts, suits, and other clothing items should be navy blue, gray, black, white, or other simple hues. Bright colors and bold prints are acceptable for more fun outings or for work.

Do keep it simple

While it’s important to give a good deal of thought to the outfit that you’re going to be wearing to court, make sure that you’re keeping your ideas simple. Stick with the most conservative clothing items that you have in your closet. If you don’t own much, invest in a couple of appropriate outfits.

Do wear dress shoes

Put on dress shoes that match your outfit. Also, women should opt for a shoe that has a relatively low heel. Avoid very high and thin stilettos that look out of place. A low, square-shaped heel will suffice and look quite nice.

Don’t wear a hat

Avoid wearing a hat to court. Baseball hats, beanies, and other headwear are only acceptable if you’re outside and the weather calls for them. Otherwise, leave them at home and make sure that your hair looks nice.

Do groom and trim facial hair

Men with facial hair should ensure that it is kept neat and trim on court day. Don’t show up to court with a long, scraggly beard or stubble that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed.

Do color-coordinate your clothes

Matching your articles of clothing shows that you put a lot of thought into your look and that you take your appearance seriously. This is the kind of impression that you want to make.

These do’s, and don’ts of dressing for court should help you prepare ahead of time for your appointment. Don’t wait until the last minute to put these tips into effect. Planning ahead will alleviate much of the stress you feel leading up to your court date.

Women’s outfit ideas

We’ve covered a lot of the basics of choosing an outfit when you have a court date coming up, but this chapter is going to be dedicated to specific outfits that are appropriate for women in court.

Whether this is your first court appearance or you have been to many, it’s important that you’re always paying close attention to what you’re wearing. Your outfit can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. You don’t want to receive an unfavorable outcome and wish that you had dressed more appropriately.

Women have a lot of wardrobe options when it comes to what they should wear to court. It’s a very professional situation that is similar to a work environment. 

If you have a corporate job, then you may already have plenty of dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks, and dress shoes at your disposal. If you don’t, this chapter will provide you with the guidance that you need when you go shopping for some new clothing for court.

Nice modest-looking dress + closed-toe shoes

A formal and professional dress should be easy to find in your closet or at a clothing store. Head to the department where clothing would be featured for the corporate working world. Make sure that you choose something which is basic in color. 

Detail woman torso putting on seat belt car

Stick to navy blue, black, or shades of gray. The dress should have a high neckline and go down to the knees or lower. Wear closed-toe shoes for additional modesty. Avoid revealing dresses that show too much skin.

Women’s business suit + dress shoes

A power suit is a collection of women’s clothing items that are conservative but also very bold. This suit doesn’t typically have much color to it, but its lines are crisp and clean. From slacks to dress shirt, everything should fit nicely and look pressed. Don’t neglect to choose an appropriate dress shoe or accessories like a belt or handbag. Keep the entire look simple while still giving off a good impression.

Button-up blouse + sleek pants

Button-up blouses are very versatile and can be matched with a number of other clothing items when a court date is approaching. There’s nothing wrong with keeping this look simple. You can match a basic white blouse with a black skirt or black slacks, and the look will be perfect for court. 

Sleek and fashionable pants should fit your body well and look conservative. Make sure they are hemmed right at the ankle so you don’t trip over them, and they don’t look too short.

Modest top + pencil skirt

There are a lot of different women’s tops that are appropriate for court. You may already have some in your closet. Skip the brightly colored ones or the blouses with bold prints. Instead, choose a basic white blouse or something with a very neutral hue. Tuck it into a pencil skirt that hugs your curves but is long and modest. Wear stockings with low heels and just a few simple accessories.

Pencil Skirt + Blazer + Heels

A pencil skirt is a popular women’s clothing item that has long been worn thanks to its modest yet attractive appearance. It generally goes down to about knee-length and comes in basic shades of gray, navy, and black. You can pair it with a simple white blouse and black blazer on the more fitted side. Heels will elongate the look and pull everything together but avoid wearing too high or sexy of a heel.

Floor Length Skirt + Blouse + Cardigan Sweater

A skirt that goes down to the floor can look very nice with a fitted blouse. To pull the entire look together, top your blouse with a simple cardigan sweater. Ballet flats will keep you comfortable but still look nice if your shoes happen to show underneath your skirt.

Black Crop Pants + White Dress Shirt + Black Blazer

Black pants are a classic dress clothes item for women, but you can add a little bit of flare to your look by opting for a cropped pair that ends just above the ankle. The leg tends to be very straight and comfortable. 

Tuck a white button-down dress shirt into your slacks and wear a black blazer on top. Your shoes will show off nicely with your cropped pants but stick to a basic black heel.

Slacks + Turtleneck + Ballet Flats

You can choose a basic black pair of slacks for your courtroom outfit, but you can also try something like a pair of charcoal gray pants or something navy in color, and they’ll work the same way. A black or white turtleneck is the perfect top for chillier weather. Opt for a flat pair of dress shoes such as ballet flats in a basic black or gray.

Monochromatic Dress Clothes (All Black)

Woman posing wall magazine
Source: Junior REIS on Unsplash

If you’re not confident with your ability to mix and match a number of different clothing items for court, opt for a monochromatic look. Keeping your entire outfit revolving around black clothing will look very serious and professional. Black slacks (or skirt), black blouse, black blazer, and black dress shoes match together without much effort.

One-Piece Pantsuit

A one-piece pantsuit is similar to a jumpsuit but far less casual. You can dress up a one-piece pantsuit by adding a belt to your waistline and wearing a low pair of heels.

Included in this chapter were some very specific women’s outfit ideas that can be worn to court. They aren’t overly expensive or involved, but they make a big impression when you step into the courtroom. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with what you have available to you in an attempt to create the perfect and professional outfit. You can always ask your friends or family if they have ideas or items you can borrow. Let us know in the comments what you came up with.

Men’s outfit ideas

Men that attend court proceedings are often under the microscope. Your behavior will be watched very closely throughout the process, but there may be people that take in your outfit as well as a way to form an opinion about you. There’s no need to feel pressured by this fact. We’ve written this chapter as a way to share some men’s court outfit ideas with you.

Women tend to have a lot more options than men when it comes to their wardrobe and professional clothing. However, you’re not limited to just a basic black suit when you head to the courthouse. Let’s get started with some tips for what to wear to court.

Suit + tie + leather shoes

Man suit stairs front building

Do you have a basic suit in your closet? Have you worn it recently? Now is the time to pull it out and see if it still fits and if it’s a relevant style. A lot of men have the same suit in the back of their closet for years, not realizing that it wouldn’t be a relevant outfit if they decided to pull it out and wear it. Invest in a new suit and complementing tie if you need something fresh. Leather dress shoes will complete the outfit.

Slacks + blazer

There may be certain situations where court doesn’t warrant a full suit. For example, a quick appearance for a traffic violation is usually a much more casual event. You could wear a nice pair of slacks in gray, black, navy, or khaki paired with a button-down shirt and blazer. Choose a simple pair of black or brown leather shoes as your footwear.

Long-sleeve button-down shirt + dress pants

In your closet, you should have a nice collection of long-sleeve button-down shirts that match with different pairs of pants, blazers, sweaters, etc. Pick a modest dress shirt that doesn’t have any kind of bright color or pattern to it. Wear it with a simple pair of dress pants and loafers or lace-up dress shoes.

Khakis + Button-Down Shirt + Sweater Vest

A clean and fresh pair of khakis can be matched with a crisp button-down shirt in a dark hue (try black, dark blue, or gray). If the weather is cool outside, try putting a sweater vest over the top of your dress shirt to elevate the entire look. Try to keep all of the colors simple and matching. You should wear brown shoes if you’ve chosen khakis as your footwear.

Slacks + Dress Shirt + V-Neck Sweater

Men’s slacks come in a number of fits these days. It’s a good idea that you stay away from the skinny variety if you’re attending something important like a court. Choose a straight and relaxed fit according to your normal size. Accessorize them with a belt that matches the color of your shoes. 

Wear a dress shirt that is very basic in color, but make sure that it has been ironed and looks completely wrinkle-free. A v-neck sweater that matches the shades of your outfit can be worn over the dress shirt for added style.

Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit consists of a pair of dress pants, a jacket, and a vest that all match exactly. It’s usually worn with just a simple white dress shirt and a pair of black or brown shoes, depending on the color suit that you’re wearing to court. Just be sure that the three-piece suit that you have isn’t something that’s very outdated or worn out.

Monochromatic Outfit (All Black)

You can choose to keep your outfit all one color if you want to create a professional monochromatic look. For court, the most practical option would be to choose all black clothing. Black slacks, a black button-down shirt, and a black jacket would suffice. 

Pair the entire outfit with a black leather belt and black dress shoes. Don’t forget to run a lint brush over your outfit before you leave the house. An all-black outfit can look messy if you’re not careful.

Dress Shirt + Dress Pants + Vest

If you feel like a three-piece suit is a bit too formal for your appearance in court, pair a basic dress shirt with a pair of simple dress pants. You can wear a vest that matches the pants. 

But feel free to experiment with a vest that is a slightly different shade than what you’re wearing on the bottom. Just make sure everything matches well and avoid too many colors all at once.

Slacks + Polo + Blazer

You can choose to skip the button-down shirt altogether and go with a more casual look if you think it would be appropriate. A light gray pair of dress pants would look lovely with a basic white polo shirt and a matching gray blazer. Your footwear would be a pair of black dress shoes.

Dress Pants + Dress Shirt + Tie + Vest

If you have enough articles of clothing to work with and you feel you can pull the look off, choose a shade like blues and complete your look that way. Blue pants with a white dress shirt will pair nicely with a dark, navy-blue vest. Add just a small pop of color with a striped tie. Complete the look with a light brown pair of leather dress shoes.

These ideas and tips are designed to provide men with the information needed to choose a professional and appropriate outfit when they have a day in court coming up. It can be stressful to prepare for this type of event in general.

We just want to ensure that your clothing choice isn’t something you need to worry about too much. We’d love to hear about your clothing option for your court date. Let us know in the comments below.


Now that we’ve provided you with plenty of information about the different fashion styles and wardrobe options that are appropriate for a day in court head to your own closet to see what you have available. 

If you can’t find an outfit that falls in line with the tips and information that we’ve provided in this article, you should consider doing some shopping. Investing in a few professional outfits will serve you well for your court date. However, it’s also helpful to have a few similar outfits for work events, interviews, etc.

Let us know in the comments below what you came up with and whether or not you feel it had an impact on your day in court. You can also share this article with someone you know that would benefit from this information as well.

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