Animal Print: Types, Patterns, Tips and Outfit Ideas [2023]

Animal print - faverie

You may be amazed to learn that there is a print that coordinates perfectly with neutrals and that never goes out of style. The great news is that there are, and it is, animal prints.

Get ready to add these prints to your wardrobe by reading the advice in this post. Animal print clothing is ideal for wearing anytime you need a casual clothing choice, and you can mix and match them with so many neutrals that you probably already have in your closet.

Ever since the 1930s, women, and men have been wearing animal prints. Join them after reading the information in this post, so you know how to wear them appropriately.

Animal print intro & FAQ

If you go back into history, people often wore animal prints because they believed it gave them the power of that animal. For example, hunters often wore cheetah prints to be faster, and Kings and queens often wore animal prints associated with majestic animals. While people no longer hold those beliefs, animal prints are still immensely popular in fashion.

When you learn to wear animal prints properly, you may feel like royalty. On the other hand, you may feel like you are always on a tropical vacation. The secrets to wearing animal prints are easy to master, and you can start off small and work into bolder options. They never go out of style, so investing in good quality animal print clothing makes good economic sense.

This chapter will develop a definition of animal print because this ensures that we are all talking about the same thing. Then, we will discuss if you should be wearing animal prints and what wearing them has to say about you.

What does animal print mean?

Manufacturers make animal print fabric to resemble the skin or fur of animals, and they may look like leopards, zebras, giraffes, dogs, or other animals. While technically not an animal, manufacturers also include birds and reptiles in this category.

The trend toward wearing animal print clothes started in the 1930s with the release of the original Tarzan the Apeman in 1932, which introduced many people to the trend of wearing animal prints. The trend continued into the 1940s and 1950s fashion, with many pinups wearing animal prints. 

Leopard print became especially popular after Christian Dior included it in his collection. It is a trend that has not gone away for almost 100 years, and it shows no signs of going away soon, so you will want to include it in your wardrobe.

While pinup girls often wore leopard print lingerie in the 1940s, you can find almost any type of animal print clothing today. While I will go into detail in the next chapter on the kinds of animal prints, if you love to wear dresses, then one or more animal print dresses are perfect for you. 

Woman leopard animal print lingerie

There are long formal options, tea-length options, and miniskirt options available. You will also want to think about adding animal-print tops and leggings to your closet.

Animal prints are also perfect for guys. An animal-print button-down shirt may be the perfect casual dress option. You can also find entire blazers featuring animal-print fabric. There is no doubt you will look great in an animal-print coat.

Is animal print in fashion?

While there have been changes in the popularity of certain animal prints, it has remained a fashion statement for more than 90 years, and it is one trend that is not going away. One of the reasons that animal prints stay in style is that people perceive them as exotic and want to travel to exotic lands where those animals live.

You can create many looks with animal prints. For example, consider pairing a leopard print blouse with your favorite jeans to create a sporty casual outfit. Animal prints are ideal for layering. 

For instance, you can add a pop of color to a black-and-white outfit by adding a cheetah vest. It is also an excellent option for pairing with other prints. You might want to wear a zebra-print pullover with a white floral skirt. Another fabulous idea is to wear a cow-print shirt with your cowboy boots and a short skirt.

Men can also wear animal prints. As a general rule, keep large prints on the upper part of your body. Usually, it is best to stick to one large print, but you can repeat it in a smaller version if you want, as it will help tie your outfit together. 

While it is easier to put together an outfit with smaller prints, the current trend is to wear one bold statement piece and surround it with neutral colors.

There are many different looks that men can easily pull off. Consider wearing an animal-print shirt as part of a suit. An Animal-print hoodie looks ideal when worn with black sweatpants to the gym. Consider wearing an animal-print sweater with tailored pants.

Who can wear animal prints?

There is an animal print that is ideal for everyone. The key is to consider your body’s silhouette. If you are wider on the bottom than on the top, wear smaller prints on the bottom and larger ones on top, as it will help balance your look. If your bust is large, then wear bigger prints on the bottom.

Your body type will help determine which animal prints look best on you. As I’ve already mentioned, if you have a bigger bottom than the top, you are likely a pear shape. You should wear smaller prints on your legs.

If your bust is your largest part, you may have an apple-shaped body. In that case, you should wear big prints on the bottom. This will help balance out your look. Consider wearing a solid-colored top with an animal print on the bottom, like pants or a skirt.

If you have an athletic build body shape, especially if you are tall, then head-to-toe animal prints are often a great way to go. While you can wear small prints, choose options in bold colors. Almost every animal print comes in a variety of colors.

Petite women should avoid large prints as they will overwhelm the body. Instead, opt for smaller prints. If you are short, options, wearing a print arranged in vertical stripes, will make you look taller.

Men will also want to think about the shape of their bodies when choosing animal prints. Consider wearing smaller prints on the biggest parts of your body to make them appear smaller and larger prints on smaller parts of the body to make them appear larger.

When can you wear animal prints?

You can wear animal prints all year long. Therefore, you will want to invest in several pieces to add to your wardrobe. A statement coat or layers is a perfect option in the winter. Meanwhile, bold-colored animal prints are ideal options in the summer.

A great way to wear animal print in the winter is to wear an animal-print coat. Consider pairing a faux fur coat with high heels for more formal occasions in the evening. Think about creating a casual outfit by pairing animal-print boots with your favorite jeans and a neutral-colored top. 

Animal print is also an ideal option for layering. Consider creating a vintage look to wear to a casual restaurant by wearing an animal print under a waist-long jacket. Then, wear a solid color on the bottom.

Many people instantly think of tropical locations when they see animal prints, making them ideal for summertime wear. If the weather is cool in the morning and gets hotter during the day, consider an animal-print jacket. 

If you work in an office, consider tying an animal-print scarf around your neck and wearing a monochromatic outfit. When headed to a casual restaurant, consider animal-print pants or tops.

Men can also wear animal prints throughout the year. Consider adding an animal-print shirt under a blazer. Depending on the weight of the blazer, you can do this in the winter or the summer, and it is a perfect choice to wear to a casual meal. 

Consider wearing animal-print shoes with your favorite jeans. In the summer, you can wear a t-shirt and once the weather turns cooler, wear them with a hoodie.

Spring and fall are ideal times to wear animal prints. In the spring, you may want to consider prints that incorporate animals from warmer countries as people’s minds start turning to where they are going for summer vacation. You may wish to integrate farm prints in the fall as people start thinking about harvest time.

What does animal print say about you?

Wearing animal print can deliver many messages. When it comes to exotic prints, like giraffe, zebra, or cheetah, it lets people know that you are independent and sexual. Other animal prints, like dog or horse prints, can let people know that you love a particular type of animal.

Woman zebra print suit ankle boots sunglasses

You may find that you love wearing a particular animal print. For example, if you adore wearing zebra print, you likely have a free spirit. You may find yourself gravitating towards other free spirits.

If you love wearing leopard print, then you are independent and confident. You are likely to be a person who pushes rules to their limits or steps over them and hopes not to get caught. You may even occasionally do something that most people find shocking.

People who love wearing crocodile prints are often ready to snap up whatever life sends their way. They are prepared to take on the world, and they usually do not care if they have to eliminate the enemy to get to their goal.

People who love wearing cow prints have a deep appreciation for rural living. They are far more comfortable in their jeans than in a dress, even when wearing one is required. They are often lovers who believe that everyone has a good side.

If you love wearing tortoise print, you may be ready to accept the world at a slower pace. You may find it easy to accept whatever comes your way. You may also find that you struggle to overcome obstacles, but you do it one step at a time.

Snake animal prints often send the message that you are a danger and that people should stay away. Therefore, the person choosing them usually has a very competitive side. If you need a psychological edge over your competition, think about wearing snakeskin prints often.

Woman bikini snake

If you love peacock prints, you may be a very colorful person, and diverse activities may fill your life. For example, you may be a good student who loves rock and roll music, Art Deco artwork, and Asian food.

What to wear with animal print shoes?

There are an incredible number of outfits you can wear with animal print shoes. You will want to think about the colors in the animal print so that you do not clash with them in the rest of your outfit. Since animal print shoes are often bold, you may want to wear solid colors so that they pop.

It is often a great idea to wear an outfit that will not cover your shoes, making them easier to see. For example, you may want to wear them with your skinny jeans as pants with wider legs would cover your shoes. You may also want to think about wearing them with tailored pants as they have narrow legs.

When choosing which pants to wear with your animal-print shoes, select colors that work together. You should not wear the exact same color as in the shoes because it will end up clashing as it will never be close enough. Therefore, think about the color wheel and wear an opposite or split-complementary color on the bottom.

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What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes Ideas – Outfits With Leopard Print Shoes
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The next step in choosing a pant outfit to wear with animal print shoes is to decide how formal you want to be with your outfit. You can wear them with casual outfits, like khaki pants, sweatpants or cargo pants. They also look super when worn with tailored pants for a more formal appearance.

In addition to wearing animal print shoes with pants, you can also wear them with dresses. Animal print boots look super cute, worn with miniskirts. Many options also work well with more formal dresses but choose options that stay close to your body to see the shoes easily. As long as you leave a break between the shoes and your dress’ hemline, they also look adorable with dresses and skirts of any length.

There are many terrific ways to wear animal prints. In this chapter, I have barely scratched the surface. In the next chapter, I will cover more details about the different options in animal prints. 

Therefore, make sure to keep reading. In fact, this next chapter is one that you may want to bookmark or print out so that you can use it as a reference to the different types of animal prints when you are shopping.

Types of animal prints

One of the reasons animal prints are so incredibly fun to wear is the wide variety of available prints. While leopard, zebra, cheetah, tiger giraffe, and snakeskin are the most common ones, they are not the only ones.

Additionally, manufacturers have recreated these prints in various colors, so you can easily find an option to wear every day and on many different occasions.

When choosing which animal print to wear, think about the message you want to deliver to those you encounter. For instance, selecting a cheetah print provides a message of speed, while wearing a cow print sublimely lets people know that you are ready to be cuddled.

Male cheetah print shirt
Source: drake s takes on Unsplash

You will want to consider how you wish to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe. For example, you may want to carry an animal print handbag or wear animal print shoes, and you may also want to wear animal print tops or bottoms. 

The choice is up to you, but most people find it easier to start incorporating animal prints slowly before going bold with an entire animal print outfit.

Learning more about the different prints available is a great place to start. This list is not exhaustive, but it will help you make wise choices before you begin exploring ideas on your own.

Leopard print

Like leopards in the wild, leopard print has a series of black dots in a random pattern on a deep beige or gold background. Each of the black dots usually has some lighter and darker places, and they often have a dark gold attached to them. In order to be more authentic, look for options with a black dot in the center. The pattern, called rosettes, are often of various sizes.

You can wear leopard print in many ways. When putting together a leopard print outfit, consider pairing it with black or white. You can also wear leopard print with browns and rust colors. It is best to avoid bright colors unless the item has strayed away from a leopard’s true colors.

You may want to consider wearing a leopard print coat resembling this animal’s soft fur. Leopard print leggings with a black t-shirt are a fantastic option for running errands around town. 

Choose a leopard print dress and wear it with your strappy heels. High-waisted leopard print trousers are ideal for most offices when paired with a white button-up blouse.

Cheetah print

A cheetah’s spots are very similar to the leopard and jaguar, except they are entirely black, with no spot in the center. Usually, fabric manufacturers create cheetah fabric using a lighter-colored background. These spots are irregular, but they are generally smaller than those found in leopard print clothing.

This fabric is perfect for wearing with pastels. Baby pink and baby blue both look fantastic. It also looks super when paired with an apple or medium green. Of course, you can always wear it in neutral colors. Camel often looks superb when worn with jaguar print.

Consider carrying a jaguar print handbag with a camel monochromatic outfit. Jaguar print pants with a baby blue turtleneck look super on a cold winter day. You may also want to let a pair of jaguar shoes peek out from under a navy blue skirt and a beige top.

Crocodile print

Manufacturers often tan leather from crocodiles to make wallets, belts, and handbags. The skin is also used to make crocodile boots and shoes. They also create faux crocodile leather in many different colors using petroleum-based materials. 

Hand holding crocodile bag
Source: Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

Both options are soft to the touch and water-resistant. It has excellent insulating capabilities, so it is perfect for outerwear.

There are at least three types of crocodiles used in fashionwear. Caiman skins are the least expensive of the natural crocodile fabrics, and tanneries often dye this fabric in about 30 colors. Nile crocodile skins are often used in footwear. 

Usually, tanneries produce five-to-10 colors, which manufacturers turn into various items. The most expensive type of leather is the American alligator. Since these skins are very hard to keep in stock, tanneries usually produce them only in one or two colors.

Crocodile fabric looks like it has large scales on it. You will love wearing shoes made from crocodile-embossed materials. While you may want to stick with just one item, stick with the same texture in each article if you decide to wear more than one. 

You can find dresses, skirts, and blazer outfits made from crocodile fabric, so it is an easy option to wear.

Cow print

Starting in about 2019, the trend for wearing cow prints increased, as did the trend for wearing western wear. These prints often have a white background and a large black blob, but many color options are readily available.

There are an incredible number of ways to wear cow print. Consider a faux fur coat made with cow print. Cow print dresses are a great option, especially when worn with a denim jacket and black boots. 

Printed skirts are another fantastic option, and think about wearing them with a solid-color top matching the blobs. A cow print bag in brown-and-white or black-and-white is the perfect accessory for carrying with almost any outfit. 

A cow print top and a denim skirt worn with your boots or low-profile sneakers are ideal for a fair or farmers’ market.

Snake print

Snakeskin can be from reptiles, so it has a natural pattern, or it can be printed on many fabric types. The most common snakes used to create natural snakeskin fabric are pythons and Ayers. Python is extremely delicate, so most fashion designers use Ayers. 

This snakeskin has a diamond-shaped pattern. You may also find other types of snakes used, and they each have their distinctive pattern. You may find clothing made from Indian cobras, rattlesnakes, vine snakes, anacondas, boa constrictors, and water snakes.

Since snakeskin can be pretty expensive, many manufacturers use faux snakeskin. Wearing or carrying genuine snakeskin can be costly, so it is often a privilege reserved for those with a significant disposable income. Some individuals also have a moral problem with using real snakeskins.

Before buying a leather print item, consider its care requirements. You may need to send genuine snakeskin items to a specialty cleaner. Additionally, you should never wipe against the grain.

Hyena print

You can find two types of hyena fabric. Both have dark brown irregularly shaped spots on a light-tan background. One type has random spots, while in the other, the spots are arranged in vertical rows. 

The latter is an ideal option for individuals who want to look taller. These prints look similar to leopard and cheetah prints, but the background has a tan appearance, and the spots are usually elongated.

You can wear hyena prints in many colors. They look incredibly sharp when you wear a hyena-print shirt with a pair of coral pants. They also work well when worn with oranges and reds. 

Make people think about the hyena’s natural environment by wearing hyena prints with forest green. In most cases, it is better to avoid light colors when wearing hyena prints, like whites and lavenders.

Hyena prints are often ideal for larger people because the pattern is smaller. While you should never mix different prints, think about wearing hyena prints on areas of your body that you want to appear smaller.

Giraffe print

Giraffe printed fabric usually has rectangular-shaped dark tan clustered tightly on a light tan background. The blobs resemble cow prints in many ways, except that they are in a different color. Its neutral color scheme makes it a great print for beginners learning to wear prints fashionably.

Since giraffe print is bold, you will only need minimum accessories to put together a great outfit. This helps to make the giraffe print stand out even more. You may want to wear one color for your clothes and accessories.

While giraffe print usually is a large design, it can be a smaller design. Therefore, if you are a bigger person or want to wear it on the biggest parts of your body, consider options with a smaller print. This fabric is ideal for putting together a monochromatic tan outfit or wearing giraffe print shoes with your favorite black dress trousers.

Jaguar print

A jaguar’s natural pattern looks very similar to a leopard, except that there is a brown one instead of a black dot in the middle of the rosette. These dots can be extremely small or much larger, and the background color is also more of a sandy color.

Like leopard print, you can wear neutral colors with jaguar prints. If the clothing item has warm undertones, it will pair beautifully with sepia, rust, cream, and beige. If the item is lighter in color, pair it with oranges, reds, greens, and blues.

There are many ways to wear jaguar print. A jaguar print top looks fabulous with your skinny jeans. Alternatively, men and women can wear jaguar tops with white cargo pants. A jaguar vest is an ideal option to wear under a brown blazer.

Peacock print

Peacocks are viewed worldwide as a sign of royalty, and you will feel like royalty when you are wearing this beautiful print that often contains blues, greens, purples, and browns. While you can sew real peacock feathers onto a dress, it is much easier to wear a garment made with fabric resembling the beautiful color scheme of peacocks.

Model posing colorful peacock dress

Since this print is usually busy, it is best to keep your makeup, accessories, and color scheme simple. You may want to choose a color in the fabric and wear the opposite or split-complementary color for the rest of your outfit. 

For example, if you love the turquoise or oranges in animal print, wear a peacock print dress with orange earrings and shoes. You will want to avoid wearing peacock print with red as your outfit will look too intense.

Zebra print

Most zebra print fabric consists of long irregular lines on a black background. Since the two colors found in typical zebra print are black and white, this is an easy option to wear. 

While you may want to start little by adding zebra-print belts, handbags, or shoes to your outfit, you can also easily stylize a zebra print dress. Choose one in a classic cut and wear it to the office. You can also find this print in many colors, an excellent option for a casual look.

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Zébra Print : How To Adopt The Trendiest Animal Motif Of The Moment/Zébra Outfits Ideas
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Think about creating a monochromatic outfit by wearing a zebra print shirt with black dress trousers and your favorite black pumps. Since black and white are neutral colors, you can accessorize with almost any color. Therefore, you might want to think about wearing a zebra print skirt with a red top, green shoes, and jewelry.

Tortoise print

Tortoise is usually a brown spotted print that is used for accessories. It is often used in hard items as opposed to fabric. Tortoise earrings and sunglasses are trendy options. Many women can also be seen carrying a tortoise handbag. These bags often have a design similar to the lines in a tortoise’s shell.

Shirt bag sunglasses tortoiseshell pattern

It is elementary to put together a preppy outfit where you use tortoise print as the accessory color. For example, consider wearing a tweed jacket, a button-down shirt, and a pencil skirt. Since the tortoise print is generally found in brown color, it is perfect for pairing with almost any other color as you can consider it neutral.

It is also an excellent option for a pool party or a beach day. Pair your tortoise sunglasses with a tortoise headband, and wear tortoise bracelets on your wrists. Then, wear your favorite swimsuit coverup or wrap.

Tiger print

While the stripes in tigers are black on a yellow-gold background, you can find tiger print leggings, pants, blouses, and many other items in various colors. It is not the color that makes this print, but the long, irregular black lines often have jagged edges.

Tiger print was trendy in the 1970s, so consider putting together a vintage tiger print outfit. A long-sleeved knit dress that comes to just above your knee worn with black leather boots is a perfect option. You may also want to wear a tiger print crop top with your denim jeans and low-profile sneakers.

Men can also easily wear tiger prints. Consider wearing a tiger print button-down shirt over black pants with your low-profile sneakers. You may also consider wearing a tiger print vest under a casual blazer.

Dalmatian print

Most dalmatian print is black polka dots on a white background, but you can find other color combinations. This is a fun look to wear to a casual dinner when you pair it with red accessories. 

While you can wear a dalmatian print dress, a skirt paired with a button-up top is another terrific choice. For example, a dalmatian skater skirt looks fantastic paired with a skater shirt. You may also want to wear a dalmatian blazer over a black slip dress.

If you are not ready to go with a dalmatian outfit, consider using dalmatian fashion accessories. For instance, put a dalmatian headband in your hair or wear low-profile dalmatian sneakers with a black-and-white ensemble.

I have provided you with an exhaustive list of ideas for wearing animal print. In the next chapter, we will look at how to wear animal prints even in more detail. Therefore, you need to keep reading as you will not want to miss a single idea.

Animal print clothing

I sure enjoyed sharing the different types of animal prints and how to style them in the last chapter. In this chapter, we are going to continue with a similar idea. In other words, we will look at various types of animal print clothing.

Almost every idea is available in multiple animal prints, making it simple to put together different outfits. Once you discover how to put these outfits together, you may often turn to these ideas because animal print clothing is fun to wear.

Woman posing open mouth holds hat zebra print

While manufacturers design most animal print outfits for women, there are also great options for men. Both sexes will find it incredibly easy to create outfits with animal prints because most of them are in neutral colors. This allows you to match them easily with other items in your closet to make incredible outfits.

After learning about the ideas in this chapter, along with the information in the last one, you will almost be ready to put together your incredible outfits. Do not be afraid to add personal touches because these ideas are generalizations.

Animal print dresses

Regardless of the occasion, you can find a perfect animal print dress to wear. I especially love peacock bodycon dresses at formal events. When made from a shiny fabric, the different colors sparkle in the light.

You can also find many tea-and-knee-length animal print dresses. When choosing a dress, think about your body silhouette and choose one that complements it. Be sure that the large and small animal prints are in the right places to balance your body.

Zebra print red dress

If you are not ready to wear an animal print dress, consider the many ways you can accessorize a solid-colored dress, preferably in a neutral color, with animal prints. 

For instance, you may want to add an animal print belt around your waist or wear an animal print scarf around your neck. There are almost countless options, but one of my favorites is to wear a black dress with a cow print scarf and belt.

Animal print pants

Animal print pants are a great casual option that you can wear in many ways. They look super cute with a boxy sweater in the winter, or wear them with a long-fitted sweater. In either case, you will want to consider a solid-colored sweater so that you are not distracting from the animal print pants’ design or create an outfit that appears too busy. Since most animal print pants are neutrals, you can wear them with any color, including another neutral.

Animal print pants are ideal for wearing to the office or on a casual date. You can wear them with a t-shirt and a cardigan. Many blazers look great when worn with animal print pants. Additionally, they make an ideal casual date outfit worn with a camisole and denim jacket.

Animal print leggings

Animal print leggings continue to be a hot trend, and one of the reasons for that is the incredible number of ways you can style them. Most look great when worn with a graphic t-shirt and a leather or denim jacket.

Animal print leggings also work well when paired with a comfortable turtleneck. You can also wear them with a longer sweater to create an adorable casual outfit. Consider wearing your pants with over-the-knee boots and a long sweater. A large graphic t-shirt or an oversized sweater is an excellent option for creating a grunge look.

Especially on cold days, consider slipping on your animal-print leggings under a sweater dress. You can even add an animal print belt if you think your sweater dress looks a little too shapeless on you.

A terrific option, especially for the gym, is to wear your animal print leggings with an animal print crop top. In this case, you will want to stick to the same print in both items.

Animal print tops

Animal prints have a particular edginess about them, and wearing one as a top is a terrific way to endorse this. Consider wearing a pullover animal print top with black leggings. Depending on the exact print you choose, carry a black-and-white or an all-black satchel and wear your gold jewelry.

When choosing an animal print top, consider if your top half is bigger than your bottom. If it is, select a smaller print, but pick a larger print if your bottom is bigger. Since animal print is busy, you should stick with a solid-colored bottom. 

If you are not ready to go the whole way with a complete animal print top, consider options with animal print bands on them. Consider sticking to tops with a simple design because they will showcase the animal print better.

Animal print tops look super cute under blazers. Keep the look casual by choosing a deconstructed one that is a solid color. Then, opt to wear the same color on your bottom.

Animal print t-shirts

Animal print t-shirts are a fantastic option for wearing with your casual pants. This is a great place to embrace the wild colors that you can find in animal prints, like purple or pink tiger stripes or blue giraffe prints.

One option that you will want to consider is a color-block t-shirt. This is especially a fun choice for those who find a whole animal print t-shirt too edgy. These shirts often have an animal print on one side at the bottom next to a solid color. Then, they have a different color across the top.

You may also want to think about animal print shirts with solid-colored ribbing at the top or bottom. The ribbing helps complete the look when worn with a pair of pants or shirt in the same or a complementary color.

Animal print blouses

Consider wearing an animal print blouse with your black jeans. A skinny pair that stops above your ankles worn with your black ankle boots is a terrific option, but they also look fantastic when worn with your kitten heels.

Animal print shirts

Animal print shirts are available in many styles. Consider options with a simple design because animal print tends to be busy. You can choose short-sleeved or long-sleeved choices but avoid those with puffy or bell sleeves.

One idea that you will want to embrace is to wear an animal print shirt with the shape of the animal on the front. These shirts usually have animal print fabric only where the design is. So they are a great way to start small if you have yet to try wearing animal prints. These shirts look fantastic when worn with your favorite jeans.

Shirts with animal print collars are another fantastic way to start small. Consider options that you can wear under a blazer during cooler weather. Black blazers are a fantastic choice, and you can pair them with your favorite black trousers or a black skirt.

Animal print sweaters

When choosing an animal print sweater, you can select a cardigan or a pullover sweater. A pullover is a great option to wear with your distressed jeans. If you want to add some texture to your outfit, consider wearing your velvet boots.

Woman sitting outdoors hat animal print
Source: Jamar Crable on Unsplash

As I have already mentioned, wearing an animal print cardigan can be a great option. This works well with a monochromatic outfit, and it often looks great over a monochromatic black outfit. If you choose a cardigan with large prints, you can wear the same pattern in a smaller version on your shoes.

An animal print cardigan is also a great choice to wear with your jeans. In that case, you may want to wear a neutral-colored pullover shirt under the cardigan. You can also use the same idea but substitute a denim skirt for your jeans. Since the cardigan will add some width to your body, choose a skirt with a bit of flair to keep your look balanced.

Animal print skirts

You can find many styles of skirts in many different lengths and animal print patterns. One thing that most of them share in common is their simple design. This is because of the business of most animal print skirts. Most are cut to lay close to the body and hang straight down from a waistband, which may be elasticized.

Consider wearing your animal print skirt with a white or black t-shirt or knit pullover and strappy heels. Wear your sunglasses and keep your jewelry and makeup to a minimum. Carry a handbag that matches your top’s colors.

Animal print skirts look super with your boots. Again, you should wear a solid-color top. In the last chapter, I gave you some ideas of what colors look sharp with many animal prints. Then, put on your boots. You will want to keep several inches between the skirt’s hemline and the top of your boots.

Animal print coats

Men and women look fantastic in animal print coats. Consider wearing a type of coat that comes to about your knees with your black boots. Many look extremely beautiful over a black monochromatic outfit when worn open.

Think about wearing an animal print trench coat over a white monochromatic outfit on a rainy day. This looks super when worn with your leather skirt and a black top. An excellent option for your feet is black canvas low-profile sneakers, but your kitten-heel boots will also work.

Faux fur coats are a great way to stay warm in the winter. You can find them in various lengths, and think about wearing a short one with your favorite jeans and a black knit top.

When choosing your outfit, be sure not to mix animal prints. If you opt for an animal print coat, then avoid animal prints in the rest of your outfit.

Animal print swimsuit

Men and women can both wear animal print swimwear. While men can find tiger-and-zebra-strip swimwear, one of the hottest trends is to wear swimwear with a flamingo or other bright bird on them to add a pop of color to a dark background. 

Men will also want to consider turtle swimwear. This trend is the reverse of the flamingo trend, as dark-colored turtles are printed on a brightly colored background.

One-piece animal print swimsuits are perfect for the pear-shaped woman. If this is your body shape, consider a swimsuit with an animal print near the neckline while the rest of the suit is one color. 

One-piece swimsuits are also perfect for women with an hourglass figure, but they will want to wear the animal print at the waist to help balance their body shape. Think about a swimsuit with an animal belt at the waist if you have a curvy body. Women with athletic bodies will want to flaunt it by wearing a swimsuit with animal print all over.

Animal print sweatshirts

Animal print sweatshirts are an ideal choice for a cold day. Think about wearing a long one and belting it at the waist. This is a great option to wear with black leggings or your favorite black jeans. Then, put on your kitten heels.

You may also want to consider animal print sweatsuits. These suits usually have a jacket that zips up the front, so wear a black or other neutral-colored t-shirt underneath. This is a warm choice for a casual date when you wear it with your low-profile sneakers.

Like t-shirts, you may also want to think about options that have the animal printed on the front, and that is the only area of the shirt where animal print fabric is found. The rest of the sweatshirt is in a neutral color, and this is a fantastic option to pair with your black trousers.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the many ways to wear animal prints. In the next chapter, we will take a deep dive into animal print shoes. Therefore, keep reading as this is another beautiful way to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe.

Animal print shoes

A great way to start small with animal print is to wear animal print shoes. There are many types, so everyone will easily find an option they adore. In this chapter, I will examine the different alternatives available and give you ideas on how to wear them. Once you learn how to mix and match them with various outfits, they will likely become the most worn footwear in your closet.

While archeologists believe that humans have only been wearing shoes for about the last 5000 years, archeologists believe that the second-oldest pair of shoes was made of leather, and they have been carbon-dated between 3000 to 3500 BCE. 

Footwear made from leather from many animals remains a trendy choice, but many other options are available. This chapter will discuss how to put outfits together with animal print footwear.

Animal print boots

You can find many styles of animal print boots in various heights. Think about choosing an ankle-high pair and wearing it with your favorite cropped jeans and an animal print t-shirt.

Animal print boots snake
Source: The nix company on Unsplash

Knee-high boots are a great option. A brown miniskirt looks great with them if there is room between the top of the boots and the skirt’s hemline. Consider wearing a skirt with a brown button-up blouse. Ensure that the background color of your boots, skirt, and blouse are different enough that they will not clash.

Your favorite denim skirt will look great with western animal print boots. Then, wear a solid-colored t-shirt. Keeping your outfit simple is a great way to draw attention to your animal-print boots. 

On the other hand, you can wear that same denim skirt, but pair it with a top with the same print in a bigger pattern. Be sure that the colors match so that your outfit does not clash.

Animal print shoes

As you will soon learn, there are many types of shoes that go well with animal print. When opting to wear animal print shoes, keep the rest of your outfit simple. For example, consider creating a monochromatic black outfit and using animal print shoes to add a pop of color.

While you can always wear neutral colors with animal prints, I gave you a list of colors that worked well with different animal prints earlier in this chapter, so any of those ideas would easily work.

The great news is that you can wear animal print shoes all year long. You should be careful where you wear them. For example, unless you have a pair of shoes that only have an animal print design, like crocodile scutes, then avoid wearing them on formal occasions. Additionally, they should not be worn to highly somber events, like many weddings performed in houses of worship.

Animal print sandals

Animal print sandals are available in many styles. Wedge animal print sandals are an ideal choice to wear with jeans. Consider wearing a white t-shirt or button-up blouse on top.

Toe-post sandals are an excellent choice for wearing with a casual-style dress. Consider a simple A-line. You can also wear them with a skater skirt. As always, you will want to keep your outfit simple, and your makeup subdued so that your shoes stand out.

Heeled sandals are an excellent choice for wearing with your leggings. Black is an ideal choice when worn with a tunic top. Bring the outfit together by wearing a belt. If your midsection is too big, wear a skinny one. If it is one of your best features, choose a wide one.

Animal print slides are a great option to wear with beachwear clothing. They pair up nicely with your sarong if it does not have many colors or a busy design.

Animal print sneakers

Many pairs of animal print sneakers are so cute, and you can wear them in lots of different ways. I know that I have said it before, but if you wear animal print sneakers, keep the rest of your outfit simple. 

They will look best when worn with a plain-colored bottom that ends above the sneakers. Skinny jeans are often a great option when worn with a plain oversized hoodie.

This type of sneakers look great when you wear them with your favorite leggings and a crop top. This is the perfect place to create a monochromatic outfit that lets your shoes create a pop of color.

Think about wearing your animal print sneakers with your dress trousers and a white pullover shirt. Ensure the shirt does not have any puffy sleeves. It’s way better if your outfit fits close to your body. Then, wrap a neutral-colored scarf around your neck and wear a beret in the same color.

Animal print pumps

Your boyfriend jeans will look perfect paired with your animal print pumps and a neutral-colored top. If the weather is a little cool, consider topping this outfit with a deconstructed blazer. 

While you have several choices, black is often a great one. You can also wear this look with a denim jacket. Just make sure that the two colors of denim are distinctly different.

Grab your high-waisted trousers and a white button-down from your closet. This outfit will look terrific with your animal print pumps as long as the trousers are neutral-colored.

Your pumps will also look great with a short dress. Opt for one without many design details to ensure that your outfit does not become too busy. A neutral-colored one is often the best choice. 

While I usually frown upon wearing animal prints together, this is an ideal choice for wrapping a silk scarf around your neck with the same animal print as your shoes, but in a different size.

Animal print wedges

Wedges have traditionally been a summer staple, and you can pair your animal print ones in many ways. I have already touched on what to wear with wedge sandals, but let’s dive a little deeper.

If you want to wear your animal print wedge sandals to the office, consider wearing them with cropped pencil pants. The narrow legs on these pants will help show off your shoes as long as you choose a neutral-colored pair.

Another terrific way to wear your wedge sandals is with a simple dress. Choose one that ends about your knees or a little above. You can accent this look with some gold jewelry, but keep the look simple. You can also wear a deconstructed blazer if your office tends to be a little cool.

Your denim skirt is an ideal option to wear. If the skirt stays close to your body, your shirt should too. If your skirt hangs away from your body, go with a slightly looser-fitting top.

Animal print flats

I have already covered some ideal outfits for wearing with animal print flats but let me share some more ideas. Grab your skinny jeans and pair them with a tank top and a deconstructed blazer for a casual look. Your jeans can be any length, but you will want to consider cropped options if you’re going to show off your shoes.

Another fantastic choice is your neutral-colored slim trousers. Rolling up the bottom or choosing a cropped option allows you to show off your shoes and will make your legs look longer. This is an excellent option for wearing with a turtleneck and a solid-colored vest when the weather turns cooler.

Flats are also an ideal option to wear with your chinos. A linen button-up shirt is an excellent option with your chinos and animal print flats. As with your slim trousers, this gives you the option of wearing a blazer if you need it to stay warm.

Animal print heels

Animal print heels are a great option, but the trick to creating an outfit with them is to keep the look casual. Animal print stiletto heels are perfect for pairing with your favorite leggings. Then, finish the look with an oversized sweater and a belt.

Animal print heels

Animal print block heels are one of the most comfortable styles of heels to wear, and they pair beautifully with a casual denim skirt or your skinny jeans. Then, complete the look with a solid-colored t-shirt.

Kitten heels are another terrific option for casual wear, and they work exceptionally well with a solid-colored slip dress. You may also want to wear animal print kitten heels with your favorite cutoff denim shorts and a t-shirt.

Cuban animal print heels look super with a sheath dress if it has a simple design. Try wearing one in a solid color and keep your makeup natural to avoid this look becoming too upscale.

Animal print mules

You can find animal print mules in many styles. Heeled mules work well with simple midi dresses. Consider options that stay close to your body as they will better show off your footwear.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear with your skinny-legged jumpsuit, animal print mules are an ideal choice. Selecting a jumpsuit in a solid color that hangs close to your body is the best choice. While you can go with neutrals, you can also wear colors that work well with the animal print in your shoes.

Like so many choices on our list, mules also look cute when worn with your skinny jeans. You can choose to wear them with a plain t-shirt or an oversized sweater, and you will want to select an option that stays close to your body.

Animal print booties

Since booties end right at the ankle, they are an ideal choice for wearing with cropped pants. Consider wearing cropped pants under your sweater dress when the weather is cooler. One that is in a neutral color is usually best.

Booties are also an excellent option for wearing with a casual dress. Consider one in a solid color that works with the animal print on your shoes. While the dress does not have to be super short, there should be a break between the top of your booties and the skirt’s hemline. You could also wear a dress that comes to below your ankles and let the booties peak out from underneath.

When the weather warms up, animal print booties and your cropped pants are ideal for wearing with a sleeveless cotton top. While you do not have to stick to white, consider one in a solid color as it will help draw attention to your shoes. This looks perfect when worn with your straw sunhat and your sunglasses.

Animal print loafers

Guys, animal print loafers are ideal for wearing with your slim-fitting jeans and a t-shirt. Keep the outfit simple so that you do not distract from your shoes. If you need to wear a belt, choose one that matches the background color of the animal print. This outfit looks superb with a black cropped leather jacket when the weather is chilly.

Women, your black leather pants and a black button-up shirt will look super cute with your animal print loafers. You can also wear white cropped dress trousers and a black turtleneck sweater with animal print loafers. These outfits will look super with a trench coat in a neutral color worn over them.

Another option is to wear your skinny jeans and a neutral-colored crop top. Your jeans should end at or a little above the ankle. Then, pull the look together with a white deconstructed blazer. Choose one ending about mid-thigh.

I have now armed you with many ideas about wearing animal prints, but I am not done quite yet. In the next chapter, we will look at animal print accessories. They are a great option to carry or wear with almost any outfit, so be sure to keep reading.

Animal print accessories

Animal print accessories are a great way to show the world that you have the spirit of a particular animal hidden in you. It also lets the world know that you love a specific animal.

Even if that is not true in your case, carrying and wearing animal print accessories adds a fun flair to many outfits. While you will want to add many options to your collection, read this chapter first so you know about the different options available and when to use them.

Many experts recommend that you start small when experimenting with animal prints, and using these prints as accessories is a great way to do that. Since most are neutral colors, you can add them to many outfits. Additionally, seeing animal prints often makes someone smile, and therefore, they can be a great icebreaker when meeting new people.

Stylish woman snake print bag denim

You can easily use animal print fashion accessories year-round. Therefore, they are an excellent investment when adding quality items to your wardrobe because they never go out of style. 

Wearing animal prints took off in the 1930s, and while some patterns have become more popular than others for a period, none of them have gone totally out of style ever since.

Animal print jewelry

From earrings to ankle bracelets, you can find an incredible amount of animal print jewelry. The best option for animal print earrings is to wear choices opposite your face’s shape. 

For example, if you have an oval, heart-shaped, or round face, consider wearing dangle earrings to make your face look longer. If you have a square face, wearing round earrings is ideal. Women with long faces should wear long earrings, while those with short faces should opt for shorter earrings.

Since animal prints naturally make an outfit casual, you will want to stick to casual-style animal print bracelets. If your midsection is the widest part of your body, then stick to smaller choices. If this is one of your best body features, then have fun playing with wider options.

Be careful wearing ankle bracelets if you are wearing animal print footwear. If you are not, this can be an ideal choice for repeating the same animal print in a smaller pattern that you wore somewhere else in your outfit.

As you can see there are many types of jewelry that you can wear with your favorite animal print pattern.

Animal print handbags

You can find many options in animal print handbags. The best options are usually opposite of your body’s silhouette. Therefore, if you are short, carry a longer bag, or if you are tall, take a shorter one. Women who are wider than they like will want to carry narrower options, while those who are skinny will want to carry wider choices.

You can find animal print textile handbags and those made from leather. This is a personal choice, but make sure to stay away from extremely shiny options because they do not work well with the casual vibe of animal prints.

Since most animal prints are considered neutrals, you can carry them with anything. You can choose between shoulder bags, hand-held bags, and crossbody bags in many sizes. Therefore, you can find an option that works perfectly with every outfit in your wardrobe. 

You should, however, not mix different animal prints. So, if your outfit already has an animal print in it, stick to the same one or save your animal print handbag for a different day.

Animal print sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential wardrobe item each time you step outside, and you will look fantastic in animal print sunglasses. One prevalent option is tortoiseshell, but you can find others that you will love wearing.

Portrait woman smiling sunglasses
Source: The indian face on Unsplash

When choosing sunglasses, consider your face’s shape, but whichever option you choose, make sure they cover the entire eye, including the sides of your eyes. If you have a round face, consider animal print sunglasses that are square, pointed, or rectangular. 

Cat-eye and butterfly sunglasses are fantastic options. Alternatively, if your face is oval, choose animal print sunglasses with rounded points. You should avoid those that are too massive for your face. 

People with square-or-rectangular-shaped faces often look great in big animal-print sunglasses. Aviation-style sunglasses with a fun animal print are ideal for you.

You can find animal print sunglasses with prescription lenses. So please do not forgo the eye care you need because you want animal print sunglasses.

Animal print belts

In the previous chapters, I talked about wearing animal print belts. Let’s dive a little deeper into picking the right animal print belt. Men and women can both wear animal print belts, and they should choose one that is about 2 in. bigger than their waist measurement. 

If you are wearing an outfit that has belt loops, be sure to choose one that is the correct width to fit your pants because this will help keep your pants where they belong.

You should consider the animal print belt as if you were adding a piece of jewelry to your outfit. Therefore, choose one in a color that works with the rest of your outfit. In most cases, animal print belts are neutral-colored so that you can wear them with anything.

If your outfit does not have belt loops, think about your body’s silhouette. Generally, you can make your legs look longer by wearing your belt higher, and you can also make your top half look longer by wearing your animal print belt lower.

Animal print wallets

You can find animal print wallets in many styles, and they make a perfect option for men and women. When choosing a wallet, consider the number of cards you typically carry, and you should divide that number by two or three and buy a wallet with that number of slots.

Another consideration that you will want to think about is how you like to carry your cash. If you like to keep it straight, then buy a wallet that allows you to do that or if you want to fold it up, then choose an option allowing you to do that.

Decide if a bifold or a trifold option works best for you. Then, choose the animal print you want on the wallet. If you plan to carry it often, select one in a darker color as it will look cleaner longer.

Animal print scarves

There are an incredible number of ways that you can wear an animal print scarf. For example, consider substituting it for a belt or wrapping it around your neck and wearing it to add color and visual interest to your outfit. In that case, it is also ideal for keeping out the wind on a cold winter day.

Woman animal print scarf black clothes

One super cute way is to take an oversized scarf and drape it around your neck. Let the ends hang down the front and belt it. This looks great when worn with your dress trousers and a pullover knit top.

You can also decide where you want to tie an animal print scarf. You can tie it close to your neck, which is an ideal option if you’re going to skip wearing a necklace. You can also let it hang most of the way down your front and knot it near your waist.

Animal print gloves

When the weather turns chilly, animal print gloves are the perfect solution. You can find options where the whole glove is an animal print and choices where only the middle part of your hand has animal print material. 

If you choose the latter option, consider buying choices with another neutral color because you can wear them with more of your outerwear.

When shopping for animal print gloves, consider options about 0.25 inches longer than your hands, as they will do a better job of keeping your hands warm. Options that are too big are clumsy and do not insulate your hands properly, while too small choices restrict your movement.

If you live in a snowy climate, then buy gloves with a longer cuff, as they will do a better job of keeping the snow out.

You can also find gloves with incredibly long cuffs that cover your lower arm. These gloves are perfect for wearing with your thigh-high boots and your miniskirt.

Animal print hats

Animal print hats can be an ideal choice to wear with casual outfits. A faux fur animal print hat is perfect for a cold winter day. With or without a pompom, beanies are another great option to wear when the weather is brutal. You can choose options with or without a brim, and some have Bluetooth so that you can listen to your favorite tunes.

An animal print cowboy hat is ideal when worn with a western-inspired outfit. Head out to the ballgame or your favorite fishing hole in an animal print snapback. You can even find animal print sunhats to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Think about the weather when choosing a hat. You can find perfect options for keeping you warm and other options that will help you stay cooler and help keep the sun out of your eyes.

Animal print headbands

You can wear animal print headbands in many ways. The easiest way is to place the headband so that the ends are slightly in front of your ears. Then, slide it up to be on top of your head and push it down. Then, move the headband ends to right behind your ears.

There is also a multitude of animal print headbands that tie around your head. You can choose to wear the knot in the front or tuck it behind your long hair in the back. These headbands can be great on a hot day because they can help absorb sweat so that it is not getting in your eyes.

From long and straight hair to short pixie cuts, you can wear a stylish animal print headband. Since most are in neutral colors, they perfectly complement any outfit.

I have so enjoyed teaching you about animal print fashion accessories. In the next chapter, I will cover some more thoughts on how to create different styles using animal prints. You can think of these as general reminders to keep in mind when putting your animal print outfits together. Therefore, be sure that you keep reading.

How to style animal prints

So far, in this post, I have covered many ways to wear animal prints. In this part, I will remind you of some general rules to keep in mind when putting your animal print outfits together. You can easily create beautiful outfits when you follow these simple guidelines.

Once you have mastered them, you will be equipped to put together animal print outfits that you can wear confidently. You may turn to these outfits frequently because you feel so great wearing them.

Model crossed arms leopard print fur coat sunglasses

Keep in mind that you should not wear anything you are uncomfortable wearing. That is one of the reasons that people suggest that you start out wearing a small number of animal prints. Then, as you grow more comfortable, you will feel confident wearing them more and in different ways. 

As you feel more confident, start investing in high-quality items. The great news with animal prints is that you can wear them throughout the year. Therefore, investing in good quality makes perfect sense because you can wear them almost daily.

YouTube video
How to Wear Leopard or Animal Prints the *RIGHT* Way!
by Shopping On Champagne

Pair animal prints with neutral colors

You should wear animal prints with neutral colors. It is easy to put different neutral colors together with an animal print. For example, consider pairing a black pair of pants with a tank top and wear animal print jewelry. You could also wear khaki culottes and an animal print shirt. Then, choose a black handbag and jewelry.

You will want to think about when choosing neutrals is if they are worn or cool. It can be challenging to spot in individual clothing, but even with neutrals, your clothing items have warm or cool undertones. 

For example, consider a pair of gray pants. If you look at them next to other grays in your wardrobe, you will notice that they all have different undertones. Warm undertones will have orange, brown, yellow, red, pink, or white undertones. 

Other items in your wardrobe will have cool undertones. Now, look at your animal print’s background, and decide if it has warm or cool undertones. You will want to wear warm or cool undertones together.

Stick to natural colors typically found in animal patterns

There are some wild animal prints available, but for the most part, you will want to leave the shopping site or store without those items. It is better to stick to prints that replicate what is found naturally in nature. 

For example, you can find purple and pink tiger stripes but leave those items alone. Instead, opt for black stripes on a tannish background when choosing tiger stripes or black spots on a white background when choosing cow print.

One of the reasons you will want to do this is that these are neutrals, so you can easily pair them with other items in your wardrobe. You can also find different colors that they work beautifully with, but I will have more to say about that in a moment. 

Furthermore, the other options look too young for most people after reaching their teenage years. Therefore, you always want to wear clothes where the print resembles what occurs naturally in nature.

Avoid using multiple prints at the same time

One thing that you will want to avoid doing is wearing multiple prints at the same time. For example, do not wear a cow print top and leopard print pants. This even extends to your jewelry and purses. One animal print makes an outfit look beautiful, but two or more make it too busy.

While it is usually best to wear only one animal print at a time, there is an exception. If you choose a large animal print, you can wear the same animal print in a smaller pattern somewhere else. 

The larger print will look best on the smallest part of your body. For example, if your upper body is your strong suit, then wear a large patterned leopard print top and leopard print shoes. Opt for options where the design is almost the same but in different sizes.

Opt for timeless pieces that flatter your body shape

Since animal prints have not gone out of style since the 1930s, and they show no signs of doing so now, you can invest in timeless pieces that you will wear repeatedly. The great news with animal print is that you can wear them all year long.

Furthermore, animal prints can be found on many types of outfits, and therefore, everyone can find options that fit them beautifully. I already covered many details in the previous chapters about choosing fashion accessories and handbags based on your body silhouette. 

When selecting outfits, remember to keep your look balanced. While I prefer animal print clothes that stay close to the body, whichever option you choose, be sure that your top and bottom fit in the same way. One of the reasons I like close-fitting options is that animal prints are best for casual clothing, and those options stay close to the body.

Select the right accessories

Since animal print is considered neutral, you may not need any accessories. On some outfits, you may want to add a belt. If there are no belt loops, decide whether you need to elongate your top or your bottom. 

And then wear the belt at the high waist level if you want your legs to appear longer or below your waist if you want your top to appear longer. If your body is evenly balanced, wear it at your natural waistline.

You can opt to wear bright-colored jewelry of almost any color with animal print outfits, so consider the rest of your outfit. Your gold jewelry will be a great option if the print has a tan background.

Woman leopard dress sitting chair box hand jewelry

You can also carry almost any handbag with an outfit containing animal print. If your legs are your strongest suit, use a handbag that ends above your waist so that you do not distract from them. 

Alternatively, if your upper body is your strongest feature, choose a handbag that ends below your waist. You will also want to consider the width of the bag. Wider bags will make you appear narrower, while narrow bags will make you appear wider.

Keep it simple

Animal print is a busy option, so keep your outfit simple. You will want to stick to other neutral colors, and options that hang close to your body are usually best. Avoid outfits with many design details like tiered skirts and bell sleeves.

Woman posing animal print fur coat white clothes

Do not get too many colors going on. A simple denim skirt is a great option when worn with an animal print top and a denim jacket. In this case, you should make sure that the two shades of denim are distinctly different.

In most cases, you should wear pants that end at or above your ankle if you wear animal print footwear. The shoes will show off better, and your outfit will look more put together when you give your footwear space to breathe.

Wear outfits you feel comfortable in

If you do not feel great wearing an outfit, then send it back or return it to the place of purchase. Life is way too short to wear something you do not feel confident wearing. When you feel great about your look, you will feel more confident. Then, you may amaze even yourself at what you can accomplish.

In the past, many people believed that wearing animal print gave you the power of the animal that you chose to wear. While that belief is no longer widely held, you can still feel that way when wearing your favorite animal print outfits. 

When others see you, they may also think of the symbolism associated with the animal. For example, if you wear leopard print, people may know that you have an independent spirit, while if you wear tiger print, people may see you as elusive.

Start small when wearing animal prints

Start small if you are still not convinced that wearing animal prints is for you. You may even want to consider only carrying an animal print wallet or handbag. You may also want to consider animal print footwear or jewelry. When you are ready, you can effortlessly put complete outfits together.

Then, as you discover that you love wearing animal prints, you can move on to more visible options. The great thing about wearing animal prints is that they are neutrals that pair naturally with other neutrals, so it is effortless to put an outfit together.

Even when you spend money on small items, you will reap considerable dividends because animal print never goes out of style. While some animal prints may be trendier for a while, you can continue to wear them if the trend goes in a different direction. After all, people have been wearing animal prints for almost 100 years.

Invest in quality

If you are starting and working in a casual environment, buying quality animal print clothing makes excellent sense. You can easily mix and match them with neutrals that you already own to create a multitude of outfits with just a few pieces. 

Since you can wear neutrals and animal prints year-round, they make great sense because you will not have to invest in a new wardrobe when the weather changes.

As your salary goes up and your wardrobe expands, you will want to keep adding animal prints. Make sure that the pieces you add are quality because you will want to wear them for years. You can even use them to deliver subliminal messages to your bosses that you are independent and interested in fast-tracking your career.

Wear animal print year-round

There is no need to put your animal prints away, and therefore, if you have limited storage space, you can store more of your seasonal clothing. Of course, there are a few pieces that you may want to tuck away, like a beautiful animal print faux fur coat.

Consider wearing your black pants and topping them with an animal print blouse in the cooler months. Then, add a deconstructed blazer for added warmth. You may also want to pair an animal print beanie with your favorite sweater and sweatpants.

In the summer, you can wear animal print swimwear, and you may want to tuck it away in the wintertime unless you have access to an indoor pool. Otherwise, you can wear most animal print clothing throughout the year. 

You will find many ways to mix and match it, so you can have fun experimenting with different looks. As long as you stick to one piece of animal print clothing at a time and match it with neutrals, you will never be wrong.

In the next part, I will have some concluding thoughts, so keep reading. I will also have more comments about wearing animal prints and some recommendations on what you should do when you finish reading this article.


I hope you are ready to let your personality shine through by wearing animal print clothing. These casual outfits will never go out of style, and you now know many ways to wear animal prints. 

While you may want to start small with accessories, you have the knowledge to put together stunning outfits with animal print tops, pants, coats, and accessories.

If you have a friend who needs some fashion advice, share this article with them. They will love learning more about leopard, tiger, giraffe, cow, and other animal prints.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. We are a friendly group that wants you to get great answers to your questions.

We mentioned a lot of clothing in this post, and you can find many posts on those items and how to wear them fashionably. Therefore, do not let this be the end of your fashion education. Instead, pick out another post and learn more about fashion.

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