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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more practical and versatile clothing item than the black skirt. Black skirts come in many different styles, with a variety of waistlines and hemlines. From sheer fabric to thick wool, the black skirt has been around for decades. 

In the upcoming chapters, we’re going to discuss different types of black skirts, different black skirt outfit ideas and combinations, and all of the black skirt fundamentals that you need to know in order to create some drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Let’s get started!

Black skirt fundamentals and FAQ

Black is such a classic and versatile color. It’s likely a color that you turn to in a pinch when you’re not sure what to wear. It’s perfect for business attire and even casual wear. It’s slimming, it looks good with every skin tone, and black fabric is made into everything from skirts to shirts.

In this upcoming chapter, we will be taking a look at black skirts specifically. Skirts come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. Constructing them in color black makes them easy to pair with so many other items. 

Woman black leather boots tulle skirt

You can wear a thin, black pencil skirt with a simple white blouse for a formal or professional event. You can take a long, flowing, black skirt and pair it with a boho-style top for a more casual look that’s perfect for dinner or a date.

By the end of this chapter, you’re going to know what the right black skirt is for different occasions, seasons, and body types.

Are black skirts in style?

Black skirts are a wardrobe staple that has been around for decades. Though they have changed in style over the years, the concept of the basic black skirt has always remained the same. 

It’s a simple and versatile clothing item that can be matched with a multitude of other staples like blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, and blazers. Black skirts are very much still in style right now, and it doesn’t appear that they’re going to be losing their popularity any time soon.

All of the major designers have released black skirts at one time or another, and they still continue to do so. You’ll see black, pleated skirts that go down just below the knee. A black mini skirt is an option that reveals more skin and can be worn for casual outings. 

Black pencil skirts are professional go-to’s that pair perfectly with blazers and dress shirts. From funerals to parties, the black skirt always has a place in fashion.

Black skirts can be cut in a lot of different ways, but they also have different detail added. Some longer black skirts look nice when they have small buttons lined down their front. It’s a casual style that often goes well with an overlapped skirt in the front. 

A high-waist black skirt with a belt added takes the look to a whole new level. The shoes, top, handbag, and accessories that you choose with your black skirt can change how one clothing item looks over and over again.

Are black skirts flattering for all body shapes?

Because of the different styles of black skirts that you can purchase, there is a black skirt for every body type. They come in all shapes and sizes, providing you with adequate options regardless of what style or look you’re trying to achieve. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different black skirt types that you can choose based on your body type.


The A-line skirt is often used in a black variety. This style features a fitted waist that flares out on each side. It’s perfect for a lot of different body shapes because it hides your hips, buttocks, and thighs.


The tulip skirt billows out at the hips, so you can wear it if you have a very curvy figure that you want to keep concealed in a professional setting.


A wrap skirt is versatile because it fits differently based on your body type, but you don’t have to worry about it hugging your body in the wrong places. Some wrap skirts can even be adjusted to your needs.


A mermaid skirt hugs the lower body all the way down to the calves, where it will flow out into a tail-like design.


Keep things simple with a straight, black skirt that can be paired with everything from a sweater to a blouse.


Woman interior call phone pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is sexy but covers enough of your body that you can still wear it to work or for a more formal event. It’s also a great option to wear for date night or out with friends. It’s a very classic cut that has been around for decades.

In which seasons can you wear a black skirt?

Black skirts can be worn in any season, but the style of skirt that you choose will really be determined by what the weather is like outside. You’re not going to head out in a black mini skirt when there are three feet of snow outside. 

A long, black skirt that grazes the ground isn’t appropriate on a day when it’s raining, and the material will get soaking wet. Always take a look out your window and at the weather report to see what type of black skirt you should choose for the day. 

The material of the skirt will also be determined by the season. Lighter materials are perfect for summer, while heavy and warm materials are popular in the winter.

In the fall and winter, you’ll find that skirts tend to be worn much longer than they are in the warm months. Many women opt for pencil skirts and cowl skirts in the winter months, especially when there’s a lot of snow and precipitation on the ground. 

Tiered skirts are also winter-friendly, as long as they are appropriate in length and aren’t dragging on the ground. Black skirt material in the cold months can be comprised of wool, polyester, or even a quilted thermal variety.

In the spring and summer, skirts usually shorten up in length and are made out of more breathable materials. Warm weather skirts can be cut into a mini skirt, A-line, straight, or tulip. It’s common to see these skirts made from linen or cotton when the temperatures start to climb.

What are the main benefits of wearing a black skirt?

Ask any woman if they have a black skirt in their closet right now, and chances are they’re going to say yes. This type of skirt covers so many different clothing needs from morning until night. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of owning and wearing a black skirt (or two or three!).


If you choose a classically cut black skirt, you’ll have many different options ahead of you. No matter what other items come and go inside of your closet, they’re likely to match your basic black skirt. You can dress the look up or down any way that you choose.


A basic black skirt should be chosen in a material and style that feels comfortable in a variety of scenarios. Choose something that you can sit down in, stand up, bend down and move freely. The material should also feel comfortable on your skin.


A black skirt is a professional essential. It’s a piece of clothing you can wear for a job interview, a meeting with corporate, or for a day of important talks with clients. On the go or in the office, your black skirt will always help you put your best foot forward.


Woman posing interior black skirt

The style of black skirts changes as the years go by, and you can pick up a new one to keep up with fashion trends. You can also keep your classic black skirts around for a long time.

What to wear with a black skirt?

A black skirt is simply the base of a beautiful outfit. You then have to choose other items to go with it. You can truly combine a skirt with just about anything from a simple V-neck t-shirt to a button-down blouse. Your color palette is endless as well. People are even pairing black with navy blue these days, which is something we never considered before.

Let’s take a look at some outfit items that utilize a basic black skirt as the bottom.


A casual type of basic black skirt can be paired with sneakers for a laid-back look. You’ll want to choose a black skirt that’s made of cotton or something similar. A maxi skirt is perfect for sneakers, especially if you choose something that goes just below the knee and shows off your footwear.

Denim jacket

The color contrast between a black skirt and a blue denim jacket is extremely attractive. This look goes well with a plain white t-shirt and sneakers.

White t-shirt

The contrast between a black skirt and a simple white t-shirt looks formal enough for a business casual outfit, but you can also use this look for something super casual. Sandals or ballet flats complete the outfit.


For a business-savvy look, choose a basic black skirt that’s cut in an A-line style or pencil variety. Keep the blazer short and tailored.

Blouse and heels

A blouse with heels takes a black skirt and makes it look business-ready. You can keep the heels black like your skirt or choose a bold color that matches your blouse.

Sweater and boots

Woman posing prada bag skirt
Source: Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Casual with a twist of comfort, a chunky sweater, a basic black skirt, and boots are perfect for a weekend outing with friends or your spouse.

Cropped jacket

If you’re going to wear a cropped jacket with your black skirt, you might want to consider a form-fitting skirt. This will accentuate your hips and make the entire look seem very streamlined.

Turtleneck sweater

In cold weather months, pair your favorite turtleneck sweater with a long, basic black skirt that’s made of wool or polyester.

Long coat

A long coat works well with a longer skirt, but you can also pair it with something shorter if you’re going to keep your coat open. This is actually a very stylish business look.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes are not only comfortable, but they’re the perfect complement to a basic black skirt. Investing in a pair of basic black ballet flats gives you something to wear with your skirt but also with slacks, Capri pants, etc.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some new ideas for how to use the basic black skirts that you already own. You can even head to the store or shop online for some new fashions that will take your black skirt collection to the next level. Stay with us to learn more about different ways to style a black skirt and when to wear one.

How to style a black skirt

Have you picked up a great black skirt at your favorite clothing store, but now you’re not sure how you should style it? Black skirts are incredibly versatile, and they can be paired with all kinds of other articles of clothing and accessories. In this chapter, we’re going to look at some of the different ways that you can style a black skirt.

I want to take a look at some of the different ways that you can attractively style a black skirt. Whether you’re starting with a long black skirt or want something shorter that can be styled more casually, the looks I’m about to share with you are simple, flattering, and easy to put together with items you may already have in your closet.

Don’t be afraid to try some different black skirt combinations on your own. This is probably one of the simplest items that you have in your closet, but it can be reworked in endless ways.

If you’re looking to purchase a basic black skirt, think about sticking with something like an A-line skirt or a pencil-cut shape. These are two types of black skirts that can be used in many different ways for years to come.

Black Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

A skirt made of black leather is usually going to be on the shorter side. A high-quality leather makes for a skirt that you’ll have as part of your wardrobe for decades as long as you’re taking care of it properly. You can style a leather skirt in a number of ways, making it look both professional and sexy.

Pair your black leather skirt with an oversized turtleneck sweater that has a contrasting color. This will add some softness to the entire look, but the leather skirt will stand out, especially if you pair it with leather heels or a pair of black leather boots. 

This is a night-out black leather skirt outfit that will definitely turn heads. You’ll look very well put together, as though you spent hours contemplating your outfit. It also exudes confidence when you have the courage to rock a leather skirt.

Woman posing leather skirt

A black leather skirt can also be worn with a white button-down dress shirt for a more professional look. Make sure that your shirt is tailored and pressed. Pair your outfit with the perfect pair of heels and nude stockings, or even opt for a patterned pair of stockings that will add a little bit of uniqueness to your outfit.

Basic Black A-Line Skirt Outfits

A professional look with a basic black A-line skirt includes a simple blouse in a lighter shade paired with a blazer. You can accessorize the skirt with a belt-high around your waist. Style the top of the outfit by allowing some of the cuffs to come out from behind the sleeves of your blazer. Keep your accessories simple, and shoes can include flats or heels.

You can make a black A-line skirt look simple and casual by pairing it with a short-sleeve or draped sleeve top in a basic color like burgundy or pink. If the weather is slightly chilly, throw a loose jacket on top. A pair of simple mules or loafers keep everything casual as well as comfortable.

Basic Black Pencil Skirt Outfits

A basic black pencil skirt is a classic item of clothing, but you can create a really dramatic look with this option. Try wearing a top that is very dark in color as well. You can offset the look by wearing a bold belt that is very chunky and has a large buckle on it. 

The goal is to bring the eyes down to your waistline. For shoes, don’t be afraid to try something that has some weight to it. A pair of boots or shoes with a thick sole will add some additional style.

You can show off your curves in a basic black pencil skirt by opting for a skirt that has a higher waistline. Pair the entire outfit with a tight-fitting shirt that tucks into the skirt, showing off the top of your waist. 

Choose a lighter color to bring the top and the bottom together. Your skirt should fit your body well, hugging the hips. A pair of high heels will create a sexy attitude. Add in a clutch handbag and some simple accessories.

Black Flowing Skirt Outfits

A flowing skirt gives off a more casual appearance, and you can pair it with a lot of different tops. For a casual look, choose a nice, fitted V-neck t-shirt that you can slightly tuck into the top of your skirt. Leave the back hanging out a little bit. 

Flat sandals or ballet flats will keep everything simple, and you should stay away from overly formal accessories. Keep your hair loose and makeup simple as well. This creates a simple bohemian look.

A black flowing skirt can also be paired with a crop top if you’re comfortable wearing something that shows off your midriff. The top should be fitted and go low enough that you’re just showing off a small section of your stomach. 

If your skirt has a high waistline, this is a really cute look that is perfect for a night out with friends or even for a date. Make the look more feminine with a pair of peep-toe heels that match either your skirt or your shoes.

Black Mini Skirt Outfits

A black mini skirt can come in various styles that include ruffles, a smooth design, or even something that folds over in the front for added definition. You can choose a style that complements your specific body type and complete your outfit with other complementary items.

Pair a black mini skirt with a tight, long-sleeve t-shirt. This balances the skin that you’re showing on your legs while still creating a very sexy and dramatic look. A pair of high ankle boots in black with a slight heel completes the outfit. A cross-body bag and a stylish pair of sunglasses will allow you to skip other accessories altogether.

A tighter black mini skirt looks great with a very high pair of boots. If you have them, boots that reach over the top of the knee create a very dramatic look, especially when you wear a top like a nude-colored turtleneck or a simple blouse. Miniskirts tend to look nice when you wear your hair loose and long in natural waves.

Black Midi Skirt Outfits

The styling of a midi skirt is unlimited. It’s such a versatile cut that can be worn for both social and work engagements. You can choose something with a high waist to create a dramatic look. 

Woman building smile phone

Pair it with a short shirt or something that tucks into the skirt. Keep the top simple for the most part, aside from some pleats or ruffles along the front. The midi skirt looks attractive when you elongate the look with a pair of high heels.

Your black midi skirt can be dressed casually as well. A simple t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, paired with simple low heels and a handheld purse, makes for the perfect outfit for dinner, business casual work attire, and so much more. You don’t have to worry too much about accessories, hair, or makeup with this look. It really speaks for itself.

Black Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas

Adding pleats to a skirt adds a lot of definition to a look. A pleated skirt looks lovely when it’s long and neat, but you can also find pleats in very short miniskirts. Pleats should be kept for more formal looks, whether you want to wear something unique to work or an evening engagement with co-workers.

A black pleated skirt can be matched with a simple, white, V-neck blouse that has ¾ sleeves. The cut of the top can be on the low side, revealing a little bit of skin when you’re wearing a long skirt. High heels, simple earrings, and a necklace add some style to the look.

If you’re opting for a short pleated skirt, keep things simple and conservative up top. A long-sleeve black turtleneck will look gorgeous. You can also add a little bit of style by wearing a black and white striped top. 

A leather jacket on top gives you an edgy appearance. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your shoe choice. Opt for low boots or a chunky heel.

Black Tennis Skirt Outfits

Not all tennis skirts are white and have to be worn on the tennis court. Similar to a mini skirt with pleats, a tennis skirt is short in length and has some pleating to it that makes it look very flowing. 

Many tennis skirt styles come with some sort of garment attached underneath the skirt, providing you with some extra coverage when you’re going to be moving around. On top, you can wear a simple polo in a bright shade. Casual and clean athletic sneakers are the perfect footwear choice.

Another option for a black tennis skirt is pairing it with a lacy and sheet short-sleeved top. If your skirt is black, try something that is white or nude in color. 

Add a large-brimmed hat for an adventurous accessory choice, and flat shoes are ideal. Skip anything other than simple accessories for this look.

Black Maxi Skirt Outfits

The black maxi skirt is incredibly practical and should be in every woman’s closet. It can be paired with so many different items, its versatility is impressive. A black maxi skirt can be worn with separate tops, but you can also find the maxi skirt as part of a dress.

Pair a black maxi skirt that starts narrower at the hips and flows into a larger cut at the bottom with a high-cut top that stops just above the navel. You can add a great deal of sex appeal to this look without having to show a lot of skin. You can also cover up larger hips, stomach, or buttocks with a flowing maxi skirt.

Another option to dress up your maxi skirt is to wear a boat neck t-shirt that you tuck in at the navel but let the rest of it hang loosely around your waist. Wear a hat with a large brim along with a long necklace that just grazes the navel as your accessories.

Black Flared Skirt Outfits

A black skirt with a dramatic flare will have a fitted waist and then flow out by the time you get to the bottom hemline. These skirts come in a variety of lengths. When you have a long flared skirt, there’s usually some degree of tulle or fabric that creates the look. A knee-length option is also very lovely.

Choose a knee-length black flared skirt that hugs the hips and then flares dramatically into layers of fabric. If you can find a skirt that has a little bit of extra design on the bottom, this is ideal. Some skirts will have trim with lace or minor fringe attached. 

This allows you to keep the rest of the look simple, so the skirt stands out. Your top shouldn’t go past the waistline so as not to take away from the shape of the skirt. Pick a short, fitted blouse or a simple t-shirt.

A casual look with a black flared skirt includes a basic white t-shirt along with a denim jacket. The contrasting colors make for a gorgeous look that you can pair with sneakers, sandals, or even heels.

Black Chiffon Skirt Outfit Ideas

A black chiffon skirt is usually a more formal item that is very sheer. You’ll usually wear this look in the warmer weather months when you want to create some airflow and coolness to your look even though you’re wearing black. This is a look that works well when wearing a basic white blouse or button-down dress shirt and heels.

Woman shaking black chiffon skirt
Source: Vicky Cheng on Unsplash

Try a black chiffon skirt with a floral tank top that can be tucked into the waistline. Ankle boots are appropriate if it’s not a heatwave outside, or you can choose a strappy pair of heels as your shoe option.

We’ve talked about a large number of black skirt outfits in this chapter. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for a work event or you want to wear a black skirt out for a nice date, you can try one of these combinations or come up with your own. These are just places to start so you can understand the versatility of the basic black skirt.

When to wear a black skirt

There are countless scenarios when wearing a black skirt is perfectly acceptable, but you may have a specific event coming up that you’re contemplating an outfit for. This chapter is going to take a look at the times in your life when you should choose a black skirt. After all, this is a very versatile item that you can fashion in a number of ways.

A black skirt is practical for days at the office, dates in the evening or even when attending a special event like a wedding or party. The type of skirt that you choose will matter. 

You won’t want to wear a black leather mini skirt to a formal wedding, but it might be fun for a night out with the girls. A simple black pencil skirt is perfect for work. A flowing black skirt with a boho design is a great weekend option.

Without a doubt, the black skirt is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet. When you choose the right style and fabric, they can keep you warm throughout the cold weather months, they can provide you with a cool ensemble during the summer, and they help you put your best foot forward in the professional sector. Your options are endless when you think about all of the different ways that you can dress a skirt up or down.

Casual events

If you’re looking for a comfortable and fashionable outfit, don’t skip your black skirt collection. You can pair a simple black skirt with just about everything. It even works well when paired with a sweatshirt, sandals, or t-shirt. You can also layer different items together with a black skirt to make it more versatile for a busy day. 

Wear a black pencil skirt with a nice V-neck t-shirt. Top it with a blazer for work but skip the jacket if you’re going to be going out after hours. You can also change from heels to sneakers once you clock out for the day.

Formal events

A classic black skirt is a go-to item for a formal event like a business luncheon or even a wedding. Choose something that has an appropriate waistline and hemline, and make sure you’re wearing a nicer fabric. Skip the cotton or polyester maxi skirts if you’re going somewhere that requires a formal dress.

Pair a black skirt with a pencil or A-line shape with a pretty blouse and heels. If you want to add a more formal feel, you can opt for a blazer and button-down shirt. Keep accessories simple to keep everything looking professional.


Casual parties are when you can wear just about any type of black skirt. Maxi and midi skirts are great for these occasions, because they match with just about anything. 

You can wear a black skirt with an oversized sweater and sneakers, or try pairing a black skirt that has a high waistline with a crop top that slightly shows off our midriff. 

Keep the fabric of your black skirt loose so you can move around comfortably throughout the evening.


Putting your best foot forward when you’re at work is very important. A professional look will make others feel like you take your job seriously since it appears that you take your wardrobe seriously. 

Keep your black skirts cleaned and pressed, so they’re ready to go with whatever outfit you choose on any given day. Keep a nice collection of blazers, cardigans, and blouses ready for an easy work outfit. A few pairs of basic black heels, flats, and loafers give you different shoe options for work.


When you attend a wedding, you have the option of wearing a dress, but many women find it much more comfortable to wear a skirt. After all, a flowing skirt will let you hit the dance floor later on in the evening when the music starts. Don’t wear anything too revealing to a wedding. 

Your black skirt should go down to about the knee or lower, depending on the season and where the event is going to be held. Wear a pair of flats, or at least bring a pair along for later on in the evening when you’ll be mingling.

Date Night

Whether you’re going out on a first date or you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary with your spouse, a black skirt is the perfect date night staple. You probably want to keep things a little more casual unless you’re going somewhere very formal. 

Try a knee-length skirt that has pleats or ruffles to it. This will give your entire look a little more softness, regardless of what you’re going to be wearing as your shirt and shoes.

Afternoon of Shopping

Black midi skirt
Source: Samuel Foster on Unsplash

You don’t have to head to the mall in sweat pants when you’re going to be doing some shopping and running some errands. A simple, black midi skirt is super practical. You can wear it with a graphic t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, or even a tank top. Top it all off with a cardigan sweater or denim jacket and sneakers.

School Events

When it comes time to head to your child’s school for performances or presentations, stand out from the other parents in the crowd with one of your classic black skirts. You don’t have to pair it with anything really dressy. Maybe stick to something like a simple sleeveless blouse or even a plain, white V-neck t-shirt. This look will go with sneakers, sandals, or ballet flats.

Everyday Wear

A black skirt could be worn over and over again each week without anybody noticing that you’re reusing the same clothing item multiple times. Obviously, you’ll want to wear other things in between, but your classic black skirt is perfect for everyday wear. It’s ideal for work, weekends, and evening events. You can go from one place to another without having to change, thanks to its versatility.

We’ve covered a large majority of situations when you can wear a black skirt. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make use of these tips so you can utilize your black skirts to their full potential. Feel free to experiment a bit. Try pairing unique clothing items together from your closet to see what you can do with a black skirt.


Now that you’re an expert on black skirt outfit ideas, you can add some new skirt styles to your wardrobe. It’s incredibly easy to pair a black skirt with numerous items in your closet, creating distinct looks for anywhere that you need to be. 

Get adventurous with your black skirt outfits. Try pairing together items that you would never have thought would match before reading this article.

Feel free to share this post with some of your friends and family members so they can create head-turning looks with their black skirts as well. Let us know what kind of combinations you came up with, and read some of our other posts to get other outfit ideas.

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