15+ Types of Thigh-high boots and How to Style them in 2023

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Almost every fall and winter, models wearing thigh-high boots fill fashion show runways, and it is a style that you will want to emulate. The great news is that there are many beautiful choices available, so it is easy to add them to your wardrobe. What’s more, you do not have to put them away when spring arrives.

Even women who have wide calves and thighs can easily find options that fit them. These boots come with various heel heights, and some have no heel at all. Therefore, everyone can find one or more pairs that they will adore.

Before you add another pair of thigh-high boots to your collection or purchase a new pair of these beautiful boots, I will share secrets about how to style them. They are great with sweater dresses, miniskirts, and your favorite tight jeans.

I will also tell you how to care for thigh-high boots and some storage options for when you are not currently wearing your thigh-high boots.

Come along with me as we learn more about thigh-high boots.

Let’s get started!

Thigh-high boots FAQ & fundamentals

If you want to take your fashion sense to a new level, then thigh-high boots may be the perfect answer. These boots that rise to about mid-thigh are a great way to add color to an outfit because they come in an endless array.

You can find options with spiked heels and other options with chunky heels, so you can easily wear them with various outfits. You can find solid-colored options while others have beautiful designs on them. Once you try this look, you may often turn to it.

What are thigh-high boots?

As the name suggests, thigh-high boots come up to the thigh. Options that are almost knee-high boots are available, while other choices come to nearly the crotch. While many manufacturers make options of synthetic materials, you can also find ones made from various types of leather.

Woman posing boots autumn park

While it was customary to wear laced thigh-high boots during the Victorian era, they became back into popularity during the 1960s.

Thigh-high boots make it easy to put together many types of chic outfits. They look great with all kinds of outfits, including sweater dresses, pencil skirts, and miniskirts. You can also wear them with your favorite straight-cut jeans. I will discuss many ways to wear these fashionable boots in a little bit.

Thigh-high boots come in many colors, and most are very brightly colored while others are more subdued. Some have one color, but others have interesting geometric patterns or lines. The wide variety of available options makes it easy to put together amazing outfits to wear on many occasions.

Manufacturers make thigh-high boots from many materials. They can be made out of latex, vinyl, and other artificial materials, and these are usually the cheapest option. Designers also use fabric, such as silk and polyester microfiber, to make some. Designers often choose leather for top-priced choices.

Most thigh-high boots have spiked heels, while others have chunky heels. While manufacturers make some to pull on, most have zippers, and a few have buckles.

What are the benefits of thigh-high boots?

The first benefit of thigh-high boots is they make you look great when put together with the right clothes. These boots also provide extra support to your knees and ankles that most shoes do not offer. Additionally, when worn correctly, they can make your legs look longer and thinner.

If you want to look taller, then pair them with a miniskirt. They will make your legs look extra-long. Consider a pair of dark-colored ones to make you look taller and leaner. Another option is to choose a pair with a vertical design.

Thigh-high boots are also an excellent option for the winter as they will keep your legs warmer. They leave very little of your lower body exposed to the air, so they naturally keep you warmer. 

Additionally, they are an excellent option for wearing with many of your favorite winter outfits, like sweater dresses, leather pencil skirts, and oversized sweaters. They are also great for pairing with your favorite colored tights.

While no one likes the thought of falling, thigh-high boots also help protect your knees if you do. In fact, at least one fashion designer wearing thigh-high boots discovered this fact for herself when she fell up a runway’s stairs while wearing them and walked away with only a bruised ego.

If you do not have shapely legs, wearing thigh-high boots can be a great way to camouflage them. They work well under many maxi skirts, so do not be afraid to layer them.

Many people find that wearing thigh-high boots is a great way to look sexy. They have long been viewed as a symbol of power for women.

Are thigh-high boots always appropriate?

No, wearing thigh-high boots is not always appropriate. First, you must have enough balance to be able to walk in them comfortably. Secondly, you may find that most are inappropriate for conservative workplaces, where you are expected to wear low-heeled pumps or another type of business shoe.

People who have trouble with Achilles’ tendons may find it hard or impossible to walk in high-heeled thigh-high boots. The high-heel forces the tendon to shorten and stiffen, and it can also put additional strain on your calf muscles. 

Furthermore, wearing high heels can cause or make plantar fasciitis get worse. Therefore, women who have trouble with their lower legs may want to avoid thigh-high boots with large spiked heels.

You will also want to consider where you are wearing your thigh-high boots. While they are great for many occasions, they may not be appropriate in conservative work settings. 

Many thigh-high boots are brightly colored, and in those workplaces, you may need to stick to more traditional colors. Additionally, you may look out of place in some business meetings. Therefore, you will want to save your thigh-high boots for wearing at other times.

If you have wide calves and thick thighs, choosing the right pair of boots is vital. You may find that not all boot styles fit your leg correctly. Choosing those made from a stretchy material is often a great solution. 

Additionally, if you are petite, you need to think about what will look great on your body. Some thigh-high boots may make you look shorter instead of taller.

How can you keep thigh-high boots up?

Several hacks will help keep thigh-high boots up. At runway shows, models often use fashion glue to keep their boots up. Put the glue on your skin before pressing the boot in place. Then, simply lift it away from the glue when you want to take the boot off. You can then wash the glue off your leg.

There are other hacks that you may want to try. Some people find that wearing thick socks helps their boots stay up. This is a great option to try on a cold winter day as it adds another layer of warmth. Always choose socks made from breathable material so that your feet stay healthy and your boots do not begin to stink.

Depending on the boot, you may want to try folding the top of your boot in towards your leg. This can help fill any gap, and your boot may stay up better. If your boots are made from fabric, you can even turn under the top and sew it down. Then, insert a piece of elastic into the band you have created. If you are not a sewer, you can use iron-on Velcro on some boots.

Another hack worth considering is to use fashion tape. You put one side of the tape against your skin and the other side against the boot to hold it in place. Some people find fashion tape a little expensive, so you can even try double-sided tape from your favorite dollar store.

How can you make them fit skinny legs?

Some thigh-high boots fit skinny legs better than others, so shop for narrower boots. You or a tailor may be able to sew your boots to make them smaller. There are even tailors that specialize in this service.

Woman walking scarf head

If you want to try changing the width of your boots at home, then you will need a marker, clips, and a sewing machine that can handle the type of material used in your boots. Start by drawing a line where you want the boots to be tighter. 

It is always better to be conservative because you can always take more fabric off, but adding it back can be challenging. If your boots have a center seam, be sure to take an equal amount from both sides.

This will create a center seam up the back of your boots. Now cut on the lines. Then, use the clips to hold the two sides of your boots together. Finally, sew the two sides of your boot back together. In most cases, you will want to use thread matching the boot’s color as closely as possible.

If the boots are fabric, iron the seam open as far down as possible. Try the boots on, and decide if you need to remove more material. If so, then repeat the process again.

Are thigh-high boots and over-the-knee boots the same?

While thigh-high and over-the-knee boots are similar, they are not precisely the same. Generally, over-the-knee boots should come to the top of your kneecap, while thigh-high boots are much taller. Therefore, the way you style them should be different so that you do not look cut in half.

Over-the-knee boots work exceptionally well for shorter skirts. You should wear them when there will be several inches between the bottom of your skirt and the boot’s top. You can wear over-the-knee boots with many types of skirts and dress styles, and they look particularly great with outfits that have some flair to them.

Thigh-high boots work great with dresses and skirts where the hemline is even shorter, such as micro-mini skirts and miniskirts. They also look great when worn over leggings and jeans that end inside the boot. In my opinion, they work better with outfits that lie close to the body.

While I will have more to say on the subject in a while, consider pairing over-the-thigh boots with leather leggings, straight-cut jeans, and other options that fit close to your body.

In many cases, it is easier to create a more upscale look with thigh-high boots and a more casual one with knee-high boots. Therefore, if you are going out for a night of clubbing or to a fancy restaurant, you may want to consider your thigh-high boots. Your knee-high boots may be perfect for work, a casual date, or a weekend away in the country.

Are thigh-high boots in style?

Some styles of thigh-high boots will never go out of style, while other more colorful options may change regularly. Leather and suede thigh-high boots in traditional colors are unlikely to ever go out of style, and they can be worn in many ways.

Woman detail thigh high boots

For example, black leather thigh-high boots are ideal for styling with your tight-fitting jeans. Then, wear a long-sleeve white shirt with it that has a scoop neck. A faux fur waistcoat is a perfect addition if you need added warmth.

Another terrific option for leather thigh-high boots is to wear them with a black miniskirt. Then, wear a long-sleeved white blouse and a no-sleeve black sweater over it. This option looks particularly great when you carry a small handbag, like a baguette bag with it.

Suede thigh-high boots are another great option. You may want to stick to those in a neutral color to ensure that they never go out of style. One option for wearing them is to pair them with your tight-fitting black jeans and wear a bright red long-sleeved button-up with them.

You may also want to wear close-fitting stone-washed jeans and a white crop top. Then, wear a dark blue button-up sweater over the top. This outfit looks particularly great when worn with light-brown thigh-high boots.

A sweater dress is a fantastic option to wear with suede thigh-high boots, and it is an idea that will never go out of style. Choose one in a solid color, like red or blue that ends above your thigh-high boots. Then, carry a shoulder bag that matches your boots. You can have lots of fun with your jewelry, like wearing a statement necklace and diamond stud earrings.

Keep reading because I will have even more suggestions about how to style your thigh-high boots in a little bit. There are so many classic choices that when you stick with neutral colors, they will never go out of style. At the same time, fun-colored thigh-high boots are also a great choice, but they may go out of style quicker.

I trust that you have started thinking about investing in a new pair or two of thigh-high boots. Before you do, carry on reading. In the next chapter, I will share information about many types of thigh-high boots. You probably do not realize how many types are available, and you may find new options to add to your wardrobe.

Types of thigh-high boots

Many people think that all thigh-high boots are the same, but that is not the case. There are options made from various fabrics and choices made for skinny and broader legs. Learning about the different styles is a great way to choose options that you will wear often. While you may want many different choices in your wardrobe, you may not be able to add them all at once, so knowing the various options is a great way to start a wish list.

While Roger Vivier receives credit for inventing some of the first thigh-high boots in 1961, these boots caught on when Yves Saint Lauren featured them in their 1963 fall/winter collection. 

Since that time, many celebrities have worn them. One of the first was Cher, who wore countless pairs. These boots became even more popular after Julia Roberts wore them in “Pretty Woman.”

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While many celebrities have appeared in thigh-high boots that most women would be afraid to walk in, options are also available with shorter heels and flats. As I discussed in the last chapter, choices are available for women with skinnier and broader legs. Thus, every woman can easily find an option fitting their personal tastes and body shape.

Plus size thigh-high boots

Plus-size thigh-high boots are cut bigger, so they fit the legs of larger women. These boots come in various designs, from those with stiletto heels to flats. Thigh-high boots can be an excellent option for plus-size women as they can help to elongate the body. 

Woman from behind high boots stand road

One look to consider is wearing black thigh-high boots with a little black dress. If the weather is cool, wear a leather black motorcycle jacket with this monochromatic look.

Another option to think about is wearing a red-and-black hi-low dress with a pair of black thigh-high boots that lace up the front. Choose one several inches shorter than the top of your boots in the front and come down about midway on your boots in the back. This is a terrific look to wear with a red ribbon belt tied around your middle and your diamond jewelry.

Wide calf thigh-high boots

Women who have larger calves will want to consider these thigh-high boots as they are cut to accommodate their legs. You can easily find wide-calf thigh-high boots in many styles. 

Consider tucking your distressed skinny jeans into a pair of suede thigh-high boots with a chunky heel. Think about options with a front zipper as they will be easier to put on. Then, wear this look with a close-fitting turtleneck sweater. A crossover bag is a great option to carry with this look.

You may also want to think about styling a pair of black leather thigh-high boots with a wine-colored sweater dress that ends several inches above the boot’s top. Consider adding a black belt with some gold accents around your waist. Then, wear your favorite gold jewelry, like a pair of gold hoop earrings and a gold chain necklace.

Flat thigh-high boots

While most thigh-high boots have tall heels, you can find options with no heel. These boots are super easy to walk in, so you can enjoy the look without worrying about where you are walking. 

If you have lower leg issues or are going to be doing a lot of walking, flat thigh-high boots can be a great option. Consider pairing your boots with a short skater skirt and wearing a V-neck blouse on top. 

You may want to choose options that have diagonal ruffles on the front. If the weather is chilly, you can add a button-up sweater matching your boots to your outfit. This can be an excellent choice for wearing your hair down and carrying a Boston bag.

Leather thigh-high boots

As the name suggests, these boots are made of leather, and you can find many different options in thigh-high leather boots. One of my favorites is a black leather pair with eyelets up its front. 

These are a great option to go with a belted shirt dress shorter than your boots. Opt for one with a pointed collar and buttons down the front when possible. You can choose one that already has the belt attached or add one or two to the outfit. 

Add a pair of dark sunglasses and a matching watch. Carry a black knapsack that is just big enough to hold your necessities.

It is also easy to put together a short outfit with thigh-high leather boots. Choose shorts that will easily stay tucked inside your boots. Light gray is a great option to go with black boots. 

Then, wear a turtleneck sweater that coordinates with your shorts, like a solid beige one. You can carry a black leather doctor’s bag with this look.

Classy thigh-high boots

While many thigh-high boots are available in bright colors, classy thigh-high boots come in neutral colors. This makes them very useful for many occasions, so there is no need to save your thigh-high boots for a special occasion. 

You can easily wear them paired with your straight-cut jeans tucked into them. Choose to pair this look with a pullover knit sweater. If you need a coat, choose one that ends at your waist and buttons or snaps down the front.

Woman poses black outfit

You can also easily wear thigh-high boots with leather jumpers. This is the perfect look for a winter day when you want to create layers because you can put a turtleneck underneath and wear a warm fuzzy sweater. 

Choose one where the neck of the turtleneck will peek out from underneath. If you choose a neutral-colored jumper and sweater, choose colored thigh-high boots or vice versa.

Thigh-high cowboy boots

You can find thigh-high cowboy boots in at least two styles. One has lots of decorative stitching on the side while the other is plainer, but both have chunky heels. The one with decorative stitching is an excellent option for wearing with your favorite black leather outfit.

Cowboy leather boots shelf

Your skinny jeans will look great with thigh-high cowboy boots. Since this boot style comes in many fun colors, it is ideal for pairing with your favorite sweater. 

Another option is to pair these boots with a short A-line skirt and a striped pullover top. Then, wear a light cardigan over it. If the weather is cool, you can even slip your colored tights on under your skirt.

Thigh-high platform boots

There are at least two styles of thigh-high platform boots. One type has very high heels, but the other style is flat across the bottom for the most part. You can easily achieve a retro look with the flat thigh-high platform boots. 

You can find platform thigh-high boots with flowers and peace signs on them that are ideal for wearing with your skinny jeans. Wear a dark-blue turtleneck with a denim coat over it. Then, carry a denim backpack bag.

You can also easily recreate the look from “The Matrix” movie with thigh-high platform boots. A dark-red slouchy pair is ideal. Then, pair it with a micro-miniskirt and a sparkly silver top. The trick to getting this to look like the movie is to wear a black trench coat opened down the front over it.

Thigh-high sock boots

Thigh-high sock boots are designed like socks with a sole attached to them. If you are tired of fighting with your boots to get them to stay up, then thigh-high sock boots can be the perfect answer. Consider pairing sock boots with your favorite mini dress. Then, wear a velvet blazer that is a little shorter than the dress over the ensemble.

Sock boots are also ideal for wearing with your jeans. Consider wearing your light-colored distressed jeans tucked into a beige pair of sock boots. Then, wear a black tee-shirt with a graphic design on it, and an unstructured blazer looks excellent over this outfit.

Thigh-high boots low heel

These high boots have a low heel, making them incredibly easy to walk in. Pairing them with a sweater dress is a great way to go. One with a curved hemline will create visual interest. Consider wearing a royal blue option with a wide black belt with a gold buckle. Then, carry a white hobo bag.

Another fabulous option for wearing a sweater dress with low-heeled thigh-high boots is to wear a white one with a black belt. Then, opt to wear a shacket over the top that adds color to your outfit. This choice looks great with a fedora hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.

Suede thigh-high boots

Suede thigh-high boots are made from suede, and they are an excellent option for wearing with a sweater dress. Consider pairing a light brown mini skirt with your suede boots. Then, put on a matching casual beanie and a shawl in the same color family. Add a splash of color to your wardrobe by carrying a crossbody bag in your favorite color.

Suede boots can also be worn with a printed dress. This makes a beautiful outfit when the weather is starting to cool. Consider a black-and-white printed A-line dress with your black suede boots. 

Opt for a short-sleeve option that lies pretty close to your body. Then, carry a red accordion bag. This outfit looks marvelous with some gold jewelry.

Velvet thigh-high boots

The softness of velvet makes velvet thigh-high boots feel fabulous on your feet. These boots come in a variety of colors and different heel heights. Your denim Daisy May shorts will pair beautifully with your velvet thigh-high boots. 

Woman legs denim shorts chair black boots knees

Consider options that have fringe on them. When possible, choose a pair of velvet boots with some stretch to the material. Then, wear your shorts and boots with your white crop top. 

A broad brown belt without any decoration looks great with this outfit. Keep warm by wearing a long denim coat that almost reaches the floor over your outfit.

Choose a pair of blue suede thigh-high boots and wear them with a gray graphic tee. Then, wear the graphic tee with a pair of black denim shorts peeking out of the bottom. Top the whole outfit with a multicolored sweater that comes down almost to the top of the boots. 

This outfit looks great when you carry a blue matching clutch. Choose one that is larger so that it does not get lost in the sweater coat’s colors.

Lace-up thigh-high boots

Lace-up thigh-high boots have eyelets and laces up the front. Many options in lace-up thigh-high boots are available, including open-toe options that work well for summer. Consider wearing a black pair with a sparkly bodysuit with a black belt connecting your waist and your boots. 

Woman legs hands lace up thigh high boots

Think about a long-sleeve option with lace cutouts. Then, wear your diamond sparkly jewelry. Complete the look by carrying a small black leather handbag and wearing your bright red lipstick.

You can also easily create a Kim Kardashian look by wearing black lace-up boots with a long graphic tee. Choose a long enough top to come down over the top of your boots. This looks fantastic with your hair braided on either side of your head. Then, carry a Boston bag.

Stiletto thigh-high boots

Perhaps the most challenging to walk in, stiletto thigh-high boots have pointed high heels usually of minimum diameter. You can look super cute when you pair your stiletto thigh-high boots with a pair of joggers. Tuck the joggers inside your boots. 

Then, wear a black bralette that covers your breast area. You will also want to wear a white extreme crop sweater with long sleeves to stay warm with this look. Ensure that when you choose your joggers that they fit skin-tight.

Your culottes will look fabulous with your stiletto thigh-high boots. This outfit looks fantastic when the culottes are a medium gray, and you pair them with a white cable-knit turtleneck sweater. 

A black bucket bag will look good and allow you to carry your stuff. Consider wearing a statement necklace with this outfit to add some color.

Pointed toe thigh-high boots

Pointed-toe thigh-high boots can have different heels, but the one thing that they all share in common is a pointed toe. You will want to try these on because the smaller toe box makes them difficult to fit some feet. 

Choose a pair of pointed-toe thigh-high boots in a bright color to wear with your neutral-colored Bermuda shorts. A white knit sweater and an unstructured blazer look fantastic with this option. 

Choose a blazer that comes down about halfway on your shorts, as it will help tie the outfit together. This is a fun way to keep wearing your shorts long into the fall, and it may be appropriate for some office environments.

Wear your pointed-toe thigh-high boots with a lightweight fleece top and your favorite short-sleeve white shirt on warmer days. Leaving the fleece jacket open down the front and choosing a longer option will help elongate your look. Then, wear a gray skirt that ends well above your boots.

Slouch thigh-high boots

Slouch thigh-high boots are easy to wear because they are intended to droop around your legs. A black bodysuit covered by an oversized black sweater is a fantastic option to wear with brown boots. Then, you can wear a gold watch and gold hoop earrings to finish creating a marvelous-looking outfit.

Consider pairing your slouch black thigh-high boots with a black slip dress. Then, put on a matching black tonal sweater. Think about one with ribbed cuffs and baggy sleeves. Wearing your dark sunglasses is a great way to keep the monochromatic look going.

Snake thigh-high boots

Snake thigh-high boots can be made from genuine snakeskin or materials crafted to look like snakeskin. Many options are available in white with black designs, but other choices are incredibly colorful. 

You can find options with different heel heights. Consider wearing snakeskin thigh-high boots with your favorite little black dress. Then, wearing a white trench coat over the top. This outfit looks great with a black shoulder bag.

Another fabulous option is to wear a tight-fitting black jumpsuit. Tuck the legs of the jumpsuit into your boots. Then, wear the look with a black-and-white trench coat. A Parisian-style bright-red beanie and sunglasses with a red tint will help you add a touch of color to this option.

While I have briefly touched on many clothing items in this chapter, I will take a deeper dive into how to wear different options with your thigh-high boots in the next chapter, so be sure to keep reading. You will want to know these details when putting together your outfits.

What to wear with thigh-high boots

In the last chapter, I introduced you to many types of thigh-high boots, and I also shared with you how to create many outfits with them. In this chapter, I will dive even deeper into how to create looks with different options.

Unlike the last chapter, I will be staying more general so that you can use the tips to put together your fabulous outfits. I hope you feel more confident about wearing thigh-high boots with many clothing items.

Woman black dress black boots stairs

The wide variety of thigh-high boots makes them marvelous for many occasions. You can wear them to many formal events and a night out, and you can also wear them when running errands around town. 

While most thigh-high boot outfits are designed for cooler weather, there are also fantastic options for wearing during the spring and fall. Once you start experiencing the fun of wearing these boots, you will want to continue adding many options to your wardrobe.

With jeans

Thigh-high boots are perfect for wearing with your skinny jeans tucked into them. You can choose any color of jeans you want and find a pair of boots that will pair nicely with them. You can also wear your distressed jeans. In fact, one of my favorite looks is to wear distressed jeans with platform thigh-high boots.

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You can choose several tops to wear with your jeans. Consider sticking with those that stay close to your body, like turtlenecks and cable-knit sweaters. You can also select lighter-weight tops during warmer weather, like crop tops.

Remember that the key is to wear a top that fits the style of your boots. Therefore, if you want to wear a top that hangs away from your body or has puffy or bell sleeves, pair them with slouchy thigh-high boots. Another option when choosing a wider top is to pair them with thigh-high boots with fringe that hangs away from the boot.

With a fit and flare dress

A short fit-and-flare dress, also called a skater dress, is a great option to wear with your thigh-high boots. Consider layering by wearing this dress over a turtleneck sweater in cooler weather. As with other dresses, you will want several inches between the top of your boots and the skirt’s bottom. Therefore, make sure you choose a short option.

If you want to wear your slouch thigh-highs, choose a skirt with more flair. These dresses can also be paired with thigh-high boots that stay away from being skin-tight. A great option when wearing a fit-and-flare dress with thigh-high boots is to wear a white one and pair it with white-and-black snakeskin boots. 

Then, pair the outfit with a black coat ending at your waist and carry a small white handbag. Since snakeskin boots often have a lot of design details in them, wear a statement necklace to balance out the look.

With leather leggings

Black leather leggings look amazing when tucked into thigh-high boots. Choose leggings that fit nicely inside your boots. This can be a great look to wear with brightly colored thigh-high boots and neutral-colored leather leggings. Then, create a monochromatic outfit. 

Black is an outstanding choice for the top and the leather leggings. Choose a tight-fitting top, but you may want to let a little skin show between the leggings and your top. Pull the outfit together with a knee-length coat. A camel-colored one looks super.

Another fantastic option is to top your leather leggings with a graphic tee. This is a cute outfit when the weather is warm. Think about a high-heeled pair of thigh-high boots in a split-complementary color to one of the colors in the tee and neutral-colored leggings. Dark sunglasses and a small handbag with a gold-chain handle will look cute with this outfit.

With a mini dress

As I covered in the last chapter, you can easily wear your little black dress with thigh-high boots. It is also easy to put together a preppy outfit. Consider choosing a plaid mini dress that ends several inches above your thigh-high boots. 

Woman posing street jacket high boots

Then, wear this combination together. Think about carrying a shoulder bag that comes down to at least the top of your boots. With this outfit, you can choose to wear your favorite silver jewelry, like a tennis bracelet and a silver chain necklace.

Thigh-high boots are also perfect for wearing with pencil dresses. Consider creating a monochromatic outfit with a brown pencil dress with no sleeves. Then, if the weather is cool, wear a brown turtleneck under it that is a shade or two darker. 

This outfit goes exceptionally well with brown thigh-high boots, and it is perfect for wearing with a short gold-chain necklace and your gold dangle earrings.

With a leather skirt

A leather skirt is a great option to wear with your thigh-high boots. If you happen to be a little short, consider a high-waisted option to make you look taller. Wait anxiously for warmer days so that you can wear your leather skirt with a sleeveless top that has a high jewel neckline. 

You can choose a leather skirt in many colors and pair it with thigh-high boots in the same color family. For example, if you choose a brown leather skirt, then choose brown thigh-high boots. Add a brown top to create a monochromatic outfit that will look great.

You can also wear your colorful thigh-high boots with a leather skirt. In that case, you will want to wear a neutral-colored top. For example, if you choose red thigh-high boots and a black leather skirt, then choose a white top because wearing too many colors together will make the outfit look too busy.

With shirts

There are many shirts that you can wear with your thigh-high boots. If the boots have a slender silhouette, stick with tops that fit close to the body. For example, a turtleneck or a cable-knit sweater with ribbed cuffs are a great idea on a cold winter day. If the weather is warmer, then a close-fitting crop top or a short-sleeve knit sweater.

Portrait girl sofa shirt high boots

The exception to the rule is boots that have fringe or slouchy thigh-high boots that stay away from your leg. When styling these boots, choose a loser-fitting top, and bell sleeves can be a great option when paired with your skinny jeans and a pair of thigh-high boots.

Thigh-high boots also work well with graphic tees. In this case, wear a long one that comes about to the top of your boots, and put a pair of shorts underneath that is covered by the tee. Then, wear a pair of thigh-high boots in a split-complementary color to your graphic tee.

With an A-line skirt

A midi or a mini-A-line skirt is a fabulous option for wearing with thigh-high boots. If you choose a printed skirt, stick to a solid-colored pair of boots, but if you choose a solid-colored A-line skirt, you can wear it with fun-colored boots. 

Considering the 60/30/10 rule is always a good idea. Make 60% of your outfit one color by wearing a red A-line skirt with red accessories and carrying a red crossbody bag. Then, make another 30% a different color. 

For example, with a red A-line skirt, wear yellow-green or blue-green thigh-high boots. Complete your outfit by wearing 10% of a third color. For example, you may want to wear neutral-colored tights.

Another great option would be to pair a blue A-line skirt and wear it with a red top and white boots. This would be a fun patriotic outfit to wear around the summer holidays.

With an overcoat

A vast number of overcoats look great with thigh-high boots. You can opt for short coats covering your tops, like bomber and motorcycle jackets. Wear them with leather thigh-high boots to create a retro look. 

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For instance, pair a black leather motorcycle jacket with black leather platform thigh-high boots and a black leather skirt. You could keep the look monochromatic by adding a black tee or choosing to add a pop of color.

Long coats, like a double-breasted or camel option, work well. If you choose to go for a longer coat, then consider options that come to at least the top of your thighs. This is an excellent option with many dresses. For example, you could pair a white A-line skirt with a black top and wear black thigh-high boots.

With a blazer dress

An oversized blazer long enough to be a miniskirt is a unique option for pairing with thigh-high boots. Look for options with some darts near the bottom so that they stay close to your body. You may opt to wear a camisole underneath to feel more comfortable. 

Choose one that uses three or more buttons down the front to keep it securely closed. For example, you might want to wear one with three buttons down the front and pair it with flat thigh-high boots. Consider wearing it with your dark sunglasses and a gold watch.

You can also put a shorter blazer with a miniskirt and wear it with your thigh-high boots. Consider a plaid skirt with a solid-colored blazer. Then, wear it with your white stiletto boots. This is an excellent option for wearing a simple gold or silver chain and stud earrings.

With a sweater dress

Especially on the coldest days of winter, wearing a sweater dress with your thigh-high boots can be a warm idea. Consider a black sweater dress and pair it with purple boots. Choose one that ends a few inches above the start of your boots. 

If you usually do not like sweater dresses because they do not show off your curves, then wear this option with a gold belt. A black choker necklace will look super adorable and carry a black shoulder bag.

Another great way to style a sweater dress is to choose a black one and wear it with bright red chunky heel boots. Then, carry a red shoulder bag and wear a black-rimmed beanie on your head. This is an excellent option if you want to avoid wearing too much jewelry because a watch may be all that you need.

I have so enjoyed sharing these ideas with you, and I hope you have enjoyed thinking of the many ways to style thigh-high boots. In the next chapter, I will take a deep dive into how to clean your thigh-high boots. Therefore, make sure to keep reading.

How to clean thigh-high boots

With so many fabulous ways to wear thigh-high boots, you may consider adding some new choices to your wardrobe. You may be concerned about how to keep them clean, and this is especially true if you will be wearing them outside in inclement weather or if you need to walk across the ground in them. The answer is that it is effortless to keep thigh-high boots clean by following a few simple steps.

Manufacturers make thigh-high boots from many materials. If your boots are suede, you can use a suede cleaning brush to keep yours in tip-top shape. Be sure to use a natural-bristle brush and brush only in the direction of the boot’s grain. Before you start to clean them, put some crumpled paper inside them to help them keep their shape. 

Two brushes table shoes

While the brush will remove most stains, use a microfiber cloth and some white vinegar to remove stains that do not come off easily. You can also use an eraser, but I will have more to say about that in a minute.

If your boots are made of cloth, you can use dishwashing soap to clean them. Put about 1 tsp. dishwashing soap in 2 cups of water. Then, use a microfiber cloth to clot away the dirt. If that is not enough, try using a new toothbrush, but be careful so that you do not spread the stain instead of removing it.

Most boots are made from leather or synthetic material, like leather. Therefore, the steps below apply to these boots.

Invest in a shoe-cleaning brush

You will want a natural horsehair brush since you are cleaning your leather thigh-high boots. If you were cleaning a different type of shoe, then you might need a brush made from a different material. 

Avoid brushing any boots with a high shine, such as those made from patent leather. A shoe-cleaning brush is a small investment, and it will make it much easier to clean your boots. 

It is different than a shoe polishing brush, so be sure that you are buying the correct type of brush. A shoe polish brush is made from other materials, and it is too soft for this project.

Remove the laces

If your thigh-high boots have laces, remove them as they will need to be cleaned separately or replaced. While cleaning the rest of your boots, put them in a solution made from mild dishwashing soap and water. Allowing them to soak will help you decide if they are worth saving. 

If you choose to keep them, then be sure to rinse them in clear water. You can also use a toothbrush on most to scrub away dirt built up. If present, use a cotton swab dabbed in white vinegar to clean metal eyelets. Allow your boots and shoelaces to dry before putting them back in your boots.

Remove dirt

The next step is to remove any noticeable dirt. Look carefully at the boot before you begin. Run your hand across the boot. It should feel softer going in one direction than in the other. 

Always brush in the direction that seems softer if you notice a difference. Otherwise, you may be removing the top layer of the leather. Pay special attention to any crevices in the boots to get as much dirt off as possible.

Put crumpled paper inside

Especially in the foot, it is essential to keep the boot’s shape while cleaning it. Using crumpled computer paper is the perfect solution. Be careful, however, not to use any paper where the print can come off. 

You can also use wadded-up bath towels or old tee-shirts to help the boot hold its shape while cleaning it. Spend a little extra time to ensure that you get paper in the toes and other areas where you may be putting pressure while cleaning your boots.

Use saddle soap

The best soap for cleaning leather thigh-high boots is saddle soap. Run the brush over the top of the soap until lather forms. Be sure that you do not have any soap chunks as they will damage your boots. 

Brushes soap wax wooden table

You should work on one area of your thigh-high boots at a time. Brush in a circular motion and use only light pressure. Do not try to clean the whole area. Instead, apply the soap only to those areas where your boots are dirty. Then, use a paper towel to remove as much of the soap as possible. Remember that you are working only on one area of your boot.

Inspect for Darker Areas

Again, while working only in one area of your leather thigh-high boots, look for any areas that appear darker. If you find some, you need to clean these areas again. This time, concentrate on pushing the saddle soap into the spot. Using the back of a fingernail can help. Then, blot off the soap again using a paper towel.

Remove soap and repeat

Once you are done working in an area, use a wet paper towel to remove the soap. Be sure that you pay special attention to getting the soap out of any areas where there are crevices or stitching. You must get all the soap off your boots because it dries out the leather. 

Additionally, the soap acts as a magnet for dirt, so if you leave any behind, your boots will end up even dirtier the next time you wear them. Once you have all the soap off, repeat the process in a new area of your boots. Once you are done, let your boots dry overnight.

Use leather conditioner

The next step is to apply leather conditioner, sometimes called leather balm, to your boots. Start by giving them a quick brush with a dry paper towel to remove any dirt from them that might have gotten there while you were letting them dry. 

Put about a quarter-size amount on a white microfiber cloth and rub it on the boots. Start at the toe and work your way up to the top of the thigh-high boot. You will need to replace the solution as you feel the towel getting dry. 

If you have not been taking care of your leather thigh-high boots, you may need to repeat the process. Once down, wipe off any excess with a dry paper towel.

Polish your boots

Conditioned leather may not need to be polished, but if you decide to polish your thigh-high boots, use a cream leather polish that matches your boot’s color. Use a polishing brush to apply the cream to the boots. 

Shoe wax polish cream brushes

Always start with a small amount because you can always add more, but it can be tough to get it off if you use too much. After applying the cream, use a cloth to buff the boots. A buffing brush works great for this job. 

Plan on spending about 20 minutes buffing each area of your boot if you want it to shine. Then, let your boots sit for about 20 minutes before wearing them.

Please refer to our shoe cleaning guide for more tips and advice

Congratulations, as you now have cleaned thigh-high boots ready to wear. After you have enjoyed wearing them, then store them properly. I will share details on storing your thigh-high boots in the next chapter, so be sure to keep reading.

How to store thigh-high boots

The vast array of types of thigh-high boots means that you will want several different options in your wardrobe. That can become challenging as it is essential to store thigh-high boots properly to retain their shape.

Boots that are not stored properly can start to stink, and they will also not look as great when you are wearing them. Thankfully, there are at least eight ways to store thigh-high boots that will help them hold their shape and keep them looking sharp.

Boots purses displayed stored

When you are thinking about storing your thigh-high boots, you must keep them in the right conditions if you want them to last and look great. Therefore, you need to protect them from sunlight because it can make them change colors and dry out. 

Extreme temperature changes will also hurt your boots. Additionally, you should protect your boots from drying out. As I covered in the last chapter, you should also keep your boots clean.

There are many practical ways to store your thigh-high boots if you keep these restrictions in mind.

Boot hangers

You can hang your boots in your closet. While they make special boot clips for hangers, be sure that you are using a solid hanger to support the boot’s weight. Therefore, you should use a strong wooden hanger or another sturdy option. 

You can get special boot clips that will hold your boots to the hanger, but office clips will also do a great job. Consider placing a piece of fabric under the clip so that you do not end up with clip marks on your boots. Exercise care when removing your boots from the hangers so that you do not damage them.

Boot racks

You can also store your thigh-high boots on special boot racks. These racks have long posts attached to a bar that sits on the ground. You put the boot on the pole upside down so that the sole is on top of the rack. 

This can be a great solution if you have plenty of room. Just be sure that you keep the rack out of the sunshine so that your boots do not fade. Additionally, you should avoid the temptation of putting your rack in the garage or some other area that is not climate controlled, as constant changes in temperature will cause many shoe materials to crack.

Storage containers

Some people choose to store their boots in the box that the boots came in. This is obviously a cheap idea because the storage box is free. If you have several pairs of boots, however, this can be problematic as you cannot see what boots you are grabbing. 

Manufacturers also make plastic boot containers. Look for options that stack together if storage space is a problem. Additionally, find options that have ways for the air to circulate built into them. Finally, choose boxes with secure closures that can be easily opened.

On the floor

The floor of your closet can be a great place to store your thigh-high boots. Before you just toss your boots on the floor of your closet, find an area where it is unlikely that other things will get tossed on top of them. 

Black white clothes shoes wooden floor

Then, put a rolled-up magazine into the bottom of the boot where the upright part starts. Finally, insert a pool noodle into each one. This will help to keep your boots standing up in your closet, which helps ensure that they do not slouch when you wear them. 

Taking this extra precaution will keep your boots from slouching while storing them, so they are less likely to slouch when you wear them.

Foldable shoe clips

Sturdy foldable shoe clips can be used to store your boots. Consider installing a pegboard on an empty wall and hanging the clips from it. You can also pound nails in the wall and hang the clips from it like you were hanging a picture. 

These clips have hooks at the top, so it is easy to hang your boots as long as the clip can handle the boot’s weight. They are available in many colors, so you can choose those that coordinate your room’s colors. 

Each clip is designed to hold a pair of boots, so your boots will always be together. Choose clips that are long enough to reach almost the sole of your boots.

Boot trees

Boot trees can be expensive, but they can be an excellent option for storing your thigh-high boots. Start by ensuring that you buy a pair specially made for thigh-high boots. 

Otherwise, you will need to use something like a pool noodle to keep your boots upright and insert the boot tree into the bottom of the boot. Options made out of cedar are often a great choice because they help keep odors out of your thigh-high boots. 

They also absorb any moisture in your boots, allowing them to last longer. Cedar also repels insects, which can be a great option if you are worried about moths attacking your boots. Always choose a boot tree that has a ventilation method built into it so that air circulates around your boots.

On Shelves

As long as you can keep your boots standing up and have enough storage space, then you can store your thigh-high boots on shelves. Make sure to choose a place where they will not be in direct sunlight, which is temperature-controlled. 

You also need to use magazines or another round object to make sure that they stand up. You can use clothespins to hold your boots together if you wish. Place some crumpled paper on the sole of each boot to absorb moisture so that your boots do not start smelling. Some ottomans are even big enough that you can store your boots in them.

Can’t find the best way to store your boots? See some shoe storage ideas.

I have enjoyed teaching you about thigh-high boots. I am almost done, but I have a few concluding thoughts to share with you in the next part. I also have a favor to ask. Therefore, make sure to continue reading until the very end.


I have so enjoyed teaching you about the many styles of thigh-high boots. I hope you have found some great options to add to your wardrobe. I hope you have also learned how to clean and store your boots if you did not already know. 

Whenever I share this much information, it is natural to have questions. Be sure to ask them in the comments so that I can give you additional guidance.

If you have enjoyed learning about thigh-high boots, please share this article with someone who would love to know more about them. Meanwhile, check out our other fashion articles for even more helpful advice.

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