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Sweater outfits are some of my favorite apparel. While I am not a huge fan of bitter cold, I love sweater weather when it is so comfortable to spend time outside. You can easily extend that time by wearing a sweater.

Another thing that I love is giving presents. You can think about this post as my surprise present to you. After a brief discussion of what a sweater is, we will start unpacking the present by looking at many different sweater outfits. You will find four main parts to this present with lots of helpful information about them, so be sure you read to the very end.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about sweaters and how to wear them. Doesn’t it sound interesting? 

Let’s get started!

Wearing a Sweater

Assuming that you feel cool, you may reach for a sweater, but have you ever stopped to think about this garment and the many ways you can wear it? They make beautiful covers to wear when the weather is too hot for a coat but a bit cold, so you need an extra layer to stay warm.

In this chapter, I will provide a proper definition of a sweater, and I’ll talk about its history. Additionally, I will discuss who can wear a sweater. Then, I will comment on some of the materials that sweaters are made out of, and I’ll mention some of the qualities of a great sweater.

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What’s a sweater?

A sweater is a garment made to cover the upper body. Most stop about the waist, but longer and shorter options are available. It is usually knitted or crocheted, although other options are possible. At the same time, there are pullover options, most button down the front. These garments come in various colors.

While I will have more to say about the different materials used to make sweaters in a bit, sweaters can be of different weights. Usually, heavier sweaters will keep you warmer on a cold winter’s day, while lighter-weight options are ideal for spring and fall when the weather is a little chilly.

Most sweaters stop about the waist. Wearing longer options can be a great way to make yourself look taller. Meanwhile, shorter options are ideal if you want to look skinnier and carry most of your weight in your midsection because they draw the eye upward.

Sweaters fasten in various ways. The majority are buttoned down in the front, with buttons made from different materials. Plastic is a common choice. Others have a belt around the middle to hold them shut. The belt can be the same color as the sweater or a coordinating color. Some sweaters have no closure, while others pull on over the head.

Sweaters can have different textures, and some have designs that make them thicker in some areas than others. These sweaters often look like they have vertical stripes, but the sweater is all in one color. Yarn or thread of a different color or weight is sometimes used to make designs in areas on a sweater. For example, they may have fringe on their bottom.

You can find sweaters in many colors. Therefore, they are easy to wear with monochromatic outfits, or you can add one in a complementary or split complementary color to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Who can wear a sweater?

Anyone can wear a sweater. Seniors and others who have circulation issues that cause them to be constantly cold often wear them, but sweaters can also be used as a fashion statement by men, women, and children. Even toddlers and babies can wear sweaters.

Men can wear sweaters with tee-shirts to create a casual look. They can also wear a collared shirt under a pullover sweater. Men can choose to wear them with regular neckties or bow ties. Sweaters also look great when worn under blazers and suitcoats. This is ideal for a cold winter day as they add an extra layer of insulation.

Women can wear sweaters in many ways. Since they add extra width to the body, they look superb with wide-legged dress trousers and baggy jeans. They also work well when worn over a button-down top with a skirt. Wearing a sweater with leggings creates a cute outfit. They also look fabulously layered over a collared shirt or worn under an oversized blazer.

Children look adorable in sweaters. Pullover sweaters look great when worn with a blouse or shirt. They can also be worn under a light jacket. Girls look amazing when they wear a sweater with a dress or skirt outfit, while boys look outstanding when wearing one with a collared shirt.

History of sweaters

No one is exactly sure who made the first sweater. By the 15th century, most sweaters were similar to cardigans. History records that these garments were likely first made on Guernsey, an English Channel Island, which is also where the fisherman’s beanie was invented. They had the very practical purpose of keeping commercial anglers warm.

The lowly cardigan might have gone largely unnoticed if not for the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell. As was customary at the time, he purchased a branch of the British military. Then, he equipped them with knitted waistcoats before leading them into battle.

James brudenell.

While he was largely a coward and was forced to retreat during battle before the actual story reached London, he was seen as a hero with everyone wanting one of his knitted wool waistcoats, even if they never intended to go into battle.

When women started embracing men’s clothing in the 1920s, the knitted wool waistcoat quickly became one of the hottest trends. Jeanne Lanvin and Coco Channel both included them in their fashion runway collections. While men’s stores would continue to market the heavier-weight knit waistcoat, women’s cardigans soon became lighter, with sleeves easy to roll up or pull down.

During the 1940s, sweaters designed only to cover the bare minimum became popular with pinups. While these sweaters sometimes had large buttons, they were left open to the waist to reveal hints of a woman’s breast. They were also made from very lightweight material to show every woman’s upper body curve.

After World War II, men’s sweaters became much softer and made out of lighter-weight fabrics. Many men tried to copy Rex Harrison’s look in “My Fair Lady.” After the release of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood in 1968, wearing a sweater became associated with trustworthiness and love.

What are sweaters generally made of?

Generally, manufacturers make sweaters of wool, cotton, cashmere, or synthetic fibers. Some manufacturers blend these materials to create their blended fabrics. That is because each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wool is the most common material used in sweaters. While merino wool is the most common, manufacturers use wool from many animal fibers, including Kashmir goats, angora sheep, alpacas, camels, Angora rabbits, muskoxen, and lamas. 

These sweaters are often great at repelling water, so they are a great choice to wear outside in inclement weather. These sweaters are usually the highest-priced option.

Cotton is a breathable material, making it perfect for when you do not quite need a coat but it is a little too cold to go without a covering. Since cotton is usually soft, it is often blended with other materials to create soft sweaters. 

Cotton sweaters tend to collect odors, which can be a problem if you often wear your sweater several times between cleanings.

Manufacturers use many types of synthetic materials to make sweaters. One example is acrylics because this fabric is strong and warm. Polyesters are great options for budget-minded consumers looking for a lightweight sweater. 

These choices often do not stand up nicely as well to extended cleanings as sweaters made from natural materials.

When to wear a sweater?

Since sweaters come in so many different weights and are made from various fabrics, anytime is a great time to wear a sweater. In the cold winter months, warm sweaters are a great option, while in warmer months, you can wear them if the air conditioning is too cold.

Wool sweaters are ideal for winter because they usually are the warmest choices. Winter sweaters look great under blazers and with suitcoats on women and men. They also look great when worn over button-down shirts. Therefore, they are a great option when layering clothes during the winter months.

Man forest brown jacket
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Wearing a sweater in the spring is ideal because of the unpredictable weather. It is easy to put on and take off a sweater as days warm-up and cool down. They look great when paired with spring skirts and dresses, and guys can wear them with their favorite jeans and chino pants.

Keeping a sweater handy in the summer is a great idea. It is easy to slip into one in areas where the air conditioning is too cold, including in the car on a summer road trip. Sweaters are also a perfect choice to wear to a summer picnic or other outside activity to protect your arms from harmful sun rays.

Fall is a great time to wear a sweater because the early morning hours and the late-night hours can get chilly. You can find medium-weight sweaters ideal for this time of year in many autumn colors.

Where is best to wear a sweater?

Any place can be an ideal location to wear a sweater. You can wear it at home, to work or at a party. The secret to looking great in a sweater is to pair one that is the right weight with the right outfits.

Consider putting on a sweater in the winter with your favorite jeans and a denim jacket. Sweaters, especially pullover vests, look great under blazers. You can also easily pair them with your favorite wintertime dress pants for a night out at a restaurant.

If you find your office too cold for your comfort level, wearing a sweater is a good idea. Consider those in a neutral color as they will more easily pair with your work wardrobe. Options with simple patterns are usually best because they will coordinate better with many outfits.

YouTube video
Sweater Guide: What to look for when you buy a Jumper, how to wear it + Pullover Do’s & Don’ts
by Gentleman’s Gazette

You can easily wear a sweater to many parties. Women can easily pair one with their favorite skirt, and they look particularly great when worn with mini-and-leather skirts. Men and women can wear colorful sweaters to brighten up an outfit.

It is also easy to wear a sweater when having a lazy day. They look super cute when worn over a camisole and with your favorite leggings. Men can easily wear them over a pair of chino pants and sneakers.

When you are headed out to a formal occasion, wearing a sweater can be a great idea. Men may want to wear boots and a turtleneck sweater under a suit coat, depending on where organizers hold the event. Women can find beautiful options that work well with any length of dress.

What makes a good sweater?

If you want a sweater that will last for more than a season, select one made from natural fibers as it will last longer. Look for fabrics that will feel soft against your skin. Ensure that the seams are smooth and help the sweater maintain its shape. Think about how the patterns in the sweater will make you look.

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When buying sweaters, consider those made of natural fibers first. They can cost a little more, but they will generally hold their shape better. Most are also easier to clean than options that you must lay flat to dry.

You should want to put on your sweater because it feels great against your skin. If it feels rough against your skin, you will not enjoy wearing it. Therefore, when you first receive a sweater or are shopping for one in a brick-and-mortar store, be sure that it feels great against your skin. If it does not, you will not wear it, so send it back or leave it in the store.

Examine the seams. Unless the sweater has an asymmetrical design, it should be even and straight. Ensure that the stitching is even throughout the sweater. 

Lay the sweater on a flat surface and make sure that the bottom seam and side seams, when present, help the sweater to lay flat. Especially in color-block sweaters, make sure that the sweater’s front and back work together.

When design elements are present, think about how they will make you look. Generally, sweaters with vertical stripes will make you look taller, as will those with deep V-necks. If you want to appear bigger, think about options with horizontal stripes and those with puffier sleeves.

While I have given you some general tips throughout this chapter, I will dive more deeply into how to wear a sweater in the next chapter. You will also find some more ideas about what to wear with a sweater, so keep reading.

Basic Sweater Combinations

Sweaters are so fun to wear that you could wear a different one every day and look fabulous. If your bank account will not support that, the key is to learn to style sweaters in various ways. I gave you some strong hints about putting sweater outfits together in the last chapter.

I will get more specific about putting together clothes that you can wear sweaters with during this chapter. In addition, I will provide you with some general tips to keep in mind when creating sweater outfits.

Sweater combinations for women & men

I always keep a sweater near my desk at work. When the air conditioner kicks on, I can put on my sweater. My desk sits right under a vent, and it is always the coldest place in the office.

Man looking back working office

Likewise, I keep one handy in the car. If we are going on a trip and the other person is warmer than I am, I can just put on my sweater and turn up the air. It also comes in handy if I go out to eat and the restaurant is too cold for my comfort.

Other times, I am much more intentional with my sweater choice and plan it out when putting together my outfit.

With a pair of jeans

There are many ways to create a sweater and jeans outfit. Guys and gals look great wearing a ribbed sweater with a black pair of jeans. You can easily pair an oversized sweater with wide-leg or boyfriend-cut jeans. 

If you prefer to wear straight-cut or skinny jeans, choose a sweater that stays close to your body. A wrapped sweater is a great choice to wear with cropped jeans. When the weather cannot make up its mind, a cropped sweater is an excellent choice for layering with your jeans. Boots work great with jeans and a sweater.

With a knit shirt

Women can easily wear a sweater with a knit shirt for a casual look. A chunky sweater that stops about your waist is a great option. Consider choosing one with large front pockets to carry all of your essentials with you. Pick one with a V neck, as it will let your knit top peak out. 

You can opt to wear it over a white knit top or choose one in a complementary color as you will never find one that matches exactly. If you are wearing this around the house, then pair it with your favorite sweatpants and a beanie.

With a jacket

Men can easily wear a sweater under a jacket. You can choose to wear an option like a Fair Isle or cable sweater and skip the tie. On the other hand, sweaters also pair beautifully with dress pants and your favorite tie. 

Choose a sweater in a complementary or split complementary color to your jacket. Then, add a pocket square that incorporates the sweater and jacket color. You can easily wear this with your favorite dress trousers and oxfords to keep the look formal or take it down a notch by wearing this look with boots.

With a dress

There are at least two ways to wear a sweater with a dress. The first way is to put on the dress and pull a sweater over it. You can wear this option with a belt so that the sweater bunches out at the bottom and makes the dress look skirt-like. This is a great choice to wear with closed-toe sandals, and it looks incredibly stunning with tea-length and longer dresses.

The second way to wear a sweater with a dress is to choose a lightweight feminine option and wear it over the dress. If you choose this option, then select a complementary or neutral color. This is a great option to wear with boots or your favorite pumps.

With a pair of chinos

Men and women can easily create a monochromatic outfit by wearing an off-white sweater with a pair of white chinos. This look is great when you pair it with white sneakers.

Woman detail knitted sweater leather belt

Another option for creating a monochromatic outfit is to wear a cable-knit sweater over a dress shirt. Complete this look by wearing chinos that are a shade darker than your sweater and low-profile sneakers. Don’t forget to grab your sunglasses.

It is easy to create a casual look by wearing a turtleneck sweater with your chinos. Then, wear a motorcycle jacket and boots. Think about accessorizing this look with shades and a watch with a leather strap.

With dress trousers

Sweaters are perfect for wearing with dress trousers. Wear a turtleneck with a pair of dress trousers and leather boots. Then, wear a trench or pea coat over it if the weather is cold. This option looks great when worn with a flat cap and sunglasses.

Women look stunning when they wear a button-down shirt with a cardigan. Depending on where you are headed, you can go many ways with your shoes, from high-heeled sandals to ballet flats. You can elevate this outfit by wearing a statement bib necklace or a colorful scarf around your neck.

With a skirt

Wearing a sweater with a skirt is a winning combination. If the weather is frigid outside, wear a skirt over a pair of colored tights and your knee-high boots. Then, opt for a neutral-colored cable-knit sweater on top. This style is excellent to wear with cocktail rings and a bold necklace.

Girl sunglasses skirt sweater walks street

You can also opt for a pleated midi skirt and wear it with an oversized sweater. Look for one with puffed or balloon sleeves, as it will go better with the skirt. Then, wear this look with ballet flats and a warm beanie. 

This is particularly a great look if you are traveling because of the stretch waistband, so you will not feel like you are being bound up when sitting for hours.

With a blazer

For guys, one of the easiest ways to wear a turtleneck sweater is with a blazer. An outstanding way to fashion this outfit is to wear a white turtleneck and dress trousers. Then, add a bright blue blazer. Complete the look with a pair of brown oxfords and a simple silver watch.

While women can wear this exact look, they also have the option of wearing a sweater blazer over a dress, skirt, or dress pants. Consider wearing a checkered long-sleeve top and a matching pair of dress pants or a skirt. Then, wear a sweater blazer that is the opposite color. This is a great look to wear with kitten heels, and you can carry a matching hobo bag.

With shorts

Guys can wear a crewneck sweater with their favorite shorts. If the weather will get warm, consider wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath. Then, as the day warms up, you can tie the crewneck sweater around your neck. 

This casual outfit goes well with your sneakers and a leather-strap watch, and you may want to wear it with a snapback hat.

A cropped sweater jacket is a perfect look for women. Wear a pair of black shorts that end about mid-thigh and pair it with a white pullover shirt. Then, add a beige sweater jacket. 

You can wear this outfit with many shoes, including flat sandals and penny loafers, depending on where you are headed for the day.

With leggings

A sweater dress is perfect for wearing with leggings. While you can choose many types of leggings, consider medium-weight opaque black leggings that end just above the ankle. A tunic-style sweater dress can be a great choice as it hangs straight down from your shoulders. You can choose to add a belt at the waist if you want people to notice your curves. 

Another fabulous choice is a chunky sweater dress. Choose one that is oversized. Black- or neutral-colored booties look cute with this outfit. Wrapping a scarf around your neck can be a great choice if you need to add color to your outfit. This looks great when you carry a matching shoulder bag.

General tips on how to style a sweater

Styling a sweater does not have to be complicated. Sweaters work in so many ways that it is easy to put together different looks. Yet, many people avoid them because they are afraid that they will look like an older person. If you understand this fear too well, following some simple tips can help.

If you fail, you can always assure people that you were going for the granny style by choosing a sweater with flowers embordered on it and wearing it with your favorite outfit. I love this style, especially when my main goal for the day is to stay comfortable.

Try layering

There are so many ways to layer with sweaters. My favorite is to wear a checked button-down shirt under a sweater. Then, let it peek out at the bottom and ensure that the collar shows. 

Another fabulous option is to extend the wear of your summer wardrobe by adding a turtleneck sweater underneath it. You can also add layers by adding sweater vests and sweater jackets on top of other outfits.

Guy fashion orange coat fur

Men can also layer in many different ways. Wear a pullover sweater over a button-down or cotton shirt. Then, wear a blazer or suit coat. Like ladies, you can also create a casual look by letting a button-down hang out from the bottom of your sweater.

Go neutral

If you need to extend your budget, consider buying sweaters in neutral colors, as they will work with almost every outfit. Spending your money on high-quality basic sweaters in neutral colors can be a great way to start a wardrobe. 

Then, you can add fun colors over time. If you need a refresher, neutral colors include dark blues, grays, beige, brown, white, and black.

Consider wearing white shoes with white and light neutrals and brown shoes with darker options. Tan shoes are an excellent option for mid-tone neutrals.

Balance your outfit

When choosing an outfit to wear, consider your overall appearance. If you wear an oversized sweater on top, choose a wider bottom, like a pleated skirt or wide-cut jeans. Likewise, if you choose to wear a tight sweater on top, like a fitted turtleneck sweater, then wear clothes on the bottom that stay close to your body, like leggings or straight-cut jeans.

Keep this point in mind when choosing your accessories. Generally, women should stick with studs or smaller earrings if they wear a tight-fitting sweater. Alternatively, they can wear larger hoops or dangle earrings when wearing chunkier sweaters. 

Shoulder bags are a great choice when wearing tight-fitting sweaters, while totes and hobo bags are a great choice with bigger sweaters.

Choose your accessories wisely

In addition to thinking about the width of your accessories, as I just discussed, be careful not to wear too many accessories with your sweaters, or your outfit will get too busy. Since most sweaters have long sleeves, there is seldom a need to wear a bracelet.

Often a scarf makes a great accessory to wear with a sweater. Choose one in a complementary color if your outfit needs a little more color. Another great option is a hat, and a beanie can be a great choice in cooler months. If you are wearing a sweater to an outdoor event, consider wearing a hat with a wide brim.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when putting together sweater outfits is trying to wear too many pieces. Especially if you are learning to put outfits together, consider using the 60-30-10 rule when selecting colors. 

Make 60% of your outfit one color, then make 30% of it another color and 10% a third color. I will have more to say about how to select these colors in a moment. Additionally, limit the number of pieces that you wear. You should only wear two to three articles on top and one on the bottom for the most part.

Consider your body shape

Certain sweater styles look best on different body shapes. If your upper body and chest are your strong suit, consider wearing tunic-style sweaters. They will help emphasize your upper body while minimizing your stomach and legs. 

Those with pear shapes look great in shorter sweaters and those that are oversized. If you have an hourglass figure, choose sweaters that fit close to your body. Men and women with square and rectangular-shaped bodies will want to consider longer sweaters. Wearing them with a belt can help break up your body shape. If you have a circular body shape, look for patterns that will make you look taller.

Choose the right weight sweater

Generally, lighter sweaters are cooler than heavier options. Cotton sweaters are usually the most breathable, so they make great options when the weather is warmer. Most sweaters made from synthetic materials will keep you warmer than those made of cotton.

Wool sweaters are usually the warmest. Therefore, they are great on a cold winter day. Muskoxen wool, called qiviut wool, is the warmest wool globally, and it is about eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. 

Woman white knit sweater bandana
Source: Mohammed Hassan on Unsplash

The second-warmest wool comes from yaks, and it is more durable and less costly than qiviut wool. Alpaca wool is the warmest wool that manufacturers regularly use to make sweaters.

Think about your body build

Especially if you are petite or heavy, you will want to choose a sweater that looks great on you. Generally, people who are petite should avoid wearing oversized sweaters as it is easy for their tiny bodies to get lost in all of the fabric. 

Alternatively, oversized sweaters often make an excellent choice for people who are heavier because they help to mask some of the extra pounds. Likewise, people who are tall and thin often look great in oversized sweaters because it makes them look a little wider.

Select the right colors

I have already discussed using the 60-30-10 color rule when putting together outfits. Sweaters are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit as long as they do not clash. Take a look at the color wheel and think about the primary color in your outfit. 

Then, go directly across the color wheel from this color, but do not use this color. Instead, move one space to the right or left and make this your 30% color. Then, use the color on the other side of the opposite color as your 10% color.

Pick the correct neckline

Sweaters have many different necklines, and you will want to think about your face’s shape when choosing a sweater. Wearing one that is too similar will make your face shape appear more prominent. 

Therefore, you may want to wear a neckline that is not like your face shape to help balance out your look. Choose an empire, wide, or sweetheart neckline if you have a round face, but if your face is square, choose a wide, scoop, oval, or cowl neckline. 

If you have an oval face, then sweetheart, wide and scoop necklines look best. Oblong faces look best in boat, cowl, and off-shoulder necklines.

I have covered many ideas in this chapter, but I have much more to say about putting together sweater outfits. In the next chapter, I will discuss more particulars about putting different sweater outfits together, so be sure that you keep reading.

Sweater Outfits for Women & Men

In the last chapter, I gave you multiple ideas on how to create beautiful sweater outfits. I also gave you some tips for putting together your outfits. In this chapter, we will dive even further into how to put together fashionable sweater outfits.

You can wear sweaters with almost any outfit, and they are perfect for wearing any time of the year. If you are not a professional at putting together sweater outfits, there is no need to fear because it is straightforward to style them.

Men and women can wear many sweater outfits. These include wearing sweaters with your favorite jeans and chinos. Gals have the most choices in women’s sweater outfits because they can wear them with skirts and dresses. They can also put together beautiful outfits with sweater blazers and sweater dresses.

Girl sunglasses city leopard print

Guys can wear men’s sweater outfits on many different occasions. Many options work beautifully with dress pants, and others look fabulous under blazers and suit coats. You can wear sweaters with dress shirts and a tie or opt for a turtleneck sweater and skip the tie.

Let’s dive into some of these marvelous ideas of how to wear a sweater.

Button-up shirt + sweater

From Fred Rogers to Katie Holmes, many celebrities have rocked the look of a button-up shirt and a sweater. You can be like Holmes and wear a white cardigan over your favorite denim shirt and pair it with black leather pants and tall black leather boots. 

Alternatively, you can be like “Girls” actress Jemima Kirke who wore a fuzzy purple pullover sweater over a white button-down shirt with a red skirt and matching-colored tights.

Guys can also rock this look. Consider pairing a button-up shirt with a cardigan and a tie. This look is fabulous when worn over dress pants.

Leggings/tights + sweater

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted wearing leggings and an oversized turtleneck sweater many times. She has styled an off-white sweater with black leggings. You can complete the look with chestnut short winter boots with a bit of furry fabric sticking out, matching the color of the sweater.

 This is a look that works because the boots are wide enough to add the width needed to look great with the oversized sweater. You can style tights and a sweater in many ways.

You may want to consider recreating the look put together by “Fifty Shades of Gray” star Dakota Johnson. She wore an olive turtleneck over a button-down denim miniskirt over argyle-printed tights. She chose to wear Mary Janes on her feet.

Blazer + sweater

Wearing a blazer and a sweater is an excellent look for the office. While men and women can easily wear a blazer over a sweater, one look that women will want to consider is a sweater blazer. 

Woman cafe window working sitting smartphone

These long-sleeved blazers are usually cut long. So they are perfect for matching with a miniskirt and a turtleneck. Most have decorative buttons on the sleeves. You can wear them with a variety of your favorite shoes, from Mary Janes to high-heeled sandals. 

You can find these with many lapel choices, including notched, peaked, and shawl. Some are designed not to have any closure, while others have from one to three buttons.

Skirt + sweater

There are many skirt and sweater outfits that you can wear. One classic choice is to wear a sweater with a midi skirt. When creating this look, pick a sweater on the thinner side and pair it with a midi-skirt with an elastic waistband. 

This look works best when one or both pieces are a solid color. Midi-skirts with sweaters often work best when you tuck in the front of the sweater and let the back hang down.

While you will want to pick out heavier skirts for colder months, choose light and flowy options in the spring. This look is incredibly fantastic when worn with your favorite dress boots.

Sweater dress set

A sweater dress is a perfect dress for almost every occasion. Choose one in a neutral color with buttons down its front and wear it with hoop earrings, tall leather boots, and a leather bag. 

Alternatively, consider layering it under your favorite blazer and wearing it with chunky-heel boots. They also look great when worn under a long cardigan. 

You can also easily create a monochromatic casual look by wearing a white one with white sneakers. Belting a sweater dress is an excellent option to show off your curves.

Jeans + sweater

Man turtleneck jacket jeans posing

There are many ways that men and women can wear jeans and a sweater. I covered this topic in the last chapter, but I want to add some more ideas. A turtleneck sweater and distressed jeans worn with work boots are a great way to create the grunge look. 

Another option to consider when creating a grunge look is to pair a horizontal-striped sweater with split hem jeans. A white cable-knit sweater worn with white jeans is a terrific way to create a monochromatic outfit. 

Turtleneck sweaters are an excellent option when worn with straight-cut jeans and sneakers. An oversized sweater pairs perfectly with dark-wash jeans and your clogs.

Shirt + tie + sweater

Depending on the formality of the setting, you may not need to wear a tie and a sweater, but it can be a great look. You should always tuck in your dress shirt when wearing it to the office or out to dinner with a sweater. 

You should never combine more than two colors between your shirt, tie, and sweater unless one of them is neutral. Additionally, always stick to one pattern. Therefore, if your shirt has a pattern, select the same pattern or a solid for your tie and sweater. 

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by AlexandrasGirlyTalk

Choose a proper-fitting shirt so that it does not bunch under your sweater. Make it easy on yourself by wearing a neutral-colored shirt and sweater and a colorful tie that is regular width.

Chino pants + sweater

I have already touched on this idea a couple of times, but I want to share one of my favorite looks. Wear your black chinos and top them with a black turtleneck. Then, wear a beige overcoat. A silver wristwatch looks sharp with this outfit. Wear gray socks and your white sneakers with them. If it is cold, then wear a flat cap.

Another fantastic option is to wear the same black chinos, but this time top it with a dark brown turtleneck. Then, wear a light brown leather bomber jacket, and this look is great with dark brown derby shoes and black socks.

Turtleneck sweater + trousers

Audrie Hepburn made the turtleneck sweater one of the most iconic fashion pieces in the world when she wore a loose-fitting one in dancing scenes in Funny Face in 1957, and people have been finding ways to wear this sweater ever since. A favorite is to wear it with trousers to create a monochromatic outfit.

Men can also wear turtleneck sweaters and trousers. One has to only look at the “With the Beatles” cover to discover that this 1960s band loved to wear turtlenecks. You can easily pair them with any neutral-colored dress pants and your favorite boots.

Suit Coat + Sweater

Wearing a suit coat and a sweater is a great idea to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Choose a suit coat that is a neutral color. Then, wear a dark turtleneck underneath. If the suit coat has a breast pocket, add a pocket square that has both the suit and turtleneck’s color. 

This look works especially great without many accessories because it looks more formal. If you want, you can add a silver watch. Choose oxfords for shoes. If you need a coat when you go outside, choose a long trench coat.

If you love the look and feel of an oversized sweater, you will not want to miss the next chapter. While I have touched on some of the content, we will do a deep dive into how to wear oversized sweaters. Carry on reading to find out more!

Oversized Sweater Outfits

This post is like opening a present. In the first chapter, we defined what a sweater was, and I told you a little about its history. Then, we open the package and discover that it contains multiple parts.

That is where I told you how to wear a sweater in the last two chapters. In this chapter, I will examine one of the main pieces, the oversized sweater. I will share how to style it to make fabulous outfits with oversized sweaters.

While oversized sweater outfits were famous in the 1940s and 1980s, they came back in vogue in 2000, and they have not gone away. That’s great news because they are so warm and cozy that you will feel instantly warm and fuzzy every time you put one on. 

The second piece of great news is that you can create so many oversized sweater outfits that you will wear them more often than ever before. Let me share some ideas with you.

Oversized sweater + tailored jeans

Tailored jeans look fantastic with an oversized sweater. This is especially true when you wear the jeans tucked into your favorite pair of knee-high boots. If your tailored jeans are dark washed, consider wearing bright colors with them, like hot pink, red and kelly green. 

Alternatively, if your jeans are stone-washed, think about wearing a neutral-colored sweater with them. Create a clean look by pairing a gray sweater with black tailored jeans. 

Regardless of the color, consider carrying a hobo or tote bag, as it will add width to the bottom of your outfit. Keep the look simple by choosing a pair of sunglasses as your only accessory.

Oversized sweater + faux fur leather leggings

One of my favorite sweater outfits to wear is my V-neck sweater with my faux fur leather leggings. While my sweater is burnt orange, you can wear almost any colored sweater with faux fur leather leggings. 

While my particular sweater is longer in the back than in the front, any sweater that is long enough to come to the top of your thighs would work. I love to wear my military-style work boots with their large silver buckles with this outfit.

But you can wear almost any ankle-high boot that is a neutral color. If I am going out, I love to carry my large silver clutch with this look and wear a long silver chain necklace that reflects the color of my sweater.

Oversized sweater + heels

There are many ways to wear an oversized sweater and heels. One of my favorites is to wear a bright-colored oversized sweater with a black skater skirt, black tights, and black stilettos. 

Woman skirt high heels shopping bags

This look helps make my legs look longer and thinner, so I often wear it. While I have worn it with several sweaters, I especially love it with my bright red sweater. Then, I carry a black clutch and wear my Parisian beanie.

Oversized sweater dresses paired with heels are another favorite look. Consider one that has multiple shades of the same color. Then, belt it with a simple gold chain belt. Put on your black-colored tights. Think about wearing this outfit with high-heeled black boots, but any neutral shade would work.

Oversized sweater + a midi skirt

A midi skirt is an excellent option for wearing with an oversized sweater. This option usually looks best when one or the other is a solid color. Therefore, think about using the color wheel to find split complementary colors that will work together.

There are several different options for wearing an oversized sweater with a midi skirt. You can wear it tucked into the skirt’s waistband in the front or tie it in the front or the back. This combination looks great when worn with your Mary Janes or another flat shoe. But it also looks outstanding when worn with heels.

Oversized sweater + a belt

There are so many ways to belt a sweater. You can belt it at your natural waistline, which helps to show off your curves and stomach area. If that is not your strong suit, then belt it right under your bust and let the rest of the sweater hang out away from your body, helping to camouflage your middle. You can also wear the belt lower than usual, which can help camouflage your hips.

In addition to choosing where to wear the belt, decide how you want the belt to appear. For instance, you can wear a longer belt and twist its long end into a design before tucking it underneath itself. You can also wear a belt with a design in the middle to add visual interest to your outfit.

Oversized sweater + skinny jeans

Guys can create the perfect look by wearing an oversized sweater over a cotton shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The trick is to tie up the side of the oversized sweater a little so that the bottom edge of the undershirt peeks through. Then, wear your favorite boat shoes or moccasins and a pair of socks that go with your sweater’s colors.

Woman posing yellow sweater golden statues

This is also an excellent choice for women. Consider wearing your distressed skinny jeans with your chunky sweater. Then, wear your work boots. Receive bonus points if the shoes have a military style.

I sure hope you enjoyed learning how to style chunky sweaters for men and women. They are so comfortable; you may want to wear them every day. Keep reading because, in the next chapter, we will examine how to style cropped sweaters.

Cropped Sweater Outfit Ideas

Remember how in the last chapter, I talked about how this post was like my present to you. In the first two chapters, I gave you many ideas on pairing sweaters with different items in your wardrobe.

In the last chapter, we unwrapped how men and women can wear oversized sweaters. I hope that you have enjoyed your present so far as much as I have enjoyed choosing the looks to discuss. Now, we are ready to unwrap another major type of sweater.

One of the most classic looks from the 1980s was a cropped sweater paired with leotards. Madona often wore cropped sweater outfits early in her career, but she was far from alone. They were featured on the big screen as Baby wore the look in “Dirty Dancing,” and Alex embraced it in “Flashdance.”

YouTube video
by Kristen McGowan

While cropped tops disappeared for a while, they are back in a big way. Therefore, you will want to learn to create your cropped sweater outfits. They are ideal for men and women to wear to many places depending on what you wear with them.

Cropped sweater + high-waisted jeans

I must confess that I wear my high-waisted jeans more than any other choice in my closet because they help elongate my legs. One of my favorite ways to wear them is with a neutral-colored sweater. 

Then, I wear a long necklace as it looks great against the sweater and helps to break up the sweater’s solid color, and it also makes me look taller. I love to carry a shoulder bag with this outfit and my black closed-toed kitten heels while running errands around town.

Men can also easily pull over this look, and most guys find high-rise jeans extremely comfortable. Consider wearing a horizontal-striped sweater with your high-rise jeans. Then, wear a medium-wide belt. Keep the look casual by wearing your sneakers, or kick it up a notch by pairing them with dress boots.

Cropped sweater + a long shirt

A great casual outfit is to wear a cropped sweater over a shirt. This is a straightforward look that men and women can both pull off. Choose a neutral-colored shirt and let it hang out at the bottom. Then, wear your favorite cropped sweater over it. 

This is a fantastic look to wear with almost any jeans, but I think it looks especially great with distressed black jeans and a white shirt. Then, wear your military-style boots with them to create a grunge look. You could also wear this combination with platform shoes if you want to create a 1980s retro look.

Cropped sweater + flared jeans

Ladies, your cropped sweater will look perfect with your flared jeans. Wear it by itself without another shirt underneath. Consider selecting a sweater with a neckline that compliments your face shape, as I covered earlier. A pair of sunglasses and a simple watch is the only accessories you will need to pull off this look. 

Woman posing sideways wall
Source: Devn on Unsplash

Ensure you choose sunglasses that completely cover your eyes so that the sun’s harmful rays cannot get to them. If you need to carry a bag, think about a crossbody option that ends about the top of your thighs. This option looks great with your black ankle-high boots with a chunky heel.

Cropped sweater + knit pants

It is hard to beat the comfort of a cropped sweater and knit pants when lounging at home. Many of these sweaters are built like tank tops, so you may not need to wear a bra. Buying a two-piece where the top and bottom are the same color and fabric is usually the best solution. 

You may even want to think about choices that come with a long cardigan as it is easy to throw on if an unexpected company shows up at your house. This looks excellent with your favorite beanie for running errands in your neighborhood.

Cropped sweater + a dress

Extend the wearability of your summer dresses by wearing a cropped sweater over them. You can wear this look in many ways. For instance, if you have a red-and-black calico dress in your wardrobe, add a black crop top over it. Then, put on your black colored-tights and your black knee-high boots.

Alternatively, this look works well with a solid-colored dress and a cropped sweater in a split-complimentary color. While you can wear dresses that fit tight around your legs, the most comfortable options usually have a few pleats. Regardless of the option that you choose, this cropped sweater outfit looks fantastic with heels.

Cropped sweater + a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts look great with cropped sweaters. Consider wearing a gray cropped sweater with a white pencil skirt for a casual date. Then, wear a black motorcycle jacket over it. This looks fantastic when you carry a crossbody bag and wear high-heeled gladiator sandals.

On the other hand, you may want to wear a cropped sweater and a matching pencil skirt. You can wear a simple belt around the top of the pencil skirt, and leather pumps look great with this outfit. If you have long hair, consider wearing it in a side ponytail. If your hair is short, then consider going with a messy look.

Cropped sweater + mini skirt

While we have talked about many longer options in this chapter, a cropped sweater is perfect for wearing with a mini skirt. This can be a particularly fun look when you choose a cropped sweater that only covers one shoulder. I especially like a gray cropped sweater with a black mini skirt. Then, wear your knee-high black leather boots. 

Woman pink sweater black beret city

Depending on where you are going, you can wear your favorite cocktail rings and a long necklace. Wear your hair in an upscale if heading to a club, or leave it straight down to create a schoolgirl look.

So far, we have unwrapped a lot of information about sweaters, but we are not done yet. In the next chapter, we will be doing a deep dive into how men and women can wear sweater vests. Therefore, you will want to make sure to keep reading.

Sweater Vest Outfits

While unwrapping the present, you have discovered that there are many types of sweaters. First, we unwrapped general sweater looks, and then we unwrapped oversized and cropped sweaters.

In this chapter, we will unwrap sweater vests. This look for guys and gals is perfect for the in-between months when the weather is too hot for a heavy sweater but too cold to go without some additional coverage. You will fall so deeply in love with some of these looks that you’ll want to wear them often.

Girl chair poses shirt knitted vest sweater

While sweater vest outfits are a beautiful fashion staple, they were initially designed for competitive rowers to encourage them to sweat and lose weight. They were later adopted by football teams who found their jerseys too warm and sought out a more breathable alternative. 

Soon, President Woodrow Wilson and President Herbert Hoover brought sweater vests into the White House, where others soon followed the trend. Starting in the 1990s, sweater vest outfits have appeared on the runways many times as Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, and Mario Prada have offered beautiful choices. Thankfully, this trend does not seem to disappear, so embrace it by wearing sweater vests.

Sweater vest + jeans

There are many ways to style a sweater vest and jeans. You can even wear these two items and look fashionable. One of my favorite ways to style a sweater vest is to wear a cropped sweater vest over a long-sleeved shirt. Then, let the shirt hang out from underneath the vest. 

Consider a striped sweater vest where one of the colors is white and wear it over a white blouse with a black pair of jeans. Keep the look casual by wearing this with military-style boots. While both sexes can wear this look, it looks especially great on women when worn with medium-sized gold earrings.

Sweater vest + long-sleeve dress

Breathe new life into your long-sleeve dresses by wearing a sweater vest over them. This looks especially great when you choose a white long-sleeved dress and add a colorful geometric pattern or color-block sweater vest. 

You can easily take this look into the office by pairing it with your favorite closed-toed heels. Wear your hair put up to add some formality to this outfit. 

Try choosing a vest with a scoop or other low-cut neck and wearing it with a pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings. You can put a retro spin on this look by wearing a wool hat with a wide brim.

Sweater vest + ripped jeans

While women can wear sweater vests and ripped jeans, this look is perfect for men. Consider wearing a navy blue sweater vest over a white horizontally striped shirt and medium-blue ripped jeans. Put on a dark green barn coat and a navy blue flat cap for added warmth. This looks great with lace-up work boots.

Woman posing sit glasses sweater wide leg flared jeans

Another option is wearing a navy sweater vest over a white polo shirt. Brown double-monk shoes complement this outfit beautifully. Do not forget to put on some dark shades. This outfit works well with a dark-colored flat cap and a leather-band watch.

Sweater vest + shorts

Short sweater vests are perfect for wearing with biker shorts outfits. Consider wearing a white long-sleeved button-down shirt and adding a beige sweater vest over it. Let the shirt’s bottom hang out from under the vest. Then, wear a pair of black biker shorts and military-style boots.

Alternatively, you can create a schoolgirl look by wearing a blue sweater vest over a white blouse. Especially consider sweaters with a small school or team logo on their fronts. Wear a pair of denim cutoff shorts and a black leather cropped jacket. This outfit looks great with white bobby socks and white sneakers.

Sweater vest + a denim skirt

You can easily pair a sweater vest with a denim skirt. While you can wear the vest over another shirt, like you do when wearing jeans, I love the look of wearing a colorful sweater blouse by itself over a denim pencil skirt. Consider a vest that has pink and brown in it. 

Then, wear a short silver necklace and short silver hooped earrings with the outfit. This option is great for wearing with white bobby socks and white sneakers. Carry a white shoulder bag that does not have a long handle to tie this outfit together.

Sweater vest + pants + a turtleneck

Men and women can wear sweater vests over turtleneck sweaters with pants or trousers. The trick to putting this outfit together is to wear colors that complement each other. Sticking with neutrals and wearing them with black bottoms is always safe, and it looks stunning. 

Instead of finding a sweater vest that matches the turtleneck’s color exactly, consider wearing a contrasting color to create a high-energy outfit. 

For example, you may want to wear a beige turtleneck with a black sweater vest or a white sweater vest with a black turtleneck. Wearing the same color creates a more formal appearance, while wearing contrasting colors creates a more casual vibe.

Sweater vest + blazer + pants

One of my favorite looks for guys is to wear a sweater vest with a blazer. This is an easy option to dress up or down. Create a casual look by wearing a pair of burgundy pants and topping them with a white-and-navy dress shirt. Then, wear a navy sweater vest over it. Finish out the look with a light gray blazer and a wool brimmed hat. Blue desert looks super with this outfit.

If you want a more formal appearance, wear a beige sweater vest over a white long-sleeve dress shirt. Then, put on a beige blazer and a beige trench coat. This looks marvelous when you wear it with dark brown loafers.

Sweater vest + leggings

Sweater vests are the perfect way to add a pop of color to a monochromatic leggings outfit. Start by putting on a long-sleeved black bodysuit and your black leggings. Then, wear your favorite sweater vest. I especially like a bright red cropped option with this look. 

Consider one with a bit of black trim to pull the outfit together. Finish the outfit with your black military boots and a Parisian beanie. A black leather shoulder bag is ideal for carrying with this outfit. I find that this outfit looks even better when you choose black faux leather leggings. In that case, you can wear it with your black boots.

I have given you many ideas about how men and women can wear sweater vests. Get ready to unwrap the last major part of your present as I turn my attention to cardigans. You will not want to miss the essential style tips in this chapter, so be sure to keep reading.

Cardigan Sweater Outfit Ideas

Originally, cardigan garments were sleeveless outwear, which people may have first worn during the 1854 Charge of the Light Brigade. Shortly afterward, cardigans became popular with sailors who needed to stay warm. Today, they are a fashion statement that you will want to wear regularly.

By the 1920s, men had their style of cardigans, which largely remained utilitarian. Meanwhile, women had a different kind featuring full sleeves and a nipped waist. While historians often cred Coco Channel with introducing cardigans into mainstream fashion, she copied a style that many home knitters were already very familiar with creating.

By the start of the 1930s, the term cardigan meant any loose-fitting jacket. This garment has continued to evolve every decade. During the 1940s, cardigans kept soldiers warm during World War II. 

During the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood’s elite often wore it as a coverup. The 1970s saw many people become interested in knitting again, and making cardigans at home became popular. You will want to wear this comfortable garment for yourself by wearing these cardigan sweater outfits.

Cardigan sweater + shirt + cargo pants

Men can wear cardigans with shirts and cargo pants in many ways. The simplest is to wear a button-down shirt with cargo pants and a matching cardigan sweater, and this looks super when worn with a baseball cap and desert boots. Alternatively, cardigans look great with a button-down shirt and a tie under a blazer, especially when worn with athletic shoes.

Women can also wear cardigans with their cargo pants. One popular option is to wear them over a cropped sweater, like a jacket. Another fantastic choice is to create a monochromatic outfit with a matching tee shirt, cardigan, and cargo pants.

Cardigan sweater + statement boots

Pull your statement boots out of the closet and wear them with your cardigan. This look works very well for men and women. Start by putting on straight-cut jeans and pulling your statement boots over them. Then, choose a button-down shirt. Tuck it into the top of your jeans, and put on a belt. Finally, put on a cardigan.

While men may want to stick to a shorter cardigan, this looks fantastic on women when they choose a longer cardigan that ends about mid-calf. This look works best with a lightweight cardigan that will flow behind you when you walk.

Cardigan sweater + patterned pants

Women, your patterned pants are perfect for wearing with a cardigan. Choose a cardigan that matches one of the colors in the patterned pants. Then, wear a cropped shirt or sweater underneath the cardigan. 

This is the perfect look to wear with a slouch beanie. Try to keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind when putting together this outfit. In other words, 60% of your outfit should be one color, 30% a secondary color and 10% a third.

Guys can wear a similar look. Consider starting with a pair of camouflage pants and a cotton crew-neck tee-shirt. Then, wear a matching cardigan with it that buttons down the front. Put on your leather loafers and carry a canvas tote bag. You can choose to button the cardigan or leave it open.

Cardigan sweater + dress

There are many ways to wear a cardigan sweater with a dress, but one of my favorites is to wear a cardigan over a short sheath dress. Choose a chunky cardigan or a soft cashmere cardigan longer than the dress itself. 

You can also pair a cashmere cardigan with your favorite little black dress. Wear your favorite high-top black boots and a statement necklace in either case. You can also pair nude or light-pastel cardigans with your favorite springtime dresses. 

You can mix different pastels to create a beautiful outfit. Consider one that is open in the front so that everyone can see your beautiful dress. Nude pumps look great with this outfit. This is a great option when the weather is not quite warm enough to wear a dress without a coat.

Cardigan sweater + scarf + jeans

Men and women can easily wear a cardigan sweater and a scarf with their favorite jeans. One possibility for guys is to wear a sea-tone green tee-shirt with dark gray jeans. Then, wrap a gray knit scarf around your neck before putting on a chunky gray cardigan.

Women look marvelous when they wear their favorite light-colored jeans, a dark brown cardigan, and a sea-tone green top. Then, choose a brown and green scarf in it and tie it so that it drapes down your front. This outfit looks superb when worn with your sneakers.

Cardigan sweater + blouse + ripped jeans

One of the most classic looks for women is to wear a long cream cardigan with medium-colored ripped jeans. This option looks great with a V-neck button-down shirt. This neckline is perfect for wearing with a simple silver chain necklace. Then, wear beige or nude ballet flats. You can add some color to this outfit by carrying an oversized plum clutch.

Woman sitting holds hat jeans
Source: Jennifer Marquez on Unsplash

Another fabulous choice is to wear a white blouse with your white jeans. Then, wear a long denim-colored cardigan over it. Wear a pair of pumps matching the shade of the cardigan and carry a white satchel.

Cardigan sweater + trousers

A matching cardigan sweater and trousers make the perfect lazy-day outfit when worn with a white knit top. Consider choosing wide-leg trousers as they are extra comfortable. You may also want a raglan-sleeve cardigan because it is easy to push the sleeves up or pull them down as you get hot or cold. 

This outfit works great with running shoes. Pair it with a Bluetooth beanie if you love to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or your music. You can easily wear this outfit when running errands by carrying a crossbody bag.

While you have finished opening the present, I have some concluding steps that I would like for you to follow. I will love you to ask any questions you may have about sweaters. Keep reading till the end of this post.


I do hope that you enjoyed this blog post. It was an honor to put together a book about the many types of sweaters, and I hope you enjoyed learning about them. If you have a friend who loves sweaters, please pass this information on to them.

It is natural to have questions when exploring a new topic. Therefore, feel free to ask them, and I will be sure to give you an answer.

I would love to read about your favorite sweater outfits. After all, we can all use a little encouragement in creating beautiful outfits, and your comments may spark someone else’s imagination.

I have shared many other informative blog posts, so be sure to read some of them.

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