100+ Hot Hat Styles: Types of Hats for Men & Women [2023]

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Hats are fashionable items that men and women have worn since ancient times. They were first used to protect the head and face from weather conditions. Nowadays, they’ve become fashion staples. Hats reveal a lot of information about the identity of their wearer. Not to mention that they can add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

There are lots of different types of hats for men and women. They vary in size, shape, style, and purpose. So, how can you choose the right hat type for each occasion? You must learn a bit about their main characteristics to make the right choice.

No idea where to start? Don’t panic! You’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll tell you all about the different kinds of hats. I’ll cover the basics to the most advanced details. Once you finish reading this post, you’ll be such a hats expert!

Let’s get started!

Introduction to hats

In this chapter, I’ll deal with hats fundamentals. Thus, I’ll provide a proper definition of hats. Then, I’ll explain the parts of a hat. And once you know about the basics, I’ll share a hat size chart. To finish off this chapter, I’ll talk about the history and origin of hats. Ready?

What is a hat?

A hat is a headwear that you can use to cover your head for several reasons. Most people use hats to protect themselves from weather conditions like sunlight or rain. But hats can also be worn because of ceremonial purposes, for safety reasons, and even as a fashionable accessory.

Woman pink shirt black cap field

Some hats are worn for ceremonial purposes, like during university graduation ceremonies. Other hats can be used for protection, such as those used by construction workers. There are hats that you use because of your profession, as happens in the case of chefs and police officers. 

In the past, hats were used as an indicator of your social status. Today, some hats still have a symbolic meaning. For instance, those worn during religious services. But, these days, most people wear hats due to fashion.

A hat is headwear that is made with a crown and brim. It gives shade to the face, neck, and shoulder. It’s worth mentioning that a hat differs from a cap in that the latter has a visor/bill instead of a brim.

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What’s more, a hat is an umbrella term. It refers to all types of head coverings, including caps. However, the latter is headwear with a crown and a visor in the front. Thus, it only provides shade to the face and front side of your neck.

Let’s have a look at the parts of a hat so that you can understand the difference better!

Parts of a hat

Every hat part has a specific purpose like providing shade, improving the wearer’s comfort, or just embellishment. To decide what hat type best suits you, it’s helpful to know the parts of a hat and their function.

Woman forest parts of hat

Here are the parts of a hat and their description:


The brim is the horizontal ledge of a hat. It provides shade to the face, ears, and neck. The brim is what protrudes from the base of the crown. There exists a huge variety of brims, including foldable, flat brims, floppy brims, wide brims, upturned brims, short brims, downward brims, and underwelt brims, to name a few.

Unbelievable as it may seem, some people confuse brims with bills. The latter is also known as a visor. And it is the protruding peak of a cap. Visors differ from brims in that the latter offers more sun coverage.


The underbrim, as the name implies, is the part under the brim. In other words, it refers to the underside of a hat brim. More often than not, underbrims are made in dark colors, such as black, gray, or brown, to lessen the sun’s glare. However, in the case of straw hats, underbrims can be made of brighter colors to give a vacation look. 

Dip of the brim

The dip of the brim refers to the depth of the brim. It’s got both protective and styling purposes. 


The crown is the top portion of a hat. It’s the area above the brim that covers the top of your head. It aims at protecting you against the sun and other weather conditions. It can be designed with either lower or higher profiles.

Low-profile hats offer less room for your head, whereas higher-profile ones give you more space. Sometimes there is a crease or pinch in the crown. What’s more, there exist lots of types of crowns. It is for this reason that I’ll explain them in more detail, just below the parts of a hat. Keep on reading to find out more!

Creases, dents, and pinch 

The pinch, dents, or creases refers to the indentations or dips made on the sides, back, and front of the crown. In fact, the pinch is the shape given to the crease using the hands. Most hats are sold with rounded crowns. It is customers who then can style the crowns to their liking.

Creasing the hat’s crown matters since it allows you to remove the hat easily. Besides, the different types of creases also serve to characterize a hat like pinch front, cattleman, and brick crease, to name a few. 


The hatband is a decorative band that wraps around the crown of a hat. It is placed above the brim. What’s more, it can be a braided cord, a leather strip, or in the form of a ribbon. Hatbands can be made of cotton, wool, leather, silk, nylon, or beads. 

In the past, the hatband was used to make the fit tighter. However, nowadays, it’s more commonly used as a decorative item. That’s to say, the hatband has become a fashion statement. 


This refers to any embellishment feature on the hat, such as feathers, tassels, beads, or buckles. As a curious fact, men tend to wear feathers on the left side of their hat, whereas women wear them on the right.


The sweatband has two main functions: provide a comfortable fit and prevent sweat from getting into the hat. It can be made of sheepskin or cowhide leather, but also from suede or cotton. It is located just above the hat’s underbrim.

Sweatband bow

The sweatband bow is placed on the back of the seam of the sweatband. It represents the back of the hat so that the wearer knows how to wear the hat. 


The liner is the interior layer of the hat. It’s an optional feature, and it is generally made of soft fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk, cotton, synthetic mesh, and the like. It adds warmth and stability. 

Besides, it prevents sweat and stains and any other kind of interior hat deterioration. Liners are typical of most dress hats. However, it’s not that common to find them in summer hats or those which are packable. 


The taper refers to how narrower the upper crown gets compared to the lower crown. Depending on the hat’s design, the hat can either have a tapered appearance or look straight from the upper to the lower part of the crown.  

Snap brim

The snap brim consists of a type of curved brim. It’s typical of fedoras and other hats with a similar shape. Not surprisingly, the shape of the brim is what allows you to wear it either snapped down or worn up. 

Brim binding

The brim binding is the trim around a hat’s brim. It can be made of materials like silk, leather, or grosgrain ribbon. There are three types of brim binding: bound edge, raw edge, and welted or stitched edge. 

Now that you’ve learned about the parts of a hat, I’d like to explain the hat’s crown better. It is for this reason that I’m going to talk about crown shapes in more detail just below!

Crown shapes

Here are the most common crown shapes:

Center dent

The center dent crown, which is also referred to as the center crease, is considered the most popular and easy to do crease. It is a simple crease that runs from the front to the back of the hat. 

The crease is in the center of the crown. And it’s common that the front of the hat has pinches on the sides. It’s worth mentioning that the crease usually measures one to two inches deep. 


Person fedora hat clover field

The diamond crown, as the name suggests, looks like a diamond when viewed from the top. What’s more, the crown has a 4-point diamond shape, 1-point in the front, and the other three are placed at the back. It’s an elegant hat style that offers more depth.

Open crown

The open crease, also known as the round crown, is designed with no creases at all. Besides, this type of hat crown comes in a dome-like shape what makes it easily recognizable. It’s a stylish hat crown. You can wear it day and night.


Two women eating restaurant

The teardrop crown has a teardrop shape, narrower in the front and rounded towards the back of the hat’s crown. It’s more pointed at one end and somehow curved at the other. It’s also known as the C crown. The crown’s front is pinched. 


Top view yellow straw hat

The telescope crown is rounded like the end of a telescope. It is for this reason that it’s also known as the flat crown or flat top. Besides, it’s characterized by its simple rounded indentation at the edge of the top crown.


Straw hat detail from above
Source: Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

The cattleman crown is typical of lots of western hats. It features a taller but narrower crown. It’s worth mentioning that it’s got a single crease down the center together with two creases along the side. 


The bubble crown is unique. It’s called like this since it looks like a bubble. Its main feature is that it’s got a domed crown. The inner circumference is somehow smaller than the one on the top of the crown. It’s typical of vintage hats. 

Flat top

The flat-top crown, as the name suggests, doesn’t have a rounded nor a shaped crown. Unbelievable as it may seem, it’s just flat on the top. Such a crown shape is typical of top hats. 


Woman hat pool inflatable

The gus crown is creased from front to back. It’s also typical of western hats. Not surprisingly, it’s characterized by the fact that the front of the crown is lower than the back. 


The optimo crown is typical of some straw hats. What characterizes this crown is that it allows the hat to fold in on itself. Thus, this crown style is vital for packable hats that most people wear when traveling. 

Hat sizing

Not surprisingly, to determine your hat size, you must measure your head. But how? Well, you’ll need a sewing measuring tape or a string. Then, all you have to do is to wrap around above your ears and across your eyebrows.

Mannequin clothes hat measuring tape

It would be wise to stick your finger under the tape so that you ensure there’s enough room. Besides, when in doubt between two measurements, it’s preferable you opt for the next size up.

Remember that if you use a string to measure your head, you’ll have to match it with a measurement tape or ruler afterward. Sadly, different suppliers follow different sizing metrics. 

So, just because you have an old hat, and you know the size, it doesn’t mean this is the size you need to get for a new hat. So, be careful here. The best bet is to measure your head circumference again before ordering a new hat. 

More often than not, women’s hats are sized in one size fits all. Thus, most hats are manufactured in a single size that adapts itself to suit various head sizes ranging from 21.5 inches to 22.25 inches. Besides, some hats have an adjustable inner band to keep the hat in place. Still, in case you need it, below there is a hat sizing chart. Check out our complete hat sizing article to get a detailed hat size chart and learn how to measure a hat size.

As to men’s hat sizes, they are generally sized in alpha sizing (S-XL) or numerical sizing. It is for this reason that you must measure your head circumference. You can use the chart below to determine which size to order:

Head circumference cmHead circumference inchesUK hat sizeUS hat size
Small 54-55 cm21 1/8 – 21 1/26 5/8 – 6 3/46 3/4 – 6 7/8
Medium 56-57 cm21 7/8 – 22 1/46 7/8 – 77 – 7 1/8
Large 58-59 cm22 5/8 – 237 1/8 – 7 1/47 1/4 -7 3/8
X-Large 60-61 cm23 1/2 – 23 7/87 3/8 – 7 1/27 1/2 – 7 5/8
XX-Large 62-63 cm24 1/4 -24 5/87 5/8 – 7 3/47 3/4 – 7 7/8
XXX-Large 64-65 cm 25 – 25 1/27 7/8 – 88 – 8 1/8
Hat Size Chart

It’s worth mentioning that the average size for men is large, whereas the average size for women is medium. Now that you’ve learned about hat sizing, let’s talk a little bit about the history & origin of hats!

History and origin of hats

Unbelievable as it may seem, historians don’t seem to agree who invented the hat. There aren’t many records dating before 3,000 BC. However, evidence suggests the hat was created before that. 

What most agree on is the fact that whoever invented the hat was a true genius. Yet, one of the earliest examples comes from the Bronze Age. There was a man called Otzi who was found frozen wearing a hat around 3250 BC. Interestingly, this well-preserved mummy appeared in a mountain between Italy and Austria. The hat in question was a bearskin cap with a chin strap. 

Chinese fisherman river conical hat

Another example worth mentioning is one of the first drawings of a hat. It appeared in a tomb painting in Thebes, Egypt. It dates from 3200 BC. It consists of a man wearing a conical hat made of straw. 

What’s more, it’s believed hats were commonly worn in Egypt since many upper-class Egyptians used to shave their heads. Thus they needed something to cover their heads. Ancient Mesopotamians wore conical hats too. 

Other early examples are the Phrygian cap worn by freed slaves in Greece and Rome or the Tollund Man that dates back to 400 BC. The former was also called Liberty caps during the French Revolution. The latter was mummified, wearing a hat like Otzi. 

Besides, it is believed that St. Clement, the patron saint of felt hatmakers, discovered felt when he filled his shoes with flax fibers. However, felt appeared at different times in different parts of the world. 

Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans were also aware of the importance of felt. The former noticed how it became compact when mixed with camel hair while the latter used it for fur moccasins. 

In the Middle Ages, hats denoted social status. Besides, in the 16th-century, women started to wear structured hats. These were similar to those of male courtiers. In the 18th century, milliners appeared. These were usually women who created hats and bonnets as well as other accessories. The name points out that those hats came from the Italian city of Milan. 

One of the most representative hats of the 18th century was the shepherdess hat known for having a large brim to protect yourself from the sun. Interestingly, in the 19th century, the brim of bonnets changed from large to small.  

However, in the 20th-century, women’s hats changed again. These changes were the result of fashion, different hairstyles, social changes, wars, etc. Likewise, man’s hats have changed a lot throughout history. Skull caps turned into capotain. The tricorne evolved into a bicorn. Hats developed as time went by. 

Not to mention that in the earliest 20th century, extravagant hats made their appearance. It’s the time of flamboyant hats like those worn by famous stars such as Lady Gaga, among many others. 

Now that you are familiar with the basics about hats, it’s time to move on. In the next chapter, I’ll tell you all about types of hats. Carry on reading to become a hats expert and turn some heads next time you wear a hat.

All different types of hats A-Z

In this chapter, I’ll focus on types of hats. Not surprisingly, there exist lots of different kinds of hats. Not all hat types are appropriate for each and every occasion. Some hats are better for when the weather is cold. Others should be used in the summer. Some hats need to be used for protection. Others are just fashionable. Keep on reading to ensure you make the right decision next time you want to wear a hat!

Here’s a complete list of hat types:  

Woman dark charro suit sombrero

Akubra or the Aussie bush hat

The Aussie bush hat has been a staple of the Australian army uniform since 1903. Old hat manufacturer Akubra has sold these hats as fashion items since the 1900s. This classic hat is wide-brimmed and made with rabbit fur felt.

Woman coffee hunter attire

It’s a hat with a durable design that holds up in the shine and rain. Many might confuse it with the cowboy hat. Yet, the Aussie bush hat has a distinctive belt characteristic of the Australian tradition. 

Apple cap

The apple cap is a circular-shaped hat that is characterized by having six panels that join at the top. It’s got a button that helps to hold the panels together. Besides, the apple cap has a bill or visor that is stiff but short. The apple cap features a baggy fit, which gives it a vintage look. 

Man looking down apple cap

Newsboys wore this hat. It’s made of warm materials like wool since paper delivery takes place very early in the morning. However, apple caps can also be made from linen for summer wear.  

Ascot cap/Cuffley cap

The ascot cap is another variety of newsboy cap. This hat is made of a single hardness panel which is somehow curved to form the cap. Its bill is hard and long. And it’s usually made of a single-colored fabric. 

It can be sewn from wool, felt, tweed, cord, leather, and even straw. It first appeared in the 1900s. Yet, it’s still fashionable nowadays. This hat never loses its shape due to the hardness of the material it’s made of. So, it’s a durable hat. 


The Ayam is a traditional women’s winter hat typical of Korea. It dates back to the Joseon and Daehan Jeguk periods. Back then, female commoners used the ayam to protect themselves against the cold.

Ayam korean dress

It was also employed as formal headwear. Interestingly, it had a big ribbon attached to the back of the crown. The ayam was usually simple in design. Yet, there were some bejeweled versions. 


The balaclava or ski mask is a hat that covers the entire head but for the eyes and sometimes the mouth. It’s generally made from cotton and polyester. Its purpose is to protect wearers against the cold. Soldiers wore it in the Crimean war. But it’s still used today. Not surprisingly, it’s a type of headwear that’s close-fitting.

Baseball cap

The baseball cap is a light-cotton cap that has a rounded crown and a frontward projecting visor. It’s also got a button on the crown’s top and an adjustable strap at the back. In other words, the baseball cap is a thin close-fitting cap. 

Woman outdoor sport outfit

It became popular in the 1860s. It evolved thanks to the sport. These days, it’s widely worn. There exist lots of types and different styles of baseball caps. It seems to never go out of fashion.

Beanie/Stocking cap/Watch cap/Skull cap/Toque

The beanie is a type of close-fitting headwear. It’s a brimless hat. It’s mostly used in the winter to keep your head and ears warm. Both men and women use it, even children. It might have a pom-pom at the top. 

The beanie is a knitted round cap that’s extremely versatile. These days, it has become a fashion staple. It’s usually made from a stretchable material to ensure it fits properly. There are lots of beanie types. 

Wearing the right type of beanie is not that easy. There are many factors to consider, such as your face shape, your outfit, or the place you are going. It’s for this reason that you must learn how to wear a beanie so that you can better choose the perfect beanie hat for you.

Bearskin hat

Man black fur hat standing

The bearskin hat refers to a tall helmet of black fur that certain regiments of the British army wear. It was designed to protect them from sword cuts and other dangers the job may have. You can see the Brigade of Guards of Buckingham Palace in London wearing these hats if you happen to pay a visit to the palace. 


The beret is a soft round cap. It can be worn by both men and women. It’s a brimless hat with a flat crown that is flat on the top. Common materials used to make berets are wool, suede, leather, velvet, and straw. 

Young woman brown hat autumn

Berets can have decorations like a veil, fur, sequins, etc. Berets have been traditionally associated with France, the Basque people, and the military. 

What’s more, the military and police of different countries have berets in their uniforms. It was also part of the schoolgirls uniform in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. These days, it’s popular among fashionistas. 


The bicorne or cocked hat is a broad-brimmed felt hat. Its brim is folded up and pinned front and back. European military officers wore it in the 1970s. Most people associate it with Napoleon. 

Carabinieri bicorne feather hat

Big brim/Floppy hat

The big brim or floppy hat is a summer must-have since it provides a lot of sun protection. More often than not, it’s made of straw, but it can also be made from wool and polyester. It’s popular among women. Perfect for a day at the beach!

Its brim can reach up to 10 inches, though it’s generally shorter between 4 and 6 inches. You can find it in almost any color. It’s got a rounded crown. And, you can wear it both with a bathing suit or dressed-up with a pair of heels.

Boater/Skimmer hat

The boater hat is a stiff straw hat with a straight brim and a flat-topped crown. It’s a popular summer dress hat for both women and men. It’s got a two-tone ribbon around the crown.

Woman forest dress boater hat

It was formerly worn by seamen. Besides, it was associated with barbershop quartets and sailing events. Yet, it was also popular as schoolwear across Europe. These days, it’s still used at summer regattas and formal garden parties.   

Bobble hat

The bobble hat is a knitted wool hat with a pom-pom on top. This warm hat is also referred to as a bob cap or toque. There exists a wide variety as regards designs and colors. Besides, it’s available for men, women, and kids.

You can wear bobble hats with casual and informal outfits. They aim to keep you warm. There are bobble hats made from polyester, acrylic, silk, wool, and cotton. Bobble hats are fashionable outdoor warm hats. Besides, they are easy to fold and store if you feel like removing them at any time.


The bonnet was formerly used to describe different kinds of hats for both women and men. But, this term is more widely used to refer to girls and women’s head covering that doesn’t cover the forehead but covers the back of the head completely. Besides, it’s tied with ribbons under the chin.  

Woman bonnet hat sitting on bench

There were times when it also had a stiff brim that protruded from the edges of the cap. It was mostly used to protect the hair from the wind. It had lots of decorative elements, such as ribbons, bows, and laces, to name a few. 

Boonie hat

The boonie hat is a wide-brimmed cotton hat. It’s similar to the bucket hat, which is softer than the boonie hat. The latter is stiff-brimmed in comparison. The boonie hat is commonly used by military forces. 

It first appeared in the Vietnam war. It was nicknamed a “Daisy Mae” because of a comic character who wore a similar hat back then. Boonie hats have an adjustable string that helps to keep them tight. 

Bowler/Derby hat

The bowler hat is an iconic, stylish hat that became famous thanks to the silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Although it was created in 1849, it’s still popular nowadays. The bowler hat is also known as the “derby” hat by Americans or “bombin” by Spaniards. 

Woman in bowler hat

It’s a hard-felt hat with a rounded crown. It’s got rounded brim edges that are raised upwards. Besides, as a decorative element, a grosgrain ribbon is often attached to the hat’s crown. It’s a durable hat. You can wear it for semi-formal and informal events. 

Breton hat

The breton hat has a round crown and a deep brim turned upwards all the way round. It’s a women’s hat that was originally made of felt or straw. It became fashionable in the 1960s.

When it first appeared, the brim wasn’t so wide. It was Christian Dior who introduced a variation of the brim in the 1950s, making it wider. It soon became the trend among women. 

Bucket hat

The bucket hat is a round crown brimmed hat. It’s also known as the fisherman’s hat and the Irish Country hat. What characterizes this hat is its downward sloping brim. It differs from other stiff brimmed hats like the bonnie hat. 

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My Bucket Hat Collection
by Sharena Chindavong

Bucket hats are made of breathable materials, such as cotton, canvas, or denim. They are mostly used in the summer. However, you can also wear them in the winter when made from wool or tweed. 

It first appeared in the 1900s. Back then, fishermen and farmers used it for rain protection. Yet, in the 1960s, it became a fashion accessory. Interestingly, these days it’s also called the “hipster hat.” 

Campaign hat

The campaign hat, also called campaign cover or drill sergeant’s hat, refers to a broad-brimmed felt hat. It’s got a tall crown that is pinched symmetrically at the four corners. 

Boy scout uniform hat tie

Campaign hats first appeared in 1880. Besides, the US army made them part of their uniform in the early 1900s. These days, campaign hats are worn by United States Park Rangers, Scouts, the New Zealand Army, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

Cartwheel hat

The cartwheel is a hat that was extremely popular among women in the 1900s. It’s a wide-brimmed hat that’s normally worn at an angle. This shallow-crowned hat aims at calling others attention. So, it’s perfect for turning some heads. 

Casque hat

The casque hat is headwear that never covers the wearer’s head completely. Its main function is to decorate the wearer’s head. There is no practical use of this hat. It might have feathers, flowers, and other decorative items. 

It’s a women’s hat that’s generally placed on one side of the head. To give you an idea of how it looks, think that it’s like a small beret that doesn’t cover your head to the fullest. It’s worn on formal occasions and usually matches the color of your dress.  


The casquette refers to a somehow peaked cotton small-cap traditionally worn by cyclists. These days, it’s not so common since most people wear helmets instead. It was mainly used to protect wearers from weather conditions.

Woman park sporty look
Source: Misael Moreno on Unsplash

Some varieties even incorporated a sweatband. If truth be told, many professional race outfits still include casquettes in team colors so that cyclists can wear them on the winner’s podium.  

Chef hat/Toque 

The chef hat or “toque blanche” is a tall, white pleated hat worn by chefs. It is a brimless hat that’s round. It first appeared in the 19th century in Europe. Nowadays, it’s used due to tradition more than practical reasons. 

Man chef standing near food people outdoor

However,  it still denotes cleanness and hygiene in the kitchen. It’s for this reason that chef hats are traditionally white. Interestingly, the height of the chef hat does matter. It is meant to point out your rank in the kitchen. 


The chullo is a knitted hat made from alpaca, llama, vicuna, or sheep’s wool. It’s typical of Peru and Bolivia. What I like the most about this hat are its earflaps. These usually have strings attached so that you can tie them underneath your chin. 


The chupalla is a traditional Chilean horseman hat. It’s got a wide brim, and it’s made from straw. It has a shallow crown that’s not flat. The crown can have several shapes. For example, it can have a single pinch at the center or a raised center with a moat. The chupalla might be decorated with ribbons at times just to make it look more attractive. 

Man horse rodeo

It’s worth mentioning that the term chupalla comes from the word achupalla, which is a plant typical of Central Chile. Well, the straw of this plant is what is used to produce this wonderful hat. 

Cloche hat

The cloche hat has recently become very popular. It’s a close-fitting bell-shaped hat for women. It’s often identified with the Roaring Twenties. The cloche hat lows on the forehead, drawing attention to your eyes. 

It is often made of felt so that it fits tightly on the wearer’s head. Still, it can also be made of straw and sisal for summer usage. It usually has a single-colored ribbon to make it more appealing. It looks best on women with short hairstyles

Cocktail hat

As it happens with the casque hat, the cocktail hat is a hat that doesn’t cover much of the wearer’s head. It’s got a decorative function. Women wear it to look stylish and sophisticated. You can wear it on formal occasions together with a nice gown or elegant evening dress.

Woman hat mujer elegante con sombrero retro. Sobre fondo gris primer plano

The cocktail hat is brimless. Yet, you can find it in various shapes. More often than not, it’s worn on one side of the head. It can be made from lots of materials like velvet, wool, straw, etc. Besides, it can have nets, ribbons, veils, feathers, and other decorative elements.

Conical Asian hat

The conical Asian hat or Asian rice hat refers to a straw hat traditionally worn in East, South, and Southeast Asia. Its design and materials differ from one country to another. Yet all Asian hats are large and conical. These hats are dome-shaped with a pointed spike at the center. 

Conical Asian hats are still worn in China, India, Korea, Bangladesh, Japan, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Its main function is to protect the wearer against the sun and rain. 

Coonskin hat

The coonskin cap is a hat made from the fur of a raccoon. It’s considered an iconic symbol of the US. Native Americans used to wear this hat in the 18th and 19th centuries. European settlers wore it too. It was popular in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Frontiersmen like David Crocket are associated with the coonskin hat too.

Anyway, the coonskin is still a powerful cultural symbol. It appeared in The Addams Family, The Simpsons, Phineas and Ferb, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and some other contexts. So, it’s far from being dead. 

Cowboy hat/Western hat

The cowboy hat has a wide-rolled brim and a high crown. The latter is dented at the center, and it’s got a few pinches on one side. Besides, it’s got a braid all around the crown. It’s a hat that’s extremely popular in the Western US among cowboys and ranch workers. 

This hat has a practical purpose. Its wide brims are designed to provide shade to horseriders, and the tall crown is for insulation. There exist different types of cowboy hats. They are generally made from felt, leather, or straw. 

Cricket cap

The cricket cap is a soft cap made from felt that forms part of traditional cricket uniforms. It’s tight-fitting. Besides, it’s got either six or eight sections and a brim to provide shade to your eyes.

Group man playing cricket
Source: Sagar Kulkarni on Unsplash

It used to form part of school uniforms of private schools in the UK. But, nowadays, it’s more common that they wear baseball caps instead. The most famous version of this hat is the baggy green cricket cap of the Australian cricket team. It’s considered by many as a lucky talisman. 


The crown is a type of headwear with a decorative function. As you may well already know, crowns don’t cover your head completely. However, they can still be considered hats. 

Woman dark dress crown
Source: Alice Alinari on Unsplash

The same happens with other hats I explained above, such as the cocktail hat, the casque hat, and the cartwheel hat. The crown is an ornamented hat that denotes sovereignty. Most of the time, it’s made of gold and precious stones. 

Custodian hat

The custodian hat refers to a police helmet worn by male police officers. It had a badge on and was worn when doing patrols on foot. The hat badges differ depending on the police force. It’s a hat that’s traditional for police officers in the UK. There exists a female version called bowler hat that provides the same protection.

The custodian hat is also called the custodian helmet or the bobby cap. These hats were originally made with cork, although modern designs are made of plastic. The custodian hat has a rounded crown and a medium-short bill. The style of these hats has been slightly altered through the years. These hats were worn for more than 150 years. What’s more, they are still used for ceremonial occasions. 

Dad hat

The dad hat is a type of baseball cap that’s extremely versatile. The dad hat is a 6-panel baseball cap with a slightly curved brim. They are made from canvas or cotton. However, they can also be made of other materials such as wool, linen, or polyester. And they usually come with logos.

Man black cap
Source: Dwayne Legrand on Unsplash

You can wear your dad hat all year long. Most men wear them for fashion reasons, sun protection, and to cover their hair on bad hair days. They are perfect for a casual look. Dad hats have an adjustable strap that allows the wearer to ensure it fits properly. 

Dad hats are timeless. You can wear them with street and sporty wear. They are no longer only exclusive to men. Rappers and other artists are often seen wearing dad hats. Dad hat’s brims are usually pre-curved by manufacturers. However, the hat’s crown can either be structured or unstructured. They are intended to take the shape of your head easily. 


The deerstalker is widely known since it’s generally associated with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It consists of six triangular panels that are sewn together towards the crown. It can be made of cloth or wool. But the interior linen tends to be made of satin.

Woman from behind looking trees

Besides, it’s got two brims attached to the front and back of the hat. These are short and stiff. The deerstalker also has matching earflaps. These can be tied over the crown or under the chin. This hat was originally designed for hunting in the chill of Scotland.  


The diadem is a type of royal crown (see crown above). In particular, it’s a light jeweled circlet worn by princesses and queens. It’s a very sophisticated ornament hat that is worn on formal occasions.

Duckbill cap

Man reading newspaper
Source: Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash

The duckbill cap has a peaked visor that resembles the duck’s beak. It’s generally made of tweed. And its crown is form-fitting. It’s lightweight, but it doesn’t fall easily. It’s got a rounded top that ends in a sloping curve that joins with the hat’s bill. Such a menswear hat is mainly used during sporting or countryside events.

Fascinator hat

Many are the ones who confuse fascinators with cocktail hats. Though similar to the cocktail hats worn in the 1960s, fascinators can be worn with a headband or clipped to the hair. The fascinator is a lightweight head covering that women use on formal occasions. 

The fascinator hat can be as simple or as ornate as one wishes. It provides no weather protection at all. It’s just decorative. It can be decorated with a net or a veil to make it more formal. It can also have feathers, flowers, and beads. 

Feather hat 

As the name implies, feather hats are those decorated with feathers. The hat shape can significantly vary from one hat to another. Yet, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the hat, the bigger the feather decoration. 

Fedora hat

The fedora hat has a soft brim and a medium-pinched crown. Fedoras are generally made of wool, felt, cashmere, cotton, linen, or hemp.  It’s a simple hat, but it usually has a decorative band, such as a grosgrain ribbon around the crown.

Woman looking camera fedora hat
Source: Celine Ruiz on Unsplash

It has been worn by many celebrities and famous characters like Indiana Jones and Freddy Krueger. It also appeared in classic films like Casablanca. Its distinctive feature lies in its crown, creased lengthwise. 


The fez is a red felt hat that is brimless. It’s original from Turkey. It’s a wool cap shaped like a cone or cylinder. And it’s got a tassel attached to the top. It’s usually red. As I explained above, it first appeared in the 17th century. Recently, it became more popular due to the TV show “ Dr. Who.”


Fitted caps refer to baseball caps (see baseball caps above). Fitted caps are measured in 1/8 increments so that they can perfectly fit you.

Flat cap

The flat cap is a type of Newsboy cap. It’s soft, round men’s wear. Mostly made from wool or tweed. It’s got a small bill in the front. Besides, it’s got a flat top that slopes into the front bill.  Such a hat is more suitable for the winter. Yet, when made of cotton, it can also be used as summer wear.

Man gangster attire 1920s

More often than not, it’s got an inner lining that aims at providing more comfort to the wearer. Interestingly, it was not only worn by newspaper delivery boys, but it also became popular as part of golf attire. 

Floppy hat

The floppy hat, also known as the Gainsborough hat, is a wide-brimmed hat with elaborate decorative elements like large plumes, flowers, or ribbons. Though it first appeared in the 18th century, it was in the 20th century when it gained popularity. It was worn by Greta Garbo in Anna Karenina.

These days, the floppy hat is more of a beach-headwear item. It offers high protection from the sun. Pair it with dark sunglasses, and you’ll look amazing! You can wear your floppy hat with both a swimsuit and a sundress. 

Fur hat/Faux fur hat

The fur hat is common winter wear. These hats can have different shapes but must be warm since they’re popular in cold countries. The Ushanka from Russia is an example of a fur hat (see chapter 1 for more information).

Woman fur hat fur coat

Nowadays, fur hats have evolved into faux fur hats. The latter are made from synthetic fabrics that resemble fur hats. They usually have an inner lining. Faux fur hats have recently become a fashion staple and can be used as party wear. You can accessorize them with a faux fur scarf or an elegant shrug.

Gambler hat

The gambler hat features a medium to wide brim with a slight upturn. Besides, it’s got a round or oval-shaped shallow crown. It also has a grosgrain ribbon or a leather strap around the crown. 

It can be made from leather, felt, or straw, depending on the season. What characterizes this hat is its oval-shaped crown. It’s rounded in the middle but with a slight pinch at the center. It’s got a moat-like structure on the edge. 

Gandhi cap 

The Gandhi cap is typical of India. It consists of a white hand-woven cloth which is pointed in the front and back. It’s got a wideband too. As the name implies, this hat takes its name after the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Afro man black suit hat

This hat has become a symbol of tradition. Both politicians and political activists wore it. Not surprisingly, it became famous during the Indian Independence movement. It remains a popular men’s headwear today.

Garrison cap

The garrison cap, also called side cap, flight cap, wedge cap, field service cap or overseas cap, is a military cap you can fold when you’re not wearing it. This hat has been associated with many military forces since the middle of the 19th century. Yet, some civilian organizations also made use of it. 

Man garrison cap uniform stands

The hat in question is a simple cloth cap with a flat crown and a folded-up brim. It also features military insignia pinned near the front. It became part of the military attire of many armed forces during WWI. 

Graduation hat/Mortarboard

The graduation hat is also known as the mortarboard, graduate cap, corner cap, and square academic cap. As you may well already know, this hat is flat and square. It usually has a tassel buttoned to the center of the top. 

Woman walking hand up mortarboard

It means a celebration of academic success. It’s generally worn as part of the academic dress during graduation ceremonies. Traditionally new graduates switch their hats tassel from one side to the other by the end of the ceremony. 


The gat refers to a traditional Korean men’s hat. It was worn during the Joseon period. Interestingly, this hat is made from horsehair with a bamboo frame. It’s got a cylindrical shape. And it features a wide brim. 

This hat is black and semi-transparent. In the 19th century, the gat was employed to denote social status. Noblemen used it. Soon after, military officers started using a kind of red gat. It was so important that it became part of their uniform. 

Gatsby/Newsboy cap/Paperboy cap

The gatsby is a soft brimmed hat. It’s made of eight paneled pieces joined with a button on the top. Besides, it’s got another button whose function is to join the front of the crown to the brim.

The gatsby hat is also known as the newsboy cap, paperboy cap, newsie cap, or baker boy hat. It’s similar to the flat cap. What’s more, the newsboy cap is still popular these days. Although nowadays, its design has been modernized. You can find these hats in denim, wool, and even leather.

Gaucho hat

The gaucho hat is typical of horse riders and nomadic tribes in Uruguay and Argentina. It’s made from felt, so you can use it when the weather is cold. What characterizes the gaucho hat is its shallow crown with a flat top. Besides, it’s got a wide, flat brim.

Man gaucho riding horse

These hats also have a string tie around the crown which is there for decorative purposes. The gaucho hat is still worn today. Both men and women wear it as a fashion accessory. In the past, it was worn by horsemen to stay away from the sun and rain.  

Greek fisherman’s hat

The Greek fisherman’s hat is a visored cap traditionally made of wool. What surprises me the most is its humble origins. It dates back to the early 19th century. In the 20th century, it was used by merchant navy sailors from Mediterranean villages. It became popular when John Lennon started wearing it. Other musicians like Bob Dylan also wore this hat. 

Half hat

As the name implies, the half hat is a type of hat that only covers half the head. This hat style was tremendously popular in the 1950s. The half hat consists of a close-fitting design that frames the head. Not surprisingly, this hat leaves the wearer’s forehead and ears exposed. 

Hard hat 

The hard hat is a rounded helmet used by construction workers and some other industrial employees. Its main function is to protect your head from any possible injury caused by falling objects and the like. 

Woman worker safety clothes helmet

Such a hat is generally made from high-density polyethylene or something strong enough to protect workers from falling debris. It also aims at protecting its wearers against weather conditions. 

Homburg hat

The homburg is a type of semi-formal men’s hat. It’s got a medium brim together with a crown with a crease but with no dents. This hat is distinguished by its overall oval shape. Besides, its brim is turned up around.

Not to mention that the homburg hat also has a grosgrain hatband ribbon. This hat was extremely popular in the 1960s due to Western dress codes. You may also know about this hat since Al Pacino wore one in the “The Godfather” movie. Sadly, it’s not seen too often these days.  


The helmet is a protective hat generally worn by drivers, cyclists, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, etc. Such a hat aims at protecting its wearer against any upcoming danger. There exist lots of types of helmets. These vary depending on who wears them and for what. But, mainly, helmets are used as a headpiece to cover and protect your head. 

Man motorcycle leather jacket helmet


The hennin is a type of women’s hat characteristic of the Middle Ages. It’s got the conical “princess” shape often seen in illustrations from the time. Some European noblewomen wore this hat. It was worn somehow tilted backward at an angle. It was made of light materials. And, it had a cloth lappet covering the brow part.  

Ivy cap/Flat cap

Its low profile and rounded top distinguish the ivy cap. It’s popular among the youth. It’s got a bill too. This hat can be made from lots of materials like polyester, cotton, and wool, to name a few. It’s also called the flat cap because it becomes unquestionably flat if you lay it on the table with the back folded underneath. 

Kepi hat

French soldiers uniform walking

The kepi hat is a tall circular hat with a short visor and a flat crown. This military cap features a leather or cloth peak. It first appeared in the 19th century in the Algerian War. In the 20th century, it started to be used for a range of sports and other professional and civil uniforms. 

Kettle brim hat/Up-brim

The kettle brim hat is a straw hat with a rounded crown. Besides, it’s got a characteristic stiff brim turned upwards. What’s more, the brim fold is quite noticeable since it’s pretty high compared to other hats. For this reason, it’s also called up-brim.

This hat is a type of summer hat that, at times, is decorated with a ribbon flower around the crown to make it appear more formal. Yet, the kettle brim hat is ideal for casual occasions and beachwear. This women’s hat can be made from any material.


The kofia is a brimless cylindrical cap with a flat crown. This men’s hat is typical of East Africa. Kofia is the Swahili word for hat. The traditional kofia has tiny holes in the cloth so as to improve air circulation. It’s also known as kufi in West Africa. This hat is tremendously popular in Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya. 

Grayscale photo man kofia

The Kufi hat 

The Kufi hat consists of a brimless and close-fitted hat. It is typical of North, East, and West Africa, and some parts of South Asia. It’s characteristic of West African men’s national costume. 

It’s also associated with religious dressing since it’s popular in the Muslim world. People from various faiths use this hat, such as African Christians and Jews. It is a unisex hat, though men more widely use it. 

Lifeguard hat

The lifeguard hat’s most significant feature is its large brim and the fact that it is great for protecting yourself against the sun. More often than not, it’s made from a type of straw, such as palm fiber, raffia, or rush.

Lifeguard hat swimming pool

It’s got a center-dent crown shape together with a wide, flat, down-sloping brim. It’s worth mentioning that even though this hat is intended to provide great sun coverage, many lifeguard hats don’t feature UPF protective fabrics. So, check the label before getting one of these. 

Mariner’s hat

The mariner’s hat has a soft, unstructured design with a flat top and a short curved brim. This hat is also known as the sailor, fisherman, and skipper cap. A mariner’s cap is a soft hat with a flat top and a visor brim.

It became popular in the 1960s thanks to the Beatles and Bob Dylan. These days, you can pair it with casual attire. It’s usually made from black, or navy wool felt. But you can also find it in blue denim and corduroy. It is worn by both men and women. 

Miki hat

The Miki hat consists of a six-paneled skull cap with a button on the tip of the crown. Besides, this hat has a folded brim. Therefore, the headband is double-lined. It also has a velcro closure so that you can adapt the hat to your size if need be.

The Miki hat covers your forehead a bit. It sits just above your ears. It can be made from cotton, leather, denim, and some other materials, even fleece or straw. This hat is unisex. 

Military cap

The military cap is also called Mao or Private cap. The hat in question is quite simplistic. It’s a minimalist, thick baseball cap. It’s characterized by having a short brim and a short crown. Besides, it’s got a flat top. These hats are unisex. So, they’re a great alternative to standard baseball caps. 


The montera refers to a crocheted hat that bullfighters wear. It’s worn with the “suit of lights.” This hat has an inner lining made from velvet. Besides, it’s often covered in astrakhan fur. 

Torero head back montera

Sometimes, it features the printed image of a saint, which is used as a talisman for good luck. What I like the most about this hat is the bulbs on the sides. The latter somehow resembles the bull’s horns.  

Mushroom hat

The mushroom hat, also known as the mushroom brim hat, is a women’s hat that first appeared in the 19th century. Not surprisingly, it’s called like this since it somehow looks like a mushroom with a downward-facing brim. 

It used to have decorative items, such as ribbons, flowers, or even birds. It’s commonly associated with the Edwardian era and Dior’s “New Look.” Interestingly, the crown’s size and shape varied according to fashion. These hats were mostly made from straw or felt.

Newsboy cap  

The newsboy cap is a casual-wear cap that’s similar to the flat cap. The newsboy cap has a stiff visor, and its crown is rounded. The latter is made in eight pieces or panels, and it’s got a button on top. There is another button joining the front of the crown to the brim. 

Man driving car sunny day

Newsboy caps originated in the 19th century. These days, newsboy caps are popular among the hipster subculture. You’ll be able to find them in many high street retailers. The newsboy cap has a soft and unstructured style. And, its crown section is puffier and floppier than in the case of flat caps.

Novelty hats or caps

The novelty hats are mock-ups of the original. They allow you to be whoever you want. For example, there are hot dog hats, fish hats, a policeman cap, a firefighter’s hat, a warrior’s hat, a king’s crown, etc. 

These hats are used for fun and costume. There are novelty hats of just about anything you can think of. They are great for Halloween costumes, for instance. You can even find novelty hats from your favorite movies, such as those from Disney. 

Opera hat

The opera hat is a collapsible top hat. That’s to say, it’s a stiff-brimmed tall flat crown hat. It’s got a spring system which is what allows it to collapse. You can wear this hat to classical music concerts, the opera, and some orchestra performances.

Vintage photo man opera hat
Source: McGill Library on Unsplash

In other words, it’s a hat that’s only worn on specific formal occasions. The opera hat is generally made from black satin. And it’s got a grosgrain ribbon around the crown. 

Outback/Aussie hat

Outback hats have a wide brim with a slight upturn on the sides, giving the hat a western or outback feel. This hat is perfect for weather protection. Besides, the Aussie hat has a single dent across the crown’s top.

More often than not, it’s decorated with a leather strap or a belt. It’s also quite common that this type of hat has vents to make them breathable. You can find outback hats made from varied materials like cotton, leather, felt, etc. The crown shape may vary, but usually, it’s a teardrop shape. 

Panama hat

The Panama hat, also known as the toquilla straw hat, Ecuadorian hat, or jipijapa hat, refers to a traditional brimmed straw hat from Ecuador. Interestingly, these hats were widely used during the construction of the Panama Canal. And for this reason, they came to be known as Panama hats. 

Panama hats are lightweight, light-colored, and breathable. What makes this hat perfect for the summer is that while it’s woven, the hat has weave holes. These hats are characterized by their material toquilla straw. Panama hats often have a ribbon around the crown and a dent across the crown top.

Papakha hat

The papakha hat refers to a rounded hat with a flat crown. The hat in question is made of fur or faux fur. There exist papakha hats of varying heights. It first appeared in the 1800s. Back then, it was worn by the Russian army.

Woman countryside papakha hat red dress

Soon afterward, it became a women’s fashion must-have accessory for when the weather is cold. And it’s been popular ever since. It’s been worn by celebrities and royal family members like Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth herself, among many others. You can pair it with a glamorous winter outfit and turn some heads while feeling warm. 

Pakol hat

The pakol hat is a traditional men’s headwear in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It consists of a woolen round-topped hat that’s kind of similar to the beret hat in style. What’s more, the wearer can modify the rolled-up sides to fit his preferences.

The pakol hat is designed to be not only practical but also comfortable. You can use it to protect your head from the cold, wind, and sun. This hat is made and dyed by hand. Thus, you’ll mostly find it in natural colors, such as brown, gray or black, among others. 

Party hat

The party hat is a special hat that’s mostly worn at birthday party celebrations. It’s really cheap since it’s made from paper or cardboard and there are many ways to make a paper hat and have fun at a party.. It’s a colorful conical hat that’s usually thrown away by the end of the day. 

Guy back party hat
Source: Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

It usually has something cool printed on the outside and a string to secure the cone hat on the wearer’s head. Besides, party hats are also typical of Christmas. 

Patrol cap

The patrol cap, also known as the field cap, is a hat with a stiff, rounded visor and a flat top. Not surprisingly, this hat is worn by military women and men of some countries., such as the US Army Rangers. 

It’s typically made from cotton, nylon, and wool. It forms part of some military uniforms, and it generally matches the uniform’s color. This hat first appeared in the Korean war. And, it was also made popular by figures like Fidel Castro outside America. Modern patrol caps have been reintroduced, mostly in a camouflage pattern.

Peach basket hat

The peach basket hat, also known as the fruit basket hat, is a hat that bears a resemblance to an upturned fruit basket. Usually, it’s made from straw, and it tends to have a trimming of flowers and ribbons. It might also have a veil or other thin fabric around the hat to cover the wearer’s face. It was considered a somewhat controversial hat due to its size and decorations. 

Peaked cap

The peaked cap is a popular military hat. It’s got other names like service cap, barracks cover, or combination cap. It’s featured by its short visor made from leather or synthetic leather materials. 

This hat is also distinguished by its peculiar flat sloping crown and its insignia. It also has embroidery and a cap badge. These differ according to rank. The peaked cap is popular among the armed forces of the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Denmark.


The Peruvian hat is easily recognizable due to its two hanging tassels. It’s somehow similar to the beanie hat. Yet, the Peruvian hat has two large and long earflaps intended to keep you warm in the winter. It is from the earflaps that the tassels hang. Besides, it sometimes has a ball or pom-pom on the top of the hat as a decorative item. 

Pillbox hat

The pillbox hat is a women’s flat-topped brimless hat with upright sides. Its shape resembles a pillbox, and that’s the reason why it’s called like this. This hat is perfect for when the weather is cold since it’s made from fur, velvet, lynx, and wool, among other materials. At times, hat makers attached veils to pillbox hats. Yet, these hats often lack decorative elements. 

The pillbox hat denotes simplicity and elegance. Thus, it’s often found in solid colors. It became popular thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady of the US from 1961 to 1963, who was photographed wearing one of these. 

Pith helmet

The pith helmet is a lightweight hat made from pith. It’s intended to protect the wearer from the sun. It’s got other names like the safari helmet, sun helmet, topee, and sola topee, to name a few. 

Man explorer jungle binoculars

The hat in question is a cloth-covered helmet made from sholapith. It was worn by European travelers, explorers, and military men from the 19th to the 20th century. It was mainly used overseas in hot climates. 

Pom-pom hat

Woman black coat knit cap snow

As the name implies, the pom-pom hat refers to a beanie hat decorated with a pom-pom on the tip. Such a hat is typical of cold weather. This hat is made from knitted materials such as wool. It covers the forehead and the ears. And, the pom-pom is made from a furry material. This hat is typical of casual wear. Both men and women wear this hat. Even children can wear it.   

Pork pie hat

The pork pie hat is featured by its round, flat-topped oval crown and a stingy brim that can be either turned up or down. This hat has recently become more popular due to the series “Breaking Bad” since it’s the hat the main character of this show wears. Yet, the pork pie hat has been popular since the 19th century. It’s called like this due to its resemblance to a pork pie. 

Race hat/Derby hat

The race hat refers to big ornate hat styles that were used at the opening days of horse races. They are also known as derby hats. However, the latter is also used to describe bowler hats. So, it might be confusing. 

Anyway, wearing race hats is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. Back then, men and women dressed their best to attend races. Wearing a hat was required to enter the Fashions on the Field competition and some members’ areas. Besides, you must wear season-appropriate fabrications.

Safari hat

Man taking photos safari

The safari hat developed from the pith helmet (see pith helmet above). In fact, the modern safari hat somehow resembles a modified fedora hat. However, the safari hat has a broader brim and a chin strap. Safari hats are perfect for camping and outdoor activities. Besides, most come with UPF protection.

Sailor hat

The sailor hat dates back to the 19th century. It’s a type of straw hat that’s flat-crowned, and it’s got a wide brim. Another characteristic is that it often has a decorative ribbon band that’s long enough to hang off the brim. 

Man sailor striped sweater yacht

This round, visorless hat was traditionally worn by sailors in lots of the world’s navies, such as Russian, French, and US navies, to name a few. It first appeared in 1811. 

Santa hat

The Santa hat is a floppy pointed red hat that is typically worn at Christmas.  

Woman santa hat christmas
Source: Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Shower cap  

The shower cap is a plastic cap that people use in the shower to keep their hair dry. This hat is also called the bath cap. There are lots of designs available. Shower caps sometimes have two layers, one waterproof and the other decorative. Simpler designs are made from just one waterproof layer. 

Snapback hat

The snapback refers to a type of baseball cap which has adjustable straps at the back that snap together. It’s a type of flat-brimmed hat that originated in the very early days of baseball. 

Snapbacks are available in lots of colors, patterns, and designs. They are worn by both men and women. This hat is designed to fit everybody. It’s got a wide flat brim and an 8-panel design. 


The sombrero is a wide-brimmed hat typical of Mexico. It’s got a high-pointed or conical crown and a broad brim to provide shade over the wearer’s shoulders. Interestingly, “sombrero” is the Spanish word for hat.

Horsemen used such a hat to protect themselves from the harsh sun in Mexico. The brim is slightly upturned. Besides, this hat comes with a chin strap to hold the sombrero in place. Other hats named “sombrero” can be found in South America and Spain. 

Straw hat

Woman brown straw hat sunflowers

As the name suggests, the straw hat is a hat that’s made from straw or similar synthetic materials. There exist lots of types of straw hats. They vary in shape and material. These are hats for the summer and its sunny days. Thus, they must be highly breathable and offer great sun coverage. 

Sun hat/Floppy hat

As the name implies, the sun hat is just a hat designed to provide shade to the wearer’s head and shoulders. There exist various types of sun hats. Brims range from small to large. Yet, in general, sun hat brims are four to seven inches in with. This hat is typical for beachgoers, and it’s widely used in holiday resorts.


The tam cap is a women’s hat based on the tam o’shanter military cap. It dates back to the 1920s. It’s a type of close-fitting hat. There’s a close-fitting inner cap and a draped fabric over it. This hat looks better on shorter hairstyles. It can be made from felt, velvet, or silk. At times, some embroidery, tassels, and feathers were added as decorative items.

Top hat

The top hat, also known as the topper, cylinder hat, or high hat, refers to a tall, flat-crowned hat you can use with formal wear. That’s to say, white tie, morning dress, and frock coat events.

This hat is made from black silk. It first appeared by the end of the 18th century. A collapsible variant of the top hat is the opera hat (see above). Anyway, the top hat has a short to medium brim. And, there exist lots of variations depending on the style. 

Toque hat

The toque hat is also known as the chef’s hat. It consists of a cylindric hat with a flat crown. The height of the hat denotes the chef’s position in the kitchen. Besides, some chef hats also have pleats. The latter is meant to demonstrate how experienced or skilled a chef is. More often than not, toques are white to represent freshness and cleanliness. 

Trapper hat

Trapper hats are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. They first appeared in the 1600s. Back then, trapper hats were made from animal pelts. Interestingly, they became popular during WWI to help pilots stay warm while flying. 

Man photographer winter hat
Source: Thom Holmes on Unsplash

These hats kept being popular during WWII. In fact, it’s a hat style that never truly faded away. It was widely worn across North America and Canada. 

What characterizes the trapper hat is the earflaps. Besides, trapper hats also have insulating linings. These hats aim to keep your head, ears, and nape warm even in freezing weather. 


The tricorne, as the name suggests, is an interesting hat with a triangular shape. It was worn by Europeans in the 18th century. It’s a soft hat with a low crown and broad brim. It varied in style and size.

Generally, it was made from animal fiber. It denoted social status. They range from simple to extravagant. Not to mention that its broad brim was pinned up on both sides. There were military and naval versions of this hat too. 

Trilby hat 

The trilby hat is a narrow brim hat. It’s got a tall, pinched, indented crown. Trilby hats can be made from cotton, wool, straw, and some other materials. It’s a casual hat that’s popular among horse race spectators.

Grayscale trilby hat hanging

It’s worth mentioning that Frank Sinatra is identified with this hat. Likewise, the famous character Inspector Gadget also wears a trilby hat.  

Trucker cap

The trucker cap is similar to a baseball cap. Yet, it’s got a foam brim, a front section, a button on top, and a breathable mesh section at the back. It’s also called mesh cap or netback cap. Besides, there is an adjustable plastic snap at the back to ensure the cap fits most people. It might have pictures, logos, or other decorative elements on the front.


The tuque is a close-fitting, knitted hat that’s popular in Canada. It aims at keeping its wearer’s warm. So, it’s ideal for the winter months. It’s sometimes topped with a tassel or a pom-pom. Not to mention that it can either be brimless or have a folded brim. 

Woman tuque hat standing smile

The tuque is also called woolly hat, stocking cap, or knit cap, among others. It’s generally made from wool or synthetic fibers. Such a hat is worn worldwide due to its ability to keep you warm when the weather is cold. Be careful not to confuse it with the toque or chef’s hat (see above).


Interestingly, the turban is a hat that doesn’t have a fixed shape. It consists of a large piece of fabric that you wrap around your head. The turban is original from India, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula.

It also forms part of many religious practices, to the extent that some Islamic men wear turbans to emulate Muhammad, the founder of Islam. 

Tyrolean hat

The Tyrolean hat is a traditional German hat. It first appeared in Tyrol, Germany, in the 1800s. These hats are also referred to as Alpine hats, Austrian hats, and Bavarian hats. The hat in question features a tapering crown that is pointed in the front. It’s also got a short brim and a band around the crown. This hat usually has decorations, such as feathers. 


The Ushanka is a hat that’s characteristic of Russia. Made of fur and with its typical earflaps. It’s perfect for chilly winters. It offers a lot of head coverage. In the 1900s, it became popular among rebellious youngsters. And, in the 20th century, it became an icon of the Soviet Union. 

Woman knit sweater knit cap

Visor hat

The visor hat is a hat without a crown. The top of the wearer’s head remains uncovered. It consists of a visor or brim with a strap encircling the head. Therefore, the visor protects only the face.

Woman visor hat riverside
Source: Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

The visor itself can either be curved or flat. And the strap is adjustable to fit each and every head size. The strap can also work as a sweatband. The visor hat is mostly used as sportswear, such as to play golf, tennis, and volleyball. 

Whoopee hat

The whoopee cap became famous thanks to Jughead Jones. It’s also referred to as the devil’s cap, rat cap, or kingpin, among others. This headwear became popular in the mid 20th century.

Interestingly, this hat was made with an old fedora hat that the youth repurposed. What characterizes this hat is that the brim was trimmed with a scalloped cut, and then it was turned up.

This hat was first used by auto mechanics, welders, and other workmen. Afterward, kids emulated their dads. And, the whoopee hat soon became part of the pop culture. You might also know about this interesting hat since it appeared in the films of the Dead End Kids

Wide brim hats

The wide brim hat is a classy hat every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear it from fall to spring. It’s a hat that’s elegant and sophisticated. So, it’s preferable to wear it with formal attire. 

In fact, depending on the outfit, you can combine a wide brim hat with an elegant scarf. This hat can be part of a capsule wardrobe since its popularity won’t probably fade away any time soon. Neutral tones are definitely preferable. 


The yarmulke, skullcap, or kippah is a head-covering for Jews. It’s a small hat that’s worn at all times but for sleeping or bathing. It’s considered a sign of reverence to God. The yarmulke can be made out of varied materials. 

Grayscale man outdoor
Source: Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

Traditionally, it’s made from black velvet or silk. Modern communities allow men to wear leather or crocheted kippot. This headwear is optional. However, most Jews use it when attending the synagogue or a religious event. 

And that’s all for men’s hats. Now you have extended knowledge of the different types of hats available for men. Men’s hats are quite varied. There exist hats for almost everything. 

Hats are not just a complement; they are necessary at times. Besides, they can help you show your personality. So, next time you want to wear a hat, use this knowledge to make the best choice!


The zucchetto is a small form-fitting hat worn by clerics of various Catholic Churches, the Syriac Orthodox Church, and Anglicans. In the Catholic tradition, it’s made from silk or polyester. It’s got eight panels that form a skullcap. Its lining is made from thin leather or synthetic cloth. And, the zucchetto’s color denotes the wearer’s rank.  

That’s all for types of hats. I hope you have a better understanding now of the variety of hats that exists. There are lots of different hat styles. Some are unisex, while others are designed for a specific genre. In the next chapter, I’ll focus on men’s hats. Keep on reading to find out more!

Hats for men

Once you have a general understanding as regards hat types, I’d like to focus on those hats specifically made for men. In this chapter, I’ll tell you all about men’s hats. Once you finish reading this chapter, you’ll be such a men’s hats expert!

Man wearing hat stripe top

Hat’s are unquestionably stylish men’s accessories. Like it or hate it, men’s hats need to be functional and versatile, not only stylish. There exist different hat types for a male, suitable for each season. On top of that, some hats are essential for certain activities. And there are specific hats for casual and dressed-up occasions.

Hats for women

Once you know about types of hats and men’s hats, it’s hard time we talk about women’s hats in more detail. In this chapter, I’ll focus exclusively on the different types of hats available for women.

Girl posing outdoors pink hat

As it happens with men’s hats, women’s hats vary depending on the season. There are also some women’s hats for specific purposes. Besides, there are hats you must wear for certain jobs. And, there are women’s hats that are suitable for casual and formal events.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

How to find the perfect hat style and material

In this chapter, I’ll help you find the perfect hat. As you may well already know, every hat part has a specific purpose. You should take your face shape into account when choosing a hat. The materials used to create the hat also play an important role. Have a look at the tips below. They’ll help you pick the right hat for each and every occasion!

Woman black dress black hat

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect hat style:

Pay attention to the hat’s fabric and how it fits your head.

Different materials behave differently. Thus, it’s important you familiarize yourself with a hat’s composition, as this will affect how it stretches or shrinks as time goes by. For instance, leather and straw hats aren’t stretchable. However, wool hats are prone to shrinkage. 

Girl trying hat store mirror

This doesn’t have to necessarily apply to every single hat. Yet, the hat’s fabric characteristics are something you should consider before buying a new hat. As I mentioned earlier, you should measure your head and use a hat size chart. When in doubt, opt for the larger size. 

Likewise, the hat’s composition matters in case you want to wash your hat. Be careful! Not all hat types are washable. It’s for this reason that you must read the label and find out how to wash a hat. Otherwise, you might have to get rid of your favorite hat and try to replace it with a new version. Still, many hats will look as good as new after washing them. Thus, it’s worth trying as long as you know the process.

Make sure the hat sits above your eyebrows so that you can see properly. A useful trick is to check whether you can put a finger between your head and the hat. If you can do it, chances are it’s the right size. 

Get a little hat tape to adjust your hat.

The hat tape, also known as the hat size reducer, can help you improve or adapt how a hat fits you. It consists of a foam strip that has adhesive material on one side. You can stick it to the inside of the sweatband. 

This will help you adjust the hat and get a better fit. Still, this only helps when you opt for a hat that’s a bit loose. Sadly, there’s not much you can do if you err on the side of picking a hat that’s too tight. You’ll probably have to buy a new hat of the right size. 

Bear in mind proportion and your face shape.

Proportion is extremely important. If you have a big head, you shouldn’t opt for a hat that makes it appear even bigger. It’s common sense. Likewise, if you’ve got broad shoulders, you should choose a hat that helps you keep the balance. Otherwise, you’ll create a weird silhouette. 

The same is true for your face shape. If you have a round face, you should opt for hats that elongate your face, such as a beret tilted to one side. But, if your face is triangular, you’ll look better wearing a pom-pom hat or a trapper hat.

Those with a rectangular face could opt for a derby or circular beanie. People with oval faces can wear fedora hats or a newsboy cap. These are just examples to give you an idea of the fact that your face shape does matter when selecting a flattering hat. 

Try out the hat.

Not surprisingly, there’s nothing like trying the hat on. Look at the mirror and test how different hat styles look on you. Check how you feel wearing them on for a couple of minutes. Consider fit, form, and function to make the right decision. 

Woman shopping trying hat

If you have a bit of patience and a positive attitude, you can find the perfect hat style and material. Some knowledge and assistance are welcome too. If you make an informed decision, you’ve got more chances of selecting a hat that suits you. 

Remember that different hats should fit differently.


Hats are an accessory that has been with us for a long time. Some hats have a specific purpose, like protecting the wearer from the elements. Others are worn just as decorative items. There are hats you must wear while working. Some hats are unisex. Others are worn only by men or women.

To be able to choose the right hat, you need to have some hat knowledge. In this post, I’ve covered from basic details to more advanced information. I hope you have a better understanding now. The tips and advice shared above are intended to help you make an informed decision. What hat you wear does matter! Now, you’re such a hat expert. So you can decide on your own!

Now, I’d like to hear from you …

What hat style is your favorite?

How many hats form part of your wardrobe?

Have you got any questions about this post?

Is there anything interesting you’d like to share with other hat lovers?

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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