Business Casual for Women: Choose the Right Work Attire

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Knowing what business casual for women means can be such an ordeal these days. What you wear to work can have a great impact on the way others see you. It is for this reason that nailing every office outfit is of vital importance.

Business casual dress code vary depending on the city, state, and the office you work for. However, dressing appropriately can make or break your career. If you are among those women who wonder what exactly business casual for women means, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of women’s business casual attire. You’ll also feel confident building your own wardrobe based on the seasons and what flatters your body type while maintaining professionalism. You’ll leave with an arsenal of business casual wardrobe outfit ideas. Ready to dress to impress and turn some heads?

Let’s get started!

What’s business casual attire for women

In this chapter, I’ll explain some women’s business casual dress code fundamentals. I’ll start by giving you a proper definition of business casual for women. I’ll also clarify what’s not considered appropriate for women’s business casual attire. And then, I’ll share some useful tips.

What’s business casual for women?

Business casual for women is somehow a mixture between business professional and casual wear. So, you’ll have to mix elements of formal business women’s attire like a suit skirt or a blazer with more casual garments such as a top or leopard print flats. 

Business woman blue ensemble

Your look must be suitable and respectable for the office. That’s why finding the right business casual pieces is challenging for many women. It’s better to pick items in neutral colors, such as gray, navy, black, or beige, since they’re easier to mix and match.

There are some basic women’s business casual staples like blazers, suits, shirts, slacks, knee-length skirts, elegant dresses, etc. Deciphering what to wear to work is difficult as business casual dress codes for women vary from company to company. It depends on your day-to-day basis, the city you work in, and your working environment, to name a few. 

Even if there’s no standard definition, there are some aspects that generally work for most enterprises. I strongly advise you to pay attention to what your colleagues and managers wear. This will give you an idea. If clueless, you can also reach the human resources department for some guidance. 

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Most of the time, you’ll be safe mixing one formal business garment with a casual one. Yet, it’s pivotal you watch out for not showing your body too much. You have to dress for the office, not for a night out in the club. So, pay attention to your clothes length, neckline, sleeves, and fit. Pick garments that are business-appropriate. 

What’s considered not office-appropriate business casual attire for women?

The business casual dress code for women isn’t written in stone. However, there are some aspects you should take into account when choosing your business casual clothes for work. First of all, you shouldn’t wear garments like shorts, skorts, yoga pants, leather pants or skirts, and tops or dresses with skinny straps.

Womans chest green dress

You should also avoid both baggy and super tight clothes. You shouldn’t wear clothes with sequins either. Showing your bra is totally inappropriate. Crop tops, halters, and strapless tops are not suitable for work. Besides, you should avoid wearing flip-flops. 

Well, the whole list is quite long, as you can imagine. These are just some examples of items that are not adequate for women’s business casual attire. Think of any garment you usually wear for hanging out with friends, going on a date, partying; it won’t be suitable for going to work. Remember you want others to respect you and value you for your work. 

Women’s business casual attire tips

The business casual dress code for women is more complex than men’s. There exists more variety as regards what to wear. Thus, it’s more complicated to decide on a suitable attire. On top of that, you must be careful with your choices and avoid wearing tight items. 

Long haired woman wearing blazer

There are lots of tips I could share, such as make sure all your items are pressed and wrinkle-free or that you should keep hemlines around the knee and necklines not too revealing. 

Yet, the tips I’m about to share below will not only help you wear a trendy business casual attire and to give a good impression, but they’ll also improve your confidence and help you move up your career ladder. Interesting, isn’t it?

Here are some useful women’s business casual attire tips:

Invest in some basics.

Buying work clothes isn’t that complicated. To be honest, it might not be funny. But, once you find a brand for basics that suits you, half of the work is already done. There are lots of possibilities for women’s business casual clothing.

If you stick to the basics, no one will notice whether you wear an item more than once a week. However, if you get an item in bright colors or a loud pattern, people will notice. Besides, basic items are extremely easy to mix and match, and they are more elegant.

I advise you to get most of your business casual clothing in neutral colors like white, black, gray, brown, beige, or navy. And then, you can add pops of color here and there to show your personality. 

For instance, you’ll probably be fine with any type of button-down shirt, a turtleneck, a sweater or cardigan, a knee-length business dress, a pair of dress pants, or slacks in neutral colors. However, you shouldn’t wear items with sequins, graphic designs, or rips. 

Pay attention to your hair and make-up.

There are one thousand reasons why you should do your hair and wear appropriate make-up. They both change quite a lot how others perceive you. What I mean is that you’ll look much nicer wearing make-up. But, not any make-up.

Headshot happy woman
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You should wear make-up that’s office-appropriate. So, probably not the same lipstick as the one you use for a date. Natural colors are much more flattering for going to the office. Likewise, the same applies to your hair.

Under any circumstances, should you show up in the office with your hair being a mess. Still, you don’t need to wear elaborate hairstyles. You don’t want to draw others’ attention to your hair. What you want is to look groomed, elegant and sophisticated. 

In fact, a great way of looking stylish and sophisticated is with a braid. There exist lots of types of braids. If you happen to have medium-length or long hair, you could ensure your hair won’t be in your face all day long.

Besides, some types of braids are tremendously flattering, and you can wear them with your business casual attire. If truth be told, not all styles are appropriate, but most braids are fine for going to the office, attending conferences, meetings, and so on a so forth.

Why don’t you give it a try and check how it can improve your look at home. Once you are more confident and learn how to style braids, you can wear them for work or business casual events. Still, if you are not into braids, you might want to consider wearing a nice ponytail or bun instead.

Select the right shoes.

Shoes form part of women’s business casual attire. Choosing the right shoes can make a great difference. For instance, high-heeled shoes can make you look more elegant and dressed up. 

Businesswoman sitting on office chair

You don’t always need to wear heels. There are different shoe options that are best for each business casual outfit. However, it’s not the same wearing dark jeans, a dress shirt, and a sweater with flats rather than heels. The latter will make you a lot more sophisticated.

Still, be careful when selecting any type of shoes for your business casual attire. Bear in mind that they need to be office-appropriate. You’ll probably spend a lot of time standing on your feet. Thus, go for something comfortable but stylish. And, never leave home without your shoes being polished. 

When in doubt, it’s preferable to dress up.

You may well already know that you never get a second chance to give a first impression. It is for this reason that it’s always preferable to look smart. For instance, this matters for interviews or meetings with clients or company managers. 

Woman black blazer orange shirt carrying laptop

You’ll never go wrong with your business casual attire if you opt for classic combinations, such as dark slacks with a solid-colored top or a knee-length dress/skirt with an elegant shirt. Besides, a blouse or nice dress shirt with slacks is generally a safe bet too. Wearing a blazer, not a suit jacket, will boost your overall appearance. 

Check out what your colleagues are wearing.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the best indicators as to what to wear to the office. Women’s business casual dress code varies from company to company. Thus, it’s a great idea to pay attention to what other women in your office wear to work.

It can help you avoid showing up wearing inappropriate looks. You can also use this knowledge to your advantage and dress smarter than others. There’s no wrong in modeling those who know what they’re doing and outperform poor looks.

It’s believed you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Thus, observing how managers, colleagues, and important women dress in your brand can prove to be highly beneficial. 

Stick to essentials in neutral colors.

Even if you like glittery colors and they look nice on you, you shouldn’t wear them to work. We all feel better when wearing our favorite clothes. They make us feel confident and more comfortable.

Businesswomen walking talking

However, when asked to dress business casual, you have to look nice in the eyes of others, not only your own. I’m not saying you cannot or should not pick business casual clothes you like.

What I’m trying to explain is that some garments are better saved for the weekend or dress down Fridays. You can never go wrong with women’s business casual attire in neutral colors. 

Besides, neutrals are easier to mix and match. You can add a pop of color here and there. Still, we advise you to leave extravagant pieces for the weekend. They don’t belong in women’s business casual office wear. 

Complete your look with the right accessories.

Accessories can break it or make it. You shouldn’t wear too many of them. Just a couple of objects here and there can significantly enhance your overall appearance—for instance, a handbag or a scarf. 

Women clapping hands

There’s no need for you to wear extravagant jewelry. But, small earrings are flattering. What I’m trying to say is that small details can polish your look, and there are many types of jewerly to get you inspired. For example, a nice watch can make you look more professional.

And that’s all for now. In this chapter, you’ve learned women’s business casual basics. I hope you have a better understanding by now. Yet, there’s a lot more that remains to be said.

In the next chapter, I’ll focus on women’s business casual do’s and don’ts. Keep on reading to find out more!

Business casual for women do’s and don’ts

Since we want you to be able to tell the difference between what’s appropriate and what’s not when choosing your women’s business casual attire, we’ve decided to devote a whole chapter to this. So, let’s have a look at it!

Business casual for women do’s

Your appearance is a reflection of your professionalism. Fair or unfair, people will judge you by your appearance. So, at least when you go to work, you should look nice. This includes your clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, hair, attitude, etc. 

Woman working on her laptop

There is no need to mistake women’s business casual with wearing boring clothes. You can pick items that go with your personality. Yet, there are some limits you shouldn’t go through, like not showing too much skin.

Let’s talk about the do’s first. It’s of vital importance you do stick to modest necklines and knee-length hemlines. Wearing revealing clothes to the office is not appropriate. Do opt for elegant trousers or dressy jeans. You cannot wear sports clothes either. Those are for working out or lounging at home. 

What’s more, you can enhance the looks of you wearing some accessories, but not any will do. Stick to classic pieces, such as sleek pearl earrings or a nice necklace. Likewise, I strongly advise you to wear natural minimalist make-up. Something like nude or an understated pink lipstick and a bit of mascara will do wonders.

Blonde business woman purple clothes
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As regards fabrics, do opt for cotton, silk, linen, and the like. I don’t advise you to pick anything sheer. Yet, if you do, make sure you wear a t-shirt underneath. Do wear a bra too. Many women don’t wear it these days, and that’s fine. Yet, it’s not appropriate for going to the office.

Besides, do pick classic and refined shoes. They can completely change how you look. Never leave home without polishing them. Your shoes can be fashionable, but they also need to be suitable for business. Pick comfortable quality shoes. This matters if you have to stand for many hours. 

Do stick to neutral colors and simple patterns. You can add a bit of color here and there to show your personality. Yet, neutrals are easier to mix and match, and they never go out of fashion. Not to mention, neutrals always look professional. So, they need to form part of your women’s business casual wardrobe. 

Woman hands type computer

Below there’s a list that summarizes some key women’s business casual do’s:

  • Do stick with modest/long hemlines.
  • Do wear sleek trousers or dressy dark-colored jeans (if allowed).
  • Do wear minimal natural make-up, such as soft everyday lipstick.
  • Do wear professional heels or sophisticated flats. 
  • Do wear neutral colors like black, white, and gray.
  • Do wear business casual clothes that fit you. 
  • Do pay attention to your hair. Wear it groomed and pulled back from your face.
  • Do wear your nails clean and manicured. 
  • Do avoid wearing shorts and mini skirts to work. 
  • Do invest in the right footwear.
  • Do wear a blazer.
Woman in black reading magazine
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Business casual for women don’ts 

As regards the don’ts, you mustn’t wear anything ripped. You shouldn’t wear leggings or yoga pants either. Don’t wear overly bold make-up nor a strong perfume. Bear in mind you go to work, not partying. 

Woman ripped jeans

Likewise, you shouldn’t wear too many accessories. Just a few is enough. And make sure the ones you pick are classic and not too big or extravagant. For example, bangle bracelets can be annoying for your workmates since they make a lot of noise.

Don’t show too much skin. You don’t go to the office to feel sexy. You go there to work. What’s more, you don’t want others to pay attention to you because of how you dress. But because of your work and brilliant ideas. So, save sexy items for the disco or dates.

Young woman wearing pink jumpsuit

Avoid wearing tight clothes, transparencies, strapless tops, etc. Wear a jacket to cover your body and look professional. Dress shirts with long sleeves are convenient too. Do avoid shorts, mini-skirts, and cut-off jeans.

On top of that, don’t go sleeveless and don’t wear flip-flops. Business casual for women is a mixture of professional and casual wear. But, you should avoid dressing too casually. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t wear sports clothes either.  

Closeup woman makeup dress

Don’t show up wearing a logo t-shirt. Simple, classic t-shirts are essential workwear. Leave those promoting brands for the weekend. And, avoid wearing crop tops or any other trendy garments to work. 

Woman in short black dress and black heels

Here is a list of useful women’s business casual don’ts you should watch out for:

  • Don’t wear anything that’s too revealing.
  • Don’t wear yoga pants or leggings to the office.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories.
  • Don’t wear too much make-up.
  • Don’t wear sheer fabrics.
  • Don’t wear a logo tee.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. 
  • Don’t wear anything ripped. 
  • Don’t show too much skin.
  • Don’t wear baggy or tight clothes. 
  • Don’t go sleeveless or strapless. 
  • Don’t wear sports shoes nor clothes. 
  • Don’t wear strong perfume. 

And that’s all for women’s business casual do’s and don’ts. I hope this chapter has enlightened you as to what’s appropriate for women’s business casual workwear. 

Woman changes shoes office

However, there remains a lot of stuff we haven’t mentioned yet. You can’t miss out on the next chapter, where I’ll help you create your own business casual wardrobe for women.

What to buy to build a female business casual wardrobe

Figuring out what to wear to work as a woman can end up being a daunting task. Don’t panic! In this chapter, I’ll walk you through the whole process. You’re just about to learn how to create your own female business casual wardrobe.

Business casual for women means different things for different companies.  Only time and experience will enlighten you as to what to wear to work. Yet, there are some business casual clothing essentials you should add to your closet.

Woman next to clothes fashion

You must shop for pieces that are work-appropriate and versatile. This way, it’ll be a lot easier to get dressed in the morning. If you’re still confused, don’t worry! We’ll start with the basics. And from there, you can build up as you need.

Not all offices require the same level of formality. It also depends on the job you do and whether you have to meet clients face to face often. Embrace comfort and flexibility together with professionalism, and you’ll never go wrong. 

Here are some must-have items that need to form part of your women’s business casual wardrobe: 

Business casual skirt.

Pencil, A-line, or pleated skirts in a solid color or herringbone pattern can serve you well as women’s business casual wear. You can pair them with a blouse, a button-down shirt or a plain t-shirt and a blazer. 

Businesswoman long skirt red jacket

Midi and maxi-length skirts are among my favorites. Still, you can wear anything that’s knee-length. Just make sure your skirt is professional enough. If your skirt has a slit, ensure it’s appropriate when sitting.

You can wear skirts in lots of colors and prints. And, you don’t need to buy more tops to mix and match. You can wear the same you wear with your business casual trousers. A skirt is a women’s business casual wardrobe staple. They can help you look elegant and dressier. So, at least you should have one versatile business casual skirt. 

Business casual dress.

Likewise, there are lots of possibilities with business casual dresses. You can either pair them with flats or heels. They can be worn with a sweater or a blazer. A shift dress is one of my favorites to go to the office. 

However, you can also opt for a shirt dress or a sheath dress. Both are quite flattering too. Make sure your dress hemlines are appropriate for the office. You can polish your look with a silk scarf, cardigan, or jacket. 

Besides, if you opt for a dress, you don’t have to worry about matching tops with bottoms. And, you’ll always look professional and ready for the day. Style dresses flatter every single woman. 

Be careful with your dress neckline and sleeves; they need to be suitable for the office. Stay away from anything that displays excessive cleavage or too much skin. 

Women’s business casual slacks.

A pair of black slacks can do wonders. Either cigarette pants or jogger pants can easily be dressed up. Not to mention that they’re unquestionably comfortable and office-appropriate. You can pair them with a printed blouse or button-down shirt and a fitted blazer, for instance.

Business woman in green designer office suit

I really like modern ankle dress trousers. You don’t necessarily have to stick to traditional models. Ankle trousers don’t show too much skin. So, they’re still office-appropriate. Thus, if you like them, why don’t you wear them to the office?

Make sure your business casual dress pants fit you well enough and are wrinkle-free. Either wool, cotton, linen, and polyester are suitable for work. Make sure your dress pants don’t have ripped seams nor frayed hems. 

Pants in neutral colors work best since they’re easier to combine with other garments. Pick thicker fabrics in dark colors for when the weather is cold. Still, you can wear lighter pants in the spring and summer. 

Women’s business casual blazer.

Blazers are essential for a women’s business casual wardrobe. There are many appropriate types of blazers; either a classic black or navy option can help you instantly dress up any outfit. You never know when you’ll have to go out for lunch with a client or a higher-up. Thus, better be always ready.

Smiling woman clothes rack
Source: Junior REIS on Unsplash

Jackets and blazers also help to keep you warm when the weather is cold. Since your outwear needs to be professional-looking, you can opt for charcoal, brown, navy, or black blazers. Still, if you want something different, you can also pick one in a herringbone pattern. 

Your blazers must fit you well. Think that you should look nice whether you wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. You can wear a blazer with almost any business casual outfit. For instance, with a cool dress and a scarf or a button-down shirt and dark-colored jeans. 

Women’s business casual shirt.

Button-downs are women’s business casual staples. They are extremely versatile and seasonless. Not to mention that they’re comfortable too and make you look professional. So, it’s a piece of clothing that’s a must-have.

Businesswoman sitting on fitness ball office

You can wear dress shirts with slacks, skirts and even jeans. It would be wise to get some in neutral colors since they’re easier to mix and match. Yet, you can also choose to wear shirts with a polka dot pattern, stripes, or a cute collar. Options are endless. Just make sure they are work-appropriate. 

Women’s business casual suit. 

Business suits are considered formal business attire. Yet, there are many occasions when you might benefit from having just one pants suit or skirt suit. You never know when you’ll be having an important conference, meeting, or business trip where you might need to look a bit more dressed up.

On top of that, there are lots of options as regards women’s business suits. They don’t need to be boring classic suits. You can pick yours in a trendier color, not necessarily black or navy. It can be white or light pink. Besides, it can even be a patterned suit. A women’s suit is not a must-have for business casual. Yet, you can find it useful to have one in your wardrobe. 

Business casual blouses and tops.

Women’s business casual blouses and tops are perfect for adding a pop of color to your attire. There are lots of choices to choose from. You should go for colors that somehow complement your hair color, eyes, and skin tone. And, it is here where you can show your personality a bit.

Woman working office blue shirt

You can play with sleeve length, but don’t go sleeveless to work. In colder months, you can wear long-sleeve blouses and tops. In contrast, you may want to opt for cap and short sleeve tops for the summer. 

The necklines of your tops must be modest, such as boat neck, square neck, or turtleneck. As to materials, choose lighter ones for warmer months and thicker ones for when it’s cold. Likewise, you should wear dark colors in winter and brighter ones in the summer. 

Women’s business casual shoes.

When it comes to women’s business casual shoes, there’s a lot to choose from. You can wear flats, wedges, heels, boots, sandals, and even sneakers. The latter, only if allowed by your office dress code and company culture. Many brands allow sneakers on dress-down Fridays. 

Flats are extremely comfortable. Most women wear them with pants. You can wear ballerina style, loafers, Oxfords or driving mocs. As to heels, they must be work-appropriate and comfortable, such as wedge heels, pumps, or peep-toe shoes. We recommend thick block heels instead of skinny heels because they’re way more comfortable. 

You can wear shoes in neutral colors. Still, you can play a bit more here too. It’s up to you. And, don’t forget to wear tights, socks, and stockings. They’re flattering, and you’ll be more comfortable. 

Women’s business casual sweaters.

A good cardigan or sweater is essential since you can wear it with pants, a skirt, over a dress, over a dress shirt, etc. Layering has proven to be a great idea since you never know if you’re going to feel cold while in the office or going outside. So, I like to see sweaters as lifesavers.

Woman posing green skirt

Your sweater/cardigan can be with buttons, no buttons, with a draped collar, with a belt, etc. Not to mention that you can wear sweaters of lots of colors. I advise you to at least get one black, one white, and one gray. Still, you can also opt for pink or even red models. 

Make sure your cardigans and sweaters are comfortable and stylish. They’re mandatory for the winter and fall. I love how it looks when I wear a button-down shirt underneath, and its collar pops out over the sweater. Options are endless. It matters that your sweater fits you well, not too baggy nor too tight. 

Women’s business casual accessories.

Most women cannot survive the day without a proper handbag. Think of all the things you normally carry in a purse, plus your laptop, work phone, files, portfolios, and the like. You’ll probably need a proper work handbag. Something cute but functional.

Businesswoman legs dress walking

I advise you to wear a tote bag, either leather or faux leather. You should buy one in a neutral hue so that it’s easier to mix and match with most of your business casual clothes. Look for a handbag with lots of space, pockets, and with a zipper. 

Not surprisingly, you might also want to wear other accessories, such as a pair of sunglasses. You’re not going to wear them while in the office, but they might serve you well while commuting or in a lunch meeting outdoors. There are many types of sunglasses these days; make sure you select a pair of sunglasses that shows your personality but it’s elegant and sophisticated. You’ll want to dress to impress, and your sunglasses can make a great difference.

Shopping tips. 

When shopping for essentials, such as blazers, trousers, dress shirts, etc., it’s preferable to buy them in neutral colors like white, black, and gray. You can build on that afterward. 

The main reason is that essentials are pieces you’ll need to mix and match. They’re not always cheap, and you’ll want them to last. So, if you buy them in neutral colors, it’ll be easier to wear them again and again. 

You can buy cheaper items like tops in funnier colors and prints so that your attire becomes more interesting and personalized. 

On top of that, you must know what you’re going to buy before going shopping. Consider the big picture. I mean, before buying a garment, think about whether it matches other pieces in your wardrobe. 

And that’s all for women’s business casual wardrobe. I hope to have given you an idea of what items you need. Buying for work is not as fun as buying casual clothes. 

However, your work clothes are extremely important. People will judge you because of your appearance. Shop for items that are flattering and match your body type

Still want to know more? Keep on reading! In the next chapter, I’ll deal with women’s business casual attire,  depending on the season.

Women business casual attire depending on the season

In this chapter, I’ll tell you all about women’s business casual attire for different seasons. There are items you can wear all year long. However, you’ll need to have some garments specific for each season.

It also matters how you mix and match your clothes. Generally speaking, light and soft clothes are suitable for warmer months. However, thicker and darker materials are preferable in the winter and fall.

Happy businesswoman glasses coat suit

Here are some women’s business casual seasonal details you must watch out for:

Winter business casual attire for a woman.

When dressing for the winter, you’d better choose warm outfits, such as knitted sweaters or a turtleneck top. What’s more, you need to get yourself a good coat to ensure you are warm enough while commuting. Check out our complete list of all types of coats available to see which one best suits you for the occasion.

Each season has its own challenges. In the winter, it might be a bit tough to layer the right way. You must opt for items that match and are office-appropriate. You don’t want to look like the Michelin Man. You aim to feel warm and look put together.

For instance, you can wear a knit sweater with a button-down shirt and dress pants. Likewise, you can always wear a nice cardigan over your blouses. It’ll help you feel warm. To avoid getting your feet cold, you can keep a pair of heels in the office and wear boots while commuting. You can always swap your shoes at work if you feel like it. 

Business woman black ensemble
Source: Olga Zabegina on Unsplash

As to your women’s business casual coat, opt for one that’s stylish but classic. You’ll be able to use it over and over again in the years to come. Warm tights are a women’s winter business casual staple. You can wear them with any dress or skirt and feel comfortable but warm. Cotton dresses with black tights look amazing, and they’re always flattering. 

Cozy sweaters and a nice scarf can also keep you warm in the winter. Buy quality sweaters you can mix and match with lots of outfits. You can wear your sweaters with dress pants, jeans, skirts, dress shirts, and even over a dress. So, it’s worth investing in some comfy models. 

Summer business casual attire for women.

When it comes to summertime, you still have to dress office-appropriate. Thus, you’ll have to somehow balance cool and comfortable items with business casual attire. What I mean is that just because it’s warm, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look professional. 

There are excellent business casual outfits for the summer. Opt for breathable materials, such as cotton, linen, or silk. Dresses and skirts can help you keep your legs cool. Yet, make sure they’re knee-length or longer and avoid styles that are too tight. 

For instance, you can wear a midi slip dress since it’s flattering in most sizes. Style it with a blazer, and you’ll be ready to turn some heads. You can wear such a dress with flats, heels, or sneakers.

Employees talking in office

When the weather warms up, many women dress all in white. You can wear white denim pants with a white linen dress shirt, for example. Stay away from white see-through items for your office wear. 

Besides, a belted dress is both conservative and flattering. It can even be a printed model. Just make sure its length is office-appropriate and doesn’t show too much cleavage, and you’ll be safe.

Finally, a midi skirt is a women’s business casual summer staple. You can wear a pleated model with heels. If you pair it with a white tee and a fitted blazer, you’ll look amazing. A midi skirt is something that can be worn all year round. Besides, it’s comfortable in warm weather. 

Spring business casual female dress code.

You don’t have to look boring to look professional. Spring is when flowers bloom, and so can you too. There are lots of outfits you can wear in the spring. If you want to dress to impress, you cannot underestimate the power of a nice blazer.

YouTube video
Spring 2021 Outfit Ideas | Business Casual Outfits for Women
by Cicily Boone

A nice blazer can help you sharpen every outfit. You might wear yours with dress pants and a t-shirt or jeans and a floral blouse. You’ll look amazing, even with a dress or a skirt. Besides, colored cardigans might be useful too. They don’t need to be thick; lighter materials are preferable for the spring.

You can either wear solid or printed blouses. Honestly, it’s up to you. I like wearing both. This way, your outfits are more varied. You’ll also need some different types of dresses. Look for models that are office-appropriate and versatile. As always, knee-length or longer and modest necklines are essential.

Elegant woman walking street

Not surprisingly, you should also wear slacks, chinos, and skirts. Get a few of these in several colors. Look for light, breathable materials. And, to polish your outfits, you’ll need some flats and heels. 

Either black or nude pumps are a must-have. Leopard flats can make your outfits pop. There’s no need to wear dark colors all year long. You can play with your tops, handbags, and shoes to brighten your attire. 

Spring is a good time to dress all in white and wear pastel-colored clothes. You can wear a striped blouse tucked in white trousers. You can also wear vintage floral dresses, knee or midi length. Not to mention that culottes and a t-shirt, blouse or dress shirt are in vogue this year. 

Fall business casual for women. 

Ladies’ business casual outfits for fall are quite varied. You can opt for tailored separates, a chic office-appropriate dress with a cardigan, or dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a blazer, to name a few. 

When in fall, it’s advisable you opt for textured fabrics and warm color palettes. For example, cardigans and turtleneck tops in neutral colors are a must-have. Layering is important in the fall. Yet, you won’t need to wear so many layers and really thick fabrics as in the winter. Something in between thick and soft will serve you well.

Midi skirts paired with chic boots are fall staples. You can complete this combo with a blouse or a nice long-sleeve top. You can also get yourself a trench coat for when commuting to the office. 

Woman coat standing
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Besides, blazers can be worn all year long. Merino wool sweaters can help to keep you warm. Fall is when it starts getting cold. Thus, you should get some warm items for cool days and freezing nights. 

Apart from a trench coat, you can wear a tailored overcoat. The latter will significantly help you elevate any look. You’ll also need several dress pants of different colors. Remember to buy items that are easy to mix and match.

As regards your shoes, you can wear platform wedges, flats, boots, comfortable heels such as pumps, and maybe sneakers on dress-down Fridays. The key is to know that just a pair of shoes can completely change your attire. 

Wear elegant shoes when you want to look more sophisticated. Opt for comfortable shoes when you want to appear more relaxed and dress down your outfit. Do not forget to add some accessories. Simple jewelry, a classic watch, and a nice work handbag are essential. 

And that’s all for now. In this chapter, you’ve learned how to dress business casual based on the season. Not surprisingly, there would be pieces of clothing you’ll be able to use all year long or in two seasons at least.

However, you must get items that are suitable for each season. Dress pants in winter are not the same as dress pants in summer. Likewise, the color and texture of your tops vary. You’d better wear breathable fabrics in the summer and warmer ones in the winter.

Still, doubting what to wear for work? In the next chapter, I’ll share some women’s business casual outfit ideas. Carry on reading and learn how to turn some heads at the office!

Business casual women outfits

In this last chapter, I’m about to share some business casual outfit ideas for women. All throughout this post, I’ve tried to enlighten you as to what business casual means for women. I’ve also commented on some outfit ideas here and there.

The tips I’m about to share below will help you understand what to wear to work. Besides, an image is worth a thousand words. I hope you find these outfit ideas below useful. 

Bear in mind that business casual means different things depending on where you work. So, some of these outfits might be suitable for your office. However, others might not. Check your company’s dress code to ensure you are on the right path.

Women’s trendy business casual outfit ideas

Businesswoman working office looking at camera

The woman in the image above looks professional and sophisticated. She’s wearing a striped white blazer, a classic watch, and simple jewelry. Her hair is done, and she’s wearing natural make-up.

We cannot appreciate it from the picture, but she must be wearing something underneath the blazer. Probably a dark-colored top as it’ll contrast with the white blazer. This outfit can be completed both with dress pants or a knee-length skirt. It seems to me it’s perfect for the spring or even summer months. 

Business woman hold documents

You can also wear a button-down dress shirt tucked in dress pants. The shirt is white, and she’s wearing the sleeves rolled up. It perfectly matches a pair of dark-colored dress pants. She might be wearing either flats or nice pumps to complete the outfit.

You can wear something like this all throughout the year. For colder months, you’ll have to add more layers. This woman is also wearing chic glasses and a classic watch. She’s probably wearing small earrings too. Her hair is done and office-appropriate. 

Woman red blazer standing window in office

Likewise, the lady in the picture is wearing a white dress shirt with a dark-colored skirt. The latter is suitable for the office since it’s knee-length. She’s also wearing a colorful blazer to add some personality to the outfit. 

Her hair is done. She’s wearing natural make-up. We cannot see it, but I believe she’s wearing either nice flats or heels, such as comfortable pumps. She looks relaxed but professional. 

Woman in black outfit sitting on bench

This outfit is more dress-up than the ones above. This woman is wearing a business casual pantsuit. This attire is ideal for important meetings or for dealing with clients face to face. You might also need to wear something like that if you work in an important position in your brand.

This woman is wearing a white button-down shirt with matching separates. She’s wearing dark-colored dress pants and a matching suit blazer. To add some personality, she’s wearing colorful pumps. She’s wearing make-up, and her hair is done. She’s unquestionably dressed to impress. 

Fashion photo woman red jacket blouse

This women’s business casual outfit is great for when the weather is cold. The woman is wearing black tights and ankle-length boots with small heels. Besides, she’s wearing a dark-colored dress with a colorful blazer. 

Necklines and hemlines are discreet and office-appropriate. Such an outfit is flattering for women of all sizes since the dress is not too tight. Besides, the lady is wearing natural make-up, and her hair is removed from the face. 

Business woman black dress

This woman looks really elegant. She’s wearing a black dress with a belt. The dress is fitted. Necklines and hemlines are modest. It doesn’t have sleeves, though the straps are wide. Thus, it’s office-appropriate.

You can pair it with a blazer if you need to cover your shoulders. This woman is dressed to impress. You can wear this outfit to a business dinner, a conference, an important meeting, to the office, etc. The woman is also wearing simple jewelry, nice make-up, and her hair is done. 

Business woman white clothes

The last outfit idea I’d like to share with you is this all-white example. This outfit is more appropriate for warmer months since it’s light-colored. The woman is wearing a white dress together with a white blazer. She’s also wearing white shoes.

Besides, her hair is groomed, she’s wearing make-up, and her nails are done. She’s the perfect example of how to look polished while at work. These heels might not be comfortable for each and every woman. They’re elegant, but you can change them for a pair of thick heels or even kitten heels, and you’ll still look amazing.  

How women should dress business casual for an interview

Your interview outfit matters. It’s as important as what’s written on your resume. First impressions count, and if they hire you, they’ll judge you because of how you look.

If you want to make a great impression, you must look trustworthy and professional. Navy blue, white, black, brown, or beige are colors you can wear to a job interview. Pale pink and light blue also convey professionalism but save these for warmer months. 

Businesswoman having coffee office

Regarding what garments to wear, you can dress in knee-length dresses, pencil skirts, dress pants, blazers, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, and even suits. It depends on the job you are being interviewed for. 

Make sure your dress shoes are polished, and opt for closed-toed heels or elegant flats. You shouldn’t wear bright colors nor load accessories when attending an interview. Too much perfume is not advisable either.

You want to make a good impression and look elegant—natural make-up and groomed hair matter too. Make sure your overall appearance is neat, professional, and polished. Bear in mind that overdressing for an interview is unnecessary. But, dressing poorly can cost you the job.

When in doubt, check with the human resources department. It’s a great idea to have a look at the company’s website and see how other women are dressed for work. Business casual is less formal than business traditional clothing. Still, your outfit must be professional enough for going to the office.

Thus, I wouldn’t wear jeans, yoga pants, a sundress, flip-flops, cropped pants, and the like. Besides, you should opt for items that fit you well but are not overly tight nor revealing. If you wear a shirt, it has to be tucked in. And, don’t wear anything sheer. 

How a woman should dress business casual for a new job

What to wear on your first day at work is such an ordeal for many women. Do not panic! You are not alone. Not surprisingly, you should wear an outfit that’s comfortable, neat, and well-tailored. 

Day one on a new job is critical. You’ll not only meet your colleagues, but you also might be asked to meet some higher-ups and even clients. Thus, it’s tricky to decide on just one outfit to make a great impression. 

Woman in white shirt with glasses

Hopefully, you have been able to observe what other women at your office wear to work, at least on the day of the interview. So, you might want to model after them. Besides, you should’ve done a bit of research and learned about your company’s dress code rules. 

Each garment must be in impeccable shape, and it must fit you properly. This means no stains neither baggy clothes. You should go classic on the first day. You’ll have time to show your personality later on. 

I think it’s better to stay with neutrals and solids on your first day. Dress in something suitable for your new work environment. A white button-down oxford shirt and dress pants will ensure you look classy. A blazer is always a great idea. You can remove it if you think you’re overdressed. And wearing it will make you feel more confident. 

Besides, a well-fitted sheath dress is another great option. This type of dress is always flattering. Just make sure it’s knee-length and opt for a dress with a capped sleeve if possible. Minimal jewelry is always a plus. You can add a pair of sandals or pumps to complete the look. 

Still, these are just some ideas. Opt for something with which you feel comfortable. Well-tailored trouser pants and a long-sleeve knit top can work well enough too. Just ensure your outfit is balanced, not too casual. Avoid denim or anything overly trendy at all costs.

What to wear for a business casual conference?

Deciding what to wear to a conference can be tricky. Before deciding on your attire, think of where the conference will take place. You must consider the weather and the formality of the venue. 

When there’s no dress code on the invitation, at most conferences, presentations, and meetings, you’ll probably be safe dressing business casual. Yet, check in advance with the conference organizers and consider evening events.

Woman posing blue jacket

Most conferences last for some days. Thus you should stick to neutrals since these are easier to mix and match. Blouses, cardigans, blazers, button-downs, pencil skirts, wrap dresses, and dress pants are typical women’s business casual staples. 

Do use minimal accessories, wear natural make-up if you like, and ensure your hair is groomed. All these matters as much as your clothes to make a great impression. Do choose items in simple colors and patterns.

Avoid any strong fragrance; it can be distracting and even annoying for other conference attendees. You should opt for comfortable items. However, your outfits must be classy too. Most people judge others by their appearance. Conferences are great for meeting people. Make sure you give a great impression to those you meet.


Deciphering what women’s business casual means is not a piece of cake. There is a lot of variety depending on where you work, what you do, and your dress code and company culture.

However, you must learn how to dress to go to the office. The looks of you can help you move up your career ladder. You wouldn’t want to be left behind just because of your clothes.

Dealing with clients, managers, higher-ups, colleagues forms part of the daily routine of any businesswoman. Make yourself respected and feel confident while at work. 

In this post, I’ve covered from the basics to more advanced information regarding business casual attire for women. Read our Business Casual for Men article to know more and discover fantastic outfit ideas and insights for men.

I hope the information I’ve shared has been useful for you. Now you are able to combine and create trendy business casual outfits for women. Still, do not hesitate to share any questions, doubts, or concerns you may have. They’ll be useful to other women too.

Now, I’d like to hear from you ….

Have you got any questions about this post?

Is there anything you don’t fully understand?

What’s your favorite women’s business casual outfit?

How do you feel about wearing business casual clothes to work?

Leave a comment below to let us know!

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