How to Wear a Beanie: Types, Tips & Outfit Ideas for All

How to wear a beanie - faverie

A beanie is a staple in many people’s wardrobes from when they are born. People have worn these hats since at least 3250 B.C. Interestingly, they remain a popular option for both men and women today.

Yet, you may not be utilizing them to your best advantage in your wardrobe. Learn about 17 different types of beanies that you may want in your closet. Of course, for the most popular ones, you may want them in more than one color.

If you do not wear beanies often, this post is especially for you because you will learn many ways to create different looks. In the case you already have discovered how exceptionally comfortable it is to wear beanies, you may learn some new ways to pair them and which looks best on you.

Let’s get started learning about beanies!

Introduction to beanies

Beanies are a staple for many different looks. You may want to start wearing them to be more fashionable. People have worn beanies for centuries. They also make an excellent accessory for many parties when asked to dress in a particular manner.

At the same time, you will want to learn secrets about wearing a beanie that will help you look even better. Depending on your face shape, you will want to wear them in different positions.

Woman hat beanie pink

Without any further ado, let’s learn more about beanies and how they have evolved.

What is a beanie?

A beanie is a brimless cap that tightly hugs your head. While manufacturers make them from almost any fabric, felt, synthetic, or knitted fabric is the most common choice. Most consist of more than one panel and have a button in the center at the top.

While I will get into more detail in a few minutes, beanies first became popular in the early 1900s when men needed to keep their hair out of their eyes while working, but a cap with a brim would have gotten in their way.

Beanies are like skullcaps in many ways, but there are some differences. Some beanies have turn-ups, while skullcaps do not have any turn-ups. Most beanies cover the entire head, while skullcaps cover only a portion.

In a little bit, I will also cover more details about the different types of beanies throughout history; generally, they fall into two categories. Some beanies fit close to the head, and others rise a short distance above the head to allow air movement.

There are at least two theories of how the beanie got its name. One view believes that the name comes from the button’s size on the top of the hat, which is about the size of a bean seed. The other theory purports that the name comes from bean, being a slang term for the head.

You may hear beanies referred to by different names if you travel worldwide. In many military circles, they are called watch caps. Options topped with a pompom instead of a button are often called bobble hats. In Canada, they are often called tuques.

Evolution of beanies

While archeologists believed that the lines on the head of Venus statues were a form of hair braiding for many years, they now think they were wrong. They think that it was her cap formed by knitting together short fibers using one needle. The oldest example of this technique, called nalbinding, is a knitted cap from China dating back to about the 1st century. Astonishingly, this brown cap closely resembles a beanie.

Fast forward about 1400 years, and Monmouth caps were popular. Following the passage of the Cappers Act of 1488 required any man who owned more than 20 marks of land to wear a hat made in England on Sunday, except when traveling. These caps became a popular choice because of the high wool quality available from Ryeland sheep used in Monmouth, Wales, to produce these hats. After a plague, production moved to Bewdley, Worcestershire, England. These hats were especially popular with sailors and others who had to work in all types of weather conditions.

Move ahead again until the formation of the United States government, and the Phrygian cap, also called the liberty cap, was a sign that the wearer was male and a legal voter. The cap appears on the official War Office Seal for the United States Army. Many early coins had this cap until the minting of the United States walking half dollar ended in 1947.

The beanie also has a rich history in fashion. For example, when the Brooklyn Excelsiors created one of the earliest baseball hats in the 1860s, they chose a beanie. In the 1990s, beanies were popular with those in the grunge and skateboard movements, and they have remained popular ever since.

Brooklyn excelsiors group men
1860 Brooklyn Excelsiors Base Ball Club

There are at least 17 different styles of beanies that people wear today. In the next chapter, I will deal with each of those styles, so make sure that you keep reading. Recognizing the different types is the first step in choosing a beanie that will flatter your body. Furthermore, I will cover each in some detail so that you get a better idea of what is available.

Types of beanies

Stop for a second and think about how many types of beanies you can name. Can you name five, 10, or 15? The truth is there are at least 17 types of beanies being worn by people today. This hat’s simple design means that even more types may be available soon. If you cannot name at least 17, this chapter is for you. I will discuss the many kinds of beanies, and I am sure you will find at least one new type that you must add to your wardrobe.

A beanie is an outstanding choice to wear with almost any outfit. Thankfully, warm wool beanies are perfect for a cold winter day. There are also cotton beanies that are a fantastic way to make a fashion statement in warmer weather.

Style experts suggest that every man needs at least five types of beanies in their wardrobe, while most women need eight. That is just a starting point, and many people choose to wear many more different types of beanies regularly.

In addition to telling you about the styles, I will also be giving you some helpful tips about wearing them.

Cuffed beanie

Cuffed beanies are usually wool or cotton. This type of beanie has extra fabric on the bottom, allowing you to roll it up over your eyes and ears to make a cuff. The amount of material added at the bottom of the beanie differs so that you can decide which option you like best. 

Bearded man glasses looking away

In some cases, a message or a logo is added to the cuff. They are often a favorite with National Football League fans who wear them in the team’s colors and logo on the front. This is a fantastic choice to wear with a casual outfit. These beanies are available for every member of the family.

Slouch beanie

A slouch beanie sits over the ears and has extra fabric at the top so that it hangs down the back of the wearer’s head. This type of beanie also has a firmer front to fit tighter, and the extra hanging down the back will not make it fall off. Typically, these beanies are thinner than other options on the market. 

Therefore, they may not be as warm. It is easy to create many different styles with slouch beanies, depending on how you style your hair. They are available for every family member but are especially popular with men who love to use them to create a laid-back look.

Brimmed beanie

These beanies have a small brim in the front, while the top may be slouchy or tight. The Brooklyn-style baseball cap introduced in the 1860s was of this style, and soon many different early baseball teams were using this type of hat. 

While it may look very similar to a beret, a beret is much fuller and has a flat circle on the top surrounding the button. A beret usually has a larger brim than a brimmed beanie. These hats were trendy in the 1990s with boy bands. Brimmed beanies are typically knitted, but other choices are available.

Earflap beanie

If you are saying, “baby, it’s cold outside,” then an earflap beanie may be a perfect choice. As the name suggests, these beanies have fabric pieces that the wearer can pull down to cover the ears. 

Over time, at least three styles of earflap beanies were popular in Russia, where people often experience frigid winters. The “treukh” is a round hat usually made of sheepskin that has an added flap in the back hanging down to the shoulders to keep the cold wind off your neck. 

Invented by a Norwegian designer, the “ushanka” has earflaps designed to be tied up on top of the hat. Finally, the “kubanka” is a flat beanie made of long fur, such as black fox, and was made popular in the movie “Irony of Fate. “

Cuffless beanie

These beanies have a preset length as there is no added fabric to fold or roll to make a cuff at the bottom of the hat. It is common for these beanies to have a small company logo at the bottom of the hat. 

They are ideal for warmer weather because there are not two layers of fabric to make your head warmer. These beanies may be a solid color, like black, dark brown, or navy blue. They can also be striped, with red and white along with red and yellow being popular choices.

Fisherman beanie

The fisherman beanie sits on top of your head, and it only covers a small area. While this type of beanie became extremely popular in the late 2010s, it has a long history. Back when men would go fishing in Portugal and Norway, they wore a similar hat style. 

YouTube video
What is a fisherman beanie?
by Red Hat Factory | Hand Knit Wool Beanies

These hats would offer some protection for their heads, but the ears were left uncovered so that they could hear what others were saying when they warned them of impending danger. Like those early hats, most of these are made from knitted fabric.

Pom-pom beanie

While beanies with pom-poms on them remain one of the most popular types of beanies, they have been around for a very long time. While the pom-pom is decorative now, pom-poms were very useful for hiding the helmet’s finish in Viking days.

Woman mustard beanie forest
Source: Hedi Alija on Unsplash

This hat style was trendy during the 1930s when people added pom-poms to handmade beanies because they could not afford other accessories on their clothing. 

In the 1960s, The Monkees singer Michael Nesmith often wore a bobble beanie with a pom-pom on it, but I will cover that style more extensively in a little bit.

High-top beanie

High-top beanies may be the perfect glamor statement on a cold winter day. Instead of fitting close to the head, these beanies rise above it. They can raise a little bit or become relatively high depending on the beanie. They often have a cuff. 

Many have designs printed on them, like the red Puma beanie for women, with playful kittens. Be sure to keep reading into the next chapter because if you do not style this option correctly, it can make you look like you have a growth coming out of the top of your head.

Animal beanie

Animal beanies are an attractive option that will also help to keep you warm. While many options are available for children, you can find animal beanies for every member of your family. Additional fabric is usually added to the top of the beanie to make the animals ears. 

Then, further design details are added to the rest of the beanie so that people can tell what animals you are wearing. Color often plays an important role. For example, you may find a green frog or an orange-brown fox. The eyes may be made from fabric, but squiggly eyes are added occasionally.

Knitted beanie

Knitted beanies are one of the most popular types of beanies. While you can find many commercial options, you can also find choices made by artisans or choose to make your own. Various stitches can be used to create knitted beanies, like lace or ribbed stitches.

Usually, the main part of the beanie is worked using the same number of stitches until almost the top of the beanie. Then, the number of stitches is reduced quickly to form the top of the hat. Knitted beanies come in a variety of styles.

Turban beanie

If you are looking for a colorful option to spruce up your headwear, a turban beanie may be a perfect choice. These beanies are usually silk or satin, and they can be a solid color or have many different colors. 

Woman turban looking away studio shot

People from many different ethnic groups wear turban beanies, and they may also be worn by people undergoing chemotherapy who have lost their hair. They were trendy during the 1910s when they were seen as an Eastern glamor statement, and in the 1940s, many Hollywood stars wore them.

Parisian beanie

A Parisian beanie is also called a French beret. These hats that are usually of wool are round and have no brim. Some are lined with silk, while others have a partial silk lining or no lining at all. This style has a long history as people in France have worn them since the early 19th century. 

Men often wear them on special holidays, especially Bastille Day, Victory in Europe Day, and World War II Armistice Day. There is no expectation of saving these hats for a special occasion, and men and women can wear them.

Ponytail beanie

Have you ever wanted to wear a ponytail in the wintertime, but you have fretted that your hat would mess up your hair? If the answer is yes, then a ponytail beanie is an excellent choice as it has an opening for your ponytail. Various beanie styles are available, including slouch, cuffed, brim, and cuffless. 

These hats are available in many colors, so it is easy to find one that will work with your favorite outfits. You can also find options made with more than one color, making them more versatile.

Bobble beanie

A bobble beanie is a beanie with a ball on top. The ball usually consists of either a pom-pom or a ball of fur. These beanie hats come in various styles, like slouch, cuffed, or cuffless. 

The bobble may be the same color as the hat, or it may be different. Some people find these beanies easier to remove because they grab ahold of the bobble. This is not always the best idea as it can cause the bobble to come loose.

Bluetooth beanie

Listen to your favorite music while staying warm by wearing a Bluetooth beanie. While a few have wires, most are wireless. Some have options allowing you to answer a call or talk on your phone by only pushing a button. The vast majority of these beanies are soft knitted fabric, and you can find options in almost any color or color combination. 

While most Bluetooth beanies are cuffless, brimmed and cuffed options are also available. If you plan on wearing these options regularly, consider the batter life. Some batteries will only last 4 hours, while others will last much longer. Additionally, think how far away from the source you can be, and the Bluetooth still works.

Propeller beanie

Ray Faraday Nelson invented the first propeller beanie in Cadillac, Michigan, in 1947. He used things around his house, including a propeller from a model airplane, to build this beanie while hanging out with friends and discussing science fiction. George Young of Detroit wore the hat to a major science-fiction convention, and other people soon wanted one.

Woman cap propeller raising thumb up

This type of beanie, where each of the parts was usually a different color, found additional supporters when used in “Time For Beany.” Kellogg’s cereal offered it as a premium. The hat became popular with standup comedians.

Now that you know at least 17 types of beanies, are you wondering which type is best for you? I will answer that question in the next section because it depends on your face’s shape. Therefore, you will want to make sure to keep reading.

How to wear a beanie based on your face shape

Over the last several decades, the beanie has been a humble hat designed to keep you warm on a cold winter day. While that can be important, you can choose a style of beanie that will help you make a fashion statement.

Now that you know at least 17 different types of beanies let’s dive deeper into what styles will look best on you. Choosing the right style allows you to be warm and fashionable.

Generally, if you are tall and lean, you will want to choose beanies designed to be worn close to your head. The opposite is also true. Select a taller beanie if you are short and heavier set to appear taller.

Generally, you want to think about what elements will enhance your appearance and pick beanies based on those elements.

How to wear a beanie based on your face shape

Round face shape

You have a round face if the distance between your cheekbones is roughly the same distance as the length of your face. Your chin is rounded, and your face has softer angles.

You should choose a beanie with a looser style. Additionally, consider wearing it as elongated as possible because it will help your face look longer and leaner. Opt to wear your beanie a little more towards the back of your head as opposed to bringing it tightly down on top of your head. 

A fisherman’s beanie can be a great choice. Since this beanie covers only a portion of your head, it will draw the viewer’s attention up to the area that it covers, elongating your face.

Another great option is a cuffless beanie. Wearing a beanie with a cuff will make your face look even more round as the viewer’s eye will naturally follow the hat’s bottom around to the ears, making your face seem even rounder.

Square face shape

If you have a square face, then the sides of your face are straight. Your jawline is almost straight, with a very minimal curve. The distance from the outside of one cheekbone to the outside of the other is nearly the same distance as the top of your head to your chin. 

When choosing a beanie, look for one that will soften up your features a little so that your face appears less square.

An excellent choice for you is a brimmed beanie. Adding the brim helps to break up the geometric shape of your face. Think about tighter-fitting options if you are tall not to appear even taller. Alternatively, choosing options where the brim is a little higher will make you appear taller if you are short.

Another great option is a top hat beanie. Since these beanies are taller, they can make your face look longer. You may even want to consider a top hat beanie with a pom-pom or some other design feature at the top.

Diamond face shape

If someone could draw lines connecting the center of your hairline to your cheekbones and down to your chin, and it would form a diamond, you have this type of face shape. The chances are that you have a narrow chin and forehead. Your cheekbones are either very prominent or sit higher than typical.

A slouch beanie is an excellent option for you because it helps to break up the diamond by elongating it. Consider wearing a slouch beanie further back on your head than usual. The tight-fitting front and the longer back will help attract attention is the perfect way to draw attention up towards your face.

You also look great in a turban beanie. Its bright colors and bold designs help to draw attention upward, so it works even better when you are short, but try to avoid options with diamond shapes.

Heart face shape

If you have a pointed chin and your forehead is the widest part of your face, you have a heart-shaped face. This is especially true if you have a slender jawline and an angled chin. You should look for beanies that have a wide brim. Try avoiding those that have a narrow cuff, as it will only draw attention to your face’s shape.

An outstanding option for you is a Parisian beanie. Look for options with a wide brim to help break up your face’s shape and cover your broad forehead. Consider one in a bright color.

Another good option is a cuffless beanie. Choose one that comfortably pulls down to right above your eyebrows. This will help mask your broad forehead by drawing attention to your eyes and other features. While I will have more to say about the subject in a future chapter, consider options in neutral colors.

Oval face shape

If your forehead is slightly wider than your cheekbones, and you have a round chin, you have an oval-face shape. You can wear almost any beanie style, and hats with a brim look particularly attractive on you. Since you have a long and slender face, avoid options like top hat beanies to elongate your appearance.

A cuffed beanie can be a great choice, especially if it is thick so that you are creating a noticeable cuff. You may also want to think about those that allow you to roll the cuff more than once. The cuff will help draw your viewer’s attention upward. You may even want to consider options with a logo or words on the cuff.

Another choice to think about is a brimmed beanie, like a vintage Brooklyn-style baseball beanie. Their round design will help masquerade that you have a long face.

Rectangular face shape

If you have a long face, but it angles so that you could not draw a square on it, then you have a rectangular face. You likely have a high forehead and a square jaw, and you will want to choose options that sit close to your head not to make your face look even longer.

Slouch beanies may be the perfect choice for you. Select options that you can pull down to right above your forehead. Additionally, make sure that there are no design features at the top of the hat that might make your face look even longer.

You may also want to consider earmuff beanies. Choose options that will naturally draw attention to your ears. This will help your face look shorter and broader. Of course, earmuff beanies are a great way to stay warm in the winter.

While it is essential to consider your face shape when choosing a beanie, you will also want to buy several to have them for different occasions. In the next chapter, I will discuss which beanies you should buy for different times in your life, so be sure to keep reading.

How to wear a beanie depending on the occasion

In this chapter, we will look at when to wear a beanie. Do not worry. Beanies are great for any occasion, but some fit certain situations better than others. Therefore, I will give you specific information about which beanies to wear in different scenarios.

Then, you can make sure that you are always making a great fashion statement with your beanie. Soon, your friends and family may copy your style, but first, you need to learn some specific beanie style information.

Woman fur hat holds cup tea

Beanies are so lightweight that they are easy to tuck into your pocket. Changing your beanie throughout the day is a great way to change how you look, and you can easily change the look of an outfit from daytime to nighttime by choosing a different beanie. Therefore, going from class or work to a hot date is easy. The great news is that you will stay warm and comfortable wherever you roam.

I love the look of beanies, and I have many in my winter hat collection because they are effortless to tuck into a pocket when the weather is borderline cold, so you are prepared if it turns frigid. You may also want to wear a heavier beanie, like a wool cuffed option, during the cold early morning hours and switch to a lighter weight one, like a cotton knit choice, later in the day.

In the office

A turban beanie can be an excellent option for the office, and this can especially be a great option if you have a bad hair day as it easily covers most of your hair. Women and men may want to consider a neutral-colored one, such as khaki or navy blue, to wear with more formal office attire.

If you work for a company with a more casual vibe, consider a more colorful option. You may want to wear one the same color as your outfit to create a monochromatic look. Alternatively, you may want to wear one that matches the color of your eyes. You may want to play with wearing beanies that have a split complementary color scheme or a unique geometric pattern.

If a turban beanie is not your style, consider a lightweight cuffed one without a logo or words. These hats are super for wearing with a matching blazer. You may also want to consider beanie options that sit further back on your head and only cover a tiny portion of it.

Streetwear style

There are many beanie options that you can wear to create a streetwear look. One excellent option is the fisherman’s beanie. Roll the cuff twice and cover the top of your head with it. You can choose to pull it down in the front to cover the front of your hair if you are having a bad hair day. Alternatively, you can pull it towards the back of your head to create a hippier look.

Another great option is wearing a top hat beanie. When you pull the top up away from your head a little, it just tells the world that you are feeling cool. Be sure to wear it above your ears and keep its round shape as it comes around your head.

Another option is to wear a cuffless beanie as far back on your head as possible. Then, let some of your hair show in the front. This creates a great look that announces to the world that you are incredible, and you know it.

Casualwear style

A slouch beanie is an excellent option for casual days. Pull it down halfway over your ears. On frigid days, you can opt to pull it all the way down. The extra fabric at the back of these beanies helps to create a casual flair while keeping you warmer.

Another option that you may want to consider is earbud beanies. These beanies are perfect for wearing when hanging out at home as you can connect your stereo system to the earbuds. They are also an excellent option for wearing when running around because you can connect the earbuds wirelessly to your phone and listen to your favorite playlist without disturbing anyone.

A cuffed beanie in your favorite team’s colors is another great option to wear casually. Look for options with the team’s name or logo on the front. You can find them for all types of sports, so they make an excellent option for connecting with others who share your love for your favorite team.

School and college

Depending on your age, an animal beanie can be a great choice. You can find almost any animal made as a beanie, so you can share that you love horses, frogs, or pigs with everyone you encounter. Since these beanies are usually bright colors, they can be a great way to add color to your wardrobe on a cold winter day.

Smiling kid hat school pink backpack

Another excellent option for school is a Parisian beanie. These flat beanies are perfect for giving style to your favorite outfits. Pair a leather one with your favorite dress or dress shirt, and you will look like you just stepped off a Paris runway. Alternatively, wear it tilted back on your head with your favorite jeans and a pair of sunglasses to create a stylish look that is sure to turn heads.

Celebrity style

Many celebrities have worn beanies, and it is easy to incorporate their looks into your lifestyle. For example, Kourtney Kardashian and Kacey Musgraves regularly sport cuffed beanies when they are running around town. One of their favorites is a lightweight knit one made with acrylic yarn.

Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Ellie Goulding have all been spotted wearing pom-pom beanies. The key to pulling off this celebrity style is to go bold. You can choose to go bold in color, which often means wearing hats with designs made using split-complementary colors, such as pink, blue and purple together. Other times, it involves mixing different textures, such as the bottom of the hat being a thinner fabric than the top of the hat.

You can also choose to look like your favorite stars from different periods who sported beanies. For example, you might want to recall the days of your favorite boy band by wearing a brimmed beanie.

Comfortable and cozy

Beanies are so comfortable to wear that you will find yourself wanting to wear them often. Think about throwing your hair up in a ponytail and wearing a ponytail beanie. You will love the warmth of this hat without having to worry about messing up your hair. Typically, these beanies are one color, so choose one that works well with your favorite cozy outfit.

You may also want to consider wearing a bobble beanie. These are especially fun to wear when listening to music because you can get some bobbles to move in time to the music by shaking your head. These beanies come in various colors and are made from different fabrics, so it is easy to find one that matches your mood.

Snowy day look

Many fantastic choices look great on a snowy day. You may want to consider the many styles of earflap beanies. These are super because they often have pieces that pull down over your ears to help them stay warm.

One choice that I particularly love is the “treukh” because of the extra flap that hangs down in the back. I can withstand almost any temperature until the cold wind gets to my neck. Then, I am cold. Once I am cold, I am cranky. So this hat is also a lifesaver for those around me.

Woman fur hat woolen scarf woods

Another great choice for a snowy day is a slouch beanie. Like the “treukh,” these hang down in the back, and you can wear them pushed even further back to help keep your neck warm. At the same time, they help keep your head dry, so you do not end up looking like you have dandruff when it is snowing.

I hope you have enjoyed thinking about these different looks. In the next chapter, we will be looking at which beanies look best with varying hairstyles, so you will want to make sure and keep reading.

How to wear a beanie based on your hair

Despite knowing how to style a beanie, some people are still reluctant to wear one because they think it will mess up their hair. That is not a problem when you know how to style a beanie for different hairstyles.

When I was a little girl, I used to have outside chores to do in the morning before school, and I would sleep until the last possible moment. Then, I would take a quick shower and run outside to do my chores. When it was cold, my hair would often freeze, making it hard to style. Meanwhile, my dad was always yelling at me to put a hat on my head so that I did not die of pneumonia. I sure wish I had known about all the different types of beanies.

Now that you know the different types and which ones to wear on various occasions, we will deep dive into how to wear beanies with different hairstyles.

Curly hair

If you have curly hair, then you should wear a looser beanie. Slouch beanies are an excellent choice for you because they are designed to look uneven so that your curls will not affect them. High-top beanies can be another outstanding choice if the front part does not fit too tightly against your head.

If you try to wear tight-fitting options, like many fishermen and cuffed beanies, then your hair stops them from looking great. Likewise, you should avoid wearing beanies that only cover part of your head as they may get lost in your voluminous curls.

Short hair

People with short hair can wear many styles of tight-fitting beanies. Looser options may look like they are swallowing your head, so you may want to avoid them.

Consider Parisian berets and brimmed beanies to make it easy to put together a classic outfit, especially when worn with a blazer. You may also want to wear a fisherman beanie that is small enough that your hair peeks out from under it. Another option is to wear a cuffless beanie and roll it up to the point that it sits on top of your head.

Long hair

Generally, if you have longer hair, you will want to choose a tight-fitting beanie. One fantastic choice is a cuffed beanie because it helps to separate your beautiful hair from your face. Another great option is a brimmed beanie. The brim will help to separate your hair from your beanie, allowing you to use it as a fashion statement if you want. Wearing a tight-fitting beanie is a great way to balance your overall look.

Woman green beanie denim jacket outdoors
Source: Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Alternatively, you may want to consider a slouch or another elongated beanie. Then, tuck all of your hair under the beanie. You may opt to wear it pulled back a little, which allows your bangs to show, or use it to cover all of your head. Just make sure to choose one that is loose enough that your hair will not interfere with how the beanie fits.

Facial hair

If you have facial hair, then choose a beanie that is right for the rest of your hair. The key to wearing a beanie is to select a color that exactly matches your beard’s color or in a different color. If you choose a beanie that is in your facial hair’s color, you should make sure to choose one that you can wear pulled down low in the front to create a unified look.

Alternatively, if you choose one in a different color, then select one that you can wear towards the back of your head. This allows enough space in between that you will look handsome.

Shaved head

Tight-fitting beanies are best for people with shaved heads, and the same is true of bald people. One excellent option is a cuffed beanie that fits close to your scalp. Wear it pulled down low, especially if you have a broad forehead. If you have designs on your head that you want others to see, a cuffless beanie rolled up so that it covers only the top of your head can be a great choice. Be cautious about buying any beanie that does not fit close to your scalp because it will not fit properly on you.

Now, you know what beanies to wear to create different looks and what beanies look best with your hairstyle. The next chapter will cover some dos and don’ts concerning beanies, so be sure to keep reading.

Do’s & don’ts on how to wear a beanie

After reading this post, you may never look at a beanie in the same way again. You now know 17 different types of beanies, where to wear them, and the ones that will look best with your hairstyle. I have provided lots of helpful information, but it can be challenging to keep it all in your head.

Instead of remembering individual details, let’s look at some overlying do’s and don’ts for wearing beanies. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you pick the best beanie, even if designers create a new type.

Portrait girl wearing red hat

With so many different styles of beanies, it can be challenging to choose which ones you should add to your collection. While making some decisions can be easy, such as wearing a pom-pom beanie or a Parisian beret, other choices, such as if you would look better in a cuffed or uncuffed beret, can be more challenging. Keeping these points in mind can help you be a better-informed decision-maker.


Here are some how to wear a beanie do’s you should consider:

Do buy many different styles

Earlier in this post, I covered 17 different styles of beanies. You may have learned about some that you never knew existed. Therefore, you will want to add more beanies to your wardrobe. From Parisian berets to fisherman beanies, there are many different choices. You can wear beanies in even more ways when you have more options. They are a comfortable way to make sure that you are warm while staying fashionable.

Do consider the material

You will want to think about the material that the beanie is made from before making a final choice each day. For example, the ones made from cotton are an excellent choice for warmer days, while those made from wool are great for colder days. Even then, you will want to consider what type of material is used in the beanie. You can find wool beanies made from sheep, fox, and alpaca wool. Generally, the warmest beanies will be made from the longest fibers.

What’s more, a beanie’s material also matters in case you need to wash it. I mean, you must find out whether your new hat is washable before throwing it inside the washing machine. Ideally, we all should know how to wash a hat before buying it. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, we advise you to consider a beanie’s material and how often you will wear it so that you can more or less know whether you’ll need to clean it often.

Do select many different colors

Beanies come in various colors, so make sure you have several color choices of your favorite beanies in your wardrobe. Think about the color wheel when making color choices. You can choose to create a monochromatic look by wearing a beanie the same color as your outfit. Alternatively, wear one that is directly opposite on the color wheel. You can also choose one with the colors on either side of the opposite on the color wheel.

Do think about your wardrobe

Some styles of beanies lend themselves better to different wardrobe choices. For example, a pom-pom beanie may be an excellent choice for a casual day, while a Parisian beret may be a good choice for a more formal outfit. You may even want to experiment with wearing ethnic beanies with some outfits, like turban beanies with African outfits or Russian beanies with military outfits. Instead of just grabbing the first beanie that you find, get in the habit of making a conscious decision.

Do consider the quality of construction

Like everything else in life, not all beanies are made equally. Therefore, choose high-quality beanies. They will last longer and look better. While price can be one possible indicator, it is not the only one. Look for beanies that have an even bottom edge. The quality of the material should be consistent throughout. If attachments, such as pom-poms or bobbles, have been added to the hat, they should be securely fastened. Any changes in the diameter of the beanie should be done slowly.


Now that you have a better idea as regards the do’s, let’s have a closer look at the don’ts or things to watch out for:

Don’t overlook your hairstyle

Girl raised hands smiling sunglasses beanie

Tight-fitting beanies are perfect for people with no hair or short hair. It is easy to style these beanies as they are designed to fit close to your scalp. Alternatively, people with curly or thick hair will want to select options that have plenty of room for your hair. People with facial hair will want to opt for a beanie that provides a break between their hair and their hat or select one in the exact same color as their facial hair.

Don’t forget about the weather

Select a beanie that is right for the weather. If it is snowing or raining, consider options that naturally repel water, such as wool or leather. While it is a myth that you lose most of your body heat through your head, choosing a warm option covering your neck and ears on a cold winter day can help you stay warmer. Choices made of cotton or other natural fibers help whisk moisture away from your head on warmer days.

Don’t ignore how you feel

It is absolutely acceptable to follow your heart when deciding what beanies you want in your collection. For example, if you are not a comedian, you may have no use for a propeller beanie in your wardrobe. Likewise, if you are an older adult, you may not want an animal beanie. Even if these beanies are the hottest fashion trends, you should go with your feelings as many great options are available.

Don’t limit where you wear beanies

Wherever life takes you, there is a beanie that will look great. Turban beanies, Parisian beanies, and brimmed beanies can be worn to the office. You may want to add some fisherman and cuffed beanies to your wardrobe for running errands around town and informal date nights. You will also want some casual options, like uncuffed and pom-pom beanies for days when you want to be comfortable and cozy. The key is to have many different choices in your wardrobe, always to have the suitable beanie to wear.

Don’t be afraid to start new fashion trends

Each fashion trend starts with one individual who decides to wear an item in a particular way. It is no different with beanies. Therefore, feel free to experiment with how you wear your beanies to create looks that you love. Soon, you may discover that your friends are following your fashion style and you have started a new trend. While you may never get the credit you deserve, you can still feel proud that you started a new trend.

While there is nothing wrong with starting a new beanie fashion trend, the next chapter is for you if you would like to follow the current trends. We will look at various outfits that you can wear beanies with that are incredibly fashionable.

Beanies outfit ideas

I have tried to cover many topics about beanies in this post, and I hope that your mental wheels are already thinking about new ways to wear your favorite beanie styles. In this chapter, I will advise you on putting together outfits that include beanies. Feel free to steal them or modify them to make your fashion statement. There are so many great choices that it’ll take ages to list them all.

You are now armed with a bunch of information about wearing beanies. You know that there are at least 17 types of beanies and that it is easy to wear them regardless of your fashion style. You have probably spotted at least one new style that you must add to your wardrobe.

Consider this chapter your lookbook where you can steal the ideas completely, modify them or decide that they are not the right ones for you. There is no limit to the number of available choices with so many possibilities.

Women’s beanies outfit ideas

Here you’ll find the best outfit ideas for women:

Jeans + turtleneck + pea coat

Grab your favorite jeans with belt loops out of your closet and top them with a dark-colored turtleneck. Then, put on a peacoat that is the same color as the turtleneck. Tie the outfit together with a belt of the same color as the turtleneck. This is a fabulous choice for wearing with a cuffless cotton beanie matching your coat’s color. When it is time to head out the door, complete the look with your favorite winter boots.

Pencil skirt + button-down blouse + duffle

Woman beret coffee sitting oudoors cafe terrace

When you must dress up on a cold winter day, choose a black pencil skirt. One with a few design details is best. Top it with a solid-colored, button-down blouse. You can select the color but choose one that is not black. Depending on the weather, you may even want to wear a camisole underneath. Then, put on a black duffle coat ending about your waist. Choose to wear your favorite black dress boots. This option looks perfect with a Parisian beanie.

Cargo pants + flannel shirt + quilted vest

When the weather cannot decide what it wants to do, grab your cargo pants. Khaki ones are best, but white ones will work. Stay comfortable all day by wearing a plaid flannel shirt. Tuck the shirt into your pants and wear a simple leather belt. Choose a quilted vest matching one of the colors in the shirt. This look works great with combat boots. 

The best beanie to wear with this look is a slouch one. Choose one opposite the color of your vest to create a knockout outfit that everyone will adore. The great thing about this option is that you can easily tuck your necessities into your cargo pants or the pockets on the vest so that your hands will not get cold carrying your handbag.

Dress trousers + round-neck pullover + blazer

Get ready to hear everyone rave about your outfit by choosing to wear your favorite black dress trousers. Create a monochromatic outfit by wearing them with a round-neck pullover sweater also black. You can choose to wear one that has no sleeves or is long-sleeved. 

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Then, top it with a black blazer with black buttons. Complete the look by carrying a black hobo bag. This outfit looks superb when worn with black pumps. Complete the look with a cuffless black beanie.

Colored tights + oversized sweater + trench coat

Welcome spring by wearing a pair of colored tights. You can choose any color that you want. Then, top them with an oversized, lightweight sweater in a split complementary shade to the color tights you decided on. For example, if you choose yellow tights, wear a purple top. 

Alternatively, if you chose pink tights, wear a lime green top. If you need a coat, choose a trench coat. This is a great look to wear with your favorite white sandals. Finish out the look with a blue cuffless beanie if you chose the yellow tights or a yellowish-orange one if you chose the pink tights.

Men’s beanies outfit ideas

Now let’s have a look at some outfit ideas for men:

Cargo pants + hoodie

A hoodie with cargo pants is a great outfit for a cold winter day. Consider wearing one with a large logo on the front of the hoodie for a vintage look that will turn heads. Wear them with low-profile sneakers.

Man headphones outdoor training

Then, opt for a fisherman beanie. Choose a cotton one in warmer weather and a wool one on cooler days. You may want to accessorize the look with a pair of round sunglasses.

Chinos + Blazer + Turtleneck

Create a great look to wear to work in a startup or small business by pairing your favorite jeans with a turtleneck. Consider a lightweight one, but a heavier one will do on an extra cold day. Then, pair it with your corduroy blazer. 

You can choose between various footwear, from sneakers to Chelsea boots, and you can even pair it with oxfords if going to the office. While you can wear this look with many different beanies, consider a cuffless option pulled towards the back of your head for a classic look.

Jeans + football jersey

Show support for your favorite team by wearing a pair of jeans with your favorite team’s football jersey. Dark-wash jeans are always a good bet, but there are other great options. You can wear your sneakers or athletic shoes on your feet. 

If the weather is ferocious, put a white turtleneck underneath. You will want to show your team support by wearing a cuffed beanie in the team’s colors with the team’s name or logo across the front.

Jeans + white tee + denim jacket

Wearing a pair of jeans with a white tee is a terrific look that never goes out of style. Depending on the jacket chosen, you can wear this as a casual outfit, but you can also wear it as a more formal one by choosing a denim jacket with a breast pocket and a blazer cut. 

Select jeans that are either a lighter or darker blue than your jacket. Top the look with a brimmed beanie. You can choose between a variety of footwear depending on the exact look you want to create, including brogues, chinos, and sneakers.

Tee + button-down shirt + cargo shorts

You do not need to save your favorite beanies for cold weather. Create an easy streetwear look by wearing your favorite solid tee over a pair of cargo shorts. Top the tee with a button-down shirt that has the same color as the tee in it. Then, wear a cuffless cotton beanie pulled down over your forehead. This is the perfect look to wear with high-top tennis shoes and carry your skates or surfboard.

There is no doubt by now that you are ready to go shopping. If you have put together a fabulous outfit using this information in this chapter, find out how you can pay me back for this helpful information by following the steps in the next section. You will find that I have asked you to complete a few simple steps. Plus, I give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have.


I hope you have expanded your beanie knowledge. Think about someone who would love to know more about this subject and share this post with them. They will love learning more about how to style beanies and their history.

If you have any questions about beanies, be sure to ask. I would love to answer them. You may also want to post about your favorite outfit to wear with a beanie.

Finally, be sure to read my other blog posts. Each is loaded with practical tips to help you be more fashionable.

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