2000s Fashion: 57+ Fashion Trends, Tips & Outfit Ideas

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After people realized that they had not died on December 31, 1999, and that the world’s technology had not gone through a massive meltdown, they celebrated the arrival of a new century. This is even evident in the clothes that they wore.

For the next 10 years, there would be many 2000s fashion looks. From pants that unzipped to become shorts to wearing dresses over jeans, people were highly inventive in the 21st century’s first decade.

Come along as we explore them and learn about some of the people who led the way in what people wore in the first decade of the 21t century. Along the way, you will also learn some of the factors influencing 2000s fashion.

2000s fashion

Many people fretted that the world would end as the clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999. Up to this point, computers operating electrical grids, traffic systems, and airports used only two numbers as the date. The government and businesses spent over $100 billion to update computer systems and still feared they would crash.

Insurance companies sold individuals apocalypse policies, and people around the globe held their collective breath as first one time zone and then another safely passed into the new decade.

Instead of the world ending, the new century brought many new and exciting fashion trends.

What was fashion like in the 2000s?

The scare during the late 1990s that the world would end seemed to bring the world closer together, and it was reflected in people wearing clothes that were once popular only in a particular geographic region. Additionally, some people used it as a time to return to favorite fashion styles they wore decades earlier.

Especially in the first part of the decade, technology greatly influenced the color palette in fashion. While before the dawn of the new century, people feared that technology would cause the world to end, they were thankful that experts averted the danger and celebrated the good things about it. 

Woman puffer silver jacket jeans

Sparkly clothing was embraced, and jeans became more commonly worn in many situations. Many wore their favorite tracksuits almost everywhere that they roamed. Those who wore jeans opted for straight cut or slim-fit jeans. 

There was a gloomy attitude that continued throughout much of the decade. Still, it was especially prevalent when designers created many monochromatic black outfits, especially at the beginning of the decade after September 11, 2001, which killed almost 3,000 people.

By the middle of the decade, looks from the 1960s became popular again. This is especially true of the Bohemian look. People looked back 40 years with a sense of nostalgia for simpler times when the main worry was being home before the streetlights came on. 

Taking cues from punk and goth, emo clothing became highly popular. Another throwback to an earlier time was jeans. Wider legs were in style, but they never became as wide as bellbottoms seen in earlier decades.

As the decade started drawing to a close, people began wearing neon colors and animal prints as people turned their attention to clothes worn in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

While men often wore throwbacks to the 1960s and 1980s, women started wearing bandage and bubble dresses. There was a renewed emphasis on shopping in thrift stores for vintage streetwear for both sexes. Distressed jeans became popular, especially those with rips in them.

Woman posing smile looking camera jeans outfit

Clothing in this decade followed the world situation to a large extent. Therefore, discussing fashion in the 2000s without drawing your attention to events surrounding fashion trends is impossible.

Early 2000s fashion

Blogging played a significant role in globalizing fashion, as did the 24/7 news cycle, and both became popular during the early part of the decade. People suddenly had access to fashion shows and online fashion magazines that many had never had before. 

With it came a new demand for the industry to produce affordable clothing quickly as people were always hunting for the latest looks.

Until then, most people had a store or two where they were content shopping for their clothing. Suddenly, people realized they could get clothing shipped straight to their doors. And they had a much more extensive selection of where they shopped. 

This change revolutionized the clothing industry as they were forced to stop planning years in advance and start providing consumers with what they wanted instantly. As companies fought for consumer dollars, clothing prices went down, and so did the quality in some cases.

While many fashion designers presented all-black outfits at the start of the century, it did not take long for those colors to switch to sherbet and ice cream sorbet colors for women and fluorescent colors for guys. Chiffons and satins were the major fabrics used. 

Globalization meant that everyone could easily find something fitting their personality. Floaty tea dresses, satin sportswear, Chinese/Japanese styling to techno sportswear were all popular options. 

Young women donned miniskirts while older women wore them over a pair of trousers. Broderie Anglaise’s effects were hugely popular, and this white embroidery cutwork lace was often added as patches to jeans.

Guys often wore muscle shirts and carpenter jeans everywhere that the girl in their life would let them get away with. And they usually paired them with a trucker baseball-style cap. Men also put on two coordinating colored polo shirts simultaneously and left the color on the one underneath standing up.

Middle 2000s fashion

The fashion industry was shaken by the death of Luisel Ramos during a fashion show in Uganda when she dropped dead on a fashion show runway. The probable cause was being too thin. In Madrid, models were banned if they had a body mass index of less than 18. 

Just two months after Ramos’ death, model Ana Caroline Reston and the industry responded by starting to make clothes for bigger women and placing them on fashion runways.

The babydoll dress became a hot fashion trend in 2006. This dress with an empire waist barely skimmed the top of the knees. It had been around in various forms since first being written about in “Captain Martha Mary” by Avery Abbott in 1912. 

But, it saw its first rise in popularity in Tennessee Williams’ “Babydoll” in 1956. Every woman had this dress in her wardrobe and chose to wear it often.

Stars like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Paris Hilton, often paired low-rise jeans with crop tops. Cargo pants became a fashion statement, with many celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. 

Women also wore long blazers with oversized buttons that cinched at the waist. These blazers buttoned low and had a large front opening that revealed a skimpy crop top underneath. While the movement started earlier, tie-dyed athleisure wear became very popular.

In 2006, the Jonas Brothers began their first band, and “High School Musical” premiered on the Disney Channel, and many men took fashion cues from both. Button-down shirts were often paired with low-rise jeans. 

And a plaid flannel shirt was often chosen as outerwear during the spring and fall. When guys were forced to get dressed up, they often wore a tweed suit with a slim-fitted waistcoat with three buttons and three pockets.

Emo music significantly impacted men’s and women’s clothing in the 2000s. Outfits that were primarily black often included studded belts, band t-shirts, and Vans. Choppy hairstyles with long side-swept bangs were trendy.

The middle 2000s was a time of economic prosperity. Many were willing to spend more on their clothes until the 2007-2008 financial crisis occurred, and people momentarily took a step back into styles they wore in the early part of the decade.

Late 2000s fashion

After voters elected President Obama in 2009, fashion changed quickly. Particularly in the United States, classical clothing came back into style. Many women chose to follow the lead of First Lady Michelle Obama when selecting their clothing.

Michelle wore a one-shoulder dress to her husband’s inauguration, and soon many women were wearing one-shoulder gowns. Often, the one-shoulder outfits were embellished with braids, bows, ruffles, and fringes. 

And they often had an asymmetrical hemline. While many one-shoulder gowns were quickly manufactured, one-shoulder tops also became very popular. After the first lady wore many yellow outfits, it became a popular color choice. 

Most women wore extremely vibrant colors, even if yellow was not their color. Additionally, manufacturers made most from fabrics that sparkled or had some sheen. Color blocking was also a prevalent trend.

Woman smiles holding tennins net
Source: Maria Benitez on Unsplash 

While Michelle ruled the women’s fashion scene, many men dressed daily like they were going to a job interview or being hand-selected for a significant promotion. President Obama may have inspired these men as he was always conservatively dressed. 

Suit coats were fitted so close to the body that it was challenging to stick your hand inside and impossible to stick a fist in. Many suits had $2,500 price tags made from wool and cotton blends. Silk ties were trendy. 

Shirt cuffs were designed to end about 0.75 inches below the suit coat and were worn with cufflinks or a luxury watch. Trousers ended with 1 inch covering the shoes. Instead of black, many suits were navy blue or another shade of deep blue.

Hip-hop fashion was also in vogue for both men and women, and it is coming back under the name Indie sleaze. Both sexes wore dark-washed skinny jeans, faux-leather loafers, and an oversized graphic tee. Women accessorized with bow headbands, pearls, and cross necklaces.

You have now learned or been reminded of what people wore in the new century’s first decade. In the next chapter, we will dive deeper into some different looks. Therefore, I encourage you to keep reading as you will want to know these details. 

Many of these trends are repeating themselves, so do not be surprised if you find yourself thinking I wore that recently.

Types of 2000s fashion looks

In the last chapter, we covered some general ideas about fashions in the first decade of the 21st century and the factors creating those factors. In this chapter, we will dig deeper into some of the looks I briefly mentioned in the first chapter and add some new ones. You will discover that many of these looks are starting to reappear in the fashion world.

A friend called me the other night for some fashion advice. She knew I write in this realm often, and she had been invited to a 2000s party. She said she was born in 2000 and did not want to wear a onesie to the party. 

I started asking her some questions to help her nail down what type of outfit she wanted to wear before I made my suggestions. You may also want to work through the same process and decide what kind of character you want to be before choosing a particular outfit.


When choosing your jeans to start your outfit, you need to decide if you want to be early, mid or late decade. At the beginning of the decade, ultra-low-rise jeans were popular. While the top came up by the decade’s end, distressed jeans became popular with men and women. 

Graphic tees were trendy throughout the decade, with Care Bears and Rainbow Bright being especially popular. Most people wore a trucker hat with their outfits. While I will have more to say about them in a little bit, these hats, often in bright colors, had a mesh back and usually had a message on their fronts.


An athleisure outfit from the 2000s is an easy look to put together because you probably already have some of it in your closet, like sports bras and crop tops. One prevalent option was yoga pants. These pants had a rolled waist, fit slim through the thighs, and flared out the hemline. 

While I will have more to say in a future chapter, they were often worn with a cropped cardigan, platform flip-flop, and mini sunglasses. While women ran errands in their yoga pants and crop tops, men often wore tracksuits that were a throwback to the ones worn in the 1980s.


Hip-hop was huge in the 2000s, and its fans often wore baggy clothes. While everything baggy was the style at the beginning of the decade, by the end, people usually opted for a baggy top or baggy jeans while opting for a slim-fitting top or bottom for other part of their bodies. 

Man singer stage hands up
Source: Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Vintage basketball and football shirts, especially those made by companies owned by hip-hop artists, were a popular choice. Most either owned a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers or wished they did, while on other days, they would choose to wear their Timberlake boots. On top of their heads, durags were often seen, and Grillz decorated teeth.


If you love color, then you might have been an Indie girl or guy in the late 2000s and constantly watching for what Agyness Deyn, who Vogue once called the next supermodel, was wearing. 

Some days, she would be sporting a body-con mini skirt, while on other days, she might be wearing a tee from Henry Holland and her skinny jeans with her Converse sneakers. 

She often sported a trilby from a menswear collection where its narrow brim looked particularly great on her, while on other days, she might be wearing a baker boy cap, which you might mistake for a newsboy cap. 

Regardless of what she was wearing, you could count on it being colorful, with fluorescent colors often being worked into her wardrobe.


Deep blacks were a favorite color during the early 2000s when emo music was heard in many places. This style of music was marketed toward teens, and it worked flawlessly. Guys who often wore facial hair dressed in ripped jeans held up with a studded belt and layers. The base layer was usually a long-sleeve t-shirt. 

Meanwhile, females often wore the same look, or they might put on a black skirt and wear it with a long black t-shirt. While you might mistake this style for goth, it usually incorporated bold patterns and other colors from the cool side of the color wheel.


The scene movement emerged from the emo movement in the early 2000s. Hello Kitty was a childhood icon for members of this group, and they embraced bright colors and beautiful childhood memories. 

Woman purple hair scene

They often wore hair clips all in a row and glasses without lenses or shutter shades. While they still wore band tees, they paired them with colorful skirts. They might pair a tee with a childhood character with their brightly colored skinny jeans. 

Socks or tights were also highly colorful and designed to be noticed above mismatched Converse sneakers. In many ways, this is where the trend toward wearing colorful hair first got started.


Many people discovered prep clothing for themselves in the new century’s first decade. While there were some elements from the 1980s, many men started wearing Oxford-cloth button-down shirts for the first time, and these slim-fit shirts were often paired with penny loafers. 

During the early part of the decade, many men and women took their fashion clues from “Dawson’s Creek,” which premiered in 1998. By the decade’s end, especially after Jenna Lyons joined J. Crew as their creative director, prep clothing embraced shockingly bright colors and playful twists.


Many women wore long dresses to formal events with either corset-style back or spaghetti straps; some even had both. Many dresses had a meringue style skirt. Usually, these dresses were made from super-shiny materials. Women wore dresses that sometimes were covered with faux flowers and elaborate crystal jewelry. 

The suits were very fitted. This was a stark change from when men wore very loosely fitting suits a decade earlier. These suits also started buttoning higher, and the pants ended about the top of the shoes. Furthermore, lapels got very narrow.


Denim was everywhere in the 2000s, including jeans, hats, and shirts. The decade started with low-rise jeans being the most popular option, but slowly the jeans’ waistline rose. By the end of the decade, distressed jeans were trendy. 

Jean skirts were often paired with one-shoulder tops and platform sandals, Ugg boots, or sneakers. Many women wore crop tops during warmer months, but in cooler months, they snuggled inside a ribbed sweater. 

Bubble dresses were often the choice for going out on a casual date. These skirts had no bottom hem. Instead, the fabric was folded back on itself to form a bubble shape.


As people realized that the world did not end at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, they were ready to celebrate by wearing bright shiny clothes as opposed to the grunge look that had been popular in the 1990s. 

Denim was everywhere, and it had to match shades exactly. Not only were clothes brightly colored, but they also had a futuristic look, with pops of metallic and bold patterns frequently appearing. Ruffled minidresses, blingy belts, and low-slung denim jeans were popular choices for ladies.

Before you head out or to the back of your closet to dig out your clothes from the 2000s, keep reading. In the next chapter, we will cover more details on some individual items that were popular during the dawn of the 21st century.

Tips & advice to create your own 2000s look

If you are too young to remember what people wore in the 2000s or just needed a quick reminder, you now know much about choosing an outfit that represents the decade well. Before putting a 2000s outfit together, keeping some tips in mind can be helpful.

Remembering these general tips can help you make the proper final selections on what types of clothes you should wear.

Choose the look you like the most

There were many different looks in the 2000s, so spend some time choosing the look you want to portray. For example, you could dress in bright colors, wear a children’s character t-shirt and butterfly barrettes, and be part of the scene group. Alternatively, you could be part of the indie scene and wear mostly black.

Woman posing selfie cartoon tshirt
Source: Sindy Süßengut on Unsplash

You may also want to consider which part of the decade you want to focus on as clothes became much more conservative as the decade went on. For example, at the beginning of the decade, gravity-defying low-rise jeans were accepted in most places, while most people dressed in business suits before the decade was over.

Pay attention to small details

Paying attention to small details will help you put the right outfit together. For example, you might want to wear a graphic tee with a metallic design on it if you want to look like you are happy to be living in a new century, while wearing a tall white tee presents a gangster look from the middle of the decade. 

You will also want to consider your shoes carefully. Nike ruled most of the decade. In the early part of the decade, Air Max Plus took center stage, but many people were still wearing Air Jordans. By the time the decade closed, Nike Yeezy was winning the sneaker war.

Start with items already in your wardrobe

The fashion looks of the 2000s keep repeating themselves, so chances are that you already have items in your closet that resemble those worn in 2000. For example, you probably already own ballet flats, thin-strap sandals, or low-profile sneakers. You may also already own a long tee or one with a metallic design. You may also own a pair of low-rise or bootcut jeans.

Use these as starting points for your 2000s outfit. Then, look in the closets of the people who live with you to see if you can find items you can wear. Of course, you will want to have their permission. One of my favorite ways to add items to a 2000s outfit is to go thrift store shopping. I love the thought that the money I spend helps some worthwhile organization.

Copy 2000s fashion icons

There are an incredible number of fashion icons from the new century’s first decade, so you can get great ideas to copy from studying their outfits. While I will have more to say about these icons in the next chapter, you may want to consider copying Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Beyonce if you are female. If you are a guy, consider Kayne West, Aaron Carter, Garth Brooks, and numerous popular bands.

Consider double denim

There is no need to stick to wearing just one denim piece. Men, you can easily wear a denim blazer over a denim shirt with your denim jeans. Try to stick to one shade of denim when recreating a 2000s look regardless of how many pieces you wear. 

You can even add denim accessories to your outfit, like carrying a denim purse or wearing a denim hat. If you choose to do double denim, pick out your footwear carefully. Western-style boots can be a great choice or opt for flat sandals if you are wearing a long denim dress.

Find the right pair of jeans

Jean styles evolved during the first decade of the new century. Therefore, it is essential to pair the right tops with the correct jeans. Low-rise jeans were prevalent in the first couple of years of the decade, and you will want to pair them with a sparkly t-shirt, like one with metallic graphics on it or even one with crystals attached. 

Towards the middle of the decade, colored jeans were popular with those in the scene crow, while black ones were popular with lovers of emo music. At the end of the decade, bootcut jeans paired with oxford shoes and a button-down shirt were popular with guys while women wore a pretty blouse with theirs.

Put on the right makeup

Woman makeup smiling looking camera

Dark pink blush was a popular makeup color in the 2000s. The blush was generously applied with a rough hand. Women plucked their eyebrows into a high arch, leaving only a thin line. Dark eyeliner was used to create a smudgy look that encircled the eye. Dark blue and white were favorite eyeshadow colors and frequently appeared together. 

Finally, women added high-contrast lip liner. Most women constantly carried a tube of lip liner with them, and they reapplied it often. They also wore body glitter everywhere, especially on special occasions. Faux tans were frequently created with bronzers.

Fix your hair

Side-swept bangs held back with matching multi-colored barrettes are perfect for an outfit from the mid-2000s. On the other hand, you might use a crystal hair clip to pull your wavy hair back to the back of your head. 

Letting your hair hang naturally to fame your face was also a popular option. Many women added random braids or spiral curls to their hair. At the end of the decade, women wore their hair short and fixed with gentle waves in a very professional style.

Men also wore many styles during the 2000s. The shag was a popular cut when the decade was new. While many men did not commit to a mohawk, a short faux mohawk was a popular choice. Some men shaved off all their hair while others almost looked feminine in their side-swept bangs.

In the next chapter, I will give you some specific ideas on what to wear if you want to recreate a 2000s outfit. Therefore, make sure that you keep reading.

2000s outfit ideas for women and men

You now know a lot about the different looks worn during the first decade of the 21st century. You should be able to name several clothing pieces that women wore. You should also know some tips on how to put an outfit together so that you can identify pieces in your wardrobe or that of a friend that you can use to put together different 2000s looks.

You may even find yourself naturally drawn to the outfits that some groups wear more than you are to others. Yet, you may be confused about putting it together in a finished package. This chapter will help.

2000s fashion outfits for men

While we will start out looking at men’s outfits, women, you will be right behind them. Especially if you are going to a 2000s party with members of the opposite sex, you may want to read both lists to coordinate outfits.

Even if that is not the case, you never know when someone of the opposite sex may ask you if you think an outfit would look great for a party. Therefore, I encourage you to read both lists to understand better what men and women wore in the 2000s.

Cargo pants + tall tee

While you might not be running from the police, a white tall tee and cargo pants are a perfect 2000s look. You may even want to consider cargo pants that unzip at the knee. Make sure that they are baggy on you. Then, wear them with a leather belt. 

Guy cargo apnts beach lift leg

Stay authentic to the decade by wearing options where the pockets close with a flap, Velcro, or a zipper. Brown and black were the most popular colors. Wear them with your low-profile sneakers. You may want to wear a faux mohawk or slick your hair down when wearing this outfit.

Polo shirt + dress shirt + bootcut jeans

Steal a page from the mid-to-late-2000s playbook by wearing a polo shirt over a dress shirt. There is no need for a tie, and a millennial pink polo shirt over a white dress shirt is a fantastic option. 

Be sure to leave the buttons undone on your polo shirt so that the dress shirt plainly shows, and fold the collars of both shirts down on top of each other. Grab your bootcut jeans. In this case, it is best to wear those in a dark shade of denim. This is a great outfit to wear with your low-profile tennis shoes. Up your game by choosing options from Nike, Addidas, or Converse.

Turtleneck + leather jacket + durag

A turtleneck is a fantastic option for your 2000s outfit. Choose options that fit close to your neck instead of the ones with a mock turtleneck collar. Then, wear it with your cropped leather jacket. A motorcycle jacket with a shine to it is ideal. Distressed jeans are a great match. 

You can choose ones with large rips or that look like they have had bleach spilled on them as long as they are low-riders. Complete the outfit by putting a durag on your head. The best option is one matching the color of your turtleneck, but one in an opposite color will also work.

Denim jeans + denim blazer + denim shirt

Regardless of what color of denim you choose, every piece of your wardrobe should be the same color, except for your shoes and your belt. Start by putting on a denim button-down shirt. Then, top it with a denim blazer. Ideally, it is a little longer than usual. 

Then, put on your denim jeans. If you choose distressed ones, your shirt and blazer should also be distressed, or you can select options that are not distressed. You should not mix distressed and non-distressed. 

You can choose to wear this look with your low-profile sneakers or western boots. Add the final touch to your outfit by wearing a matching denim cowboy hat or a trucker hat.

Rugby shirt + cardigan + khaki pants

Rugby shirts are a great choice if the weather is cooler because their cuffs will help you stay warm. You can choose any color combination, but yellow and blue stripes are a fantastic choice. Wear them with your khaki pants. 

Ones that stay a little low on your waist are a great choice. Then, put a button-down cardigan over it. One in a neutral color is a great option. Your brown penny loafers are a great footwear choice and will add to this outfit’s preppiness.

Tracksuit + t-shirt + sneakers

A nylon tracksuit is an ideal choice for a 2000s party, and they are ultra-comfortable to wear. You can choose one that zips up the front, but the most popular choices are pulled on over your head. You can give it an athletic twist by wearing a sweatband around your head and cuffs on your wrist. 

The option is yours to wear a tracksuit that is one color or opt for a different color top and bottom. Receive bonus points if it has black stripes around the neck and elastic at the bottom. Wear it over a baggy t-shirt. White ones with a V-neck or a crew neck are an outstanding option. Then, put on your low-profile sneakers.

2000s fashion outfits for women

Women will also find it incredibly easy to dress in 2000s fashion. If they are headed to a party with a guy, you may want to coordinate your outfits. But you have many more choices than the guys in what you can wear. 

So do not be afraid to strike out on your own. In the first part of the decade, metallic and crystals were popular choices, but the color of clothing mellowed out a little as the decade wound down.

Velour tracksuit + graphic t-shirt + sneakers

While velour tracksuits were initially designed for women to sleep in, ladies discovered how ultra-comfortable they were to wear and started wearing them in many places. Select an option where the top and bottom match. It should zip down the front. Then, pair it with a graphic t-shirt. 

A short-sleeved one is best unless the weather is brutal. One with some metallic geographical pattern is a great choice. You could also select one with word art on it. Then, opt to wear your low-profile sneakers. Braid your hair on both sides and add some crystal barrettes to your hair.

Dress + jeans + square-toe sandals

One of the most confusing trends of the 2000s was to wear a dress over jeans. The best option for a dress is one with an asymmetrical hemline, but you can also choose empire, A-line, and other styles of dresses. 

Towards the early part of the decade, options made from shiny fabric were often worn, but cotton dresses became popular later. Then, wear your jeans under the dress. 

Bootcut options are best, and you will want to choose a choice that does not show signs of distress. Options stopping about your ankles are ideal because they will show off your square-toe sandals.

Denim long dress + ballet flats

Take some fashion cues from Brittney spears by wearing a denim long dress. It is easy to recreate her dress from thrift store blue jeans if you cannot find it in your closet. This dress had a straight cut and dragged the floor. 

While the main dress’ color was light blue, the designer added patches of deeper blue to it. One with a corset top would be adorable. This is an ideal dress to wear with your ballet flats, so consider a denim pair. Then, wear a denim headband on your hair. You may want to leave some pieces hanging down to frame your face.

Crop top + low-rise jeans

Crop tops were trendy at the start of the decade, and they look ideal when worn with a pair of low-rise jeans. Opt for jeans as low as you feel comfortable wearing, as many defied gravity in how women kept them in place.

Woman posing beach holds american flag

You can choose between several different styles of crop tops. For instance, you may want to consider options resembling muscle shirts on top or select options with spaghetti straps. You may also want to consider incredibly skimpy stretch options. Grab your tinted sunglasses before heading outside.

Children’s character t-shirt + colored jeans

Become a member of the scene crowd by wearing a t-shirt with your favorite children’s character on it. Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Scooby Do, and Jimmy Neutron are all great choices. The more colorful the t-shirt, the better. Then, wear it with a pair of colored jeans. 

Usually, the best options are a shade or two darker than the primary color in the shirt. If the weather is cool, wrap a colorful scarf around your neck. A bright baguette bag is a great purse to nestle in your armpit. Wear your hair down and put a row of colorful butterfly clips in it. 

Sweater dress + tiny-strap sandals

A sweater dress was an option many women loved in the 2000s. You can find these dresses with and without belts, so decide if you want your curves to show. Some sweater dresses had cowl-style necks, while others had boat-style necks. 

Some even had small V-necks. There are at least two shoe styles that will look great with a sweater dress. You may want to consider platform sandals with tiny straps. These dresses also look marvelous with gladiator sandals where the tiny straps are so tightly pushed together that the openings look like cutwork.

Going to a 2000s party dressed as your favorite celebrity can be a great option. You may also want to study these people to draw inspiration from them whenever you need to put a 2000s outfit together. Since many had long careers, you must consider what they wore in the new century’s first decade. Therefore, you should keep reading.

2000s fashion icons

You now have a lot of information on what people wore in the 2000s. For example, you know how to put different pieces together. You also have details on what to look for when selecting other pieces from your wardrobe.

If you are a visual learner, you may still have questions. Looking at the clothes chosen by fashion icons can help. Consider these fashion icons of the first decade of the 21st century.

Britney Spears

Brittney Spears is an outstanding example of Y2K fashion. You saw her often in the first few years of the 21st century, sporting low-rise jeans and a crop top, and the jeans were often distressed. Britney often wore chunky jewelry with her outfits.

Her crop tops were usually silk, so you could easily fashion your own from scarves. They often had straps about two fingers wide and were designed to draw attention to her bust. She was seldom seen without her sparkly lip gloss, while her hair was often fixed with a few curtain bangs.


In the first part of the decade, Beyonce was often seen in low-rise jeans and a dark V-neck sweater. She may have had a scarf wrapped around her neck and be sporting tiny-strap square-toe sandals. On the other hand, she might have worn a lacy cold-shouldered top with the same stonewash jeans. 

You can easily recreate this look by wearing top options that show a little of your belly. Then, grab your gold bangle bracelets and simple gold drop earrings. Anke boots with a pointy heel or nude sandals are perfect footwear choices.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Cambell continued to be hot as a supermodel throughout the 2000s. She was often spotted wearing a bubble dress over denim capri pants. For her 32nd birthday, she cut the cake in an animal-print mini dress with black trim. 

Like other stars at the time, she was often seen wearing tiny-strap square-toe sandals. She was often seen in lacy catsuits with gloves and a turtleneck collar. Naomi loved wearing straight-cut formals, often in gray or black with animal print designs on them. Escaping the need to wear a necklace, most of these dresses also had a high collar fitting tightly around the neck.


Hip-hopper Jay-Z established his own clothing company in 1999, and many men wore his clothes or wanted to throughout the early part of the decade. The statement look from the company he named Rocawear was a vintage football or basketball jersey worn with a gold statement necklace over baggy cargo pants with sneakers. 

Men might also put on a button-up shirt in a muted color and wear it with a cropped denim jacket. Then, put on a pair of black jeans. If you lived in the 2000s, you might wear a nylon tracksuit from this company.

Miley Cyrus

Better known as Hannah Montana during the 2000s, Miley Cyrus became a pop music sensation. She often mixed cowboy boots, a sparkly top, and a studded belt together in one outfit. She also often wore a peacoat and a flat cap together. 

Usually, the jacket was a pink leather option. Especially as a teen around 2005, she often wore tank tops that showed a bit of skin with her blue jeans and sneakers. More so than any other fashion icon, she is responsible for the trend of wearing dresses over jeans.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Playing Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” brought instant fame to Sarah Jessica Parker, and her clothes were not much different than you saw on Bradshaw during HBO’s series. She often appeared in nipped-in-waist dresses that were ideal for showing off her curves.

Parker’s style was to wear pieces others were afraid to wear, and many were made from shiny materials. She also often wore a denim crop jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans. Parker loved many styles of shoes, but one of her favorites was white ankle-high boots with pointed toes.

Kanye West

Kanye West released his debut album “College Dropout” in 2004, and he desired to make fashion an essential part of his image. For the release, he wore a rugby shirt with a popped collar over a crew-neck shirt. He also wore a huge gold statement necklace. 

By the time he released “Late Registration” in 2006, West had moved on to wearing a tuxedo and suits over shirts revealing his chest. 

By the time he released “Graduation” in 2007, he had moved away from the preppy look and was wearing designer streetwear. He often wore boldly colored neck scarves. In 2009, he collaborated with Nike to release the Nike Air Yeezy.

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