Workout outfits for women: How to Choose + Outfit Ideas

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Some women love to work out, and others hate it, but they force themselves to do it anyway because they know it is good for them. It does not matter which camp you belong to; wearing great workout clothes is essential. They will help keep you safer. You will feel more confident when you know that you look great while running down the road or lifting weights in the gym.

This guide is designed to help you buy great workout outfits for women. It includes many pointers on what to look for when purchasing particular items. I have also included ideas on how to put exercise clothing together.

Take a break from the gym and read this helpful guide.

Women’s workout clothes FAQ

Everyone needs to exercise to keep themselves healthy. Yet, knowing what to wear when you exercise can be challenging. Wearing the right clothes can help you feel more comfortable and even keep you safer in some cases.

There is no doubt that wearing the right clothes can also help you look better. Yet, you may find it challenging to pick out the right exercise clothes. This chapter and the ones that follow will help answer your questions about how to select women’s workout clothes.

In the 1920s, publications like Good Housekeeping and Vogue recommended that women wear kimono robes and pajamas to exercise around their homes. Then, women started wearing bloomers, and these pleated shorts were big enough to look like skirts. 

Thankfully, Gertrude Moran wore a ruffled top and shorts to play in the 1949 Wimbledon Tennis Championships, and soon, women everywhere were wearing workout clothes.

You can find many types of workout clothes. In this chapter, I will start by explaining the many different types of women’s workout clothing that is available and help you learn what to look for when buying new clothes to wear to the gym.

What are women’s workout clothes?

Women’s workout clothes are the items of clothing that a female wears to work out. You can think of them in three large categories. One category is the footwear that a woman wears to work out. The second category is the base layer, including things like underwear, socks, and bras. The third category is shorts, leggings, and tops.

While most people focus on the top layer, footwear is essential. Be sure you choose options that support your arch and offer enough cushion for your heels. Choose a pair that has plenty of room in the toe box so that your toes can move as you exercise.

You will want to focus on at least two factors when choosing proper socks, underwear, and bras for exercising. Look for options that provide you with the level of support that you need to stay comfortable and look your best. 

Be sure that they are made from breathable fabric. This allows for the exchange of air so you will stay cooler. It also helps to wick away moisture so that your feet stay healthier and your shoes do not stink.

When choosing shorts, leggings, and tops, be sure that they are long enough to cover your body when exercising adequately. You will want to select options that stay in place around your midsection. Avoid pants with wide legs as they can get caught up in exercise equipment.

Woman sitting floor wight workout

You will also want to select options that make you look great. For example, you should choose an outfit that fits your body’s silhouette. You should choose options that do not make you look shorter than you are by creating a line across your middle if you are petite. 

If you are working out because you need to lose weight, consider options that make you look taller. I will offer more details on this in a little bit.

What type of clothes should you wear when exercising?

You should wear clothes that properly support you and help to keep you comfortable when working out. Choose options that are made of cotton or another breathable material. Consider the temperature where you are exercising and how you will stay warm or cool while getting there.

Not every woman should wear the same type of exercise clothes as they are not created for every body type. As I have already suggested, women who have a larger midsection will want to avoid making a line across their middle. 

Instead, consider wearing monochromatic outfits or adding patterns on your chest or around your neck to draw the viewer’s attention upwards.

Short women may want to consider wearing options that have lines down their sides to help them look taller. For example, bicycle shorts with stripes down their sides can be a great choice.

If you are skinny, consider options that make you look wider. Adding pops of color on the upper right chest and the lower-left short leg, or vice versa, can be a great choice. You may also want to consider options that have a design around your middle as it will help divide up your body.

Consider if your upper or lower body is your strongest asset. Wearing colorful choices there while wearing neutrals on the less desirable part will draw attention to the part that you want to emphasize.

Dressing in layers is an excellent choice for those who exercise outside or need to travel to the gym during cooler weather. Make sure that your base layer helps remove moisture from your skin, as that will help you stay warmer.

What Should Overweight Women Wear to the Gym?

People will talk about your weight issue but remember that it is none of their business. Start with a great t-shirt with a motivational message on it. Then, pair it with high-waisted shorts or leggings. Finding the perfect sports bra will give you the support that you need.

The best t-shirt for working out will cover your midsection and stop about mid-hip. Choosing a cotton option can be a great choice because it will help absorb sweat from your body. Choosing an option with a pattern will help disguise any sweat stains.

The best shorts for overweight women to wear to the gym are comfortable options. Stay away from skintight choices, as they will make your curves seem even more pronounced. 

At the same time, you should avoid too loose options as they may get caught up in exercise equipment, causing an accident. High-waisted options are often a great choice because they provide more coverage.

Alternatively, choose a pair of leggings. Black choices will help your body appear smaller. Select an option that has lots of stretch to it. They will move better with your body. Additionally, as you begin to lose weight, they will still fit your body for a while.

Plus size model woman sporty look

You need to select footwear with lots of cushioning in it. Be sure that it has deep heel cups to help your foot stay in place. Select an option that has a way for air to get into the shoes and out to help control odor issues. You should never wear your shoes without socks.

While I will have more to say in the next chapter, a proper sports bra is necessary. It will help your breasts stay in place and keep you looking your best.

What fabrics are best for women’s workout clothes?

While you always want to look sharp, the two main factors to consider when choosing workout fabrics are their ability to wick moisture away from the body and their breathability. 

Keeping these two factors in mind ensures that moisture leaves your body and that cool air can reach it. The best choices are polyester, nylon, spandex Molino wool, and bamboo.

Woman shopping sports clothes

No one wants to exercise with sweat on their body. Likewise, wearing sweat-laden exercise clothes is miserable. Therefore, you need to consider options that will let you feel comfortable because you will work harder and longer. 

Polyester is often a great choice because it is durable and resistant to wrinkles, and it does an excellent job of wicking away moisture.

Nylon is another excellent choice as it is soft and lightweight. It is also mildew-resistant, in case you are so tired from your workout that you do not feel like doing your laundry. It also does an excellent job of keeping moisture from building up on your body without the fabric becoming heavy.

Many exercise clothes contain some spandex, allowing the fabric to move as you move. Spandex stretches up to eight times its original size, so it is ideal for exercises requiring a large range of motion. While other fabrics are more breathable and moisture-wicking, it does a decent job of both.

Many female athletes may be surprised to see Molino wool on this list. If you love to exercise outside during the winter, it can be a fantastic choice because of its insulating capabilities. When it is cold, it is an excellent insulator. When your body warms up, it wicks away moisture beautifully.

Many people are still learning about the benefits of wearing bamboo workout clothes. It is usually combined with other fabrics to create lightweight clothing. Many people choose it as an alternative to artificial materials because it is environmentally friendly. 

It does a great job of removing moisture from your body. A significant advantage of bamboo is that it will not fade, so you can wear your favorite workout gear longer.

While I have mentioned many types of workout clothes in this chapter, we will dive deeper into the different options in the next chapter, so be sure to keep reading. You will find sections on almost every type of workout clothes, so do not buy your next workout outfit until you read what I have to say.

Workout clothes for women

In the last chapter, I touched on many types of workout clothes for women. In this chapter, I will dig deeper into the subject. In many cases, I will tell you about different options you can choose from as well as share some buying advice.

Females are fortunate today as many choices are available, and most can be worn in public. It was not so many years ago that women were strictly forbidden to wear shorts. 

For example, the Illinois state legislature banned women from wearing shorts to many public events in the 1930s. As late as 1945, women were still forbidden to wear shorts as they walked along public streets in many Southern conservative communities, including Muleshoe, Texas.

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Thankfully, women can now wear workout clothes in public and exercise in most gyms. Before you head there, keep reading to learn more about different women’s workout clothes.

Workout tops for women

There are many types of women’s workout tops available. If you usually get warm when you exercise, a tank top can be a great choice. You will want to consider cropped tanks that barely show your midriff. These shirts are super soft and fit like a sports bra. 

Another great option is a racerback tank. It also fits like a sports bra, and you can find extended options or choices that show a little of your midriff. Muscle tees are another fantastic option. 

Look for options that stay close to your body and are made from a stretchy material because they will naturally move as you do. A t-shirt can also be a great choice. Consider ones offering unique technology that helps to control odors.

If you love working out outside regardless of the weather, consider merino wool in the winter. You can probably wear it by itself until temperatures drop below 30 degrees. Then, you may need to add a jacket. 

Think about tops made from a breathable material with UV protection built into them in the summer. You can select the length you prefer, which may depend on the weather.

Workout leggings for women

Your leggings must fit while you are exercising. When trying on leggings, pay special attention to the crotch. If there is any sagging there, they will fall while you are moving. If your exercise routine focuses on lifting weights without a lot of movement, grab mid-rise leggings as they offer more support. 

Sporty woman using resistance band home workout

Alternatively, if you run or move a lot, choose high-rise options as they will stay in place better. Fleece-lined leggings are a great choice for exercising outdoors in the winter.

If you usually do yoga and stretching, think about the softness of the material. Alternatively, if you typically do run or get hot, think about those with sweat-wicking technology.

Women’s workout shoes

You will want at least two pairs of workout shoes if you exercise every day as they will last longer. You also need to learn how to get the smell out of shoes because that may become an issue, especially in shoes that cannot be thrown in the washer.

The type of shoes that are best for you depends on the kind of exercise you are doing. If you love to run or do high-intensity interval training, choose lightweight shoes with lots of cushioning. A deep heel cup will help them stay in place. 

Alternatively, if you enjoy weightlifting, then choose a shoe with a hard outer shell that has a flexible forefoot. Finally, if yoga and similar exercises are your preference, concentrate on finding shoes that have excellent arch support and that are breathable.

Workout shorts for women

Start choosing workout shorts for women by choosing between women’s and unisex shorts. Generally, women’s shorts fit a female’s waist, hips, and thighs better. Longer shorts work better for endurance sports and exercising in cooler weather. Shorter shorts are best for hot environments and where leg range of motion is essential.

While you can always wear your bermudas or create an amazing biker shorts outfit for exercise, experts divide athletic shorts into two large categories. Compression shorts help keep your muscles from getting fatigued, help you feel less exerted, and help keep your muscles oxidated. Meanwhile, V-notch shorts stay out of the way when doing leg exercises, offer better airflow, and may help you be more flexible.

Especially if you sweat a lot, consider shorts with a liner as they offer better moisture management, helping you stay dry and comfortable. This can lead to fewer rashes where your legs rub together.

Workout shirts for women

When choosing workout shirts for women, one of the first characteristics that you will want to look for is a shirt made from manufactured materials that breathe well. As I mentioned earlier, spandex, nylon, and polyester are all excellent choices. 

If you are moving a lot, choose an option that hugs your body, but you can choose a more relaxed fit if you are doing yoga. Depending on where and when you exercise, consider options with built-in sun protection or odor-reducing capabilities. Short-sleeve or no-sleeve options will help to keep you cooler, while long-sleeve options are ideal for cooler weather.

Shirts made from compression fabric may help to reduce muscle fatigue. Therefore, you may have fewer injuries. A great option when exercising in the winter is shirts with unique technology that help to trap your body heat. 

You can find other choices with novel technology, like using latex and curved metal rods designed to help your body release water weight.

Workout tanks for women

While I have already covered many types of women’s workout tanks, consider some factors when buying them. Start by choosing tanks that are the right size for you. Tanks that are too tight may cause chaffing, while those that are too loose may get caught in exercise machines or interfere with your movement. 

Choose a top with a high armhole as it will interfere less with your actions and causes less chaffing. It is best to move in a tank to ensure it stays in place before buying it. Choose a fabric that is right for your workout. If you will not sweat much, then cotton is an ideal choice. Choose an artificial material to help wick moisture away if you sweat more.

The straps on the tank should make you feel supported. Women with small chests can often wear spaghetti-strap tanks, while those with larger chests will feel better in a tank with wider straps.

Workout gloves for women

Especially if you enjoy lifting weights, then workout gloves are essential. You can find them made from a variety of fabrics. Leather options are very durable, and they help provide a better grip. 

If your palms get sweatier, consider options made from rubber with an inner lining designed to remove moisture. Neoprene gloves offer water resistance, and they are thermal. 

Silicone gloves may enhance a woman’s grip. Cotton mesh gloves are incredibly breathable. Spandex options are easy to wash and are very elastic.

Select options that have wrist straps. Those with the widest straps provide the most support. Full-finger gloves cover the palm and fingers. They provide the most coverage possible. 

Most people find fingerless or half-finger gloves to be more comfortable because they are more breathable. Be sure to select a pair that fits you perfectly. Measuring your dominant hand before shopping is usually a great idea.

Women’s workout sneakers

There are many types of sneakers on the market, and you must choose the style that fits the kind of exercise you do. Lateral support and cushioning are vital in walking shoes. Running sneakers and trainers provide no lateral support, so you should only use them for running. 

Detail women feet sneakers

Look for options with lots of cushioning. While there is not enough cushioning in cross-trainers for long walks and running, they offer excellent lateral support for workouts where you need to make quick movements. 

Hiking sneakers provide lateral support and cushioning, which makes them a great option when you want a pair of sneakers that you can wear for various activities. Their thick sole makes them heavier than some other available options.

While you can easily throw many types of sneakers in the washing machine, you cannot clean others using that method, and you should always wash your shoes regularly. Therefore, you need to learn how to clean sneakers.

Workout pants for women

There are several different types of workout pants available. Depending on your chosen activity, you will find some are safer and more comfortable to wear. You will also want to consider how breathable they are so you do not get overly hot.

Short and long-running pants often help cut down on wind resistance, allowing you to enjoy your run more. Look for options that stay close to your body, as wide legs may trip you up while running. You also need a pair that wicks sweat away. 

If your favorite activity is yoga or Pilates, then choose an option that still stays close to the body but is a little looser to be more comfortable. Look for options that do not sag in the crotch as they will stay up better. 

Workout leggings, sometimes called fitness leggings, are a great option for gym classes and general exercise. Wearing breathable options that stay close to your body makes it easier for an instructor to see if you are doing exercises correctly, which may reduce the risk of injuries.

Workout dresses for women

While many women choose workout dresses to lounge in at home, skorts, skirts, and dresses can be a great option to exercise in. Skorts come in at least two different styles, with the ones with a layer in the front helping to camouflage excess weight that you may be carrying in your midsection.

Options with an A-line cut do not cling to the body, and they often look best on women who want to camouflage their curves, but if they get too far away from exercise machines, they can get caught up, causing accidents. 

It is easier to move and often safer to wear options with a straight-line cut. Options with elastic waistbands are easier to move in. Consider the overall length so that it is long enough to cover you comfortably while exercising. Options with built-in shorts can be a great idea. You can find dresses with compression and regular shorts.

Workout bodysuits for women

There are many different styles of bodysuits, and you will want to pick one that fits your body’s silhouette because they are all made a little different. Start by making sure that the straps stay comfortably in place when you move. 

Options with adjustable straps are a great choice. Especially if you have a larger bust, one with reinforcement in that area can help you maintain your shape while exercising. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the legs stay down when you move. 

It is vital that you feel confident wearing the suits you choose because they will discourage you from sticking with your exercise routine if you do not. Select options that end just above your knees as they are less likely to ride up while exercising. 

Like other exercise clothes, look for options that will wick away moisture and help you stay cool. If you are doing yoga or Pilates, think about options made from a soft material, and you will always want options that stretch well.

Sports bras for women

According to Runners World, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, but if you follow a few simple tips, you can join the 20% that wear the correct size. Your bra should allow you to insert two fingers underneath the straps. 

If you have ever worn a bra where the straps constantly cut into your shoulders, you know the pain is real. If there are wrinkles in the cup, it is usually an indication that it is too big for you. 

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The bottom of the bra should lay flat against the skin under your breasts. Be sure to move, jump and stretch in the bra to ensure it stays in place.

One key factor in buying a sports bra that you will love is considering what you will do in it. If you are going to do yoga, walk, or do strength training, then a low-impact sports bra is ideal. 

These sports bras usually have a cupless design and work by compressing the breast against the chest wall. Alternatively, if you love mountain biking, running, and high-intensity interval training, then a high-impact sports bra is ideal. These options usually have cups that hold your breast in place.

Workout underwear for women

Encouraging sweat and moisture to leave this area is especially important to avoid bacteria build-up, so be sure to wear cotton or synthetic underwear that will wick away moisture while exercising. 

Select seamless options so that they do not chaff you raw while exercising because that can hurt. While I have recommended tight-fitting clothing in many places, your exercise underwear should loosely fit as it makes it easier for moisture to evaporate. 

No one has time for a yeast infection or other bacterial issues. If you see indentions or redness when you take them off, they are too small.

Briefs are the best option because they offer more support than other choices. You will also want to choose options that are lightweight and breathable.

Women’s workout socks

One of the first decisions you will need to make is what length of workout sock you want to wear. Runners often choose no-show or low-cut socks because there is less fabric to fall in the shoe, causing blisters and other problems. 

Crew socks are a great multi-purpose option that is great for many activities. Mid-calf socks are ideal for exercising outside in cooler weather as they offer more coverage. Over-the-calf and knee-high socks can be great options when wearing other protective gear, such as shin guards.

A second consideration is the material of the socks. Wool is an ideal insulator for women who love to exercise outdoors regardless of the weather. Acrylic socks offer great support while nylon is very durable, and you will find many options where the two pair beautifully together.

Padding on the front and heel provides extra comfort when running or doing other high-impact exercises. Compression socks can improve oxygen levels in the blood and help to make blood flow faster. Consider options that have unique technology to remove moisture and control odors.

Workout hoodies for women

Wearing a workout hoodie can help prevent injuries because it helps keep your muscles warmer when you are starting to exercise. Be sure to choose one made from breathable materials so that you do not get too hot when exercising. 

Hoodies are an ideal way to layer an outfit. You may want to consider options with pockets as they are perfect for carrying things that you might forget, such as your headphones or exercise gloves. 

While working out in a hoodie may cause you to lose more water weight, many experts caution against wearing it for more than a few minutes because it can cause heat exhaustion.

When choosing a hoodie, be very careful about options with long strings on the front if you plan to wear them while exercising on machines. They can easily get caught up and cause injuries. Alternatively, they make great options when running in cooler weather because you can tie the hood snugly around your head.

Workout swimsuits for women

The type of swimsuit that you choose will depend on your exercise goals. If you are focused on swimming faster and making technical moves, wear a swimsuit that maximizes your range of motion. 

It should have thin straps, an open back, and high cutouts for your legs. Alternatively, if you want to burn calories while having fun with your group, consider wearing a swimsuit with wide shoulder straps to support you better. You can also opt for choices that provide better coverage.

If you frequently go swimming, think about the fabric’s durability. Polyester blended with spandex can be a fabulous choice. Another fantastic choice is stretch polyester. There are many different choices in stretch polyester. 

And you will often see these branded by where workers made the fabric with specialized names. Feel the material and see if it is comfortable because many unique textures are available.

Workout skirts for women

The most comfortable workout skirts usually have an elastic waistband. Choose an option designed to be worn high on your waist as they will stay in place better when you are moving. 

Most women prefer options ending about their knees as they love the coverage when bending over or stretching. Many exercise skirts have shorts attached to the underside, which may be designed to be completely hidden or may only be visible in the back.

You can find form-fitting options and other options with a bit of flair. This is a personal choice, but be cautious if you are exercising around machines, as those with too much flair can get caught in the machine. 

Many women prefer options with a bit of flair because they hide their curves better. These skirts come in various colors, and you can choose the one that makes you feel most energetic as a psychological boost to your exercise regime.

Workout sweatshirts for women

Workout sweatshirts are a great option when exercising outside when the weather is cooler because you can use them to layer your workout outfit. Be sure to take it off when you start to feel warm to avoid heat exertion. 

The best materials for exercise sweatshirts are ultra-comfortable and breathable. Cotton jersey and fleece are ideal choices when the weather is colder, while polyester blends are perfect when warmer. Look for one that you can easily tie around your waist when you get a little too warm.

Sweatshirts with ribbing at the bottom and the sleeves will stay in place better than other options. Think about selecting an option with a high neckline as it will stop the wind better, keeping you warmer. You will find options in many different colors, and some have motivational messages on their fronts.

Workout hair accessories for women

Especially if you have a longer hairstyle, wearing your hair up or in braids helps ensure that it does not get caught up in the equipment and will help keep you cooler. A favorite option is to braid your hair and put it up with scrunchies. 

You can choose between many different braid styles, with those starting near the top of your head, often keeping your hair the shortest. If you usually wear long types of bangs, incorporating this hair into a braid can keep it out of your face while you are exercising.

Another fantastic option is to wear a hair clip. You can opt for larger choices if you need to control a lot of hair or smaller options if you have less hair to keep out of your way.

Workout bags for women

The most popular workout bag for women is a sports backpack. The first decision that you will need to make is what fabric meets your needs. Polyester is durable and water-resistant. While leather is heavy, it also does a great job of carrying lots of weight. Canvas is extremely easy to clean and very flexible.

Woman smile backpack phone

You will also need to consider which size is right for you. A 1,000-cubic-inch backpack will easily hold your sneakers, gym clothes, toiletries, and simple sports equipment. You may also want to consider bags built for particular activities. 

Those with broader shoulder straps usually distribute the weight better, making them easier to carry. In order to avoid back problems, always use both shoulder straps to carry a backpack.

I have enjoyed telling you about the different workout attire available for women. In the next chapter, I will go over some generalized tips. These are essential tips to keep in mind when shopping for women’s workout clothing, so be sure to keep reading.

How to choose the best workout outfits for women

While I have told you a lot of particulars about buying workout attire for women, I will give you some general guidance in this chapter. I highly recommend you bookmark this post to refer to it before buying new workout clothing.

But if you decide to go workout clothes shopping at the last minute, then keep these tips in mind. They are general advice that will apply to almost any women’s workout clothing.

Females are so lucky to be living in this decade. If you lived 100 years ago, you would be getting advice from your mother on how to lose weight by cleaning the house better while wearing your kimono robe or how to do exercises in your pajamas. 

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Most women were barred from going out in public wearing shorts. Now, you can enjoy clothes with much built-in technology that helps the clothes feel better, last longer, and assist you in looking your best.

While shopping, keep these general tips in mind to help you find the right workout clothes.

Choose the right fabric

The best fabrics for workout clothes are options that are breathable and durable. The most breathable material available is cotton, but it absorbs moisture instead of releasing it. Therefore, after a hard workout, you may wear a soggy t-shirt. Polyester is a better choice in most cases because it is water-resistant. 

Thus, moisture on your body will evaporate instead of your outfit absorbing it. You will also want to consider durable options, and polyester is an excellent choice in this area. Other great choices include nylon and rayon.

Think about the fit

Your workout clothes should stay close to your body. That way, wide pant legs will not trip you up when you move, and clothing will not get stuck in exercise machines. Opt for choices that will not limit your range of motion. 

For instance, consider tops that have high and big enough armholes that you can quickly move your arms. Swimwear with high leg cutouts is easier to swim in than those that come lower on your body. 

When trying on clothes, pay special attention to the crotch. Clothes that sag in this area are more apt to fall. When purchasing sports bras and tank tops, choose options with wide straps if you have larger breasts.

Consider the season

Especially if you love to exercise outside, choose options that are right for the current weather. In the winter, consider layering. Starting with a layer of wool is an excellent choice as it is a great insulator and helps trap your body heat against your body. 

If the wind is blowing, consider wearing a light nylon jacket or hoodie over your outfit, as it does a great job of blocking the wind. A sweatshirt or hoodie is an excellent choice on in-between days because you can easily take it off and tie it around your waist as you begin to warm up.

Woman running street workout

 In the summer, be careful to choose clothes that will help you stay cool and protect you from the sun, but I will have more to say about that in a moment.

Select the right colors

If you sweat a lot while exercising, make sure that you choose breathable fabrics, but you will also want to select the right colors. Bright and pastel colors are more likely to show sweat than neutral colors. 

If you’re going to wear bright or pastel colors, then patterned workout attire. That way, the sweat stains will be less noticeable. 

Especially if you like to exercise outdoors, consider wearing white clothes in the summertime as they don’t absorb as many light rays and will keep you cooler. Black is a terrific choice in cooler months because it will help you stay warmer.

Pick anti-odor options where possible

Did you know that sweat is odorless? Body odor occurs when moisture from your body reacts naturally to bacteria already on your body. Therefore, wearing anti-options is an excellent choice because they kill the bacteria, so you experience less odor. 

You may want to consider natural fibers as they do a great job without using technology. Great choices include cotton, bamboo, merino wool, linen, and hemp. 

You may also want to consider manufactured fabrics with unique technology. While you will see these under several labels, most contain silver nanoparticles or peppermint oil.

Make sure your shoes do not stink

Sweaty feet are a common problem for female athletes, and it is one that you will want to remedy quickly because the smell comes from bacteria on your feet, which can cause serious foot problems. Start by washing and drying your feet before putting on your socks. 

You always need to wear socks with your shoes. Opt for shoes that allow air to get into and out of the shoe quickly. Then, when you take your shoes off, let them dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them again. 

You do not want bacteria breeding in your shoes so take steps to prevent it by storing your shoes in a lighted area where it is dry until you are sure that all moisture is gone.

Go for motivational messages

T-shirts make a great exercise option in many cases. This is especially true when they have a fun, motivational message. For example, you might wear a saying that reminds you to keep moving as all great plans start with small steps. 

Another option is a message to tell others not to say anything negative if they are more fit than you are now. These messages often come with cute graphics, so they can be fun to think about while exercising.

Contemplate the length

Especially when it comes to shorts, every woman has her preferences. Just make sure that you choose options that keep you covered. Shorts that come down to about the knee and stay close to the body are less likely to ride up when you are moving. 

Skorts can be a great choice if you are self-conscious and want to make sure that you stay covered when wearing shorter shorts. You will also want to consider the length of your pants if that is your choice. The longer the pants, the more coverage they provide, which can be a great option if you exercise outside when the weather is nippy.

Think about sun protection

If you plan on exercising outside, contemplate how you will protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Even in the summertime, wearing a long-sleeve shirt can be a great idea. You may also want to consider options with UV protection built into them. 

Another option is to wear a hat when exercising. Make sure to choose one with a wide brim. That way, you stay in the shade all the time. You will also want to wear sunscreen when exercising outdoors. Choose options that are at least SPF 35 as they will block at least 97% of the sun’s harmful rays from reaching you.

What’s more, apart from using the right clothes to protect your skin from the sun, you might also want to wear a cool pair of polarized sunglasses. The latter will help you see better while exercising outdoors. Not to mention that you must protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. So be prepared when planning to work out outdoors!

Select options you are comfortable wearing

If you are like many women, exercising is not your favorite thing to do. You would much prefer to go shopping or to a nice restaurant. Yet, you recognize that it is vital for your health. Therefore, you will want to feel confident in the clothes you choose for exercising. 

With so many fabulous choices, there is no need to wear something that makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, if you do not feel confident wearing it, leave it in the store or send it back. Otherwise, your exercise clothes will end up in the drawer with the other garments you keep saying you will wear someday or on the bottom of your closet floor.

Add a pair of sunglasses

When exercising outdoors, you must wear sunglasses. But which ones should you wear? If truth be told, there are loads of types of sunglasses available these days. Yet, there are some models which are more suitable for sports. For example, those made out of resistant materials are better than those which are delicate. Leave the cool and chic sunglasses for sophisticated events and get yourself a pair that works for the sport you most frequently practice outdoors.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you feel more confident about the exercise clothes that you are buying. In the next chapter, we will look at different options that you can wear together. Therefore, be sure to keep reading this post.

Workout outfit ideas for women

So far, we have looked at many individual types of exercise clothing for women. Now, let’s turn our attention to how to put different pieces together to create functional outfits.

Remember that these are just ideas, so you can easily adjust them to meet your personality and needs.

Woman doing yoga blue outfit
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Women are so lucky today. Until the 1960s, many women wore bloomers, a white sailor-blouse top, and black stockings when they exercised. They might also work out at home or in a small women’s-only gym wearing a knit swimsuit. 

Especially at school, women often wore one-piece gym suits, and some had a wrap-around skirt. Serious sports players wore shorts that were full enough to look like a skirt and a knit top. 

While most women hated wearing women’s workout clothes, that is not the case today. Women can find adorable outfits that work well for them in the gym.

Women’s jersey and basketball shorts

You can look like a professional basketball player when you wear a women’s basketball jersey and a pair of basketball shorts. Consider wearing a V-neck knit top with your favorite team’s logo, or opt for a tank top. 

Basketball shorts are a great option, even away from the court. These shorts are usually longer than regular shorts, providing excellent coverage. While black is the most popular color choice, you can find them in various colors. 

They can have up to a 14-inch inseam and often have wider legs, so many women find them more comfortable to wear. Consider wearing them with a pair of high-profile tennis shoes.

Volleyball jersey + volleyball shorts

While you will often see bikini tops paired with volleyball shorts for beach volleyball, that is not the case when the game moves inside. These long-sleeved tops are a popular option because they wick away moisture quickly. 

These tops usually are made of stretch polyester with spandex, so they comfortably move as you exercise. Most have some type of quick-dry technology built into them. Volleyball shorts are usually tight around the leg and short. 

Many options have about a 10-inch inseam. Since volleyball is a game of speed, they are generally very lightweight. Many have a lot of spandex built into them to stretch comfortably.

Soccer jersey + soccer shorts

Show your support for your favorite soccer player by wearing a soccer jersey and shorts while you are working out. These jerseys are streamlined, so they are ideal for those who want a shirt that hugs their body. 

You can find options that have sewn on or ironed on logos. Those with sewn-on logos will last longer, but ironed-on logos make the shirt lighter in weight. Soccer shorts often weigh less than other available options. 

These shorts are usually very short, with an inseam between 3.5 and 7 inches. You can find black options or choices matching colorful soccer jerseys.

Crew-neck t-shirt + running vest + shorts

If you love to run outside regardless of the weather, consider a crew-neck t-shirt and a running vest. You can choose between a long-or short-sleeved option but select one that allows you to push the sleeves up easily. 

If you plan on running several miles, consider a hydration vest. These vests have plenty of space to carry snacks, water, and other necessities. 

You can find options ranging from about 4 liters to about 12 liters. Then, pair your vest and shirt with great running shorts, but I will give you more details about that in a little bit.

Compression running shorts + racerback tank top

Compression running shorts are a great option because they can help prevent muscle fatigue. Consider an option with a liner so that you can forgo your underwear. Since they stay firmly in place, there is very little chance of chaffing. 

Think about options made from polyester because they are durable and move as you run. Then, pair it with a racerback tank top. These low-profile tank tops will not interfere with your arms when running. 

These tops are usually made from stretchy polyester fabric and come in various colors, so you can easily mix and match your running clothes.

V-notch shorts + technical shirt

V-notch shorts can also be a perfect option for running. These shorts have an upside-down V cut into the side seam of each leg. They come in various colors, and you can find options made from different materials. 

They pair beautifully with a short-sleeve technical shirt. These lightweight shirts are designed to be extremely breathable, and they will not chafe your skin. Like the shorts, they are available in many different colors. 

Thus, you can easily put together an outfit perfect for you. You will want to wear this outfit with a great pair of running shoes with lots of cushioning, a wide toe box, and a deep heel cup.

Split running shorts + halter tank top

Split running shorts are another lightweight option that women will want to consider. While the fabric is cut away on v-notch shorts, this option has overlapping material at the bottom of the side seams. It is designed to extend your range of motion. 

Woman stretching split running shorts tank top

Pairing these shorts that are available in numerous colors with a halter tank top makes a very lightweight outfit, which will help to keep you cooler. 

If you have a smaller chest, then look for options with spaghetti straps. But if your chest is larger, then choose wider straps. Consider wearing this outfit with cross-trainers if you enjoy various exercise activities.

Track pants + running jacket + cotton t-shirt

You can choose between relaxed or slim-fit in track pants. Consider options with elastic around the ankles because they will stay up and not trip you while running. While you can find cotton options, the most durable are nylon or polyester. 

Think about the weight when selecting track pants. Generally, heavier options will keep you warmer. Then, pair them with a cotton t-shirt and a running jacket. 

If it is often windy when you run, think about nylon options, as they will do a fabulous job of blocking the wind. Complete the outfit by wearing your favorite running sneakers.

Bike jersey + bike shorts

A brightly colored bike jersey is the perfect top to wear on a bike ride because it will make it easier to see you. These shirts are ideal for cycling because the back is usually longer than the front, making it easier to stay covered. 

Nonetheless, raise your arms to a standard cycling position and make sure that you remain covered. Pairing your biking jersey with biking shorts is a great idea. 

Choose options that are slightly higher in the back than in the front and with an elastic waistband. Choosing options with stripes down the side may increase your visibility and make your legs look longer.

Spandex tights + t-shirt

Spandex tights are the perfect solution when you do a lot of squats during your exercise routine. Make sure that you buy those made from high-quality fabrics that will quickly wick away any moisture. 

Check the crotch as those loose in that area are bound to fall. Higher-waisted options usually stay in place better. Options with four-way stretch are ideal. Pair them with a comfortable t-shirt. 

Choose one in a fun color that motivates you to keep moving. Many people find that red has that effect on them. Then, wear your favorite cross-trainer sneakers.

Joggers + tank top

Joggers are ideal for wearing to the gym or when exercising outdoors, especially when paired with a tank top. Choose a pair of joggers with an elastic waistband that you can easily hold in place by tying a drawstring or another option. 

Be sure that they end about your ankles. Then, pair it with a tank top. Choose one that is long enough to cover your midsection. 

You will also want to opt for one where the armholes fit you correctly so that they do not bind you when you lift your arms. Don’t forget your breathable socks and your sneakers.

Yoga leggings + t-shirt

You can find yoga pants that hug your body tightly or hang a little away from it. If your workout involves machines, then stick to closer-fitting pants, so there is no danger of you getting caught in the machines. 

You can choose the length of yoga pants that is most comfortable for you. Synthetic materials are usually best if you are sweating. 

But you can opt for cotton or bamboo if you are doing restorative yoga. Pair your pants with a t-shirt. One that is a little long so that it provides proper coverage is a great choice.

Leotard + shorts

Leotards or bodysuits are the perfect exercise attire. You can choose between long or short sleeves. Choose one made from material that stretches in every direction. Then, wear it with a pair of shorts. 

You can opt for many different styles, including very short ones, because the leotard will provide excellent coverage. The type of footwear that you choose depends on your workout plans. 

If you plan on lifting weights, then wear it with shoes that have some flex in the forefoot. Alternatively, ballet slippers or tap shoes may be a great choice if you plan on dancing.


A bodysuit is a great option as it is one-piece and lightweight. One of the advantages is that you do not have to worry about mixing and matching different workout attire. There are short bodysuits, ¾ length, and full-length options available. 

So you can easily choose one fitting the environment where you plan on working out. Choosing options with vertical lines will make you look taller. You can also find options ending just above your chest. 

But you will want to check to make sure that these keep you appropriately covered when bending over. Be sure to consider your bust size and choose one that fits you well.

Jodhpurs + t-shirt

Jodhpurs are a terrific option if your exercise workout includes horseback riding, but they are also great pants to wear for other types of exercise because they are close-fitting and rarely ride up. 

Woman riding horse jodhpurs pants

Especially if wearing them to the barn, choose a pair made from durable material that wicks moisture away quickly. Dark-colored options are particularly good at hiding stains and sweat. 

Pair them with a t-shirt that allows you to move unless headed to the show arena. Be sure to wear a good sports bra when riding. You will also want to wear boots with at least a 0.5-inch heel so that your foot does not get hung in the stirrups.

Below, I will have a few concluding comments about workout attire for women. Therefore, be sure to keep reading. I will also provide you with some tasks that I would love for you to do.


Women are so lucky to live in today’s society when they have so many choices in exercise attire. You know how to pick the best clothing for your exercise routine. Before you begin moving again, take the time to share this post with a friend. They will love the helpful advice.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them. While I have tried to make everything plain, it does not always happen, so feel free to ask your questions.

Read some of our other informative posts if you need a more extended break. Remember rest is essential to a great exercise plan.

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