Hat Size Chart: How to Measure Hat Size [2023]

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Have you ever fallen in love with a hat only to wonder if it is available in your size? When you look at the ordering information, you discover that you have no idea what the data means.

In this helpful guide, you will learn about hat size charts for men and women. You will also learn how to measure your head and find your size on a hat size chart. Additionally, you will learn some tips to follow when measuring your head.

We provide you with hat size charts for both men and women. That way, you can find your proper size. Then, you can have fun shopping for hats that might not be available in your local market.

Let’s begin our journey into hat sizing.

Hat size chart

A hat is a beautiful fashion accessory regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Trying on a new hat in a store can be a little bit dangerous because you never know who has tried it on before you. Yet, buying one online without finding your correct size often involves returning the hat if it does not fit properly. Therefore, knowing your hat size is essential.

Use our hat charts to find the right size in inches and millimeters. Then, have fun shopping for a new hat.

Using a tape measure to determine your hat size at home lets you know what hat size you need to order online or what size to buy in a brick-and-mortar store.

What’s a hat size chart?

A hat size chart allows you to measure the size of your head and determine which size of hat is right for you. Then, you can order online or buy confidently in a store without having to worry if the hat will be too big or small.

Hat Size Chart

Head Size in Inches Head Size in Centimeters U.S. Hat Size European Hat Size
20 7/8536 5/853
21 1/8546 ¾54
21 1/2556 7/855
21 7/856756
22 ¼577 1/857
22 5/8587 ¼58
23597 3/859
23 ½607 ½60
24 ¼627 ¾62
24 5/8637 7/863
Generic Haz Size Chart

Using the chart is very simple. For instance, my friend in the United States measured their head and found that it measured 24 5/8 inches. He fell in love with a hat from a London retailer. He ordered a size 63, and it fit perfectly.

You can also use this chart the other way around. For example, my friend in Rome measured his head and found that it was 64 centimeters around. He fell in love with a hat from a United States manufacturer, and he used the chart to order a size eight hat, and it arrived just in time for his daughter’s wedding.

While I will discuss more details on measuring your head in a later chapter, you can use the chart to order your hat once you know this measurement. After you find the measurement, look on the chart for the United States or England hat size and order with confidence.

If you end up between sizes, order a hat the next size up. It is always better to order a little big than try to squash your head into a too-small hat.

Why does it matter to pick the right hat size?

Choosing the right hat size is essential for your comfort. It should be tight enough not to blow off in a light wind. Yet, it should be loose enough not to cause you to get a headache.

I once wore a hat that was not mine in a pinch. The person’s hat was too big on me. A wind came up and blew the hat off my head. I am very conscientious when I borrow anything, so I chased the hat. The wind kept carrying the hat away from me, but I was determined to catch the hat. I was watching it fly through the air, so I was not being overly careful about where I was going. I stepped right in a big puddle with my white dress sandals on, and the water splashed all over me, but I finally caught up with the hat.

Woman measuring mans head

When you know your correct hat size, you can order so many styles of hats from around the world. This is a great option, especially if you love to dress in ethnic clothing. For example, you can order a beret from France, a cowboy hat from the United States, or a flat cap from Italy.

You can also shop for great sales to find the top hats from designers you love. Many designers offer hats online as part of their collections, but you may not see them in your local stores because there is not enough sales volume to carry them.

Since hats are often inexpensive, they are the perfect way to try designers that you are not familiar with yet, but you love the look they create. It also gives you the ideal way to embrace small startups that may become household names someday.

Knowing your hat size is an incredible number to remember. If you know your men’s hat size, you also roughly your ring size and vice versa.

What’s the average hat size for men?

The average hat size is 7 3/8 or 59 centimeters for men. Knowing your hat size and this figure can help you figure out what size to order if you order a hat that says small, medium, large or extra-large because it is easy to compare yourself to the average.

I have always found it interesting that historians report that many United States presidents had average size heads. They are Lyndon Baynes Johnson, Harry S. Truman, Herbert Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, and Ulysses S. Grant. Therefore, if you have an average-sized head, you are among good company.

If you are a man and it has been a while since you have measured your hat size, you may want to measure it again, especially if you are nearing age 40 or have already had that important birthday. The average man’s head gets smaller after turning 40, and the average man also loses three inches or about 6 centimeters.

While I will leave you to draw your conclusions if the space is used well, the average male head is ¾ inches or about 1.9 centimeters larger than the average female head. Of course, many women would argue that hot air takes up more room while men say they need bigger heads because they have to remember more helpful information.

What’s the average hat size for women?

The average woman wears a size 7 ¼ or size 58 hat. Remember that if you wear your hair in a poofy style, you may want to order a one-size bigger hat not to mess up your hair.

Ordering a too-big hat is dangerous as it may blow away in a stiff wind. I had a friend who had a new hat. She was standing waiting to board the train when her hat blew off her head because she had ordered the wrong size. The hat landed on the train tracks just as the train was nearing. Thankfully, she had the presence of mind not to try to retrieve her hat. Yet, she let the train pass without getting on. When the train was safely out of the way, she discovered that the hat had fallen between the rails, and she was safely able to retrieve it.

If you are considering buying a hat that is not sized, most manufacturers make women’s hats to fit heads measuring between 21.5-and-22.5-inches, which is between 54.5-and-57 centimeters.

Most women have smaller heads than men, but there are other differences between men’s and women’s hats. Most women’s hats are cut smaller with a smaller brim. Women’s hats often have more feminine decorations than men’s hats. Many women’s hats have floppier brims than men’s hats. Both men and women can wear some hats.

In this chapter, you have learned that hats come in different sizes and the importance of buying a hat that is the right size for your head. In the next chapter, we will cover specifics about hat sizes for women in much more detail. Don’t worry men. Your turn comes up in the third chapter, so please share this guide with your male friends.

Women’s hat sizes

Women can find terrific hats from many different countries. Yet, many are hesitant to order because they are not sure they are buying the correct size. A hat size chart allows you to easily convert between the United States, European, and United Kingdom measurements so that you will no longer have this fear.

Hats in the United States and Canada are sold using the American measuring system, which relies on inches. Most European and Scandinavian countries sell most hats using European hat sizes. In Ireland and most of the United Kingdom, hats are sold using the United Kingdom measuring system. Therefore, you must easily convert between different hat size systems.

There are many advantages to using a women’s hat chart. While it will have more to stay in the future, you can easily take your measurements at home and use this chart to buy terrific hats from around the world.

Woman holding hat head trees

What style of hat you choose to order is up to you. For example, you may order a cowboy hat from the United States or a Panama hat from Panama. You may also want to consider buying a beret from Spain. You may also want to wear a beanie with your favorite sport’s logo on it. The choices are almost limitless.

Another advantage of using a hat chart is that you can easily shop sales, and everyone likes saving money. You can take advantage of sales on winter hats or summer hats from the other end of the world because they will often be on sale right before the season you need them for your local weather.

If you cannot find your exact size, order the next size bigger. Of course, you will want to be careful when doing your measurements. It is always best to measure twice and order once. It would be frustrating to wait for your order to come in and have it be the wrong size because you measured it wrong.

Hat size chart for women

Head Size in Inches Head Size in Centimeters U.S. Hat Size European Hat Size United Kingdom Hat Size
19 ¾506 1/4506 1/8
20516 3/8516 ¼
20 ½526 ½526 3/8
20 7/8536 5/8536 ½
21 1/8546 ¾546 5/8
21 1/2556 7/8556 ¾
21 7/8567566 7/8
22 ¼577 1/8577
22 5/8587 ¼587 1/8
23597 3/8597 ¼
23 ½607 ½607 3/8
24617 5/8617 ½
24 ¼627 ¾627 5/8
24 5/8637 7/8637 ¾
25648647 7/8
25.5658 1/8658
Haz size chart for women

The first step in using this chart is to measure your head. I will say more about that later but measure with a soft tape measure. If you do not have one, you can use a string and measure the length of the line. Next, find your size on the chart. Both inches and centimeters are listed so that you can use the measuring system that you are most familiar with using.

Then, determine what size of hat you need according to the different women’s hat size systems. The United States system is used in the United States and Canada. The United Kingdom system is the easiest because it is based on centimeters. It is used in most European and Scandanavian countries, like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The chart also has the European system used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Once you find your hat size under each system, then you are ready to shop at fabulous merchants. You can have so much fun collecting hats from around the world to add to your wardrobe. The great news is that you can often find hats on sale. Then, when your friends ask you where you got the hat you are wearing, you can brag about your savvy shopping skills.

I hope you check out our other articles about hats so that you become even a wiser shopper. I love sharing my knowledge.

In the next chapter, we will dive deeper into men’s hats before taking a look at how to measure for children’s hats. Therefore, you will want to keep reading to pick up even more advice on measuring for a hat.

Men’s hat sizes

Men can find many options in hats. Often, pairing a cowboy hat with a pair of jeans and boots is an excellent option for a casual date. You may want a top hat to wear to a black-tie event or a fedora to wear with a business suit on a cold winter day.

Buying quality men’s hats can be problematic because you may find limited options in your local market. When you shop online, you may easily get confused by the different men’s hat sizes used in various locations. That’s why we have provided you with this easy-to-use men’s hat size chart.

You will find listed men’s hat sizes for various areas of the world. Then, you can go on an amazing men’s hat shopping spree because you will not be stuck with what is available in your local market. First, you will need to know the circumference of your head. Using a soft tape measure is the best way to find it out. Your head size changes as you age, so you should measure again if it has been a while. I have included inches and centimeters to use the one easiest for you.

Guy poses holds jacket hat looks down

Once you know your head’s circumference, you can quickly look up the different hat sizes on the chart. Just scan down the inches or centimeter column until you get to the correct circumference. Then, read the chart across. You will see United States hat sizes, which are also used in Canada. The next column shows you European hat sizes used in most Scandinavian countries. The fourth column shows you your United Kingdom hat size. This measuring system is used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Hat Size Chart for men

Head Size in Inches Head Size in Centimeters U.S. Hat Size European Hat Size United Kingdom Hat Size French Hat Size
19 ¾506 1/4506 1/81 ½
20516 3/8516 ¼2
20 ½526 ½526 3/82 ½
20 7/8536 5/8536 ½3
21 1/8546 ¾546 5/83 ½
21 1/2556 7/8556 ¾4
21 7/8567566 7/84 ½
22 ¼577 1/85775
22 5/8587 ¼587 1/85 ½
23597 3/8597 ¼6
23 ½607 ½607 3/86 ½
24617 5/8617 ½7
24 ¼627 ¾627 5/87 ½
24 5/8637 7/8637 ¾8
25648647 7/88 ½
25.5658 1/86589
Haz size chart for men

It is so easy to use this table. Start by finding your head circumference in inches or centimeters. Then, follow the line across to see your number in various men’s hat sizes.

For example, if you have a head circumference of 50 centimeters, you would wear a size 6 ½ in the United States, size 6 ½ in United Kingdom hats, and size 1 ½ in French hats. The European Union system always uses the centimeters, so you would wear a 50.

Alternatively, let’s assume that your head measures 25.5 inches. You would wear a size 8 1/8 in hats from the United States, a size 65 in European Union hats, and a size 8 in United Kingdom hats. You would also wear a size 9 in hats from France.

Once you find your hat size, you can go on a shopping spree because you will no longer be restricted to ordering hats from your market. You may want to write your hat sizes down somewhere or print out a copy of this chart and keep it safely tucked away. Remember to measure often as your head circumference gets smaller as you get older.

If you see hats marked with more generic small, medium and large, then knowing your head’s circumference can also be helpful: if your head is 51 centimeters (20 inches) or less in circumference, you wear an extra-extra-small hat. If your head is between 52 centimeters and 53 centimeters (20 1/8 – 20 ½ inches), you wear an extra-small hat. Heads measuring between 54 and 55 centimeters (20 ¾ -21 ¾ inches) wear a small hat. If your head measures 56 or 57 centimeters (22-22 1/2 inches), you wear a medium hat. Those with heads measuring 58 or 50 centimeters (22 ¾ inches – 23 ¼ inches) wear a large hat. Those with heads larger than that wear an extra-large hat.

In the next chapter, we will explore how to measure your head and give you some valuable tips to follow. Therefore, you will want to be sure to keep reading before you shop for fabulous hats from around the world.

How to measure hat size

You now know how to read a hat chart and use it to order fabulous hats from around the world. Let’s dive a little deeper into how to take an accurate measurement of your head.

As you can tell when you look at the hat charts, there is very little room for mismeasurements. If you get your measurement wrong, your hat may be too big or small. In that case, you may need to send it back and wait for a new one to arrive, which can be a frustrating delay when you want to show off your new hat.

If you have ever watched a tailor at work, even in a video, you know that they work very carefully from measurements that they have taken. You must use the same amount of accuracy in taking your measurements before using a hat chart. It is far better to measure two times than order the wrong size. Since you have very little room for error, following some simple steps can help.

Woman fashion designer thinking

While you will not need any sewing skills, you will act like a tailor and take your measurements. It can be a great idea to get a friend to help, but you can do it yourself if needed. The steps are not complex, so no expert help is required as long as you can read a tape measure.

1. Gather Supplies

You will need a few supplies to take an accurate measurement of your head. The first thing that you will need is a soft measuring tape, like the ones sewers and tailors use. Additionally, you will need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Alternatively, you can keep the figures on your smartphone if you always have them with you. One thing you should not do is trust yourself to remember the figure. You must get it exactly right, and the chances are strong that you will forget the number.

2. Take Your Measurement

Start by putting the end of the measuring tape in the middle of your forehead. Then, pull the end around. Make sure to go above your ears. The tape measure must lie flat against your head. The tape measure should be right against your head, but it should not apply any pressure to your head. If you have trouble doing this yourself, get a friend to help. Some people find it easier when doing it by themselves to stand in front of a mirror so that they can see what they are doing.

YouTube video
How to Measure Hat Size
by Fashionable Hats

3. Write Your Answer Down

Using your fingers, carefully mark the place where the measuring tape reaches back to its beginning point. Make sure that you have the exact point marked because even one centimeter or a quarter-inch difference can make a huge difference. Write the answer down on a piece of paper or make a note of it on your smartphone. Use a piece of paper that you can keep in your wallet or another safe place as you will want to refer to it often. Keep in mind, however, that this number can change as you age, so it is a good idea to date the paper or your note.

4. Measure in Inches and Centimeters

An excellent way to check if your measurement is accurate is to measure in inches and centimeters. Many soft tape measures have both measurements on them. Repeat the process using the opposite measuring system and see if you get the same answer. Remember to start in the middle of your forehead and pull the tape measure around your head snugly but not tight enough to put pressure on your head. You can use the hat size chart to see if your head measures the same in inches and centimeters.

5. Use a String

If you find it challenging to use a tape measure around your head or if you do not have one, you can use a piece of string. Make sure that it is a string that does not stretch easily. Kite string is ideal, but do not use elastic strings or other choices with a lot of stretch in them. Hold one end of the string in the middle of your forehead and wrap it around your head. Again, a friend can help. The line should be tight and above your ears. Carefully mark the end of the string. Then, use a yardstick or metal tape measure to measure the string. Make sure the line is straight and taunt when you are measuring it. Again, it is best to measure twice and write down your answer.

6. Use the Hat Chart

Now that you know your head’s circumference go down the rows on the hat chart until you get to that measurement. Then, read across to find all the possible answers. In most cases, you will have an answer for the United States, United Kingdom, and European hat sizing systems. You may also find answers to the French hat sizing system. If you have trouble reading across the line, put a ruler or another straight edge under the line to block out the other numbers. Again, it is better to do this step twice for fear of making a mistake the first time.

7. Write Down the Numbers

Do not trust your memory to remember the numbers. If you do not use them for a little while, it can be easy to forget. It is also easy to make a mistake when filling out a hat ordering form. Therefore, you should always carefully record the numbers in a safe place. Even if you do not think you will be ordering from a particular area soon, go ahead and note the information. That way, you will be ready when you find a great sale on hats.

8. Go Shopping

It would be a shame to go through all this work without rewarding yourself. After all, you are probably reading this guide because you want a new hat. A great way to do that is to buy a new hat. You can find great deals on many different styles of hats that will give your wardrobe a new look. Have fun exploring the many different choices available. Remember that you can be very careful in your measurements, and the hat may not fit perfectly. Some manufacturers have more leeway in their manufacturing and sizing systems than others. Most hats will be close enough that you can still comfortably and confidently wear them when you order using a hat size chart.

Girls trying on hats clothing store

Important Note:

Like most clothes you order, different companies size hats differently. Therefore, you should consider a hat sizing chart as a general guideline. The great news is that most manufacturers are remarkably consistent across their line. Therefore, once you get the right size, you can order that size again from the same manufacturer and expect the hat to fit you properly. Remember using a hat size chart is an important starting point.

You have learned to read a hat size chart. Then, you have measured your head and recorded your hat sizes. The next step is to learn some tips on applying the information in different scenarios, so make sure to keep reading.

Tips to choose the right hat size

If you have read this guide to this point, then you have learned how to read a hat chart and found examples for men and women. You have also learned how to measure your own head and know that you should have that information written down somewhere safe. You should also know how to order from many different companies as you know your hat size under different hat-size systems. In this chapter, we will dive into some tips about hat sizes that you will want to keep in mind when shopping for a fabulous new hat.

For many, buying a hat is a little scary. It may be something that they do not often do. Therefore, they are afraid that they will make errors that they would not make if they had more experience. After reading to this point, you are already ahead of many people. Yet, following some tips about buying the correct hat size can help. There are many fabulous choices, so take your time to read and understand these hat sizing tips before making a final decision. Then, you will end up with the perfect hat for you in the correct size.

Measure More Than Once

I covered this extensively in the last chapter, but you should not measure just one time. In fact, you should measure at least twice. Consider measuring in metric and U.S. measurements to see if you come up with the same answer on the hat size chart. Alternatively, consider measuring with a tape measure and a piece of string. Measuring more than once helps ensure that you did not make a mistake. It is so easy to look at a tape measure wrong.

Keep the Pressure on the Tape Measure Correct

When using a tape measure to measure your head, you should keep it flat against your head without applying any pressure. If you pull the tape measure too tight and read it, you will be unhappy with the hat you buy because it will be too small. Alternatively, if you let the tape measure gap away from your head while taking the measurement, you will end up with a hat that is too big.

Measure in the Right Place

Man hat line measure

Start your measurement in the middle of your forehead. Bring the tape measure around your head above your ears. Then, bring it back to the starting point. This is your natural hat line, and it is where you will want your hat to lie. It is especially easy to let it fall down in the back, so be cautious. Consider using two mirrors so that you can see the tape measure at the back of your head if you need to measure your head’s circumference by yourself.

Write Down Your Answer

Even if you measure two times in a row, write down your answer each time you measure. Do not trust your brain to recall the correct number. Once you arrive at the same answer twice, use the hat size chart to look up your hat sizes in the different systems. Then, write down those numbers and keep them in a safe place. Guys may want to tuck it inside their wallets or keep it on their phones while women should put it in their phones or a secure place in their purse. That way, you have easy access to it when you are shopping.

Measure in Different Ways

A neat trick to help ensure even more accurate answers is to measure in different ways. Then, compare the answers. For example, many soft tape measures have metrics on one side and inches on the other. Therefore, you can measure using both systems and check your answers on the hat size chart. If you are only comfortable using one system, then consider using a soft tape measure one time. Then, wrap a non-stretch string around your head and mark the place before measuring the line.

Use a Straight Edge

If you have astigmatism or other conditions where it is hard to read lines on a chart, then use a straight edge under the line. This can be a ruler or a piece of paper, helping ensure that you stay on the right line as you move across the chart. You may also want to print the chart and highlight the numbers that apply to your measurements. Just be sure to use a different color highlighter if your numbers change later so that you do not become confused.

Fix Your Hair Before Taking the Measurement

You will want to brush your hair before using a tape measure to measure your head’s circumference. This ensures that your hair has not bunched up in one place, making the measurement inaccurate. Additionally, brushing your hair ahead of time can help ensure that the tape measure does not get stuck in your hair. I have made that mistake, and it can really hurt.

Use Measurements

Some people try to guess their hat size. It only takes a few minutes to measure your head and read a hat size chart. Then, you are pretty sure that you are ordering the correct size. Still, there can be some differences between manufacturers. Yet, not measuring at all almost guarantees that you will order the wrong size. Then, you have to take or send it back and shop for a replacement. You may want to consider measuring twice and ordering once, your new motto when buying hats. You will be much happier with the results when the first one fits you correctly.

Measure Each Time

Woman measuring tape head

Men usually develop a smaller head after 40, and their head may continue to shrink for a long time. Likewise, many men do not reach their full head size until about 30. Therefore, it is best to measure each time you plan on buying a new hat. While men have more variation in head size than women, ladies should measure too as their head size also changes over time. It only takes a few minutes, and you will be sure that you are ordering the correct size.

Enjoy the Process

You work hard for your money, and buying a new hat can be a real treat. Slow down and enjoy the process, starting with measuring your head. If you become frustrated while trying to measure your head by yourself, recruit help from a friend. Spend time picking out the perfect hat since you can now shop at many worldwide since you know your hat size in different systems. Knowing different systems allows you to shop with so many more vendors. Consider saving your favorites to a file so that you can compare choices side-by-side before making a final decision.

It is hard to imagine living in a world where there was only one hat style. Of course, that was in Ancient Egypt about 5,500 years ago. Their only choice was to wear a straw-type hat with a wide brim to protect them from the desert heat. You also do not have to be like a bidder at Christie’s Auction House and pay $2.7 million for a one-of-a-kind designer hat inspired by bluebells and ivy. Hat styles come and go, so be sure to stay abreast of the latest hat styles.

While you are looking for the perfect new hat to add to your collection, check out our Types of Hats article. It contains lots of great advice on different hat styles that you will want to consider along with excellent buying advice. Reading articles like this one will make you a savvier shopper and save you money.

You have learned a lot of practical advice in this article about measuring your head correctly. You have also learned more about reading a hat sizing chart. I hope you find your new knowledge very useful.


It’s your turn now. Start by applying the information in this guide about hat sizing to find fabulous hats to add to your collection. You will be more confident when purchasing a hat because you will be ordering the correct size.

While contemplating your excellent choices, take a peek at our other articles filled with wonderful fashion advice. Once your new hat arrives, be sure to leave a comment about which hat you decided to buy and how well it fits.

If you found this guide helpful, then share it with your friends. Everyone can benefit from a bit of guidance when buying a new hat.

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