All Types of Sneakers: Styles & Best Famous Brands [2023]

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Want to know more about sneakers? You’re in the right place! In this post, I will teach you all about all types of sneakers. I will first cover the many sneaker types, from high-end designer and fashion sneakers to racing and basketball sneakers. 

After reading this part, you may suddenly find yourself going around analyzing everyone’s footwear to determine their favorite sneaker type.

I will also tell you how to make a fashion statement with sneakers. You will find ideas of what to pair with sneakers when you want to hang out and what to pair with them when formalwear is required.

Last but not least, we will examine several top sneaker companies. While I do not usually like to be a name-dropper, I will tell you about some of the most iconic sneaker lines. I will also share with you the story of how two of the most prominent names in the sneaker world divided a small town in Germany.

Let’s jump right in!

Introduction to sneakers

Have you ever looked at photos of old sneakers and wondered what people were thinking? If so, you will love this chapter. In it, I will define the term sneakers, tell you a little about their history and explain the difference between sneakers and trainers.

Finally, I will tell you why wearing sneakers with your favorite outfits is a brilliant move. You will come away with a whole new appreciation for this humble shoe.

Man hands tying shoelaces white sneaker

What are sneakers?

Sneakers are shoes with a rubber sole. The name may have come from the fact that you could wear them while sneaking up on someone without them noticing because the soles make them silent. These casual footwear options are called joggers in Great Britain.

Most sneakers have a heel-to-toe drop, which helps move the foot forward naturally. Additionally, most have a lot of heel cushioning built into them to help absorb the impact of the foot hitting the ground. Finally, most are made from a breathable material, helping to keep the foot cooler.

You may also wonder about the difference between sneakers and tennis shoes. As the name implies, tennis shoes are made for tennis, while sneakers are a broader category. 

While manufacturers design sneakers for forward movement and comfort, makers design tennis shoes to improve one’s tennis game. Serious players of the game need to consider the tread on the bottom of tennis shoes and match it to the type of court they will be playing on.

Yet, many people continue to interchange these words. I hope that by the time I have finished this post, you will be using the correct terminology the next time you go shopping for footwear.

There are many types of sneakers. Some are for specific activities, like soccer or football, while others are more generalized. You can also find sneakers that are mainly fashionable. 

While I will have more to say in the next section, wearing sneakers for fashion started in the 1950s, and it has never gone out of vogue. You can find sneakers for every member of your family.

History of sneakers

One of the precursors to sneakers was sandshoes, and Victorian people wore them on beach vacations. John Boyd Dunlop was one of the earliest designers of these shoes after he developed a way to bond canvas uppers to rubber soles in the 1830s. From that point forward, the desire to wear sneakers grew, and it continues to grow today.

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Another early precursor of sneakers was called plimsolls, and they were introduced in the 1870s. These crude shoes with neither right nor left feet contained a line near where the upper met the shoe’s sole that experts thought looked like the plimsoll line, the line on a ship’s haul. This line was drawn on the boat to indicate where it could be sunk to safely when loaded with cargo.

In 1895, British manufacturer J.W. Foster and Sons became the first to offer a specialized shoe for running. Spalding made the first pair of basketball sneakers in 1907, and demand soon grew as Jim Thorpe and Chuck Taylor promoted them.

The Berlin Summer Olympics in 1936 spread the popularity of sneakers worldwide as notable athletes wore them to compete. It was not until the 1950s that sneaker sales rose high enough to affect the sales of other shoe types.

Starting in the 1970s, one can see three large movements that continue to shape the sneaker industry. The first aligned with the emergence of hip-hop music, while the second movement began with the release of Nike Air Jordans in 1984. From that point forward, many celebrities promoted wearing sneakers. The latest move follows the development and popularity of the internet.

What’s the difference between sneakers and trainers?

The difference between sneakers and trainers is apparent when you consider their purpose. Manufacturers design trainers to provide lateral support for various sports, while sneakers’ design helps you move forward comfortably. That difference is reflected in many ways when you scrutinize sneakers and trainers.

Woman selfie backpack platform sneakers

Sneakers focus on providing forward movement. This keeps you moving forward when in action. Meanwhile, trainers focus on giving you lateral support. This is crucial when doing activities where you need to move to the side rapidly, such as handball and tennis.

If you set a pair of sneakers and trainers next to each other and examine them from the side, you will notice that while the heel of the trainer is on the table, so is its toe. Meanwhile, the toe is slightly lower when you look at the sneaker. This is called a  heel-to-toe drop, and it can be up to 12 mm. This drop in the sneaker is how it encourages your foot to move forward.

Generally, sneakers have more cushioning than trainers, so they are more comfortable to wear all day long. This is especially true in the heel since that part of the foot gets a lot of stress when running. Meanwhile, trainers have less cushioning built into them. It is one of the reasons that if you are looking for a shoe to wear all day, you should consider sneakers.

If you put one sneaker and one trainer on a counter-balance scale, they will not be equal in most cases. The sneaker is usually made of thinner fabric than the trainer, causing the sneaker to weigh less.

Why should you wear sneakers?

You can wear sneakers with an incredible number of outfits and look fashionable. Since manufacturers make most out of breathable material, your feet will stay cooler. Any age and both genders can wear sneakers.

You can wear sneakers with so many different looks, and they are super to wear with casual dresses, shorts, and jeans. Yet, some brides choose to wear them with their wedding dresses.

Sneakers are an incredibly comfortable choice in footwear. Most have good arch support, a padded heel, and an ample toe box, so your foot will not feel squished. The extra padding in the deep heel cup makes them a comfortable walking shoe option. In addition, most are made from breathable material to help eliminate foot odor and keep your feet cooler.

Taking care of most sneakers is incredibly easy. You can easily remove the insole in most options and wash it and the shoes in the washing machine. While you can find slip-on options without shoelaces, it is also easy to change out the laces to create a new look without buying new shoes. There are many options that you can polish to make them look brand again.

Most sneakers have good tread on their bottoms, helping you maintain your balance. You can also find sneakers with unique treads, making them even more helpful for particular sports and activities. After all, Olympic athletes first wore sneakers before becoming popular with professional baseball and basketball players.

Detail feet basketball shoes jordan
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Sneakers are available in many colors. Therefore, it is easy to match your sneakers to your outfit. In some cases, you can also dye sneakers to be the exact color that you want them. You can use them to create monochromatic outfits or choose a complimentary color to add pizzaz to your outfit.

If you have a long day on your feet planned, make sneakers your footwear choice. They have lots of cushioning built into them, helping to reduce stress on your feet. It is easy to maintain good posture when wearing sneakers, which helps take the pressure off your knees, hips, and lower back.

We have determined what a sneaker is and looked at the many reasons you should wear them. In the next chapter, we will take a deeper dive into the many different types of sneakers. Therefore, you will want to keep reading so that you can learn even more about this style of shoe that is over 150 years old but continues to delight people daily.

Types of sneakers for women & men

If you are not currently wearing sneakers or do not wear them very often, you may not be aware of the many types of sneakers available these days. There are excellent choices for men and women. Take a look at this list to refresh your mind about all the possibilities and learn new options.

Sneakers go with almost everything, and they are exceptionally great with casual outfits. Sneakers are ideal for wearing with jeans, chinos, and shorts, and they are incredibly great with your favorite workout outfit or with a tracksuit when running errands around town.

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Especially when you consider upscale choices, they look great with blazers and dress pants. Since sneakers come in so many different colors, it is easy to coordinate them with almost any outfit. Designer sneakers are ideal for pairing with a tee shirt and an open dress shirt, or you can wear them with long blazers to create a Parisian look.

Authentic sneakers

These lightweight sneakers available for men and women have a slim profile. Most authentic sneakers have a canvas upper. They were initially created in the 1960s as a skateboarder shoe style. And they have been popular ever since. You can find these shoes in many colors and patterns with a low profile. 

Typically, they lace up the front. While most have rubber soles, you can also find options with gum soles. Look for options with waffle tread if you often walk on slippery surfaces. These shoes have a lot of cushioning built into them, so they are an excellent option for a day when you plan to do a lot of walking.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers can reach up to the ankles or stop just above the foot. These shoes are often one of the cheapest sneaker types for men and women. The uppers are usually made of canvas or synthetic material that is like canvas. 

Typically, these shoes are very breathable, which makes them an excellent choice on a hot day when you need closed-toed shoes. While these shoes can have various treads, they are often rubber. These sneakers pair beautifully with different casual clothes. Yet, making this option look good with more formal attire can be challenging.

Designer Sneakers

Every major sneaker company has its line of upscale sneakers. Celebrities often wear these sneakers with more formal attire. Usually, some luxurious material is chosen to create the upper, with calfskin and alligator leather often used. Many designer sneakers are stiffer than other options on the market. 

When considering designer sneakers for men and women, consider the insole as they can be made of inexpensive materials that do not stand the test of time. High-top and low-profile are available. So think which one meets your needs best.

Basketball Sneakers

Men and women can wear basketball shoes. These shoes are made with lots of cushioning built into them. They also have special features designed to help a player jump higher. Additionally, they have added support designed to help players move sideways. 

Most basketball shoes are high-profile, and many people choose this option even if they are not on the court because they find them comfortable to wear with jeans. While many basketball shoes are white, you can find these shoes in many colors.

German army trainers

Despite its name, German army trainer shoes are sneakers. These shoes were initially introduced during the Berlin Summer Olympics when Jessie Owens wore them. They have two leather straps up their sides and black spikes. 

While you can find hundreds of variations, the originals of these low-profile shoes had gum rubber soles and suede detailing. In the 1990s, a Belgian designer found hundreds of these shoes and sold them after having them cleaned. 

They soon became a fashion statement for both men and women when worn with jeans, shorts, and chinos. Some even wear these shoes with suits because of their clean silhouette.

Leather sneakers

You can wear leather sneakers with casual outfits, but many wealthy men and women also choose to wear them with their suits because they are so comfortable. In particular, white leather sneakers are a fashion trend that may never go away. 

This trend started when the French player Robert Haillet chose a pair of Adidas as his game shoe in 1965. They grew in popularity, especially after Jay Z made them the favorite footwear for hip-hoppers. 

While initially worn by guys, Jane Fonda made these shoes that lace up the front popular among women. Although manufacturers make most with calf leather, you can find exotic options, like deer and pig.

LED lighted sneakers

As the name suggests, these shoes available for men and women have LED lights in their soles. While most options are high-profile, you can also find low-profile choices. Many LED-lighted sneakers slip onto the feet.

Feet legs sneakers neon led lighting

The original LED shoes that became popular in 1992 had a design flaw, and they operated using a mercury battery that would soon fade away. Many people feared that walking on mercury was harmful, and these sneakers were even banned in some states. 

Not surprisingly, the girls and boys who wore the first ones have become adults. Still, they are wearing these sneakers equipped with rechargeable USB batteries nowadays.

Plimsolls sneakers

While the first sneakers were called plimsolls, this canvas sneaker style is still prevalent. Many of them still have their iconic water lines around their rubber soles. The uppers on these shoes are usually made of canvas. You can find lace-up and slip-on options for men and women. 

Some have other details, like colored lines on their heels, but most are kept plain. Most of these options are in neutral colors, like white and black, but other choices may be available. People generally wear these shoes with extremely casual outfits, like blue jeans and shorts.

Slip-on sneakers

While there may have been earlier options, the trend of wearing slip-on sneakers got started when Van’s released their model in the early 1970s. These shoes that you slip your foot into became popular with skaters and surfers before moving on to the general public. 

One of the most popular options was a checkerboard design made popular by Sean Penn in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” You can find many different options for men and women, including sneakers where the heel will spring up after you have slipped your foot in, eliminating the need to touch your shoes when putting them on.

Synthetic Sneakers

You can find synthetic sneakers in almost every style imaginable. Manufacturers make these sneakers from various manmade materials, including nylon, polyester, spandex, acetate, and Kevlar. They are often cheaper than sneakers made from natural fabrics. 

One factor to consider before buying a pair is their breathability because the air cannot reach the inside of the shoe easily, then your shoes will soon stink. These shoes are available for men and women in a variety of colors.

Athletic sneakers

Manufacturers make athletic sneakers from many different fabrics, but the most comfortable will have lots of padding and breathable materials. While the first athletic shoes were high-tops, you can find many low-profile options. 

When people were into running, such as in the post-war period, these shoes became very popular. Some athletic sneakers have spikes to help maintain contact with the ground and move the runner forward. Since the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, professional athletes have widely endorsed these shoes that are available for men and women.

Velcro sneakers

Velcro sneakers are a popular option for both women and men. Puma introduced the first sneakers fastened with Velcro in 1968. While you can pair them with formal clothes, they pair best with streetwear, including jeans and shorts. 

Children’s sneakers often are made of Velcro because they do not have to worry about keeping their shoes tied. Additionally, people who have trouble reaching their feet usually prefer this style. 

These sneakers are available in many different types. What’s more, manufacturers make these shoes from various materials. They also come in many different colors and have printed designs on them. Thus, everyone can easily find a pair they love.

Printed sneakers

Printed sneakers come in many designs, and they can be a great way to add pizzaz to almost any outfit. You can use these canvas sneakers to show your interest in many things. You may also want to think about choosing options based on color psychology. 

For example, blue shows trustworthiness while pink shows that you love to have fun. Printed sneakers often draw attention to themselves. So be sure to balance them out with something that draws attention upward towards your face. While more women than men wear this option, you can find choices for both sexes.

Fancy sneakers

Fancy sneakers are ideal for party nights when you still want to stay comfortable. These sneakers often have a unique design that sets them apart from high-top and low-profile sneakers. 

You can also find options decorated with sequins or embellishment, and some choices have part of the shoe cut away. While the vast majority of these sneakers are for women, you can also find options for men. 

You may want to choose your outfit before selecting a pair of these sneakers to compliment it. These sneakers seem to get more creative with each passing year. So watch major sneaker brands and small startups each season to see their newest options.

Court sneakers

These sneakers for men and women fall between high-tops and low-profile sneakers. Manufacturers design them for play on hard courts, such as basketball courts. While they still provide some ankle support, many people find them more comfortable to wear than high-top sneakers. 

Manufacturers make them from various materials, including leather and canvas. The tread on these shoes provides more contact with the court, helping athletes maintain better balance. Initially, all court shoes were white, but you can now find them in various colors. Professional athletes often promote these shoes to younger players.

Hiking sneakers

You can find many options in hiking sneakers for men and women designed to help hikers grip the ground better while protecting the hiker’s feet. Some waterproof or water-resistant options are excellent for muddy trails or creek hiking.

Men legs feet sneakers hiking nature

Others have special plates or spikes to make it easier to go bouldering. Most hiking sneakers have a lower profile and lace securely up the front. Some have gaiters that come up and cover the man or woman’s ankles. 

Most are brown or another earth tone, but other options may be available. These sneakers usually have thick soles and uppers. Try hiking sneakers with the socks you intend to wear with them.

Running sneakers

Running sneakers usually are lightweight and have a unique tread designed to help the male or female runner grip the ground. These shoes often have extra cushioning in the heel. They may also have designed features so that it is less likely that the runner turns their ankle. 

Most help to protect against overpronation, but you may find unique running sneakers to fit different types of feet. In addition to running, these shoes can be a terrific option for cycling or aerobic exercise. These shoes that lace up the front are available in various colors.

Racing sneakers

Manufacturers design racing sneakers for running sprints. These low-profile sneakers are available for men and women, and they are very lightweight. The most common ones have a leather upper and a textile-blend liner. These slip-on sneakers have no tongue, so many people find them ultra-comfortable. 

While trail runners may need the extra ankle support found in running sneakers, many people who run on pavement or a treadmill prefer these shoes because of their lighter weight, which may mean they can run further before getting tired. Ensure that you consider options with design features to make them more breathable.

While I have already given you some hints, I will discuss the best types of shoes to wear to different events and while doing various exercises in the next chapter. Therefore, you will want to make sure to keep reading. While reading through the following list, consider which sneakers you need to add to your wardrobe.

Best style of sneakers depending on the occasion

Now that you know several types of sneakers, you may be wondering how to wear them. You can wear many kinds of sneakers with almost any casual outfit, but some work better for particular activities than others.

In this chapter, I will share those secrets with you because I learned many of them the hard way. I will also share tips on how to style different outfits depending on the style of sneaker chosen. After all, while you can wear a particular kind of sneaker with an outfit, it does not mean that you should.

I will provide you with generalized advice that you can individualize to your situation. While some advice will apply to both men and women, other pieces of advice will apply to one or the other. In that case, I will make it extraordinarily clear which sex I am addressing.

Generally, you can wear most sneakers with any casual outfit. Therefore, you will want to think about the shorts and jean outfits that you already have in your wardrobe. Other sneakers are ideal for wearing when exercising. Thus, I will give you some practical advice to help you choose the right sneakers.

Woman white dress posing asphalt path


Racing sneakers are ideal for people who love to run on pavement or another hard surface, like a track. These sneakers are perfect for pairing with your favorite running shorts and a tee shirt. 

Consider choosing clothing options made from natural materials so that you will stay cooler. Women may also consider pairing running sneakers with their favorite leggings and a matching shirt. Men can pair them with their favorite tracksuit. 

One look to bear in mind is creating a 1990s running outfit with a running jacket, matching pants, and running sneakers all from the same company. You may also want to consider wearing a switchback hat with the company’s logo on it.


Before going out on a bike ride, grab your favorite pair of athletic sneakers because their firm sole will help hold your foot on the pedals. These sneakers look great when you wear them with cycling shorts, and they are also a fabulous option when worn with cycling bibs if you feel constricted around the waist when wearing shorts. 

You may want to wear black cycling shorts and top them with a colorful biking jersey. Then, choose a color of athletic sneaker that coordinates with your shirt. Another option is to wear black athletic sneakers for cycling because road junk and bike oil will not be as visible, and these shoes are super easy to clean.


Running sneakers are a fantastic choice to wear when doing cross-training. While they will look great with your favorite light-weight shorts, consider wearing them with spandex shorts for CrossFit. They also look fabulous with compression pants or joggers. 

Ladies, you will want to wear your favorite sports bra on top. Then, guys and gals will want to wear a tank top or a tee. Since you are bound to sweat while cross-training, consider choosing a color that will not show sweat easily. Dark colors and patterns are usually best. Then, select your athletic shoes based on your shirt’s color.

Going for a walk

Hiking sneakers are ideal for going for a walk. Depending on where you are hiking, and the season, they pair nicely with many outfits. If you are going into a woodsy setting, consider wearing your jeans and a long-sleeved blouse or shirt to protect your arms and legs from bug bites and briars. 

Alternatively, if you are going on a stroll in the city, then pair them with your jeans and a button-down shirt. Wearing options made from natural fibers will help you stay more comfortable. Ladies will want to wear a sunhat to get extra protection from the sun, while guys will want to wear a bucket hat.

Formal gatherings

When it is time to get ready for a formal gathering, fashion sneakers are an ideal choice. Ladies will want to consider pairing fashion sneakers with a long dress. That way, your feet will stay comfortable. These shoes look marvelous peeking out from underneath a bodycon long dress. 

Men look fabulous when they wear a pair of leather sneakers with their suit. It looks particularly great when you choose to wear your dress blue jeans with a blazer. If the weather is a little chilly, put a sweater on under the blazer and wear a bow tie. While many may mistake leather sneakers for oxfords, you will look terrific because of the extra cushioning built into them.

Hang out with friends

The many designs found in printed sneakers for men and women make them ideal for hanging out with your friends. Women can easily look cute when choosing a maxi dress and wearing it with a matching printed sneaker. If you cannot find the right pair to match, choose ones that are a complementary color. These are the perfect shoe for men too. 

Consider wearing them with jeans, a white tee, and a denim jacket to create a retro look. You will want to make sure that your jeans and jacket are not the same shade of denim. Then, roll up the bottoms of your jeans a tad so that everyone can see your printed sneakers.

Rap concert

Plimsoll sneakers are the perfect choice for weekend wear for both sexes because these shoes are ultra-comfortable. They are ideal for wearing to a hip-hop concert. Pair them with your favorite designer jeans so that everyone can see your shoes peeking out underneath. 

Then, wear a graphic tee with the band’s image or a message on it. If it is cooler, wear this outfit with a leather jacket. Men can easily wear plimsoll sneakers. Consider wearing your baggie jeans and a graphic tee. You will want a wallet chain.

Lounging at home

Slip-on sneakers are ideal for those lazy days when hanging out at home. Men can wear them with their sweatpants and a warm sweater or cardigan. Choose a color that goes well with your sweater. You may even want to wear a Bluetooth beanie. 

Woman feet slip on grass leafs
Source: Alisa Anton on Unsplash

They look equally great on women when worn with a pair of leggings and a long sweater. This is an adorable outfit to wear with a Parisian beanie when you and your partner enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home. You can choose to wear slip-on sneakers that coordinate with the color of your leggings or your sweater. Depending on the sweater’s design, you may want to wear a belt.

In the next chapter, we will look at some of the top manufacturers of sneakers. You will not want to miss learning about these different companies because you will want to consider their products when buying sneakers, so be sure to keep reading.

Famous sneakers brands

So far, I have examined the history of sneakers and defined several different types. I have a[so shown you different ways that men and women can style their sneakers. Now, let’s turn our attention to the most popular sneaker companies.

You can wear sneakers with an incredible number of outfits. Create a retro look by wearing a pair of German army trainers or a hip-hop look by wearing your favorite canvas sneakers. 

There is no need for your feet to be uncomfortable when you must get dressed up because of the wide variety in fashion and designer sneakers. There are also fabulous options for when you want to hang out on a lazy day.


ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano,” which translates sound mind in a sound body. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded this Japanese company in 1949 as the Onitsuka Co., Ltd. 

The first shoes sold by Phil Knight, who founded Nike, were ASICS. Consider their GEL-PTG, a basketball sneaker with an extra-grip outsole and perforated vamp, letting more air into the shoe. 

Alternatively, their GEL-LYTE is an ideal choice for wearing with a casual skirt and tee shirt. If you are hanging out, think about wearing their HyperGEL-YU because it has extra cushioning built into the footbed.


In 1908, Marquis Mills Converse began the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. The company earned its place in sneaker history when it introduced the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker in 1917. 

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These shoes changed the history of sneakers forever, and it also kept the company afloat because, until that point, they had only been able to make shoes nine months out of the year.

The shoes were revolutionary because of the heel patch on the inner top of the shoe designed to protect the player’s ankle bones and the X pattern in the tread. You can get a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers from this company today, although the company has modernized its design.

Woman feet converse sneakers
Source: Hanne van Oeckel on Unsplash

New Balance

English immigrant named William J. Riley founded New Balance Arch Support Company. In Boston, Massachusetts, in 1908, to make arch supports and orthopedic footwear. Riley designed the company’s first running shoe exclusively for the Boston Brown Bag Harriers running club in 1938. 

The kangaroo leather shoe had a crepe sole. Three years later, the company expanded its offerings by offering specialized sneakers for tennis, boxing, and baseball. New Balance became the first company to offer running shoes in different widths with the introduction of the Trackster in 1956. If you love products made in the U.S., consider their Made in the USA line, where you can find some vegan shoes.


Adolf “Adi” Dassler and his brother Rudolf Dassler founded Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany in 1924. The two brothers could not agree, and Rudolf founded Puma in 1948. I will have more to say about the other brother in a minute. 

Rudolf initially called the company Ruda before shortly changing the name to Puma. In 1968, Puma changed sneakers from an athletic shoe to a lifestyle shoe with the introduction of their suede sneaker, which they called Crack, which meant a very skillful person. These shoes were trendy during the hip-hop movement, and you may want to add a pair to your collection.


After fighting with his brother who founded Puma, Adolf “Adi” Dassler founded Adidas in 1948. Like Puma, the company’s base is in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. The dispute divided the town along the river, and the two brothers who went to their graves without revealing what they were fighting about were buried at opposite ends of the cemetery. 

The rivalry led both companies to develop outstanding sneaker lines like their Superstar and Samba sneakers, ideal running shoes. All Adidas shoes have three bold lines down the side of them. 

If you visit Herzogenaurach today, you will still find people gazing down at your feet to see which camp you fall into. This shoe company has many different lines, including Kayne West’s Yeezy line, a trendy choice with hip-hoppers. 

This line started with Nike, who said they did not want a hip-hop artist as a brand ambassador for their sports company. In order to celebrate this line’s success, August 2 is called Yeezy Day.

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded Dolce & Gabbana in Italy in 1985. Their lineup of luxury sneakers is usually made of leather. Guys will want to consider their Daymaster sneakers for casual wear as each pair is made of supple calfskin leather.

Women looking for a pair of sneakers to wear on a casual day will want to consider their multi-colored Space sneakers. The uppers on these shoes are made of calfskin leather, rubber, and technical fabric. 

One of this brand’s most iconic shoe styles is their platform sneakers, which will look fantastic with your favorite casual outfit. You will also look stylish while running in their two-tone running sneakers.

Rick Owens

Born in California, Rick Owens opened his first store in Los Angeles in 1994 before moving to Paris in 2003. He is often referred to as the Lord of Darkness for his love of black and Gothic designs. 

He released his first sneakers as part of his fall/winter Dustulato collection in 2006, and he branded the shoes as Dunks. He continues to release his Dunk shoes that often resemble putting a pair of Nike, Adidas, and Puma shoes together to form one pair. 

That same year, he released his Geobasket shoes with zippers to make them easier to put on. One of Owens’ most iconic sneakers is his Ramones sneaker from his DRKSHDW line, which closely resembles Converse’s All Star sneakers.


Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight started selling shoes out of their car trunk before founding Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. The company’s name was changed to Nike in 1978. For years, the company made all of its shoes in Beaverton, Oregon, where it is still headquartered.

Nike was one of the first companies to use endorsements by professional athletes in their marketing. You will want to check out their Air Max lineup that the company has produced since 1978. 

This lineup includes the Air Max 96, which was one of the first chunky-heel sneakers. One of Nike’s most iconic shoes is the Air Jordan, which the company initially released in 1965 when they sold the shoe for $65. The original was the only one to feature Nike’s iconic swoosh.


Randy Van Doren, his brother James and Gordon C. Lee started Vans in 1966 in Anaheim, California, as The Van Doren Rubber Company. They made minimalistic sneakers and sold them directly to the public, which consisted mainly of skateboarders and surfers.

These shoes are now the company’s Authentic line, and they are known for their thick sole. After being forced to declare bankruptcy because of others producing knock-off versions, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy. It was sold and has passed through several owners before becoming part of North Carolina’s V.F. Corporation.


Cristóbal Balenciaga founded this company in Spain in 1919, but the company has been based in Paris since the Spanish Civil War. The company ceased operations in 1972 before reopening in 1986. Kering now owns the company. Demna Gvasalia has led the design team since 2015, and he has created some fabulous streetwear sneakers, including Triple S, Track, Track 2, and Speed Trainer. 

By frosty ilze on unsplash
Source: Frosty Ilze on Unsplash

The company’s Triple S sneaker nicknamed the Breed is a popular choice because its red-and-black design looks very similar to the original Michael Jordan sneakers. Another popular option is the Triple S Faux Smudge because of its distressed look created by using various shades of black.

Keep reading as I’m about to share some concluding thoughts. Therefore, you will not want to miss a single word of content as we examine the history of sneakers and how to wear them.


After reading this post, I hope you are hustling to pull some of your favorite sneakers out of your closet and wear them in a new way. I would love to see what cute outfits you pair your favorite sneakers with now that you are more knowledgeable.

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