53 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Women + Tips & Ideas [2023]

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Have you been considering a change with your hair? Does short hair sound like a low-maintenance, attractive option that you’re strongly considering? 

There’s a lot to take into consideration with short hair. From maintaining it to styling it, we have all of the best information available right in one spot.

In the upcoming chapters, we will be talking about the different short hairstyles for women that you can choose from, which cuts are appropriate for your face shape, and the best tips for caring for short hair.

Let’s jump right in!

Short haircuts for ladies FAQ

The cut and style of your hair can dramatically affect your overall appearance. It’s a great way to express your personality and show off your style. Cutting your hair short is a big decision, especially if you’ve lived with long hair for most of your lifetime.

In this article, we’re going to talk about different short hairstyles for women, the advantages and disadvantages of these cuts, the different types of cuts, and how to choose what will work for you. If you’re looking to make a change in your appearance, think of this as the guide to short hairstyles.

What’s a short haircut/hairstyle for women?

A short hairstyle for women is one that is cut above the shoulders. Some women prefer to cut their hair into a bob that lays just at shoulder length, while other women are comfortable chopping it all off to a length that’s only a couple of inches long.

A short hairstyle is beneficial in a lot of ways. It’s a cut that compliments most face shapes. It’s also really easy to take care of. Long hair often takes a lot of time to wash, dry, style, and color. 

A lot of women are able to simply hop out of the shower, toss a little product in their short hair, and they’re ready to walk out of the door. Short hair can be textured and styled in a way that looks casual, formal, or professional.

If you’re heading to an appointment with your hairstylist, continue reading through the following chapters. We’re going to talk about all of the different types of short hair cuts that are an option for you. 

You can discuss with your stylist what might look best on you. If you have thinning hair, a short style can make your hair look thicker. You can also cut your hair short to ease into the process of growing out your gray hair or eliminating a past color choice.

When did short haircuts first appear among women?

Until the beginning of the 20th century, women typically wore their hair very long. Most women had hair that was down to their waist since cutting one’s hair wasn’t something that was routine. 

Unless you were sick or something happened to your hair, you continued to grow it so you would appear feminine. Young girls wore their long hair tied back or in braids. Older women coiled their long hair up on the top of their heads in French twists or buns. This look continued for many years.

At the start of the 20th century, women’s hairstyles started to change a bit. Designer Paul Poiret was the first to cut women’s hair very short for one of this collection’s presentations in Paris. Mimicking a man’s haircut, Americans referred to this style as a ‘bob’. The “New American Woman” boldly cut her hair into this style, and it’s still trendy today. 

Unfortunately, some people weren’t supporters of this change in women’s style. Europeans associated this haircut with the rise of feminism. Short hair only became more popular throughout World War I and as more women joined the workforce.

By the time World War II began, short hair was all over the place. Women were starting to wear more revealing clothing, and their bold hairstyles matched. Short hair eventually was styled using perms, curling irons, hair dye, and much more.

Are short haircuts always flattering?

Most women can rock a short haircut, but not all of the cuts will be flattering on every face shape. Luckily, there are dozens of short hairstyles you can choose from if you’re looking to chop off your locks. We’re going to look at some of these types of cuts in chapter two.

The first thing you should do before cutting your hair is consider the shape of your face. You don’t want to be the victim of a bad haircut that takes months to grow out. Some haircuts work better for long faces, while some are designed for round faces, oval faces, etc. Also, think about the look that you want to achieve. If there’s a style out there that you really like, you may be able to change it up a little bit to work with your face.

The texture of your hair should also be taken into consideration. If you have very thin hair that’s also very straight, think about having a short cut that incorporates a lot of layers. Thick hair or very curly hair shouldn’t be cut too short, or it becomes very hard to manage.

Lastly, consider if you’re willing to go through a lot of trouble each day to style your hair or not. Some short cuts don’t require a lot of product or fussing, but some do. Make sure you’re choosing a look that will be flattering regardless of whether it’s styled that day or not. You’ll love your short cut more if it looks good all the time.

Should I get a short hairstyle?

Wondering if short hair is going to suit your look and lifestyle? There are some questions that you should ask yourself before sitting down in the beauty chair. We’ve talked about the shape of your face determining how a short hairstyle will look, but there are some other factors to consider as well.

What is Your Lifestyle Like?

Do you have a lot of time to get ready in the morning? If you’re someone that likes to wash their hair and get out the door, a short hairstyle will work just fine as long as you choose the right one. 

Happy businesswoman laptop

Layers tend to make a short style easier to maintain without a lot of fuss. If you have more time and are going somewhere special or fancy, you can spend some extra time on your hair here and there.

If you’re someone that gets hot easily and likes to get their hair off the back of their neck to cool off, short hair is difficult to tie back. You’ll probably be stuck wearing it at least part of the way down.

What’s Your Personal Style?

If you like to dress and style yourself in a way that’s very feminine, long hair is usually a good option. Though, short hair has the ability to be styled in curls and other feminine styles if you have a little bit of length to play with. If you’re more of a tomboy girl that likes to be active, short hair is a no-fuss hairstyle that you might fall in love with.

How to style short hair?

When you get your hair cut short, the length is pretty standard. However, there are different ways that your stylist can make your short haircut unique to your personality and style. Incorporating layers, angles, and color are just some of the ways that you can add style to a bob or even shorter cut.

Portrait blonde woman looking camera

The undercut is a style that’s very popular right now, thanks to its versatility. Basically, the top of the hair is left longer while the underside is shaved very short. If you wear the top of your hair up, you’ll be able to see the shorter shaved portion. Wearing it down allows you to look more feminine while achieving a softer look.

Slicked back hair isn’t just for the men. Your hair is generally cut at one length very short. Products are applied, and then you comb the entire thing back. It’s actually a very simple and low-maintenance style that gets you out the door in minutes.

Lobbing your hair all at one length just above your shoulders is very practical. It works well for people who have wavy or curly hair. You can pull some of the hair up and tie it back using a hair tie or clip. Leave it loose and tussled for a casual look.

Advantages and disadvantages of short hair

Some people like to make a list of the pros and cons before they do something major. Cutting your hair is a major decision, so we’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having short hair. Once you look at this list, you should be able to make an educated decision regarding whether this style is going to work for you or not.


  • Short hair tends to be low maintenance. It dries quickly, you don’t have to spend hours styling it, coloring it doesn’t take a ton of product, and a quick trim here and there is all you need to keep it looking fresh.
  • Short hair is classic and has been popular for a very long time. It’s a bold fashion statement that requires a great deal of confidence to pull off. It also fits into professional and personal settings.
  • Having short hair allows you to style your hair in multiple ways. It’s very versatile in that regard.
  • You can cut down on heat damage when you have short hair since it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or styling. Think of how much heat you have to expose long hair to in order to get it dry and smooth.
  • Short hair doesn’t require you to add in all kinds of highlights. You can keep your hair all one color and still look really beautiful.
  • Short hair saves you money on products, styling tools, etc.
  • Short hair tends to be much healthier than long hair. You’re always keeping those rough edges chopped off, which allows the hair closest to your roots to be the focal point of your style.


  • If you don’t love your short hairstyle, it’s going to take some time to grow it long again. If you’re not afraid to take that chance, then go for it!
  • It’s harder to create a feminine look when you have short hair.
  • Short hair works for people with small and minimal features.
  • Cutting your hair short might require a learning curve as you learn the best ways to style it and wear it.
  • If you want to use heat tools on your hair when it’s short, it can be hard to grab on to some of your hair. You might be limited with being able to curl it or add texture.
  • If you live in a cold climate, short hair isn’t going to keep you as warm as long hair will.

Don’t forget that hair grows. If you take the leap and have your hair cut short and hate it, you can simply wait a few months for it to grow out. Still wondering if you should cut your hair short? Keep reading to learn more about the different short hairstyles that you can choose from.

All types of short hairstyles for women

Over the years, hair has been cut into many different styles. You can change the length, the layers that are cut into it, the angle of the cut, and much more. Whatever suits your lifestyle and personality will determine what cut works best for you.

In this chapter, we’re going to be looking at the different short hairstyles that women can cut their hair into. Some are more popular than others, with some of these cuts being popular for certain cultures or time periods.

Short hairstyles have the ability to create a head-turning look that requires very little maintenance. Yet, short hair still looks really stylish. You can find a short hairstyle that works with your hair type with the help of your trusted hairstylist. 

Portrait woman short blonde hair

Keep it simple if you’re older and want to look more conservative. Spike it up if you’re looking for that rocker appeal. We’re going to look at over 50 different short hairstyles, but there are many more out there.

Asymmetrical bob

The classic bob cut was very symmetrical, but you’ll find that the bob is now cut into a number of different styles. The unique style sense of many women has made this cut extra stylish by customizing the angle at which the bob is cut. Asymmetrical means that some part of the cut isn’t the same length as another part. 

This could be one side being cut longer than the other; the front might be longer/shorter than the back, etc. This is a very common cut these days that’s very practical. It doesn’t require a lot of styling because the angle speaks for itself, though you can still style your hair as needed.

If you want a softer look that goes well with feminine dresses, work clothes, or even casual attire, keep the angle longer in the front. You can make your hair pretty by curling a few pieces of hair in the very front where the hair frames the face. It can also be tied up if you‘re working out or relaxing and want to keep things casual.

Angled pixie cut

A pixie cut was once very popular among the older crowd, but an angled version of this hairstyle has gained popularity among many generations. It’s very practical for women that have thin hair. 

Your stylist can cut your angled pixie cut in a way that covers up any thin areas. You can also create the look of volume by spiking it up here and there. Bangs are usually part of the look as well, adding plenty of definition to this look.

When you have an angled pixie cut and want to choose a stunning outfit, you should opt for something that shows off your neck, shoulders, and collarbone. Your hair frames your face but is up off these other areas, allowing you to show off some skin. 

Some might find the angled pixie cut to be a little less feminine than other cuts, but you can throw on a big pair of earrings or a necklace to take your look to a gentler level.

A-line haircut

An A-line haircut refers to the perimeter of the haircut. There are a number of them to choose from, and you can easily change between them. The goal of this cut is to frame the face. You can really customize the length of this cut, and it’s often a bit longer than other choices. 

Most A-line haircuts will be layered in the back and straight in the front to make the hair look fuller. Thick hair is perfect for this cut, and it’s also a very low-maintenance option. If you have curly hair, you should think about the A-line haircut. This will give you a very feminine look without having to spend tons of time styling your hair each day.

Box braid lob

The box braid lob is for women of color that braid their hair using the box braid style. It’s a great way to protect your natural hair, it looks effortless, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Though, you will have to sit through an appointment to have your hair braided now and then. 

If you have shorter hair but still want to have a style that pops, this is a retro-chic option to consider. The lob portion of this style refers to the length being all one length and usually all at the same angle. 

Girl shaking her pink braided hair

You can change up the length however you choose to reflect your personal style. You can even have parts of your hair dyed or work in artificial hair of a different shade to make the braids pop.


A buzzcut takes your hair to all one length very close to the scalp. It’s traditionally used for men, but many women are rocking this haircut as well. It doesn’t get more low maintenance than this, but there’s not a lot of room to style your buzzed hair, unfortunately. 

YouTube video
Everything I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Buzzcut
by Morgan Donner

When you sit down with your stylist and make the brave decision to shave your hair off, you’ll have to decide at what length you want it shaved. There are different levels that a stylist can use to make it look like you have more or less hair. 

Some women like to take their buzz cut very short, so you don’t see much of their hairline, while others like that little bit of hair left on their scalp. Your hair can also be buzzed into a couple of different lengths and blended together. Your stylist can even buzz a Mohawk into your hair.

Woman short hair cut

Some women have chosen to buzzcut only half of their head. The other side is left long, and that still gives a feminine look while giving a bit of edge from the shaved side. It’s not too hard to grow it out because you can usually comb some of the long hair over the buzzed area during the transition.

Blunt pixie

A blunt pixie cut is still quite short like a traditional pixie style, but you get a little bit of extra length from it. Usually, the hair is long enough to touch the top of your cheekbones and frame the face. You can part it multiple ways to give you the look that you want for that day. The middle part is popular, but using a side part is another stylish look to use.


A blunt haircut is short and doesn’t have many layers to it. It’s cut straight across in a very simple style. The goal is to have a very razor-sharp look that appears as if your stylish drew a line across the bottom of your hair and cut right across the line. This works mainly for straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, then you don’t get the full effect of the hair being cut in a blunted fashion.

A blunt cut can be styled in a few different ways. It’s usually a little longer in length than a pixie cut, and it’s worn straight down. If you want to make a bold and unique statement, you can work some gel into the hair to give it a wet look. 

Comb it straight through, making the ends flare out a little bit. This works for higher fashion. If you want a casual look, try to scrunch the hair with a little product to make it look beachy or casual.

Blunt bob

A blunt bob is a short haircut that is snipped right across the bottom at the ends. It’s a versatile haircut that is nice enough to be worn plain, but you can also style it in countless different ways. Blunt bobs are timeless and don’t usually include any angles or layers.

Blunt bob with bangs

To add a little bit of variation to a blunt bob, consider being brave and sporting some bangs. Bangs are bluntly cut along the forehead, adding some dimension to an otherwise simple haircut. 

You can choose how much hair you want to include in your bangs. Some women with thick hair like to choose a type of bangs that look very noticeable and dramatic. You can also opt for wispy bangs that simply frame the face.

Cropped curls

Curly hair can be difficult to handle, but cropping your hair into a short hairstyle that is somewhere around shoulder length can help keep your curls under control. This cut is very simple to style. 

Woman portrait black white hair face

When your hair is wet, work a little bit of product into the bulk of your hair to keep frizzies under control and to boost the volume of your curls. Wear it down completely, or pull some of it back away from your face. It’s the perfect cut to wear casually every day, but you can work some different hair accessories into your curls to make it look fancy.

Curly bob

Some people have very tight curly hair, while some have looser curls that are easier to manage. Either way, the curly bob is an attractive hairstyle that looks very feminine and pretty. 

You can part this cut down the middle or on either side, it can be pulled up, and you still have the option to straighten your hair if you want to. The curly bob looks nice when the entire head of hair is one color, so skip all of those layers of highlights if you opt for this hairstyle.

Curly lob

A curly lob hair cut is a bit longer than a curly bob. Its length will usually go to the shoulders or at least the jawline. It’s a nice cut if your curls are loose and fall softly at your shoulders. This length is preferred by many because it’s easy to pull up into a ponytail or bun.

Crimped hair

Crimped hair was popular in the 1980s, but we still see it as a style option for shorter hair. It’s popular among women of color and gives thin hair the look of being much thicker than it is. You’ll need to grab your tools from the 80s to get this cascading effect. 

It looks neat when you have highlights, and the layers of crimps include those color variations. Accessories can easily be worked into crimped hair to give it a unique flare based on the outfit that you’re wearing.

Edgy pixie

You have a bold personality and unique sense of style if you’re brave enough to go with an edgy pixie hairstyle. Color is usually part of this look, giving you the edgy style. The pixie cut incorporates different layers, often shaving the sides of the head. 

This is a great way to show off gorgeous cheekbones and a strong jawline. You’re slightly limited with how you’re going to style your edgy pixie, so make sure you’re happy with the cut and color.

Flipped-out ends

We’ve all seen a short hairstyle on a woman that incorporates some loose curls that go slightly under at the bottom. However, the flipped-out ends look gives a little unique change to this look. 

You can use your regular curling iron to curl in the opposite direction, so the ends go out. You can also use a flat iron to pull the hair down and then flip it in the outward direction. Use products like gel or hairspray to keep the ends in place.

Finger waves

Setting short haircuts in waves using your finger became popular in the 1920s. It’s gained popularity again recently, especially among the Hollywood community. It takes some product and practice to get this look right, but you can also have a professional do it for you if you have somewhere special to go. It’s not usually an everyday look.

Fluffy ‘fro

Woman smiling looking camera using phone

Rock that natural curly hair with a fluffy ‘fro. A little more casual than the afro, fluffy ‘fros don’t require as much teasing or combing. You wear your haircut a little longer than a pixie cut so your curls can be free and not stick up as much. Your hair will frame your face and fall wherever it wants the longer that you leave it.

Glam lob

A lot of celebrities are opting for the glam lob haircut. It’s simple, and they can have it colored and styled any way that their job requires. A glam lob is also the perfect length of hair to work in with extensions. It’s a blunt cut that lands around your shoulders or even a little longer. If extensions are put in, your natural hair appears like it’s the highest set of layers.

Working natural and loose waves into your hair is one of the prettiest ways to style a glam lob. When you’re blow-drying your hair, use your hands to scrunch some product in. This creates a definition of an otherwise simple cut.

Inverted bob hairstyle

An inverted bob is a haircut that is longer in the front and then angles back to a shorter length at the back of the hair. It looks very smooth and sleek in the front. The back has an edgy feel that you can scrunch up for volume or keep very slick and straight. 

You can still wear hair accessories with this cut and pull some of the longer pieces back if you need to keep your hair out of your face.

Layered curly hair

When you add layers to curly hair, this makes the entire cut look like it has a lot more volume. A blunt cut isn’t for everyone, and it’s nice to have a few different lengths to make your cut look more natural and easier to maintain. 

If you want to keep layers simple, cut them, so they’re framing your face. You can also add layers situated primarily in the back of your hair for a unique and sporty look.

Modern mullet

When you hear the word mullet, you probably cringe a bit. Understandably, this was a popular haircut in the 1970s that quickly made an exit once everyone realized how silly it actually looked. We have a modern mullet that’s come back in style. 

Longer hair in the back doesn’t go quite further past the nape of the neck. There is shorter hair on the top, but it’s all blended in together pretty nicely. It’s not such a dramatic and blunt look like it was decades ago. It can be slicked back on the side or left tousled.

Mussed-up pixie

A mussed-up pixie cut is usually asymmetrical, it can be two-toned in color, and there are probably some dramatic angles involved. It’s a popular cut among the younger crowd, and there’s a lot of variation involved.

Mussy layered look

Woman smiling short wavy hair shopping

Hair can be cut into a short pixie cut with longer layers in front to create a mussy layered look. This is a cut that works for both straight or curly hair, and you can style it multiple ways (or leave it natural). It can have a harsher look to it, or you can leave it soft for a more romantic hairstyle. It can also look a little beachy if you work some natural layers into it.

Messy spikes

Instead of sporting those harsh punk rock spikes in your hair, you can style your pixie cut into messy spikes that look like you kind of ran your hand through your hair and ran it upwards to create a vertical look. It’s a common cut and style for men these days, but women can rock it too.

Ombré lob

YouTube video
15 Beautiful Long Bob Haircuts | Lob Hairstyle Inspiration
by The Right Hairstyles

The gorgeous ombre lob is usually a blunt cut that features darker hair at the top and lighter hair at the bottom. It’s a popular look that’s actually had some longevity. You can work with a stylist to come up with color shades that will compliment your face and skin tone.


The pompadour is no longer just for men. Many women are wearing this smooth look that features a perfectly cut fade with longer hair on top that is smooth and layered. You can wear it straight back or even parted off to one side.

Puffed-up lob

Let’s get that volume increased with a puffed-up lob. You can wear this short cut a few ways. You can style the front of your hair on top to swoop straight up and back. You can also pile it on the top of your head in natural waves or curls.

Razored pixie

Having your stylist cut a pixie style in your hair using a razor gives a very different look than if scissors were used. A razor gives a much softer and less blunt look. If you want a softer short cut, think about having your hair cut this way by somebody that knows the proper way of doing so.

Soft curls

Soft curls are much easier to manage when you keep them short and healthy. You’ll find it’s easier to wash your hair when it’s short, you can work conditioner into it easier, and you don’t have to worry about styling long and curly hair. You’ll also keep the dead ends cut off frequently, so you don’t have to worry about your curls looking ratty.

Shag haircut

A shag haircut is cut into many different lengths. It’s similar to a layered look, but there’s no real pattern to how the shaggy sections of hair are cut. They are placed all over the hair to give a very natural and casual look.

Strong bangs

Bangs are loose strands of hair that are cut short to fall over the front of your hairline. They cover the forehead and usually stop just above the eyebrows. They can be cut straight across the forehead in a horizontal fashion, but some people choose a more ragged and uneven look.

Girl short hair bangs sunglasses

The more hair that you incorporate into the bangs, the stronger they will look. Some people prefer a wispier look, but thick bangs look great if you have thick hair overall. Not everyone is brave enough to try out the strong bang look, but don’t forget that your hair will always grow back even if you’re not thrilled with bangs long-term.

Spiky bangs

Spiky bangs incorporate a lot more texture into your look. The bangs are generally cut the same way that a strong bang look would be. However, they are usually a little more ragged at the ends. 

Part of the bangs can be pulled up and spiked using a product so that they hold in place. The other half of the bangs will fall over the forehead like usual. In order to spike the bangs, they may need to be cut a little shorter.

Spiky bangs look great on people who have light-colored hair. Blondes and even older women with gray hair can use the spiky bang look for a stylish and hip appearance. This is a casual look that is perfect for everyday wear, but you can dress it up if you need to.

Spiky pixie

The spiky pixie is a very short style that is layered and choppy close to the scalp. You usually utilize some sort of product to make your hair spike up a bit. You can spike out the back and the top while keeping the temple area smooth and angled toward the front. 

You can really play with this cut to style it in a number of different ways. It’s versatile despite being so short in length.

Don’t be afraid to make the spiky pixie look asymmetrical. One side can be cut very short, and the other side is long with a longer bang that swoops over the forehead.

Slick side part

A short haircut with a slick side part provides a very clean and crisp look. The goal is to perfectly part the hair, so there is a straight line right across the scalp. The rest of the hair will be slicked in opposite directions to really show off the part.

Parting your hair on the side is often done by women to create more volume and definition. A middle part is usually worn by younger girls and women. If you have very straight hair or it is thin, think about the slick side part as a great style option.

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs look great on women that have longer hair. Essentially the side-swept bangs are shorter layers that are then worked into the longer layers of the hair. Rather than cutting bangs in a very blunt way, the side-swept version looks a lot more natural and feminine. 

You can also partially keep your bangs out of your face a bit when they’re able to sweep to the side. You can even clip them back behind your ear if you need them out of your way for the day or you simply want a break from having bangs.

Slicked back

Slicked back hair isn’t just for the boys and men. Women can slick their shorter hair back for a very modern and artistic look. It’s probably not something that you’re going to wear on a daily basis, but it makes quite the statement for formal wear.

You don’t have to slick back your entire head of hair. You can simply slick back the front bang portion of your hair. The rest of the hair in the back can lay more naturally and without as much product to soften the entire look. Play around with where you’re going to part your slicked-back look for variety of style.

Structured pixie

The structured pixie haircut creates a lot more volume than the average pixie cut that has a lot of layers and is spiked up. This cut has longer layers that frame the face and can be kept very smooth. You can play around with the overall length of the structured pixie. 

Some women wear it very short, while others opt for a longer version that has a very strong side part and sweeps across the face. The longer structured pixie is more feminine, and the shorter one has a more masculine appeal.

Subtly layered cut

If you’ve ever had long hair, then you know layers tend to be more subtle when your hair is down below your shoulders. However, a short hairstyle can utilize subtle and long layers as well. Layers are essentially designed to help your hair lay nicely. 

If you have a very blunt cut, you’ll notice that it lays very harshly at the ends. Adding just a few subtle layers can actually transform a haircut into something very feminine and pretty.

The process of cutting these subtle layers usually involves cutting all of the hair to the desired length. Small sections of hair are then combed straight up and trimmed slightly shorter than the rest of the hair. Your stylist will avoid going too short with your layers if you’ve asked for something with subtle layers.

Straight bob

A straight bob is cut all at one length at some point above shoulder level. If you have straight hair and don’t want to mess with it too much in the mornings, straight bob is very practical and simple to maintain.

Girl dark short hair looking down

You can add some variety to it by coloring or highlighting your hair, pulling some of the hair back, using heat products to add in some definition, etc.

Shoulder-length waves

For a slightly longer look that is very soft and feminine, shoulder-length waves are an amazing option. Shoulder-length hair is one of the most versatile options you can choose. Your hair will be long enough that you can style it in many different ways. However, it’s short enough that it’s not a huge undertaking to take care of.

If you have naturally wavy hair, you’ll be able to rock this look with ease. You can also use a large curling iron to make your hair look slightly wavy. Don’t pull the curls too tight or hold them for too long. Use your fingers to pull them apart and keep them looking loose.

Shoulder-length cornrows

Shoulder-length cornrows are a very traditional look that is usually worn by women with ethnic hair. The braids are done very close to the scalp so that you can see the scalp in between the rows. They are done moving back along the scalp in a straight line. For a little more variety, you can ask your stylist to do them in curvy or geometric designs.

Using a shoulder-length cut makes the overall look very feminine and professional. It’s a great option when you don’t want to take care of your hair much each day but still want to maintain something that is very classic and attractive.

Shaggy bob

A shaggy bob haircut is usually chin-length. It works well on a woman that has a more round face. The shaggy angles are designed to make you look unique and bold. It’s perfect for different age groups and can be styled in a variety of ways. You can have your stylist customize this look by choosing how shaggy you want the cut to look.

Split-bang lob

A split-bang lob features a short lobbed cut that also has bangs included. The bangs are then parted down the middle to somehow break up the look a bit. They have to be a little longer in order to do this, and the ends are usually wispy and soft.

This is an ideal look if you want the option of somewhat keeping your bangs off your forehead or out of your face. You can pull the bangs all the way to the sides and even pin them back to make it look like you don’t have bangs for the time being.

Short bowl cut

The bowl cut was popular a number of decades ago, but you can pull this look off with the fight-shaped face and style personality. The bowl cut is a little different than it used to be, especially when it’s being worn by a woman. Instead of just cutting the hair all in one length around the head, the ends can be cut a little shaggy to create a softer edge.

Tapered sides

Your pixie cut will look different if you opt for tapered sides. The back and sides of your hair can be shaved at a longer length to blend into a longer length up on the top of your head. 

This is a really neat cut if you have two-toned hair. You may be going gray on the sides but not quite up on top yet. This cut makes both sections of your hair stand out on their own.

Textured bob

Make your bob a little more unique by incorporating some texture. You can have some long and subtle layers worked into your cut, but the texture can also come from how you style your hair. You can use some gel or mousse to scrunch your hair in your fingers. 

Woman red lips portrait street

When it dries, you’ll have a beach-like look. You can also add texture with a crimper or curling iron. Instead of rolling your hair straight around the barrel of your curling iron, wind it down the barrel in a spiral. It’s easy to try different styles with a textured bob.

Tomboy haircut

If you want to have a more masculine and casual appearance, then a tomboy haircut is a great option. You can go full tomboy and have your hair cut very short or tapered on the sides. 

You can also have your stylist cut your hair short but with some soft layers that still keep the look very feminine. You can slick your hair back or have it poofed up in the front for an edgy style.

Tousled bob

A tousled bob is similar to a textured bob, but tousled hair looks a bit softer and smoother. Your bob should have some long layers worked in. Then the process of styling your hair will include scrunching your hair while blow drying it, or you can use a very large curling iron to incorporate some long waves into your hair. 

There are other various products that you can use to create natural-looking waves overnight while you sleep. You simply put them into your hair after you’ve showered and your hair is dry. When you wake up, remove the curlers or rods for natural waves.

Angled Undercut

Undercuts can be cut straight across the hairline, but you’ll occasionally see it cut at an angle at the back of the head. This is a very interesting look that is very unique. It can be cut at an angle from the bottom straight across to the other side at the top, but it is sometimes cut to a point at the back of the hairline.

Voluminous bob

Being able to add volume to your bob can be done easily if you have thick hair to work with, but the cut can sometimes help to create some volume as well. Using a side part or angles can help to create volume when there isn’t much naturally. 

The best short haircut to create volume is a bob that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. The short back doesn’t require you to have much volume, but that angled, longer front creates a lot.

Wavy lob

A wavy lob goes slightly longer than a bob, usually ending around where your collarbone is located. You can create waves in your lob the same way that you would with a bob; with heat, product, etc.

Wavy pixie

Though a pixie cut is generally a short cut, you can still work some waves into the longer portions of the hair. Ask your stylist to keep some longer layers in your pixie cut so that you can style your hair in a number of different ways.

Wedge haircut

A wedge haircut is cut very short to the nape of the neck. Layers will then be cut longer and longer as they approach the crown of the head. It’s not cut very bluntly. There are a lot of angles and definition worked into this cut. You can use this cut to create volume if you have very thin hair. However, there isn’t a lot of room to style it in different ways.

Woman portrait wedge haircut

With a wedge haircut, the hair at the nape of the neck is cut the shortest, with the layers growing increasingly longer as they reach the crown of the head. Instead of being cut bluntly – as with a bob cut – the ends of the hair are cut at a variety of angles, creating volume and movement in the hair.

We’ve talked about a lot of different short hairstyles that women can choose from when they’re interested in changing their look up a bit. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration from some of these ideas, so you can talk to your stylist about trying something new. 

Take a good look in the mirror and contemplate the shape of your face, your hairline, your style, and your personality before you make a decision. All of these factors will impact the type of short haircut that you choose.

Best short haircuts for middle-aged women

The way that you wear your hair when you’re younger is drastically different from what you would choose when you’re in your 20s, 30s, and beyond. Middle-aged women typically choose more conservative hairstyles that are tasteful and feminine.

In this chapter, we’re going to delve into some of the different haircuts that are popular among the middle-aged crowd. If you’re looking for a new style, this is the chapter for you.

Age can make a big impact on how you decide to dress and style your hair. Most women want to look appropriate for their age, staying away from looks that are too young or too old. 

Short haircuts for women over 60 provide an option that requires minimal styling and upkeep. Most women don’t keep very long hair past this point as it often thins or grays in the senior years.

Short hair also compliments different clothing styles, whether you’ve opted for something formal or you’re looking for a casual look. A versatile shortcut that can be styled up or down is optimal.


A pixie cut is a beautiful option for middle-aged women because it gives a very mature and professional appearance. It’s practical, so it doesn’t take a lot of styling. As you get older, you usually want to spend less and less time worrying about fixing your hair, makeup, etc. 

Mature woman short hairstyle crossing arms

Keeping your hair short and layered in a pixie cut can increase your confidence level. You can also add plenty of personal touch by how you style your hair, the accessories you wear, and your clothing. A pixie cut goes well with just about anything.

Long pixie

Keeping your pixie cut a bit longer can provide you with more styling options. Still very tasteful for middle-aged women, the long pixie can be parted in the middle or on the side with a sweeping bang. 

You can have layers cut angular to your face to soften your appearance. You can also color your hair any shade that you want when you have a long pixie. If you have let your hair grow in naturally gray, the long pixie is very pretty with a silver shade.

Side-swept pixie

A side-swept pixie cut features bangs that sweep across the forehead from one side to the other. The length on top is still pretty short but cut in a way that frames your entire face. It’s a cut that many young women wear, but you can absolutely pull it off when you’re older for a sophisticated yet youthful look.

You don’t usually have a lot of layers for the side-swept pixie look. The length can actually be kept a bit longer to resemble almost a bob cut. However, the bang area is layered enough that this cut and style fits into the pixie category. It’s a casual look that is perfect for jeans and a sweater. You can also add a little volume and texture to dress the side-swept pixie up for a special event.

Blunt bob

If layers just aren’t for you (they do take a while to grow out and are difficult to maintain), the blunt bob is a simple cut that is appropriate for middle-aged women. The blunt bob can vary in length a little bit. It can stop a few inches below the ears, but you can take it to chin-length as well. It grows out nicely, reducing the frequency of your haircuts.

The bottom of your bob can be cut straight across in a horizontal fashion, but you can also choose to have your stylist cut it a little different to be more unique. For example, one side can be longer than the other; the back can be shorter than the front, or vice versa.

Blunt bobs look nice when they’re kept all one color, and it’s a nice cut to choose if you’ve been growing out your gray hair and finally want to chop off that dyed color that’s located at the bottom. You’ll have a fresh head of hair that is all your own natural color.

Shaggy bob

The shaggy bob is a sexy look that is similar in length to a traditional bob but with a lot more layers. Most shaggy bobs go down to the chin, and layers can start as high up on the head as a few inches from the scalp. You can decide if you would like to include a full bang as part of your shaggy bob, but longer hair can be left at the front of the face as well.

Shaggy bobs look lovely on middle-aged women who have salt and pepper hair that is transitioning over to all gray. It’s also a great look for blondes and brunettes alike. You can dress up your shaggy bob with a simple pair of earrings and necklace since most of your hair is kept away from these areas of your face and neck.

Undercut hair look

Just because you’re now middle-aged doesn’t mean that you can’t have an edgy and unique appearance. The undercut look features a very short cut on top with a shaved underside. Men usually take the shaved area to a higher point on their head, but women can keep it very subtle to add personality to their hairstyle.

The undercut hair look is very practical because it doesn’t take a lot of time to style it. Even the straightest hair can have some texture added to it with the right cut and products. Keep in mind that the undercut is a very casual look that may be difficult to dress up if you’re still looking to maintain a professional appearance for work.

Sassy hairstyle

Sassy hairstyles are perfect for women that are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s as they give off a very youthful style. You’ll usually find that sassy hairstyles are short, and they have a very layered or choppy appearance. The more you spike and tousle your hair, the sassier you will look.

The sassy hairstyle looks nice when it is part of a casual ensemble. It makes you look a bit mischievous and playful. Don’t worry; you can still dress this hairstyle up with the right outfit and accessories. It even looks nice when you don’t do anything to it at all, as long as you’ve worked with a reputable stylist to get the cut that you want.

Messy look

If you want a messy hairstyle and you’re middle-aged, you’ll want to opt for a cut that is slightly longer than a bob. Some long layers can be added in so that the hair lies very naturally. 

If you’re looking to dress up your messy look for a special event, you can use a large barreled curling iron to put some longer waves into your hair. Spray them lightly with hairspray to set the look for the day or evening.

A messy-looking hairstyle is very casual, but there’s also a very soft and feminine look to it. Most older women don’t want to maintain very long hair like they did when they were younger, so this is the next best option. A great outfit for a messy-looking haircut would consist of jeans, a soft sweater, and ballet flats. Keep your accessories simple and minimal.

Longer Haircuts

Some women like to keep their hair long when they’re older. While you might not want to pull your hair up in a ponytail anymore now that you’re a bit older, longer hair is practical. You can style a long cut in just about any way that you want. 

You can keep it completely straight, add curls, incorporate highlights, wear it in a bun or hold it back with a clip of some sort. You have a lot more versatility the longer that your hair gets. 

Woman curly hair black dress posing

Just make sure that you’re keeping up with routine trims. It’s important to keep those dead ends off so that your long hair looks healthy and full.

Asymmetrical Bob

We talked about the bob haircut and how practical it is, but you can opt for the asymmetrical bob look if you have an edgy personality or want to keep a more casual and stylish look. 

One side of the head is cut very short to the scalp with different layers worked in. The opposite side of your hair will be cut quite a bit longer, with the front pieces surrounding the face going down as low as your chin.

Asymmetrical bobs look lovely on older women when they are used with lighter-toned hair. It works with gray hair, blonde, etc. This look can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing and where you are going.

If you’re interested in a short hairstyle that will compliment your features and help you retain your youthful appearance, we hope that you’ve learned something from this chapter. 

You can use these different hairstyles as a starting point for your next appointment with a stylist. If you’re working with a professional that you trust, they can also provide you with some insight into what type of cut and style you might want to consider.

Low maintenance of short haircuts

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut that isn’t going to take you a long time to style in the morning, short haircuts are the way to go. There isn’t much straightening, curling, or styling necessary for a good short cut to look amazing.

The key is working with a reputable stylist in your area that can give you the low-maintenance look that you want. In this chapter, we’re going to talk about the benefits of a short hairstyle, what cuts look best for certain face shapes and how to properly take care of short hair.

Smiling african american woman reading book

Benefits of a short hairstyle

If you’ve ever had long hair in your lifetime, then you know how big of a challenge it can be. It takes a good amount of time in the shower to shampoo and condition long hair. 

Then you have to struggle through the process of combing it out and drying it (which can take quite a while). Then there is the process of styling it. You even use more product when you have long hair.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with having a short haircut!

Requires low maintenance

The biggest maintenance task that you need to worry about with short hair is having it trimmed or cut frequently. Long hair can go months without needing to be cut as long as it looks healthy. 

If you’re trying to maintain a shorter style, it’s recommended that you get your hair trimmed approximately once every six weeks. However, the time that you spend on maintaining your hair each day is very minimal. 

A quick wash in the shower followed by towel drying your hair is usually all that’s needed if the cut lays nice. If you’re going somewhere special, you can choose to dry your hair and style it. However, there’s not a lot of heat or product that’s needed to get the look you want.

You’ll look younger

Short hair is usually worn by older women because it gives a more youthful feel. It makes your hair look healthier and fuller, accentuating all of your features. Showing off your neck and décolleté opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to your wardrobe. You can really show off your sense of style without looking old or drab.

Easier to brush

Long hair tangles very easily, and the process gets more difficult with every additional inch of hair. Rather than having to pull your comb through long knots and tangles, short hair just requires a quick comb or brush. 

Woman combing short hair

You do most of the styling with your fingers, in fact. As long as you keep your hair conditioned, trimmed, and healthy, you’ll spend merely seconds brushing or combing your hair.

Need less time to get ready

Some people find it very difficult to get moving in the morning, which results in extra minutes in bed. If you find yourself rolling out of bed at the last minute to get ready for work or for the day ahead, choosing a haircut that is easy to style is ideal. 

You can sometimes get out of bed, and your short hair simply requires a quick combing to look presentable. If you do need to style it or flatten out any areas that developed bed head overnight, it shouldn’t take you very long or require all kinds of products or tools.

Accentuate your facial features

Short hair allows your facial features to really stand out. Long hair typically hangs along the sides of your face and draws the attention away from your features. Short hair can be cut in a way that accentuates your best features, whether they be your cheekbones, eyes, etc.

Use less shampoo

You’ll save a lot of money on products when you have short hair. One squirt or pump of shampoo is more than enough to get your whole head of hair cleaned up. It’s a good idea to invest in good quality hair care products to keep your hair looking healthy. These products can be a bit pricy, so it’s nice when you can make them last as long as possible.

Hair color is cheaper

If you have long hair and you go to a stylist to have it colored, you may very well face an up-charge. This is because the stylist often has to use double or triple the amount of product that would be used for short hair. 

You’ll save money by coloring your short hair, and you may even be able to do it yourself since there’s not a lot of hair that you are working with.

Your hair will look fuller

Even very thin hair can be cut short in a way that makes it look fuller. The trick is having your stylist incorporate different layers to make the hair lay nicely. Stay away from a blunt cut that is all one length at the bottom. This makes thin hair stand out pretty drastically.

Useful tips to keep your short hairstyle always radiant

Healthy hair is gorgeous hair. We talked a bit about how easy it is to take care of short hair, but there are some steps that you still have to take to keep your locks looking radiant and healthy. It comes down to the use of the right products, protecting your hair, getting trimmed frequently, and maintaining a good hair care routine.

Cut down the use of heated products

Using heat on your hair is a really easy way to damage it. Most curling irons, blow driers and flat irons heat up to very high temperatures, anywhere from 200 to 300 degrees. When you put that heat on the thin strands of your hair, it can result in quite a bit of breakage.

Close up hairdresser straightening iron hair

Short hair allows you to minimize the amount of heat that you put on your hair. You can likely skip your blow dryer most days because short hair air dries pretty fast. Very short hair doesn’t even allow you to pull pieces into a flat iron or curling iron which protects it.

Trim your hair once a month to keep its shape

Visit your stylist every four to six weeks for a quick trim. This will help to keep the shape of your hair maintained while also getting those unhealthy ends off.

Wash your hair regularly

Hair should be washed on a regular basis in order to keep it healthy. If you skip too many washings in a row, this can cause a buildup of oil that makes your hair look dull and greasy. Aim to wash your hair every day or every other day if you have dry hair.

Comb it less frequently

Short hair usually has to be combed once in the morning, and then it will probably stay nice for the rest of the day. It doesn’t tangle easily as long hair does. Being out in the wind can cause long hair tangles like you wouldn’t believe. 

Keep a comb on you to fix your hair up in the middle of the day if it’s really necessary but see if running your fingers through it will suffice.

Use the Right Products

Woman hair washed hairdresser

You can keep your hair looking healthy and radiant by choosing the right products to wash your hair with. Shampoos should be free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates. Botanicals that help to nourish your hair are your best option.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Conditioning your hair with good quality products will help to keep your locks hydrated and healthy. Conditioning also helps to cut down on breakage and split ends.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp

If you ignore your scalp this can cause dandruff, excessive oil production, and much more. Make sure you’re using your fingertips to properly wash and condition your scalp in the shower. Choose a hair care product that hydrates and protects your scalp if you have dry skin there.

Don’t Overdo It with Products

Products are often an important part of styling your short hair but don’t pile on product after product. This can damage your hair. You may also have to use more shampoo in order to wash the products out, which can strip your hair of its natural oils.

What hairstyles are best for your face shape?

Take a good look in the mirror and assess what kind of face shape that you have. The shape of your face will determine what short hairstyle will work best for you. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Oval faces

An oval face is a very versatile face shape to have if you’re interested in short hair. Since your face has a bit of a longer appearance, using layers and bangs is important. Opt for choppy long bob or layered pixie bob. Stay away from sleek long bobs that are very straight. They actually elongate your face further.

Round faces

The classic pixie cut is the perfect complement to a round face. There are plentiful layers that frame the face, making it look less round. Your face will look softer. Side-swept bangs take some of the attention away from the shape of your face. 

If you choose to keep your hair a little longer in a bob, this can make the shape of your face look rounder. A retro cut with some waves worked in can give you great style while complementing your face shape.

Diamond faces

A diamond-shaped face actually works really well with shorter haircuts if you’re working with the right stylist. A perfect cut is a slightly longer lob that has a few long layers worked into it. Part your hair on the side and make use a long side-swept bang to really soften the angles of your face.

Triangle faces

A triangle-shaped face actually resembles an inverted triangle. Your face chin has a narrow and pointy look while the top of your forehead angles out, making it look like the widest part of your face. 

A good short haircut for this face shape is something that allows for some longer waves. The waves add a softness that lessens the harsh look of a triangular face. Stay away from anything that has a middle part. The hair doesn’t fall nicely over the sides of your face and will make your face appear wider than it actually is.

Heart faces

Heart-shaped faces are feminine and pretty, but you can add some style and flare to your look with a short haircut. A pixie cut will elongate your face and show off its shape. A straight bob can be worn with a heart-shaped face, but try to make sure it’s parted on the side, and you style it with curls or waves.

Square faces

Keep the length of your hair short when your face is shaped in a square fashion. Ample layers and even a shaggy cut will soften those harsh edges of the face while creating a good deal of definition. A concave medium bob cut is also a nice option if you’re not ready to commit to anything super short.

Rectangle faces

The goal of a haircut or style for a rectangle face is to avoid making the face look longer than it is. Stay away from length with this face shape and stick with short pixie cuts that are layered. Anything that incorporates a bang will take some of the attention away from the shape of your face, making your appearance softer and gentler.

Now that we’ve discussed short hairstyles for women at great lengths, we hope you’re ready to try something new when you head to your stylist next time. 

Don’t be afraid to try out one of these short styles. It’s just a matter of finding the right cut that goes with the shape of your face. You can ask a professional for their recommendation if you’re nervous about what to choose.

Hairstyle ideas based on your type of hair

We’ve talked about choosing your haircut based on the shape of your face and how much time you want to spend on styling your hair. In this chapter, we’re going to look at some different hairstyle ideas based on the type of hair that you have. Some looks are much more appropriate for curly hair, while others work well with straight hair.

Whether or not you love the texture and type of hair that you have, this is what you were born with. There’s not a whole lot you’re going to be able to do to change your hair type, but you can absolutely choose a haircut and style based on your hair.

Woman model posing raises arms

From thick hair to thin hair, curly hair to perfectly straight hair, there’s a cut and style that will make you look beautiful. Doing some research and reading about your different options can provide you with the opportunity to really look closely at what will compliment your personality, style, and look.

Short curly hair hairstyles

Curly hair doesn’t have to be difficult and unmanageable. You also don’t have to grow your hair out long and straighten it. Embrace your curls for what they are, and cut your hair short to really show them off. 

Curly hair actually creates its own texture and gives the appearance of having layers when you don’t. Because of this, think about a short bob or longer lob. Your short and curly hair will be much easier to maintain, you won’t have to spend much time styling it, and all you really need is an occasional trim to keep it looking nice.

Short straight hair hairstyles

When you have short and straight hair, you should pay close attention to how you’re going to have it cut and how you’re going to style it. The goal is to create different angles and textures for definition. You can choose a pixie cut if you’re open to a lot of layers. 

If you’re not, a very short bob that angles towards the front can look very sleek and sophisticated. Part your hair as far to one side as you can so your hair sweeps across for the look of added volume.

Short wavy hair hairstyles

Wavy hair is so lovely and easy to work with. It’s perfect for short hairstyles because you already have natural texture and definition. A longer lob is a great option for short and wavy hair. 

Keeping the angle a little longer in the front gives the appearance of having longer hair while you reap the benefits of having easy-to-maintain short hair. 

Add a little more texture to your wavy hair by scrunching some gel or mousse into the waves, so they stand out more and hold their shape.

Short fine hair hairstyles

Fine hair can be a challenge when you’re craving thick, full hair. If you grow your hair long, it will look thinner. Cutting it short and having a few precisely placed layers added in around your face can make your thin hair look very soft and wispy. Not to mention, your hair can actually look thicker when you keep it short.

A stacked pixie cut is beautiful for women of all ages. It creates a ton of style and definition at the back of your neck, your hair will lay nicely naturally without a lot of fuss, and it’s easy to maintain.

Short thick hair hairstyles

You have to be careful with thick hair when you’re cutting it short. If you don’t choose the right cut and style, your hair can end up looking poofy and unkempt. To soften the thickness of your hair and allow it to lay nicely, have your stylist work in a lot of layers. The higher you can start the layers, the better. If you really need to cut back on the thickness, tapering one side of your hair and allowing the other side to flow naturally is a low-maintenance and stylish look.

Woman crossed arms curly hair

Feathering the hair retains the thickness of your hair while having it lay smoothly and more narrowly at the bottom of the cut. Stay away from a blunt bob or lob that will just end thickly. When you have the ends feathered in, you can really choose whatever length you want.

You’re well on your way to choosing a brand new hairstyle that is perfect for your face shape, hair type, and style. Versatility is key so that you have different options for styling and coloring your hair. 

We’ve covered all of the different hair types in this chapter, and you hopefully understand how your hair type affects your hairstyle options.


You now know everything about short hairstyles that will help you decide if this type of cut and style is for you. It’s a good idea to speak with your stylist about what your options are and what you should potentially stay away from. Always trust your hair with a professional that knows what they’re doing so you get the best look possible.

If you have any questions about short hairstyles for women, leave a comment below. You can also share this post with your friends that may also be considering a short hairstyle. Let us know how your transition to short hair goes.

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