How to style short hair: Braids, Curls, Waves and Much More

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Are you ready to change your hairstyle? Make sure to consider short hairstyles for women. I will do a quick run-through of some of the different options available for short hairstyles in this post. I will also talk about the history of short hair and how to style it.

While you are contemplating cutting your hair short, you will also want to consider the many outfits that look great with short hair.

Many people think that taking care of short hair is more manageable than taking care of long locks, and they are right to a point. I will share details about how to care for short hair that will be especially important to consider if you switch from long to short.

Without any further introduction, let’s get started learning about short hair.

Short hairstyles fundamentals

Short hairstyles are in vogue, and you will want to embrace this trend. Learn the definition of short hairstyles and which ones will look best with your face shape. While everyone can wear short hair, not all hairstyles are suitable for everyone. I will also share some examples of trendy short hairstyles.

If you are used to messing with long hair, cutting it short can be a very liberating experience. You will find short hairstyles easier to take care of, which can be great if you live a hectic life. If your long hair has many split and dead ends, then you will find that short hair improves the health of your hair, and you will love the way it bounces.

What are short hairstyles for women?

For women, short hairstyles are any style that does not reach your shoulders. While wearing short hair first became popular in the 1920s, it went out of vogue within a decade. In the 1990s, it became trendy again and has remained a consistent style.

Woman street red trousers

There are many types of short hairstyles. While women in Ancient Greece would cut their hair short and put their long hair in tombs with their husbands, in more modern times, short hair became popular in the 1920s. When World War I started, many female nurses had their hair cut short to make it easier to care for and more hygienic.

While some considered downright deplorable, bobs became popular during the 1920s when women started preferring a more masculine style. Many churches and schools tried to convince women that they would grow a mustache if they cut their hair short.

In 1925, Josephine Baker became a star, and women flocked to cut their hair like hers. Her hair was an early version of the bob. Today, that original hairstyle has expanded to over eight different bob hairstyles, including A-line, graduated, inverted, layered, stacked, and asymmetrical. There are also many variations of each cut, including the lob.

Baker harcourt 1940

While longer hairstyles came back in style during the 1930s, Mia Farrow cut her hair short in 1966 before appearing in “Rosemary’s Baby,” released in 1968. While Vidal Sasson often receives credit for this haircut, Mia cut her hair using fingernail scissors, and this was the world’s introduction to the pixie cut.

As the world fell in love with Dorothy Hamill, many girls had their hair cut into a wedge in 1976. This hairstyle and its many variations remain a popular choice today.

There are many other choices, and I will discuss some of them as we move through the rest of this post.

What short hairstyles are best for your face shape?

While every woman has the right to wear whatever hairstyle she wants, choosing one that compliments your face shape often helps you look your best as it draws attention to your strongest features. Consider these tips before selecting your next hairstyle.

If you have a heart-shaped face, choose a style that swipes to the side. Heavy bangs help balance the cheekbones that stand out and the prominent forehead.

An angular bob is a perfect choice if you have an oval-shaped face. Since your facial features are usually softer, you can go with a dramatic hairstyle. This cut helps to maintain the softness of your features. Work at helping your strands stand out to add drama to this look.

Another excellent option for women with an oval-shaped face is a buzz cut. This dramatic cut draws the viewer’s attention upward, taking the emphasis off your side features.

People with rectangular or square faces should consider a side-parted curly lob. This cut will shorten the appearance of your forehead, and adding volume to the sides of your head will make it appear more balanced.

Another option for people with a square face is a layered bob. Have your stylist cut your hair with a razor to add dramatic flair. Avoid ending this haircut at your jawline but extend it three finger widths or below it.

If your face is round, then a pixie cut is ideal as it will help to elongate your face. Choose options with a striking top and shorter sides.

What short hairstyles are in vogue this year?

This year, shiny straight cuts are the ideal choice. Many women are opting for edgy bob cuts. At the same time, there is plenty of space for a great pixie cut. Especially with the bob cut, there are new and exciting styles that you will want to try.

A short bob that comes to your collarbone is an ideal choice. Opt for one that has a slight wave near eye level. This is an excellent cut for those who do not have a lot of time to fix their hair.

Another great choice is a cropped bob. This bob is very short. Add lots of volume to make this cut dramatic. Curls are the way to go with this short hairstyle.

A glass hair bob is a great way to look put together consistently. This longer bob hangs straight down to your neck from a center part. It also stays right behind your eyes, with all the hair being the same length.

A fringed bob is an excellent choice for those afraid to go too short. Wavy curtain bangs complete the look of this bob. Add some layers that end near your face’s strongest features.

A wind-swept pixie cut is a dramatic hairstyle that will capture attention. Instead of allowing your hair to hang down, it pulls it up and away from your face. Keep the hair short and have the stylist cut this option above your ears.

Shaggy cuts have not gone away in 2022. A short shag cut is an excellent option for those with curly hair, and it also works well for those who need to add volume to their head.

A stacked bob has been an excellent choice for several years, but it remains popular. Make sure that you get the back short enough to bring the lines down the side of your face at interesting angles.

Short hair is an ideal choice if you want to add dramatic flair to your hair. In the next chapter, I will give you some advice on how to style short hair. Therefore, you should keep reading as I will have many valuable tips.

How to style short hair

Now that you have an idea of some of the marvelous short hairstyles that are trendy, let’s take a deeper dive into how to style short hair. If you think you can only wash and straighten short hair, this chapter is especially for you because there are many different possibilities.

Once you begin to see the options available, you will start to enjoy your short hair even more. It may even allow you to get creative with coming up with your personalized style.

If you stop and look at Hollywood’s elite, many of them have short hair. Ladies thinking of getting a pixie cut can draw inspiration from Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, and Charlize Theron. This cut perfectly shows off their bone structure and adds gentle texture to the hair.

Alternatively, women considering getting a bob can draw inspiration from Jessica Alba’s blunt bob. You might also want to take inspiration from Nicole Scherzinger or Lili Rheinhart, who chopped off their long hair for a wavy bob ending just above the shoulders.

Just because you decide to go short does not mean that you cannot style your hair in various ways.

How to braid short hair

A simple side braid is an easy way to style your hair. You will want to start with clean hair that is in great shape. This style ends with side braids that are about equal in size and length. Depending on your exact cut, you may not be able to incorporate all your hair into a braid, and that looks super cute.

Start by creating a center part. On the right side of your head, gather about 3 inches of hair. Try to get as far forward as possible because this will be the start of your braid. It is a perfect idea to incorporate some of your bangs.

Divide this section into three equal parts. They should be as similar as possible. Then, start braiding by bringing the left section over the middle one so that they trade positions. Now, cross the right into the middle. 

Repeat the process until you have the braid as long as you want. Keep incorporating new hair as you move back towards your neck. You can wear a braid on one or both sides of your head. Use a bobby pin, decorative pin, or rubber band to hold the end of the braid.

This is just one way to braid short hair. Short hair doesn’t allow you to make all types of braids. Yet, there are more ways to braid short hair. It’ll depend on your short hairstyle and how short it really is. For instance, you can braid your bangs or braid just one side of your head. Ask your hairstylist which type of braids will look best for your hair, and start braiding. You’ll be able to create a flattering look in a few minutes. Give it a try!

How to curl short hair

You can create beautiful curls in your hair using a curling iron. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl will be when you get done. Start by misting your hair with a heat protectant. This prevents most damage from occurring to the ends of your hair and helps to lock in the moisture that the curling process takes out.

Woman posing curly hair

If necessary, use a clip or rubber bands to hold the part of your hair that you do not want to curl out of your way. It depends on how long your hair is if you need to complete this step.

If you have extremely straight hair, blow-dry some mousse into it. This helps the hair hold its curls better, giving your hair more texture.

Place the hair you want to curl through the feeder on the curling iron. Turn the curling iron to curl the hair in the direction you want it to lie. Then, remove the curling iron. Grab the curl and hold it for a few seconds as it cools. This will help the curl stay in place.

As you complete one section, remove one of the clips and work with that hair. Soon, you will have all your hair curled.

How to make waves with short hair

Start by ensuring that you have washed and conditioned your hair within the last 24 hours. Then, use a heat protectant to protect your hair from damage. You can choose a mist or a powder.

Then, grab your flat iron. Make sure it has a ceramic or titanium plate. Preheat the flat iron to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Comb your hair and divide it into three sections, going from the base of your neck in the back to the top of your head. Use bobby pins or clips to hold the bottom two sections out of your way.

Place about 1 inch at the front between the blades of the flat iron. Clamp it shut and twist it towards the back of your head. Then, release the flat iron slightly to twirl it until the hair ends as you pull it out of the hair.

Continue working in 1-inch sections until you have worked with all of your hair. Then, finger-comb your hair to turn the curls into waves.

How to make a bun with short hair

You can make a bun with short hair in several different ways. If you want a ballerina bun, start by gathering the hair on top of your head. It is usually easier to bend over and let gravity help you. Make sure that you gather all the hair you want in the bun.

Stand back up and twist the hair. Be sure that you twist all the hair to the very end. Then, twist the hair down and around to make a ballerina bun. Place a thin hair tie around the bun. Then, pull out a few strands and twist them around the tie. This helps lock the bun in place, and it helps to create the look.

Finally, style the hair that was too short to incorporate into the bun. You can twist the loose pieces together and braid them or use bobby pins to pin them up.

If you want a messy bun, then pull the hair up on top of your head that you want in the bun. Pull the end of the ponytail through the upper part partway. Then, take the bottom part and pull it all the way through the top part. 

This creates a messy bun. As you did with the ballerina bun, use a ponytail holder to hold it in place. Finish by fixing the loose ends determined not to incorporate into your messy bun.

How to style a ponytail with short hair

There are many ways that you can style a ponytail when you have short hair. If you have hair that comes almost to your shoulders, you can pull it back into a ponytail at the base of your neck. 

If you have naturally curly hair, add some styling gel only to the ponytail, and style it straight. The contrast between your curly hair and your straight hair will look stunning.

You can also create a ponytail with only part of your hair. Then, leave the rest down. There is no doubt you have seen this look done numerous times with longer hair, and there is no reason not to do it with short hair.

While messy ponytails used to signify that you overslept, that is no longer the case. So, create one with your short hair. Then, make waves in the part that is not in the ponytail. Alternatively, if you have shorter hair that will not go into the ponytail or bangs, consider tying a scarf around your head to hide those pieces.

You can also gather the longest strands on top of your head and clip them to hold them in place. If you are afraid of them falling out, use a ponytail holder first and cover it with the clip.

How to wear headbands with short hair

There are many ways to wear a headband with short hair. One of the best ways is to wear a half-circle headband on top of your teased hair. You can easily achieve this look at home in just a few minutes.

Start with clean hair. Since you will be using your curling iron, add some heat protectant to your hair. The mist-type is usually easier to use.

Divide your hair into at least three sections. Then, use your curling iron to create curls. If you need more details, see the section on how to curl short hair, where I have already broken down the steps.

Use a wide-tooth comb to tease your hair. Backcomb your hair until you get the volume and texture that you want. Finally, slide your headband onto your hair.

Another option is to part your hair the same way you would if you were to wear it down. Next, use a fine-tooth comb to eliminate flyaways and get all your hair in its proper position.

Girl short pink hair white headband

Place the ends of the headband in front of your ears, right where the hairline stops. Lift and place the end of the headband behind your ears. Now, take the front and slide it into place.

How to wear clips with short hair

You can add clips to your short hair in many ways, and we have already talked about them when creating ponytails and buns. You can also use one or more clips in the back to control the hair that will not go up while adding visual interest to the back of your head.

One of the easiest ways is to create a center part. Tuck some of your hair behind your ears. Then, pull a little hair down to cover what you have tucked. Finally, use a clip to hold the hair in place.

Another idea you may want to try is to create a part on one side of your head. Then, side sweep all of your hair to the other side. Use three clips right above your ear in the same shape as your ear on the side without much hair.

You can also take strands from the front of your head and pull them around to meet in the back. Then, use a clip to hold where the two strands meet together. You can keep doing it all the way down the back of your head and add a clip at each meeting point.

How to start dreads with short hair

You can use a sponge brush to start dreads in your short hair. Start near the front of your head and brush the hair around in a clockwise circle. Work on only one section at a time and continue working until a ball forms. Each section should take under a minute.

Use a dread wax once all of your hair is in tiny balls. You will need to put a dab of cream on each ball. Then, rub it into the ball to moisturize your hair.

If you do not have extremely coarse hair, you will need to secure each ball with a rubber band or a clip. If you have coarse hair, then this step may not be necessary.

Your balls should be completely dry. If they are not, use a hair dryer until they are completely dry. Then, wait at least 3 hours.

Alternatively, you can create dreadlocks by twisting your hair. Start by separating your hair into 1-inch squares. Then, twist the hair in each square, and you should alternate how you twist the hair.

Then, rub in a lock-in cream. Insert a rattail comb into each ball. Twist the comb as you are pulling it out. If your hair is damp, use a hairdryer to get it dry. Finally, let the dreads sit for at least 3 hours.

You now know how to style short hair. Before you rush to the shower to experiment, keep reading the rest of this article. In the next chapter, I will be covering some tips you need to know to maintain short hair.

Short hair styling tips

Now that you know some short hairstyles and how to work with different short haircuts, let’s take a deeper look at maintaining short hair. While many women love short hair because it is generally easier to take care of than long hair, it does require some maintenance.

One of the hardest struggles for many women who have cut their hair short for the first time in a long while is getting it clean. 

Therefore, I will cover some specific tips on cleaning short hair. While the process may feel similar to when you had long hair, there are some specific points you will want to keep in mind.

Woman hairstyle salon side

Actress Megan Good expressed the sentiment felt by many women when she said,” The beauty of having short hair is that I can wash and style it at home.” 

So far, in this chapter, I have concentrated on telling you about styling short hair. Now, I will turn my attention to washing short hair. Then, you can share in Good’s love of short hair.

If you have short hair, then you will perfectly understand the sentiment expressed by Felicity Jones, who said short hair was “really liberating. It’s just very easy.” There are so many things vying for your attention that having short hair can give you more time to complete.

Short hair maintenance tips

While many people consider short hair to be maintenance-free, you will need to set aside a little time each week to take care of your short hairstyle. While spending a few minutes daily may be required, the result will be beautiful hair that is healthy and glossy. Then, everyone will be impressed.

Get frequent trims

You will need to pamper yourself with a trip to the hair salon every 3 to 6 weeks. Remember that there is a difference between a trim and a haircut. A trim only removes about ½-inch off your hair, while a haircut usually removes much more and can completely change how you style your hair. 

Keeping your hair trimmed will help keep it looking great. This is especially true if you have thin hair because hair that is regularly trimmed gives the illusion of being fuller. Furthermore, getting a regular trim helps keep your hair healthier. Therefore, it is essential if you use heat and chemicals to style your hair.

Wash as often as needed

Some people can go two or three days without washing their hair, while others will need to wash it daily. If your hair is naturally oily, you need to wash your hair daily. 

Additionally, if your scalp starts to itch, it is time to wash your hair. You may need to wash your hair more often when it is short because you must remove styling products regularly. 

Otherwise, they can weigh down your hair and cause other problems. Washing your hair too frequently can cause it to break more easily.

Blow-dry your hair correctly

You should always brush your hair before you blow-dry it, especially if your hair tends to be oily. Brushing will help stop your hair from looking greasy and helps it stay cleaner looking for longer. 

You must blow-dry your hair correctly if you want it to lay correctly and look its fullest. You should always use a directional hairdryer. Start at the crown of your head and blow your hair downward. If you need your hair to look fuller, use a brush to lift hair strands away from your head while drying them.

Use a heat protectant product

You should always use a heat protectant if you use a blow-dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or another hot styling tool on your short hair. You can find stand-alone options and other options that are ingredients in other products, such as leave-in conditioners. 

Most contain ingredients, like panthenol and propylene glycol, that will lock moisture into your hair. They also have ingredients, like keratin, that helps to keep your hair from getting frizzy. 

Some contain ingredients, like aloe, helping to nourish your hair. Always consider what type of short hair you have, and buy a product designed to work with that type of hair.

Turn down the heat

When choosing hairdryers and styling tools, make sure they have adjustable heat. While the amount of heat that your hair can handle depends on its texture, using too high heat can damage it. 

Generally, 350 degrees is as hot as you should ever use, but some hair types cannot even use that temperature. If your hair is fine, then keep the temperature under 300 degrees. 

Just because your hair is wavy or curly, do not assume that you have thicker hair strands. Some tools can reach temperatures over 450 degrees, which will damage any hair.

Use less product

While it is true that short hair gets oily faster because your scalp tends to sweat more, do not fall into the trap of using too much product. Using too much shampoo, conditioner, or heat protectant can cause your hair to get dirty faster because it is difficult to get it all out. 

In most cases, if you have short hair, then a nickel-size glob will scrub your head. Flaking, dandruff, and your hair hanging loose can all indicate that you used too much shampoo. 

You only need about a raspberry-size squirt of conditioner. Unless your scalp and roots seem dry, focus on spreading conditioner on the ends of your hair because that is where it will do the most good.

Comb Your Hair Twice Daily

You should comb your hair in the morning and at night. The process helps to distribute healthy oils throughout the hair and scalp. Brushing your hair also removes the 100 or so dead hairs on your head so that your hair looks healthier. 

Short haired woman combing hair mirror

Do not brush your hair more than twice a day, or you may stimulate too much oil production. Then, your hair looks oily and becomes harder to manage. You should use a detangling comb in the shower to help spread out your conditioner. Then, use a detangling brush in the morning to get knots out of your hair and a styling brush to fix your hairstyle.

Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair

Many people constantly want to touch their hair. This is especially true if it is curly. Always touching your hair can cause it to break easier. If you suffer from this habit, get a short hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face. 

Wearing a headband or a scarf can help you remember not to touch your hair. If you still find it challenging to remember not to touch your hair, keep your hands busy doing something else.

Short hair cleaning tips

Following some simple tips can help get your hair cleaner and keep it that way. Most people have never thought about how they shampoo their heads, which often leads to doing it the wrong way.

Brush your hair first

Before you get in the shower, detangle your hair by brushing it. Wet hair is not as strong as dry hair, and therefore, it breaks easier when you shampoo your hair. In order to compensate for this, start by brushing your hair. 

This removes dead hair from your scalp and gets your hair ready to be cleaned. It also helps to separate the strands so that each one gets shampooed. Start by sectioning off your hair so that you brush each part separately. Starting at the back at the base of your neck and working your way up is usually the best plan.

Use Warm Water

Use warm water when shampooing your hair, as hot water can cause it to dry out even more. Let the water run over your hair for at least a minute before applying the shampoo. This helps open your hair’s pores so that the shampoo works better. 

After shampooing your hair, you should also use warm water to rinse off the shampoo. Make sure that you get it all off. Leaving even a little can cause your hair to get dirtier faster.

Reduce the use of shampoo

As I have already discussed, it is easy to use too much shampoo when you have short hair. This could be a particular problem if you used to have long hair. Use just a berry-size amount of high-quality shampoo. If you have thin hair, then a clear shampoo is best. 

Look for options labeled as gentle and moisturizing. If you often have frizzy hair, opt for shampoos with built-in conditioners. If you have color-treated hair, then choose an option made to preserve your color as they are gentler than other shampoo choices.

Dilute Your Shampoo

Do not put shampoo straight from the bottle onto your head. Squirt the shampoo into the palm of your hand. Then, mix in a bit of water. Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals designed to help get your hair clean, and diluting them before you use them allows them not to be as harmful to your hair. 

If you think you might forget, use an empty bottle and dilute your shampoo in it. This is especially a helpful trick when traveling because you can leave your big shampoo bottle at home. Not only does it save space, but you also eliminate the chance of forgetting to grab your shampoo when you are packing to come back home.

Select the right conditioner

You should also pick the right conditioner for your hair type. If you have oily hair, ensure that you use a conditioner that will help control the problem. Options with added protein are often an excellent choice. 

If you have limp hair, avoid conditioners meant for curly hair, and they will cause your hair to retain too much moisture, which will cause your hair to look, even limper. 

Alternatively, if your hair is dry or damaged, choose a deep conditioner. You should only use deep conditioners less than four times a month in most cases.

Use conditioner the right way

Many people work at getting the conditioner against their scalp, but that is not the best practice. You need to concentrate on getting the conditioner on the ends of your hair because that is where damage usually begins. 

You should squeeze most of the water out of your hair before you condition it. Then, put a minimal amount on top of your head. Use a wide-tooth comb to move the conditioner through your hair.        

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp is a great idea, and it’s simple to do. It helps keep blood flowing to your hair’s roots, and when there is more blood flow, your hair gets more nourishment. You can massage your scalp or, better yet, get a loved one to massage it for you. 

Start by making little circular motions across your scalp, and push down as hard as it feels comfortable. When you massage your scalp regularly, you are less likely to notice skin flakes and dandruff in your hair, so you do not have to use harsh chemicals to manage these conditions.

Rinse With Cold Water

After washing and conditioning your hair, rinse it with cool water. This encourages your hair’s pores to close so that you do not do more damage when towel drying your hair. Using cool water helps seal moisture into your hair, enabling it to stay healthier. 

Relaxed woman salon hair washed

You should use a cotton or microfiber towel to help wick moisture away from your hair. Squeeze your hair in the towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, leave it up while you get dressed. This helps lessen the amount of time you need to spend blow-drying your hair and helps keep it healthier.

Now that you know how to style short hair and clean and maintain it, I will cover what to wear with short hair in the next chapter. Therefore, you will want to keep reading. 

I will share some options with you that look adorable and other options that are perfect for work. You will love it even more when you know what to wear with short hair.

What to wear with short hair

There are so many cute outfits that you can wear with short hair. For the most part, consider close-fitting clothes that will stay close to your body, and they help balance the look. 

If you are thinking of wearing an option with a bit of width to it, then think about adding volume to your hair. Additionally, short hair makes it fun to accessorize your outfits by wearing bold necklaces and large earrings.

Short hair tends to be soft and feminine. Therefore, it is perfect for wearing with your favorite dresses and skirts. Your favorite pastel and white outfits are ideal for wearing with short hair, and outfits with lace look super cute. 

Short hair can also have a tomboy feel, so it is great to wear with your jeans. You can wear short hair with almost anything if it hugs the body. Unless you want to go for the grunge look, avoid outfits that look too masculine. Short hair will make them appear even more male-orientated.

Alternatively, you can play up the male appearance of short hair. It looks perfect with your skinny jeans, and you can wear your favorite distressed jeans. Just make sure that you choose one option or the other when putting together outfits.

Lace & silk dresses

Lace and silk dresses are ideal for wearing with short hair as they balance out the tomboy look. Choose options that fit close to your body. For instance, choose a tea-length pink dress and wear it with your white pearl necklace and your dangle pearl earrings. 

Wear some bold makeup or go with soft feminine touches. Your white stilettos will look super with this outfit. Alternatively, wear a cute royal blue slip dress with yellow shoes and a yellow belt. Then, add a chunky yellow necklace and matching earrings. Whichever options you choose, make sure to keep it feminine-looking.

Cable-knit sweater

A close-fitting cable-knit sweater is ideal for wearing with short hair on a cold winter day. Make sure to choose one that hugs your body. Then, pair it with a pair of leggings. You can go with almost any color that you love. 

For instance, consider creating a gray or navy-blue monochromatic outfit or choose a purple sweater and pair it with black leggings. Then, wear your favorite gold jewelry and your sneakers. Just make sure that the earrings you choose are bold and eye-catching. You can also add a gold chain belt to break up your body’s silhouette.

Off-the-shoulder outfits

Off-the-shoulder outfits look super cute with short hair. You can choose options where both shoulders are bare or only one. Just avoid choices with bell sleeves or other options that make the outfit too wide. 

An off-the-shoulder top is ideal for wearing with skinny jeans. Avoid too dark tops in color as they will give your outfit a masculine look. Instead, consider white, baby blue, pastel pinks, or other feminine colors. This is a terrific look to carry a handbag with, and do not forget the sunglasses.

Knee-length skirt + sheer top

There are many styles of knee-length skirts that are ideal for wearing with short hair if they stay close to the body. Pencil skirts are a great choice. A sheer blouse is a great option to wear with the skirt because it has a feminine flair, but you should avoid any shirts that look like they came from the menswear department. 

Consider wearing a light-colored pastel crop top underneath and nude heels. You can then add a pop of color to your outfit with your handbag choice. A black Parisian-style beanie worn with a black pencil skirt and your gold jewelry is a fun choice that will look awesome.

Midi skirt + blouse

An A-line midi skirt is an excellent choice if it stays close to your body. Consider pairing it with a simple t-shirt. You can choose a long or short sleeve option depending on the weather. This is a great outfit to wear to the office with your closed-toe pumps. 

For example, consider wearing a khaki A-line skirt with a deep blue t-shirt. Then, carrying a shoulder bag. You can wear any neutral-colored pumps with this outfit. You can choose between different necklaces depending on the shirt’s neckline. 

If it is low, choose one that follows the neckline of your shirt while staying on your skin. Opt for a chunky one in a complementary or split complementary color if it is high.

Leather skirt + knit top

A leather skirt that stops just above the knee is a fantastic look to wear with short hair. Consider an option that hangs close to your body. Then, pair it with a knit top. You can go with a short-sleeve or long-sleeve option. 

A black leather skirt and an emerald green option are a fantastic combination. Then, wear your ankle-high leather boots. A sparkly diamond leather choker and your diamond drop earrings will look terrific. 

You can carry a leather shoulder bag that is big enough for your necessities. If you have a rectangle or square body shape, consider adding a belt to help break up your body’s silhouette.

Boho dress

A bohemian-style dress is a comfortable option to wear with short hair. Choose one that fits your body pretty closely. Then, pair it with your favorite leather sandals. You can go with natural makeup or steal some ideas from Cher and wear some 1960s-style makeup. 

Woman sitting boho dress

A leather headband looks excellent, but you can also wear a turban and tuck all your hair inside. You can go many ways with color choices and stick to those in a lighter color to give the outfit a more feminine touch. This is a terrific look for layering necklaces that end about your belly button.

Many outfits look great with short hair, and you can either play up their tomboy appeal or embrace their feminine nature. In the next chapter, I will talk about many short hairstyles, so you will not want to miss the opportunity to learn about them.

Short hairstyle examples

I hope you have enjoyed this deep dive into short hair. We have covered lots of territory, and I shared with you some of the most important historical facts about short hair, how to style it, along with care and maintenance tips. In this chapter, we will look at some of the most popular short hairstyles, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Short hair is any hair that ends above that does not reach your shoulders, so there are many possibilities. You can find short hairstyles with bangs and those without. Short hairstyles are perfect for wearing when you dye your hair in more than one color and have options that have a vintage vibe. 

There are fantastic choices that are easy to care for and others that will require more effort. Some styles lend themselves very well to a laid-back look, while others are ideal for women who love to dress up. Without any further introduction, let us visit some short hairstyles.

Pixie with long bangs

A pixie with long bangs is ideal for framing your face. Consider ending your bangs near your strongest facial feature. You can wear the bangs straight down or sweep them to the side. 

Long pixie cuts are one of the hottest trends, and they are ideal for women with thin or fine hair. Often called the lixie, these pixie cuts are also suitable for undercuts. If you have a long face, consider options with a side part. Pixie cuts are ideal for balancing out strong jawlines.

Spiked pixie

Another pixie cut that you will want to consider is the spiked pixie. You are likely to love the boldness of this cut that is perfect for all age groups. They are especially popular with older women because they can make you look much younger. 

The sides and front of this hairstyle are cut short, while the top and back are left a little longer. Before opting for this style, be sure that you are ready to go to the salon every 3 weeks. You can bring the bangs straight down or sweep them to the side. Maintain the edginess of this cut by having the stylist cut the bangs with a razor.


A short shag hairstyle is an ideal choice for women. This haircut that features lots of layers around the crown is an excellent option for women who need to add texture and volume to their hair. 

Woman sitting chair pink hair

While many shags are longer, you can find great options that are shorter, like the pixie shag, which is a layered cut with a deep side part. A traditional short shag is a great option for women who love to wash their hair, run a comb through it, and rush out the door. 

The messy and casual look of shags means they are very unlikely to ever go out of style, so once you learn to style this cut, you do not need to worry about it becoming dated before you are ready for a different look.

Classic bob

The timelessness and simplicity of the classic bob make it a favorite of many women. It is improbable that this style will ever go out of vogue, and it has led to many variations. This bob traditionally has a center part, and it is styled straight. 

It is often an excellent cut on a woman with thin straight hair because it gives the illusion that the hair has more volume. 

Traditionally, the hair is left all one length, but some variations work better on women with face shapes that are not ideal. Often a classic bob is worn with bangs, which can be straight or side-swept.

Dorothy Hamill

Named after the figure skater who brought home a gold medal in the 1976 Winter Olympics, the Dorothy Hamill cut is an excellent choice for many women. This wedge-style cut is ideal for women of all ages, especially those looking to appear younger. 

This style can be a great choice for women with curly or wavy hair as the cut lends itself well to various layers, but it can also be an ideal cut for those with straight hair. It is also an effortless style to care for, so you can get ready in a flash on those hectic mornings. This style also lends itself well for more formal events when you need an updo.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about these styles, check out short hairstyles for women. There you will be introduced to even more fabulous styles. You will learn many details about each option making it easier to determine if the cut is proper for you. 

We will discuss details like face shape, hair thickness, and texture to help you choose the right hairstyle. There are so many beautiful possibilities that everyone can find the right hairstyle for them. While your stylist may be willing to give you any style you request, we will also cover the pitfalls of each cut so that you know if it is perfect for you.


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