How to Style Biker Shorts: Types, tips, Biker Shorts Outfits

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Once you learn how to wear biker shorts, you will love this fashionable summertime option. While they were initially invented to help bikers ride longer and faster, Princess Diana made them a fashion statement. Despite her death in 1997, the trend continues today. 

If you love creating fashionable looks that are easy to put together, you will love learning about biker shorts. One of the reasons that biker shorts are so popular is that they can be worn in many different ways. They quickly go from the hiking trail to the club and the bike path to the office.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to biker shorts

Putting on a pair of biker shorts is a great way to look fashionable while exercising. In this chapter, I will define biker shorts, answer the question if everyone should wear them, and provide many valuable tips. Therefore, you will not want to miss a single word of this chapter.

If you could step back to 1976, you would see Peter Post leading Ti-Raleigh’s Dutch cycling team in competitive cycling events. This team was wearing a new type of cycling shorts made from Lycra as they rode to many victories.

Man cyclist winner peter post

Less than a year later, Castelli offered these shorts to the public who had been wearing wool shorts, and they were an instant hit. In fact, many people were so anxious to try the one-size-fits-all shorts that they lined up around the factory where the first pairs were sold.

They have lost their padding and become a favorite summertime fashion staple from the very beginning.

What are biker shorts?

Bike shorts are usually made of a stretchy material, like Lycra, and fight close to the body. While attached suspenders held up the original biker shorts, that is not the case anymore.

Modern biker shorts come in many different colors and designs. Therefore, it is easy to create casualwear looks with these shorts that usually stop about mid-thigh.

You can find two different styles of biker shorts. Those sold in the athletic department usually still have padding built into them to make them more comfortable while riding, and built-in wide suspenders often hold them up.

Male hand shows bicycle shorts padding

By comparison, the ones sold for fashion usually have a wide flat waistband to hold them up. Additionally, they typically lack padding in the seat, so they fit tightly all over the body.

Both are made of stretchy material, like Spandex or Lycra, allowing them to move easily without binding the wearer. Manufacturers usually use a breathable material, so the wearer stays more comfortable when the temperatures climb. 

They make some water-repellent or water-resistant fabric, allowing them to wick away moisture and participate in summer water activities wearing clothes that dry quickly.

The tightness of these shorts helps to compress muscles. Therefore, wearers often look better and may be able to move better than when they are not wearing them. This is one of the reasons that they look fabulous with cropped tops.

What are the benefits of wearing biker shorts?

There are many benefits of wearing biker shorts, including that they compress muscles and skin, so you look great. Manufacturers make them of stretchable material to move as you twist and turn, so they stay in place. Additionally, biker shorts come in a variety of colors.

Looking sharp is essential no matter where you roam, and the compression found in biker shorts will help you look sharper. At the same time that you look marvelous, the compression may also help your muscles work better, which means that you can accomplish more.

Stretchable material is usually used to help them stay in place regardless of what you decide to do with them. Since they are designed to fit tight against your skin, they help eliminate any worries about your privates showing regardless of how you twist or turn. These shorts come to about mid-thigh, so you will feel comfortable wearing them in most situations.

While you will find many black biker shorts, they also come in various colors. Therefore, it is straightforward to put together different looks. I will have more to say about how to style biker shorts a little later, but you can wear them with almost any type of shirt.

If you go to a pool party or spend the day near the water, you will love wearing biker shorts. Most dry incredibly quickly, making them perfect for water rides at an amusement park or a lazy day floating down the river.

You will stay incredibly comfortable in biker shorts as the temperatures rise because they are made of breathable material. Therefore, the fabric lets the air reach you while they also wick away moisture.

Are biker shorts flattering for all body types?

Yes, all body types can wear biker shorts because you can style them in so many ways. You can easily wear them regardless of your body shape. The trick is to style your biker shorts with an outfit that makes you look and feel beautiful.

Athletic girl smiles holds hair

For example, if you are tall and lean, choose a pair with a design on the side to make you look wider.

If you are apple-shaped with an undefined waist, consider options with a printed waist if you want to draw attention to it. This will make it look bigger so that your body looks more balanced. 

The stretch in biker shorts makes them ideal for apple’s shapes larger mid-section. Since you have great legs and biker shorts keep everything compressed, they are ideal for wearing with shoes that will draw even more attention to your lower half.

Pear-shaped bodies have wider hips than shoulders. Make biker shorts look fabulous by wearing them with long vests to make you look taller and leaner. For example, you may want to wear black biker shorts under a red vest with a white button-down top. As a pear shape, you want to avoid wearing clothes containing too much fabric. Thus, the tighter fit of biker shorts is ideal for you.

Hourglass bodies have almost equal shoulders and waist width. If this describes you, then pair biker shorts with a cropped jacket. You can choose either a casual choice, like denim, or create an upscale look by wearing a dressier blazer. Since biker shorts lie close to your body, they are an excellent option for showing off your beautiful curves.

Inverted triangles have broader shoulders than hips. Make your bottom half appear more balanced with your top half by choosing options with designs printed on them. Horizontal stripes will help you look thinner and taller. Consider wearing bold-colored shorts on the bottom and a lighter color on top.

Rectangular body shapes are square might want to look for biker shorts that will add visual interest to your body, such as ones with printed designs, because they will help break up your silhouette.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about biker shorts. It is so easy to understand why they were the favorite shorts of Princess Diana. They will quickly become your favorite shorts when you start wearing them. 

In the next chapter, I will delve deeper into the different types of biker shorts. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you keep reading to find out more about biker shorts.

Types of biker shorts

In the last chapter, we looked at how biker shorts can flatter all body types. We also defined the two large categories of biker shorts, and I told you their benefits. In this chapter, we will dive further into the different types of biker shorts. You may want to grab a pen and paper because you will find new options that you must add to your wardrobe as you read this list.

If a higher power made an item of clothing, it would probably be a pair of biker shorts. These close-fitting shorts are ultra-comfortable, and they are long enough to meet many dress codes. They come in a variety of colors and designs.

You can easily find breathable biker shorts, which will help to keep you comfortable on a hot day. Other options dry quickly, making them an excellent choice for a day on the water. You can wear these shorts in so many ways that it is easy to make a fashion statement with them, and they are a superior choice to wear when exercising.

Keep reading to discover the many available options. I will give you many advantages to each one, so you can choose the best options for you. Besides,  I will also provide you with some hints on how to style them. Not to mention that I will cover that topic more in-depth in the next chapter.

Here are the most well-known types of biker shorts:

Maternity biker shorts

Biker shorts are perfect for women who are pregnant. They do not bind so that the woman can stay more comfortable. These shorts also have an expandable waistband, so they fit perfectly throughout your pregnancy without putting pressure on your stomach. 

You can find them in various colors. Choosing black ones will help you look smaller. You may also want to pair them with your favorite long vest. You can also wear biker shorts with a long t-shirt or sweatshirt while lounging at home or running errands. Select options made from breathable material to stay cooler.

Plus-size biker shorts

There are many ways that plus-size women can wear biker shorts. They pair beautifully with a flowy short dress that you would not be comfortable wearing otherwise. The top will help hide your curves, while the shorts will be very comfortable to wear. 

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These shorts look ideal when paired with a long shirt and a loose belt. They also work great with a graphic tee worn under a flannel shirt and with your favorite slip-on sneakers. 

They lay close to your skin, which stops them from making you look bigger. So, they are a great choice when paired with any look that will help you look smaller.

Slim-fit biker shorts

Almost all biker shorts are slim fit because of the way that they fit against your skin. Manufacturers make many of them from stretchy material, so you will never feel like you have scrunched your body into a pair of shorts that are too small.

Smiling woman standing studio biker shorts

This can be the perfect option to wear with a long button-down shirt with a plain camisole underneath it. This is an ideal option for those days when it is cooler in the morning and gets hotter as the day goes on. You can find slim-fit biker shorts in many colors, so you have many options.

Basic biker shorts

Basic biker shorts should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Princess Diana made these shorts a fashion statement in the 1990s, and many celebrities have followed, including Kim Kardashian. 

You will understand why these close-fitting shorts are a favorite when you put on your first pair. Basic bike shorts offer compression that helps everyone look fabulous. 

Many come in moisture-wicking fabric, making them an ideal choice on a hot day. While black and other neutral colors are the most popular choices, you can find them in any color.

Cotton biker shorts

While most biker shorts are made of a stretcher material, slipping into a pair of cotton biker shorts can feel fantastic. Cotton is a natural fiber, but be careful because it retains odor more than many other choices on the market. 

These shorts are ideal for preventing chafing, which can be a problem in the summer. Cotton biking shorts are often cheaper than many other alternatives, and they are incredibly durable. 

Like other choices on our list, you can find these shorts in many different colors. So, you can easily create many different looks with them.

Spandex biker shorts

Spandex biker shorts are an excellent choice because they can help compress muscles. Research shows that it takes muscles that are compressed longer to grow tired, so wearing a pair of spandex biker shorts on your busiest summer days is perfect. If you are a weekend warrior, they can also help prevent sore muscles. 

Some studies even suggest that these shorts can help you jump higher and run faster. Like other biker shorts, spandex biker shorts come in many different colors, and they can have designs printed on them. These shorts usually have few seams, so they help prevent chafing.

High-waisted biker shorts

High-waisted biker shorts are ideal for those who need to create a waistline because you can find options with a printed or ribbed waist. As I discussed with the rectangular body shape, these shorts are ideal for breaking up rectangular and square bodies. 

High-waisted biker shorts are also fantastic for women with a larger middle because they can help camouflage it. These shorts can also be a great option if you want your legs to look longer.

Short biker shorts

Most biker shorts stop mid-thigh, but short biker shorts stop higher up. These shorts can be made of a manmade material that stretches or of cotton. One possible way to style them is to wear them with an oversized top that buttons up the front and chunky heels. 

Female cyclist riding bike

They are also perfect for pairing with a crop top. Since these shorts stay in place and move when you move, they are also ideal for wearing when working out. You can find them in many different colors, with black and neutral colors being the most popular choices.

Biker shorts with pockets

Biker shorts with pockets are ideal when you do not want to carry a purse. These shorts can be made of stretchy material or cotton. Most are high-waisted, but you can find other options. 

Many have side cargo-style pockets, but some have at least one back pocket so that you can carry even more things. While a few options have flap-style pockets, most have slit-style pockets. You can find these shorts in various patterns and designs, and some even have a design right on top of the pockets to help camouflage them.

Traditional biker shorts

You may have to go to the athletic department to find traditional biker shorts. This option has lots of compression so that your muscles do not get as tired when pedaling. They also have extra padding in the back to stay more comfortable on the bike’s seat. 

These shorts are usually made of stretchable material, so you do not feel bound up while riding. Some have suspenders to eliminate any binding at the waist further. While most of these shorts are black, other options are available. Some even have a reflective stripe down the side so that you are easier to see.

Casual biker shorts

Cotton and manmade biker shorts are an excellent option for casual wear. There are many options with different pockets, making them perfect for exercise. Pair them with your favorite sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals. 

These shorts that typically stop about mid-thigh move as you move, so they are very comfortable. They pair beautifully with t-shirts and graphic shirts. They are perfect for wearing with a cropped denim jacket, oversized blazer, or leather coat on cooler days. 

Woman long hair pink clothes denim jacket

You can find options in different weights, so consider the weather when making a final selection. Heavier ones will help keep you warmer, while lighter ones, especially those that are breathable, will help to keep you cooler.

Seamless biker shorts

If you have trouble with your legs chaffing, seamless biker shorts may be the perfect exercise clothing. When you go bike riding or running, there is no seam to rub against your skin and irritate it. Usually, these shorts are on an elasticized waistband, so they will not bind you. 

They also make an excellent option for wearing under your favorite leggings or other exercise pants on the way to the gym because there is no seam causing the outer pants to bunch up. You can find these shorts in a variety of colors. Options matching your skin tone often give you a little extra protection if you wear a miniskirt or short cocktail dress.

Yoga biker shorts

The fact that biker shorts move with you makes them the perfect option for yoga. You will never feel bound as you do your stretches because they have plenty of giving built into them. Since they lay close against your skin, there is no fear of people seeing your privates.

Woman short leggings yoga

These shorts have a comfortable waistband that stays in place regardless of how you choose to move. They look lovely with various exercise tops, including crop and halter tops. These shorts are available in many colors, so it is easy to put together cut yoga outfits.

Leather biker shorts

Faux leather biker shorts are a fantastic summertime option. They are usually made of spandex, allowing them to move as you twist and turn. Pair them with a sparkly top for a fun outfit to wear during a night of clubbing. They are available in many sizes so that everyone can wear this look. 

Since they usually compress your muscles, you will look even sharper. This can also be a great option to wear to a casual restaurant with a button-down shirt. If you need to look taller, consider wearing them with a shirt that ties at the bottom and let the ties hang down the front.

Knit biker shorts

Knit biker shorts are a fantastic option when it is time to hang out at home. These shorts are usually inexpensive, so that you will want them in colors. The soft texture of these shorts also makes them a great option when you sleep in shorts. 

These shorts often have pockets for keeping your small valuables safe. Since these options are not as close-fitting as other choices, they can be an outstanding option for days when you want nothing touching your skin. 

The waistband will help them stay in place, so they are ideal when squirming while listening to your favorite music.

I have given you lots of information about different types of biker shorts. While I have given you some ideas on how to style them, we will take a deeper dive into how to style biker shorts in the next chapter. Therefore, you will want to carry on reading.

What to wear with biker shorts

As promised, in this chapter, I will dive more deeply into how to put biker shorts outfits together. These shorts are incredibly versatile, so that you can wear them in many ways.

While I gave you some general guidance in the last chapter, I will go deeper in this section. Therefore, you should have many fantastic ideas that are sure to impress your friends and turn heads by the end.

Woman shorts walking street
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Biker shorts are incredibly adaptable, and therefore, you will want many pairs in your wardrobe. That way, you can create a different look for every day of the week all summer long. 

I don’t want to get too far ahead on this thought because I will give you helpful advice on what outfits to wear on different occasions in the next chapter. Think about where you want to wear these beautiful outfits while I discuss them.

Biker shorts are so comfortable that you will want to wear them often. Consider these suggestions, but feel free to put your spin on how you fashion them.

With a sweatshirt

Consider wearing biker shorts with a sweatshirt to create a Princess Diana retro look. Pair a black pair with a gray sweatshirt and put on your favorite pair of white sneakers. Pull your hair up in a messy bun on top of your head. 

This look works great for running errands around town, and you can carry your favorite shoulder bag. Complete the retro look by wearing a pair of round sunglasses. You may also want to consider wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings with this outfit.

With an oversized t-shirt

One of the most iconic fashion looks is wearing biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt, and you can rock this look. You can find many monochromatic looks or create your own. You may also want to wear a complimentary-colored t-shirt.

Woman poses outdoors hold face
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Alternatively, you can find many neutral-colored shorts that pair easily with almost any of your summer tops. If you need to add some definition to your body, wear a chain belt. This look is great for wearing with sneakers and carrying your favorite tote bag purse.

As a matching set

You can find many styles of matching set biker shorts. There are options with graphic tees and other options with crop tops, so consider where you will be wearing the outfit. Create a casual look by choosing biker short options that have pockets. 

While you can find plain-colored possibilities, many have fun designs, so decide which will look best with your skin tone. If it is early spring or fall, think about long-sleeved options or a three-piece set with a matching jacket so that you will stay warmer. You can choose between knit, Spandex and cotton options depending on what fabric you want to wear.

With a button-down shirt

There are many ways to wear a button-down shirt with biker shorts. You can tie the shirt around your waist and wear a crop top, and this option looks super with chunky-heeled boots. 

Alternatively, wear a button-down shirt over a crop top and wear your favorite heels. This is an excellent option for days when the weather cannot make up its mind because you can put the shirt on if you get chilly. 

You can also wear a shirt buttoned up over a pair of biker shorts with a bold design. Make sure that the blouse and the short design have the same or complementary colors.

With a casual blazer

Biker shorts look perfect with casual blazers. You can keep the look simple by wearing them with a favorite t-shirt and sneakers. Alternatively, pair the shorts and blazer with a sparkly top and your favorite boots for a fabulous out-on-the-town outfit. 

This is a great look to wear with long layered necklaces and bold earrings. Leather blazers look particularly great with biker shorts. Then, wear a casual white tee underneath and your knee-high boots. 

If you need to look taller, this can be a fantastic choice because you can choose a longer blazer to create strong verticle lines up your front.

With a crop top

When the weather gets hot, wearing a crop top with biker shorts is the perfect solution. While most people wear a white crop top with black biker shorts, you can wear colored options. If you do not want too much skin showing, choose a pair of high-rise biker shorts. 

Girl skating road open arms
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This option is especially great for those new to wearing biker shorts because it is nearly impossible to mess up the look. It makes a great workout outfit, and it can be worn with an oversized button-down shirt if you like.

With a graphic tee

You can easily create a grunge-style outfit with a graphic tee and a pair of biker shorts. Think about creating a retro look by fashioning your favorite band shirt with a long flannel shirt and wearing it with your biker shorts. Work boots or platform shoes are an outstanding option for your feet. 

Alternatively, deliver a powerful message by choosing a graphic tee with a saying on it and pairing it with a pair of biker shorts in a matching color. This is a simple look to put together, so pair it with your sneakers or t-strap flat sandals.

With a cardigan

Cropped cardigans are ideal for wearing with biker shorts. Wear it buttoned-up as your top and keep the look casual by wearing a sunhat and a pair of slide sandals. Alternatively, wear a lightweight cardigan that comes down below your waist and wear a pretty knit top underneath it. 

Then, pair it with your favorite black heels. Keep this look feminine by pairing it with a statement necklace and your favorite dangle earrings. Depending on your company’s dress code, you can even wear this look to work.

With a hoodie

Biker shorts are an excellent choice for pairing with a hoodie. You can let the strings from the hoodie hang down your front to make you look taller. You can wear this look with a hoodie that stops at your waist or a longer option. 

Many shoe choices look perfect with this look, including leather slide sandals and sneakers. This is an excellent option for a lazy day when you are lounging at home. You can also wear a hoodie representing your favorite team to their game.

With a knit top

Biker shorts are an ideal choice for wearing with a feminine knit top. You can choose an oversized one and wear it at night when lounging around the house with your flip-flops. You may also want to consider wearing a nicer knit top with a pair of leather biker shorts when you go out to a casual dinner or other events. 

In that case, you may want to pair it with dressy sandals. Besides, choosing the right upscale dangle earrings and long necklaces can help give this look a classic appearance. Consider carrying your favorite clutch.

You now know how to style biker shorts. In the next chapter, I will discuss the many different looks you can create with biker shorts, so keep reading. You will want to incorporate various pieces into your wardrobe to create each of these looks.

Tips on how to style biker shorts

Now that you know the many types of biker shorts and have a good idea of how to style them to create different ideas, I will dive deeper into some tips on picking out specific biker shorts and clothes to go with them.

Mastering these tips is a great way to ensure that you pick the right items to go together to look fabulous all summer long. Thinking through these tips will help you select the right clothes from your wardrobe or show you where you need to add essential items for wearing with your biker shorts.

There are many ways to wear biker shorts, and I have already shown you how to put some basic outfits together. Yet, following some tips is the way to take them to the next level.

Once you discover how comfortable biker shorts are, you will want to wear them all the time. The great news is that you can wear them in many different ways. Therefore, you can wear a different look daily. 

While they are often a favorite when creating a summertime casual look, you now know how to style them so that you can wear them from early spring through late fall. When you are putting together different looks, follow these tips.

Pair With Good Activewear

Biker shorts make an excellent option for activewear. Consider high-waisted biker shorts as they have better coverage. Think about color options that show less sweat, like black, navy blue, and pale pink. 

Young woman yoga outfit

Plaid and camouflage colors show fewer sweat marks, making them an excellent choice for tops. Biker shorts look great with sneakers but wear them with socks to avoid shoe odor. The best ones have built-in technology to help wick moisture away from your feet so that they stay healthier.

Select colors to stay cool

Many biker shorts are black, so you will want to pair them with the right color top to help you stay cooler in the summer. White is the most obvious choice, but it is not the only one. 

According to researcher Toshiaki Ichinose of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, who did scientific testing to determine what colors would keep a person cooler, the next choices are gray and yellow. 

He is somewhat surprised by finding that red and purple also helped keep the body cooler than many other color choices, including pastels and lime green.

Create monochromatic outfit

Monochromatic outfits are one of the most straightforward looks to put together, and it is no exception with biker shorts outfits. Matching sets are often a great place to start. Creating an all-black biker shorts outfit is a great option. 

Then, wear black shoes and choose jewelry with black onyx stones or another option that has black in it. Likewise, if you start with brown shorts and a brown shirt, then wear a brown hat and your leather sandals. 

When creating monochromatic outfits, there is no need to stick to the same shade. You will also want to mix and match different textures in your outfit.

Mix summer patterns and prints

It is easy to use biker shorts to create cute outfits with summer patterns and prints. One key to carrying out this idea is to stay in the same color family. Therefore, if you choose black biker shorts, choose a top that has black in it too. 

Additionally, you should stay within the same geometric pattern. For instance, if you select biker shorts with horizontal lines, your top should also have horizontal stripes. 

You should also use this same color or pattern in the accessories you choose. Keep in mind that your outfit does not have to match color and pattern. As long as it matches one or the other, it will look super cute.

Draw attention to your best body feature

You will want to draw attention to your best body features when wearing biker shorts. At the same time, you will want to minimize the parts of your body that you do not like. If your best part is your arms, then consider wearing a crop top with your biker shorts to show them off. 

A graphic tee may be a great choice if your chest is your best part. At the same time, if your body’s weakness is your midsection, choose to wear a vest or jacket with them to create longer lines or wear a loose belt around your middle to break up your body parts.

Wear minimalist outfit

Summer outfits do not have to be difficult, and no place is that statement truer than when putting together biker shorts outfits. Instead of trying to combine many different pieces, choose one or two high-quality pieces and put them together. 

For instance, you might want to wear a long sweatshirt or hoodie with your biker shorts and put your hair up in a messy bun. Alternatively, wear an oversized tee shirt with them and pull your hair back in a ponytail. You often do not need to wear any jewelry with biker shorts in the warmer months.

Elongate Your Legs

Since biker shorts often come down to mid-thigh, your legs may look short. This is especially true when wearing darker colors, as they tend to make things look smaller. If you are concerned about this, consider wearing high-waisted biker shorts to make your legs look as if they started sooner. 

You may also want to wear colorful shoes as they will naturally draw attention down to your feet, making your legs appear longer. You can also create an optical illusion that your legs are longer by wearing shoes matching your skin tone. Wearing your shirt tucked into your biker shorts will also make your legs look longer.

Make neutral colors work for you

If you think neutral colors, like browns and blues, are boring, you need to learn how to make them work for you. Wearing a top or shoes with texture can help add visual interest to your outfit, and you can also wear tops or shoes that have patterns on them. 

Close up portrait woman smiling beige trench

For example, leather boots, camouflage shirts, or a floral necklace can work great with a neutral-colored outfit. While jewelry is usually kept simpler in the summer, the right statement necklace can have a powerful impact when worn with neutral colors.

Use pops of color

You can easily put together biker shorts outfits when you keep the 60-30-10% rule in mind. Start with one color and make 60% of your outfit that color. Then, go straight across the color wheel from your primary color and move one space to the right or the left. Choose this color to be 30% of your outfit. 

Then, skip to the other side and make that choice be 10% of your wardrobe. Remember that you can use the colors in many ways, including your jewelry, shoes, purse, and hair accessories. By working with split complementary colors, you do not have to worry about your colors matching or your outfit being too busy.

Maintain balance

Since biker shorts fit close to your body, you must not wear anything that makes you look too wide with them unless you add something to balance out the look. For instance, you would not want to wear a top with bell sleeves with biker shorts. 

Instead, choose tops that fit close to the body. If wearing earrings, choose studs or dangles that drop straight down. Just think about keeping both halves of your body balanced, so if you do something on the top, you need to counter it on the bottom.

I hope you have enjoyed learning these hints on creating outfits using biker shorts. In the next chapter, I will cover how to wear biker shorts to different places. So, make sure that you keep reading. I am so anxious to share with you my ideas of how to style biker shorts so that you can wear them in many places.

On what occasions is it appropriate to wear biker shorts?

I have already given you a lot of advice about creating outfits with biker shorts. In addition, I have shared with you tips so that you can put together fabulous outfits with biker shorts.

While I have given you some ideas on where you can wear biker shorts, I want to dive deeper into this topic. I hope that when you get done with this chapter, you wear your biker shorts to many more places.

Woman shorts outdoor from below
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If you typically save your shorts for lazy days at home, the information in this chapter will thrill you because you can wear them in so many more places. Since most do not wrinkle, they are super to pack for a trip and take up very little room.

While summer is often vacation time, you can find many wonderful places to wear your biker shorts closer to home. Therefore, you will want to wear them often to different places.

To go to the beach

Biker shorts are perfect for a day at the beach. Select a choice made from water-resistant or waterproof fabric so that they dry quickly. You can easily pair them with your swimsuit top and wear them as a coverup if you have a one-piece suit. They are also ideal for wearing with swimsuit coverups to provide extra coverage. 

Of course, you will want to wear your favorite sunhat to keep the sun’s rays from burning your skin. Think about choosing a pair in a neutral color or one that works well with the colors in your swimsuit.

As a tourist

Biker shorts are perfect for a day of exploring. Consider choosing a neutral-colored pair and a button-down shirt over a crop top. You can wear the shirt when temperatures are cooler and tie it around your waist as the day warms up. 

If you go to a museum or a freezing restaurant, you still have the option to slip back into your shirt. When exploring, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes with your biker shorts, like sneakers or chunky-heeled boots. Choosing neutral-colored shorts allows you to look great in photos against many different backgrounds.

To a club

Biker shorts can be great to wear to a party. Choosing options made of spandex is an excellent choice because it helps hold you in place. They pair beautifully with a silk charmeuse camisole and diamond earrings. You can wear your favorite summer sandals with heels to complete this look. 

Another option is to wear leopard-print biker shorts with a ruched satin camisole and carry a beaded bag. A red top looks outstanding. You can wear your red closed-toe heels. 

Depending on the party’s location, you may also want to wear black leather biker shorts and a black crop top. Then, wear a black leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of tall black boots to create a monochromatic outfit.

To chill and relax

Biker shorts are perfect for relaxing at home. You can easily pair them with oversized tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. The fact that they easily move when you move makes them a perfect option when snuggling up with a great book to read in an overstuffed chair. Since most are made of breathable material, they will help to keep you comfortable.

Consider matching sets and pairing them with your favorite flip-flops or sandals. If you wear makeup at home, then keep it light. You can wear this look with a Bluetooth beanie, making listening to your favorite tunes very easy.

To college/school

There are so many ways to wear biker shorts to school or college. The longer length of biker shorts helps them meet many dress codes. Another possibility is to pair them with a button-down top worn over a knit top. Then, pull your hair up and wear your favorite statement necklace and platform shoes. 

Another possibility is to pair them with your favorite team’s jersey. In this case, think about wearing them with sneakers. They are also super on those mornings when you find it challenging to get out of bed because you can wear them with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers to make it to class on time.

To the office

Depending on your company’s dress code, you may be able to wear biker shorts to work. You can easily wear them with a blazer and your favorite high-heels. Consider wearing a black knit top under a fitted gray blazer to the office.

Woman posing outdoors black outfit sunglasses

Then, wear a statement necklace and a pair of dangling earrings. You can wear this option in the early spring and fall by putting on a pair of nude tights under them. 

In order to wear biker shorts to work, consider sticking with a solid-colored pair made of spandex and wearing them with a silky top. You may even want to think about one with design details in the front, like ruffles.

On a hike

Biker shorts are an ideal option when going on a hike. Most are sturdy enough to easily let you climb over boulders or other obstacles in your way without snagging. They are also great options if you may need to walk through a water crossing because most will dry quickly. 

Many are made from breathable material so that you will stay comfortable. Consider pairing them with your favorite low-profile hiking boots and a graphic tee. Then, wear a long-sleeved shirt on top. You can put the shirt on if it is cooler or use it to protect your arms while keeping it tied around your waist when not needed.

To bed

Biker shorts make great sleepwear. They are breathable, so you will not get hot during the night. They also fit close to your body, so they turn as you roll over during the night. Their waistband is very comfortable, so you will never feel like you are in a bind. 

Consider wearing a matching set consisting of a long shirt and shorts. They also look fantastic peeking out from underneath your favorite robe.

To workout

Biker shorts are a great choice to wear when working out. Their soft waistband helps you stretch and move your waist better. Most options have some compression built into them, so your muscles will be stronger and not get as tired. Since they are breathable, you will also stay cooler while working out. 

While you can wear biker shorts under leggings if you want until you get to the gym, consider wearing them with a tank top during your workout. Of course, you can wear biker shorts with your favorite sneakers or running shoes.

On a bike ride

As the name suggests, you can wear biker shorts on a bike ride. You may want to consider the original biker shorts as they have extra padding in the seat to keep you comfortable as you pedal along. They also have no seams, helping to eliminate problems with chaffing. 

Woman bycicle oversized tshirt
Source: Amir Kiani on Unsplash

The additional compression found in these shorts helps your muscles keep moving longer. Alternatively, you may also want to wear regular biker shorts on a bike ride. Since they are longer and lay close to your body, you will stay more comfortable. These shorts are ideal for pairing with a tank top.

To a picnic

If you want to look great at a picnic, wear a pair of biker shorts. In particular, you may want to wear a pair with a bold or floral design on its sides. Then, wear a top in the same color as the design. 

This is an excellent option for wearing with your summer flat sandals allowing you to walk easily on uneven ground. Consider biker shorts with pockets so that you do not have to carry a bag. You will want to wear a sunhat to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and help you stay cooler.

To a pool party

Like going to the beach, biker shorts can be an excellent option for a pool party. They pair nicely with most coverups and provide additional coverage. If you are worried that you might get wet, rest assured that most of these options dry quickly. 

Look elegant at the pool party by pairing them with a silky top if you do not plan on swimming. Choose a sleeveless option that hangs straight down from the shoulders so that you do not look unbalanced. Then, wear a statement necklace in a complementary shade to your shirt’s color.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the many different places to wear biker shorts. While I have touched on it a few times in this chapter, I will dive deeper into shoes that look awesome with biker shorts in the next chapter. You will be amazed at how many possibilities there are to wear different shoes with your biker shorts.

What shoes to wear with biker shorts

I have spent a lot of time talking about how to put different biker shorts outfits together. You can wear them with everything from long-sleeved sweatshirts to crop tops. I have also given you ideas on where to wear different looks.

They are perfect for bike riding, but you can also wear them to the club and the office. One of the secrets of looking great while wearing biker shorts is to choose the right shoes. Choosing the right shoes helps complete your outfit while keeping you comfortable.

You can wear the same biker shorts to many places if you wear the right shoes. I have already touched on some shoe choices to wear with biker shorts, but let’s dive into what shoes to wear with them. 

Just like tops, you will find that you can wear biker shorts with many types of shoes. Choosing the right ones completes the look and helps you stay safe and comfortable.

Running shoes

I have already discussed how biker shorts are the perfect running attire because they will not chaff and are breathable. Therefore, pair your biker shorts with your favorite running shoes. 

You can create a monochromatic outfit by wearing black running shoes with black biker shorts and a black crop top. Alternatively, you can wear colored running shoes to add a pop of color to your outfit. 

Usually, if your running clothes have a lot of color in them, you will look more fashionable wearing white or black running shoes so that they do not compete with the colors in your biker shorts and top.

Training shoes

Your favorite training shoes will look adorable with your biker shorts. You can create a cute workout outfit by wearing black training shoes, leopard-print biker shorts, and a black crop top. 

If you choose colored biker shorts, then consider training shoes in color directly opposite on the color wheel. You can opt between a two-piece matching set or choose a neutral-colored top. 

You will never find the same shade of color in shoes as your biker shorts, and then your outfit with clash. Therefore, it is always better to go with the opposite color. 


Sneakers are perfect for wearing with your biker shorts, and they feel ultra-comfortable on your feet. Wearing white sneakers is often an ideal choice because white reflects the sun’s rays so that your feet will stay cooler. Therefore, you are less likely to develop shoe odor. 

Woman legs pink biker pants sneakers 1

Additionally, you can wear white with most outfits. There are many shades of white sneakers, so consider one that is not pure white as it will show dirt less. Most types of sneakers are ideal for wearing with casual looks, like your biker shorts and an oversized tee, sweatshirt or hoodie.


There are an incredible number of sandals that look great with biker shorts. When choosing which ones to wear, consider if you want a heel or not. Taller heels, biker shorts, and a blazer can make great office attire. 

Consider wearing shorter heels with your biker shorts to go out to dinner or on a fun date. Flat sandals go perfectly with biker shorts for many outdoor occasions where you may walk on uneven ground. They also work well in situations where you may be doing a lot of walking, like at a farmer’s or flea market.

Gogo boots

Get out your favorite gogo boots and wear them with your biker shorts for a night of clubbing fun. You can stick to solid-colored options and wear them with black biker shorts and a sparkly button-down top. 

Alternatively, wear your zebra-stipe or leopard-print ones with black leather biker shorts and complete the look with a sequin top. Wearing dangle earrings and other accessories helps this outfit look great. 

You can choose different heights of gogo boots, but there should be a little space between the top of the boot and the bottom of your shorts.

Platform shoes

The broader heel on most platform shoes makes them ideal for wearing with your biker shorts on many occasions. Wearing options that match your skin tone will make your legs look longer. 

Alternatively, consider options that are opposite on the color wheel as your top, as they will help bring your outfit together. This is an excellent option for wearing with a nice top or button-down blouse to a casual restaurant or social gathering. These shoes are also ideal for wearing with your biker shorts and a satin or silk top for a night of clubbing fun.

Kitten heels

Shorter kitten heels are a great choice to wear with biker shorts. Consider wearing your biker shorts, closed-toe kitten heels, and a fitted blazer to the office. You can make this outfit look even more ready for the office by wearing dangly earrings and a necklace. 

Kitten heels may also be a great option to wear to an outside function because they are usually easy to walk in on uneven ground. In this case, you will want to avoid spiked kitten heels and stick with an option with a chunkier heel.

Hiking shoes

As I discussed in the previous chapter, biker shorts are a great option to wear on a hike. Pair them with a pair of hiking shoes or boots. Look for options with a thick sole to help protect your feet from tree roots and other obstacles.

Female hiker sticks forest

You will also want to choose a pair that has tread to keep your balance on uneven or muddy ground. Since most hiking boots are brown, they look ideal with almost any color except black. Therefore, you can put together a cute outfit wearing white biker shorts, an oversized light pink shirt, and a denim crop jacket.

Boat shoes

Biker shorts make an ideal choice for a day spent on the water, and you will want to wear them with your favorite boat shoes. The soles on these shoes are specially made to help you keep your balance on wet surfaces. 

Since these shoes take their inspiration from menswear, think about giving your outfit a feminine twist by carrying a floral bag and wearing a floral top over your biker shorts. This is an ideal outfit to wear with a bucket hat with a ribbon bow. Choose a pair of boat shoes in a neutral color so that you have more choices.

Bike shoes

Biker shorts were first made to wear for cycling, and they still look fantastic with your favorite bike shoes. Make sure that your toes have enough room to wiggle when choosing new bike shoes. 

You can pair them with traditional biker shorts and a tank top. White bike shoes pair perfectly with black biker shorts with a white stripe down their side, making it easier to see. Consider wearing a short black leather jacket if the weather is cooler. Then, wear a Parisian beanie.

I have just about finished sharing information about biker shorts with you. I will share some concluding thoughts that you will not want to miss in the next section. Therefore, be sure that you keep reading.

Biker Shorts Outfit Ideas

So far, we have looked at many types of biker shorts, and I have given you a basic idea of how to style many of them. In this chapter, we will dig deeper into how to put together biker shorts outfits. There are so many possibilities that you will often find yourself wearing this style of shorts.

Since biker shorts come in many lengths and colors, you can easily create a variety of outfits with them. They are an ideal choice to wear to a casual date when paired with a blazer. Alternatively, pair them with a hoodie to wear to the game. 

You can easily wear them with a tennis skirt on and off the court. Of course, these tight-fitting shorts are great to wear on a bike ride, but they also work flawlessly when worn to the gym.

YouTube video
How To Wear BIKE SHORTS (9 OUTFITS!) -By Orly Shani
by The DIY Designer

Let’s look at some terrific ways to style biker shorts without any further explanation.

Button-up shirt + blazer + maternity biker shorts

Getting dressed when you are pregnant can be challenging. Consider wearing a button-up shirt with your maternity biker shorts. Choose a blazer in a neutral color. Wearing it over a white button-up shirt with a stand-up collar is a great choice when the weather is cooler. 

You can opt to carry a color-coordinated shoulder bag that ends about your belly if you want to draw attention to your bump. If you would prefer people not notice, choose a baguette bag that ends above your stomach. This is a great option to wear with mules.

Long shirt + plus-size biker shorts + gladiator sandals

A long button-up shirt is a fantastic option to wear with plus-size biker shorts. Button the shirt down until it meets your shorts. Then, tie the shirt in the front and let the ties hang down the front of your outfit. 

The ties hanging down will help you look taller and less broad. Tuck the rest of your shirt into your shorts. Then, put on your gladiator sandals. 

I prefer this look when the shorts and shirt are both solid colors because it provides very clean lines. This is a fantastic option to carry with a clutch as it will not distract from the front of the outfit.

Cardigan + pullover top + high-waisted biker shorts

A button-up cardigan is a fantastic option to wear with a pullover top and your high-waisted biker shorts. Consider a black cardigan and wear it with a silky, brightly colored pullover top. One without embellishments with a simple design is best. 

Then, wear your black high-waisted biker shorts. Your outfit will look best when you let the shirt be the pop of color, so keep your jewelry simple. A pair of stud earrings may be all you need. Then, wear this outfit with your black slip-on shoes. Canvas options are an ideal choice.

Mock turtleneck + pullover shirt + short biker shorts + sneakers

Start this look by putting on a pullover shirt. One with stripes or another design at its bottom is the best choice. Then, cover it with a mock turtleneck in a coordinating color. I like to wear a black striped shirt and a black mock turtleneck. 

Pull the pullover shirt down so that 2 or 3 inches of the shirt shows under the sweater. If the biker shorts have a little pocket on the front, stick a pocket square in them to add some color to your shorts. 

Then, wear the shorts with your favorite sneakers or cycling shoes. Do not forget your sunglasses. You can pull your hair up in a messy bun or back in a ponytail.

Graphic t-shirt + cotton biker shorts + cross-trainers

If you are headed to the gym, a graphic t-shirt with a motivational message on it and your cotton biker shorts are an ideal choice. I love to wear a shirt where the message reminds me and those seeing it that I am working towards meeting my goals. 

Girl posing leggings sunglasses

Wearing your cotton biker shorts helps ensure sweat gets wicked away, and they will not bind your muscles while exercising. If the weather is a bit nippy, wear a tracksuit over your outfit until you get to the gym. Of course, you will want to wear cross-trainers that support your feet properly.

Crop top + seamless biker shorts + cycling shoes

A crop top and your seamless biker shorts are an ideal outfit for a bike ride. Cover your crop top with a zip-up jacket if the weather is undecided or cool. You can take it off as the temperature climbs. Choose a crop top based on your body build. 

If you have a larger chest, then choose options with wider straps. If you are smaller, then you can choose tops with thinner straps. 

Then, pair your top and shorts with moisture-wicking socks and cycling shoes. You can create a monochromatic outfit by wearing your shorts and a top that is the same color or wear coordinating colors.

Poplin shirt + short biker shorts + knee-high boots

Create a unique outfit for a casual night on the town by wearing your short biker shorts with an open-back poplin shirt. Then, pull on your knee-high boots. A long-sleeved poplin shirt is a wonderful choice if it is long enough to tuck into your biker shorts. 

You can add visual interest to the outfit by choosing one that ties right below the open back. This is particularly an excellent option for women with a thinner waist who love showing off their curves as it will draw attention to the waist. Select boots with a short heel to keep the look casual. A top-handle small bag is ideal for carrying with this outfit.

Knit bra top + ribbed biker shorts + fitted blazer

A fitted blazer worn over a knit bra top is a fantastic date-night look. Choose a blazer in a color that looks great on you and wear it over a knitted bra top that is a little lighter in color. A two-button blazer with buttons on the sleeves is a great option. 

Then, choose ribbed biker shorts in a complementary color to create a high-contrast outfit. This outfit looks terrific when worn with your flats. If you do not have any patterns in the rest of your outfit, then consider shoes that have a subtle pattern to them. A leather shoulder bag will keep this outfit looking classical.

Hoodie + casual biker shorts + sneakers

Give your outfit a collegiate flair by wearing a hoodie with your favorite college team’s name boldly across the front. Then, wear your casual biker shorts. While I really like this outfit when done with black shorts, you can choose another color that works with the base color of your hoodie if you want. 

Then, wear your sneakers. Do not head outside without your sunglasses. Opt for a choice that covers your entire eyes for the most protection. If you have long hair, then pull it up in a high ponytail. A fabric tote is an excellent choice for a handbag.

Tennis skirt + tank top + biker shorts

Wearing biker shorts under your tennis dress is a great way to ensure that you stay covered and make you feel much more confident. If you are headed to the court, choose a tank top that fits close to your body. Then, pair it with your tennis shoes. 

You can easily wear this outfit around town as you run errands if you want by pulling on a sweater over the tank top if the weather is chilly. Wearing this option with colored tights is an excellent choice during cool weather. You can choose to dress it up by adding a crystal tennis bracelet and a short crystal necklace. Then, wear crystal stud earrings.

In the next chapter, I will have some concluding thoughts, so be sure to keep reading. I will also give you a chance to ask questions and ask a favor of you.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about how to wear biker shorts. They are a great option no matter whether you are lounging at home or hitting the streets as a tourist.

It is natural when someone shares so much information to have questions. Therefore, be sure to ask, and I will gladly answer them.

If you know someone who needs a little fashion help, share this post with them. Additionally, you will want to read our other posts to find great fashion tips that you can easily apply to your own life.

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