35+ Different Types of Heels Complete Guide + Tips & Outfits

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Are you intrigued by the high heel shoe but haven’t really worked it into your wardrobe as of yet? This classic shoe option provides a lot of room to style your outfit as you want since there are many types of heels to choose from. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what heels are, when you should wear them, different types of heels that exist, and different outfits that look good when paired with heels. You’ll be a heel expert by the time you’re done reading, so let’s get started.

Introduction to heels and F.A.Q.

We spend a great deal of time focusing on the articles of clothing that we’re going to pair together in order to create the perfect outfit. However, shoes can make or break an outfit. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at a very classic footwear option that women wear for work, social functions, and gatherings.

The high-heel shoe has been around for decades and has evolved many times to remain relevant in fashion. We’re going to cover all of the basics of heels in this article, as well as why you should wear heels, when you should wear them, when you should skip them, and some different outfit ideas that incorporate heels as the shoe choice to go with.

What are heels?

Heels are dress shoes that have a raised heel. They come in different styles and heights, but the overall concept is the same. Depending on the height of the heel, the woman wearing them will gain some additional height off the ground. Some women wear them specifically for this purpose, while other women just like the formal feel that they offer for an outfit.

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Heels have the ability to change how you look, change how you walk, upgrade your style, and so much more. They can make your calves and legs look more toned, they elevate an otherwise simple look, and heels have become a signature look for so many women.

This is a practical and versatile shoe choice that goes with many different articles of clothing. It’s anticipated that you will wear heels with something like a formal gown, but heels can also be perfectly paired with jeans and miniskirts. You can get very creative with a classic pair of heels, and every woman should have at least one or two basic pairs to work with.

Why wear heels?

There are so many reasons why you may want to wear heels as your preferred shoe option. Many women love heels and have a large collection. Essentially, heels are a very elegant shoe choice that makes a woman feel feminine and attractive. 

You don’t have to choose a very high heel that makes it difficult for you to walk in. A simple heel that’s just a few inches off the ground is more than enough to make a bold fashion statement.

Slipping into a pair of heels makes you feel good. They seem to make you hold your head up high and know that you’re wearing a great outfit from top to bottom. When you feel good, you look good and exude confidence to those that are around you. Heels also provide that little extra bit of polish to a look that otherwise could be downgraded with flats or sneakers.

If you’re not very tall, you may feel that you need those heels to bring your height up a bit. You can gain quite a few inches in a very high pair of heels as long as you can walk in them. If you are already tall, don’t feel like you can’t wear heels anyway. Take your height to an even higher level.

Heels have become a work of art. Many designers have their signature heels that are frequently worn by Hollywood stars and other celebrities. We’re all familiar with the red-bottomed Christian Louboutin’s. 

While they come in different varieties, they’re all gorgeous and make a bold statement. Many women have a brand that they prefer, and they have quite a collection of heels to choose from.

When should you wear heels?

Heels are a practical shoe option for a number of occasions. That’s why it’s good to have a few pairs on hand. If you have a couple of pairs of black heels, maybe a pair of nude heels, and some fun colors mixed in, you’ll always have something that matches your outfit. Don’t forget to have varying heel heights as well.

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Choose heels whenever you feel that they’re going to elevate your look and make you feel beautiful. Heels really go with most outfits, so there aren’t many times you can’t wear them (unless you’ll be doing a lot of walking). 

Wear them with a formal gown for a wedding or black-tie event. Pair them with a simple pair of slimming slacks for a very streamlined look. You can even put a classic pair of heels on when you’re wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a blouse to really bring the look to a whole new level.

Are heels always the best option?

Heels are a fantastic shoe choice, and they go with many outfits. Though, there may be times when heels aren’t the best choice. While they would probably look perfect with what you’re wearing, they wouldn’t provide you with the mobility and functionality that you need for a certain outing.

You probably want to skip the heels if you’re going to be doing something casual with friends or family and will be doing a lot of walking. Heels are pretty comfortable if you’re just moving around in a small location or around the office. But they’re not going to keep your feet comfortable if you’re walking miles around the zoo with your kids or taking a stroll through the park. 

They’re also not great for certain surfaces. If you’re walking on gravel or sand, the heels can sink into that material and make you feel unsteady. Of course, you can always ditch your shoes altogether if you’re on the beach and want to go for a walk. Just carry your heels until you’re ready to head back to flat pavement again.

Heels also shouldn’t be worn during the winter months when sidewalks and roads are very slick. They don’t provide very good traction and could lead to your slipping, falling, or twisting your ankle. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t use them, though. Have a comfortable and safe pair of boots that you wear when you’re outside. Carry your heels with you in your bag and change into them when you get to your destination.

Do heels go with everything?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an outfit that heels don’t match with. The outfit you’re wearing will really determine what kind of heels you’ll choose. It may sound crazy, but there have even been women that have worn heels with an athleisure-type of outfit. Heels often complement a dressy outfit, but you can match them with casual clothing and so much more.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of heels that will match with everything, we recommend sticking with a pair of basic black heels or even a shade of nude. As your footwear collection grows, you can branch out to include bold colors and unique styles that are for more specific outfits rather than everything.

You can also invest in basic heels but with varying heights. A very high pair of heels is classic, but there are different lower heels that may have a more square-shaped heel or something that’s just a couple of inches off the ground. 

The front toe can come to a point, have a more rounded edge, or square off. They’re all versatile styles that you may want to have around in neutral shades.

What to consider when buying shoes with heels?

Are you headed to the shoe store or shopping online for the perfect pair of heels? Here are some tips you can use to buy shoes with heels without any stress or confusion.


Heels are just one of the popular types of shoes that you can purchase. However, there are usually many different varieties to consider. If you don’t have a lot to work with in the way of a budget, choose a very basic pair of heels that work with numerous outfits. Something specific isn’t a great idea if you don’t already have a vast heel collection.

Look at the Care Label

It’s inevitable that your heels are going to get dirty at some point or will require cleaning. Before purchasing, figure out how to wash your shoes by reading the care label. You’ll be able to decide if you’re considering something practical that will be easy to maintain over time.


You can spend anywhere from $30 to hundreds of dollars on shoes with heels. Set your budget before you start shopping so that you don’t end up spending money outside of what you can afford.

Hopefully, we have provided you with useful information regarding what heels are, why you should wear them, and what to consider when you’re shopping. Stay with us if you would like to learn about different types of heels, what you can wear with heels, and the answers to many frequently asked questions regarding high-heeled shoes.

Types of heels

High-heeled shoes come in many different varieties and styles. While there are some classics that a lot of women gravitate towards when they’re choosing the perfect shoe for their outfit, there are some very unique selections as well.

You can choose a pair of heels based on your personal style, the look of your outfit, the weather outside, and the type of event or setting that you’re going to be in.

In this chapter, we’re going to look at many of the different types of heels that exist. When you’re done reading, you’ll have a very good idea of what kind of high-heeled shoes have been popular in the past, what’s a trendy option right now, and what the different looks include. 

We’re confident that you’re going to be happy with many of the types of heels that we’re about to discuss, and you may already have a number of them in your closet right now, ready to be worn.

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are a very sexy high-heeled shoe that has been around for decades. The actual height of the heel will vary, but the main focus is on a strap of material that ties around the ankle to keep the shoe in place.

Some ankle strap heels will have a strap that connects just to the back of the ankle and then the back of the shoe. Others will tether to the shoe on the front of the foot as well as the back.

Ankle strap heels are a bit of a formal look, so you’ll pair them with dresses, fancy skirts, and maybe even nice slacks. They come in many different colors and styles. Just be sure you’re comfortable in the ankle strap heels you’re about to go out in. Unfortunately, some women experience tight straps around their ankles that cause uncomfortable rubbing.

Ankle booties

If you want to wear high heels in the fall or winter but want to figure out a way to keep your foot warm and protected, think about wearing a pair of ankle booties. Ankle boots don’t go above the ankle area, and the entire foot is enclosed in the shoe.

Woman street dark outfit

However, the heel of the boot has the same high design that a classic pair of heels would have. Ankle booties look nice with all kinds of outfits. They even work well with long dresses that leave you wondering what type of footwear you should select. 

They come in leather, suede, and many other material options. Brown or black are the most classic colors, and they both work well for cooler days.

Block heels

Not every woman feels comfortable walking around in heels that have a very thin stiletto to them. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on this fashionable style option. Try looking at high-heeled shoes that have block heels on them. 

This is a square or rectangular-shaped heel that provides a lot more stability and traction when you’re walking. Your ankle won’t flop around, but you’ll still get some really great height from this heel. 

Block heels tend to be a little bit shorter in length than some of the really high stilettos. It simply wouldn’t look right if they were on the higher side with such a thick heel to them.

Chunky heels

Chunky heels are similar to block heels, but they sometimes go a little bit higher, pushing the envelope regarding heel height. The part of the shoe that covers the top of the foot will usually be strappy and have different strips of material that stretch across the foot and attach to the sole of the shoe. The chunky heel will attach to the underside of the insole, providing a very dramatic arch to the shoe.

Cuban heels

Cuban heels are a very low shoe that has just slightly high heel to it. It’s not completely flat on the ground, but you don’t achieve a lot of height from this shoe. Similar to the high-heeled bootie look, Cuban heels extend up over the ankles. 

In fact, they go a little higher than a typical bootie does. The back of the ankle extends upwards and sometimes has a little loop on the back of it. They often have a pointy toe or at least angle towards the front of the shoe for a very distinct look. 

Made from shiny leather material, Cuban heels look perfect with a great pair of slacks or skinny jeans. Pair them with a blouse, sweater, or button-down shirt.

Comma heels

Very similar to the kitten heel, comma heels actually look like a slender, low comma. They have a crescent shape and are very low to the ground. They have a similar shape to the shoe as a regular high stiletto heel, but the stiletto portion is chopped very low. 

It gives a very sleek, horizontal look. The heels often have an inward or outward curve as well. Comma heels generally come in many basic shades, but you can also find them in fun prints as well. They give a fashionable look to dresses, slacks, and skirts. 

It’s a very classic shoe that you should have a pair of in your closet. They’re perfect if you like the look of a heel but don’t want to have to walk around in a pair all day.

Cone heels

The actual style of the shoe on a cone heel can vary quite a bit. They can be a full-coverage shoe, they can feature a peep toe design, or they can even be strappy across the top. However, the heel portion of the shoe is designed into a slight cone shape that’s lopped off towards the bottom. 

The actual height of the shoe will vary, so this affects how long the actual cone looks. Cone heels can be high off the ground, but there are also variations where there is a very low heel to the shoe. 

They almost look like a flat, but there’s a little bit of extra height included. It’s a fun shoe that is generally worn for a more casual look. It’s not very common for something formal like a gown.

Cork heels

For a fun and flirty summer look, cork heels provide a very casual and soft look to the traditional heel. The heel actually has the look of a wine cork, but you get a little bit more structure and stability to it. Cork heels usually come with a square or rectangular heel to keep them sturdy. 

The color of cork heels is generally nude or the classic color of the cork. Because of this, it’s a practical shoe to keep in your wardrobe if you want a footwear option that’s going to work for a number of different outfits. You can find affordable cork heels, but some of the top shoe designers have versions of them as well.

Corset heels

If you’re looking for a high and long heel that is extremely sexy and fun, look into corset heels. This shoe usually has a very high stiletto. When we say high, it’s really up there. 

Also, the stiletto will be very thin, so you’ll need to have some experience with walking in heels to pull this off safely and comfortably. 

The shoe itself usually has some sort of thin straps or ties that loop around the ankle or foot. Ultimately, the look resembles an actual corset that would tie around the waist.

Cut-out heels

Cut-out heels look very similar to a pair of corset heels, but they have less structure than the actual shoe portion of the footwear. It seems as though the designer started out with a traditional shoe, but small sections were cut out of it to reveal the foot underneath. 

It varies from a strappy shoe that looks like strips of fabric are situated over the foot, and the shoe often covers the foot upwards towards the ankle.

Decorative heels

Decorative heels are meant to make a bold fashion statement when you’re wearing something that you want to stand out. They may be bright in color, have a shiny exterior, feature some kind of sequins, buttons or embellishment, etc. 

When you wear decorative heels, you want them to stand out as the main focal point of your entire outfit. Don’t be afraid to have at least a few of these heels in your wardrobe for when you want to be fun and expressive.

Espadrille heels

Espadrille heels are common for the summer months because they’re usually made from a few materials that can absorb water if you’re not careful. They also expose a lot of the foot, which wouldn’t be appropriate when the weather is cold out. Lower to the ground, espadrilles usually don’t have a distinct heel. 

Instead, they have a platform base that produces height that way. There is a wide strip of fabric along the top that holds the shoe in place on the foot, and another piece of fabric usually goes around the ankle and/or the back of the foot.

Fantasy heels

Essentially decorative heels, fantasy heels take a basic pair of heels and add all kinds of embellishments to the shoe in order to make it pop. It’s an ornamental design that comes in all kinds of styles, with cutouts, etc.

Detail woman feet heels butterfly
Source: Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

You’ll be sure to turn heads at your next big event if you’re wearing a fantastic pair of fantasy heels. They’re usually quite high in height as well, so make sure you’ve got your balance ready.

Flared heels

Flared heels are a curvy shoe that mimics the curves of a woman’s body. The shoe generally has a pointed toe in the front, which curves to the back of the shoe, where the back of the ankle is slightly rounded off. 

The stiletto is long and flares upwards at the bottom of the sole. They come in many different hues, from black to nude and even hot pink. They can be worn with all kinds of different outfits and are a very classic shoe style that many women have in their closets. 

The fun thing about a flared heel is that the front toe actually comes up off the ground a little bit, creating a very unique look that is attractive when you’re walking around.

Fashion heels

Don’t be afraid to have at least one pair of fashion heels in your wardrobe that you can grab when you want to make a bold fashion statement. Fashion heels are usually very high, very dramatic, and have exaggerated features to them. You may find a square heel on the sole, but one that flares out slightly in one direction. 

There may be a very boxy or pointed toe on the front. Embellishments, accents, and bold colors are very common as well. This is probably one of the more modern high-heeled shoes you’ll come across in fashion right now.

High heels

The high heel shoe generally slips onto a woman’s foot and hugs its curves of it. It stays in place when it fits perfectly, and you hear that pleasant “click, click” sound as a woman walks by wearing them. The bottom sole is usually hard and smooth. 

It has a stiletto attached that can be of varying lengths and thicknesses. The high heels you choose will be determined by your style, the look you’re going for, and how well you can walk in this type of shoe.

High-heeled boots

High-heeled boots are ideal for the winter months when you still want to give off a sense of style, but you’re also looking to keep your foot warm and protected. Made in varying lengths, you can find high-heeled boots that go all the way to the knee (or even past it), just below the knee, and at ankle length for the bootie look. 

High-heeled boots usually have a thicker stiletto or heel to them. It looks more practical that way since there tends to be more fabric with this footwear option. However, high-heeled boots can also have a very flared or pointed stiletto.

French heels

French heels are a woman’s shoe variety that is extremely sexy and attractive. It has a very high look, and it is pitched towards the front of the shoe. The back line has a very pronounced curve as well. There may be a small heel reinforcement included. 

When you look at the back of a pair of French heels, you may find that the stiletto/heel is actually very thin at the bottom. However, it curves outwards as it goes up, resembling a slight cone shape at the top of the heel where it attaches to the shoe. Grab a pair of French heels in a classic black, patent leather look. This is the ultimate in sexiness.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are traditionally only one to two inches in height. The shoe portion can be anything from a full coverage shoe to something that is very strappy and revealing. This shoe variety really just refers to the back heel and its height. 

It exudes a very conservative and simple look while still being able to convey a very professional and formal style. We love a good pair of kitten heels with a pair of tapered slacks. The great part is you won’t injure yourself walking around in something that is really high and uncomfortable. However, the look is still sleek.

Lace-up heels

Include plenty of sexy style with your outfit by selecting a pair of lace-up heels. They will have long straps or strings of fabric that are attached to the shoe, and they will wind up the shoe and around your ankle many times to keep them in place. 

The good thing about this shoe is that you can control how tightly they are tied. Depending on the thickness of your ankle and leg, you can wind the straps around a few times or a number of extra times.

Medium heels

Medium heels are a nice option between very high stilettos and a lower kitten heel. They extend about two to three inches at the heel, and they can come in a variety of styles and variations. You can choose between a very thin heel or something more squared. Many of the unique varieties of heels would fit into this category, such as cork heels or fashion heels.

Mule heels

A mule heel is a slip-on shoe that does not have any kind of backing at the back of the ankle. Because of this, you’ll usually find that the front portion of the shoe is enclosed to keep your foot safely in place while you’re walking. 

Mules are a very distinct look, and they come in more conservative shades for the most part. It’s not uncommon to see them in a peep toe variety.

Oxford heels

Think of the traditional Oxford shoe that laces up and has a side-paneled look to it. However, add a sturdy heel to it. These are oxford heels. It’s a very smart look that looks appropriate for business wear. 

But we would stay away from them for more formal events where you’re wearing a dress or gown. It’s a fun shoe, and we recommend wearing them with a skinny pair of pants or something with a tighter ankle so you can really show off their design.

Platform heels

Platform heels will usually have a very thick sole on the bottom of them, with a heel that extends out from the bottom of the shoe. However, you won’t see a thin stiletto with this variety. 

It is designed to have a very thick look, which can actually add quite a bit of stability if that’s something you’re looking for. It’s more of a social shoe, so skip the platform heels for work or formal events.

Peep-toe heels

We love an excellent pair of peep-toe heels. They come in many different styles with many different heights, but the front part of the shoe has a small slot cut out so you can see a few of the wearer’s toes. It’s a lovely look for just about any outfit, and make sure you paint your toenails so you can really accentuate the look of this shoe.


Pumps are often confused with regular high-heeled shoes, but they actually have a few differences. Pumps are typically one to three inches in height, while heels can go a bit higher. 

You can wear pumps with any occasion, and they generally have a closed-toe look that isn’t quite as pointed as the high-heel look. It’s still a very sleek and curved style that is practical and versatile. Grab a few pairs in different hues.

Sandal heels

Sandals in the summer don’t have to be the big, chunky, flat variety. Sandals heels take the strappy and revealing look of the sandal and incorporate a higher heel of some sort. You’ll see a lot more of the foot.

Woman posing dress sunlight
Source: Joseph Kellner on Unsplash

So the shoe portion that does cover the foot will usually be thick straps that keep the shoe in place. You can choose a variety of heel types, but sandal heels typically have a thicker heel that will provide you stability on a variety of surfaces.

Short heels

Don’t feel like you have to put on a pair of very high heels to make a bold fashion statement. If high heels just aren’t something that you’re very comfortable in, don’t force the look. 

Choose a pair of short heels that will still look just as lovely from the front and back, but you just won’t get a ton of height from the shoe overall. You can even still rock the pointed stiletto; it just won’t be many inches in length.

Slim heels

Slim heels are designed to give you the look of height all over while offering a very sleek look. They come in all different colors and styles, but you’ll definitely get the look of a high shoe that curves with the shape of your foot. 

Pair your slim heels with anything from a simple dress to a great pair of skinny jeans that have some holes and distressing on them. These shoes really elevate whatever you are wearing, so get creative with your wardrobe.

Spool heels

Popular first during the Baroque and Rococo periods, the spool heel is a shoe option that is still around today. It’s a shoe that has a heel that is wide at the top and bottom, but it is narrower in the middle. 

It has a shape that resembles an hourglass. It’s a nice heel because it’s rather sturdy. You don’t have to worry about your heel snapping when you’re walking, but you can still get a few inches of height from the look overall.

Square heels

Square heels are a shoe variety that has a very structured look to them. The heel is an actual squared shape, which is much different from the skinny stiletto that you’ll find on a lot of other high-heeled shoes.

Detail woman feet walking square heels

It can still be many inches in height, but the back of the shoe is far less curvy than other varieties. It’s a fun shoe for a more casual look that doesn’t require such a formal footwear choice.


Grab plenty of height and sex appeal from a great pair of stiletto high heels. The shoe is curvy and hugs your foot, while there will be a very high and thin heel on the underside. 

It’s not a shoe you’re going to wear in the middle of the winter unless you’re changing into your shoes once you’ve made it indoors. And it’s definitely not something that a lot of women are comfortable in for long-distance walking. But it’s definitely one of the sexier options out there.

Slingback heels

Slingback heels have a strip of fabric that attaches to the shoe’s sole on each side back near the heel. The strap will then wrap around the back of your ankle to keep the shoe in place. 

The front of the shoe is generally what you would put on first. And then pull the slingback portion around the back of your foot. It may even be made of a slightly stretchier material that makes it easy to get on and off as well as increase the overall comfort of the shoe.

Thick heels

Thick heels come and go with different style trends, but they never really go away completely. They’re a style that stays around when women are looking for additional height to their overall look, but they don’t want to walk around in thin stilettos.

Woman sitting museum
Source: Emediong Umoh on Unsplash

Thick heels usually have more of a platform look to them, providing a thick sole and a number of inches for the heel. You can choose different pairs of thick heels in varying colors, styles, shapes, and heights. It’s really a very practical shoe to have on hand in your closet.

Thick Cuban heels

We talked earlier about the Cuban heel, and while this design does usually have a bit thicker of a heel in comparison to stilettos, you can choose an even thicker heel variety. You still get the look of that great boot that extends up the ankle, but you don’t have to worry about an unstable heel that makes it difficult for you to walk around. 

We love the look of that pointed toe with the extra material around the upper portion of the boot. This shoe looks great with a simple pair of slacks or jeans.

T-Strap heels

A t-strap heel features a thin sole to the shoe, and there will be a thin strap of material that goes from the front of the shoe up to the very middle of the top of the foot. This strap will sometimes go in between the big toe and the second toe. 

But it can also start a little further back on the shoe itself. That strip of material will then wrap around the ankle on each side, strapping it into place.

Very high heels

If you can wear them with ease and comfort, don’t be afraid to rock a great pair of very high heels. There are high-heeled shoes that extend upward of five to six inches in height, which may very well be something you’re looking for if you’re not a very tall person. 

Very high heels usually come in sexy colors like basic blacks, pinks, and nudes. Wear them with your favorite pencil skirt or a pair of fitted slacks to create even more length for your look.

Wedge heels

Wedge heels have a platform look to the sole, but they often curve in slightly at the middle of the sole. This makes the bottom of the shoe look less like a platform and more triangular in shape. The rest of the shoe usually has some sort of fabric that wraps around the ankle to keep it in place, as well as something that extends over the top of the foot.

Now that we’ve covered many of the different types of heels that exist in the world of fashion look at your own closet and see what styles you already have. You probably have many of the varieties that we talked about here today. 

Hopefully, you’ve been intrigued by some of the more unique styles that are out there. And you can do some shoe shopping to work some different types of heels into your wardrobe. 

Stay with us for upcoming chapters regarding tips and advice for choosing the best pair of heels for your personal style and information about different clothing items that look perfect with a great pair of heels. 

We can’t wait to see what you come up with in regard to different outfit combinations that incorporate heels as your footwear choice.

Tips & advice for choosing the best heels for you

We’ve covered a great deal of information regarding high-heeled shoes, their importance in fashion, and the different styles that are available. In this chapter, we’re going to go over some of the best tips and advice that you can take into consideration if you’re going to be going shopping for the best pair of heels possible.

There’s a lot to be discovered when you first try on a pair of heels. You should be paying attention to how comfortable they are, how practical they are, their overall style, and how much they cost. 

Woman retro look dress heels
Source: Farzin Yarahmadi on Unsplash

If you have a specific outfit or occasion in mind, and that’s why you’re shopping for shoes in the first place, don’t forget about the purpose of your shopping trip. Keep yourself on track, and it won’t take you long at all to find the perfect new pair of heels.

To help reduce the amount of stress that you feel when shopping for a pair of heels, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips. These tips are focused on some of the most important things to consider regarding footwear, more specifically, heels.

Choose the right size and the right fit

When you’re shopping for heels, it’s really important that you find a pair that fits you perfectly. Heels can be challenging to walk in. Choosing a pair of shoes that are too small or too big will really impact your safety when walking in your new shoes. 

You might be tempted to pick up a pair of shoes on the clearance rack that are a half size up or down but don’t be tempted by trying to save a couple of dollars. It’s better to purchase shoes that fit you and will be useful for years to come.

Fit is also something you should consider. Size contributes to the fit of a shoe but fit also has to do with how the different straps and features of a pair of shoes affect your comfort level. 

Some heels require a period of breaking in before they feel really comfortable. However, don’t purchase shoes that feel uncomfortable all over. You’ll end up with blisters and cuts on your feet in a short amount of time.

Consider the height of the heels

Heels will have some degree of height to them, but you get to choose how high you want to go. Some women like a heel that is many inches high, especially if they’re not very tall and want to elongate their look.

Woman walking looking camera
Source: Emma Harrisova on Unsplash

If you find it troublesome to walk in heels, you might be more comfortable in a heel that is much lower. The best way to figure out what height of heel you’re looking for is to try on a few different pairs. 

Make sure that you walk around the store in them. Walk on a few different surfaces to see how comfortable you feel. Go higher or lower based on your comfort level.

Take the walk test before deciding

Never purchase a pair of high-heeled shoes without first trying them on and walking around in them. It’s a lot easier to shop for a pair of athletic sneakers online or in the store without trying them on. When it comes to heels, you need to have an accurate opinion of how comfortable a specific pair is going to be. 

If you normally wear your heels with a pair of stockings, have a pair with you. How you’re able to walk in heels with or without stockings is quite different. Your goal is to set up the try-on scenario, so it’s as close to real life as possible.

Opt for a pair that gives you enough stability

A very thin stiletto can be difficult to walk in, though many women don’t have too much difficulty. If you’re personally concerned with your ability to walk in a pair of heels based on questionable stability, opt for a pair of shoes that has better traction on the bottom and a sturdier heel. For safety purposes, make sure you’re not wearing your heels in the middle of winter when the sidewalks and roads are slick with ice and precipitation.

Take into account where and when you will use them

In order to choose a practical pair of heels that will be very versatile, think about where you’re planning to wear them and how often. If this is a pair of heels that’s going to be used multiple times per week for work, the shoe should be made of durable material. 

The shoe itself should be very comfortable. This isn’t a situation where you’ll want to pick out a shoe that’s going to be difficult to match with different types of clothing. However, if you’re in need of a fun pair of heels for a one-off event, you can get a bit more creative with what you choose for your heel option.

Keep your wardrobe in mind

Think about the clothing items that you have in your closet. Is the pair of heels that you have in your hand going to match with a lot of the clothing you own? Is there a specific article of clothing in your closet that you’re trying to match with? 

Always keep your wardrobe in mind when shopping for a pair of heels so that you can ensure you’re choosing something practical that will serve a purpose. You might find a great pair of heels on sale, but they’ll be a waste of money if they don’t match with anything you own.

Consider the Shape of the Heel

The shape of the heel on a pair of shoes is incredibly important when it comes to stability and traction. A thin stiletto may look beautiful, but they might not be the most comfortable heel to walk in. 

If you want something that’s simpler and more comfortable, choose a heel that has more of a square shape to it. You’ll find it’s still a nice look, but you won’t have to compromise your safety or comfort.

Consider Your Budget

Always come up with a shopping budget before you leave the house. The goal of a budget is to determine what you can safely afford without putting yourself into debt over a pair of shoes. Make sure you don’t go over your budget unless it’s simply by a couple of dollars.

The Material of the Shoes

High-heel shoes come in a variety of materials. Think about when you plan on wearing these shoes and the outfit that you’re going to wear them with. If you’re looking for a shoe for the middle of summer, you probably want to stay away from a thick, leather, high-heel bootie. The material also determines how durable a pair of heels will be overall.

The Brand

Some women have a favorite shoe brand that they like to shop for. You may fall into this category and are looking for something specific. Just make sure that you’ve chosen a brand that is reputable. If you’re going to be investing a lot of your money into one specific type of shoe, it should be something that’s going to hold up well over time.

Now that you have some helpful tips to use when you go shopping for heels, we recommend keeping them in mind the next time you’re at the store. You’ll be able to choose an affordable pair of heels that are also practical, comfortable, and safe.

What to wear with heels

Have you chosen the perfect pair of heels that you want to be the focal point of your outfit, but you’re still trying to figure out what that outfit is going to be? This chapter is dedicated to giving you some ideas for what you can wear with heels. We’ve come up with some of the best-looking outfits that use heels as the final touch.

The great thing about high-heeled shoes is that they’re incredibly versatile. Of course, they match with formal dresses and professional attire. However, more and more women are turning to heels as their shoe of choice for going out with their friends, heading out on a first date, or even when dressed casually. Heels can match almost everything. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite high-heel shoe-focused outfits.

Black dress + heels

All of us ladies have at least one or two basic black dresses in our closets. The basic black dress can be practical for work, formal events, going out, a funeral, a wedding, and so much more.

Woman sitting beach black dress

To really complete the look and have the perfect outfit ready to go at a moment’s notice, have a basic pair of black heels available that match your basic black dress. You’ll be happy that you have these items when you don’t feel like shopping for something new, but you need to look nice.

Boyfriend jeans + tank top + heels

One of the casual outfits we were referring to earlier uses a great pair of boyfriend jeans that fit your waist but are a bit baggy, more towards the thighs and legs. You pair this baggier look with a fitted tank top and a pair of heels. 

You can match your heels to your tank top or stick with something basic like a black heel or something with a nude hue. Accessorize the rest of your look with items that match your heels.

Midi skirt + t-shirt + heels

A midi skirt is very practical, thanks to its length. It’s short enough that it looks flirty and fun for a night out, but it has enough length to it that it still looks professional if you need to wear it to work one day. 

If you’re opting for something more casual, pair your midi skirt with a basic V-neck t-shirt in a solid color and a great pair of heels that match. The length of the midi skirt paired with your heels will accentuate your legs. The basic t-shirt will keep the look simple but attractive.

Slacks + Blouse + Heels

If you’re heading to work, put on a pair of slacks that are properly tailored to the very bottom of your ankle. You don’t want the legs of the pants to extend too far down. This could cover the shoe and result in a tripping hazard. We like the look of black pants with a black heel, paired with a bolder blouse that has bright colors or a fun print.

Denim Skirt + Ruffled Top + Heels

For a very feminine look that makes your legs look long and sexy, pair a short denim skirt with a ruffled top that is light in color. Opt for something in a pastel shade or a simple white. To keep the look simple but still really pretty, wear a nude heel with your outfit. Keep your accessories, makeup, and hair simple as well.

Denim Shorts + Fashion Tank + Heels

In the summer months, when you want to wear something casual out in the evening but want to be able to dress it up a bit, pair a great pair of denim shorts with a fashion tank that has a little bit of detail to it. 

This could mean buttons, sequins, or embroidery. Avoid wearing cutoff shorts with this look. While cutoff shorts are really fun and fashionable, they don’t typically pair well with heels. 

Instead, keep the look neat with a tailored pair of denim shorts or something with a simple cuff at the bottom. Your heels should be light in color. Stay away from the dark shades that are more appropriate for winter.

Leggings + Oversized Sweater + Heeled Booties

In the cool weather months, you can put on a pair of thick leggings that won’t allow light through and pair them with an oversized sweater. You can even put a sweater dress on over your leggings. 

To provide a footwear option that offers a little more coverage, pop on a pair of heeled booties that match the color of your leggings. The entire look is very streamlined.

Short Skirt + Tights + Button Down Shirt + Heels

This look is meant to give you a ton of height even if you’re not very tall. Put on a simple black miniskirt with a button-down dress shirt tucked into the skirt. Wear a thick pair of tights that don’t show any of your legs through them. Pair them with a pair of heels that match the tights.

Cuffed Jeans + Halter Tank Top + Square Heels

Keep your look casual with a pair of skinny jeans that are cuffed at the bottom. A halter tank top is a perfect shirt that can be worn alone. You can also cover up with a blazer or cardigan sweater. Add in a pair of square heels with as much height as you can tolerate.

Skinny Jeans + Sweatshirt + Nude Heels

Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans along with a nice sweatshirt and a pair of nude heels. The length of the jeans should be long enough that you have a little bunching at the bottom before the heels start. Make sure your sweatshirt isn’t the one you throw on to run errands on a Saturday morning. It should be nice and new to create a very polished and casual look.

Now that we’ve given you some great outfit ideas that work well with high-heeled shoes head over to your closet to see what you can come up with. Let us know below what your best high-heel shoe outfit looks like. 

Do you like to match your heels to another article of clothing you’re wearing, or do you prefer to throw a bold shade of shoe into your outfit for a pop of color?


After reading this article, the hope is that you know much more about heels than when you started. You may even decide to invest in a few pairs of heels to incorporate them more into your outfits. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the types of heels that are most practical for everyday life, and drop us a comment to tell us what you decided to purchase. 

Please share this article with your stylish friends and family so they can learn more about heels as well. 

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