90+ Different Clothing Styles & Outfit Ideas – Find Yours!

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Over the years, we’ve seen countless clothing styles come and go. Some saw so much success that they are still around today or are at least inspiring new fashion trends. Wearing certain clothing styles is a great way to express your personality and uniqueness. I mean, it’s no fun to dress like everyone else in the world!

In this post, we will go through all of the different clothing styles that have existed in the past and current times. Many of these trends and styles are still being worn today. We’ll also take a look at some specific outfit examples for both men and women. Stick with us as we learn about the different clothing styles of the world.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to clothing styles

When you’re wearing some of your favorite clothing items, you feel confident and comfortable. This is the beauty of fashion. It has the ability to make us feel a certain way. Over the years, there have been many different types of clothing styles trending. From bell-bottoms in the 1970s to grunge flannels in the early 90s, we are all aware of some of the most iconic clothing style trends in history.

Let’s take a look at some of the different clothing styles that have become popular over the years so you can pick what you like best.

What is a clothing style?

Clothing style and fashion refer to different types of clothes that can be worn for different events and purposes. Most people have one specific style that they gravitate toward no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing. 

Some styles are more appropriate for work, while others are for exercise or comfort. Some styles are more popular than others thanks to the frequency of people wearing them and current trends. It also helps when celebrities are wearing a certain style that people take a liking to.

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can find your own perfect clothing style.

How do I find my perfect clothing style?

Looking great isn’t necessarily about changing your wardrobe as trends change. It’s about figuring out what makes you look good based on your body type and what helps you feel good. What do you do if you’re not sure what your current style is? We have some tips to help you figure out what you like about fashion.

Look at the Clothes That You Already Have

Woman looking mirror near clothes home

Take a look at your current wardrobe and see if you notice any trends. Are there many articles of clothing that are the same color or style? Do you have a lot of dresses, jeans, or lounge clothing? Think closely about why these items make you feel good. See if there’s anything that they have in common.

Look for Inspiration

If you feel like you’re clueless when it comes to style and fashion, look around you to see if you can draw inspiration from somewhere. You might have a friend that always looks stylish and put together. Maybe there are certain celebrities whose style you admire. See what those people have in common. 

Do they dress up a lot? Does their fashion revolve around certain staple items? What does their casual wear look like? Fashion influencers on social media are becoming quite popular. See if there are any that you relate to. This inspiration can help you pick out clothing of your own.

Start with the Basics

Before you start investing in elaborate articles of clothing that will only be worn once or twice per year, purchase basics that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits based on your personal style. 

Have a few pairs of denim jeans that reflect your style and body type. These can be skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or straight-leg jeans. A few basic t-shirts can be worn casually or with sweaters and blazers. 

A good quality blazer and a few sweaters are a good way to get started. Your style will be reflected in the colors that you choose and the overall look of the clothing. You may gravitate towards something fancy, or casual and comfortable might be your thing.

Think Outside of the Box

Once you have your basic style items figured out, you can invest in some experimental items. These should be items that really reflect what your personality and style are all about. Some people might feel compelled to invest in a fancy dress or suit. Others might like the style of a leather jacket or an expensive sweater.


Accessories are a great way to take an outfit to the next level and show off some of your style. Simple accessories give a more conservative impression, while other people like to go for a bold and outgoing look. What kind of accessories represent your style?

Save Ideas

If you walk by someone on the street and notice they’re wearing a really great outfit, don’t be afraid to jot down what they were wearing so you can think about that look later on. 

If you feel comfortable, stop them and ask where they got their clothing from. You might learn about a really great store online or in your area that sells clothes that are all about your personal style!

Now that you know a little more about personal style, we hope that you can do some thinking about what your own style is. This will help you choose clothing in the future, as well as put together some really great outfits each day.

Types of clothing styles

Picking your outfit each day determines how confident you feel. You may feel like dressing a certain way one day, only to dress completely differently the next day. You don’t have to follow one type of style. 

The beauty of having access to so many different clothing styles is that you can pick and choose what you want to wear based on your mood, the weather, where you’re going, etc.

In this chapter, we’re going to discuss some of the different types of clothing styles that are popular right now and in the past. You’ve probably worn a few of these at one time or another.

If you give it some thought, you probably know of a few clothing styles that you wear on a regular basis. There are dozens more that are still popular, but they might not be what you like. 

Let’s take a look at some popular clothing styles and what they include!

Artsy clothing

The artsy clothing style is a very unconventional option of dress that includes all kinds of bold colors, elaborate prints, fun accessories, and much more. Most of these different pieces will be layered and mixed together to create an outfit that almost looks like a display of art and expression. 

You may notice that the shape and silhouette of the clothing will be very different from what you would normally see in a clothing store. Many of these items are handmade by someone that pays close attention to art, fashion, and style.


Sportswear that is essentially casual clothing that can be worn for working out or just relaxing is called athleisure wear when it consists of trendy items. The fabric of these items will be very soft and comfortable. 

Woman sportive clothes posing outdoors

They generally have some stretch to them, making it very easy for different body types to wear athleisure clothing. The goal is to wear something somewhat form-fitting that isn’t going to stretch out or lose its shape. 

You may see some fitted leggings on the bottom and a loose off-the-shoulder sweatshirt on the top. Other popular athleisure items include yoga pants, fitness tanks, sports bras, and outerwear. You can dress this look up or down as much as you want.


The Ankara clothing style is based on African fashion and clothing. It has been around since the very early colonial age and focuses on wax-printed cotton clothing with bold patterns and colors that usually have some sort of symbolism.

African wax prints are commonly found in West Africa. They were brought to that area by Dutch merchants during the 19th century thanks to inspiration from Indonesian design. You should take notice that the front and back of the design on the fabric are consistent. There are no lighter or less intense colors. This is all thanks to how the items are made.

Art hoe

The art hoe style is quite different from the artsy clothing style that we talked about earlier. People who like this trend usually look for clothing items that are very vintage in style. 

These aren’t clothing items that are going to be found in the recent release sections of your favorite boutiques. You can source art hoe clothing from thrift stores and as hand-me-downs. When you put an outfit of this type together, you can look like a blast from the past. 

You can also incorporate some different vintage items into an outfit with more modern clothing. A classic pair of bell-bottoms can be paired with a simple sweater that you already have or with your favorite pair of shoes.


Whether you’re headed to the beach or not, the beachwear style is very casual and comfortable. It should look like you’re ready to spend the day in the sun, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

This clothing style tends to be much more prevalent in warm climates where there are many beaches and bodies of water. It’s really a clothing type for a lifestyle. Beachwear can include items like a bathing suit that is paired with a flowing cover-up dress. 

Shorts, tanks, sundresses, and sandals are also popular. Think of an ocean-friendly ensemble that you would wear when you’re going to be playing volleyball on the beach or heading for hot dogs at your favorite boardwalk snack shack.

Biker clothing

Whether you have a motorcycle or not, biker wear encompasses clothing that motorcycle riders would wear. These outfits usually consist of leather jackets, denim jeans, vests, boots, and plenty of zippers. It’s not difficult to put together a matching biker outfit since there aren’t many colors to work with. Aside from various blue denim, most other items will be black.


After the Great Depression ended, the Age of Conformity took place. Life was rather conservative at this point in time, including the clothing people wore. Fashion was less than exciting, with very basic colors and classic items like sweaters and neutral pants.

The Beatnik style took on a bit more expression and creativity. The goal of the beatnik was to wear clothing that was outside of the norm. It’s quite simple to replicate today, thanks to its simplicity.

A dark turtleneck paired with skinny jeans, a black jacket, and loafers completes the style very quickly. Hair should be pulled back or slicked back. Accessories are minimal, and maybe a pair of dark-colored plastic-framed glasses is worn.

Black Tie

Black tie is a very formal dress code that people have worn for many decades now. You’ll usually be told that the dress code of an event is black tie when you’re first invited. The colors remain very basic, incorporating black, white, and maybe some dark grays.

Man tuxedo hands pockets

Women will wear a full-length dress that is very modest, while men will usually wear a formal tuxedo or a black suit. A black-tie event is usually very glamorous and requires some planning when picking out your outfit.

Bohemian clothing

If casual clothing and style are your thing, then bohemian items are something that you may want to consider adding to your closet. This is a very laid-back style that actually looks more professional than other clothing styles like athleisurewear or sports gear.

Bohemian style layers multiple clothing items. What’s more, items are usually on the baggy side and may look distressed. T-shirts, button-down shirts that are rolled up at the sleeve and untucked, and wide-leg pants with a flowing look are all basic bohemian items. It has similarities to a hippy style but with some more muted tones and a more conservative look.

Boho clothing

We’ve all seen hippies with their bright clothing, distressed denim, and long hair. Prints were very bold in the 70s. We don’t really wear hippie-style clothing today, but boho clothing is our current variation. 

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by Ashley Michelle

This modern style trend is inspired by the hippie trends of the 70s, including natural materials and handmade items. It’s a very free-spirited style that is relaxed and comfortable. Women commonly wear long skirts, simple tank tops, and sandals. Men can be found in relaxed jeans, casual button-down shirts, and t-shirts.

Business casual

A very common dress code in offices all over the world. The business casual clothing style is perfect for both work and your personal life. A simple pair of dress pants paired with a blazer and collared shirt are common for men. Women stick to simple slacks and skirts with fashionable blouses or tops. 

A blazer or cardigan sweater can complete the look in chillier weather. Business casual clothing can vary quite a bit from office to office. Some businesses utilize a much more formal style of business casual, while other places will sway more towards casual dress.

If you want to know more about this popular dress code take a look at our complete guides: Business Casual for Women and Business Casual for Men.

Business formal

Business formal is a much more conservative and professional style compared to business casual. While they’re similar, business formal is more conventional. It’s commonly worn for things like job interviews, important meetings, presentations, parties, and much more. 

If you’re involved in one of these scenarios and haven’t been told what the dress code is, business formal is always what you should default to. Suits, blouses, dress shirts, and dresses/skirts are common business formal clothing items. The goal is to look very polished and professional without wearing anything too formal. Accessories should be kept conservative and minimal as well.


Boyfriend style focuses on baggy clothing that would typically be worn by the male population, but women are starting to wear these items as well. They’re very comfortable but can still be dressed up with some other feminine articles of clothing.

Girl hands hips jeans headphones

Boyfriend jeans are very common and usually consist of a fitted waist with a wider leg design. Denim is often distressed. Boyfriend sweaters and shirts are usually made with excess material, giving an oversized appearance. You can find boyfriend items in leisurewear, casual clothing, etc.


When you want to look chic, you want to look very simple and clean. This style incorporates monochromatic outfits that have a very distinct shape to them. The goal is to exude confidence using simple shades of white, gray, black, and neutrals. 

One fashion accessory is often all you need to make a chic outfit pop, such as a designed handbag or a great pair of heels. Accessories will usually be simple, maybe focusing on just one bold pair of earrings or a stylish watch.


Looking to represent some of that classic southern charm? Whether you grew up on a farm or you simply love that laid-back style, cowgirl fashion gives you a hint of edge while still being able to look feminine. It’s all about what you pair together. 

You can look more feminine in a skirt and blouse paired with cowboy boots. You can also stick with a pair of jeans, a flowing floral top, and a great pair of fashionable cowboy boots. This is a great clothing style that allows you to mix and match a number of clothing items to get the look that you want.

Casual wear

Casual clothing can encompass a lot of different items. The goal is essentially to wear something that’s very comfortable. Your favorite denim jeans can be paired with anything from a sweatshirt to a fancy sweater. 

You can wear ballet flats or sneakers, bold colors or conservative shades, and wear whatever casual accessories inspire you that day. That might be a great pair of earrings or layer on some bangle bracelets. 

A ponytail or a tousled haircut are both casual options. Casual wear is commonly worn on the weekends, in the evening, or when you’re going out with friends. It might be what you wear to work on a casual Friday, but your normal dress code might be more formal.

Casual chic

We talked about the chic clothing style, which is very polished and put together. If you want to wear a more casual form of this style, you can mix in some different colors and articles of clothing that match but weren’t made to go together. It’s not such a high fashion look that it is hard to achieve. You still want to keep everything as neat as possible.

Classic fashion

There are many different types of classic fashion, but this term generally refers to a trend that has had the longevity to stick around for some years. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily go out of style. 

Many people prefer classic fashion because you can invest in items of clothing that you can wear for years to come. You won’t be clearing out your closet each year, getting rid of those trendy items you only wore once or twice. Classic fashion can include cardigans, blazers, traditional denim, ballet flats, and button-down shirts.


Cosplay incorporates costumes and plays into some pretty unique outfits. This type of fashion isn’t usually worn for everyday wear, but it’s common as a form of performance art. This style originated in Japan, but we now see it worldwide. You can dress up as a specific character, or you can come up with your own costumed creation.


A very whimsical and fairytale-like fashion style, cottage corn clothing usually incorporates simple and traditional items that are neutral in color. You’ll notice a lot of white, billowy sleeves, skirts, layers, overalls, and farmhouse type of clothing. This is a style that can be used in the fashion industry, but it’s also a style that can be used in home design and décor.

Cocktail attire

Cocktail attire is somewhat formal and is usually worn out to social gatherings at restaurants, bars, or other events. It’s a more polished look than business formal or business casual. Women typically dress up a bit more in skirts and dresses. Men opt for khakis or slacks and a nice dress shirt with a blazer.


Woman shiny dress smiling

You might not wear disco attire every day, but it’s an excellent clothing style to use when going to a themed party or event. Disco clothing includes the classic bell-bottom, shiny fabrics, platform shoes, and crazy hairstyles.

Ethnic fashion style

An ethnic fashion style incorporates different clothing items that come from various cultures and nations. These can be Mexican blouses, Japanese kimonos, gypsy bandanas, kaftans from the east, etc. There’s no one set ethnicity that this fashion style follows. 

It’s really what you feel drawn to or what you may already have roots in. There’s nothing wrong with mixing different ethnic fashion styles into your wardrobe. Just make sure you’re being authentic and appropriate with your clothing choices in order to represent these cultures properly.


Evening wear is formal and is worn to events like galas, balls, charity events, etc. It’s usually fancy and includes suits, dresses and other forms of dress clothes. You won’t put on your basic black dress or favorite suit; you’ll probably go shopping for something fancy and new that you haven’t worn before.

Exotic fashion

Exotic fashion takes the most exciting and interesting trends from all over the world and puts them together into an outfit that will turn heads. It’s common to see smoky colors, intricate patterns, iridescent material, and shiny accessories as part of the exotic fashion style.

Fashionista Style

A fashionista doesn’t just focus on what they’re wearing (though that’s an important part of it). Fashionistas know all of the latest fashion trends and wear them as soon as they’re available. 

Their hair, skin, and accessories are always on point as well. This lifestyle reflects the clothing style that you choose to wear. It’s anything but casual. Instead, wear whatever feels right at the moment instead of sticking to a set dress code.

Feminine clothing

Feminine clothing focuses on light pastel shades that accentuate the softness of a woman’s body and style. Everyday clothing items include dresses, skirts, strappy sandals, sundresses, tank tops, etc. 

Accessories are usually minimal and straightforward, and makeup is natural. Hair can be done in soft curls and worn down over the shoulders.

Flamboyant clothing

A flamboyant clothing style is filled with all kinds of drama and unique features. An outfit of this variety will feature asymmetrical cuts, fringe, patterns, bold colors, shiny material, and much more. 

This can be one of the most outgoing fashion styles around. It’s perfect if you want to draw attention to yourself because of what you’re wearing. Just make sure that you have the fantastic personality to match!

Formal clothing

Formal clothing has been a dress code for centuries, though the styles have changed over the years. You’ll usually see formal clothing at some sort of professional or important event. A wedding, charity event, holiday party, or work party are just some of the occasions you might need to turn to formal clothing.

Formal clothing will usually be kept in conservative colors like black, navy, and gray. The style will be very professional and modest. This isn’t the kind of clothing that will be flashy or show off a lot of skin. Couples may choose to match one another.


You probably know all about the tomboy style, but did you know that its original name was ‘Garconne,’ which has its origin in the 1920s fashion. This French style is worn by women who want to wear more of a masculine style. 

Woman garconne style clothes

Rather than feminine fabrics that are in the shades of pinks, purples, and yellows, tomboy clothing may consist of denim jeans, boyfriend cuts, baggy clothing, darker colors, and athletic-type of clothing. Women who have to dress up but want to follow the Garconne style may wear a tailored suit or pants and a blazer.

Geeky chic

Geeky chic takes clothing and accessories that would typically be part of a geek clothing style, and they’re made to look trendy and chic. For example, a man wearing a button-down shirt and tailored pants may add a pair of suspenders to their outfit. 

As long as they’re choosing fashionable items that are made of high-quality materials and their clothing fits them well, this can look like a very chic outfit. Some other popular geeky chic items may include plastic-framed glasses, t-shirts with graphics and slogans, and A-line skirts.

Girly clothing

Looking girly gives off a very feminine vibe that is attractive and appropriate. Girly clothing can include dresses, skirts, blouses, high heels or other similar dress shoes, designer handbags, etc. 

The entire outfit should be nicely accessorized, and hair should be done in a very soft style. Avoid pulling the hair tightly back in a very rigid hairstyle. This is a clothing style that is very different from the tomboy look.

Girl next door

A girl next door look is a very fun and free style. The goal is to look like the average American young teen that is wearing age-appropriate clothing that follows the current trends. 

It’s usually a conservative look that is matched with subtle/natural makeup and a simple hairstyle. Denim jackets, denim skirts, sundresses, sneakers, ballet flats, and overalls are some iconic girl next door looks.

Gothic clothing

The gothic style originated in the 1980s thanks to a group of youth that were interested in dressing in very non-conforming fashion. Gothic clothing is usually all black, and you can layer multiple pieces on top of one another. 

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alternative thrift haul
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Black jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and even chunky black boots are commonly worn for a gothic outfit. Makeup is often done to look very dark as well, featuring thick black eyeliner that goes all the way around the eyes, black mascara, and even a black lip. Black nail polish is also trendy with both female and male Goths.

Grunge rock clothing

If you were a teen in the late 1980s or early 1990s, then you’re probably familiar with the grunge rock clothing era. This 1990s fashion style was meant to look messy with tattered flannel shirts left unbuttoned. An old t-shirt featuring a band logo may have been worn underneath.

The jeans were baggy and torn at the knee. Hair was grown long by both girls and boys, and it was parted down the middle. This is a clothing style that went along with the grunge music movement, including bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam.


A glamorous clothing style should look very Hollywood and elegant. It’s a bold and dramatic style that incorporates a variety of things into your outfits like glitz, glitter, and big items. A simple black dress won’t do. It should have layers of fabric, a fitted bodice, and lots of sparkles. 

A big pair of sunglasses really gives that Jackie O look that is synonymous with glamour. Animal prints, feathers, dramatic colors, and emphasizing your body shape are what you should be focusing on if you want to look as glamorous as possible. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg and let that personality show through the clothes you’re wearing!

Haute couture clothing

Haute couture clothing is created by some of the top designers right now. French for ‘high sewing,’ haute couture features custom fitting designs that are made completely by hand. 

Every detail is intricately sewn on in a precise spot, making the outfit completely unique from anything else you’ll see on the runway. Good luck trying to get your hands on haute couture items unless you have celebrity connections or know a design house personally.

Hip hop clothing

Made popular by groups like Run DMC and the Sugar Hill Gang, hip-hop clothing has always had a bit of sportswear or athleisure look to it. When it was first popular in the 1980s, hip-hop clothing included tracksuits, jogging pants, Adidas sneakers, baseball hats, bucket hats, and Starter jackets. 

Man rapper hip hop fashion clothes
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The modern-day hip-hop look is a little more polished but still very casual. Many artists now wear baggy jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, and jackets along with their high-end athletic shoes.

Hippie fashion

Hippie fashion is all about peace and love. Bright colors that make you happy are what this style is all about. This is a style that’s all about comfort instead of dressing very professionally or formally. 

Bell-bottom jeans with floral tank tops made of natural materials are common. Don’t forget your favorite pair of Birkenstock sandals to go along with your outfit. Big hoop earrings, layered bracelets, and hemp necklaces are popular hippie fashion accessories.


A hipster style includes denim clothing, distressed jeans, shirts with intricate patterns, beanies, and articles of clothing with vintage appeal. Stay away from dress clothes and strive for a more athletic style. 

To be a real hipster, you should look comfortably dressed and comfortable in your own skin. This is a total vibe that you give off. This is a mixture of casual clothing, grunge, punk, etc.

Heavy metal

Heavy metal is a style of music that’s very loud with big and strong guitar riffs. In regard to fashion, heavy metal clothing usually resembles a more modest gothic look with tight jeans, black t-shirts, leather jackets, and boots. For a more outgoing look, think about incorporating studs and spikes.

Girl heavy metal sign guitar

Indie clothing

Short for independent style, indie clothing focuses on handmade items that are unique. They’re not mass-produced in a factory, so you won’t see a lot of people wearing these outfits. It’s a simple style that looks a lot like the hipster clothing style. 

You can find your indie items at a vintage or thrift store. You may know someone that makes clothes and can custom create a few pieces for you. If you want to encompass true indie style, you should learn how to make your own clothing items.

Ivy Style

Ivy style refers to preppy clothing that you would see at a notable university. This can include polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, khakis, trousers, loafers, neat haircuts, and minimal accessories. The brands that you choose for ivy style should be high-quality. 

The labels often matter. This all-American clean-cut look is very simple, but the clothing chosen should be well planned and look nice. While it may sound like this is a professional look, ivy style can be very comfortable and dressed down.

Japanese clothing

Clothing that is common in Japan focuses on centuries of cultural designs. You’ll see a lot of people in Japan wearing clothing that’s typical in the United States, but they have special Japanese-style items that are worn for special occasions. 

You’re probably familiar with the Kimono, which is a silk robe that drapes over the body. They usually are made with floral prints and bright colors. There is actually a procedure that is used to properly put on a Kimono, and many of them are passed down from one generation to another.

The obi is a band that ties around the waist of a dress or suit. Men tend to wear much thinner obis, while women have thicker ones that are wrapped around their waist when they’re wearing a traditional Japanese dress. Unmarried Japanese women will wear elaborate obis that have bold prints.

Kawaii fashion style

Kawaii fashion originates in Japan, and it focuses on cute, girly, and sweet styles. These are styles that you would see a lot of young girls wearing. Still, older girls wear Kawaii-style clothing as well. 

It’s a modern pop culture phenomenon that many young Japanese girls grow up with. There are many subcultures that have developed from the Kawaii style, including Lolita, Punk, and Cosplay.

Korean clothing

Korean clothing style mixes together different textures and patterns. You may be wearing something very basic like a jumpsuit, and it can be topped off with a fur jacket to make a bold fashion statement. 

Getail woman blue fur coat handbag

Combat boots, octagon sunglasses, short skirts with high socks, and beanies are all commonly paired together to create a very eclectic Korean look. Modern style incorporates a lot of oversized tops/sweaters with long skirts or baggy pants.


It’s all about staying comfortable when you’re wearing loungewear. This is clothing that you’ll usually put on when you’re going to be staying home. Your favorite loungewear items probably consist of a great pair of broken-in sweatpants, a hooded sweatshirt, a sweater robe, slippers, cozy socks, and some loose t-shirts. 

You can pair your loungewear items together for a matched look, but it’s perfectly acceptable to throw on whatever you find more comfortable for that day.


In German, Lagenlook refers to a layered outfit. The traditional look includes many different layers of clothing, none of which really appear to go together. It creates a very interesting and unique look. To really take your Lagenlook to the next level, mix together colors and prints that wouldn’t normally match.

Lolita fashion style

This is one of the subculture clothing styles from Japan that we talked about earlier. It originated in the 1990s and continued on into the 2000s. It’s influenced by the Victorian clothing era as well as styles that were popular in the Rococo period. Your Lolita look should be charming and sweet. It may also have a gothic or steampunk vibe to it.

Maternity clothing

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to give up looking stylish. You just have to swap some of your regular clothing items out for things that fit you a little better.

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15 Style Secrets To Look AMAZING Throughout Your Pregnancy | Pregnant Outfit Ideas
by Niki Sky

 Maternity clothing is usually worn later on in the pregnancy when a women’s belly is really starting to show. Regular button-waist pants don’t fit as well, and traditional t-shirts and sweaters don’t pull down to cover the woman’s stomach. 

Maternity clothing will usually have elastic on the waistband and often an extra panel of fabric that extends up onto the stomach. Tops usually gather just under the breast area, and they flow out around the stomach to create a more conservative look that a woman can be comfortable in.

Happy pregnant woman baby booties

Military fashion

Military fashion can be clean-cut and formal if you’re talking about traditional military gear. However, there is a casual military fashion style that people have started to wear, even if they’re not in the armed forces. This can include camouflage pants and shorts and shirts in shades of army green, tans, beiges, etc.

Minimalist clothing

Minimalist clothing is all about investing in some basic items that can all be mixed together to create some different looks. If you have a minimalist closet, you probably have a number of basic items in different shades. Multiple tank tops in colors like black, navy, and gray match together with a few pairs of jeans or leggings. Cardigan sweaters can be layered on top of many different clothing combinations.

This is really a very practical style of clothing, as you’re investing in clothing that you’re going to wear multiple times. It can become expensive to invest in a new outfit for every occasion that you’re going to, only to put that clothing in the back of your closet where you may not see it for a while.

Modern urban clothing

Modern urban clothing is streetwear that is worn by today’s youth. It’s a comfortable look that consists of jeans, sneakers, hooded sweatshirts, bomber jackets, matching tracksuits, and baseball hats. It’s similar to sports gear or athleisure clothing, but it can look a little more dressed up with the right planning.

Nautical clothing

Nautical clothing should look like you’re ready to spend the day out on a boat. It’s common to see nautical styles that are white with navy blue stripes. Boat shoes, canvas sneakers, sunglasses, and anchors are common as well. The look is comfortable, but it has a dressy appeal to it. You could easily wear this outfit for a day outdoors, but it transfers well to dinner as well.

Office wear

Office wear can vary based on where you’re employed. Some offices follow a business casual clothing style, while others dress straight-up. Office wear should be appropriate, clean-cut, and conservative. This isn’t the place to show a lot of skin or wear flamboyant patterns and styles. 

Even if you’re allowed to dress down a bit, make sure you’re wearing new clothing that looks pressed and clean. Ditch the old tattered clothing that’s a number of years old or save it for the weekend.

Preppy clothing

A person wearing preppy clothing looks crisp, clean, and well put together. The outfits may seem simple, but they should look new and well thought out. Coming from Ivy League origins, preppy clothing has become an American staple for all generations. From polo shirts to boat shoes, the formal preppy look can be worn to school, work, out with friends, dinner, or head out on the boat for the afternoon.

Portrait man old building blue polo shirt and plaid pants. Portrait by the stairs

It’s vital that you don’t get too crazy with colors when you’re dressing preppy. A little bit of color is ok, but you should keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Khaki pants, white shoes, and a colored polo is a good choice. To dress up the preppy look, even more, add in a blazer or V-neck sweater.

Punk rock

Punk rock clothing has been created based on the punk rock music scene, which began in the 1960s. It became very popular in the 1970s, with a whole clothing movement accompanying music from bands like the Sex Pistols and The Clash. 

Tight jeans with holes, chunky leather belts with studs, tank tops, band t-shirts, and leather jackets are common punk rock clothing items. The hair is usually a major focus as well. Mohawks and dark black hair are popular. Layered accessories, suspenders, Doc Marten boots, and bold makeup complete the look.

Professional attire

Professional attire is designed to help you put your best foot forward so you feel confident and make a good impression whether you’re heading to work for the day or going to a job interview. 

Woman long hair posing white outfit

Professional clothing should be new, clean, pressed, and matching. The level of professionalism will depend on where you’re going and what the dress code is. It can range from khaki pants with a blazer to a full suit and tie.

Business casual and business formal are different forms of professional attire. Women may stick to matching pantsuits, skirts, dresses, heels, etc. Men may opt for slacks, a button-down shirt, khakis, loafers, and blazers.

Parisian Style

You don’t have to be from Paris to incorporate the Parisian clothing style into your wardrobe. This stylish look is well put together and really makes the tourists stand out from the locals when in Paris. 

The goal is to look like you haven’t put a lot of thought into your outfit, though you still match and look neat. There are some wardrobe staples that you’ll need to have in your closet. 

This includes comfortable items like a silk scarf, a nice hat, flats, casual pants, etc. Parisians don’t overdress if they don’t have to. It’s really a minimalist type of style that’s very practical to use in your daily life.

Rock clothing

Rock stars managed to change clothing forever when they first became popular in the 1950s fashion. Rock has evolved quite a bit over the years, but that classic rocker look hasn’t changed too much. 

It was a little more formal and put together early on with stars like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. As time went on, rock became a little more casual. Eventually, it evolved into the grunge rock scene, which is known for tattered jeans and worn-out flannel shirts.

Rock clothing today is usually dark in color, fitted to the body, and very simple. The goal is to be comfortable since you’re meant to let your body move to the music. A classic pair of Doc Marten boots or Converse All-Stars sneakers are staple items. You should also have a few favorite pairs of jeans and basic black t-shirts.

Retro clothing

Retro style is similar to vintage clothing in that they are both older items that are from past decades. However, the retro clothing style usually takes items from the 1970s to the 1990s and uses them in stylish outfits today. 

Outdated items can still look really nice, as long as they’re in good condition and you wear them well. Your personal style will determine how retro you decide to go. You can focus on very specific class items like wide-bottomed jeans or hippie colors. The workout look was popular in the 80s, along with neon colors and bold patterns.


Romantic clothing can be simple, using soft colors and even softer materials. Clothing should fit on the body very comfortably, showing off a person’s assets. Long and flowing dresses and tops with floral prints are popular for a romantic style. Embroidery and lace are also commonly used.

Sexy clothing

If you decide to dress sexy at the appropriate moment, you’re probably wearing tight clothing that shows off some skin. Women’s sexy clothing is usually short with low necklines that accentuate the bust. 

Elegant woman red dress standing doorway

Sexy colors include black, red, and even white. Materials can range from leather to cotton, but the cut of the outfit is really what’s important. Just make sure you’re dressing sexy while still being appropriate with your style.

Streetwear clothing

Streetwear clothing is very comfortable and follows a lot of the same style that athleisure clothing does. Streetwear should include items like jeans, tracksuits, workout gear, sneakers, hoodies, baggy pants, baseball hats, simple accessories, and simple hairstyles. 

You should match your items intricately, but you don’t want to look too fancy or overdone. It’s a style that the younger generation will wear to hang out with friends or skateboard around the neighborhood.

Sportswear clothing

Sportswear clothing includes comfortable items that you would wear in order to participate in physical activities. This includes leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging pants, sneakers, headbands, hats, and even clothing to represent your favorite sports teams. This casual look is appropriate for the weekends, around the house, or when partaking in outdoor activities with friends.

Swimwear clothing

Swimwear clothing includes items that you would wear to the beach, to the pool, or on vacation. You’ll have a few different bathing suits that you can choose from, and they can be topped off with a cover-up or sundress. This casual look is perfect for the summer when it’s hot, and you want to be in and out of the water throughout the day.

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Semi formal

A semi formal outfit is usually fancy, but it’s not quite as elaborate as black tie attire. If you’re going to a semi formal event, you’ll dress up. Women wear dresses and men wear suits. Colors vary, and you can choose pretty much any hue that you want. If you’re going somewhere with your date, attempt to match each other a bit so you look coordinated.

Smart casual

Smart casual is a comfortable and dressed-down look that incorporates some smart items to bring everything up a level. It’s a common clothing style for work, meetings, dates, professional events, etc. Khakis, slacks, polos, and blouses are appropriate. 

You can often wear jeans as long as they’re appropriate and topped with something a little dressier on top. Casual shoes can include sneakers, boat shoes, ballet flats, and loafers. Just make sure they’re neutral in color, clean, and match your outfit.

Surfer wear

Surfer wear clothing is casual but fun. Board shorts and khaki shorts are paired with floral and Hawaiian print tops that are slightly unbuttoned at the top. Tank tops that show off tanned shoulders and short cut-off jean shorts are popular for females. Hair is usually worn long and loose.

Travel clothing

Whether you’re traveling across the world or just a couple of states away, comfort is an incredibly important part of traveling clothing. You will want to dress in layers to accommodate for any weather changes that may exist along the way. 

Group young happy people traveling
Source: Felix Rostig on Unsplash

Comfortable pants with a drawstring waist will keep you comfortable. Top that look off with a t-shirt, cardigan, zip-up hooded sweatshirt, or loose sweater. The key to this clothing style is planning ahead so you’re wearing appropriate items.

Tomboy clothing

Tomboy clothing incorporates a masculine style that forgoes a lot of the more feminine and romantic clothing items out there. Tomboy fashion is for females that want to dress comfortably in jeans, loose-fitting pants, polos, t-shirts, and button-down shirts.

Trendy fashion

Trendy fashion takes into account all of the latest style developments that are popular. This changes from year to year and includes different fabrics, colors, and cuts of clothing. If you’re up to date on trendy fashion, you’re paying close attention to what celebrities and other notable people are sporting. Some of these items will be hard to track down until they gain popularity.

Unisex clothing

Unisex clothing styles are appropriate and fitting for both females and males. This is becoming more popular and includes a variety of neutral colors and styles. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and leisurewear are all commonly made in unisex varieties.

Western clothing

Cowboys cowgirls boots detail wooden fence

Western clothing incorporates items from down south where the cowboys roam. Button-down shirts with crisp collars, jeans, belts, and cowboy boots are staples. Women usually opt for similar attire, or they can dress up with plenty of ruffles and layers of fabric.

White Tie

White tie is a step up from black tie. A long-tailed coat is what men will wear as part of their suit. Women usually wear very formal ball gowns that have a lot of tulle and layers. Conservative and subtle colors are popularly worn, such as black, white, silver, and navy blue.

We’ve covered a long list of the different clothing styles that exist in the world. Now that you’re well educated on these style options, you can try some of them out here and there. In our upcoming chapters, we’re going to discuss men’s clothing styles and women’s clothing styles in greater detail. This will give you some specific examples on to base your outfits off of.

Men’s additional clothing styles

Men’s clothing incorporates a number of textures, fabrics, and colors into its style. Finding the perfect outfit for your day ahead can be a challenge, which is why we want to talk about some examples of different men’s clothing styles that you can be inspired by. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, we have some ideas in mind.

Clothing styles for men have changed a lot over the years, but there are classic items that are still being worn. They’ve just evolved with the times to look more modern. If you’re looking to switch your style up a little bit, we’re about to look at some of the most popular men’s clothing styles, along with outfit examples for each.


The athleisure look is everywhere right now, and rightfully so. It’s an incredibly comfortable style that is practical for a lot of outings. It’s trendy, and all of the top designers are incorporating it into their creations. Athletic clothing has been taken to a new level to show off your style. Staple items include tracksuits, sweatshirts, baseball hats, sneakers, tanks, t-shirts, and much more.

Man looking away skyline bycicle
Source: Yury Kirillov on Unsplash

A great men’s athleisure combo includes cropped sweatpants in a dark shade like charcoal or navy blue. On the top, wear a fitted and crisp white t-shirt. You can dress the look up with a denim jacket or keep it dressed down with a zip-up hooded sweatshirt. A great pair of white athletic sneakers will complete the look.

If you’re looking for an outfit that matches a little more, invest in a nice tracksuit that has pants that match the jacket. If you’re adventurous, opt for bold colors and keep your sneakers simple.

Beach Bum

The beach bum clothing style is not only an option for clothing, but this is an entire lifestyle and attitude. Your outfit should give off the impression that you’re relaxed, comfortable, and chill. It’s actually a very simple look that incorporates bright colors, Hawaiian prints, beachy trends, and much more.

A basic tank top in a bold color can pick up some of the hues from a bold pair of board shorts. Flip flops are all the footwear that you need for this classic beach bum look. If you’re going to be out for a while and are worried about the temperature dropping after sunset, bring a zip-up hooded sweatshirt with you.

If you want a dressier look for meeting up with friends at a boardwalk restaurant or bar, pair a Hawaiian button-down shirt with a basic pair of khaki cargo shorts and sandals. Don’t forget a great pair of sunglasses and a watch as your accessory.


Give yourself a hint of edge by wearing the classic biker look. This might not be a work-appropriate style, but it definitely has a casual appeal. You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to get in on this classic trend. Some basic items are all you need to turn heads when you walk in a room.

A well-fitting pair of jeans is key for a biker outfit. They should be dark denim or black. Pair them with a simple black leather belt. On top, a basic white t-shirt is worn with a leather jacket. The design of your leather jacket will determine how much you want to look like a biker. You can choose something simple or opt for a jacket that has some additional zippers and buckles.

Another biker look that incorporates a little more of a preppy twist pairs white jeans with a black leather jacket. Wear a t-shirt underneath and slick your hair back. For shoes, you can wear boots, but a nice pair of loafers are acceptable.

Business Casual

Having some go-to business casual outfits on hand at all times is ideal. This is a wardrobe option that can be worn for work functions, but it also makes a good impression on dates and outings with friends. These traditional pieces can be mixed together quite easily to create new combinations.

For a classic business casual look, wear your favorite pair of dark-colored trousers. Pair it with a button-down denim shirt and a blazer that matches your pants. You can also choose a shirt that has a print to it or is solid in color. Your accessories are simple with a nice watch and maybe sunglasses.

For a lighter look, you can wear a pair of light-colored khakis with a button-down shirt that is pale blue or green. Roll the sleeves up for a casual look. Wear loafers without socks on your feet, but make sure they’re polished and new.

Business Formal

Business formal attire is a more serious approach, and your goal is to look fashionable and meticulously put together. You may be required to wear business formal clothing to work, but it’s also acceptable for other evening functions. Dark colors and soft materials are preferred.

You’ll want to have a few go-to suits in your closet with a variety of dress shirts and ties. A navy blue suit looks beautiful when paired with a light-colored shirt and a tie that has a modern print to it. To offset the basic style of the suit, consider wearing a lighter shade of brown leather shoes.

You can skip the tie in many situations and draw attention to the quality of your suit. Underneath a dark-colored suit, wear a plain white button-down dress shirt that is slightly unbuttoned up top. A little bit of sheen to your shoes will put the whole outfit together.


Dressing casually doesn’t have to appear sloppy. This isn’t leisurewear, after all. You can still keep your outfit looking neat with good quality clothing like jeans, crew neck shirts, sweaters, loafers, cargo pants, and cardigans. You want to look nice while still feeling comfortable for a variety of occasions.

Elegant casual man looking skyline city

Put on a pair of tapered jeans that are form-fitting. Wear a long sleeve shirt on top that has a little pop of color to make it stand out. You can even sport some unique prints if that’s your thing. A pair of boat shoes or simple sneakers are a comfortable footwear option.

Pair dark-colored jeans with a comfortable button-down shirt that is unbuttoned at the top and rolled up at the sleeves. Athletic sneakers or loafers are shoe options.

Black Tie

If you have a special event to go to, you may have been asked to dress in black tie attire. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork in choosing your outfit. Make sure that you invest in a good quality suit that’s made from high-end materials.

Black tie requires a basic black suit, dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes. You can personalize your outfit a bit with cuff links, your belt, and perhaps a pocket-handkerchief.

Country Club

Heading out to play a round of golf with friends or simply want to wear a preppy look for a night out? The country club-style pairs khaki pants with polo shirts for a simple but dressy outfit choice.

Crisp khaki pants should fit you well. Accessorize them with a belt that matches your shoes. Because your pants are so neutral, choose a bold colored polo shirt in a shade of red or purple.

Back view man golf player

If you want to dress your country club, look up a bit more, throw a crew neck sweater over your shoulders, and tie it loosely around your neck. You can also wear a blazer or cardigan if it’s chilly.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to come up with some creative and fashionable outfits based on the men’s clothing styles that we’ve discussed here. Continue reading if you would like to learn more about women’s clothing styles.

Women’s additional clothing styles

Women’s style is so different from that of men. Mainly because women have many more options to work with. Women’s clothing styles have changed dramatically over the years to reflect different looks that are fancy, formal, casual, feminine, masculine, and bold. 

In this chapter, we’re going to take a look at women’s fashion and clothing styles in more detail. We’ll discuss some of the most popular styles, some of which you may have worn at some point in your lifetime.

Fashion is often used as a method of self-expression. Women carefully choose their outfits to reflect how they feel that day. From their shirt down to their shoes and everything in between, clothing can make quite a statement. 

Here are some popular women’s clothing styles that can inspire you as you dress for success each day.

Biker clothing

Men aren’t the only ones that can rock the biker clothing style. Women look great in this tough-looking style that incorporates a lot of black leather, silver accessories (buckles, zippers, etc.), and chunky boots. Hop on your motorcycle or simply head to a concert in the evening to show off this bad-girl style.

Your biker look can be simple, incorporating skinny jeans in a dark hue with a basic t-shirt and a cropped black leather jacket. Stay with basic colors.

You can take a biker outfit to the next level by dressing all in black. Tight black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket can be worn with black Doc Marten boots or another chunky variety. Accessories tend to be kept simple with a few rings or earrings.

Boho Style

It’s almost effortless to put together a Bohemian-style outfit. It’s comfortable, casual, and often incorporates some vintage items into the mix. Inspired by hippie style with lots of colors and natural materials, these clothes are often handmade. Layer many of them together for a flowing look, or keep it simple with a boho skirt and a t-shirt.

Couple posing nature background

Boho skirts are gorgeous and really practical. Choose your skirt first, picking out something that will fit nicely and have all the colors that you love on it. From there, choose a t-shirt or blouse that matches the skirt. It can also have balloon sleeves or extra fabric to make it look casual. 

A great pair of sandals is all you need as footwear, and feel free to incorporate some accessories into your outfit. Bracelets and necklaces made of hemp are popular. An ankle bracelet will help show off your shoes and skirt.

Boho clothing is usually very affordable, and you can mix and match a number of pieces together to form different outfits. Try out a pair of gaucho pants that have a high waist and pair them with a fitted tank in a basic black or navy hue. Birkenstock sandals, round shades, and layered bracelets complete the look.

Business casual

A common workplace dress code, business casual can be worn to work, to a corporate event, or even out with friends in the evening. It’s a look that you should master since it’s one that you’ll likely be wearing a lot throughout your lifetime. 

It consists of casual items with some formal items mixed in. Some people find it confusing to choose the right items for business casual. A few great pairs of jeans should be part of your business casual wardrobe, and they should be different from the more casual ones that you would wear on the weekend. 

Pair your business casual jeans with a solid blouse and a black or navy blazer. Ballet flats or even a stylish pair of heels are great shoe choices. You can take your outfit to the next level with a designer handbag and well-chosen accessories.

Cardigan sweaters are another great business casual item to invest in. If you purchase a few in different basic colors, they will match with all kinds of outfits. 

Stay away from anything with a boyfriend style. That works better for dress-down outfits. Underneath your cardigan, you can choose either neutral and bold shirts or blouses. Your pants can be a pair of jeans or slacks.


This costumed clothing style isn’t something you’ll wear very often, but it might be a fun option to have on hand for a party or event. Cosplay basically involves dressing up in costumes and accessories that are inspired by pop culture.

Two girls cosplay acting
Source: Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee on Unsplash

Choose a specific character that you would like to emulate for the time being. There are many Japanese-themed characters that are very popular among the cosplay community. You can also choose something more general, like the schoolgirl look or a superhero style.


Taking loungewear and workout gear and turning them into a slightly dressier option is what athleisure clothing is all about. This is a popular style for women who work from home or are home taking care of their children because it’s comfortable and very practical. It looks acceptable enough to run errands in or even meet a friend for lunch. Let’s look at some different athleisure clothing items.

A great pair of leggings is an important part of an athleisure wardrobe. You can purchase them in a number of colors and prints to match a variety of t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts. Athletic sneakers are the most common shoe choice for this style.

In warmer weather, athleisure style can take on a different look. You’ll stay away from shorts made of denim and instead opt for running shorts or athletic capris. The material is very different from something you would wear out for a fancy dinner. 

Polyester and nylon are two common options. Pair with a tank and layer with a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt on top. Sneakers or athletic sandals are acceptable shoe choices.

Black Tie

Black tie for men is quite different from what a woman would wear. While men generally stick to a plain tuxedo or suit when black tie dress code is needed, women can be a little more elaborate with their color choices. The goal is to look very formal and put together.

A ball gown is common for black tie events. You’ll choose something that has a very full skirt that goes all the way down to the floor. The top of the gown should be very modest. Color choices include most hues, including blues, silver, black, gray, and everything in between.


The vintage clothing look is versatile, affordable, and practical. You can pair together all kinds of great finds to create looks that express your personality. Find your clothing from vintage clothing stores or flea markets. You can even ask around to see if anyone has items that they would like to pass on to you.

Vintage doesn’t have to mean you’re dressed down. You may be able to find a very old school dress that has a full skirt and goes to the point just above your knees. A bold color with white polka dots is a great classic look that goes with heels and a big pair of sunglasses.

For a more dressed-down vintage look, pair some bell bottoms with a button-down plaid shirt that you can roll the cuffs up to make you look more casual. Ballet flats or sandals are practical and are probably already in your closet. A nice chunky belt can add a little more style to the outfit.

Girly Style

The girly style works for all age groups, but it tends to be popular with the younger crowd. It incorporates a lot of floral prints and pastels that give off a very feminine vibe. Hair should be worn down, and neutral makeup should be worn. Accessories should be kept minimal as well.

Glamour lady posing summer floral dress bag

Choose a pretty floral sundress, and you can put it over a basic, fitted white t-shirt to add a little more coverage. Ballet flats or sandals should be worn. Stay away from anything with a high heel.

A pair of skinny white pants or jeans can be paired with a flowing shirt with a cinched waist. Again, opt for something with a floral print or is light in color.


We hope that our knowledge of clothing styles has taught you a little bit about fashion. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you should be able to utilize some of these styles in your own life to express yourself and make an impression.

If you have any questions or would like to share with us some of your wardrobe ideas that were inspired by this article, leave us a comment below. You can also share this post with your fashion-savvy friends and family. 

Don’t forget to read some of our other articles to learn more about past and current fashion trends, different outfit ideas, dress code explanations, and much more.

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