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Celebrating a birthday is a fun and exciting event. It deserves a special outfit or dress that makes you feel like you’re a star. If you’re not used to dressing up for an occasion, it might seem like a daunting task that you need to find something in the next few weeks.

Rest assured, we are going to provide you with plenty of tips that will make it easy to purchase the perfect birthday outfit or dress. In this article, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of birthday attire, some examples of what you can wear, and how you go about choosing the right outfit.

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Birthday attire fundamentals

It’s your birthday, and you’re ready to celebrate! Whether you’re having a small gathering at your home, or you are heading out on the town to celebrate with all of your family and friends, it’s important that you’re wearing the right outfit. Appropriate birthday attire will ensure that you have a good time while looking and feeling your best. 

In this chapter, we will talk about birthday attire fundamentals and the basics of choosing the right ensemble. When we’re done, you’ll be able to choose an outfit either from your closet or something new at the store. Even if you’re going out for someone else’s event, you’ll have knowledge regarding what an appropriate outfit is.

What’s a birthday outfit?

A birthday outfit is a collection of clothing items that match nicely, are appropriate, comfortable, and stand out for a special event. You’ll want to dress up a bit more than you would when you’re just heading out any other weekend. Your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt should likely be left at home so you can choose something nicer.

The birthday outfit that you choose will depend on where you’re going, who you will be spending time with, and the weather outside. Appropriate birthday outfits can include dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, and much more. Appropriately matching your accessories, shoes, handbag, etc., will help complete the outfit.

Weather largely dictates what you can wear as a birthday outfit, either for your own event or for someone you know. If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating in warm weather, you can sparkle in a flowing dress or lovely prints. Colder weather may require you to invest in some warmer clothing. However, you can pair your items with a dress coat and some high-end cold weather accessories if you still want to make a statement.

Make sure that you choose a birthday outfit that makes you feel special. Having the right outfit on can increase your self-esteem, which allows you to enjoy your outing even more.

The importance of wearing the right attire on your birthday

It’s so important that you put appropriate thought into the attire that you’re going to wear for your own birthday event. You want to feel good; you want to look good, and you’ll likely be in a lot of photos over the course of the day. You’ll love looking back on those moments and thinking about how you chose the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Your confidence can increase when you feel good about what you’re wearing. The clothing style that we choose can not only impact our opinion of ourselves, but it can also affect our mood. Don’t end up having a terrible night out for your birthday because you didn’t wear the right birthday outfit. Since you’re about to be the center of attention, make sure that you feel comfortable having all eyes on you.

Female hands phone shopping online

Get inspired by looking at different outfit ideas online. You can also head to some of your favorite local stores to see what they have for the season. Mix in some of your favorite items from home, or contemplate a wardrobe change partway through the outing!

Your birthday outfit can be comprised of casual clothing items, or opt for something fancier that incorporates a dress or skirt. Think about what you’re going to be participating in for your birthday so you can choose a comfortable outfit. There are plenty of ways that you can style up your outfit, whether it be with some bold prints, sparkles, or dazzling accessories.

What to wear to somebody else’s birthday?

If you’re not heading out for your own birthday but for someone else’s, you’ll want to choose the right birthday outfit for that occasion as well. Make sure that you’re comfortable; you’re dressed according to the event you’re going to and put your fashion sense to the test. Make the birthday guy or gal proud that you’re at their celebration!

In a social situation, it’s important to feel good about yourself. Your comfort level will allow you to freely talk to the different people that are present at the party. If you’re self-conscious about your outfit or are constantly having to adjust something, you’re not going to have a good time or feel comfortable. Try on your outfit ahead of time, so you know that it fits, that it’s appropriate, and that you feel good wearing it.

We’ve talked about the basics of choosing the right birthday outfit for your own birthday or for someone else’s. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, continue reading. The next few chapters will look at different birthday outfits, how to choose the right outfit, and lots of useful information.

Birthday outfits for women

If you’re a woman or female looking for the perfect birthday outfit, this chapter is going to address the different options that you have.

Whether it’s your personal birthday event you’re attending or someone you know, wearing the right outfit to an event allows you to feel comfortable and feel good about yourself. This is how you can be sure that you’ll have a good time.

Sexy birthday outfit

Your go-to might be a dress or skirt, but feel free to take your birthday outfit to the next level (especially if it’s your birthday!). A sexy jacket dress essentially looks like you’re just wearing a jacket, but the dress is tailored to your body type. It will be fitted with plenty of peeks of skin. The color really doesn’t matter. Black and white are classics, but you can go with a pop of color as well. Pair your jacket dress with a matching pair of heels and some sexy accessories.

Black pants can be paired with some stylish items for a sexy look. Keep them tight, and add a shirt with a plunging neckline, something that’s sleeveless or backless. Heels are the perfect sexy shoe to go with this outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with animal print!

Cute birthday outfit

A cute birthday outfit might be a better option if you’re going to be celebrating with family or close friends in a more casual atmosphere. Floral prints are lovely, so try a shorter flowing floral skirt with a basic tank or blouse. Keep your shoe basic when you’re wearing something bold up top. A pair of ballet flats will be really comfortable and cute.

Jumpsuits are also really popular right now. They’re great as a birthday outfit because you can choose as dressy or casual as a jumpsuit as you want. You can also accessorize your jumpsuit very specifically, keeping it as elaborate or simple as you want. Higher-end materials include linen, velvet, or flowing polyester.

21st birthday outfit

Woman hands waist burgundy outfit

You only turn 21 once, which is why you should make sure that you’re wearing the perfect outfit! Rock a cute little dress, wear skinny jeans or fitted black pants with a sequin top, or pop on something with lace. A pencil skirt can be paired with a pair of heels and a flashy blouse for a great 21st birthday outfit. This is one of the most major milestone birthdays that you’re going to celebrate in your younger years, so make sure your personality is showing through with what you’re wearing.

Birthday outfit for girls

As a younger girl, choosing a great birthday outfit is important. You should feel comfortable about yourself, be comfortable in what you’re wearing and feel like you’re expressing your individuality through your clothing selection. Wide-leg jeans are making a comeback, paired with a crop top or tank. A fancier outfit can include a midi dress, jumpsuit, or short flowing skirt. Think about how casual or dressy you want to be, and choose your outfit based on that. Don’t forget to accessorize, choose a colorful purse, and pop on the right shoes.

Birthday outfit for teens

Teens are all about making a fashion statement, which is why choosing a birthday outfit can be a challenge for this age demographic. Think about the color of your outfit. If you want to go with darker shades, opt for a basic pair of skinny jeans with some distressing to them. Your top can be a solid black, navy, burgundy, etc. This is the perfect palette for choosing some unique and fun accessories. You can also choose something more colorful. A printed type of skirt or something with a bold color will look great with a neutral top and a strappy pair of wedges or heels.

First birthday girl outfit

A baby’s first birthday is such an important event. Mom’s and dad’s always go out of their way to choose an outfit that their baby will look great in for pictures. If you’re lucky enough to be dressing a little girl, the more ruffles, the better! Choose a gorgeous dress that is frilly and girly. You can always change them into something more comfortable later on during the party.

First birthday boy outfit

Little boy blows out candles birthday cake

Little boys on their first birthday look adorable in something formal. You can choose a nice pair of slacks with a polo and clip-on bowtie. Suspenders are also a really cute accessory. Shoes can be a pair of comfortable slip-on loafers. There are also some great t-shirts out there that advertise it’s a first birthday. You can purchase one of these to wear with jeans and a tiny pair of athletic sneakers.

Plus size birthday outfit

Just because you’re wearing plus size clothing doesn’t mean that you can’t look good and feel good for your birthday. There are some great clothing lines that are making gorgeous clothes for larger sizes. Fitted skinny jeans or leggings work well with a flowing top. If it’s chilly, you can throw on a light cardigan over the top. For shoes, choose something that stands out but is comfortable. Sandals, ballet flats, or a casual sneaker can match really well with your outfit.

Winter birthday outfit

The temperatures outside may be freezing, but you don’t have to choose a boring birthday outfit because of it. Just make sure that you’re going to have a stylish coat to wear over your outfit that you can remove when you get to your destination. A gorgeous pair of blue jeans can be worn with a chunky sweater and boots up to the knee. Your accessories can include a fashion-savvy belt, bracelets, and even a beanie.

Summer birthday outfit

In the summertime, you have a few more options in regard to your birthday attire. A cute pair of crop shorts can be matched with a top that’s either casual or dressy. If you’re going to be out in the heat, wear a tank that can be topped with a light cardigan later on in the evening when the temperature drops. Take a look at some summer outfits for women for some inspiration. Kimono cardigans are really popular right now, and they look really cute as part of a summer birthday outfit.

Casual birthday outfit

Casual is key if you want to be comfortable during your birthday celebration. If you’re going to be doing any kind of physical activity during the event, keep it simple with a classic pair of jeans, ballet flats, a basic t-shirt, and a cardigan. You can accessorize a casual outfit with colorful earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Classic birthday outfit

A classic birthday outfit can be simple. Stick to a basic black dress, jacket dress, or skirt/blouse. For a more classic casual option, jeans, a t-shirt, and a sharp blazer will look great with ballet flats or even heels. You can be as dressy or simple as you want when you’re sticking to classic items.

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Daytime birthday outfit

Your daytime apparel is going to be pretty different from what you would select if you were going out on the town during the evening for your birthday. Daytime wear can be a lot more colorful and fun. In the evening, stick with darker colors that are sexy. If you’re not going to have time to change but will be out all day, wear something basic underneath that is acceptable for the evening. You can layer different items on top for the day, such as floral cardigans or jackets.

Evening birthday outfit

Get hot and sexy with your evening birthday outfit! Don’t be afraid to experiment with all kinds of flashy and tight clothing. Black leather skinny pants? Pair them with a flowing tank and heels. The evening hours are the time to bring out sequins, patent leather, eyelash sweaters, and denim. The more of a fashion statement that you make, the better.

Stylish birthday outfit

Woman posing party bag dress

A stylish birthday outfit can incorporate a number of different articles of clothing. Matching everything together perfectly is what gives you that stylish look that you’re shooting for. If you’re not super comfortable with choosing the perfect birthday outfit, stick with basic pieces that you can match together easily. Your accessories can bring everything together. A designer handbag, top-notch shoes, and a few cute pieces of your favorite jewelry style will help you take your style to the next level.

Classy birthday outfit

Start with a basic black dress or black dress pants for a classy birthday outfit. Make sure you’re not showing too much skin. Opt for higher-end materials, including silk, cashmere, and wool. Stay away from cheaper materials like polyester. A blazer that fits your body is the perfect classy item over a dress, skirt, or pants. You can even wear it with a nice pair of jeans.

Street style birthday outfit

Street style is casual, comfortable, and fun. If it’s your birthday and you’re heading out with your friends or family, throw on your favorite pair of jeans with a cute crop top or t-shirt. High-top sneakers or even heels will work for your shoes. The goal of street style is to dress casually, but you don’t want to look messy. Make sure that your makeup and hair are on point, and don’t forget to accessorize.

Floral birthday outfit

Floral prints are such a lovely option if you want to look feminine and dressy. You can choose a variety of floral items for your birthday outfit. There are a lot of different dresses and skirts that have flowers on them. You can choose something short in the summer and spring. Longer items work well if it’s still chilly. Floral prints don’t always work as well in the winter months, especially if it’s snowing outside.

Sequins birthday outfit

Woman posing golden sequins top

Sequins are so fun, especially for a birthday celebration. You’ll look like you fit right into the decorations! Gold or silver sequins look lovely with a pair of basic black pants and heels. You can choose more colorful sequins on your dress or top if you’re feeling adventurous. The great thing about sequins is that you don’t have to over-accessorize. Your clothing is doing all the talking for you!

Celebrity birthday outfit

You can look like a celebrity at your birthday event by carefully choosing your outfit based on the style of some of the biggest stars out there right now. You’ll notice that fitted short dresses are common in Hollywood. Head to your favorite boutiques to see if you can find something that nobody else has right now. It’s all about finding something that stands out as being unique and gorgeous!

Best birthday outfit combinations

It’s so fun to pair together articles of clothing from your wardrobe that look great. While it’s nice to have some dresses and stylish articles of clothing, the fun really comes in when you can piece together all kinds of birthday outfit combinations. Pair jeans with a blazer and your favorite basic t-shirt. Black crop pants look great with a colorful pair of heels and a blouse with buttons or ruffles.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the perfect birthday outfit, read our other upcoming chapters. We’re going to talk about the perfect dresses that are available for a birthday event, how to choose the right outfit, and the do’s and don’ts of birthday attire.

Birthday dresses for women

Having a closet full of dresses means you’ll always have something stylish and gorgeous to wear for any event that you have to attend. When you’re going to be attending a birthday event for yourself or someone else, a dress is the perfect go-to item.

There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you select. Let’s look at some of the different birthday dress options that are out there right now.

There are so many different dress styles and colors to choose from that it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you select. Let’s look at some of the different birthday dress options that are out there right now.

Birthday dress for women

A birthday dress can vary in style depending on where you’re going and what the season is. A sweater dress will keep you warm while still looking dressy enough for a birthday event. A jacket dress can be worn for style and functionality. If the weather outside is warm, a pretty floral sundress or midi dress is versatile. Warmer weather also allows you to play around a bit more with your shoe style and accessories. In the winter, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about the type of coat and accessories you’re wearing to keep warm.

Birthday girl dress

Woman long golden dress forest
Source: Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

If you’re the special birthday girl, do some shopping for a dress that really makes you feel good about yourself. It should stand out as something special that you wouldn’t necessarily wear any other time of the year. Don’t be afraid to be flashy or outgoing, even if that’s not normally what you would wear when you go out.

Sexy birthday dress

A sexy birthday dress is a great addition to your wardrobe. It can be a basic black number that pairs great with some animal print heels and dazzling accessories. If you choose something that is long, a nice high slit is a sexy feature. A plunging neckline or a backless dress is also something to consider.

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White birthday dress

White traditionally is only worn after Memorial Day and before Labor Day, but you can accessorize a white dress properly during other months of the year as well. Topping a white dress with a denim jacket can make for a really casual and cute birthday outfit. In the warmer months, wear your white dress with some colorful heels or strappy sandals. Take advantage of working some color into the rest of the outfit.

Black birthday dress

In your closet, you should have a few different basic black dresses. Maybe one of them will work as a birthday dress, but feel free to purchase something new and special for your big day. A great black birthday dress is something fitted that hugs you all over your curves. Even if you have parts of your body you’d like to conceal, you can find a black dress that has folds of fabric that cover places like your stomach. You can also opt for a high-waist black dress that flatters most figures. A black birthday dress pairs perfectly with heels and a variety of accessories. A clutch bag can be the right type of handbag for you!

Pink birthday dress

Pink is a beautiful color that makes a woman look very feminine. It compliments most skin tones. Pink birthday dresses come in a variety of hues. A light pastel pink works well in the spring and summer with neutral shoes. You can opt for a brighter pink in fall or winter. Wear it with dark heels or even boots. Pink can really be treated as a neutral color, as it can be paired with all kinds of other colors and prints.

Red birthday dress

Slip on a sexy red dress for your birthday. Red is a power color that will make you feel good about yourself. You’ll catch everyone’s eye when you walk into the room. The best length for a red dress is just above the knee. A pencil skirt or dress in red looks great on curvy women. You can even choose a belt in a contrasting color as a great accessory for a red birthday dress.

Silver birthday dress

A silver birthday dress is a stylish option if you’re going to be out in the evening hours. Silver can catch the light of a room, especially if there are sequins or shiny threads worked into the dress. Pair your silver dress with simple silver or white gold accessories. Wear a black heel with a purse that matches. Just as with the color grey, silver can come in a number of shades. If you have a pale skin tone, don’t choose a silver shade that is too light. You’re better off buying a silver birthday dress that is darker in color. If you have a tan or have a darker skin tone, light silver should look nice. If you choose a silver shoe to match, make sure it’s the same shade as the dress.

Yellow birthday dress

Yellow is a loud color, but you can wear it for your birthday if you follow a few simple rules. Pay close attention to the shade of your skin tone. You want to wear a shade of yellow that contrasts to the color of your skin. You don’t want the yellow fabric to bring out any yellow tones in your skin.

If you feel like yellow is too bright, but you still want to rock the hue, a printed dress with white and yellow intermixed is an alternative. This is an especially pretty style if it’s summertime or springtime. Stay away from very mustard-like shades of yellow for your birthday dress. Mustard works better as an accent color with something like white, gray, or black.

Blue birthday dress

Blue is a versatile color for a birthday dress, especially if you have blue eyes. Wearing blue clothing can really bring the blue out of your eyes, making your features stand out. There are countless shades of blue. Lighter blues look appropriate for a birthday in the summer or spring. Darker blues are nice in the cold weather months. In fact, a navy-blue dress is just as practical as a basic black dress is. You can top a navy dress with a blazer, sweater, or shawl to really dress it up.

Cute birthday dress

A cute birthday dress for your special day may incorporate different style ideas into how it looks. A fun print or bold colors can be really cute, especially if you match your accessories to the dress. Aside from color, think about the dress’s overall style. A shorter dress with a ruffled skirt is fun and cute. A longer dress with a high cut-up on one leg is sexy and cute.

Sparking birthday dress

Smiling woman long dress low neckline

On your birthday, it makes sense to sparkle as much as you possibly can. Let your personality shine through with a birthday dress that sparkles by way of sequins or a semi-reflective material. Satin can also give off a sparkling feel, depending on the color of the dress. You can really play up the sparkle of your birthday outfit with sparkling jewelry and accessories.

Asymmetric birthday dress

An asymmetrical birthday dress can be cut in a few different ways. What you choose should show off your assets. A dress that is cut high in the front of the skirt while remaining long in the back will really show off your long legs. Another great way to show off your legs is with a long dress that has a high cut on one side or a high slit. You don’t have to choose any kind of elaborate color or print when you are wearing an asymmetrical birthday dress. The cut of the dress stands out on its own.

Backless birthday dress

A backless birthday dress is a super sexy option when you go out in the evening to dinner, a club, or a bar. You’re showing a little bit of skin, but the cut of this dress is usually pretty conservative in the front. You should still feel very comfortable with your movements.

Off-shoulder birthday dress

A dress that hangs off from one shoulder or both is very flattering for all body types. This neckline will sit just below your shoulders, drawing attention to your collarbone, face, etc. There are also off-shoulder birthday dresses that hang off of one shoulder. You can make a bold fashion statement by choosing a birthday dress that has one sleeve while the other side hangs off the shoulder and exposes the arm.

Sleeveless birthday dress

Woman yellow dress white cape terrace

A sleeveless birthday dress works best in warm weather months unless you have a great shawl or a cover-up to use when you are outside or chilly. A sleeveless dress may be completely strapless, consist of spaghetti straps, or have a crew neck with a covered chest. There are a lot of different styles to consider with this option.

Casual evening birthday dress

An elaborate gown or party dress doesn’t work for every occasion or outing. If you’re simply going out for a nice dinner with friends, you may want to choose a casual evening birthday dress. This type of dress will be made from a softer, less formal material. It is usually relatively modest with a comfortable design. You can pair a casual dress with a blazer or denim jacket on top to take the casual vibe to the next level.

Strapless birthday dress

Ditch those dress straps altogether and choose a strapless birthday dress. The fit of this dress must be perfect so you can stay comfortable, and rest assured that your dress isn’t going to fall down when you’re moving around. The bodice of the dress will be very fitted. The rest of the dress may flow outwards towards the bottom. Strapless dresses tend to be more formal.

Long-sleeve birthday dress

If the weather outside is cold and you’re worried that you won’t be comfortable in a dress, shop around for a long-sleeve birthday dress. These dresses can be very sleek and sexy, even with the extra fabric. A basic black full-length dress with black sleeves can be spruced up with all kinds of accessories, even a belt.

Satin birthday dress

Satin is a cool and flowing material that creates a very sexy look for a birthday dress. It looks exceptionally beautiful in lighter colors, paired with a sexy heel and sparkling accessories. A great feature of satin is that it doesn’t easily wrinkle. You’ll look well put together all evening long.

Now that you are well educated on the different birthday dresses that are options for your next big event, we’re going to talk more about how exactly you go about choosing the perfect dress or outfit.

How to choose the right birthday outfit or dress

We’ve discussed some of the basic ideas regarding what a birthday outfit or dress is, and we’ve covered some examples. In this chapter, we’re going to provide you with some tips that will help you choose the right birthday outfit or dress when you head to the store, or you’re shopping through your closet for something to wear. It’s alright if you’re not comfortable with putting together the perfect outfit for your birthday outing or for someone that you know.

We hope that our information brings you confidence and knowledge.

Do’s and don’ts to watch out for when choosing a birthday outfit

While fashion and choosing a birthday outfit isn’t the biggest decision that you’re going to make this week, it’s not as simple as you may think. There are a lot of different options you can choose from. To make the process easier, let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of choosing a birthday outfit.

Do’s for birthday outfits

Choose Something That You’re Comfortable In

If you choose an outfit that fits you nicely, but it’s not comfortable, this is going to ruin your time out. If you have to constantly watch how you move, sit down or change positions, it’s not worth the investment. Find yourself an outfit or dress that looks great but is also really functional.

Dress for the Weather
Woman posing fur coat shoulder

Think about the time of year that it is. If it’s winter, don’t choose a super short dress that has spaghetti straps. Not only will you be uncomfortable and cold, but the whole outfit just doesn’t look right. You can still find a sexy outfit that covers you up, so you don’t freeze!

Dress to Impress

Take your outfit to the next level for a birthday gathering. Skip the same old jeans and blouse that you wear to every party. Invest in a whole new outfit head to toe that will flatter your body type and make heads turn.

Dress for Your Body Type and Show Off What You’ve Got

Consider your body type and select your outfit based on that information. There are plenty of different outfits and dresses out there. There’s bound to be something that works for your style and body type. Don’t try to squeeze into something that isn’t flattering. Find something to wear that looks like it was made for you. Show off those curvy hips or long legs. Whatever you have, show it off!

Do a Wardrobe Change Partway Through the Night

If you can’t decide what outfit to wear, wear more than one. This is especially convenient if you’re going to be going to a couple of different places. Wear something more comfortable earlier in the evening when you’re going to be at dinner or doing some sort of activity. When you hit up the clubs later on, or you’re at a bar, your outfit can be changed to something fancier that makes you feel glamorous.

Don’ts for birthday outfits

Don’t Ignore the Setting of the Birthday Gathering

In addition to dressing for the weather, think about where you’re going to be heading for the big night out. If you’re going to a nicer club, choose a nicer outfit that sparkles and dazzles. You don’t have to dress conservatively. You also want to avoid looking like you don’t belong in the setting you’re in. If you’re going out to dinner and then out for some dancing, think about layering a few different items for your outfit. You can ditch a blazer or jacket once you’ve gotten to the club and want to let loose.

Don’t Be Afraid to Up the Glam Factor

It’s a birthday gathering, so take the glam factor to the next level! Wear something that sparkles, accessorize, bring out your best handbag, and don’t skimp on style when it comes to your shoes. Go big with your hair and makeup. Look like you belong in Hollywood!

Don’t Outdo the Birthday Girl/Guy

If you’re not the person who is celebrating a birthday, try not to outdo the special guest. You can still choose a fantastic outfit that you’ll feel great in, but you don’t want to be getting all the attention. This is why it’s not recommended that you wear white to a wedding. You don’t want to upstage the bride.

Don’t Procrastinate

You should leave yourself plenty of time to find an outfit. If you decide that you found something great, but it needs to be altered, most professionals will need a number of days to get this done for you. Also, you may want some extra time if you’re having trouble finding something you love. Leave at least a few weekends to hit up some stores in your area. If you’re going to be shopping online, leave enough time for shipping. This is especially true if you need to reorder something in a different size.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin
Woman posing standing terrace dress

Showing some skin is totally acceptable, as long as you look appropriate. Feel free to wear a short dress or a plunging neckline if you can pull it off. It all goes back to comfort. If you can wear the outfit comfortably without exposing yourself, go for it!

Don’t Limit Yourself

Don’t immediately discount something that you think you would never wear. If you think something looks fun, at least try it on. Nobody says that’s the item you have to choose, but you never know how something will look until you try it out for size.

Useful tips for picking a flattering birthday outfit or dress

You should always choose an outfit based on your body type. While something may look really good on a mannequin or online, the style might not be what will fit you best. A flattering birthday outfit is something that will make you feel confident and comfortable. This will allow you to be more outgoing and have an easier time interacting with others.

Try on a few different outfits or dresses until you find something that’s perfect. If you give yourself enough time, you can shop around at a few different stores or even order from a few different websites. Send back what you don’t want!

Consider your body type. Certain styles will likely look better on you based on what assets you want to flaunt. If you have long, sexy legs, wear something that will show those off. Don’t hide your curves under a big boxy dress that doesn’t hug your curves or buttocks.

Your skin tone is also important. Certain colors likely look best with the shade of your skin tone. Basic black or navy works for just about any skin tone. If you’re unsure what color you should choose, pick something basic that you can accessorize.

If you find a dress or outfit that you absolutely love, but it doesn’t fit you perfectly, find someone who can alter the items for you. This is why it’s important to shop early enough that you have plenty of time to work with.

Skip a dress that consists of too many layers of ruffles. It’s not going to be flattering for your shape, and you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a ball gown.

Look into what the trends are right now. You may be considering wearing something that’s really nice, but it may be a style that was popular years ago. Try something new that shows you’re knowledgeable on the current trends.

The internet has a lot of resources, so don’t be afraid to shop online. You can even find websites that let you rent a dress for the weekend. This saves you a lot of money if you don’t think you’ll wear something again.


Now that you know more about choosing the perfect dress for an upcoming birthday event, you can start your shopping. Hopefully, our information and examples have made you feel more confident about the shopping experience.

Make sure that you’ve set aside plenty of time to find something that you like. If you feel rushed, you’re likely going to settle on something that isn’t all that flattering or comfortable. Stop into a few different boutiques, and shop online for your perfect birthday outfit.

Let us know what kind of outfit you settled on for your big birthday event. We’d love to see what you came up with.

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