40+ Types of Skirts for Women and Men – Combinations & Ideas

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Skirts are a fashion staple that easily goes from winter to summer. There are at least 40+ different types of skirts so that everyone can find their favorite styles. In this blog post, we’ll cover them all so that you can make an informed decision the next time you feel like wearing a skirt.

It is also effortless to create beautiful outfits with skirts by following a few simple rules. After all, you can pair skirts with almost any top, and they look marvelous with many shoe styles.

One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is men wearing skirts, and I will tell you more about that trend later on. Besides, I will share how to take care of skirts, including how to store and travel with them.

Come along as we experience the marvelous world of skirts.

Skirts fundamentals

Put on your imaginary seatbelt as we race through the definition of a skirt and the remarkable history of skirts in this chapter. Before we round the last curve, we will look at who can wear skirts. Right before we come to a quick stop, we will look at the fundamental aspects of a skirt. You will not want to miss a single word, so take a seat quickly so that we can get started.

What’s a skirt?

A skirt is a free-hanging garment that fastens around the waist. While fashion designers create most choices for wearing as outer garments, you can wear some as undergarments. Usually, females wear these garments, but that has not always been the case, and the trend is reversing itself.

Close up gray skirt decorative lace

Usually, a waistband holds a skirt firmly in place. While many start at a female’s natural waist, there are options starting just below the breast, and other options start much lower on the hips.

Manufacturers make skirts from various fabrics. Some choices are made from heavy fabric, like wool and wool jerseys. Other skirts are made from lightweight materials, like cotton and gaberdine. Manufacturers make some choices from mesh materials.

You can wear skirts with various tops. The trick to putting together skirt outfits is to balance them. In other words, if your skirt is voluminous, then wear a fitted top. If the skirt is fitted, then wear a fuller top. Following this concept helps to give the viewer’s eyes something to focus on, so your outfit looks more visually appealing.

Skirts come in many colors. When you are putting together a skirt outfit, consider the color wheel. You can wear almost any color neutral with practically any skirt. When you start combining other colors, look on the color wheel. Go directly across from the skirt’s primary color, and you will find the opposite color. Move one space to the left or right and choose to wear that color with the skirt.

History & origins of skirts

Men in Ancient Egypt wore the first skirts, and they called them shendyts. These skirts that are very similar to today’s wraparound skirts were made from locally-sourced linen fabric. Wealthy individuals wore extremely thin skirts while working-class men wore options made from thicker material. These skirts were perfect for Egyptian weather.

By the late Middle Ages, everyone had stopped wearing skirts, and they would not become popular again until the late Victorian era, when they were worn, with jackets, by women who rode bikes and horses. 

Some of the first skirts worn during this period were bell skirts, which became popular about 1850, and asymmetrical skirts, which became trendy about 1870. Another prevalent 1800s option was the dirndl skirt as seen in the “Sound of Music.”This period saw women standing in bustle skirts because the skirt’s design would not let them sit down comfortably.

Since the start of the 20th century, there have been many iconic skirt styles. While I will have more to say about the different types of skirts in the next chapter, one of the first skirts to be made was the circle skirt, but it would not become popular until the 1950s. Also, during the 1950s, A-line skirts became immensely popular. As women gained even more rights in the 1980s, bubble and skater skirts became very popular.

Skirt styles will continue to change, and we will take a deeper dive into these skirt styles and other popular choices in the next chapter. Yet, like draped skirts first worn by Ancient Greeks, some skirt styles are here to stay.

Who can wear skirts?

Anyone can wear a skirt. There are styles for men and women, although women often wear them. When choosing the right skirt styles for you, consider your body shape as some skirt styles look fabulous on different body shapes.

Model red skirt woman gray background

People with an hourglass figure have well-balanced bodies, and they can wear any skirt. If you are a full-figure hourglass, you will usually look best in a straight skirt showing your curves. Be sure to consider those with vertical seams. If you have long legs, you can easily show them off by wearing a short straight skirt.

Pear-shaped people have wider hips than shoulders, and they often look outstanding in skirts made from flowy fabrics as the fabric helps to camouflage your full hips. Consider flared skirts, like A-lines and bias-cut skirts. You also have the perfect body shape to wear long pencil skirts.

People with square and rectangular-shaped bodies often look great in slim-fitting skirts because most fabric drapes nicely from your hips. You can also wear skirts that flow, but be careful that the amount of cloth does not overwhelm your body, especially if you are petite.

People with wedge-shaped bodies usually look best in slim-fitting skirts, and you also look fantastic in gored-shaped skirts. These skirts made up of an even number of fabric pieces that get wider as they go from the waist to the hemline are a great way to elongate the body.

Parts of the skirt

Skirts can have many parts. Learning the name, function, and look of these different parts will assist you when you are shopping for skirts. There is more to think about than the skirt’s waistline and its hemline, so you will want to know these unique terms:

Woman poses skirt parts
This is the main part of the skirt, and it is often made of one piece of fabric that encircles the body.
A skirt may have folds coming to a point sewn into it. Especially in close-fitting skirts, designers use darts so that the skirt lays against your skin correctly.
Gathers are used to bundle up a larger piece of fabric so that it will fit on a smaller one. Often present on skirts with elasticized waistbands, gathers give the skirt room to expand when you are putting it on and moving.
These pieces of fabric are shaped like a ship’s sail, inserted into the skirt’s body to add extra width as the skirt gets longer.
The bottom of the skirt is called the hemline. It can be at various points of the lower body, as in mini, knee-, tea- or floor-length.
This line, which can be real or imaginary, lies over your hips when you are wearing a skirt.
Fabric is folded back on itself before being sewn into place. Unlike a dart, there is no triangular shape to a pleat.
These sewn lines hold two or more pieces of fabric together on the skirt.
Tucks are very similar to pleats, except that the whole distance of the fold is sewn into place. There are at least four different types of tucks found on skirts, and they are each created using a slightly different technique.
The top of the skirt is the waistband, and it is often elasticized but can contain buttons, zippers, or other features to keep the skirt in place when you are wearing it.

I hope you have enjoyed this race around the history and features of skirts. In the next chapter, I will talk more about the different types of skirts, so be sure to keep reading. Understanding the different types is essential to choosing skirts that you will love.

Types of skirts

How many types of skirts can you name? Like many people, you will start struggling once you get above 10. Yet, there are over 40 types of skirts. 

In this chapter, I will tell you about what makes each one unique and when to wear them. I may throw in a suggestion or two on what to pair them with, but I will have more to say about that topic in an upcoming chapter.

Generally, skirts made from heavier fabric are perfect for the cooler months, while those made from lighter fabric are ideal for warmer months. You may also want to consider wearing lighter-colored skirts in the summer and darker-colored options in the winter. In most cases, you will want to wear more accessories with winter skirts than with summer skirts.

Without any further ado, let’s look at the many different types of skirts.

A-line skirt

An A-line skirt looks like the bottom of the letter A as the skirt gets wider as it gets longer. Generally, these skirts do not have slits because their volume makes them easy to walk in. Most options have either a curved waistband or darts near the waistband so that they will lay properly.

Woman red top black leather skirt

Christian Dior introduced this style as part of his New Look collection, and the original skirts had volumes of petticoats under them. Coco Channel was responsible for removing the petticoats and leaving these flowy skirts with their narrow waist and wide hips. 

Depending on the fabric, women can wear A-line skirts year-round with a tight-fitting top to complete the A-silhouette.

Asymmetrical skirt

The hemline on an asymmetrical skirt is higher on the right or left side than on the other. This is done by cutting the fabric on a diagonal, and it is different than a high-low skirt where the front or back is longer than the other. 

These skirts can lie close to the body or be billowing. They can also be any length, from miniskirts to floor-length gowns. Designers usually use lightweight material, so the skirt often has some natural bounce. These skirts are often reserved for summertime events.

Bubble skirt

A bubble skirt is essentially two skirts in one. The underskirt is a tight-fitting straight skirt, while the bubble is created by attaching another skirt to it. The second skirt has no hemline but folds back on itself to make a giant bubble usually held in place by some type of strap. These warm-weather options usually end about the knee, but you can find ones that end much higher. 

You can find bubble skirts made from various fabrics, including cotton, poplin, silk, and satin. Christian LaCroix created this design as part of his 1985 collection, and the trend of wearing these skirts has come and gone ever since.

Box pleat skirt

Box pleat skirts have one or more box pleats on them, usually very wide. This pleat style consists of two upper folds of fabric that are generally visible folded in one direction and two under pleats that are often unseen folded in the opposite direction.

These skirts usually have one to three pleats designed to reduce the skirt body’s fullness before being attached to the waistband. These skirts often come to at least the knee, but you can find shorter options. Manufacturers make most from heavier fabric in a dark color, so they are perfect for wearing during the winter months.

Balloon skirt

The balloon skirt is very similar to a bubble skirt. It fits close to the body through the waist and hips before becoming full. Then, the fullness is gathered in a band at the bottom. These skirts are usually short, ending at the knee or above. 

They are an excellent option for warmer months because of their short length. Also, like the bubble skirt, the trend of wearing these beautiful skirts tends to come and go. Since they have a lot of volume, consider wearing them with close-fitting tops, like button-down blouses and knit pullover tops.

Bell-shaped skirt

The bell-shaped skirt flares quickly from the waist to the hipline before hanging straight down. This choice takes its name from the fact that the skirt resembles an old-fashion school bell. This skirt usually comes to at least the knee, and designers typically use a heavier fabric. Therefore, it is perfect for the winter. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis made this skirt style popular during her time in the White House. She wore a bell-shaped skirt attached to a strapless bodice to her husband’s inauguration, and the style has been popular ever since, especially for formal affairs.

Broomstick skirt

A broomstick skirt is a full skirt wrapped around a broomstick to dry, creating many tiny creases. Manufacturers make these skirts from a very lightweight material, so they are perfect for warmer months. 

Its full-length and lightweight also make it a great choice in the fall. This skirt also looks somewhat like the bottom of a broom because it flairs out from an elasticized waistband. 

While people created the original broomstick skirts during the Renaissance, this skirt was reinvented in the 1940s and became hugely popular in the 1990s. It is easy to create a grunge outfit when you own one of these skirts that usually end about your ankles.

Blanket skirt

The blanket skirt is an excellent choice in the winter. Manufacturers make many from flannel or another warm material. This option usually has a fixed waistband and a few buttons to hold it shut in the front. 

Designers often choose a checkered fabric. Below the buttons, there is often a large opening to make these warm skirts easy to walk in. Many women love these skirts because it is like wrapping your body in a favorite blanket. 

Asymmetrical and straight hemlines may both be available. These skirts hang straight down from the fixed waistline. They are ideal for pairing with a turtleneck sweater.

Circular skirt

When laid perfectly flat, a circle skirt forms a circle and comes in several different styles. Most have waistbands designed to sit exactly at the waist. This skirt can be short or long. It looks like an A-line skirt, but it has more flare. 

Depending on the fabric that the manufacturer used to make the skirt, you can wear it in all seasons. This skirt’s design makes it look great on people with fuller hips as it helps camouflage them, especially if the waist measurement is a lot smaller than the hip measurement.

Cowl skirt

Cowl skirts have extra fullness through the hips that is gathered on the skirt’s sides just below the hip on one or both sides. Designers fashion the gathers on most cowl skirts to look like the bottom of circles on the side of the skirt. 

The rest of this skirt fits close to the body, which elongates the upper body’s appearance. Most end about the knee or a little above it. Since the fabric must hold its shape, designers often choose wool and wool blends, making it an excellent winter skirt.

Draped skirt

A draped skirt looks sexy, and it is one of the easiest options to wear. Ancient Greek men wore draped skirts, but the silhouette of this clingy skirt has undergone many transformations since then.

Woman posing pool holding hat

Many of these choices fall in large drapes to the bottom of the hip before the skirt lays close to the wearer’s body as it continues down. Designers make most of these skirts that are perfect for wearing in spring, summer, and early fall of satin or silk. You can find many options with a wide waistband.

Dirndl skirt

If you have ever watched “The Sound of Music,” you have seen this skirt. These full skirts have a rigid waistband. While this skirt was originally long, most options stop about mid-length today. 

You can also find some miniskirt options. This skirt type is often attached to a white blouse and covered by an apron. Workers usually sew the apron to the skirt’s body. This springtime skirt often has one pocket on its side. 

Traditionally, examining this skirt allowed others to identify the wearer’s home village and social status. Women often add fresh flowers to the front of the bodice worn with these skirts.

Divided skirt

While these skirts appeared to be flared options to the casual observer, the skirt is divided into two parts sewn together like trousers. This comfortable skirt was first worn by Victorian women when they rode horses. 

Many options have a fixed waistband. Most options end about mid-calf, but shorter choices are available. Designers use lightweight fabric to make most of them, making them perfect for summertime wear. 

They use wool to make others, so you may want to consider those in the winter. You can find solid-colored options, but floral prints and other options may also be available.

Denim skirt

Denim skirts first became popular in the 1970s to repurpose worn-out jeans. Soon, it became fashionable to wear distressed denim skirts with patchwork. By 1995, fashion houses were showing denim skirts during their runway shows. 

Woman striped shirt denim skirt red heels

There are many colors, styles, and lengths of denim skirts. Most have a waistband similar to those on blue jeans, but you can also find lightweight denim skirts with elastic waistbands. You can wear these versatile skirts year-round because of the vast number of ways that you can style them.

Flared skirt

There are many types of flared skirts, but one thing they all have in common is that they are wider at the bottom than at the waist. Often, designers accomplish this by adding extra strips of fabric in a triangular shape to the skirt. 

These skirts come in various lengths, with mini and midi being popular choices. You can find flared skirts made from multiple fabrics so that you can wear them year-round. 

Many flared skirts have darts or pleats right below the waistband to further take care of the excess fabric. Pretty printed fabrics are an excellent choice for wearing with a neutral top or where a brightly colored top with a neutral-colored flared skirt.

Gathered skirt

A gathered skirt has the fabric drawn together on a waistband. It looks very similar to a circle skirt, but it is not as full. Manufacturers often use lightweight cotton or cotton blends, making them a great choice during the spring and summer months. 

These skirts usually do not have pleats or darts. So all the gathering of fabric occurs right at the waistband. Marketers sometimes use the term to indicate any skirt with fabric bunched together at the waistband. 

Most of these skirts are knee-length, allowing the material to nicely flow while others may be shorter or longer.

Godet skirt

Godet skirts are easy to wear because workers sew triangular pieces to the skirt’s body to allow easy movement. The upper part of these skirts lies close to the wearer’s body, with the pieces being added at the bottom, encouraging the skirt to swing. 

Workers sew these added pieces at equal distances along the skirt’s seams clear around the body. Manufacturers usually use cotton, cotton blends, and other lightweight fabrics to make this option. 

They are perfect for wearing in the spring and fall when the extra material may help to keep you warm, while the lightweight fabrics help keep you cooler.

Gored skirt

Workers sew trapezoid-shaped pieces together to make these skirts. This option flows loosely over the hips while having plenty of space at the bottom to make movement easy. Generally, a gored skirt has a shape very similar to an A-line option. 

The extra fabric allows these skirts to freely flow while helping the wearer move easier. This skirt is a winter favorite because designers often make it with sweater or ponte knits. 

It can be worn in the spring and summer when made from polyester/rayon blends. Available in many colors, this skirt often is seen in solid colors because it makes matching the trapezoid-shaped pieces easier.

Handkerchief skirt

Handkerchief skirts are fun options to wear because of the many points along their hemline. The hemline resembles many handkerchiefs being held at their centers so that the corners can hang down. 

These skirts were trendy in the 1930s as women chose them and started abandoning flapper dresses. Many Bohemian-style skirts make use of this design. Designers usually create them with lightweight fabric, making them a great spring and summer option. 

Silk and chiffon are two trendy choices. These skirts often drape nicely over the hips, making them excellent for full-figured women.

High-waisted skirt

While designers create most skirts to start at the waist, they create high-waisted skirts to wear right under your bust. These skirts are available in various styles, including pencil, A-line, maxi, and pleated skirts. 

This skirt style works well in the warmer months when paired with sneakers or kitten heels, but it also works in the winter when paired with long boots. 

Since designers choose different fabrics to make high-waisted skirts, consider the formality of the material and its style before making a final choice. Consider wearing high-waisted skirts over other clothing items, like colored tights, leggings, and jeans.

High-low skirt

High-low skirts are usually higher in the front than in the back, but the opposite can be true. Unlike asymmetrical skirts, the sides of these skirts are an equal distance from the floor. 

Woman posing red skirt studio

This skirt style made its first appearance in the Victorian era. The length of these skirts varies widely from reaching the floor to stopping above the knee. Designers have created a few that you can wear to work or on a date, but many of these skirts look best on formal occasions. 

The difference between the front and back of these skirts can be very subtle or several inches. It is most common to wear these skirts during the spring and summer.

Layered skirt

There are many variations in layered skirts so that you can wear them in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, depending on which option you choose. Manufacturers can use the same or different fabrics to make the layers, and they may be the same or different colors. 

The strips used to make the layers can be the same or have different widths. Finally, these skirts can be different lengths, from miniskirts to floor-length gowns. One popular option is a ruffled layer skirt where designers add layers of ruffles, one on top of the other.

Leather skirt

There are many types of leather skirts, but most hang straight down from the waistband. You can easily find ones cut in pencil, pleated and A-line styles. Leather skirts come in many colors, but you may want to stick with a basic color if you plan to wear them often. 

Cowhide, sheepskin, and deerskin are popular leather fabrics used in skirts. While you can find rough leather skirts, choosing one that has a smooth texture usually helps the skirt contour to your body better. Some leather skirts have unique waistbands, adding visual interest to your outfit.


Most miniskirts end about mid-thigh. Generally, miniskirts were not a fashion staple until the 1950s. Miniskirts come in many colors, and designers can make them from various fabrics. While people used to wear miniskirts only for a night of partying, you can find excellent options for everyday wear. 

Woman posing miniskirt sunglasses pink
Source: Tahiti Spears on Unsplash

For instance, if you are going to the beach, consider wearing a miniskirt as a coverup. There’s no need to save this skirt for summer because you can easily wear it year-round. For example, wear a miniskirt with a long jacket in the cooler months.

Micro-mini skirt

A micro-mini skirt is shorter than a miniskirt, and it usually ends in the upper thigh. The Y2K generation inspired this casual trend. Manufacturers make these skirts from various fabrics, with denim being a popular choice. People usually wear them with a belt, which is generally leather without any design. 

Many options have an unfinished hemline with strings hanging down from it. They are often worn with crop tops or other short tops so that skin shows between the top and the miniskirt. These skirts work best in the summertime.

Maxi skirt

A maxi skirt ends below mid-calf but above the ankle. I have already mentioned several popular styles of maxi skirts, but there are many more. While most options have a casual vibe, you can also find ideal options for more formal events. Most have a flowy vibe, so wear a tight-fitting top with them to balance out your look.

Woman posing white shirt columns

Designers create many options for warmer months, but you can extend its wear by adding a denim or leather jacket or a blazer. While many choices have an elastic waistband, others have buttons or zippers.

Midi skirt

Midi skirts come to the middle of your calf. You can find midi-skirts with lots of volume designed for women to wear with close-fitting tops and options that fit close to your body intended for ladies to wear with voluminous tops. 

Designers choose various heavier fabrics to make midi-skirts for the winter months. These skirts are perfect for pairing with short coats, like leather bombers, and you can also wear them with longer coats, including trench and pea coats. Consider adding a variety of styles to your wardrobe, as you will love these lightweight skirts.

YouTube video
7 Must Know Midi Skirt Styling Tips If you have Short Legs (like me)
by Petite Dressing

Mermaid skirt

A mermaid skirt fits very close to the body until just below the knees, where it flares out to look like a mermaid’s tail. You can trace the mermaid silhouette back to the end of the 19th century. Women often wear these skirts to spring and summer formal occasions. 

These skirts often have a small train trailing behind them, and the train can often be gathered up and fastened to the back of the skirt. If you have curves in all the right places, this is an excellent option if you want to flaunt them.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are very narrow and hang straight down from their waistband. Manufacturers usually make these skirts that first became popular in the 1950s from stiffer fabric. 

Woman leather skirt blue top sits chair

When Edith Hart O. Berg became the first woman to fly as a passenger in an airplane, she tied a rope around the bottom of her skirt to keep it from billowing up, which may have inspired this skirt’s design. 

Many pencil skirts have slits in their sides to allow more movement when walking. Women can wear these skirts year-round. Those in bright colors are an excellent option for adding a pop of color to your summer outfits, while those in darker colors are perfect for the winter months.

Peplum skirt

Peplum skirts have an additional layer of fabric added to the top of the skirt that lies around the hips. When the peplum strip lies correctly across your hips, it can make you look more like you have a perfect figure. 

These skirts give the illusion of having a cinched wrist, which can be ideal for those with no hips or who think they are too big. Since manufacturers make these skirts from lightweight material, they are an excellent option for warmer months. These skirts that usually stop about the knee are great for wearing to the office.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts have tiny folds of fabric all the way around them. Most end about the knee, but shorter and longer options are available. In addition to the box-pleated skirt that I have already discussed and the yoke skirt that I will discuss in a moment, there are knife-pleated skirts. 

Woman from behind turquoise skirt
Source: Nina Mercado on Unsplash

One of the most iconic styles of skirts is the pleated tennis skirt. Most of these skirts are popular options in the winter, but they can also be worn in the summer, depending on the skirt’s specifications.

Sarong skirt

A sarong skirt is a long tube or length of fabric wrapped around the waist. This skirt style comes from Indonesia, where it is a traditional clothing item worn by men and women. They are usually worn in the summertime and make great beach coverups. 

Manufacturers make these skirts from lightweight fabrics, like silk or chiffon. Most sarongs are about 2.5 yards long and 1 yard wide. They are usually brightly colored, with tie-dye and batik designs being popular. Learn more about how to tie a sarong by watching this video.

YouTube video
by Sherry Kennedy

Skater skirt

Skater skirts are short skirts designed to mimic those skirts worn by figure skaters. Designers make these skirts to sit at your true waist. When laid flat, they have a circle shape.

Woman spinning skirt park

Most have numerous pleats that can be of different sizes. They can be made of various fabrics, ranging from denim to silk. While manufacturers made the original skater skirts in the 1950s, they became trendy in the 1980s. 

These skirts are very versatile, but for the most part, you will want to wear a close-fitting top with them. Depending on how you style them, you can wear them year-round, but the lightweight fabric makes them a great summertime option.

Straight skirt

A straight skirt and a pencil skirt look very similar. Unlike the pencil skirt, a straight skirt falls straight from the hips and has no tapering at its bottom. This makes it a little easier to move. Most straight skirts have side darts to help the skirt stay close to the body through the hips. 

Additionally, most have elasticized waistbands. Straight skirts can be made from various fabrics, but the material needs to be stiff enough to hold its shape. These skirts can be worn year-round and look fabulous in the winter when paired with tights.

Tutu skirt

Traditionally used as a ballet costume, a tutu skirt consists of 10 to 12 layers of fabric. There are two basic traditional styles of tutu skirts. One is the bell-shaped romantic style, and it usually reaches at least the lower calf. 

Woman from behind holding skirt
Source: Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

The other style is the classical style, which is short and stiff. Hippolyte Lecomte created the first tutu skirt, and Marie Taglioni was the first to dance professionally in one. 

Manufacturers make most from tulle, and they fall to about mid-calf. The traditional styles have expanded to become at least five modern styles, with some having a hoop and others having many ruffles.

Trouser skirt

A trouser skirt is a pair of pants cut to fall between the knees and the ankles. The cut of these trousers makes them resemble a skirt. Trouser skirts can also be cut like cigar pants and have a skirt attached to them. 

Furthermore, the pants can be designed like belly-dancer pants and have a skirt placed over them. Manufacturers make most trouser pants of stretchy material, like a stretch knit, regardless of which form you choose. Depending on the style and occasion, you can wear them in all seasons.

Trumpet skirt

A trumpet skirt lays very close to the body through the hips. Then, it flares out, starting about the thighs. They look very similar to mermaid skirts, but those skirts flare out about the knee while this skirt flares out at the thighs. 

These dresses are super for making your legs look longer. While people used to reserve them for formal occasions, they have transformed into below-the-knee skirts that are great for many events. 

The transformation includes a strip of fabric sewn along the bottom of the skirt to form a flare starting at about the knees. You can wear these skirts year-round.

Tulip skirt

Tulip skirts have belt-like fasteners at the waist, and they have a unique tapering hemline that crisscrosses at the bottom. Therefore, these skirts look like an upside-down tulip. 

Most extend to at least the knee with many maxi and midi options available. These skirts can also have a high-low profile, with the front being higher than the back of the skirt. 

Depending on the skirt chosen, many look great in many office settings, but you can also find more formal options. Some options have side pockets or other embellishments. These options are great for year-round, casual wear.

Tiered skirt

Designers make tiered skirts of several horizontal layers, with each wider than the one above it. The layers made be of the same or a different fabric,  be the same color and design, or be unique, and they usually ruffled. The more layers the skirt has, the flatter it will hang. 

Designers usually pick lightweight fabrics for these skirts not to become too flat. While most tiers are horizontal, you can find options with diagonal layers, which can be a great way to add width to your body. These skirts come in various lengths, and they are ideal for wearing year-round.

Wrap skirt

A wrap skirt is a piece of fabric that wraps around your waist. A waistband and a belt that ties usually hold it in place. Manufacturers make most from airy fabric, like cotton, making them a great summertime option. 

Female legs jeans wrap skirt

Some wrap skirts allow you to choose to tie them higher on your body and wear them as a dress, so they can be very versatile. These skirts come in many different lengths. 

Some options, such as sarong skirts, work well as bathing suit coverups. These skirts can have a straight or asymmetrical hemline, depending on how you tie them and their cut.

Yoke skirt

A yoke on a skirt is a strip of fabric that supports the rest of the skirt, eliminating the need for a waistband. This strip can be of varying widths. In some cases, it will look almost like a waistband, while it will come down to the thighs in others. 

The result is that the midriff looks longer, which can be an excellent option for some body shapes. These skirts can be straight or pleated and come in various lengths. Therefore, you can wear them year-round, depending on your skirt choice. Many are made of lightweight fabric, so those make great choices for the summer.

Now that you know about all these fabulous skirt types, you need to find out what to wear with them. After all, pairing other garments with the correct skirt will help you look amazing. Be sure to keep reading to find out more about skirts and what to wear with them.

Skirt outfit ideas & combinations

So far, we have done a fast race through skirts and stopped to examine 41 different types of skirts. In this chapter, we will look at ways to wear those skirts. You can wear many skirts in multiple places if you know what items to pair them with and how to accessorize them, and that is the goal of this chapter. Before we get started, let us dive a little deeper into how skirts are like neighborhoods.

If I were to take a stroll through your neighborhood, I might discover many types of homes. The owners of some houses are all about business, while the owners of other homes love having a great time. Still, others may be about hanging out and home and relaxing. It is the same with skirts. You will find perfect ideas for wearing to work, going out on a date, and relaxing at home.

Come along as we discover more about skirt outfits. There is plenty of variety, so everyone will find an outfit or two that they dearly love.

Wrap skirt + t-shirt

Wearing a denim wrap skirt is a start to a 1980s retro outfit. Any color of denim is perfect for this look. Pair it with your favorite band t-shirt. If you cannot find a band t-shirt, choose a graphic one. This outfit is ideal for wearing with platform shoes. Alternatively, wear military-style work boots on your feet.

You will want to wear a pair of cat-eye sunglasses with this look. If the weather is cold, this outfit easily pairs with a leather bomber or a denim jacket. While there’s not much need for jewelry, you can wear a statement necklace. Consider a large peace sign option. This is an ideal outfit for carrying a denim tote bag or a crossbody bag. Wear your hair straight down or pull it back with a scrunchie.

Miniskirt + button-up blouse

It is so easy to put together a miniskirt outfit to wear with a button-up blouse. Start by choosing a miniskirt with buttons up the front in a neutral color. Then, add a solid-colored button-up blouse on the top. 

Choose one without a collar. This outfit looks great for running errands or another casual event paired with low-profile white sneakers. If the weather is cooler, wear a slouchy jacket, and push up the sleeves.

You can accessorize this outfit in many ways. Choose a pair of sunglasses based on your face’s shape. Make sure that they cover the sides of your eyes to provide maximum protection. 

Then, pull some of your hair up on top of your head by using a large hair clip. Add some simple gold bracelets to your wrist. Finally, carry a shoulder bag that ends just about the top of your thighs.

Leather skirt + sweater

Winter is the perfect time to wear your favorite leather skirt with a sweater. Consider wearing a black leather midi-skirt with a white mock-neck sweater. Tuck in the sweater so that you create a crisp, clean look. Then, wear a gray trench coat over the outfit. 

Woman posing studio leather skirt

This look goes great with black heeled sandals. Receive bonus points if they are made of matching black leather. Complete the outfit by carrying a black leather crossover bag with a chain handle. Choose one that ends above the skirt’s start, as it will help bring the outfit together.

You can easily add some gold jewelry to this outfit. Consider layering some gold necklaces and adding gold statement bracelets to give the outfit some extra width. Pull your hair back in a ponytail at your neck and wear your favorite sunglasses.

High-waisted skirt + cardigan

A long cardigan is perfect for wearing with a high-waisted skirt. Start by creating a monochromatic outfit using a solid-colored high-waisted skirt and a matching button-up blouse. Consider choosing one with a V-neckline. 

Then, go directly opposite the color you have chosen and move one space to the right or the left on the color wheel to find the split-complementary color. Choose a long cardigan in that color to wear with your outfit.

Depending on the occasion, you can go several ways with your shoe choice, but one of my favorites with this look is black gladiator shoes. You can also wear colored tights with this outfit. 

This is an excellent option for carrying a crossbody bag that matches your outfit. Put on a simple gold or silver chain with some type of natural stone that ends above the top’s neckline opening and incorporates the cardigan’s color. The necklace should have a natural V shape to it.

Asymmetrical skirt + silk blouse

An asymmetrical skirt with a silk blouse is an excellent look for a business meeting. You can easily pull off this look with a black asymmetrical skirt ending about your knees. Then, wear it with a white ¾-sleeve silk blouse that pulls on over the head. One with a scoop neck is ideal. Your black pumps will look great with this outfit. Pull the outfit together by wearing a wide black belt. Consider a leather woven one.

You do not want to overdo the jewelry as you want to keep this look simple. Think about wearing your diamond stud earrings. Depending on the meeting’s setting, you can wear your diamond tennis bracelet. Bring along a black blazer in case the meeting room is cool. This is a terrific look to pull some of your hair up in a simple topknot.

Handkerchief skirt + denim shirt

A handkerchief skirt with a denim skirt is an excellent option for a weekend away in the country. Choose a handkerchief skirt with a lot of orange or yellow in it. Then, pair it with a denim shirt. Think about one that buttons down the front. Your white sneakers will look great with this outfit, and they will make it easy to walk.

Carrying a satchel with one of your skirt’s colors is a great idea, and it will allow you to bring home all the goodies that you find easily. You can elongate your look by wearing a pair of silver dangle earrings, but keep them simple. You can also wear a simple silver necklace if you want. If you have long hair, consider pulling it into a side braid and wearing a scrunchie to keep it in place.

Hi-low skirt + crop top

A silk crop top pairs beautifully with your hi-low skirt for a formal occasion. A long-sleeved white option looks especially great with a lacy light-blue skirt. Think about choosing a silk top with a scoop neck and wearing a string of pearls with this look. 

When possible, choose one with a bit of white in it that fastens to a waistband that closes by either a hidden button or zipper. A lacy option with a white underskirt is always a fantastic choice. 

Ponder a skirt with a significant contrast between the front and the back. This is an excellent option for wearing with sand camel closed-toed high heels and carrying a matching clutch.

You can wear your pearl dangle earrings and a pearl bracelet with the pearl necklace. You can leave your hair down or fix it in your favorite updo, depending on the occasion.

Tier skirt + sweatshirt

A tiered skirt and a sweatshirt pair together beautifully for a lazy day. Think about choosing a skirt with several layers so that it will hang away from your body better. Then, pair it with a sweatshirt with large letters on the front featuring the same colors as the skirt. 

For example, if you are a Dallas Cowboy fan, consider a blue and white tier skirt and pair it with a gray sweatshirt with the word Cowboys on the front in the team’s colors. 

Alternatively, consider the same idea with your favorite college team’s logo on the front. This makes a great outfit to wear on gameday when everyone is thinking about the game.

If you will wear jewelry, keep it simple so that your outfit does not become too busy. This outfit would look great with your favorite gray sneakers and a gray satchel.

Tulip skirt + knit sweater

A tulip skirt looks fantastic when paired with a short-sleeve knit sweater. Consider wearing split-complementary colors together. For example, if your skirt is purple, wear a light green top. Then, choose orange accessories. 

Your tulip skirt will be about 60% of your outfit and your top about 30%, so aim to add 10% orange accessories to your outfit. You have many choices, like large orange stud earrings or a large orange bead necklace. You may also want to add orange pumps and an orange crossbody bag to complete the look.

Alternatively, if you choose a red skirt, wear a blue-green knit sweater and use yellow-green for your accessories. You may want to go with emerald jewelry that looks like it has a yellow tint or heliodor jewelry. White flat sandals would look cute with this outfit.

Pencil skirt + blazer

Some types of blazers go beautifully with a pencil skirt. Consider wearing a gray pencil skirt with a black ¾-sleeve blazer. An option that allows you to roll up the sleeve once or twice is a great choice. Put on a white camisole. Button the blazer so that the white peaks through at the top.

Businesswoman electric scooter

This is an excellent option for wearing to work, so think about wearing your closed-toe black kitten heels. You could also go with a spiked heel, but they are harder to walk in. You do not need much jewelry for this outfit. 

Consider wearing a gold chain necklace that follows the neckline of your blazer and a gold wristwatch. You can elongate the look of this outfit by wearing your gold dangle earrings.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the different ways to put skirt outfits together. In the next chapter, I will talk about how to choose the right shoes to wear with different skirt styles, so be sure to keep reading.

What shoes to wear with skirts

Let’s stop and take a deeper dive into shoes. As you are aware, there are many types of shoes. The great news is that regardless of which ones you love to wear, you can find skirts that will look awesome with them.

The trick is knowing when to wear different shoes in your wardrobe or what shoes you need to add, as everyone needs an extensive shoe collection. Do not worry, as I am here to help.

The second trick is knowing what color shoes to wear with different skirts. When picking out shoe colors, neutrals are almost always a safe bet but do not try to match the colors too closely. 

For example, if you wear a black skirt, then shy away from black shoes because you will never match close enough. Instead, choose shoes that are opposite or a split-complementary color to your outfit to look smashing.

Additionally, avoid any shoes that have a pattern that is too busy. For instance, if you wear a leopard-print skirt, do not wear leopard-print shoes. Instead, opt for black shoes or another neutral color.

Knee-high boots with skirts

Knee-high boots look great with miniskirts. In the fall, consider wearing your boots and miniskirt with a cardigan. Pair the miniskirt with a neutral-colored top. This look for making the body look taller.

Detail womens legs purse knee boots
Source: Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Consider creating a monochromatic outfit and wearing a split-complementary-colored cardigan over it. Then, wear your favorite black knee-high boots. For example, you could wear a red miniskirt and a red camisole. Then, wear a greenish-yellow cardigan and your black knee-high boots.

Another fantastic option to wear with your knee-high boots is a pleated skirt. Consider wearing your black pleated skirt with your light brown knee-high boots and adding a colorful turtleneck sweater to create a warm winter outfit that is sure to impress.

Combat boots with skirts

Maxi skirts are perfect for wearing with combat boots. Consider pairing a navy blue pleated maxi skirt with a denim button-down blouse. Then, carrying a light blue shoulder bag that ends at least below the start of the skirt. 

Pull out your combat boots shoestrings and replace them with a blue pair to create a monochromatic outfit that will impress. You could exchange the denim shirt for a graphic tee to create a fabulous grunge look.

Your miniskirt will also look great with your combat boots. You can easily wear a black miniskirt with a white top. Then, wear a colorful floral kimono over it. Add a sunhat with a ribbon that matches the colors in your kimono. The only accessory you need is a pair of shades that fit your face’s shape and cover your eyes’ sides, but you could also add a simple gold chain necklace.

Pumps with skirts

I love the look of skirts and pumps together as they look great when worn to so many places. One of my favorites is to wear a moss green midi skirt with a black V-neck shirt and black pumps. This is an excellent option for wearing your blue-purple jewelry, so consider wearing a blue-purple statement necklace and a matching set of earrings.

Another great option to wear with pumps is a black leather pencil skirt and a gold sleeveless shirt. Then, wear a purple-blue blazer. This is a perfect outfit to layer with black necklaces. 

You may also want to wear a black bracelet and earrings to help pull the black up into the rest of the outfit. This is an ideal outfit for carrying a black leather crossbody bag, or you could opt for a black leather shoulder bag.

Flat sandals with skirts

A pretty floral midi skirt is perfect for wearing with white flat sandal jelly shoes in the spring. Choose one with an A-line silhouette that incorporates pastel colors. Then, wear a matching solid-colored button-down pastel sweater. 

For example, a navy-blue skirt with light-pink flowers and a light-pink button-down sweater is a great look. You can pair this with a white knit sweater to make an eye-catching outfit.

You may also want to wear your flat sandals with your micro-miniskirt. Consider wearing a denim micro-mini skirt with a denim top and a black leather belt. Then, wear a pair of flat black gladiator sandals. You do not need any jewelry with this outfit and opt to choose a black baguette bag to complete this look.

A third option is to wear flat saltwater sandals with a sarong skirt. Since there are many color choices in sarongs and these sandals, it is straightforward to put together a monochromatic outfit. You can wear your bikini top or select a pretty crop top to wear with this look.

Mules with skirts

Mules are a great option in slip-on shoes that are incredibly easy to wear. Consider pairing an orange-brown pair of mules with a snakeskin midi skirt. Then, choose a retro orange and brown pullover knit sweater. 

This is a great look to wear with a gold watch and gold stud earrings. A barrel bag with a gold chain handle is an excellent choice with this outfit that is perfect on cool fall days.

Woman sit square skirt mules

You can also easily pair a flared skirt with mules. One of my favorites is to pair brown leather mules with a brown skirt and a brown Oxford button-down shirt. This outfit will make your pearl jewelry pop, so wear it with pearl stud earrings, a pearl bracelet, and a pearl necklace. 

Carry a straw basket purse to put your necessities in. This is a beautiful outfit for the office when you choose close-toed mules. One of the advantages of wearing close-toed mules is that you can wear them with colored tights without the toe seam showing.

Strappy sandals with skirts

A hi-low skirt looks great with strappy sandals. A black hi-low skirt with a big difference looks beautiful when paired with a burgundy sleeveless silk top with a pointed collar. Then, wear your diamond strappy sandals, diamond dangle earrings, and a diamond tennis bracelet. 

Think about the event, but you may also want to wear a cocktail ring. You will look marvelous during a formal occasion. A clutch looks super with this outfit. Wear your hair in your favorite up style.

Consider wearing your strappy gladiator sandals with a tulip skirt for a daytime event. For a day of running errands, consider wearing a navy-blue tulip skirt that ends about your knees with a chambray button-down shirt. 

Then, put on your brown gladiator shoes and carry a brown leather shoulder bag. Your hair will look super cute, braided into a side ponytail. Consider wearing this outfit with a simple chain necklace and a chambray boy cap.

Sneakers with skirts

You can easily create a great look for the office with your favorite sneakers and a high-waisted skirt. Consider pairing a khaki high-waisted skirt that stops about mid-thigh with a maroon knit sweater and wear a khaki blazer over it. 

This option looks superb when worn with a long gold necklace, or you can leave off the jewelry for a beautiful minimalistic look. Depending on your plans, white hi-top sneakers or fashion sneakers would look great with this outfit.

Woman yellow skirt standing gray wall

Another great option is to bubble skirt with sneakers. Consider a black-and-white striped bubble skirt that stops a little above your knees. Wear it with matching sneakers and a black long-sleeved lacy topped with a black sleeveless knit sweater. The lacy top will help add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. This outfit is perfect for wearing with a Parisian beanie.

Loafers with skirts

A maxi skirt is a great choice to wear with loafers. Consider pairs with a chunky tread and pair them with a long denim skirt. You can wear your denim maxi skirt with a printed tee. Then, wear a light brown leather jacket over it. 

Add a matching brown belt to your waist and tuck in the shirt’s tail. This is a fabulous fall look when worn with your light brown loafers. A long necklace that reaches almost to your waist looks great with this outfit.

A flared skirt is another excellent choice to wear with loafers. A silver pleated skirt is a great choice when worn with black loafers. Wear a white scoop-neck short sleeve blouse with this look. A light blue trench coat will look marvelous on cooler days in the spring. This is an ideal outfit for carrying a black patent leather carpet bag.

Kitten heels with skirts

An asymmetrical skirt pairs beautifully with kitten heel pumps. Consider one with a red-and-black tweed skirt with very little hemline change, and pair it with a red button-down top. 

This is a great look to wear your white pearl jewelry, so grab your earrings, bracelet, and dangle earrings. You can also opt for diamond jewelry with this look. Then, carry a white clutch.

Kitten heel booties are an excellent choice for wearing with a red denim skirt. Part one that ends above your knee with a close-fitting black sweater with a scoop neck. Your black-colored tights and your black belt look fantastic with this outfit. 

Keep it casual by wearing a minimal amount of jewelry, but do not forget your sunglasses. You can keep the casual vibe going by carrying a denim drawstring bag with just your necessities in it.

Ankle boots with skirts

Ankle boots are so versatile that you can wear them with almost any skirt. The only word of caution is to avoid wearing them with midi-skirts if they end too close to the boot’s top. A great option is to wear ankle boots with an A-line skirt. 

Think about wearing a leopard-print A-line skirt with black leather ankle boots and a black tank top. A silver beaded necklace and black sunglasses look perfect with this outfit. Give it an ethnic flair by carrying an embroidered crossbody bag.

A wrap skirt is another great option for wearing with ankle boots. Choose one that has a tribal print and wear it with a rustic brown pair of ankle boots. Wear a skirt with brown in it and wear a solid brown turtleneck. 

This is a great style to wear with your favorite tribal jewelry. So layer up brown wooden beaded necklaces, brown leather necklaces with natural stones, or wear a large vintage tribal necklace.

I have enjoyed bringing you the different shoes to wear with skirts. In the next chapter, I will answer some frequently asked questions about skirts and give you some tips on how to care for skirts. Therefore, you will want to make sure to carry on reading.

Skirts FAQ and Tips

It is normal to have questions, and I love you to ask your own at the end of this post, but meanwhile, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about skirts. You may even be wondering these questions yourself.

After learning the answer, you can inform your friends or pass along this post to them. They will be thankful to understand the information, and you will look brilliant.

What are the different skirt lengths?

There are 11 different skirt lengths. The shortest is the micro miniskirt, while the longest is floor length. The micro miniskirt stops just below the bottom of the top of the thighs. They are micro miniskirt, miniskirt, short, above the knee, knee, below the knee, midi, maxi, tea-length, ankle, and floor.

A miniskirt usually ends about mid-thigh, while the above-knee ends just above your knee cap. Knee-length skirts end at the center of your kneecap, and below-knee skirts end at the bottom of your knee cap. Generally, short women will want to be careful wearing skirts that are longer than this because longer skirts can make women look even shorter.

The next longest skirt is the midi skirt. While there is some slight variation, these skirts generally end about mid-calf. Tea-length skirts typically end 3 to 4 inches below your knee, and a maxi skirt ends just above your ankles. Longer skirts can make women who are average height and above appear even taller.

Women blue skirt white jacket posing

A full-length skirt goes at least to the floor, and it may have a train behind it. Usually, women wear full-length skirts for formal occasions.

While it is not always the case, generally, longer skirts are worn in the winter while women wear shorter skirts in the summer. While most micro-miniskirts are straight, skirts of other lengths can be almost any style, and they can be straight or flared.

How to style long skirts?

The skirt’s style should determine how you style a long skirt. If it lays away from your body, you should wear a wider top. Alternatively, if it lays close to your body, you should wear a close-fitting top. Select shoes depending on the look that you want to create.

You want to create a balanced look when choosing a top to wear with a long skirt. Therefore, if it is a straight skirt, choose a top that lies close to your body, like a turtleneck sweater or a tank top. 

If the skirt flares out, like an A-line skirt, choose a wider top. You can choose to wear the same color as the skirt to create a monochromatic outfit. Alternatively, consider wearing a split complementary option.

While most people do not wear much jewelry with skirts in the summer, in the winter, think about the jewelry that you choose. Skirts that fit close to your body are perfect for pairing with stud earrings and simple chains. 

You will want to think about the main colors in your outfit and choose options that work well with that color, like split-complementary colors.

Think about the formality of the skirt and the occasion when deciding on your hairstyle. If you are wearing the skirt to a formal event, ensure you wear your hair in an upstyle. Alternatively, if you wear it to a casual event, consider a ponytail or braid your hair.

You will also want to think about the event’s formality when choosing your shoes. Generally, you will want to skip wearing knee-high boots with long skirts. Otherwise, you can wear almost any type of shoe with them.

How to wear skirts in winter?

Choosing to wear boots, especially insulated ones, in the winter is a great way to stay warm when wearing skirts. You will also want to pick warm options to wear on top, like chunky sweaters. Many skirts pair beautifully with winter coats. Think about wearing a hat on your head too.

Girl black skirt jacket beanie

You can wear many types of skirts with boots. For example, miniskirts often look great with your favorite knee-high boots. You can easily wear a casual skirt with a pair of cowboy boots, and wearing warm closed-toed shoes is another excellent option.

Choose the top that you wear with your winter skirt carefully. Generally, you will stay warmer in a heavier top and think about wearing one that pulls down to your middle or even a little longer.

Many coats and blazers look great with skirts, so you can use them to create layers. A structured jacket or a tailored coat is a great option. Again, choose options made from fabric that will help to keep you warm. 

Usually, designers make the warmest skirts from wool. Choose options that lie close to your skin on the coldest winter days because less air can get under your skirt to make you cold.

In addition to coats, there are many other ways to layer skirts. For instance, wear a button-down shirt under a warm winter sweater. You may also want to wear thick opaque tights under your skirt.

Hats are often an excellent option for wearing with skirts in the winter. Beanies can be a great choice to wear with casual skirts, especially options like Parisians and flat caps. A warm fedora can also be an outstanding casual option. Wool floppy hats can stop the wind from hitting your neck and making your body cold.

How to fold skirts?

If you do not plan to hang your skirt, ensure that you fold it carefully as soon as it finishes drying. Start by folding the skirt in half so that the side seams meet. After smoothing this fold with your hands, then fold the top and bottom thirds towards the middle.

The first step in folding a skirt is to take it out of the dryer as soon as it finishes drying. Leaving it in the dryer will cause wrinkles. If the skirt needs ironing, now is the time to do it.

Now, lay the skirt out on a flat surface. Fold the right seam over to meet the left. Ensure that the seams meet clear along the sides of the skirt. Press out any wrinkles with your hands, keeping the two sides aligned.

Grab the skirt at the bottom and fold it up about one-third of the way. Again, press out any wrinkles with your hands. You will probably be putting more clothes on top of the skirt in your storage space. You do not want your skirt to winkle, so be sure to do this step carefully. Make sure that the fold you created lies flat across the bottom of the skirt.

Now, go to the top of the skirt. Fold the skirt down over the other part. Ensure that the fold is straight and that the skirt lays flat. Step back and scrutinize the skirt. Any unsmooth areas at this point will become wrinkles, so take the time to do it right. 

If the skirt is still too big for your storage space, then you can fold it in half, either side-to-side or top-to-bottom.

If you are going on a trip, it is easy to fold your skirt so that it will easily go into your suitcase. Follow the steps above, then fold the skirt in half one more time. 

This creates a rectangle that you can easily pack. You can get several lightweight skirts and close-fitting tops into a carry-on bag, so you may not even have to check your luggage.

How to hang skirts?

There are at least two ways to hang skirts so as not to become wrinkled. You can fold them and hang them over a hanger or clip them to a hanger. If you choose the last method, add a piece of fabric under the clips so your skirt does not develop hanger marks.

If you want to hang the skirt by folding it, then lay the skirt out on a flat surface. Fold the right side over to meet the left side, and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, slide the hanger between the top and bottom layers of the skirt. Center the skirt on the hanger and hang it in your closet.

The second way to hang a skirt is to use clips. You can buy hangers with clips or use clothespins or another type of clip to fasten the skirt to the hanger. If the skirt is wider than the hanger, fold it in half from top to bottom. 

Rack blue white clothes indoors

Make sure that there are no wrinkles. Next, take a piece of scrap fabric and cut it into a square that is a little bit bigger than the clip. Place the clip on the hanger if it is not already attached. 

Then, fold the scrap fabric over the top of the skirt. Finally, insert the scrap fabric and skirt into the clip. Pull out the sides of the skirt a little to make sure that the skirt hangs flat.

Consider using velvet hangers if you are afraid that your skirt might fall off the hanger. The textured surface will help hold your skirt on the hanger. Additionally, this covering will not harm delicate skirt materials, as some other hangers can. 

If you notice that your skirt is causing the hanger to droop because of its weight, switch to a wood hanger. Whichever choice you make, be sure that there is plenty of space between garments. 

Pushing skirts up against other clothes can cause them to winkle. In most cases, you should keep your hangers at least two finger widths apart as it will keep your clothes separated and make your closet look great.

What to wear with long skirts?

There are many different options in what to wear with long skirts. Just remember to keep your look balanced. Therefore, if your skirt is wider, choose a wider top, but if it is narrower, like a pencil skirt, then choose a close-fitting top. You can create monochromatic outfits or choose a different color.

Long skirts are perfect for wearing with jackets and cardigans that make you look taller. There are many beautiful choices, like long cardigans, that you can leave open and let hang down the front of a long skirt. This option works exceptionally well on cold winter days because it adds another layer to your outfit.

There are many great choices in close-fitting tops that you can wear with long skirts. Halter, crop, turtlenecks, and camisoles can all look beautiful with long straight skirts. Alternatively, consider tops with bell sleeves or another flowy top if your long skirt is flared.

In most cases, you should stick to three colors at the most when wearing a long skirt. Following the 60, 30, 10 rule is a great way to do that. Make 60% of your long skirt outfit one color, then choose the split complementary color or a neutral for 30% of your outfit. Finally, add 10% of another color. Be sure you consider your whole outfit, including your accessories, handbag, and shoes.

Keep in mind the occasion and vibe you are trying to create when choosing things to wear with your long skirt. For example, if you are trying to create a casual vibe, then a denim jacket and sneakers may be great choices, but if you are trying to make a formal style, then choose high heels and diamonds.

You can wear many shoe styles with long skirts, but you should not wear boots unless there are several inches between the bottom of the skirt and your shoes. You should wear high heels for formal occasions and flats for casual ones in most cases. You can often wear kitten heels for both, depending on the shoe’s style.

While many people consider skirts as clothing items worn only by women, that is not always the case. In the next chapter, we will look at skirts for men, so be sure to keep reading. You may even want to send this post to a male friend who may be interested in wearing skirts or suggest that you would love to see them in one.

Skirts for men

Men wore the first skirts. In Mesopotamia, men wore fur skirts. In the Old Kingdom of Egypt, men wore wrap-around skirts. Meanwhile, Celts wore belted skirts. Even a knight’s armor had a short skirt.

Fast forward almost hundreds of years, and men are once again wearing skirts. While many celebrities have embraced this trend, your favorite guy may want to wear a skirt, or if you are a guy, adding a skirt to your wardrobe may be a fantastic idea.

Scottish knight knelt man kilt

Skirts for men can be made from different fabrics and range from extremely short to longer options, just like women’s skirts. While the 1960s were primarily thought of as when women started wearing clothing traditionally reserved for guys, the opposite is true as more guys started wearing skirts. 

French clothing designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was one of the first to make a skirt for guys in the modern era. While men wear some skirts for religious purposes, others wear skirts because they love the look.

While some guys may remember putting on a tutu skirt when playing with their daughters, others take wearing skirts to a whole new level. These brave guys wear skirts in public because they love the look. Many of Hollywood’s and the music industry’s most famous stars have embraced wearing a skirt, including Van Diesel, David Beckman, and Kayne West.

YouTube video
Why Did Men Stop Wearing Skirts?
by Real Men Real Style

Let’s take a deeper dive into some skirts for men!

Pleated mesh skirt

Most pleated mesh skirts have a school uniform appearance. Therefore, you can easily dress them up or down. If you want to dress them up, pair them with a pair of hard-bottom shoes, like your favorite penny loafers. 

Alternatively, they are perfect for pairing with your favorite fashion sneakers. These skirts are often reserved for formal occasions and worn with a formal shirt, and a guy may even choose to wear a tailcoat with these skirts.

Another terrific option for men in pleated mesh skirts is the tutu. Often, men wear these skirts with toe shoes, which have evolved into special shoes that are sturdier to handle many men’s added weight when compared to many female dancers. 

Other men choose to wear this option with their favorite high-profile sneakers to give a more retro vibe to their outfits. Often, men pair these pleated mesh shirts with sleeveless knit tops.

Pleated midi skirt

Men can wear pleated midi skirts in many ways. For example, they can top them with a suit coat, button-down shirt, and a tie, and wear them to the office. When this is the choice, they often wear them with military-style combat boots and socks that rise above the boots. 

For example, you may want to consider wearing a gray pleated midi skirt and a matching suit coat. Then, put on a black tie and a white long-sleeve button-down shirt. A white pocket square completes this look.

Guys can also choose to create a casual outfit with a pleated midi skirt. Consider wearing a gold and black pleated mini skirt with a pair of high-top sneakers and white athletic socks with a gold ring around the top. Top it with a graphic tee and a safari bomber if the weather is cold.

Printed skirt

Manufacturers make large printed designs on many men’s skirts. For example, you might want to consider wearing a purple and brown printed maxi skirt. Then, top it with a light lime green graphic tee with some brown in it. 

If the weather is cool, wear a brown suit coat over the ensemble. You can add visual interest to this outfit by wearing a big black flower near your neck.

Another option is to create a monochromatic outfit. Use dark blue overland trousers with light blue circles with a maxi skirt attached to them. Pair it with blue socks and military boots to lay the foundation for a grunge outfit. 

Then, wear a blue boy band tee and wear a blue and white long flannel jacket over it. You can complete this outfit by wearing a slouch beanie pulled back on your head.

High-waisted skirt

It is equally easy to create a punk rock look when choosing a high-waisted skirt. If you are not ready to go all the way with the skirt, then wear it over lightweight sweatpants. Be sure to carry a large wallet and put plenty of chains around your waist. 

A black tee with a skull face on it is a perfect top to wear with this outfit. Consider putting on your lace-up boots and wearing a black trench coat.

Another option is to wear a floor-length black satin high-waisted gown. Choose one that goes all the way to the floor with side slits to make it easier to walk. Then, wear it with black dress socks and black leather mules. 

Wear a black muscle shirt. Complete the look by wearing a broad black ribbon tied around your middle to cover where the shirt and skirt meet. Again, the length of this skirt makes it ideal for wearing pants underneath while you are learning to walk in a skirt.

Wrap skirt

A wrap skirt is an easy look for guys to pull off. Start by putting on your black trousers with a skinny cut. Then, put on the black wrap skirt that matches the material of your trousers. Choose one with silver snaps down its front. 

Man black outfit skirt outdoors
Source: Vinicius Pittol on Unsplash

Tuck in a turtleneck sweater, but let it slouch over the top of the skirt a little. This outfit looks great with a black parka, and one with the same type of silver snaps is ideal. This outfit looks great when worn with low-profile sneakers.

Another type of wrap skirt that men can easily wear is a printed wrap skirt with a large brass buckle on its side. Gather the end of the fabric through the buckle and let the tail hang loose. 

You could wear this skirt to a pool party without a shirt, or you could choose to wear a jersey tee that is in a split complementary color to the skirt’s primary color. Complete the look with a pair of thong sandals.

Jersey skirt

A long jersey skirt is a look that a man may enjoy wearing. If giving up pockets bothers you, then you can choose options with large pockets. Consider keeping this look casual by wearing it with your favorite jersey tee. You can create a beautiful monochromatic outfit and wear it with a pair of fashionable sneakers.

Another option is to choose a jersey shirt with some horizontal stripes on it. You can choose one where the lines run a little diagonal if you want to add some visual interest. Then, top the skirt with a classic short-sleeve shirt. Add a lightweight cardigan in a split complementary color. This option works well with almost any casual shoe.

Plaid midi skirt

Guys can look sharp in plaid midi skirts, and you may want to consider one in blues, browns, and wine colors. Then, you can top it with a wine-colored button-down shirt. A gold watch perfectly complements this look. You can wear your light-brown hiking boots or a pair of high-profile sneakers.

Choosing a darker blue and lighter blue plaid mini skirt is another great option. Then, wear it with black socks and your favorite black high-profile sneakers. This skirt looks excellent paired with a brown short-sleeve shirt and a ruby red zip-up short jacket. Choose to wear your brown sunglasses and a blue slouchy beanie.

A third option is to wear a green skirt with orangey-red, light green, and white lines running through it to create a plaid design. Then, top it with a short-sleeve shirt with a few buttons at the neck opening. Wear small silver hoop earrings and a silver watch. This is a great option to wear your high-top sneakers matching your shirt’s color.

Suit skirt

Your French cuff long-sleeved white shirt will look perfect with a blue straight-cut suit skirt. Choose a shirt option without a collar if possible. Then, wear it with your navy blue tailcoat. A white pocket square helps to tie this outfit together. Wear this ensemble with black dress socks and black dress shoes.

A long gray suit skirt looks excellent when worn with a matching suit coat. Put on a white dress shirt and leave it open at the neck. Then, wear a vest matching the suit coat and the skirt. 

A thin black tie looks excellent. Put on your black dress shoes with a silver buckle across the top and your black dress socks. This is a perfect option for wearing your hair in a business casual style, but you could also wear a gray newsboy flat cap.

I do not know if I am ready to embrace this trend wholeheartedly, but fashion changes quickly over time. Therefore, if you are a man who wants to wear a skirt, go for it because it is one of today’s hottest trends. 

While you are making up your mind, keep reading our other articles since they are full of fashion tips you will not want to miss.


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