21 Amazing Beach Outfits for Women – Tips & Advice for 2023

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If you stepped back to when the automobile was young, you would discover women flocking to the beach wearing long swimsuits with even longer shorts firmly attached underneath. The most daring women wore a tank top sewn to a pair of long swim trunks.

Thankfully, women have many more options today. In fact, they have so many that it can often be challenging to decide what outfit to wear to the beach.

This post will help you make an informed decision about beach outfits for women. It will suggest more than 20 different outfits and the accessories that will make them look outstanding. It also discusses tips to keep in mind when choosing beachwear.

Therefore, let’s get started learning about beach outfits for women.

Women’s beach outfits

Summertime is a great time to pull your favorite beach outfits out of your closet. This post is perfect for you if yours are starting to look a little faded or out of style. 

We will start with a definition of beach outfits. Then, you’ll learn what accessories look super with them. And I’ll also talk a little about what beachwear you should wear based on your body shape.

The answers may surprise you, so let’s get started because we want to play in the water and feel the sand between our toes as soon as possible.

What are women’s beach outfits?

Beachwear falls between swimsuits and fully dressed. It is the items that you might wear on a sunny vacation to a beach. Alternatively, it is the clothes that you might wear to your favorite urban beach. As with most summer clothes, dressing correctly is about wearing lightweight clothes in light colors to stay as cool and fashionable as possible.

Woman walking beach sundress

When your best friend calls and invites you to go to the beach with them, you do not want to turn them down because you do not have the right clothes to wear. While these opportunities may be few and far between, you can also wear beach clothes to most pool parties.

There are many choices available. You may choose to wear your bikini top with a coverup or your swimsuit with a wrap skirt. Alternatively, you can choose between many types of dresses, including maxi, mini, strapless, or halter. 

Shorts, especially ones with beautiful design features, and a button-up shirt are an ideal option. You can wear an oversized t-shirt or pair your favorite denim shorts with a graphic tee. I will be covering each of these in more detail in the next chapter, so be sure to keep reading.

One thing that I love about beach outfits is the wide choice of colors. Beach outfits are usually made from warm colors and instantly make me happy. Of course, the sand and the ocean waves do not hurt my attitude. 

White is ideal because it looks so crisp against a sun-kissed body. Aqua, turquoise, seafood green, and sunshine yellow are fantastic choices because they reflect the colors found naturally in a tropical destination. 

Keep in mind that light colors reflect the sunlight, so you may be able to stay on the beach for longer. Pops of bright colors will instantly draw attention to your outfit and help you look your best.

What accessories can you wear to the beach to complete your outfit?

The most essential accessory to wear to the beach is a great hat. Choose one with a wide brim that will shade your neck and ears. At least in my case, the first thing to burn is my ears, and boy, that hurts. Choosing the right hat can reduce the number of ultraviolet rays reaching you by 50%.

You also need to wear a great pair of shades. While you will want to choose a fashionable pair, make sure to choose options that cover your entire eye, including the sides. Select an option that is the opposite of your face’s shape, as it will look adorable on you.

Opt for a pair that offers enough protection. There exist lots of cool models that are just for fashion. A beach is a place where you’ll be really exposed to the sun. Thus, we strongly recommend you select sunglasses styles that are good quality. In fact, there are types of sunglasses that are both fashionable and offer high protection. Sunglasses is something you shouldn’t economize. There are lots of great models that are good value for money. Check the sunglasses features with the shop assistant before making up your mind!

You will also want to wear some bling, but ensure that your outfit does not become too busy. Skip necklaces and bracelets with too many charms as the sound of them blowing in the wind can get annoying, and you do not want anything to wake you up from suntanning. Seashell necklaces and earrings are ideal. You can buy them or wear options that you make from shells you collected during your last beach vacation.

You should also carry a great beach bag. Bright-colored ones often help add color to your outfit and look beautiful. If you tend to be short, consider longer options with vertical stripes, as they will make you look taller. 

The bag’s size should reflect the number of things you take to the beach. Be sure to choose one that you can easily clean. One with a flap will help keep the sand out of your stuff.

What shoes should you wear depending on your beach outfit?

The short answer is that you should wear shoes that you can walk in comfortably on uneven ground and in the sand. Your planned activities and the amount of walking you must do to get to the beach should determine the type of shoes you wear. Additionally, consider your outfit.

Flip-flops can make a great shoe to wear to the beach. These shoes are ideal for wearing with cutoffs or when you are wearing your swimsuit top and a wrap-around skirt.

Detail woman feet flipflops

A jute sandal is waterproof, making it perfect for beach wearing. Consider pairing them with your bikini and a maxi skirt or your halter dress.

Another fabulous choice is canvas sneakers. While you can wear options that lace-up, slip-on choices are perfect for the beach, and they look great with a printed cotton coverup dress or an oversized shirt.

Slides are ideal for wearing with your ruffled skirt and a button-up shirt. Choose options with a bit of bling to add some sparkle to your beachwear. You can also find choices that may match your bikini. For instance, if you are wearing a leopard-print bikini top, then leopard-print shoes are a fantastic choice.

If you are attending an event at the beach, like a beach wedding, then mules are a great choice because of their chunky heel. They easily pair with many dresses, and you can wear them with a nice short outfit.

What beach outfit should you wear based on your body shape?

You will want to pick out clothes to wear to the beach that accentuate the positive parts of your body and draw attention away from your body’s flaws. In addition to choosing the right clothes, you will also want to choose the right colors and accessories.

A woman with an apple shape usually has a thick midsection and a flattering chest. Therefore, they will want to wear something that draws the viewers’ attention to the chest. Consider a button-up shirt with a bold-colored stripe across the chest and pair it with dark-colored shorts with tummy-control built into them.

Generally, if your hips are broader than your shoulders, you have a pear-shaped body. High-waisted skirts and shorts are ideal for you because they will make your legs look longer and help camouflage your stomach. Pair them with a brightly colored bikini top.

If you have a defined waist and your shoulders and hips are about the same size, you have an hourglass figure. Cotton peplum dresses with a belted waist can be an excellent choice for you. If you want to go a little more casual, consider a long t-shirt and belt it at your natural waistline, then wear a pair of matching shorts underneath.

You are probably an inverted triangle if your shoulders are wider than your hips. Halter and maxi dresses that fit close through the bodice before flaring out are an excellent choice for you.

If all your measurements are about equal, you have a square or rectangle body. Ruffle shorts can be a great choice because it helps to break up the shape, and you may want to wear them with a close-fitting top, like your bikini.

If you are tall and lanky with a body that many would call athletic, then you can wear most beachwear. Think about carrying a bag that will add some width to your body. Choosing the one you can carry below your waist is often a great choice. Then, wear hoops or dangle earrings. Both of these tricks will help you appear a little wider.

Does it matter to pick the right outfit for going to the beach?

You always want to look your best, even at the beach. While not every woman has an athletic body, dressing appropriately for your body shape can help you look your best, which is a great way to boost your self-confidence. Therefore, you should spend a few minutes choosing the right outfit before heading to the beach.

That does not mean you need to pick out an outfit you would wear out for a night on the town. Instead, it means you pick out shoes, an outfit, and accessories that make you look sharp. Every woman needs a boost of confidence when they head to the beach, and wearing the right outfit can be a great way to encourage yourself.

Choosing beach clothes that look great on you ensures that you will be more comfortable while on the beach. You will not be trying to pull down your shorts or fix the straps on your halter dress because you know they look great on you. Therefore, you can turn your attention to other things. For instance, catching the right man’s eye if you happen to be single.

Even if your family, including your husband, is going to the beach together, you will want to look nice to them. While your husband might give you a little something special later, some of the most magical words in the world can come from your children when they tell you how great you look. Furthermore, you are setting an example for them that they will likely follow for the rest of their lives.

Other Summer Outfits & Dresses for Women

Just because you wear some things to the beach does not mean that you cannot wear most beachwear throughout the summer, even if the beach seems a million miles away. Therefore, buying good beachwear makes excellent economic sense. 

Choose classical options that will not go out of style quickly, and you can wear them again next summer if you take good care of your clothes.

You can wear most beachwear to many different places where you would wear your favorite casual outfits. You can also wear them to the mall, casual restaurants, and many other places. Beachwear choices that have bikini or swimsuit tops are ideal for pool parties.

Except for some special events, there is seldom a dress code at the beach. So buy clothes that make you feel comfortable, and you know they look sharp on you. 

If you need more help, after you finish reading the rest of this post, read Summer dresses & outfits for women. You will love the information that you learn from reading both posts.

In both cases, summertime clothing is usually about wearing lightweight, comfortable clothing. You will want to wear a hat and your sunglasses, whether headed down the street or to the beach. Since beach footwear should always be easy to walk in, these options are delightful to wear on other occasions.

I have lightly brushed on many different topics about what to wear to the beach. I have also given you an assignment on the next post to read, so go ahead and bookmark it now. In the next chapter, we will dig deeper into the different types of beachwear. Therefore, you should keep reading this post.

Beach outfits for women

Once you realize that your dream is going to become a reality, and you will be able to sneak away to the beach, you may start wondering what you can wear. There are many fabulous choices available.

In the last chapter, I covered some general ideas to keep in mind. In this chapter, I will cover at least 20 outfit ideas in more detail. Then, you can decide which one you like the best based on your personality and body shape.

It looks like it is finally going to happen. After time spent on other responsibilities, you will eventually get to relax at the beach. You cannot wait to start packing your sunglasses, suntan lotion, and towels into your beach bag. Then, you start wondering what you are going to wear.

The great news is that there are many outstanding options to choose between, and you may already have some in your closet. Alternatively, you may want to splurge on yourself and get a new outfit to wear to the beach.

Let’s look at some of the possibilities!

Bikini swimsuit + coverup set

A bikini is a perfect swimsuit to wear to the beach. It covers the least amount of your body to work on your tan better. Keep it modest while traveling to the beach, shopping, and dining nearby by pairing it with a coverup set. 

These lightweight coverups, often kimonos, come in different lengths so that everyone can find a perfect choice for them. Manufacturers make many from a see-through fabric. 

They are typically open down the front, making them easy to put on. You can buy them with a matching bikini or opt to create combinations.

Printed coverup dress

A printed coverup dress is another excellent option to wear over your swimwear to the beach. These dresses usually come to about your knees, and they are available in a variety of colors and designs. 

Consider options with a v-neckline if you like to stay covered or spaghetti or a halter top design if you want your beautiful tan to show. You can find options with no sleeves and others with batwing sleeves. 

Look for options made from materials that will wick away moisture from your body as they will help you stay cooler.

Button-up shirt

A long button-up shirt can be a great option. Choose selections that will flatter your body the most. For example, a shirt with a belt is an excellent choice if you have narrow hips that you love to show off. 

Woman posing beach fashion dress sunglasses

Alternatively, a choice with design details near the top will help draw attention upward if your upper half is better than your lower half. Remember that choosing options in lighter colors is perfect for helping you stay cooler. 

You can wear button-up shirts with many types of shoes, from slides to espadrilles, and they come in various colors.

Beach dress

Usually made of cotton, a beach dress is an ideal option. Consider options with a large V on the side if you want to elongate your legs to make them look their best. Options with asymmetrical or handkerchief hemlines will also help draw the viewer’s attention downward. 

You may even want to wear shoes with a pop of color to accentuate where you want to draw people’s attention. These dresses look great when worn with kitten heels. 

Alternatively, if your upper body is your strongest suit, consider off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder options, as they will draw the viewer’s attention upward.

Halter neck bodysuit + shorts

When planning to spend the day at the beach, you may want to take a halter neck bodysuit and a pair of shorts to cover up your bikini. You never know whether you’ll go out for a drink after relaxing at the beach. This outfit is quite simple but cute. You can elevate it with a nice pair of flip-flops and your favorite sunglasses.

We don’t give much thought to essentials, but nice shorts and a cool halter neck bodysuit are not only comfortable but chic. You never know whether you’ll need to go somewhere else after a long day at the beach. These essentials will help you look cute even if you are not wearing smart clothes.

Maxi dress

The trick to looking great at the beach in a maxi dress is to ensure you do not weigh it down. Therefore, choose a fun straw hat, a beach tote, and sunglasses as your only accessories. These dresses come in many different styles. 

Choosing a halter or spaghetti strap option is excellent for drawing the viewer’s attention upward. If your legs are your strongest suit, consider options with slits at the side, and they are usually easier to walk in. 

Platform sandals can be an ideal choice for your feet. Light-colored choices are sure to keep you cooler. You can opt for an option in a floral print or a solid color.

Strapless dress

A strapless dress is an excellent choice for the beach. Opt for one with a unique hemline if you need to keep your body’s silhouette balanced. You can find options in many different lengths. 

Woman posing holds hat beach dress
Source: Graca Assane on Unsplash

Consider a mini dress if your goal is only to stay covered enough to get into some establishments while looking cute. Knee-and-tea-length dresses are excellent for beach parties, while full-length options are great for weddings and formal occasions. Wear these options with your favorite sandals and a sun hat with a wide brim.

Bermuda shorts + t-shirt

Since Bermuda shorts are longer than regular shorts, they make an outstanding option for those who want to stay a little more covered up. These knee-length shorts look great when paired with a t-shirt. 

A longer t-shirt will make your torso look longer. If your waist is one of the things you love most about your body, choose options that take a wide belt. 

If you want to break up your rectangular or square body silhouette without necessarily drawing attention to your midsection, select an option with a narrow belt. If the weather is a little cool, take a button-up shirt with you so that you can wear it if necessary.

Mini dress

A mini dress can be an excellent option to wear to the beach over your bikini. You can select between halter-top, strapless, and options with sleeves. They look beautiful with your flat sandals. 

As with other summer options, choose one in a light color, and you will stay cooler. One of the most flexible options is a beach sarong. You can choose to unwrap it and wear it around your shoulders or wrap it around your chest and wear it as a mini dress. 

Add a little pizzazz to your outfit while emphasizing your legs by tying one side up with a gold or silver buckle. This is especially a great idea if you want to draw the viewer’s attention to your midsection or legs.

Matching top + skirt

Chances are you won’t only go to the beach to sunbathe. There might be occasions when you need to attend an event. Thus, you may want to wear an all-white beach outfit together with a colorful bag/purse and a pair of heels or sandals. If truth be told, shoe choice matters quite a lot in such a scenario. Take into account whether you’ll need to walk in the sand or not.

Typical examples of possible events are weddings and festivals. You may need to attend a business dinner or even go on a date. Whatever the event, make sure you dress to impress. Just because the event takes place on the beach, it doesn’t mean you are not expected to dress appropriately.

Bikini + maxi skirt

If you are proud of how your upper body looks, then a bikini and a maxi skirt can be a great option. The maxi skirt will help hide your legs, while the bikini will draw attention to your chest. If your midsection is a strong asset, choose a skirt that starts below your natural waistline. 

If it still needs some work, selecting a high-waisted option will help camouflage it. While most people opt for a choice of the same color as their bikini, it can be challenging to find one unless purchased as a set. In that case, consider a maxi skirt in a split complementary color.

Ruffle shorts + blouse

Ruffle shorts are ideal for camouflaging your midsection, especially when choosing a high-waisted pair. Consider options that stay close to your legs at the bottom so the sand does not get under your shorts. 

Then, pair them with a blouse. You can opt between a button-up or a knit or cotton pullover shirt. Consider opting for one that lets some air get to your arms or is sleeveless so that you will stay cooler. 

A crop top is another fantastic option. If you have a great midsection, choose a crop top that leaves lots of skin showing; otherwise, you may want to select an alternative that almost meets.

Terry cloth Set

While terrycloth sets were popular in the early 00s, they are coming back in style. This is excellent news because terry cloth absorbs water or sweat quickly. You will love the vibrant colors that you can find in terry cloth sets. 

Wear it with your favorite flat sandals during the daytime or with your platform shoes at night. You can find options with a skirt or short bottom, so choose the ones you like best. Most end a little above the knee. 

You can also find options with a crop top, which do a great job of showing off your stomach. Consider choices with a different color waistband if you need to break up a rectangular or square body silhouette.

Mesh dress

Mesh dresses worn over your bikini are a cool choice, even on the hottest summer days. You can also wear them over a bralette or your bikini. Find options in beautiful colors, but you will especially want to consider options made from colors that are naturally found in nature. 

Woman beach mesh dress

The open weave of these dresses helps you show off your suntan. Since they usually appear a little daring, consider wearing them with a pair of designer sneakers and a sunhat with some embellishments.

Bikini + scarf

A scarf is one of the most versatile beach outfits because you can wear it in so many ways with your bikini top. You can take a large rectangular scarf and bring it behind you so that the longest part is horizontal. Then, tie the top and bottom of the scarf together on each side to create armholes. 

Another option is to tie one end of the scarf to the middle and repeat on the other side, making two large armholes that you can wear as a cape. You can also take a drape behind you like you were drying your buttocks with a towel. 

Then, take the top corners and tie them together where they meet. Then, pull the two ends upwards and tie them behind your neck. You can also take the ends and tie them behind your back to create a sleeveless dress.

Beach jumpsuit

Consider a beach jumpsuit if you are looking for an elegant option to wear to the beach. You can choose between options that are short and others with full legs. Since manufacturers usually make them from lightweight, silky fabric, they are ultra-comfortable to wear. 

Opt for items with a wide belt or other design features at your waist if you want to camouflage that area. You can find options with short sleeves while others have no sleeves. 

Options that zip or button up the front are usually the easiest to get into and out of if you intend on playing in the water. Those with a round neck offer the most coverage, while those with a V-neck often allow your bikini or swimsuit top to peak out.

Denim shorts + printed button-up

A pair of denim shorts is one of the most classic options to wear to the beach. A cotton printed button-up that you can either leave open or button is a great option to pair with it. You can choose to wear your favorite flat sneakers with this option. 

You can opt for choices that are barely long enough to cover your swimsuit bottom or opt for longer options, like Bermuda shorts. You can also choose any color of denim. 

Just ensure that the colors in your denim and your top are far enough apart that they do not match, or you will clash because it is impossible to find options that match exactly.

Athletic shorts + muscle shirt

If a day on the beach means going for a run on the sand or a game of beach volleyball, then a pair of athletic shorts can be a perfect bottom to wear with your bikini. If you are looking for a little more coverage, you could pair them with a muscle shirt. 

Look for options that can quickly wick moisture away. You may also consider choices with built-in technology designed to keep you cooler. If you have a smaller bust, you can choose tops with thinner straps, but if your chest is large, opt for wider straps as they will give you more support.

Shirt dress

A shirt dress that buttons down the front can be ideal for beachwear. Since it has front buttons, you can easily slip it on and button it up. On the other hand, you can leave it open down the front and wear it as a coverup. 

Short sleeve options that hang away from your arms are a great choice because they will help keep you cooler. Consider pairing this dress with your leather one-strap flat sandals. 

You can find this dress in many different colors, so selecting a choice that will complement your swimwear is easy.


A romper is an excellent choice for wearing over your swimwear because most fit loosely enough that you will feel ultra-comfortable. One with a few buttons along with the neck opening and a pretty ribbon around the waist will help you look elegant, even at the beach. 

On the other hand, options made from terry cloth will help keep you dry and are also highly comfortable. Look for choices where the sleeve opening is made into the outfit as they will not blow in the wind. This is a great option to pair with a seashell necklace and a pair of kitten heels.


A colorful kaftan is a great option to wear to the beach. You can select from short options that are barely long enough to cover up your swimwear or ankle-length options. This option is made from a lightweight material, which will help you stay cool while keeping you covered. 

Some choices are solid colored, while others have bold patterns on them. If you easily burn at the beach, choices with lightweight long sleeves are great. The laid-back vibe of this outfit makes it a great choice when you need time to unwind and listen to the ocean waves.

These are all outstanding choices, so you may want to have one or more of each choice in your wardrobe for beach days. In the next chapter, I will offer tips to look your cutest at the beach. Therefore, you will want to keep reading.

Tips & advice to look the cutest at the beach

Now, you have many great ideas of what to wear to the beach. Yet, it is natural to still feel a little fuzzy when it comes down to choosing the perfect outfit. Following some tips will help you make a final decision. It will also help you choose outfits that make you look fabulous.

Choosing the right options means you will love the outfit for a long time. Selecting high-quality pieces ensures that they keep looking great if you get to run away to a beach in a different climate or even next year. Some options can also be worn throughout the year.

While I have covered many specific tips, keeping them all in mind when shopping can be challenging. Therefore, I am also including these general tips. Most importantly, if you follow these general tips, you will find the perfect beachwear coverup. 

If you are shopping with a friend, suggesting these tips to them may also help speed up their shopping process so that you can do something together that you both enjoy. 

Working through these tips is also a great way to ensure you are selecting the best option for your body’s silhouette.

Choose beachwear clothing you feel comfortable with

If you are not comfortable in an outfit, it will likely get buried in your closet. Perhaps, someday you will donate it or sell it in a garage sale, but you will have lost money. Therefore, you should choose options that you feel comfortable wearing. 

Two women beach walking dresses

Some women do not feel comfortable in shorts and dresses that come above their knees, while other women hate wearing outfits that are longer than that. The great news is that both sets of women can find terrific options that will look great on them and that they will enjoy wearing.

Opt for items that look flattering to your body shape

Women who have great upper bodies will want to choose options that naturally draw the viewer’s eyes upwards. These include shirts with interesting design details around the neckline and those with patterns across the chest. 

Alternatively, some women have outstanding lower bodies. They may want to choose mini dresses, and other choices that make their legs look even longer. If you want an outfit that will make your legs look longer, select an option with a high waistline. 

However, if your middle section is not your strong point, consider options that camouflage this area, like outfits with wide belts.

Purchase clothes that are versatile

Especially if you do not go to the beach often, select clothes you can wear in different places. For example, many maxi dresses look equally great when worn to the beach and out to a casual restaurant. 

You can wear athletic shorts to the local gym, the beach, and on a neighborhood run. Considering these options is especially great if you are on a tighter budget because you can spend a little more on better quality items you can wear to multiple places. 

You may also want to consider this when selecting your accessories and footwear. For example, slip-on sneakers and flat sandals are ideal for a casual date and the beach.

Stick with casualwear

Some options I discussed in the last chapter have more formal options with lots of embellishments and design details. While you may love owning those items, they are not suitable to wear to the beach. 

Instead, stick to pieces that stay close to your body. You will also want to select options that do not have a lot of embellishments because getting all the sand out of those can be tricky and time-consuming. 

Therefore, it is best to stick to simple designs that will stay timely over the next few years. This helps you squeeze the most out of your clothing budget, and it may mean you can splurge on another beach trip sooner.

Select colors found in nature

The best colors to wear to the beach are usually those you find in the beach environment. Fantastic color options include teals and tangerines, especially if you want to look super in beach photos. Aqua, turquoise, and seafoam green can also look fabulous. 

Stick with lighter colors as they will help to keep you cooler. A study determined that you will stay about 15 degrees cooler when you wear white instead of black. 

That makes sense since the sun’s rays bounce off white and are absorbed by black. While I do not like wearing white to the beach because it seems to show dirt easier, I stick with light colors.

Decide on your level of modesty

Everyone has a level of modesty that they are comfortable with wearing. Many options will keep you covered and look great at the beach. Others like mini dresses and mesh outfits that those who love to dress conservatively would not be comfortable wearing. 

In addition to considering your modesty level, you may want to consider the modesty level of those going with you. For instance, if your grandmother is going with you, you might want to choose a different option than you would wear if it were your boyfriend or a group of college girls.

Consider the outfit’s waistline

While I have touched on this idea a couple of times, if your body’s strong suit is not your waist, choose an option that will help camouflage it. For instance, a wide belt that matches the color of your outfit can be a great choice. 

Another good option is to wear a top with a flap of fabric that comes down over your tummy. Wearing high-waisted bottoms can also help. 

On the other hand, if you have a great waistline, choosing an outfit with a pattern that draws attention to it or a narrow belt can make you look fabulous.

Choose the pattern carefully

Woman sitting bench sea sun

You can find beachwear that has bold patterns and other choices that are solid colored. Wearing vertical stripes will make you appear taller, while wearing horizontal stripes will make you look wider. 

This is especially true when the lines are thin because it creates an optical illusion and makes your left and right sides seem closer together. Wearing overly large patterns can make you appear even shorter if you are short. 

If you tend to be heavier and want to wear patterns, consider options that seem to break into many small pieces when a viewer gets up close. If you wear a pattern, always pair it with a solid color. This creates a resting place for your eyes, making your outfit look better.

Select the right fabrics

While you can find many beachwear options made from cotton, this material absorbs moisture instead of wicking it away. Therefore, a polyester blend is usually a better choice. 

You may also want to consider options with unique technology built into them to wick away moisture faster because they will dry more quickly, and you do not want to run around in wet clothes. 

Especially if you burn easily, you may want to consider beachwear with UV protection built into it. These options will help you enjoy being out in the sun longer, but you will still want to wear sunscreen, a sunhat, and sunglasses. 

Finally, if you suspect you’re getting overheated, you may want to think about choices that have unique cooling technology built into them.

Choose outfits that fit loosely

While you will want to avoid extremes, choosing clothing that fits loosely is an excellent option. First, you do not want to constantly be tugging at your outfit while enjoying your beach day. 

Secondly, you will stay cooler in options that allow the air to circulate around your skin. Additionally, wearing less clothing will usually keep you cooler. 

Be especially cautious of layering your outfit, as warm air can get trapped between the layers and make you hotter. If you start to feel sick, get somewhere with some shade and drink water. Water will rehydrate you and help you cool off.

Select proper sun care

When choosing accessories for your beach outfit, be sure to include a hat. The hat should have a 2-to-3-inch rim all around and cover your ears and the back of your neck. 

I am not sure what hurts worse, a sunburn on the back of my neck or the top of my ears, but there is no need to find out. 

Additionally, be sure to grab your sunglasses. They should cover your entire eye area, including the sides. Think about selecting a pair that is the opposite of your face shape. 

For example, if you have a round face, choose square sunglasses, but if your face is square, select round sunglasses. They will help balance out your look.

Woman holds sunglasses
Source: Jack Delulio on Unsplash

I am almost done talking about outfits to wear to the beach. In the next part, I will have some concluding thoughts and allow you to ask questions. I also have a favor to ask of you, so keep reading.


I have discussed over 20 beach outfits for women and given you tips designed to help you choose the best options based on your body’s silhouette. I have also included more generalized tips to select the best outfit for you.

Before you head to soak in the sun and play in the water, I’d love you to ask any questions you may have. I have covered a lot of ground. While I have tried to write clearly, that’s not always what happens. Therefore, take this opportunity to ask questions related to beachwear for women.

If you have enjoyed learning about this topic, share the information with someone you know who is headed to the beach soon. They will enjoy learning about beach outfits for women.

Finally, while lying on the beach, read some of our other informative posts. Each is packed full of helpful information that you will want to know on various fashion topics.

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